The love of heat- The attempt - Part 3

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#3 of The Love of Heat

The next morning the sun is high above the horizon as Simba left to go patrol the land like his father used to do when he was still king to make sure the hyenas are all gone or anything else that might interrupt the resuming or disturb the healing land. Nala went back to pride rock to see if any lionesses are awake to chat with them or lay around with them, in which some were as they lay in the shade of trees near pride rock at a different location from where Sarabi and Sarafina laid at the other day.

Nala approached a three lioness group under the tree which include a lioness named Tina, Chula, and Adie, Tina is about the same age as Nala and has amber colored eyes and a light gold fur color, Chula who is also about the same age as Nala and Tina and has yellow orange eyes with light brown fur color, Adie is the oldest who is actually Chula's mother with her eyes the same as Chula but her fur is a brown color. They're all scattered lying underneath the tree when Tina is the first to spot Nala,

Tina:" why hello queen Nala" she says in a good mood which Tina is always known to be in the best of moods while the other two lift their heads to look at the queen approaching and laying down near them.

Nala:" hello Tina, Adie, and Chula"

Adie:" hello Nala"

Chula:" hello" they both greet with a smile,

Adie:" so any sign of your heat yet?" says asks Nala knowing as well as the rest of the pride about her heat approaching along with other lionesses which include Tina and Chula approaching on their heat also,

Nala nods :" no not yet, but you'll probably tell when it hits" she jokes Chula stretches her limbs while still laying down

Chula:" I can't wait for my heat to occur, I hear Simba is very big and thick" she purrs

Tina:" if so I can't wait either, of course after Nala"

Chula:" ah, if I become heat first I guess he'll have to fuck me first" Nala's smile fades, Adie noticed

Adie:" now Chula, only the queen can get the king first and Nala happens to be the queen."

Chula:" and why would it hurt for my pussy to be rammed first?" she says in a rude way

Adie:" because you're not the queen" she says knowing if she says the real reason Chula might attempt at Simba and become queen by the cheap way.

Chula:" when I get into heat he'll get me anyway when you like it or not"

Nala:" you better stay away from him until after me" she hisses Chula looked at her scowling

Nala:" as your queen I'm ordering you to stay away from him when you're in heat"

Chula:" we'll see" she snarls before getting up and walking off.

Adie:" what is up with my cub today" she sighs watching her walk away,

Tina:" jealously maybe?" she suggests looking at Adie,

Nala:" no don't seem like it, seems more like greedy for her own need, when she becomes in heat would you mind keeping an eye on her Adie? I don't want her near Simba and getting him brainwashed by her scent and lust"

Adie nods "absolutely my queen".

Tina:" why's that?" she says not understanding Nala looks at Tina

Nala:" can I trust you to not tell Chula or the other lionesses that's about to go through their heat?"

Tina nods "you can trust me"

Nala:" ok..." Nala told her the real reason why she wants to be fucked by Simba first, not only because she loves him dearly to her heart. Tina nods understanding now

Tina:" oook... I understand now"

Nala:" you wouldn't do that to me would you?"

Tina:" Nala, we've been friends since we met as little cubs, I would never do something like that to you and I would also never cheat for the throne, I may get overwhelmed by my heat but I'll wait until I know for sure Simba has had you" she smiles at her friend

Nala smiles back:" thanks Tina, and with that I'll make sure he gets you second" she smiles while giving her a wink

Tina:" you don't have to do that but thanks" she giggles

But what they didn't know is that while Chula was walking away Chula's vagina started to become pink hinting her heat is near very near having her feel a little irritated. Chula felt it and looked around at her virgin cunt to see the pick slowly starting to show as an evil grin forms on her face,

Chula:" won't be long now" she says to herself as she continues walking. Several hours went by as Chula lies underneath a tree next to the water of the waterhole with the sun little past midday when she felt something painful and irritating hit her vagina making her moan in pain, she looks down to see her swollen, pink cunt slowly leaking juices as the feel never seems to go away.

Chula:" ahh..." she moans in pain Chula looks around to see if anyone is near but when she seen Simba walking just by the waterhole heading towards pride rock returning from his patrol which normally don't take long but sometimes it takes half of the day.

Chula:" ah Simba your timing couldn't be any better" she purrs to herself as she quickly hops to her feet and runs to catch up with Simba, Simba heard pawsteps getting louder and louder than before he knows it someone brushes their soft body across Simba's chin.

