The Knight Academy - Chapter I

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So, this is something i work about a lot! I have already planned several chapters, begun with the second and hopefully will finish that soon! (well, despite on the reviews and stuff^^ )

This is about a bunny boy who wants to become a mage, and starts his education on the famous "Knight Academy of Forrestia". But not everything is as good as it sounds, which the little bunny will soon realize, when he got told he need to work with a partner, that is.. well! Gladly he found a friend on his first day, but lets see how things will turn out!

There will also be a shota version of this story here, just to see what will get read more!

I hope you'll enjoy this story!

All characters and stuff (c) by me!

Chapter I

"This is the Knight Academy of Forrestia.." a young bunny boy marveled when he saw the huge building up the road.

The Knight Academy of Forrestia was the most popular school in the whole land of Forrestia. Young people were coming from towns and villages far away just to train here, becoming a knight of the kingdom. The whole building complex was almost as big as a small town, with five big structures, and a big court for the apprentices. If anyone subscribe here for learning how to become a knight, they will study here for several years, and can call the academy their new home.

Becoming a knight isn't easy, and it was a lot of work. Being a knight doesn't mean you need to wear a armor, sword and shield. Most young kids had that picture in mind when they dream about it, but a Royal Knight wasn't necessarily a sword-wielding soldier. Mages also were called "Knight" when they finished their education here. Being a knight means to be in a suborder of four different classes.

Soldiers were physical strong people. Their education had a more high standard on fighting, weapon mastery and learning what it means to protect people. At the second year, each student must choose a weapon, so the explicit training can be more valuable for them. Someone that has no sword skill is not forced to train that more then the basics. When you choose your weapon, the training will be more focused on that, and the normal teaching of course.

Mages were people that were born with strong, magical abilities. Everyone in the world has some kind of magic inside, but for some people it occurs to be more powerful. Using magic needs a lot energy from your body, and if you can't control it, you'll be exhausted very fast. Good mages know how to use their magic, and when they need to focus. Mages are categorized in elemental mages and healing mages. If you're born with a strong sense of healing power, you'll become a healer. If you're connected more with the natural elements, the teachers will find out which element suits you the most and educate that more.

Strategist were people with high intelligence and wisdom, and most important, they have a clear vision of logical thinking. They don't necessarily need to be fighter, or mages, they had a special education to become a important member of the army. Good strategists can decide a lot in a battle, they lead their army to victory. This is the hardest education, since you need a lot more theoretical experience, and test fights to lead. At the third year, a strategist will be assigned to a team, and learn to communicate with them.

Scouts were people that are agile, and can assess situations. A scout has more missions then just clarify the situation. Sometimes they even need to act as spys and infiltrate other kingdoms or nations to find out secrets. Becoming a scout starts at the age of ten, normally, and has a very secluded education, since its better that less people know who you are.

The bunny boy that walked to the almost castle like academy gulped. He was 12 years old and wanted to start becoming a knight, a mage. He was 4 feet and 2 inches tall, very slim build and wore a simple vest, and some kind of loin cloth with a wrap to hide his privates and butt. It was a traditional clothing in his village, that kid's wear when they at the age to leave the town. His fur color was a bright brown, and he had sparkling, green eyes. He also had a staff, something his mother gave him for his education. She used the magical weapon herself when she became a mage, and want her son to have something on his journey too.

"Well, here goes nothing!", he said encouraging to himself, and followed the road up to the academy. Many other students were on their way, new ones like him, but also some seem to have already been here. He put on a smile and was going straight forward to the Academy, starting his new life as a knight apprentice.

When he reached the walls that surrounded the whole terrain, he was gasping. Being so close made the whole establishment even more exciting. Other students did the same as him, and he gulped the last time, before he entered the academy for the first time.

The halls were very wide, and the entrance hall was bigger and higher then any building he saw before. Portraits were on the walls, in the middle was a fountain, and beautiful flowers and plants were decorating the edges of the corridors. Many rooms were on each side of them, and suddenly, the bunny felt a bit lost.

"Uhm, hello?", he asked a big, muscular monkey teen in a battle tunic. He turned to him, smiling. It was always hard for the little bunny to talk to strangers, and he only had a few other cubs in his village he played with from time to time, but overall, he was a shy boy that was most of the time lonely, because he couldn't get himself up to speak to people.

