Luna Chapter 15 - Sticky, Sticky Fur

Story by Hundredfold on SoFurry

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#15 of Luna

Luna Chapter 15 - Sticky, Sticky Fur. Round two in the Fuck Room, and almost immediately there is a problem. Luna only wants Ethan, and he only wants her, but the rules state that if you are propositioned, you must accept as long as you're in the Fuck Room. And there's a cougar girl in there with an eye for Ethan's dick...

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Ethan and Luna entered the Fuck Room paw in paw, and looked around to see where they could go, and what was going on. Near the middle of the room they saw what looked like the cougar girl from last night, sitting on a bed by herself. She was very attractive, and she turned to look at Luna and Ethan, almost immediately fixating on Ethan's huge, erect cock.

"Are... are you waiting for Brandon?" Luna asked her, starting to feel like her boyfriend was about get jumped by this cougar.

"Oh! Brandon! Yes, have you seen him?" she asked, turning to look at Luna but still stealing glances at Ethan's member.

"Yeah, he should be here shortly," Luna said quickly and started to move across Ethan towards a corner of the room.

"Okay," the cougar said as she stared at Ethan's dick again, and her tongue started to slide out of her mouth.

Ethan saw what was happening, and he knew he couldn't deny the cougar if she approached him for sex, and moving towards the corner of the room wasn't stopping her from moving towards them. Thinking fast, he grabbed Luna's shoulders to turn her towards him, then put his paws around her butt and hoisted her up.

Luna gasped as she was lifted into the air by Ethan's strong arms and paws on her ass. She instinctively wrapped her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist so she wouldn't fall over, then she felt Ethan lowering her down onto his rock hard dick.

"Nnnngh!" Luna moaned as her wet pussy took Ethan's dick in one push.

The cougar stopped moving towards them with a look of disappointment on her face as she saw Ethan's big dick disappear into Luna's pussy from behind.

Ethan spread his stance a bit as he carried Luna by her ass. "So tight," he gasped through his teeth as he held her up.

"Oh fuck, Ethan," she cried into Ethan's mouth as she used her weight to push down on his dick. She felt Ethan start to pull her up a little bit and let her back down, and her whole lower body tingled as she felt his cock starting to slide in and out of her.

The cougar girl watched as Ethan started slowly fucking Luna right in front of her, and she sighed. She turned around and went back to her bed to wait for Brandon, idly sliding her finger in and out of her pussy.

"Ngh - gasp - she turned around," Ethan panted as he continued to lift and lower Luna onto his dick.

"Oh god, I don't care about her," Luna whimpered as she stuck her tongue into his mouth and kissed him as she rode his cock. "Get me on a bed so you can really fuck me."

Ethan returned her kiss, and looked around for an empty bed as he held Luna up by her perfect ass while she sat on his dick. The bed they had used last night was occupied, so Ethan began sort of waddling over to the other side of the room while continuing to hold Luna on his dick.

In the far corner of the room, he found a bed that wasn't being used and waddled over to it. As he got to the edge of the bed he straightened up, pushing his dick inside Luna as far as it would go.

"Nnnaaaagh," Luna cried as Ethan's oversized cock stretched her pussy. "Fuck... fuck," she panted and clung to Ethan's neck.

Ethan bent over the foot of the bed, placing Luna down on the bed, on her back. His dick was still inside her as he stood up straight, and he grabbed her legs with his paws and pulled them up so they were vertical as he started sliding his dick in and out of her dripping wet pussy while standing at the foot of the bed.

Ethan leaned forward over Luna while still standing at the foot of the bed, and placed her legs against his chest so her feet were resting on his shoulders. He leaned forward some more and used his paws to brace himself on the bed while Luna bent her knees as her legs angled backwards, almost over her head.

Luna's pussy was now fully exposed and angled upwards, and Ethan looked down to see his thick cock sliding in and out of it, covered in her juices. His entry angle was perfect, his dick was going straight in without needing to bend at all.

He looked down at Luna, and Luna looked back at him with her eyes half closed in ecstasy. "Yes," she whimpered.

Ethan drew his hips back far enough to pull his dick almost all the way out of her pussy, then slammed forward, going so deep that his pelvis made contact with hers.

"UUUUNGH" Luna yelled as a shockwave of indescribable pleasure rocked her entire body from head to toe. "NNGH NNGH, AAAGH," she cried as Ethan continued to pound her pussy so hard she was starting to see stars.

Ethan didn't say anything as he continued to fuck Luna as hard as he could, with every noise she made turning him on even more. He was panting hard as he used every muscle he had to slam his dick into her pussy over and over again, and it didn't matter how hard he tried to extend it, sex with Luna was so intense that he was going to cum soon no matter what he did.

Luna suddenly reached up and pulled Ethan's muzzle down to hers, and she kissed him. "MMMNNNNGH!" she cried into his mouth as she came, her pussy spasming and contracting on Ethan's dick as he continued to fuck her as hard as he was able. "Mmm- mmm- mmm-" she whined in a high pitch, as the ecstasy she was feeling was threatening to overwhelm her.