Simba smelt the scent of heat,

Chula:" hello there Simba" she says with seductive eyes and tone

Simba:" Chula?"

Chula:" had a long day on patrol?" she says brushing her body across his chin having him smell her scent again.

Simba:" you're ... in heat aren't you?" he says slowly getting aroused by the scent,

Chula:" maybe I am maybe I'm not" she says lifting her tail way higher in front of Simba as big whiffs of her scent from her leaking cunt hits Simba making him lose it like he said to Nala he would as he stops walking while the whiffs of scent starts to overwhelm him as his dick has already become halfway erect.

Chula: "you know what you want, so come and get it big boy" she says walking a little more feet in front of Simba and lowers the front half of her body leaving her rear raised high with her tail point more high up but before he took a step forward something tackles Chula making both roll over and over each other.

Once they stopped rolling Chula is pinned looking up at Sarafina scowling down at her,

Chula:" Sarafina?!" she says attempting to push her off but Sarafina is too strong for her, as Sarafina keeps her where she lays.

Sarafina:" you know you're not supposed to mate with the king until after the queen has" she says staring straight into her eyes.

Chula:" can't you see I'm in heat? It feels like I'm dying for his dick" she says with her ears flat, Sarafina was about to speak until she heard a voice behind her

"There you are" said the voice Sarafina took an eye and looked behind her to see Chula's mother Adie.

Adie sees Simba panting then sees his dick fully erected and totally out of his senses like if he's been hypnotized by lust as he sits hunched forward using his front legs as support and eyes half open with his pupils slightly bigger than normal. Adie understands what Chula has tried to do, Adie looks at Chula,

Adie:" Chula I told you, you can't mate with the king until the queen has"

Chula:" but moooom, it hurts so bad" she moans

Adie:" I know honey but you got to be patient until he has fucked Nala, now go back to pride rock" she says to her daughter as Sarafina gets off of her and sits with her back facing Simba in the way in case Chula tries to force it.

Chula gets up and looks at Simba and his fully erect dick Chula closes her eyes and groans then starts walk towards pride rock with her mother close behind escorting her back to pride rock. Sarafina watches in case Chula makes a break for Simba with Adie unprepared as Simba moves his head closer and licks the back of Sarafina. Sarafina shivered when he did and smiled looking behind her to see Simba still fully erected and still panting from his arousal, Sarafina looks at him with seductive eyes.

Simba slightly regains his senses,

Simba:" Sarafina" he sighs "... do you mind?" he says giving her a grin while still panting.

Sarafina:" I guess I did promise you can" she teases "as long as you get me ready first" she says lying down on her back with her tail out of the way to expose her two holes,

Simba:" you got it" he says smiling as he stands and walks closer to Sarafina . When he stood up his big thick cock started to hang allowing Sarafina to see one of his prized possessions, Sarafina stares at it as Simba notices

Simba:" hmm you love staring at my cock don't you" Sarafina didn't realized he noticed her stare and blushed slightly.

Sarafina:" I'll admit looking at it makes me drool, and other lionesses has told me time and time again how horny they get when seeing your big package even if it's sheathed away" she says as Simba lies down in front of Sarafina's wetting cunt with him lying down at an angle with his legs spread so he can let Sarafina stare at his big hunk of meat and his balls below it.

Simba starts to lick her wet cunt tasting her juices and compared to her and Nala, Sarafina is tastier but Nala is sweeter which makes Simba smile knowing well both taste very good. Sarafina moans to the feel of Simba's tongue on her glistening wet cunt while still looking straight at his package. The longer Sarafina looks at the thick meat she gets wetter and wetter starting to slowly get overwhelmed by her arousal as she moans loud when Simba worms his tongue into her vagina tunnel and keeps it there to taste her as much as he can while smelling her lustful scent coming straight from the hole he's licking making his lion cock harder from smelling her scent so close to the source.

Sarafina moans and moans feeling his tongue worm around from wall to wall in all directions. Simba then replaces his tongue with his right front paw, using one of his paw toes to pump into it and stretch it making Sarafina close her eyes and moan louder to the pleasure be applied by Simba pumping his paw toe into Sarafina's tight pussy.

