The first date.

Story by DeathAvenged on SoFurry

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#2 of Something unexpected.

Yay next part. Again no sex..yet. XD Anyway this is fun writing these things and hopes you all enjoy.

Ruby had her ears flat against her head as she reached her apartment a few floors above Blazes apartment. She unlocked the door and stepped in only to be met with the sight of Todd walking out of Tootsies room stark naked and hard with morning wood. " OH MY GOD! GET OUT!!!" Todd jumped when he heard Ruby yelling at him. She grabbed up what she thought was his pants and shirt before throwing them at him, shoving him out of the door still naked as can be before slamming and locking the door as soon as he was out. Tootsie walked out of her room with just her panties on and frowned as she looked at Ruby who had tears rolling down her cheeks. " What the hell is your problem?" Ruby looked at Tootsie and growled. "For gods sake have some self respect! You do not live here alone. I don't need to leave my own home over night because your fucking horny! And I do not find it amusing to come home to see a naked man walking around here!" Ruby didn't give the bunny time to answer as she went to her own room, slamming the door shut before leaning back into it and taking a deep breathe. She pulled her hair free of the braid it was in and removed her earrings as she thought on what she heard Jacob telling Blaze that morning no to long before. ' Stupid wolf...Why does that bother me so much? I have been teased all my life since starting school...but this is stupid shouldn't let it bother you.' Ruby moved and sat on the edge of her bed with a soft sigh before pulling her phone free and calling her professors, telling them she was ill and would be missing class that day. She laid back in her bed and looked up at the ceiling, listening to the angry movements of her room mate as she cleaned up and got ready to leave for her own classes.

When Tootsie left the apartment Ruby rolled out of her bed and stripped down to nothing but some panties and one of her big brothers old t-shirts he wore before he enlisted into the army a few years ago. Ruby walked out of her room and scrunched up her nose. Jacob and Todd's scents were strong through the apartment and it made Ruby angry. She moved to the windows and opened them up, grumbling. " Stupid whore of a rabbit. how the fuck did I get stuck with her as a fucking room mate?!" Ruby grabbing a can of air freashener, spraying down the apartment before finally relaxing some. She grumbled as she moved to the ktichen, grabbing a cup of yogurt and leaning against the counter as she ate it. By the time she was done someone was knocking on her door. She stood her ears up and raised a brow, tossing the empty cup in the trash then putting the spoon in the sink before going to the door, cracking it open enough to look out.

Ruby was surprised to see Blaze standing there. She hesitated before opening the door a bit more as she lowered her ears down against her head. " Blaze...what are you doing here?" The wolf looked to her and smiled a bit before sighing and shifting in his spot. " I wanted to say sorry...I saw you leave this morning and thought I saw you crying...I figured it was due to my brothers big mouth." Ruby stood her ears up and looked at him before slowly pulling back, letting Blaze into the apartment. When he was out of the way she shut the door and looked to him, biting her bottom lip lightly before she gave a small shrug. "I...I am ok Blaze...I should be used to remarks like that from men but it still kinda gets to me I guess." Ruby turned to walk into the living room of the apartment. Blaze watched her while rubbing one of his arms. He removed his shoes and followed her, sitting on the couch beside her as he shook his head some. " My brother doesn't think right..he doesn't care if he hurts someones feelings or if he angers someone as long as he gets what he wants and gets laid often he is happy." Blaze ran his fingers through his hair before looking to her, looking over her once more while she was staring off at the wall. Blaze shifted a bit and looked at his phone before standing up, holding his hand out to her. Ruby looked at him with a curious expression as she took his hand and stood up with him, tilting her head a bit before watching him bring her hand up and kiss the back of it like he had the day before when they first met. " Ruby..go on a date with me?" The feline blinked and looked floored. She stammered with her words as she tried to think of a response to him but all she done was gave a nod. Blaze smiled and leaned in, kissing her cheek softly. " I will be back tonight at seven...if you want to stop it you have my number...have a good day Ruby." He let go of her hand and left her standing there as he got his shoes back on and left the apartment. Once he was down the hall he took a deep breathe, his heart pounding hard at the fact he managed to ask her on a date instead of jumping her.Ruby finally registered what had happened and felt her heart jump into her throat. She had agreed to a date and was starting to flip over it. She hadn't been on a date..ever in her life. she had never been approached by anyone man or woman for a date. She started to think of an excuse to cancel it but stopped when her phone rang. It was her father. Damn she had forgotten to call him the night before. She grabbed her phone and answered it.

