Open Season Chapter 04: Welcome To Seattle

Story by Rick Coona on SoFurry

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#4 of Open Season

Chapter 4

Home Again in Seattle the true adventure begins...

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Chapter 4

Welcome To Seattle

We pulled into my place on Lake Union about nine p.m., having hit the road at six that morning, No matter. We were home and the time seemed to have flown by.

Taking my wife's hand I opened the front door, "Be it ever so humble..." I said as I swept her off her feet, carrying her across the threshold. "Rick, warn a girl next time." Gwen chuckled, as I set her down in the living room. "Okay, love. The next time I carry a girl across the threshold, I'll warn ya." I ducked as Gwen playfully swatted at me "Oh You!" Looking around all she seemed able to say was "Oh my," as she went from room to room, a wonderful grin on her muzzle. She opened the door to the master bedroom. "Oh, Rick. I likethis. You have excellent taste, my love." Gwen said most pleased with what she has seen of her new home. We finished off in the back yard.

"Greenhouse, Sauna, Hot tub, and BBQ." An expanse of soft lush grass with Benches and flower boxes built into the wall.

"A sanctuary," Gwen clasped her paws together over her chest " How wonderful." turning to me, a broad smile on her face "Could I possibly do some sun bathing out here?"

Returning her exuberant expression, "But of course, my love. Notice the ten-foot wall? You should have all the privacy you need. This isa clothing optional household. Do what thou wilt, beloved."

I grinned at my new bride. "What I am about to tell you may be considered by some furs here in Washington to be revealing "State" secrets, but contrary to popular belief, we only get about 135 days of rain a year here, it's just not as confined to a 'season' like it is elsewhere love."

"So, let's get you settled in and then we can relax and unwind with a nice soak in the hot tub." We unloaded the car in record time, not that there was much to unload.

What she said next floored me. . .

"Beloved, would you mind if I took one of the guest rooms?

"Oh. uh, sure. If you would like to..." I said somewhat crestfallen at the turn of events, Seeing the look on my face she giggled, "Not to sleep in, silly. To use as a work space."

"Oh, then why don't you take the den?" I offered,

"Really?" she beamed "No, it's your den, after all I couldn't, could I?"

"Think nothing of it love, it's yours for the asking... " I assured her.

While we were sitting in the hot tub, Gwen turned to me.

"Rick, can I ask you something, something rather personal?"

"Sure love I have no secrets from you, ask."

"Please tell me about your last lover, what was she like, what happened to her?"

I blinked.

"Ah, that would have been Sarah Wolton, Sarah's a Squirrel. A lovely gal really." A wistful smile crept across my muzzle at the memory.

"We were casual lovers for about six months, more friends than lovers really, she's such a sweetheart. She is married about 18 months ago to a nice investment broker, a ferret, Randolph Wellington. I walked her down the isle at her wedding. They are madly in love, she has the cutest little six month old boy, looks just like his daddy." I chuckled.

"That's so sweet, but how do you feel about that, Rick?" Gwen asked.

"Grateful. I introduced them, Randy handled one of my investment accounts, and Sarah tagged along to a meeting the fireworks were amazing they just. . . whoomp!" I said bringing my hands together grinning at my beloved. "They are so happy together."

"So, no regrets?" Gwen hedged.

"None. We enjoyed our time together, and we are still friends. I'll have to introduce you to them some time." I shrugged reaching for the snack tray. "Cheese?" I offered

"OOH, apples and pares and cheese cubes, how wonderful! The perfect accompaniment to the wine, thank you love." she said, nibbling a bit of Swiss.

We talked of inconsequential things, finishing off the bottle of wine, the platter of snacks decimated, Gwen snuggled up next to me and sighed heavily.

" Rick, aside from your sister Kacy, I have never known the touch of a lover. Kacy, KC was, very considerate, we would kiss and fool around together, you know, nothing serious...just friends and stuff."

"Mmm-hummm" I rumbled into her ear.

"Rick, does, does it bother you, what we did, KC and me?"

"No my love, it doesn't. Love is a very special thing, and it has no bearing on how I feel about you and my sister. I could never understand possessiveness or jealousy from what I've seen, it stems from fear. Fear of loss, fear of inadequacy, people are not possessions. All of my lovers have needed to understand this, I am just so grateful to both of you. Being my twin, KC and I share a special bond, we understand each other."

Gwen turned to straddle my lap, gazing into my eyes. "That is why you are my soul-mate, my love." She leaned in and kissed me like I'd never been kissed before in my life!

We melted into each other, the world fell away, she was me whole universe. Our souls touched, our hearts beat as one. Breaking the kiss Gwen leaned back, her arms around my neck. "Oh, my...That was..." She looked between us grinning at me.


It was at that point that I noticed the effect the kiss had on me, Oh my, indeed.

She stared, mesmerized at what stood between us. "Oh, I uh..."I stammered.

