Feathers, Scales, and Raised Tails

Story by fizzymcbon on SoFurry

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An ancient dragon relaxes contemplating life only to be interrupted by a playful young gryphon. Kinky M/M sex ensues.

Note: I wrote this story because I needed to take a break from my more serious writing. I've always had a thing for old, cranky dragons and horny gryphon's so here is the result. Enjoy!

Up next: Feral Dominance Part 2!

Perched atop the highest cliff on top the biggest mountain, and overlooking the vast forest below rested an old, black dragon. He wasn't that old, but when comparing himself to the tiny, scurrying creatures of this world, he knew he was old by a considerable margin ... ancient even. The sun felt delightful across his scales in the midday, the hard, molten rock beneath him hot and dry. He exhaled a slow, rumbling breath and closed his eyes. Even after all these centuries, nothing quite compared to the feeling of warm rock pressed against his scales and the sun washing across his aching wings. For him, it was absolute bliss.

Perhaps he was old he wondered idly. He'd asked himself the question before, so it didn't come as a shock as it had in the past. Surely it must be age that was responsible for his attachment to this particular rock, overlooking this particular forest, on top ofthis particular mountain. He'd carved it out for himself ages ago during his adolescence, blasted it with fire until the whole cliff turned black and smooth as glass, and the sun reflected dully off its surface. He had many fond memories of this rock he recalled with a lazy grin. He'd taken his first mate right where he lay: a sleek, hungry northern female who'd been in heat for weeks. He'd listened to her cries of ecstasy as he thrust into her needy body, watched as her eyes rolled up and he filled her fertile womb with a roar so loud and ferocious the whole forest could hear their pleasure. It had been his longest courtship he recalled. They'd mated for countless days and nights until when the time had come to finally dismount her, she was so weak and exhausted from their fucking that she could hardly stand. She didn't want him to go, but after nuzzling for a couple minutes, he'd taken flight and left. She'd begged him to stay ... pleaded ... cried even ... but it was to no avail.

That had been centuries ago. Sometimes he wondered if she still resented him after all this time, but he felt no remorse. His life had been long and full of pleasure, and there had been countless other females since then. He'd spread his seed far and wide across the land, across continents and oceans. He shuffled his wings and rubbed his head against the stone, scratching a troublesome itch that had been bothering him for a few minutes now. He groaned with relief. There certainly was no comparison to this rock. Out of all his travels across the world, from the freezing northern kingdoms of ice and snow, to the tropical southern lands and their brightly colored oceans and sprawling deserts, none he favored more than here; the vast mountain kingdom of Yajj ... his kingdom. Perhaps not officially, but he'd yet to fight another competing male over it, and the smaller inhabitants usually left him alone.

He felt something jump on top him, jolting him from his peaceful semi-slumber. Eager little claws pricked his scales and kneaded furiously.

He groaned. Usually.

"Hey Vax!" A youthful voice chattered right next to him. "Wake up sleepy-head!" He felt the creature's excited breath against the spines of his neck, he flipped his pointed ears down and groaned in dismay.

"Go away." he grumbled, rolling onto his back and knocking the smaller creature off him. He knew it was useless. Within two seconds he heard its wings spread open and it was on top of him once more, jumping and climbing all over him. He squeezed his eyes shut and wondered that maybe if he didn't move, it would think he was dead and give up, but the torment only intensified.

"Wake up wake up wake up lazy-bones!" It sang. "Wake up wake up wake up!"

Vaxargan's bright gray eyes snapped open, his thin eyelids flicking away and revealing two dark pupils that narrowed to angry slits in the bright sun. His vision cleared. In front of him was the source of his endless annoyance: A young male gryphon with sly, bright green eyes and a pristine coat of long white feathers. The creature was quick and graceful in its movements, a playful grin spread across its large yellow beak. His thick mane of feathers was immaculately preened, swept back from the undoubtedly lightning-quick flight he'd just completed getting here. His feathery fringe went straight up once he realized his efforts were stirring a reaction from the large dragon.

