Just Another Day At The Office

Story by Ben332 on SoFurry

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#2 of Days At The Office

When his boss tells him to go get another camera guy, Chance complies! What happens next is a mutually enjoyable recording session for all parties involved!

He blinked.

"Well, don't just stand there, make sure it saved properly and go get another cameraguy!" she huffed, still knot-deep inside her immediate superior.

He didn't need to be told twice as he slithered his way out of the showers. After he was out, he popped open the side panel and verified that it did indeed. It had properly saved to the internal storage drive. He even took a moment to rewatch some of the best footage. He was starting to feel rather hot under his collar when another coworker interrupted his private viewing.

"Hey Vince, catch some footage from the showers or something?" Always one to point out the obvious, that dog.

"I-uh... yeah, I did." He scratched the back of his neck and grimaced. "I'm supposed to go get another cameraguy, actually."

His coworkers eyes lit up. "Does that mean I could get that paws-on training with the expensive camera gear this time?"

Vince cupped his chin in his paws, pondering the situation. After a few moments of suspense, he broke the silence.

"Sure! It's about time you did get that training I promised a while back." Internally, Vince was wondering whether this was such a good idea.

Didn't matter though, any lingering thoughts of anxiety or dread were blown away by the reaction from his coworker. His paws clasped together, his tail wagged wildly from side to side.

"Yaaaaaaaay!" He squealed.

"Inside voice, Chance, inside voice." He chastised. "No need to let everyone know just yet, heh."

Chance dampened his enthusiasm a bit, but his eyes still gleamed and tail still wagged.

"So, does this mean I should grab a spare from storage? Or do you want me to use that one?" He pointed at the large, rather bulky camera Vince still had on his shoulder.

Vince tapped a few buttons on the side, before frowning at the blinking storage display.

"Better get a new one, I think this one is almost full with footage."

Chance lifted the load from his shoulders like it were a mere feather. He swung it round before eventually settling on a one-pawed grip, letting it settle at his side.

"Alrighty, I'll be right back with a fresh one. Same model and capacity, right?"

"Pretty much, though you're probably going to want one with more capacity."

"Okie, I'll nab one of the larger ones then, think the three terabyte one would do?"

"Uh... probably. A bit overkill, but it most certainly should be good enough for what the boss is planning."

The eager pup spun right round before leaving Vince alone in the hall. A smirk crossed his face. If he was going to be involved with whatever those two were doing, then he'd be sure to have Chance get every angle. Though, now that he thought of it, Janesse would probably handle that nicely. She did do camera work for a while, after all.

He barely heard the two pairs of footpaws coming from the showers. He most certainly squeaked a bit when Janesse poked his back.

"So, I'm guessing you got a cameraguy?" Vince spun slowly around, no camera to hide his muzzle behind now.

"Yes, I did! Gonna have Chance do the shoot." as Vince finished his rotation, he noticed his boss knocking water out of his ear holes.

"You just say Chance was gonna do it?" Vince nodded, dragoness and reptile seemingly having stolen his tongue.

"It'll be fine, Vince. I'll make sure he picks up on everything then. First time behind a camera for him, right?"

"He did say something on his resume about filming a few skateboarding shoots before he started working with us. Wasn't too sure on his skill level, so I had him basically be the office assistant for a while." The reptile had finished bashing the water out of his hearing canals, and was now quite clued into the conversation.

Janesse just shrugged, seemingly with no major qualms with her bosses employment thoughts. She yelped a bit as she was pulled aside by said boss.

"Mind finding Chance and telling him we'll be in the imaging room?"

"With pleasure." She grinned a bit, before heading off to find the said assistant.

"And you, Vince... We'll have a new experience for you today as well!"

The drake cocked his head, he hadn't heard of the imaging room before. Maybe a room where they took MRIs while fornicating? Or no, maybe the room where they processed the video dat-

"Ahem." He was shaken from his racing thoughts by his employer.

"Sorry, sir, I was just thinking of what the image room does." He closed his eyes and smiled, if he couldn't see his boss, then maybe he wouldn't see how embarrassed he was?

