Marital Trouble

Story by hooves on SoFurry

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#30 of Hard Times

Jordan helps his Neighbor and wife out with something...

Marital Trouble

The heavy black Bull sat back on the bed beside the nervous silvery white polar Bear, the hefty female smiling softly at him. "So my dear... you said there was something you needed my help with?" Krystyna nodded her head shyly, but seemed unable to express what it was in words to her friend. And so stood up and waddled across the room to the master bathroom opening the door. Behind it stood Mac her big silvery white husband, the big Polar Bear was standing there completely naked. And Krystyna gestured to his crotch, Jordan smirked when he saw the Bears ridiculously small cock. It was dangling semi hard, however it was obviously far to limp to penetrate his wife's sex.

"He was never very satisfying, but NOW he can't even get hard enough to get inside of me." Krystyna complained, as the big black Bull snickered and was forced to adjust his suddenly raging erection.

"Ammmm I see and what is it you'd like me to do?" Jordan inquired, as he noticed the heavy female Bear eyed his bulging groin. Grinning as both Krystyna and Mac spoke at once, almost drowning one another out.

"Pleasure my wife." The burly white Bear pleaded in a soft rumbling voice, even as his wife reached down with two fingers and lifted his pitiful dick.

"Nut my useless tiny limp dicked husband." Krystyna invited, looked down at Mac's weakly throbbing organ in disgust, and then dropping it contemptuously.

"Wha... nut me?" Mac grunted looking at his sexy wife, who looked back at him grinning viciously.

Jordan had to lean his broad horned head back and laugh heartily, the huge Bull putting his big hands on his wide belly as he let his amusement show. "Well don't worry, I'm quite happy to do both!" He announced, then shook his head and gave Mac a sympathetic grin. "Well buddy, it sounds like your wife is less than satisfied with your performance. Sounds like she's determined to upgrade one way or the other; so you might as well let me make you a eunuch, then you can pretend it was your idea..."

The big Polar Bear grunted, looking uncomfortably from his Bull friend to his lovely young wife. Mac knew he couldn't pleasure his wife, he'd not been able to give her an orgasm in years. "Ummm... Ummm well yes that is why we invited you here." Mac admitted with a embarrassed look, his nose going from pink to deep red blush. "Of all our friends she picked you to... you know... rut her." Mac swallowed hard and looked at his beautiful wife, who was clearly thinking of the other thing Jordan was known for as well as rutting. "Well sure... I mean IF Krystyna wants it... Ya know I can never say No to you dear." Mac assured looking hopefully at his wife who just nodded, and then winked at Jordan.

Jordan clapped a hand heavily on the under-hung Polar Bear's shoulder, the two of the had been friends for over five years. "Well that's settled then. Well Krystyna, the next question is, do you want to watch me castrate your husband before... or after I enjoy that fine body of yours?" The fat Bull smiled broadly, as he looked over the big Bear sow's lush hefty curves. He'd remarked on how hot he found her several times in the past, and now he thought to himself, it pays to coven thy neighbor's wife.

The pretty female Bear looked at her humiliated husband, and then back at the big bull smiling. "I think I'd like to watch you fix him, the idea of that is very exciting you know." Mac clearly looked stunned at all of this, but didn't resist as she pulled him over to the bed and shoved him down onto it.

"Errr... well I want you to be pleased." The big white Bear stammered, even as Krystyna spread his chubby legs fully exposing his small cock and heavy nuts. Jordan grinned, and nodded as he strolled over, undressing as he went, stripping of his jacket and shirt. Unbuckling and letting his slacks fall to the ground, letting his mighty bull-hood swing freely and heavily, making sure Mac got a good look at it. Looking over his hefty round belly Mac watched his friend strip down, the polar bears eye's widening in wonder and humiliation as he saw the size of Jordan's cock. Krystyna chuckled low and huskily at his reaction, even as she admired that mighty organ with open desire on her muzzle.