They continued to kiss as Ethan felt her pussy squeezing his dick with every thrust, and they were breathing hard through their noses. Luna's pussy felt like a slippery velvet vice, allowing him easy entry but gripping his cock with unbelievable tightness at the same time, and it was the most intense, arousing experience he had ever had in his life.

He couldn't hold off any longer, and he felt the familiar tingling in his balls that signaled the start of his orgasm. "Nnf- gonna cum," he grunted into Luna's mouth.

Luna suddenly gripped his face and pulled away. "Cum on me," she panted. Cum on my face."

Ethan was sure he couldn't get any more turned on until she said that. His dick was so hard he was worried he was going to fuck a hole right through her. He waited until the absolute last second, then quickly pulled out, leapt forward onto the bed, straddling Luna with his knees on either side of her, and started ejaculating with the head of his dick about an inch away from her face.

Luna grabbed his huge, throbbing dick with both paws and kept the tip pointed at her mouth as he came. Hot, powerful streams of cum shot out of Ethan's dick and onto Luna's face, and into her open mouth. She swallowed as more and more cum shot out of his dick into her mouth, and she aimed his dick lower to get his cum on her boobs.

She lifted her legs all the way up and behind her head and aimed Ethan's dick at her pussy and ass, covering her vagina and anus with his thick cum. As Ethan's orgasm slowed down, she took his still-hard dick and pushed the head up against her tailhole, trying to get it into her ass a little bit.

She felt his dick spurt some more cum onto her ass, and shivered. "Push a little bit," she said as she closed her eyes and held his dick up against her asshole.

Ethan obliged, and was suddenly even more turned on. He couldn't believe she wanted to take him up the ass, but then realized she probably didn't want all of him up there, she just wanted a taste. He slowly but firmly pushed forward into her, and his cum made it possible for the head of his dick to slide inside just a little bit.

"UNGH," Luna panted. "Right there," she breathed as she reached down to stroke Ethan's hard shaft as the head slowly pulsed inside her ass.

"Ohhhhhh... god, Ethan," she whined as she massaged her nipples, spreading Ethan's cum all over her body. She licked the cum off her lips and started masturbating her clit as she stroked Ethan's dick with her other paw.

"Fuck," she whimpered as she started finger fucking herself, faster and harder as Ethan began to pull his dick out of her ass and slowly push it back in just a little bit.

"Nnngh! Fuck! FUCK!" she cried as she came again, masturbating her pussy as she orgasmed, her whole body convulsing in ecstasy.

Ethan was so turned on by watching Luna's fingers slide in and out of her tight pussy while watching his thick shaft stretching out her tailhole at the same time that he came again, with almost no warning.

"Oh god Ethan... oh god," Luna whimpered as she felt Ethan's dick suddenly throb, and she could feel the head of his dick spurting cum inside her anus.

"Nngh," Ethan grunted. "God, Luna... so fucking hot," He panted as his second, smaller orgasm started to die down.

Ethan slowly pulled his dick out of Luna's tight tailhole, and shot the rest of his load onto her pussy and belly, as she rubbed it into her fur and into her pussy.

Ethan collapsed onto the bed next to Luna while she slowly and gently jerked him off as he finished cumming on her. "I can't even... I don't even... I didn't even know it was possible for me to cum twice like that," he panted.

"Ethan, that was so good," Luna panted as she leaned over to kiss him. "It was so perfect."

"No, you're perfect, beautiful," Ethan whispered as she leaned over. "You're absolutely perfect, and I love you." Their mouths met, and Ethan put his arm around her to hold her closer.

Ethan tasted his cum on her mouth as they kissed, and he licked her mouth and her face with his tongue.

"Oh god... yes, clean me up, I'm so dirty," she giggled.

Ethan took his time and licked her face and her breasts, then lifted and spread her legs apart and licked her pussy until she came again. He slid his tongue inside her pussy as she came, enjoying the squeezing sensations. When he was done, he lay down next to Luna again and kissed her.

"I still don't know how you made me cum twice. I guess that's just how sexually attractive you are to me. That was better than anything I've ever imagined, even in my horniest fantasies," Ethan said as he caught his breath.

"You make me cum every thirty seconds, that should tell you how sexually attractive you are to me," Luna smiled at him and kissed him slowly.

"I didn't know you wanted my dick up your ass," Ethan grinned.

"I don't... not really, anyway. Your dick is huge, baby. But when you came on my tailhole like that, I... I don't know. I had to have you in there, at least a little bit. And it was so good."

"Yeah it was. It was amazing. All of it. I still can't even believe how good that was. Your pussy feels so good on my dick that I can't help but cum quickly every time we do it. I keep trying to last longer but I can't."

"You don't need to last longer, it's always perfect with you. Every time."

They kissed for a few minutes, then Luna got up off the bed, and she felt some cum leaking out of her ass.

"I know we just took a shower before breakfast, but... I need to take another one," she grinned at him. "I'm sure you can guess why."

Ethan laughed and kissed her. "Yeah, let's go."

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