"Took you long enough!" He squawked. "Your so lazy Vax! All you do is sleep sleep sleep and eat eat and eat. Your gonna get fat you old lazy-bones dragon!"

Vaxargan's frills flared out at the insult and he lifted an eye-ridge. "Old? Who are you calling old?"

The gryphon grinned evilly and pricked his scales. "You! You're old Vax! You've been lying here in the sun for so long now your wings are starting to get all shriveled up. Look!"

Vax glanced back at his long, smooth black wings. "They are not." he stated.

The gryphon jumped up and down. "Oh yes they are! I can already see the lines starting to show!"

Vax grumbled. He wasn't that old. "Lick me gryphon." he snapped. He knew immediately once the words left his snout that he'd had said the wrong thing.

Jak clacked his beak, his eyes flashing devilishly. "I thought you'd never ask! Where would you like me to start?"

Vax sighed with exasperation. "Nowhere." he grumbled. "Go and lick yourself."

The gryphon cocked his head. "Why didn't you just say so?" The bird lifted a leg up high and exposed his furry underside to the dragon. Vax smelled the faint scent of male musk drifting off the young gryphon. He'd never noticed it before, and was surprised to find it didn't smell as bad as he thought it would. Pleasant, actually.

"I can start here if you like." the gryphon tittered, pointing at his furry sheath. Vax looked away and shook his large head in disgust.

"No?" An even more lecherous grin spread across the gryphon's face. "Maybe I'll start lower." he purred, lifting his tail feathers ever so slightly.

Vaxargan snarled, his mouth pulled back to expose his sharp white fangs. The gryphon was unperturbed at the sight of his glistening maw and continued to knead his chest excitedly. He had to admit it felt rather good.

"Sometimes I wonder why I didn't eat you when I found you napping in my cave all those years ago." he grumbled. "I would have saved myself a lot trouble."

Jak's grin widened. "There's nothing stopping you from still doing it Vax. I'd love to get eaten by a dragon!" he stood up and waggled his rump suggestively.

Vaxargan rolled his eyes. "That's not what I meant you horny little monster."

The gryphon tittered. "Don't lie to me Vax. I know you've thought about it before, I can see it in your eyes, you want to lick my rump! Lick lick lick!"

Vax scowled. "I most certainly do not."

The gryphon spun a few times before settling down in a comfortable ball on his chest, beaming up at him with those bright green eyes. "Well I do." he whispered naughtily. "Maybe I can eat you."

Vax's eyes widened. There was the strangest pulse of arousal in his loins and a small grunt escaped his throat. Jak raised an eyebrow. Of course he caught it. The gryphon had an unusual talent for making him question his own sexual appetites.

"Mind your tongue gryphon!" he stammered.

Jak's eyes flashed slyly. "I'll mind where I put it. Right up your-"

"That's enough!" Vax growled. He lifted his wing and smacked the adolescent gryphon off his stomach with a lazy flick of his claw. Jak gave a suprised squawk and tumbled to the ground.


"I have little patience for your antics today Jak. Go find another gryphon to relieve your unsavory sexual urges with. I'm sure that's all you ever do anyways."

Jak got to his feet and ruffled his feathers. Dander flew everywhere. "But I'm tired of gryphons!" he warbled. He scurried under Vax and making the large, muscular dragon twitch in surprise as his soft feathers brushed against his underside. Jak's head popped out between his front legs, rubbing his feathery cheek against Vax's broad chest. "I want to play with you!" he chimed.

"I don't play any more." Vax grumbled. "I'm old remember?"

The gryphon blinked innocently. "Your not that old!" he wrinkled his brow. "But you do stink a little bit. When was the last time you bathed Vax?"

"I bathe every day!" he said indignantly.

Jak grinned. "Well guess what?


"I bred today!"

Vax rolled his eyes. "Oh how wonderful. Please tell me more."


"I was not being serious."

The gryphon's feathers sagged a bit, then perked up. "It was a female! My first one!" he clacked triumphantly.

"And probably your last." Vax snorted. "I feel sorry for her already."