"Hey daddy..Im sorry for not calling last night. I fell asleep after dinner with my room mate."

"Damn it Ruby! you need to remember things like that better. I was worried when you didn't call."

"I know daddy I know I was just so tired when I got back...Um Daddy? I..I got asked out on a date."

"That is good sound unsure. You know it isn't a bad thing to go on a don't have to hide from people."

"I know daddy it's just Im..not sure on going through it. I have never been on one and it is frightening to think of."

"Ruby...take a deep breathe and relax. Go on the date. The worse that can happen is an awkward silence or you don't click with the guy..or girl. Call me later when your back and let me know what happens."

" Alright daddy. Thank you...I love you."

After her father hung up Ruby put the phone down and sighed, running her fingers through her hair as she walked around the apartment nervously. The time seemed to slow down to her as she tried to take her mind off of the date and off of what she had heard Jacob saying that morning. Later in the afternoon Ruby was eating on some pizza bites while watching a movie when Tootsie came in with Jacob, giggling as she held onto his hand. Ruby folded her ears back and growled. " Oh no you don't! Go to his apartment! This one still stinks of this douche bag!" Tootsie frowned and put her hands on her hips as she glared at Ruby. The bunny huffed and shook her head. " Oh please. This is my aparment to. If I want to bring a fuck buddy home on my break then I will. Jsut because your sitting on your fat ass acting like a virgin doesn't mean I have to." Ruby jumped up and moved around the couch, grabbing Tootsie and growling as she looked at her. " Get...out. Take that jerk with you!" Ruby didn't give either a chance she was chasing them out of the apartment before closing the door. Jacob stood in the hall and rolled his eyes. " Fat ass acts like a damn wonder no one will fuck her." Tootsie laughed hard and went with Jacob to his apartment. Ruby rolled her eyes then lightly banged her head against the door before grabbing her phone and calling the administraion of the campus requesting a new room mate.

Later on that night after Ruby had locked Tootsie out of the apartment by changing the locks until she was approved for a new room mate. Tootsie would never notice since she had been with Jacob all day. Ruby took a shower and got dried off. She dug around in her closet until she found a dark purple dress her brother had sent her for her last birthday. She had yet to wear it. The emprie style dress still had the tag on it. She took it off before pulling on a strapless bra with matching panties. She pulled the dress on and looked at herself in the mirror. The dress hugged her around her breasts but then fell down to below her knees in an elegant way. She twitched her ears a few times wondering if it was overboard. she adjusted the ribbon straps before sighing and moving to pull on some black wedge heeled shoes. she pulled her hair back in a low braid once more before pulling out a necklace that belonged to herlate mother, a silver necklace with an owl pendant that was embelished with her and her brothers birthstones. When she was ready she looked in the mirror once more.

As she was staring at her reflection she heard a knock on the door. She left her room and walked to the door, cracking it oepn to see Blaze standing there wearing a formal style button up shirt with black pants. She pulled the door open and looked at him, her ears down in a nervous way as her cheeks turned a bright pink. Blaze stepped in and looked at her, his ears standing up as he looked her over. It took him a moment before he finally spoke softly. " Y..Your beautfiul Ruby..." The feline blushed even more and toyed with her fingers as she began to feel nervous. she just smiled sheepishly to him before he held his hand out to her. She bit her bottom lip and gently took his hand, letting him lead her out of the apartment, stopping long enough for her to lock it.

Blaze smiled and lead Ruby off campus and down the street as the sun was setting. He lead her to a small resturant that he liked to visit from time to time. It was a cute little place with a loving eldrly couple, some ferrets, that owned and ran the place doing everything home made with classical music playing through the dining area. Blaze set at one of the outdoor tables though since it was breezy and a decent temperature that evening. He let Ruby sit down first before he sat across from her. He relaxed and watched her intently and in silence, watching her looking around nervously. He thought the way her ears were twitching and the blush going across her cheeks was cute. After a moment Ruby finally looked at him and gave a sheepish smile when one of the ferrets walked up and took their drink orders. When the woman left Ruby relaxed a bit, toying with her fingers. " Ruby...calm down. As cute as it is to watch you being nervous your only going to make this uncomfortable for yourself." Ruby looked at Blaze again then nodded with a soft sigh coming from her as she rubbed one of her arms. " I'm sorry..I just..have never been on a date before. Guess it is just a lot for me." Blaze raised a brow as he watched her, his head tilted to the side a bit as he leaned back in his seat." Never been on a date? How in the hell did you go this long without a date?" The feline smiled a bit and sighed again as she looked at him, pushing her bangs out of her eyes. " Because I was the teased kid Blaze...the older i got the worse it one wanted to approach me when there were skinny girls with no self respect that was easier targets then fat old me." Blaze frowned and was about to say something when their drinks were set down in front of them. The eldrly ferret woman looked at Ruby and frowned. " Shame on you young woman. Your not old nor are you fat. Your a lovely girl. Now I better not hear you talking like that when I bring your food to you." Ruby and Blaze both looked stunned as the woman walked back inside. Ruby covered her mouth with her hand to hide the fact she was starting to laugh. Blaze grinned and sighed, shaking his head a bit before looking to Ruby. " She is right no more talking like that...Deal?" Ruby looked at him and smiled after moving her hand with a nod coming from her.