Jordan casually sat down next to the Bear, and put a heavy hand firmly on Mac's spread thigh. "So, Mac, we're going to be castrating you today." He began to explain, and leaned against the fat Bear as he began to caress him in more intimate spots. "Oh, Krystyna, would you be so good as to tie your husband's hands behind his back? Thank you my good woman." Jordan requested with a smile, and continued on exploring Mac's surprisingly heavy nuts. "You won't be a man anymore. You'll have no lust to offer your wife. Bulls like me will take on that role for you," He explained, clearly happy to be here about to unmale a old friend. "But I don't want you to feel that your sex life is over. I have a great many castrated males, and other eunuchs, that I enjoy fucking regularly..." Licking his lips, he slid his hand up and grasped Mac's plump scrotum. "I think you'll like it too, once we've cut these off ya..."

The big Bulls caress's made Mac shiver softly his tiny dick quivering and rising a bit even as his wife tied his paws behind his back. "Ummm I... I won't?" Mac mumbled sounding confused and frustrated at what was happening to him, that tiny cock lifting a little more. "Wait wha... You enjoy... enjoy fucking!" Mac glanced down at that huge bull cock again, a tremble of fear racing through his big body. "You... your really going to... to fuck me?"

"Huhuhu." Krystyna laughed, as she watched Jordan fondle those plumb male orbs of her husbands.

Jordan grinned and licked his lips, his strong hand groping and pulling firmly on the fat Bear's firm plums. "I really am, yes." He assured with a lewd leering chuckle, slowly caressing down between Mac's ass cheeking to find the hot button of his anus. "And you're going to want it. You're gonna want to get cuddled by a man and fucked in the ass. And I'll tell you what. If you let me prove it to you after you can walk again, I'll let you cum in my hand before cutting off your balls." Jordan's shaft was jutting out from his groin, and he teasingly rubbed his thumb over the Polar Bear's uselessly small member. "It's your last chance, so make the most of it buddy..."

Mac looked at his big friend with doubt on his muzzle, but didn't think now was the time to try and argue the point. "Errr want? You mean... fuck me in the ass right now in front of my wife." Mac mumbled his small cock lifting up to almost erect, as that thumb rubbed over his cock the big white Bear exhale explosively. "Oh god... Ok ok." Krystyna Laughed out loud at the idea of watching her husband get fucked by the horny Bull.

The fat Bull grinned broadly, the idea exciting him as much as it obviously did the Polar Bear. "Oh we'll get to that, don't you worry. But I'll give you a little time to recover from losing these first." The horny Bull smirked, squeezing those plump furry plums teasingly. "For now, just relax, and let another male take your cum, your nuts, and your wife." He laughed and pushed the fat Bear onto his back, then leaned over him and grasped that small penis. Jordan grinned as he stroked it, his other hand tugging on those fat nuts. "Oh, Krystyna, why don't you get undressed... I don't think your husband will last very long..." Mac's eyes were very wide he clearly looked excited and a little upset by what his buddy was saying.

"Ummm well ok I guess." He lay back closing his eyes, as Jordan leaned over him, one big hot flabby fist engulfing that tiny ursine dick.

"He never does." The round white Bear Sow grunted, as she slowly stripped off her dress, putting on a show for the big Bull as she did so. Her body was sleek, but lush and very buxom, and there was already moisture on the fur of her sex. "He's already doing better for you, than he ever does for me... I think he really wants to be that neuter butt boy you were talking about."

Jordan smirked wide and happily, as he thought about that for a moment. Picking himself up the Bull climbed onto the bed, laying down beside Mac with his hips near the Bear's head. Letting his long, hard Bull shaft jut towards the Bear's chest, and his fat bovine balls drape over his thick thigh. "Maybe you do like males Mac... here's a show for ya." Jordan chuckled as he taunted the passive Bear with his mighty Bull junk. "Now, you've got the smallest dick, so you're the one whose gonna get his balls cut off... then you'll be a nice, fuckable eunuch. We'll all get hard looking at your big round eunuch ass, Mac." The fat Bull teased his Bear neighbor, even as he jered that small prick firmly.

"Wha... No I don't lik... Ummmm." Mac's eyes flew open in shock as he saw that huge pink bovine cock jutting over his chest, the Polar Bear starred at it in awe. As it hovered over his chest throbbing softly, while a clear string of pre-cum dangle off the fat round cock head. "My god... my god it's fucking huge." The big Bear moaned even, as his wife leaned over and licked that pre-cum off that cock head slowly.

"Ammmm yes it is!" She purred softly, as her stunned husband watched her lick her cum smear lip's, even as Mac's hip's began to thrust up.