Simba:"mmm you feel so tight since the last time I put my paw toe in you" Sarafina doesn't speak but moans Simba then uses another paw toe on the opposite side of his paw to pump into her puckered tail hole.

Sarafina's eyes shot right open and almost screamed when she felt her asshole get filled by Simba's paw toe.

Simba:"last time you begged for me to not go for this hole, you're not saying much this time when I fill it up with my paw" he says in a sooth sexy voice starting to let his arousal speak for him as Sarafina is overwhelmed by her arousal to be in control of her words or even actions as she doesn't say anything

Simba:" you're my little fuck slave, do you like being my fuck slave" he says still pumping both toes

Sarafina:" ah... ahh Yes... ooh... yes I do Simba" She moans out finally finding words.

Simba:" now tell me you're my what?"

Sarafina:" ah, I'm your oooh... fuck slave"

Simba: "I don't think I heard you" he teases

Sarafina:" I'm your fuck slave" she says talking clearer.

Simba:" good" he purrs

Simba:" now tell me what you want, tell me what you wish to be done" he says taking his paw toes out of her pussy but continues on her tailhole.

Sarafina:" ah... fuck me..." she sighs

Simba:" I think I'm losing my hearing, what did you say?" he teases

Sarafina:" take me, take your big thick juicy cock of yours and shove in me" she begs

Simba:" hmm... I don't know fuck slaves begs for what they want" he teases

Sarafina:" Simba please I'm in need for your thick cock to ram my tight cunt, you won't be disappointed" she begs again rolling over to a crouched position with her tail out of the way. Simba walks up to her and sits behind her with her rear close to his dick,

Simba:" are you sure this hole again? What about this hole?" he softly says with a sexy tone while he moves his big lion cock to the entrance of her puckered asshole letting the tip of his penis enter ever so slightly making Sarafina moan loudly when his dick made contact with her puckered tail hole.

Sarafina:" not in this one" she moans

Simba:" hmm I don't know it looks like your ass could use a little stretching" he teases letting the tip of his dick enter her tail hole as she moans long and loud feeling her tail entrance stretch.

Sarafina:"...fine..." she says biting her bottom lip

Simba:" good to hear you finally give in" he teases as he pushes his big male meat inside the tail hole of Sarafina as she closes her eyes, clinches her teeth and brings out her claws to scratch the dirt below her while she moans in pain. Simba pushes gently inside until all of it in inside the puckered tight tail hole then starts to thrust back and forth in and out of her tail hole while Sarafina's moans started to go from moan of pain to moan of pleasure.

Simba heard the tone of her moans changed

Simba:" I knew you'll love it in here" he says naughtily while still thrusting into the tight ass hole of Sarafina's. Simba thrusts into Sarafina one more time before they hear a 'ahem' coming from their left, they look to see Adie just watching from a small dirt mound to their left as both with surprise expression just freeze at who they see as she stands up and walks down the dirt hill

Adie:" so my daughter and any other lioness can't mate with you before Nala but she can?" she asks Simba very confused,

Sarafina:" my daughter said it was ok, considering when he's horny he can't help his senses and since I already had a mate and daughter and can't give birth to anymore cubs me and Sarabi are allowed to help him, so please keep this a secret " she explains.

Adie nods understanding before looking down at Simba's big dick connected to Sarafina's ass as she feels something wet coming from between her legs as Simba and Sarafina both sense it and notice

Adie:" umm, mind if I can also be an exception" she grins while blushing

Sarafina:" I don't know about that but I can help you with your 'problem' "she smiles as Adie walks in front of Sarafina and lays on her back with her legs spread to show Sarafina her cunt leaking with pussy juice as Simba continues to thrust into Sarafina's asshole. Adie scoots closer to Sarafina so she can lick her pink tight looking pussy easier as Sarafina moves her snout right on top of it and starts to impale it with her tongue tasting her bitter sweet juices, Adie moans to the amount of pleasure being provided as Sarafina hums a moan from Simba humping her asshole at a quick pace now.

While Simba is thrusting he went too fast out as his dick disconnects with Sarafina's asshole and when he tried to put it back it went straight into her pussy making Sarafina almost scream a moan with Simba moaning also surprised to find out that her pussy is actually tighter than her asshole in which Simba keeps it in her soft tight pussy while starting to edge on climax. Adie was already about to release her juices from the magic tongue of Sarafina's going in and out her cunt as Adie couldn't hold much longer and releases her juices onto Sarafina's tongue with Sarafina still licking not wanting to miss any drop of her bitter sweet juice.