"It's a valid question, to be sure. And you know, I prefer not being called 'sir', just a "Brynn" would do. Or, if you want to be fancy, a "Mr. Brynn Theras" would also work."

"Yes si- erm- Brynn." His scales were practically red hot now.

"Either way, back to your initial thoughts. The imaging room is where we do 3d imaging of real genitalia and digitize them into toys for our customers. We also do freeform motion capture in there as well. And with our companies specialties, sometimes we do both at the same time. It's how we offer precise mo-cap services for 3d animators and other amenities as well." Brynn said, finishing his description of the room.

"Do we use suits?" Vince had no idea what gear and equipment would be needed.

"Nope, not any more, we just use a complicated array of sensors and cameras to capture the data now." Brynn chuckled as he saw the explanation go over Vinces' head.

"It's easier to see in action, trust me on this one, heh." They both chuckled loudly, shattering Vinces' sense of unease.

"So, we should probably get going before the other two get there, right?"

"Indeed we should! Let us be off to the wonderful room full of technology!" Vince had to choke back a fit of giggles at his employers' mannerisms.

It probably would have bothered him to walk fully clothed right next to his nude employer, had he worked anyplace else. However, this was a dream job of sorts for Vince. He thoroughly enjoyed just about everything that went on underneath this buildings roof. Everything from the manufacture of the toys themselves, to the way the workplace environment felt, to the social interactions between coworkers. All a delight to him, to be sure.

And before they knew it, they were there, standing at the door marked 'Unsupervised entry can be dangerous to ones eyes!', complete with a picture of two foxes clearly entwined. He wasn't entirely sure why they'd bothered with the pictures, one could certainly catch an eyeful behind ANY door in this place.

Brynn reached for the handle, twisted, then pushed the door open into a spacious... apartment? The modeling studio was shaped like your average single floor apartment. Small, cozy, and-

"Clear previous routine, set to normal studio." Brynn said.

Just like that, the room reflowed into a much more familiar shape for Vince, that of a modeling studio set.

"You, uh, what?"

"You thought this room cost seven digits just for the lighting and sensors? Oh no, that'd be quite overpriced I'd think. We went with the shifting room package as well." He explained.

"But is everything safe to walk around on?"

"Of course it is! And if someone told it to reform into a multi-floor set while you were in it, it'd just push you towards the door!"

Vince didn't even try to pretend he understood how it worked, he just nodded his head and smiled. He was a camera and modeling guy, not a tech guy. He carefully stepped a footpaw over the border of the door, prodding the floor with it.

"It's not gonna let you sink into it unless it's set for that, Vince. Go on, make yourself comfortable." He gave Vince a playful nudge with his tail.

It backfired terribly, with Vince falling flat on his face.

"Oops, good thing the floor is soft, huh?" Brynn said, in a sing-song tone.

Granted, the floor was indeed softer than what an actual tiled floor would feel like. It only deformed slightly on the impact. Vince couldn't be mad at his employer, it was all fun and games... he'd just have to get Brynn back later.

"I see you've introduced him to the modeling room, Brynn." Janesse piped up, from behind a small rack of equipment.

Chance peeked out from behind the bulky camera he was carrying, peering over Brynns' shoulder down into the room.

"Nothing hurt but your pride, Vince?"

Vince just stewed there on the floor for a while, before picking himself up.

"I am perfectly fine." He said, as though it were a matter of fact.

After they had all stepped into the room, Brynn clapped his hands together and spoke.

"Good then! We can get on with the shoot."

"Aren't you forgetting something, Brynn?" Janesse nudged him with an elbow.

It was his turn to blush a bit now.

"Oh, right! Gonna need you and Janesse to stand over there and get scanned in." As the two began to shuffle toward the indicated wall, he spoke again. "You're still overdressed, Vince."

Vince tried to put on his best puppy face, but it didn't work too well on a dragon muzzle.

"It's a porn shoot Vince, you're not getting out of this one."

He just groaned before shucking off his clothes. Janesse had no such need to do so, scales still nice, clean and glowing from the shower they'd just had. She didn't bother to put them back on.