During their dinner Ruby and Blaze talked softly with each other. Ruby ate a little bit of her food but stopped as she relaxed. she had gotten a bit more comfortable with Blaze and was smiling as they talked. When their dinner was done Blaze went inside to pay then came back and gently tok Ruby's hand. He helped her up and walked with her to a park near by. It was dark by then so she walked closer to him then she normally would have. Blaze smiled as he looked at her while they walked under the lamp posts in the park that lined the trail until they reached a fountain. Ruby moved to the fountain to see the solar lights that lined the inside of it lighting up for the night. She sat on the edge of the fountain, watching the water while Blaze stood by watching her in silence. " She is beautiful...just wish she would see it for herself.' Ruby turned and looked at him which made him smile. He moved to her and sat down beside her, gently taking her hands into his and holding them as they relaxed. Ruby blushed and looked at their hands for a moment before she looked to him only for him to lean in and kiss her lips softly. When he pulled back Ruby was wide eyed and blushing brightly as she stared at him for a moment before she began purring loudly. Blaze smiled and chuckled softly. " First kiss as well?" Ruby just nodded and smiled as she looked to the water again.

After sometime at the park Blaze walked with Ruby back to her apartment. She let him inside and smiled as she took her shoes off with a sigh. " These things are killer to walk in." Blaze laughed softly as he took his own shoes off before walking with ehr to the kitchen where she handed him a can of soda. Blaze set his can down and gently cornered Ruby against her counter. Ruby was blushing and purring as Blaze looked at her before leaning his head in and kissing her softly. Ruby returned the kiss this time, purring when Blaze began to deepen the kiss. She soon felt him lift her up and onto the coutner with no problem at all as his tongue pushed into her mouth. Ruby shivered a bit as she gripped at the shoulders of his shirt with a soft groan coming from her. Blaze gently rubbed his hands along her sides slowly up towards her breasts before she stopped him. She broke the kiss and began panting softly as her nose brushed against his while her hands held onto his own. " D..Don't...please." Blaze blushed and nodded a bit realizing he had almost gotten carried away as he left her sitting like that, his hands still in her own. " I'm sorry Ruby. I didn't mean to-" He stopped when she kissed him again, purring into the kiss before she pulled back and looking him in the eyes. " It's ok...I..jsut am not ready to go past a kiss or hug." Blaze wagged his tail and smiled as he nuzzled his muzzle along hers then helped her down off the counter before kissing her again. when he pulled back he gently rubbed his thumb along her cheek as he spoke softly. "When your ready it will happen...until then...I do hope you will grant me a second date." Ruby blushed brightly and smiled as she nodded, walking with him to the door of the apartment. Blaze kissed her once more before he left with a grin. Ruby closed the door and locked it then pressed her head against the door as she took a deep breathe with her eyes closed.

Their first meeting.

The locker door slammed shut, sending an echo through the empty locker room. " Yes daddy! I know I know! I got those tests coming up...I KNOW!!! I will study! Geez! DAD! Look I will call you tonight. I'm at the gym right now and can't talk anymore. Yes...

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Jayce's Surprise.

Jayce growled as he made his way over to Nick who was trying to get free from his binds, letting out muffled curses since his muzzle was bound. Jayce looked at the females that were watching and spoke softly. " Take the cubs and pups to the!...

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Nicks capture.

Time moved by for the tribe. Isabelle and Monica healed well from the wounds they had gotten while in the hands of the feline tribe. Isabelle was now very pregnant and grumpy from carrying the infant inside her as well as the heat. Summer was in full...

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