"shhhhh, no no, s'okay. I've just never. . " Gwen whispered. Her look of abject wonder helped ease my unexpected embarrassment. "Oh, may I..." she asked as if in a trance. " Any thing you wish, love." She gently reached down. "Oh's so..." She looked me in the eye, and I saw a hundred unasked questions reflected in her gaze. Smiling, I said, "Well, for one thing, there isa bone in there..."

"Oh-My-God! you really _DO_have a boner!" Gwen squawked. She slapped her hand over her mouth when she realized what she let slip. The wide-eyed look on her face was just _too_cute. The fur on her muzzle was fluffing as she blushed; we were both lost in a giggle fit.

"Would you like to take this inside?" I asked when I could speak again.

"Perhaps we'd better" Gwen nodded as she moved off my lap as I stood, her eyes grew wide as she got a better look at my "Upstanding citizen."

"Oh my." she giggled "Watch where you point that thing mister, you could put someone's eye out."

Gripping the base of my sheath and doing my best "Darth Vader" impression, I bellowed, "Behold the power of the force, young padowan. You have no idea the power of the dark side. ." To complete the look, I twisted my hips from side to side humming like a light saber. "MMmmmm...MMMMmm"

Gwen fell back into the tub in a fit of side-splitting laughter and franticly flailing her arms wildly to get a grip on the rim of the tub. Reaching down to help her to her feet once more, I said, "Your journey down the dark side has begun, Bwahahahahah" covering my muzzle and breathing like Darth Vader. Poor Gwen fell against me holding her sides lost in wild laughter once again.

Both wrapped in terrycloth robes, we stood in the living room. "How are you doing my love?" I asked, putting an arm around my wife. She looked into my eyes still smiling, "Wonderful, beloved. Take me to bed, my love..." I lifted her into my arms and took her to our bed.

I lay awake. Gwen slept contentedly snuggled at my side. That had to have been a true defining moment in my life. Even my wildest fantasies paled in comparison to what we just shared. I felt complete, for the first time in my life...looking over, a small smile of contentment dusted her muzzle, even in sleep.

A feeling of overwhelming joy, of peace and contentment sweep over me as I watch her sleep. She who completes me. So, this is what true love feels like?

I like it.

Breakfast the next morning. . .

"So beloved, how do you feel this morning?" I asked, pouring Gwen a cup of coffee. With a dreamy eyed lopsided grin as she leans on her right arm regarding me.

"Mmmm, Floaty, just a tad bit sore--pleasantly though. That Sorry, I had no idea I was such a screamer! I'll try and watch that next time." She grinned at me as I wiggled a finger in my ear.

"Don't worry about it my love. You are, very passionate and you give full voice to the depths of your passions. I was just a tad bit concerned that I may have been inadvertently hurting you, m'love."

She shook her head, tousling her hair as well. "Oh good lord no love, far from it, it was just so..." Shivering with delight, she grinned, "Intense. You damn near yiffed my tail off."

"Well I aim to please, love."

"Let me tell you something, you've got great aim! Feel up to another round?" she winked at me.

"You're insatiable." I looked at my lap then back to her. "I'll do my best to "rise" to the occasion, m'lady."

"How do you _DO_that?" Gwen panted, her eyes somewhat unfocused.

Looking up at her with a grim on my muzzle "Clean living and vitamins." I chuckled. "Of course, there is the fact that you inspire me. . ."

"Whoof," Gwen collapsed face down on the bed beside me.

"That. Was. Fun." she mumbled through the covers as her breathing returned to normal. "Aaarg, My throat feels raw! I don't believe it, I nearly screamed myself hoarse!" she giggled. "This is wonderful." She reached for some water on the nightstand, ratcheting herself up on her elbows with a contented sigh.

"So, is it always going to be like this?" she asked with a lopsided grin on her face.

"Oh no, It will get much, much better." I grinned back at her.

"What?" she blinked. "You're kidding, right?"

"Nope, 'fraid not. You see, we are just getting to know how we interact on an intimate level. Once our lovemaking becomes more in sync, it's been my experience that it only becomes more intense." I grinned at my beloved.

"No way, _More_intense? And here I thought that last one almost killed me!"

Gwen looked at me with such intensity it was almost frightening.

"Sorry love, it only gets better." I said apologetically.

"Oh well, I guess there are worse ways to go." she shrugged as she sat up, a radiant smile blossoming across her sweet muzzle. "I'm so glad we finally found each other, Rick. I never would have believed that it could be like this." Gwen sat up. "Working tonight?"

"Yup. Got my 6-2 shift. Want to come by and check out the night life?" I asked, rubbing her back.

"Sure, Might be fun." She said through a languid stretch. "I've got to update my web page, reprogram my cell phone, order new cards and scout out the local music scene. Do you get many music folks in?"

"Are you kidding?" I said with a grin. " We showcase new talent three nights a week! The place is called 'Open-Season' for a reason, you know." I winked at my beloved.

"Oh, and Here I thought it was just called that because it was a place to hook up, silly me." Gwen grinned back at me.

"Well, that too." I added. She stuck out her tongue at me and hit me with a pillow.


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