"Shouldn't Chance be-"

"I've got that covered."

Brynn showed the enthusiastic canine how all the indicators worked, and what did what on the camera. He explained with gusto, detailing every button, slider, and viewports uses, pros, and cons.

"I thiiink I've got it. Most of it anyway." Chance used his spare paw to scratch his neck.

Brynn beamed a sincere smile. "Good, it's up to your discretion now, can pick apart the footage later and show you what to improve on."

"Wait, you're just going to let me freeform it on my first time with it?"

"Of course I would, you learn better that way, I'd think."

Janesse took the initiative and started the scanning process with a simple command.

"Scan, Janesse, and Vince, wall one."

And just like that, a variety of sensors scanned their way across the two. It examined everything they had on show, digitizing it all. It took but a moment for each of them to be scanned.

Vince thought for a moment, before speaking.

"So now we're on the internet?" The other three burst out in a fit of laughter.

Janesse heaved out an answer between fits of giggles.

"Not yet Vince, for now we're just on the company intranet and storage." His question answered and clarified, he shrugged.

Brynn smiled, showing off his teeth.

"I think I need to pen you in for some paws-on training for these things Vince, especially in the tech department."

He just sighed.

"Sure, I s'pose, I don't do much other than film and model."

Vince and Chances' company phones both chimed at once.

"Good to see it still detects those and sends relevant info." Janesse noted.

"That reminds me, about that offer earlier, Janesse."


"Think we could get the new plant-side stuff now?"

"We could after the first few rounds, yeah."

"First... few?" Vince winced a bit at his mind conjuring up vivid imagery of screwing for hours. Not that he'd mind at first.

"They'll be evenly spaced out, don't worry 'bout it." Janesse firmly gripped his shoulder.

Chance poked his head out from behind the huge camera.

"But I thought we were gonna tie him up and keep him in here for hours and hours?" His face was far too innocent and cute for the words that spilled out of his maw.

"Only if he wanted to, even if I'm his employer, I won't make him do anything he doesn't want to do." He rubbed his chin for a moment, before continuing. "Though, now that I think of it, that's a good idea for a short porno film..."

Vince just leaned against the nearest wall, before responding.

"Nah, I'm perfectly fine with just this, maybe we'll do the whole ropes and chains bit later."

"That's good then. Let's get down to business shall we?"

The quad of assorted toothy omnivores voiced their consent. And Chance flipped on the bright red record button.

"So, any particular setting you want, Vince?"

"Not particularly, I was thinking a cozy bedroom scene, with a large, ploofy bed and-" He cut himself off as he watched the room reform itself around them, and under their paws.

"Is it always that disorientating?"

"People usually close their eyes when fantasizing." Janesse stated.

"Anything else?" Brynn chuckled a bit.

"Not exactly."

"How about you two, Janesse, Chance?"

"Well, could use some more dramatic lighting, a few more pieces of assorted furniture..." She trailed off as her train of thought began to deviate from the theme. After she'd been quiet a moment, Chance piped up.

"About dramatic lighting, how about some candles? Can it do tha-?" Once again, the room complied with almost impeccable functionality.

By now, with all the modifications to the room, it had started to actually look like a cozy bedroom. Lit with candles, huge bed flanked by nightstands on either side, rather ideal. And most importantly huge, comfy-looking pillows, covers, and bedsheets, all nicely lit by the candlelight.

Chance just grinned and gave his thumbs up.

"So, Vince, since it's your first time in here, you get to dictate who goes where."

"I-uh, what? I thought this was supposed to be more like a punishment sort of deal."

"Nope, unless you want it to be."

"N-no, I think we'll stick with the vanilla sex, thaaaaanks." His cheeks grew ever more flushed.

"Okay, so..." Brynn hinted.

"I want Janesse over there, on the bed. I want you, Brynn, to insert yourself into the scene just after we get started."

"Perhaps after the first round? I'm still a bit... tired from earlier."

"Yeah, sure, we could do that."

Janesse sauntered her way over where Vince indicated, swaying her hips . She hopped onto the bed with ease, then laid herself down on her side. She tossed her nonexistent hair back before speaking.