"Hey!" Jak squawked. "She said she liked it! Besides, when was the last time you ever bred Vax? Probably never. All you do is eat sleep and lie about just waiting for the day to end!"

Vax roared with laughter.

"Why are you laughing?" Jak fumed.

He struggled to catch his breath. "She said she liked it?" He chuckled. "Liked it? Is that all?"

"Yeah!" he shouted. "Well ... no!" Vax smiled when he saw the gryphon blush and knead his paws. "She didn't want me to leave." he admitted. "But I did anyways."

"Is that so?" Vax asked. Somewhat interested now.

Jak nodded. "Yes. And why are you smiling?"

"Oh no reason." he said. "What was her name?"

Jak thought for a moment. "I didn't ask." he replied bashfully. "It sort of just happened you know?"

Vax nodded. Oh he knew alright.

"She was hunting and I was just sort of following her. I don't even think she knew I was at first, but maybe she did ... it was really hard to tell. Well eventually she looked back and I guess she saw me because she ran off. So I chased her for a bit and caught up."

"Mmmm." Vax growled. "Sounds exciting. What did you do next?"

Jak looked at him suspiciously. "So I caught up and sort of tackled her."

"You tackled her? Oh I'm sure she liked that."

"She did!" he claimed. "We rolled around for a bit, but then we stopped. I was on top, and she gave me this deep look. I can't really explain it, but then next thing you know she's lifting her tail for me and I'm humping away!" Jak explained. "It all happened so fast!"

Vaxargan sighed forlornly. "And you didn't even ask for her name."

Jak looked at him. "No I didn't. Is that a bad thing?"

He shrugged. "Don't ask me, I'm just an old dragon who eats and sleeps all day." he grinned.

Jak nipped his paw. "I'm being serious!"

Vaxargan chuckled. "Would you look at that. My little Jakarak is all grown up! He's fallen in love!"

Jak blushed indignantly. "I am not falling in love!"

"That's what they all say my sweet, sweet Jak! Shall I come to your hatching ceremony and frighten everyone away?"

"Oh stop it." the gryphon muttered.

"Your starting to sound like me." Vax admitted. "At last!"

Jak glared at him. "Why didn't you eat me in your cave that day." he demanded. "I never found out."

The dragon looked down at him and smiled a toothy grin. "Why is this so important all of a sudden? Are you planning on moving in with your new mate?"

Jak growled and pounced on Vax's back, biting at the dragon's neck. His ebony scales were large and protected him well, and he couldn't even fit his beak around the dense musculature underneath. "Tell me!" He warbled.

Vax craned his neck back, picked the gryphon up around the nape, and lowered him to the ground. The gryphon stared at him intently. He raised an eye ridge, his gray eyes twinkling mischievously.

"Well, you were rather cute as a whelp whimpering and shivering in my den Jak. Nothing but a ball of fur and feather, crooning for its ma. A shame really. If I'd known what you'd look like now, I'd have done the world a favor and gobbled you up."

Jak looked horrified.

Vax roared with laughter. "Truth be told Jak, you reminded me of myself during my youth. Young and spirited, with boundless energy ... but uglier. much, much uglier."

Jak fluffed his feathers. "I'm handsome!" he grinned. "And unlike you I actually get tail!"

"I've mated with a thousand females during my lifetime." Vax retorted. "More so than you ever will."

Jak rolled onto his back and gazed up slyly at the old dragon. "Any males?" he asked with a hiss of pleasure.

Vax gave him a naughty look. "On occasion."

The gryphon's crest flared up. "Really?" he asked in surprise.

"Oh yes." Vax replied. "Especially with those that annoyed me."

The gryphon smiled. "But I annoy you all the time!"

The dragon ruffled the gryphon's fringe. "Yes you do Jak."

The gryphon hopped to his feet. "I've done it with lots of males!" he bragged, shaking his furry rump.

"I don't doubt that for a second." Vax chuckled. "It's all you ever talk about."

Jak nodded happily. "I'm really good too! Some of them really like it!" He saddled up inappropriately close to Vax and stared at him hungrily. "You'd like it too." he purred, tracing his beak up the Vax's scaly leg.

