Ruby's first time.

Story by DeathAvenged on SoFurry

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#3 of Something unexpected.

^.^ I know these new ones might not be any good but I am just writing and sharing to take my mind off of real life and all that. So if you enjoy it then great :3 Thank you for reading these stories and the ones to follow.

"Finally! Done with classes till Monday!" Ruby stretched out with a groan, sitting on a bench in the yard of the campus. she let out a yawn and rubbed her eyes as she took a deep breathe. She sat there for a few minutes before standing up to make her way to her apartment when she heard someone running towards her. She turned to see who it was when Blaze suddenly picked her up and hugged her, making her gasp in shock before giggling as she held onto him before he finally let her go, his tail wagging a bit with a grin. " My moron of a brother is going home for the weekend to go on a video game bender with our cousin. So I will be free all weekend...thank god." Ruby grinned some as she pulled back from him, patting down the fur on her arms that was still standing from the shock of him running and picking her up. She adjusted her tank top then looked to him again with her head tilted to the side a bit. " Means you have the apartment all to yourself. You can sleep in without his loud mouth waking you" Blaze laughed and nodded a bit then gently put his arm around her as he walked with her to the building that held their apartments. " Very very true. Just means that I get pester you all weekend as well." Ruby purred softly and smiled as she walked with him, her tail swaying around slowly behind her as she walked with him while giggling soon after. " I don't think that would be a bad thing...what do you plan on doing first though?" Blaze stood his ears up and got a thoughtful look on his face before smiling as he looked at her. " Take you back to my apartment and play some video games?" Ruby raised a brow as she looked at him before she smiled and nodded in agreement. Blaze wagged his tail as he walked with her.

Once they reached his apartment he unlocked the door and stepped in to see Jacob grabbing his last bag with a yawn coming from him. Ruby stood behind Blaze and watched as Jacob shook his head some, looking to his brother. " Alright dude I'm outta here. The sooner I get back home the sooner I start drinking and playing videos with that little shit. He still owes me money for the last time we had one of these weekends. Try to get laid this weekend Blaze...your annoying when you haven't gotten any" Blaze went to smack his brother who just dodged it and took off out of the apartment with a laugh coming from him. Ruby blushed as she watched Blaze close the door and lock it. Blaze looked back to her with a sheepish grin on his face. Ruby giggled softly and set her back pack down by the door with her shoes. Blaze smiled some and walked into the living room, turning on the tv and his Playstation 3. Ruby sat down on the couch and smiled when he handed her a controller. He sat by her and stretched with a soft groan coming from him. It wasn't long before the two of them were playing a racing game and laughing. Blaze grinned, glad to hear Ruby laughing and seeing her smiling as she relaxed.

By the time they got tired of the racing game it was after dark. Ruby let out a soft yawn and leaned back as Blaze turned the game off to put in a movie. He then handed her a bottle of beer as he sat back down, standing his ears up when Ruby leaned into him soon after. She sipped on the drink for a moment before setting the bottle down. She twitched her ears a few times as she took a deep breathe, his scent hitting her and making her purr softly as she relaxed a bit more. Blaze set his own bottle down then gently lifted her head by her chin, looking at her before pressing his lips to hers, kissing her softly. Ruby returned the kiss with a small purr coming from her again while her tongue gently pushed into his mouth, rubbing against his own. Blaze let out a soft groan into the kiss as his arms wrapped around her and swiftly pulled her into his lap. Ruby was now straddling the wolf as he deepened the kiss with her, his hands rubbing her back under her tank top slowly. Ruby pulled back from the kiss to pant softly as she looked at him with a dark blush on her cheeks. Blaze bit his bottom lip, shifting under her as he whispered. "Sorry...I-" Ruby kissed him again before he could finish his statement, her hips pressed into his own only to feel him already hard in his pants. Blaze let out a growl into the kiss as he moved his hands around to the front of her body, cupping her breasts under her shirt. Ruby broke the kiss and let out a soft groan, the fur along her spine slowly standing.