"Yes, little bunny? Can I help you?", he answered with a deep voice that made the bunny blush in a pale red.

"I search for the registration room. Do you know where i can find it?" The ape mustered the smaller boy and chuckled.

"Heh, sure. You go over there, to the right, and knock on the second door. You should hurry though, before the big registration wave comes in. Good luck, little one. Till next time!" With a wink he left the bunny boy, and without waiting, he go with fast steps over to the wooden door. He knocked three times, before he was open the door.

"Come in.", a female voice was heard. Behind the desk was a fox lady, dressed in a white robe with green hem, and she was wearing a silver necklace with a green water drop. She must been a mage with great healing potential!

"Good day, Miss! I'm here to sign up as a knight. My name is Nathan Lastiard, and i want to be a mage, and i have a letter of recommendation from my mother!" He fumbled in his pocket for the letter, and handled it the fox behind the desk.

"Oh, i see! You're the son of Maria Lastiard! Sure, welcome in the academy! We already were awaiting you, and we have a room and your lesson plan already done. It's all in your room, which you can find in the building that has a silver dragon statue in front of it. Just leave the Entrance hall through the nord, and head west, so you can't miss it. Oh, and you're one of the first year mages that has a third year knight partner. So don't be scared, he's already here! You will find your room in the second floor, room 205! Good luck, little mage." She smiled at him, and the bunny replied with a weak smile.

When he left the room with nothing then the information of the fox lady, he sighed.

"I thought i will have a room on my own... crap. Well, i hope he's a nice guy at least." He left the main building like the woman told him, and made his way over the court. From here he saw 5 huge buildings placed over the court, and a tower in the middle, which had a clock and a big bell on it. The buildings all were similar, with a statue in the front, and places were students could sit down and relax or study.

A gentle breeze blew through the trees, letting the leaves rustle a bit. Nathan smiled and looking for the silver statue the fox lady mentioned, and found it to his left.

"It looks pretty!", he whispered, and followed the other newlings to it. When he came across the silver dragon statue, he smiled up to it, rubbed one of his feet claws, and entered the building. Inside, it almost looked like the main building, but it had in the ground floor just the stairs for the bedrooms, and other then that just a place for the furs to gather and talk, get something to eat and drink, or relax. It almost looked like a great, big living room.

While he was looking through all the new impressions, someone bumped into him, and they both fall to the floor. He landed on his back, and the other cub was landing on top of him.

"Ouch! Sorry, I wasn't looking!", a orange cat said to him. He had white stripes on his headfur, shiny, blue eyes that were staring directly at Nathan. He wore a simple, sleeveless vest, and some long, white cotton pants.

"All that new stuff made me forget where I am! Here, lemme help you up!" He offered the bunny boy a hand, which he gladly accept and got back to his feet.

"It's ok, don't worry, i'm the same. Everything here is so big, and new, and just-"

"Awesome! I know, right!" Both boys looked at each other and giggled.

"My name is Nathan, nice to meet you!" He held out his hand, and the feline happily shake it.

"Thats a cute name! I'm Max! I'm here to begin my education as a knight, well, as a mage knight! How about you?" Nathan was all to happy that the first person he met was also becoming a mage like himself!

"Me too! My mother was here, and I will follow her as a mage, hopefully. Well, I still don't know what classes I have, but my plan and everything should be in my room."

"Oh, I have mine already!", Max answered and showed it to Nathan. They read all the lessons, sometimes escaping some "Wow!" and "Oh..." when they read the different classes. Over all, they all looked interesting, even those that sound like a lot of work, for example magic history.

"How old are you anyway!", asked the cat boy, smiling.

"I just turned 12 last month. How about you, Max?"

"Hah, makes me older! I'm already on my way to turn 13! Well, in half a year." They both laughed about his comment.

"So, do you also live in this building?" Nathan asked the feline curiously.

"Yeah, second floor, room 207. Where's your room?" Excited, the bunny answered the question quickly.

"205! We will be floor neighbors! Thats awesome!" Again, they giggled.

"So you also have a knight in third year as a partner?", he asked, looking interested at the bunny boy. He nodded.

"Yeah, the fox lady on the registration told me he's already here. I'm a bit nervous to met him... what about you?"