Vax pushed the horny gryphon away. "Doubtful."

Jak's eyes flashed mischievously. "Why? Afraid you might like it?" he growled. "Afraid I might make you squirm dragon?"

Vax tried to grab the taunting gryphon and toss him off the cliff, but he was old, and the flexible creature was much too fast for him. Jak wriggled free and raced beneath him towards his groin.

"Come here you little pest!"

Jak tittered with amusement. He heard the bird's sing-song voice warbling below:

"Oh Va-ax! Where's your sheath? I had no idea you we're a girl!"

He spun around, trying to shake the gryphon loose, but the creature shadowed his movements with surprising skill and dexterity. "It's called a slit you tiny runt!" He roared. "How many more times must I tell you this?"

"Oh there it is! I see it now!" Jak chittered. "It sure looks like it belongs on a female! You dragons are weird! Where does everything go?"

Vax lifted a hind leg but the gryphon tucked himself in nice and snug. He felt his face burn with embarrassment at having an adolescent gryphon critiquing his private regions.

"You smell Vax!" the gryphon squawked. "I like it!"

There was a sudden hot tickling sensation along his slit. Vax closed his eyes and groaned. Of course the gryphon had licked him.

"You taste good too!"

The gryphon's hindquarters waggled tauntingly in front of him. He grabbed a bunch of tailfeathers and yanked as hard as he could. The gryphon gave a tiny screech. He dragged Jak from underneath him and flipped the creature onto his back, pinning him against the ground. The gryphon squirmed with all his might, but his grip was strong. He brought his massive head in close and bared his fangs. Jak's pupils shrunk to tiny pinpoints.

"Quite the beak on you this morning." Vax growled. "I should teach you some manners."

Jak nodded enthusiastically, his green eyes sparkling. "Oh please do!" he chirped.

Vax felt something hot, wet, and hard press into his belly scales. He grunted and looked down. The gryphon's maleness had pushed entirely from its sheath during the struggle and now rubbed against his abdomen. It was surprisingly large and bright red, numerous veins speckled along the shiny surface, swollen and fully engorged with blood. He gave another grunt. Pre-coital fluids spurted from the pointy tip and dribbled down its length. He looked back up at the horny gryphon and grinned.

"I've seen blind hatchlings with bigger cocks than you." he chuckled.

Jak's crest flared up indignantly. "At least I have one!"

He gave a throaty growl and danced his fangs across the gryphon's neck. He could hear Jak's heartbeat thumping wildly in his chest, but the bird's cock pulsed harder than ever. Vax smirked. Submissive, of course.

"Perhaps I should mount you." he purred deeply, his voice a baritone hum. "Show you how a strong male takes another."

Jak whined hopefully, thrusting against him.

He felt his own cock pulse with lust, the supple scaled lips spreading wide as the tip emerged from its genital slit. He hadn't bred in years, and the compulsion to do so now was impossible to ignore. He'd never taken the gryphon before ... promised himself that he never would. But even he couldn't deny he hadn't at least considered it once or twice. The creature's eagerness had awakened something feral and hungry inside him, and he licked his snout with anticipation. He'd teach the whelp a lesson he wouldn't soon forget.

"Or perhaps I should lift my tail and let you take me." he whispered naughtily. "Give you what you've always wanted and let you thrust inside me for as long as you like. I've never mated with another male, but I cannot deny that even I am curious to know what it feels like."

The gryphon looked like he might faint with joy.

Vax cocked his head. "But I don't think you deserve that my sweet, sweet Jakarak." he chuckled. "You deserve to be punished. So I think I'll do this." he raised himself off the gryphon and turned about, squatting his powerful quadriceps and lifting his heavy tail high into the air, presenting his dark tailhole for the gryphon's sole view. He heard the little bird whimper and go silent as his powerful musk washed over him, his cock pulsing and spurting fluids all over his white fur. The musk of a dragon was like no other. Rich and pungent. The gryphon wouldn't be able to resist.

"Now do what you've always wanted to do." he purred. "Lick."