"Draw me like one of your French girls!"

Vince just facepawed. Dialogue was clearly not her strong suit unless she was going for 'cheesy porno flick'. When she indicated for him to come forth, he complied.

"So... how would you like me? You've got... options." She breathed the last word breathily into Vinces ear.

"I think there are some assets of yours that need ... further attention." She pushed herself further back onto the bed, splaying her legs wide for all the audience to see. Especially her glistening folds and half-mast rod.

"Come get me."

Chance poked his head out from behind the camera, yet again.

"You guys know we can just do the voice acting later, right? This is terrible."

They both 'Shhhhed' him, and refocused their efforts on each other. Vince had wondered for quite some time what she tasted like, and today he would find out! He clambered his way onto the fake bed, it was quite indistinguishable from a real bed. Even when you consider it wasn't made of the same material. He set his eyes on his target. A girthy rod that deserved so much more attention than it was getting now.

He gripped it easily, his paw-digits encircling it. He could feel everything. Every vein expanding, every heartbeat from his fellow actor and coworker. Stroking it, it soon came to be full mast once again, pulsing with every heartbeat. The flesh yielded easily, quite soft under Vinces probing digits. His mouth watered with the treat before him. He opened his maw, snaking his forked tongue across her soft skin. It tasted clean, if clean were to be a taste. Clean, and a bit salty, even.

Her appreciative purr soon began its' chorus as he stroked her further. He soon built up a rhythm, tightening his grip on the down stroke, and loosening it on the up stroke. His tongue did not cease its' ministrations, constantly finding some undrenched expanse of skin to soak with care. She let her head flop back onto the bed, just letting Vince go about his desires. Soon, however, just mere flickers of taste were not enough for him.

He repositioned himself, gaining a better vantage point with which to pleasure his lover. She moaned out as he went down on her, engulfing her meaty tool in his warm, wet maw. The flavor was overwhelming now, as Vince tasted salty, sweet, and even a bit of fruit. With each drop of nectar she provided, he slurped it down with eager gusto , not letting a single drop go to waste. She gripped the back of his head, encouraging him to go on.

He was inexperienced in these things, but he tried to take her deeper. After a few sputters and gags, soon he had angled himself to take her ever deeper. He felt her thick length pulsing straight into his throat now. Every time he nearly popped off of her, he noted the thick sheen building up on her shaft. She'd be well-lubed for the second act.

Janesse grit her teeth, he may have been inexperienced, but he more than made up for it with enthusiasm. Much like their silent camera dog, she noted. She let her tongue loll out of her mouth, feeling her waves of pleasure ride ever higher.

Vince knew she was close, even as he had begun stroking himself. He timed his own strokes with the gentle vacuuming suction he was applying. He felt her tensing up, saw her gripping the bedsheets tightly.

And soon, it was upon him, the flood of pleasure washed over her face before it began pouring down his gullet. He gulped down heartily, even with some backwashing. His inexperience however, required him to gasp for air before she was done. Not always a wise choice when a fire hose is pointed at your face. After a few moments, she was basking in the afterglow. And he was sputtering out what little managed to get into his nose.

"Could've at least let me know!" He coughed out.

"You did fiiiiine Vince." She picked her head up. "C'mere, you." She motioned for him to climb atop her.

"What do you want me up here fo- oh!" It was his turn to moan as she squished him between her ample chest pillows.

She grinned mischievously just before she took him into her muzzle. Soon, he was a quivering puddle of flesh and bone atop her, barely stopping himself from falling over by gripping her shoulders. She renewed her attack on his vulnerable manflesh, bobbing her head towards him and back. She winked at him, before turning the suction up to, and past eleven. Vinces' eyes screwed shut as she hoovered him up, a soft moan escaping his maw.

Soon, he felt the familiar tightening in his groin, that blissful wave of pleasure right before- And it hit him like a back of bricks. His orgasm overtook him heavily, so much so that Janesse had to catch him from falling. She pivoted his fall, rotating him so that he wouldn't hit his head on the bed post. She let him fall easily, nursing on his pulsing cock the entire way down, ensuring nary a drop went to waste. The bed caressed him as she let him finally flop down onto it.