Sarafina gave out another loud moan when Simba begin to thrust a little faster into her pussy as she start to moan constant hinting she's getting close on her climax while Adie turns her body around and locks muzzles with Sarafina, catching her by surprise but lets it happen as both tongues do battle with each other's wanting to get their tongues tangled with each other as much as possible. Sarafina hums another moan as Simba thrusts faster and faster along with her moans going faster and faster until they hear a defining loud roar with Simba putting his entire big hunk of meat inside of her while his seeds shoot inside while her juices shoot back onto his dick. Simba leans forward to the back of Sarafina's neck and gives long licks up her neck to show his appreciation to her.

Adie pulls from kissing leaving a thin string of saliva that stretched from Sarafina's mouth to her mouth before breaking from the distance. Adie goes around to where Simba is still connected with Sarafina and gets down and crawls underneath Simba to lick the connection of Simba's dick and Sarafina's cunt. When she did both moan to the licking then Simba pulls his dripping big dick out of Sarafina's now slightly expanded pussy with some of his cum dripping onto Adie's head as she gets out of the way while Sarafina turns her body around to face Simba and sees the still dripping dick with Adie looking at it also. Simba noticed their stare and looks down at his still erected dick then the two with a smile,

Simba:" ok you two can clean it" he giggles as he lies down on the ground and rolls over with his leg spread to expose more of his big thickness while Sarafina and Adie both go to him and start to clean it.

Adie lays in front of his dick closer to his balls while Sarafina is laying on her stomach on top of Simba with her ass pointed at his face in a 69 position while she licks from the base of his dick to the tip as Adie licks down at his balls holding them with a paw while her tongue goes over them. Simba with his mouth unconsciously open to the amount of pleasure, looks straight into the hole he recently fuck so close to his face, he couldn't resist as he moves his head closer and starts lick her used hole, when he did Sarafina almost jumped and moaned when his tongue made contact with her cunt and to pay the favor Sarafina puts his dick in her muzzle then goes all the way down until there was no more to go down on with the tip poking her throat as she moves up and down on the meat in a slow pace giving out the most pleasure while making Simba moan to the feel of a warm soft muzzle fully covering his dick while he puts his tongue inside her cunt making her moan also and tasting the mix of his and her juice still inside as he moves his tongue out and in like if it were a dick and eats her out while Sarafina moans to the feel of his tongue going in and out as she moves her tongue to massage the big dick while she bobs her head up and down as Simba again starts to feel his climax slowly approach same with Sarafina while both moan to every gentle touch to both of their genitals.

Simba then moves his paw to the top of Sarafina's ass where the base of her tail is then slowly lowers until one of his paw toes reaches her used asshole as he moves his paw toe in a small circular motion at the entrance making Sarafina hum the moans some more along with her climax closing as she start to bob faster and faster making Simba get closer and closer to his climax. Simba pulls his tongue in and out with his paw toe then penetrating her asshole like it were also a dick and when he did Sarafina almost screams her moan as her vagina contrasts then a taste of tasty juice comes shooting down from her cunt as he licks and drinks up the tasty liquid as Simba then roars another time reaching his climax while he shoots his seed into the muzzle of Sarafina while Adie licks up any that leaked out of her muzzle.

They stay like they are for a few minutes to make sure no more will drip then Sarafina rolls off of Simba and lays in the grass on her right side exhausted from the little event while Simba turns his body around with his dick back into its sheathe, to lay next to her with Adie on the other side of Sarafina. Simba:" thank you Sarafina" he whispers in her ear then licking it, Sarafina moved her head up to speak to him "anything for the king" she smiles before yawning and laying her head back down to take a rest from where she lays with Adie doing the same while Simba also does but only a quick one.

End of part 3

Author's note: Yep I'm back :^D, I was busy with another story that I've finally finished and was posting it on FanFiction because I was already in the middle of it when I started this story. Anyways I hope I didn't let you guys wait for too long and don't worry my main focus now is this story and this story only (atleast for another month or so when this story is about six or seven parts in), I hope my writing didn't get stale while I was not working on this and I hope you guys will enjoy the resume of this story :^)

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