And he lowered himself onto the gryphon's face.

Jak struggled for a moment before shuddering and going still. He felt the gryphon's tongue immediately peek out and flick across his taint, giving it a few investigative flicks before the bird relaxed and gave a muffled whimper. He grinned. Part of him felt bad for subjecting the poor little thing to his debased primal urges, but another part of him felt nothing but intense satisfaction. He shifted his weight and settled in, sighing in bliss as the gryphon's talons grabbed his thick haunches and he began to eagerly indulge himself upon his hot hole.

"Hmm, your very good at this." he whispered. "Your gryphon friends must love you."

Jak's tongue pressed against his anal ring. He growled and clenched, preventing the whelp from delving deeper inside. He listened to the gryphon's quiet whines of protest for quite some time before relaxing and allowing Jak's rough tongue slip past his anus and penetrate deep into his soft insides. The gryphon's whole body shuddered immediately with pleasure, the dark, exotic tastes and scents of his inner-workings delighting the young creature's keen senses. He knew what he was doing was driving the gryphon positively wild, and he knew their relationship from this point on had forever changed.

He groaned softly with pleasure as the whelp ate him out. His slit stretched painfully wide as his rigid flesh spilled out with a gush of lubricants that splashed all over the gryphon's belly fur. He smelled his own arousal immediately, an intensely powerful scent that made even him wrinkle his brow. He observed his massive length stiffen within seconds, grinning proudly at the sight of his cock swelling with blood and growing hard into the air. It was an intimidating thing: Long, black, and smooth, with an underside covered in tiny, fleshy barbs that curved outwards all the way up towards the tapered tip. It felt incredibly hard and sensitive, the surface covered in a thin sheen of moisture from being hidden inside his slit for so long now. He groaned and trailed a talon up its length, watching with some fascination as it twitched and a thick ooze of pre-cum dribbled out. It had been a very long time indeed since he'd last spent his seed. The whelp sensed his arousal and lapped greedily at his taught hole, his own considerably smaller erection throbbing desperately with need.

Vax purred, craning downwards and burrowing his snout into the gryphon's soft groin fur. Jak smelled delicious, his heady male scent light and comparatively tame to his own overpowering musk, but enjoyable nonetheless. The gryphon crooned and gasped. He already knew what was about to happen.

Vax opened his maw, his long purple tongue unfurling and coated with saliva. He tentatively licked the gryphon's shaft from the base of his sheath all the way up to the barbed, sensitive tip. The young bird twitched and thrust upwards, whimpering and shivering at the simple caress. He smiled and licked his muzzle. He'd never once pleasured another male like this, but he certainly wanted to now. He wrapped his flexible tongue around the gryphon's cock and engulfed its entire length within his burning maw, careful to avoid nicking the flesh with his sharp fangs. Vax listened with some degree of pleasure as the gryphon keened loudly and plunged his dainty tongue deep inside his sensitive tailhole. He withdrew off the stiff cock with a wet slurping sound.

"Mmm I bet that felt nice." he rumbled with a sly grin. "I think I could get used to this."

The gryphon's only response was a small, happy moan.

Without waiting another moment, Vax descended a second time and swallowed the gryphon's hard dripping length inside his mouth. He lathered it with his warm saliva until he was satisfied it was sufficiently lubricated and began sucking away. It was a delightfully hard and straight, and he had little trouble massaging it with his tongue and guiding it straight down his gullet. The gryphon soon began furiously licking his rear-end, eager to reciprocate for the attention he was giving his throbbing member. He thrust his hips up and drove his cock deep inside Vax's maw again and again, licking the dragon's tailhole until they both lost themselves to pleasure.

It quickly became too much for the poor bird. Jak lasted barely a minute before screeching with ecstasy and going completely stiff, his cock exploding inside the dragon's mouth with thick ropes of steaming cum that shot deep inside Vax's maw. He growled and swallowed it all eagerly, his powerful throat constricting around the whelp's cock as more and more of the gryphon's hot seed spilled inside him. He was surprised how much there was. He pulled off the spurting cock and watched with a messy grin as it shot into the air and splashed all over the Jak's fur, the gryphon twitching and crying out below.