"Aaaaah." He let his satisfaction be known, a huge grin on his face.

"You get all that Chance?" Brynn inquired.

"I think so, wanna review now?"

"No, no, we'll do that later."

Janesse licked her lips. He tasted great, just about as great as Brynn did. She'd certainly have to ask him about his dietary choices. She grinned as she noticed he was still just laying there, with his tongue hanging out and eyes shut.

"Didn't die on me, I hope." She poked.

He didn't bother replying, just giving a weak thumbs up.

"So, Brynn, you're up next I suppose?"

"He'd said something about me joining during the second round. So I suppose after he recuperat-"

"I'm good to go!" Upon hearing of a second round, the drake came back to life, seemingly revitalized.

Janesse huffed. "And I thought I was the most insatiable one here."

Brynn just laughed heartily, leaning back in his chair.

"We'll see about that, Janesse." Vince said, as he sat up on the bed.

"So, round two is a go then!" Brynn shot up from his chair.

"Not quite, what's this mean on the camera?" Chance asked.

A few steps, and Brynn was looking over his shoulder, into the viewport.

"It's just notifying you that it swapped over to the secondary storage. Makes sense that it might've written to the smaller storage device first."

Chance looked bewildered with the technical talk.

"It's... still good to go for a while longer, right?"

"Most certainly, should have another hour or two."

Chance shrugged, a mild accomplishment considering the weight of the camera. It was time to return to business as usual.

"So, Vince, any particular ideas on how you want to do the second scene?"

His response was short, and to the point.

"Rimming, followed by a spitroast."

Janesse raised an eyebrow.

"Oh? I never really took you for that type, Vince!"

"Oh, hush. Personal fantasy of mine."

"Well, this would be the time to mention it, heh." Brynn added, with a chuckle.

He took a moment to stretch, allowing some joints to resettle, before kneeling by the side of the bed.

"Ready when you are, ya lovebirds."

Janesse took the initiative, grabbing Vince by the shoulders and pulling him in for a heated kiss. Initially he was rather shocked, but soon gave into the pleasurable sensations and tastes. She pulled him back further onto the bed, allowing Brynn a good look at what he had to work with. His tail raised, Brynn admired the well-toned ass of his subordinate. He must have been hitting the gym somewhat recently. There was just enough fat to give it a nice, rounded appearance.

He clambered onto the bed partially, laying on his side. He grabbed the pert cheeks in front of him, and began his assault on his coworkers rear entrance. His tongue lashed out while his fingers massaged, each eliciting their own responses. Responses, that were immediately muffled by the continued muzzlelocking of the pair.

After a few moments, Vince needed to break off for air. When he did, thick strands of glistening saliva connected the two, spanning the distance. His breaths came in deep, powerful gulps, pausing only long enough to quench the burning in his lungs, before Janesse pulled him in again. Their tongues danced around the others mouths. Wrestling with each other, and occasionally grazing along teeth. They couldn't get enough of each other, however.

Well, save for when Brynn began to tonguefuck his well-lubed rear. Janesse had to bite back a giggle when she saw her coworkers eyes light up. If he was lost in pleasure before, he'd be dragged under the waves for this one. Her paws snaked lower, probing for something to grab. And find something they did, his pink spire already naked and ready for more attention. She stroked him slowly while their muzzles were locked. Taking care to ensure his groin didn't lose faith in the situation.

Brynn was thoroughly snaking his tongue into, and out of him now. Lubricating him for the next stage of their performance. After a few minutes of this however, his jaw was sore. And his own unattended flesh was demanding for attention. He withdrew with a loud pop, before replacing his tongue with his fingers. He gently probed his lovers rump with his digits.

Even with the lubrication before, it would be best to take this slowly. It was only one digit at first, but the drake loosened up quickly. Brynn added another, and another, before a trio of his fingers were pistoning into him with abandon.

The well-muffled moans were a good sign, to be sure. Vince was enjoying this every bit as much as he said he would. Janesses' tugs on his manflesh were speeding up a bit now, no doubt eager to prime him for the next phase. Brynn leaned in towards the two and nodded. Janesse stuck a paw between her and Vince, and pushed. Their kissing thus interrupted, she explained.


