Otter's Daily Life- Outing

Story by Ragemend on SoFurry

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#4 of Otter's Daily Life

Jean somehow convinced Kyle to try on some of her clothes, now she's taking him out to the city!

"Come on, bro!" Chanted Jean from outside her brother's basement room. "No one will even recognize you! Ken is driving us all the way into the city. You'll fit right in with everyone else!"

Kyle stuck his nose out the door, whining: "If we run into anyone we know I'm finished!" Before sticking his muzzle out the door, it is made up in lipstick and some make up and strands of a red wig escape the cool interior of the basement. "I don't even know why I agreed to this!"

Jean grinned and leaned in close: "You agreed to this because you're a little perv who likes his sister's panties, so we figured you should try the rest!"

"I'm not a perv!" Objected the maleott, stepping out the door a bit more, revealing a long red wig and a tight shirt with what could only be a bra holding falsies. "I'm just curious..."

His sister smiled at her brother as he got braver. "Now now, Ken is here with the car, let's head out. Mom and dad won't even be home until tomorrow. Just make sure your cock can't escape if you get hard from all of this and we're set."

Kyle stepped out of his room and objected. He is wearing a plaid red skirt that could only have been for catholic school girls and some white stockings to complete his ensemble. "I won't get hard, sis. Geez, I'm not as much as a perv as you say. Besides, the stockings will hold everything in place!"

Ken's car honked outside and the male otter walked out of his door and towards the front door, Jean, following behind him and deliberately not mentioning that he should keep his tail down, quietly mumbled under her breath: "A non perv who has been stealing my panties for months so he could jerk off in them."

When the otter siblings got to Ken's car the sun had gone down. Kyle sat in the back, but not before the buck got a full look at his girlfriend's brother in drag. Jean sat in the front and noticed the buck's pants had a bulge. She grinned at her boyfriend and he shrugged back, tucking his deerhood under his belt and started driving. "You're gonna have fun, Kyle. We're gonna go to the best place for this!"

"Where's that?" Wondered Kyle out loud.

Jean replied for her boyfriend: "Why, The Red Light District, of course!"

Ken parked the car and the three furs walked to a "Bookstore." Kyle got all wide-eyed, but Jean and Ken walked around like long term customers. They even waved to the bear at the counter. Kyle was unaware that his tail was up, and he was flashing his stocking and pantied rump to the whole store. Eyes followed the young ott, and his sister knew he was being watched. She just smirked and let it happen.

The female ott and buck lead Kyle to the back and put him in one of the "viewing rooms" Ken waiting in front of the door as the two otters went in. Jean put a porn vid on the screen and pointed toward the holes on either side of the booth. Kyle was about to speak up but his sister held a finger to her mouth to quiet him. Jean walked to one of the holes and put two fingers through the hole.

Kyle watched his sister hail a cock at a glory hole until they heard the door shut and Jean pulled back her paw to reveal a six inch uncut cock. The girlott waved her brother over and whispered to him: "You're gonna learn to suck a cock, it'll be useful later. Or, we can put you back out on the floor and you can stay with all the furs you flashed your panties to."

Kyle blushed, he looked back at his tail and saw how he had been flashing cotton. Staring at his sister at a loss he realized the better option and knelt down in front of the cock. He sniffed it and it seemed clean, so he gently pulled back the foreskin from the stranger's cock's head and gave it a cursory lick. Jean coached her brother: "Remember the sweet spot on uncut cocks. And don't forget, we don't have a gag reflex. You can go all the way down on that sock. But something tells me you don't need my hel-."

Jean was interrupted by a loud groan from beyond the glory hole wall. Kyle jumped back with surprise, the first forceful shot scaring him and the rest shooting all over his shirt. Kyle stood up and tried to clean himself up by swabbing the cum on his shirt with his paws and licking it up. Jean smirked at her brother again: "Like the taste?"

Kyle nodded, and while they were talking another cock appeared in the glory hole. This time a very thick circumcised cock. The boyott knelt down and went to town on this new cock. Jean snuck over to the door to their booth and whispered to Ken: "How many people are lined up?"

"Seems like six so far, should be a nice evening." Replied Ken, enjoying his status as bouncer.

Kyle did his best to take the entire load of this new cock, but some still escaped his lips and dripped down to his skirt. Brother ott looked at his sister: "How many people do I have to do this too?" Jean looked at her brother's skirt, and saw the bulge. "Don't pretend you're not enjoying this. You're going to do it until it's done, bro."

Kyle nodded and went to work on the next cock. Happily suckling on it, eager for his next treat.

Two hours later Jean told her tired and cumstained brother that he only had one more cock to suck. But, there was something different about this one. It smelled... familiar for some reason. Never the less, he went at it with the same gusto that he did for the others. Jean grinned as he watched her brother service this "mystery cock" and slid a paw under her skirt. She quietly fingered herself, dripping juices into her panties.

The mystery guy groaned in a familiar voice and Kyle choked, spilling a huge load of cum on the floor of the booth. Jean whimpered as she came in her panties, squirting a mess of girlcum and dripping from under her skirt to the floor.

Kyle pulled back and looked at his sister. His make up was a cummy mess, as were his clothes. "Hey, sis, can we go home now? I'm tired and need to take care of something. Jean nodded at her brother and they exited the booth. They looked over to get a glimpse of this final cock's owner and saw Ken exit the booth. Jean could only grin and Kyle looked at him in disbelief. They all quickly left and found Ken's car, but it was Kyle's turn to sit in front. Kyle leaned back and relaxed, but he quickly was startled as he felt his hard cock being played with. He looked over at Ken who was paying attention to the road, but had one paw in the ott's lap. He would only stop jerking him to shift the gear.

At this point Kyle didn't care much about anything anymore, he just wanted to get off and take a bath, so he let his sister's boyfriend jerk him off. Jean leaned over the seat and slid her paws into her brother's shirt and played with his nipples as Ken jerked off her brother. It wasn't long before Kyle stiffened up and shot off a load of otter cum all over himself, Ken's paw, and Jean's arms.

Ken stopped the car in front of the otter household and the three of them licked up Kyle's mess.

"You're pretty good at sucking cock, Kyle." Said Ken, looking at the brother otter.

"Y-you're pretty tasty." Replied Kyle, blushing.

"C'mon, bro. Let's get you cleaned up." Sighed Jean, leading her brother into their house for a bath. Had she created a monster?

"Have fun, bro?" Asked Jean as she stripped her brother.

"Oh yeah, sis. We should do it again." Replied the blushing ott, ready for a bath with his sister.

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