Eventually the pulses became weaker and weaker, until stopping entirely. Jak went limp, cum still drizzling from his spent cock. Vax wondered if perhaps he'd accidentally caused the young bird to faint. He raised himself off the gryphon's face and turned about, grinning at what he saw. Jak heaved for breath, a crooked grin plastered across his beak, his gaze heavy-lidded with pleasure.

"I think I could stay underneath you forever Vax!"

He chuckled. "Don't tempt me little one or perhaps you will." he turned about, standing proudly over-top of the small, panting gryphon and displaying his full arousal. He glided a talon up his impressive length, tilting his head and flaring his quills inquisitively. "Well?" he asked.

Jak nearly swooned, immediately rolling over and presenting his furry rump for the taking. Vax growled at the sight of the gryphon's tight pink tailhole and mounted the smaller creature, flaring his wings and draping himself heavily across the male's small, arching back. Jak whimpered with anticipation, his tail feathers lifting and fanning along the dragon's underside, his rump pushing up eagerly into his hard slimy length. Vax knew he'd been waiting for this moment for a very long time. They both had. He laughed softly and pulled Jak in close, amused by the gryphons quiet croons of lust as he brushed his cock wetly against his soft rump-feathers. Jak kneaded the ground and practically mewled to be bred. He purred hungrily and aligned his muscular hips with the gryphon's hindquarters. He eased forward, his cock prodding gryphon's eager tailhole and pushing against it. Jak froze and emitted a low, warbling moan, begging to be taken hard. Vax pushed harder, the whelp's hot ring of warm anal flesh tighter than anything he'd ever felt before. He clenched his jaw. The gryphon's tailhole spread around the first few inches of his shaft as he slowly sunk inside, his slick lubricants helping ease the process significantly. Jak's warble turned into a high-pitched keen as he was penetrated by the large dragon, quivering and arching low against the ground, crest pulled back and eyes shut in a mixture of pleasure and pain. Vax held him close, tracing his muzzle up the gryphon's back and nuzzling his mane comfortingly. He didn't want to hurt his friend, but he knew it must happen. Jak only whimpered once as he was speared on his massive length for the first time, the gryphon's warm, clenching insides squeezing almost painfully hard around his thick length. He gave a throaty growl of pleasure, his cock pulsing and throbbing, each fleshy barb pushing inside making the whelp quiver and moan with lust, claiming him as his own.

He soon managed to bury himself fully inside his feathered companion, his groin touching the gryphon's firm, sloppy rump. The feathers there were sticky with his arousal, his excess emissions dripping wetly off the gryphon's heavy balls. Jak exhaled with a satisfied warble and fluttered beneath the dragon's embrace. Vax smirked, his length enveloped entirely in the bird's silken interiors.

"Your a tight little one aren't you Jak?" he purred. The gryphon gave a lusty croon, enthralled at having a fully grown dragon buried inside him at last. Vax began thrusting his hips, his sheer strength making the young gryphon shudder beneath him each time their bodies collided. His cock slid from Jak's ass before plunging right back in, slipping past his tight anal ring and traveling deep into the gryphon's hot bowels. The little bird's eyes rolled up in his head as the flexible spines running the length of Vax's cock rubbed and pressed into his sensitive inner-flesh. Jak began rocking back into his thrusts, pushing his dripping rump into the dragon's crotch and rubbing his beak needfully against his smooth, powerful forelegs.

"You want this badly don't you?" Vax whispered into one of his tufted ears. Jak looked up at him with lust-filled eyes and whistled softly. It was an almost feminine sound, and something in its tone made Vax's blood burn. He purred and pushed the whelp to the floor, settling along the natural curve of his spine and licking his neck possessively. Jak loved it, twitching and whimpering below. He worked his hips faster, slamming against the whelp's rump and driving his hard cock deep inside the gryphon's eager tailhole, his anal muscles rippling and contracting pleasurably around Vax's invading length.