"Well, I already met mine in the registration room! He's a nice lion boy, his name is Ray, and he will become a knight with a spear it seems. He will met some friends from second year and then come to our room so we get to know each other better." Nathan let his hears hang a bit.

"I just hope he's a nice guy too..." suddenly, the cat grabbed the bunnys hand and Max was running towards the stairs, with Nathan in tow.

"Come on, you should met him now!", Max said and dragged him up the stairs. Nathan was getting more nervous.

"W-wait, Max!", he stopped him in the first floor, looking a bit exhausted. "I kinda would like to met him alone first, when thats ok?", he asked shyly. He didn't want to be rude to his new found pal, but meeting his partner for the next few years on the academy was a bit more private, he thought. He sighed and looked on the floor, as Max put both his paws on his shoulders.

"That is ok! Don't worry, I can understand you! I will wait downstairs and get myself up to know the locations more! Will you met me again when you finished here?", he asked innocently, smiling at the bunny.

"Sure! I would like that. You're the first person I really met here, so..." He giggled a bit, and Max just grinned.

"Hey, don't worry! I think we will get great friends! But for now, go and met your partner! I'm in the hall when you need me!" With that, he winked at the bunny and left. He seems to be a nice guy, hopefully my partner is the same like him. Mother never told me that I will have a partner! I'm so nervous...

He was in thoughts as he walked the rest of the way upstairs, until he was in front of the wooden door with the number 205 on it. He took a deep breath before he knocked three times on the door and opened it slightly.

"Hello? Is someone already here?", he asked with almost a whisper, and entered his new room. There was a little entrance, where they could put their shows, and vests and stuff. The room itself was big enough for three people to live in, two beds on each site of the walls, what still gave a lot space for moving, in one corner was a table with chairs, and some closets were on each site of the room for both apprentices, so they had enough space for clothes and stuff. It also had a bathroom, which was connected with the main chamber on the left, and a small room that looked like a little kitchen on the right side.

When he looked over the room, he saw a teenage wolf sitting on the left bed, looking up to him. His fur was a pure white, and his eyes were yellow, looking almost golden. He wore the same knight tunic he saw on the ape in the entrance hall, and some loose, black cotton pants. From his position, the wolf looked like he was a feet taller then him.

Suddenly Nathan realized that the wolf was staring at him. He blushed and was going over to him, holding his hand out.

"Hey, i'm Nathan, your partner for this year! Nice to meet y-"

"Ok, listen, kid.", the wolf interrupt him and made him unsettled. He stand up from the bed, standing now in front of him.

"Just so we get this right from the start. We will just be partners on paper, which means we will work together in classes and on missions, get good grades, and finish the exams. No need in unnecessary talk, like emotional stuff or anything, and I don't wanna know anything about you that isn't important for our work. Got it?"

The bunny was scared and just looked a bit frightened. "Y-Yes."

"Good. Well, maybe you will look over the whole campus more. You know where your bed is, just come back in time and don't wake me please. I'd never asked for a partner, but the principal thought it could help me somehow. So just never stand in my way, and we will survive this year without problems." Nathan just nodded. This guy was just... not what he wanted. He seemed cold, and selfish, and acted like a meanie. Wow, what an idiot!

"Oh, my name is Alexander, by the way.", he said and disappeared in the bathroom. Nathan sighed, and left the room again after putting up the letter on the table with his name on it. He read over it and almost every lesson he had, he also was in with Alexander.

When he met up again downstairs with Max, he was all to curious how it was. The walked outside of the building and sitting down under a tree. He told him about their first, short meeting, and burried his face in his hands.

"He's like a jerk!", Nathan mumbled and sitting down beside his new found friend. He was pouting a bit, and the feline tried to cheer him up.

"Maybe it was just because of your first time together! He still can be a good guy, you know? You should try to learn more about him!" Another loud grumpy sound came from Nathan.

"He don't want to! This will be a stupid first year if it keeps like that. I'm scared that when I try to speak to him, he will just get angry or anything!"

The cat boy pet his head, before he got an idea. "Lemme show you something cool! I guess you never were in the library! Silly, of course not, its your first day too! I read a lot about it, its huge, like everything here, and they got so many cool books! Come on!" He jumped up, and Nathan smiled a bit about his enthusiasm.