"Gods... oh gods." The horny Bear moaned shamefully, as his little dick throbbed in that hot fist, while Jordan stroked him a bit faster. "Yes... yes... oh fuck Yyyyeeeesssssss." Mac moaned, his fat nuts quiver that little prick tensing and jerking wildly withing the Bull's hot fist.

"Mmmmm, you like that big Bull dick, Mac? That's gonna be fucking into your wife soon, making her scream with pleasure. We'll let you watch of course. Later, it's gonna fuck your own fat ass... Mm, Krystyna, fondle my balls for your husband's viewing pleasure, he's really enjoying this." The heavy Bull suggested, then tugged firmly on the Polar Bear's plump cummers while pumping that small shaft.

"Yeah, that big dick's gonna fuck your wife, and we're cuttin' off your balls... Now cum, so I can make you a eunuch... you know that's what you wanta be." The shocked Polar Bear tried to reply, but words wouldn't come out, and as his muzzle opened Krystyna pushed the head of Jordan cock into his mouth. Mac's eyes rolled around and around for a second and then he softly began to suckle on that throbbing organ making his wife snicker. Even as both her paws lovingly cupped those huge Bull balls fondling them in front of Mac's eyes as he sucked on that mighty cock. "Uummmmm EEEEEEE." Mac squealed, as his hard little cock surged in Jordan's big hot hand. Slimy cum dribbling over the Bulls fingers, as the white Bear released his last load on to the back of Jordan's huge flabby hand.

Jordan snorted a bit when Krystyna put the end of his dick into Mac's mouth, but smirked when Mac finally came all over his hand. He squeezed that small dick hard, wanting to make his Bear friend tremble with pleasure, while his other hand reached down and fished some rubber bands out of his pocket. He stretched them around the Mac's heavy balls, then pulled them, twisting them, and pulled them around again... soon he created a very tight band around the Polar Bear's balls.

More and more of that big beef stick was sucked into Mac's mouth, as his body bucked and trembled in orgasm. His breath coming in loud pants through his nose, as his hip's wiggled in intense pleasure this was the best orgasm he'd had in years. Those fat balls began to ache as the bands choked more and more life out of them and the Polar Bear whimpered. "Thank you... thank... thank you."

Jordan grinned, reaching into his discarded pants to collect a little butterfly knife he often carried. "You can thank me later, by being a properly slutty eunuch when it's time for me to have your rump." The Bull replied lustfully, licking his lip's eagerly even as he worked. "Oh Krystyna... It's castration time, do you want to watch?"

"Oh yes!" Krystyna growled, moving up closer to watch the action, ever as Mac lay back giving himself up completely at this point. Her sex leaving a string of creamy slime on Mac's furry body, as she pinned his tiny spent organ up out of the way for Jordan to cut those nuts off.

The fat Bull grinned eagerly at the Bear Sow, and patted Krystyna's shoulder. "Spread your legs dear, let him gaze at your pussy as we fix him." Watching her obey, Jordan held Mac's fat nuts with one hand, his knife in the other... as he moved them together. "Fast or slow?" He asked the big Polar Bear sow, watching her grin darkly.

"Slow!" She replied with a laugh, and Jordan nodded, sawing his small knife back and forth across the neck of Mac's scrotum, hearing the Polar Bear moaning. Holding his fat thighs down as he struggled out of reflex, that big male body trying to save itself. But the Bull and the Bear sow held his legs apart as his balls were slowly sawed off. When they finally came away in his big flabby hand, he set them in Krytyna's paw. "I think you've earned these..."

"Ohoooo my." The Bear Sow squealed holding her husbands still warm balls in her big deadly paw, her hip's bucking as she rubbed her oozing sex against Mac's nose. "Stop whimpering." She ordered him, rolling over on the bed beside her now neutered hubby. Spreading her legs for the big black Bull who was wiping the blood off his hands. "I want you now." She purred at Jordan, as Mac lay there feeling strangely at peace with what was soon going to be happening just inches away from him.

Jordan grinned broadly, and with a lusty snort he started moving up towards her. Getting on his hands and knees, he crawled over the prostrate Mac, his stiff cock and balls dragging across the Bear's belly, and climbed between Krystyna's spread thighs. "Yes, it's a long time past when I should have had you... We should have started fucking years ago." The Bull said with a broad lusty smile, and licked his lips as he groped the big sow's fat groin. He kneaded her plump pussy, and then steered his cock into her cleft; with a lustful thrust and a grunt of pleasure, he started impaling that plump woman...