He pulled out, his spines digging into the gryphon's soft tunnel as his cock retreated from the bird's tight flesh. The small pink hole sealed shut reflexively, dribbling a thin trail of lubricants. Vax listened with some degree of enjoyment as the gryphon whined and rubbed desperately against him, needing his burning warmth buried deep inside his body. He felt his cock pulse and spew a thick rope of sticky pre that dripped down the gryphon's taint. He brought a claw up and fondled the gryphon's balls. The little bird moaned, his bright-red erection harder than rock and covered in slimy fluids. Vax smiled and squeezed it, the gryphon moaning and going stiff, his cock throbbing in his gentle grip. He eased forward and pushed his length deep inside the whelp's unyielding depths, stopping only when he couldn't sink in any further. He started pounding away, listening to the lewd slop of sexual fluids as their bodies smacked together, his cock spreading Jak wide open and breeding him hard and fast. He snarled with pleasure, working his hips madly against the creature's trembling body.

The thick heady scent of male sex soon hung heavily the air. It was strong and masculine, the gryphon's sweet, earthy odor completely eradicated by his own dominating musk. He burrowed his snout in Jak's mane and breathed it in, pounding the gryphon's rump like a feral beast. His cock pumped into the gryphon's well lubricated tailhole faster and faster. Jak smelled like lust, sex, and fear, and it aroused him greatly. He couldn't help but feel pleased at the effect he was having on the young creature. Jak moaned and panted like a hen in heat as they mated furiously, his body and mind completely overwhelmed by the dragon's skillful thrusts. Vax groaned as his cock unleashed another jet of pre-cum that slicked the whelp's anal passage, his length sliding against Jak's warm interiors and lubricating his soft insides. The gryphon's cock spurt weakly in his grip. He stroked it until Jak screeched and cummed hard into his paw, his green eyes snapping open and rolling up as thick spurts of white seed sprayed from his swollen cock and lanced messily across the ground. Vax kept thrusting throughout the whelp's mind-shattering orgasm, his eyes rolling up as Jak's anal walls collapsed and began quivering wetly around his cock, squeezing harder than anything imaginable. Somehow, he kept pounding away, his length slapping against the whelp's abused taint as a growing pressure began to rapidly crescendo in his loins. He grunted and snarled, drooling as he bred the whelp's aching hole with everything he had, his hips slamming into the small creature with a ferocious intensity.

His last dozen thrusts were the hardest yet. The gryphon lay splayed out along the ground as he was bred roughly, screeching and crying out with pleasure. Vax clamped his jaws around the whelp's neck and bit down exceptionally hard, pulling the slutty male into his final push. He buried himself as deep as possible inside Jak's welcoming tailhole and gave a powerful shudder, his tail going stiff as he threw back his head and let loose a roar so loud it echoed across the surrounding mountainside and caused Jak to cower in submission. After a few agonizing pulses, his cock erupted like a volcano inside the young gryphon, exploding in a burning wave that flooded the whelp's bowels and filled him full of his steaming cum in an instant. Jak cried out plaintively, his belly distending as gallons of thick virile dragon-seed splashed inside his tailhole and drenched his innards. Vax ground his teeth together and hissed, waves of euphoria the likes he'd never felt before washing throughout his old trembling body as he emptied himself inside the exhausted male at last. He felt each body-wracking pulse, pumping his hot seed deep within the young gryphon's needy rump. It overflowed and drizzled down Jak's spread legs. Thick ropes of his essence squelching from the bird's overstuffed hole and dripping lewdly to the ground. He grinned. It was a good feeling.

Jak could hardly stand, his cock bobbing in the air, and the ground beneath of him splattered with his semen. His chest heaved, but the look on his feathery face was one of absolute bliss. Vax growled and pulled the twitching gryphon to the ground, his cock still buried deep inside his stretched tailhole. Jak cooed with delight and snuggled warmly into his embrace. He nuzzled the gryphon's mane and draped a wing across them both, listening to his quiet purrs. The sun shone down brightly in the cloudless sky above.

For once in his life he decided to stay. If only for a little while.

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