Together they walked across the campus, until they reached the building. It was not very different from the others, except that over the entrance was a book carved in the wall. Also, in front of it was a silver Gryphon statue, that was looking down on everyone that enters with a fierce gaze.

Inside, the walls were pretty similar to the main hall and their new home, but full of bookshelfs, over and over.

"Wow, so many books in one place?", Nathan asked quietly, and his orange furred friend just smiled.

"They have everything here! Books for classes, and for studying, many books for history, and just for the fun of reading, different languages of course, its just great!" The bunny looked over to him, smiling a bit.

"So, you're into books too?", he asked, and the cat nodded.

"I love to read! It makes me feel relaxed and its peaceful. I have so many books at home, that my dad build a room to our house just for them!" He giggled and began to go through the rows of bookshelf, looking over them, and taking some out to read the titles.

"I like books too, but it seems you do a lot more!", he said and walk up to him.

They spend a lot of time just walking through all the rows and see what books they had, genres and learning materials. They also had some magical practice books, or different fighting manuals, for stances, and even more. They found a nice spot with cushions and just laid down, reading some of the books for magical arts.

When the big bell rang, both boys got scared. They lost time, and it was almost dark outside.

"Oh, I guess we're here since hours!", the cat said, giggling, swishing his tail a bit.

"We should head back to our dorms. Lets go!", the bunny said, and they both said good bye to the dog lady at the desk. When they reached their rooms, they realized that both boys really were neighbors, and they said good night to each other.

"Lets have breakfast tomorrow together!", Max said before he entered their room, and Nathan liked the thought of it. Then he remembered that his roommate probably was already in bed, and his thoughts changed. What would he do when he woke him up? Or would he be even ok with Nathan being at their room this late? He sighed and shook his head.

"No time to worry, I need to just get this over with."

Without making a sound, the bunny boy opened the door to their bedroom. Nathan was a bit scared that his partner was already asleep and would get angry because he was too late. Stupid library, it was too much to see there! I hope Alexander is still awake...

A moan was filling his ears, and when he peaked around the corner, he saw the wolf lying on the bed, naked, and stroking his hard penis. It seems to be a bit over 6inches long, with a firm knot on the base, and already covered in precum. The smell of sex was filling the room, and Nathan was feeling his own bunnyhood getting harder. He hide behind the entrance wall, his heart beating very fast.

The wolf had his eyes closed and didn't noticed the bunny boy entering their room. He was moaning a bit, and moving his paw fast up and down his hard rod. Alexander was smearing his precum all over his penis, and down his knot too. When he reached with his second paw down and squeezed on it, his moan got louder.

Nathan was by now fully hard. His paw reached into his pants, and he gasped silently when he touched his 4inch penis. He watched carefully what Alexander was doing, and saw him working more on his knot and balls now.

Then he suddenly growled loudly, and sprayed his life seed all over his chest, some even shoot up to his face. After a minute, his orgasm subsided, and he stand up. His cock was already retreating in his sheath, and he opened the windows on the wall, before he vanished in the bathroom.

Nathan was still leaning against the wall, rubbing his dick a bit through his pants, but when the wolf was gone, he took the chance and run on silent paws to his bed, when he heard water running. He got rid of his clothes, and got under the covers.

Still hard, he started to masturbate, and being still young and inexperienced, and after what he saw, he came in seconds, shooting four spurts of bunny cum into his paws. Also, since he started his journey from his village over to the academy, he couldn't do anything like this.

When he finished shooting his seed, he licked the cum from his hands, since he didn't want anything for Alexander left to think he just masturbate. Also, when he started to produce cum some months ago, he liked the sweet taste of his own cum, so he didn't mind at all. He was exhausted, and just layed back in his bed, the covers kept him warm, and the soft cushions will help him get some sleep.

Before he closed his eyes, the sound of water was gone, and seconds later, the white wolf came out of the bathroom, still naked. He was looking over to the bunny, who pretend to be asleep. He just made a short "Hm.", before he went over to his own bed, and turned away from the cub. Soon, he was breathing slowly, being asleep.

Nathan gulped, closed his eyes and tried to get his thoughts away from his naked partner. This really will be a hard year...

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