"If only I'd known about everything you could do for me." Krystyna agreed, as she felt his hot hefty belly push between her legs, and then settle onto her own body. "OHOOO." The Bear Sow exclaimed in pleasure, as that huge cock head parted her puffy excited sex lip's, the creamy moisture of her hot rut tunnel helping him slide deep into her with one smooth motion. "Ummmm... I've never felt so... so... full... oh yes my big hard Bull fuck me." She invited, as his hip's drew back and then pounded forwards again, drawing another wild squeal of delight from her. "YES!"

The big black Bull snorted like a rutting beast, and shoved his eager shaft into the big Bear Sow's belly, his primed phallus pushing her petals apart with a lewd_'Squelch'_. He sunk in deep and snug, spearing her rotund belly with his lance, stroking his shaft through her deep sex, pluming depths her husband could never have reached. He buried his face between her breasts as he started thrust in and out, grabbing her big tits with his hands and kneading them, mashing them against his face and grabbing them with his mouth, sucking firmly on them as he fucked her...

"Ohoooooo fuck!" She screamed, her strong paws gripping his hefty buttock cheeks, pulling him deeper into her as he rutted her harder. "Yes... yes you know how to treat a female." She moaned more loudly, her body quivering in pleasure as his thick organ flexed inside of her throbbing more eagerly. Mac watched it all silently, knowing that his friend had given Krystyna more pleasure just sliding into her than he himself had given her in their whole marriage. Huge hot hands gripping and squeezing her buxom teats, even as Jordan's lip's suckled in her thick nipples lustfully. Jordan's big black buttocks flexed in the big Sow's white paws, the Bull eagerly burying himself in her body. His thrusting was relentless, drilling into her depths while sucking and kneading her tits, the Bull taking his fill of her womanhood, greedily pleasuring himself with her pussy. His big balls rested on the bed between her legs, ready to empty inside her when the bull reached his peak...

Krystyna inhaled deeply her back arching, thrusting her tits against Jordan's muzzle harder as her thigh's squeezed his hip's. That hot sex growing wetter as they withered in pleasure, clenching down on his thick rut muscle eagerly. "Yes... Yes... YES... I've need this for sooooooo long! Fuck me... Rut me... Harder... please fuck me harder." She begged her body trembling on the verge of a mind shattering orgasm, claws digging into the muscle of that powerful back as her hip's thrust up to meet Jordan's rough fuck thrusts.

The big black Bull heaved himself up, coming up for air and leaving those big furry breasts flopping loosely on the Bear Sows chest. "Ammm, HARDER, you say?" He smirked, and pushed himself up onto his knees, without pulling out of Krystyna's pussy. He grabbed her hips and dragged her to the edge of the bed, then stood on the floor, and lifted her legs up, setting her ankles on his shoulders. Now with his hooves bracing him, the fat Bull started thrusting again, and he gave that heavy woman all the lust and power he had in him. He made her belly shake, her breasts bounce lewdly; the bed creaked in protest, rocking on its legs and banging against the wall. And he kept it up until he finally came in her, the fat Bull groaning as his long cock delivered his balls' cargo deep into that big bear's belly.

"RRRRRRRROWOWWOWW." The big silvery white Polar Bear sow growled in delight, as Jordan pounded her over the edge, her whole body trembling as her own orgasm hit. Hot goo oozing down than huge cock even as it exploded within her sex, hot sperm filling her until she could hold no more. It ran out of her clenching sex even as she tried to hold it inside of her, looking over glazed eyed at Mac who was watching it all in wonder. "Oh dear you... I LOVE YOU!" She panted breathlessly as Jordan stood smiling down at her, just as breathlessly delighted by her tightness.

Jordan took a deep breath and let out a satisfied sigh, the big Bull rubbing his heavy hands across the sow's soft belly. "Mmm... And thank you as well, my dear." He replied as he slowly let the world bleed back in through the fog of his pleasure. "Mac... you can expect to be seeing me a lot more often; I'll be stopping by to fill your wife on a fairly regular basis."

"Yes of course." Mac grunted weakly, as he lay there feeling impotent and helpless as his former friend, now his master... his owner... his Bull smirked down at him.


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