Blaze couldn't take it. He lifted her up with him as he stood. she let out a soft gasp and wrapped her arms around him, holding onto him as he carried her to his room, pushing the door open with his foot. He moved her to the bed and laid her down on her back. Ruby blushed and laid her head back as he lifted her tank top over her breasts, glad she hadn't wore a bra that morning. Blaze gently ran his tongue over each breasts slowly before taking one of her nipples into his mouth, suckling hard on it while his hand teased the other nipple in his fingers. Ruby let out a soft moan and bit her bottom lip lightly, her tail curling around his leg lightly while her hands gripped at his hair. She ran her fingers through his hair and over his ears as he tugged on her nipple with his teeth, growling softly against the flesh before letting go and giving the same attention to her other breasts which only drew more small moans from her. He soon let go of her breasts, kissing his way down along her stomach while his hands undone her pants. Ruby fought herself to not stop him her hands now resting on the bed under her as he pulled her jeans open, pulling them off of her body before looking down at her. She blushed as she stared up at him, her pale purple lace panties stood out against the white fur on her body and had a clear damp spot on them.

Blaze smiled down to her, giving her a soft kiss while his fingers pressed into the damp spot on her panties. She let out a soft groan into the kiss as she wiggled her hips a bit. Blaze pulled back from the kiss, licking her cheek while he began rubbing her clit through the fabric, rubbing in slow gentle circles against the little nub of flesh. Ruby let out another moan that was a bit louder then the last few. She held onto his arm gently as his hand slipped into her panties, blushing darkly when he felt how wet she was. Blaze gently rubbed his finger over her pussy lips slowly before pushing his middle finger into her slowly. Ruby bit her bottom lip hard and groaned as her hips began moving against his finger as it moved around inside her. He didn't push it in to far as he whispered to her. " It is safe to assume you have never had sex before?" Ruby could only nod in response to him. Blaze smiled and kissed her again, his tongue pushing into her mouth to rub around against her own tongue before pulling back. He pulled his finger from her and pulled her panties off of her body. Ruby took a deep breathe or two as she watched him moving down. Soon his tongue pressed against her pussy and began licking her slowly, licking over her clit at the end of each lick he gave. ruby stiffened up to the new feeling as she let out another moan. She laid back again, gripping the bed covers lightly while Blaze sucked on her clit gently after a few licks. He used his fingers to spread her pussy lips apart before licking her opening slowly. Ruby let out a soft purr after another moan came from her. Blaze grinned and gently pushed his tongue into her pussy, his tail wagging when he felt her clench down on his tongue. He groaned softly as his tongue rubbed around against her inner walls. He used his finger to rub her clit slowly as his tongue continued to move around inside her. Ruby arched her back a bit and moaned out louder then she meant to, her hands gripping into his bed covers tighter as she began moving her hips around against his tongue. Blaze pulled back and licked his lips with a smile. Ruby laid there panting softly and flicking her tail after he removed it from his leg.

Blaze moved off the bed long enough to get undressed, his clothing becoming nothing but a pile on the floor. Ruby blushed as she watched him, her ears twitching as she saw his cock which was rock hard and about ten inches long. He was thick and it made her become nervous as he moved back onto the bed with her. He gently nuzzled his head against her own as gently rubbed his hand along her hip slowly. "Relax Ruby...we can stop if you want." Ruby blushed as she licked his cheek softly before nuzzling him in return as she purred heavily. " N..No we can keep going." Ruby smiled a bit then kissed him as she wrapped her arms around him. Blaze returned the kiss before shifting so he was between her legs, rubbing the tip of his pointed cock along her pussy, his cock throbbing and leaking precum. He had to remind himself not to get rough with her as he pushed the tip into her pussy. He broke the kiss and pressed his head to hers as he pushed more of his cock into her until he felt the tip hit her hymen. Ruby was gripping his arms tightly now as she looked him in the eyes as she took a deep breathe before giving him a soft little nod. Blaze pressed his lips to hers again before giving a hard push with his hips, his cock tearing through her hymen and making her let out a muffled cry of pain into the kiss. She dug her claws into his arms from the pain of him taking her. Blaze let out a grunt and broke the kiss as he groaned. " R..Ruby your claws!" Ruby blushed and pulled her hands from him, panting a bit as she looked at him. "S..Sorry.." She was shaking and blushing as she looked him in the eyes. Blaze smiled and shook his head a bit before gently running his fingers through her hair, giving her time to get used to the new feeling.

When Ruby was used to the size and feeling of his cock in her Blaze gently gripped her thigh as he began pulling his hips back about half way before thrusting back into her. It hurt a bit at first but she laid her head back and began moaning softly as he began thrusting into her more. He gripped her thigh a bit tighter as he fought his urges to get rough with her. Ruby gripped the bed covers as she began pushing her hips against his own. Blaze leaned his head down and gently bit at her neck, beginning to thrust his cock into her a bit faster then before as his cock throbbed from how tight Ruby felt on him. Ruby bit her bottom lip hard, feeling her pussy clenching his cock with each thrust he made into her. Rubys moans began getting louder now as she pushed against him more. Blaze pulled back and sat up, looking down at her as he continued to thrust into her, his movements getting harder now as he watched her closing her eyes tightly and the look of pleasure on her face as she pushed against him. Blaze knew he wasn't going to last long as he began pounding into her now, throwing his fight with himself to stay gentle out the window altogether as he gripped her hips, watching her breasts bouncing with each impact he made while he listened to the sounds of his hips hitting her own mixing with her moans and the sound of his cock moving into her pussy. He felt his knot beginning to form now and began getting harder with his movements. Ruby moaned out louder then before as she arched her back up again, her own hips pounding back into his movements as her claws dug into the bed under her. Blaze closed his eyes tightly with a groan coming from him as he felt his knot hitting against her pussy lips now. He leaned into her a bit before suddenly slamming into her, his knot stretching her out and popping in with a wet sound. Ruby cried out from his knot stretching her open before it locked them together. She bit down on her bottom lip hard as she continued moving her hips against him, her pussy tightening on him as she moved before she finally came, her juices washing over his cock and knot as she let out a moan, her hips bucking into him as she rode out her orgasm. Blaze let out a soft grunt, his cock throbbing hard as he slammed into her once or twice before he came, his cock throbbing the entire time as he filled her with his cum. The two went still and began panting hard. Ruby laid her head back with her ears flat against her head for a few minutes as she groaned softly. Blaze finally shifted and rolled them slowly so he was on his back with her on top of him, making her feel a bit more comfortable. She finally opened her eyes and looked at him for a moment before kissing him softly a few times.

When they were breathing normally Ruby rested her head on his chest, listening to his heart pounding in his chest as he recovered. Ruby blushed and nuzzled her face against his chest soon after when he began petting her head softly while he closed his eyes with a small smile on his face. "You alright?" Ruby stood her ears up and lifted her head, looking to him for a moment before she smiled and nodded " Yes..Im..Im good...Im sorry for clawing your arms." Blaze chuckled and gently drug his claws down along her back slowly, making her arch her back softly a few times with a little groan coming from her. "It is reacted tot hat pain in your own wounds will heal." Ruby smiled and nodded a bit as she looked him in the eyes before biting her bottom lip lightly. " Blaze...w..what do we do now? I know your brother has been...telling you to just fuck me and ignore me..." Blaze shifted and sat up with her in his lap, his ears lowering against his head as he looked at her. He gently rubbed along her cheek with his thumb as he spoke softly to her. " Im not my brother...I want to keep seeing you Ruby...I like you. Your soft and sweet...Your beautiful and I just feel drawn to you." Ruby stared at him as she gently held his hand against her cheek before beginning to purr happily as she nodded and smiled. " I..I want to keep seeing you too Blaze." Blaze smiled big and kissed her deeply before laying back down with her. He laid there petting her head for a while until he realized she had fallen asleep on him. He grinned and took a deep breathe then laid there until he was able to pull his cock from her without waking her. He moved her so she was on her side in the bed then covered her with a blanket. He pulled on some sweat pants and walked out to the kitchen for a drink, his tail wagging happily as he leaned against the kitchen counter, looking over to his room with a grin on his face.

The first date.

Ruby had her ears flat against her head as she reached her apartment a few floors above Blazes apartment. She unlocked the door and stepped in only to be met with the sight of Todd walking out of Tootsies room stark naked and hard with morning wood. "...

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Their first meeting.

The locker door slammed shut, sending an echo through the empty locker room. " Yes daddy! I know I know! I got those tests coming up...I KNOW!!! I will study! Geez! DAD! Look I will call you tonight. I'm at the gym right now and can't talk anymore. Yes...

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Jayce's Surprise.

Jayce growled as he made his way over to Nick who was trying to get free from his binds, letting out muffled curses since his muzzle was bound. Jayce looked at the females that were watching and spoke softly. " Take the cubs and pups to the!...

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