Vince complied eagerly, allowing her to maneuver herself to allow him easy access to her throbbing flesh. He readjusted his own position and spread his legs, to allow for the other side of the situation as well. Brynn pulled his tail over his shoulder, and lined himself up. He idly stroked a asscheek with a claw, leaving a slight red trail over it.

Janesse got onto her knees, and gripped his shoulders, kneading at them. She knew from experience how unpleasant an overly tight partner could be, so she did her best to relax him. Though, she didn't recall if-


Well, that's one drake that liked it. Brynn had sheathed himself in his fellow reptile, sinking himself home in one go. His smooth, tapering shaft sunk into him with ease, the penetration only made easier by the previous rimming. Janesse, however, was not a dragoness to be outdone. She prodded at Vinces' cheek, reminding him of the other situation at his front.

As his maw fell open, Janesse found a particularly sore spot on his shoulders. One that was quickly unknotted and relaxed with a few simple presses. The sigh of relief that fell out of his muzzle brought a warm smile to her lips. One that was rivaled by the moan she made after he took her into his muzzle.

She wondered what made this angle so much better. Maybe he had previous experience? Perhaps it was just leverage? Who knew. All she cared about after that fleeting thought was how he was suckling at her rod. He was doing a fine job of it, dragging his forked tongue along the underside, and using the teeth just enough to give it some texture.

Brynn gripped his hips, acquiring a firm handle on that flesh simply so he could start some momentum going. Janesse had the same idea, pulling him onto her, even as Brynn thrusted into the drake. After but a few thrusts, he adjusted his balance. He lifted up an arm? What a showof- Oh.

Vince had his own plans, even as he shakily maintained his balance. He ran his digits up Janesses' inner thighs, before rubbing just around her entrance. He would ensure no part of her was left out. And Brynn, too, would have his tail put to work on him. Vinces tail pulled him in, and rubbed at his back on the pull out.

Chance did his best to capture the action, fiddling with various buttons, sliders and options on the camera. He hadn't the foggiest idea what most of them did, but he would find out! He adjusted his kneeled position by the bed, ensuring to capture all the dirty details and bouncing flesh.

And just in time too, Vince had just dipped his finger into her, causing her entire frame to shake visibly. The added sensation was almost too much, but she dragged herself back, biting her lip. Her knot was already beginning to form, bumping up to his lips with every thrust. If he had the experience to hoover her like this, then she wondered if he could take her entirely.

She looked down for a moment, only for her eyes to lock with his. Bold, gleaming and defiant they were, daring her to take it up a notch. She smirked. She would take it up a notch then. The defiant gaze disappeared when his eyes shut as she began to thrust into his maw, knot and all. She was the perfect counterthrust to Brynns' thrusting, knocking the drake back and forth between the two.

She felt teeth gently grazing her knot, it was almost enough to make her blow then and there. Brynn kept on his relentless thrusting, ensuring his rump was well tenderized for the coming finale. Janesse could tell Brynn was almost as close as she was, he just needed a bit more to pull him over the edge. And he just wasn't pulled over, he was yanked over when Vince clenched down on his invading shaft.

Janesse had not noticed him being that close, had he really not even touched himself during the whole session? She pushed the thought aside as she roared out her own orgasm. She roared and whooped until her lungs burnt, then she grit her teeth. She unloaded shot after she into his waiting maw, before grinding her knot into his maw as deeply as it could go.

It wasn't quite the same feeling as any other bit of flesh, but it was just as good. She'd knotted him quite well. If anything, it'd get him to stop talking for a while. Brynn finished out the last of his orgasm, while his stamina was not quite Janesse or Vinces', he could keep up with the pair just fine.

Janesse let herself flop back onto the bed, using her arms to support herself. Brynn just kneeled there on the bed, allowing himself to remain encased in warmth. They remained there a while like that. Vince huffing through his nose, Janesse with her tongue lolling out of her muzzle. And Brynn, just there with a well-satisfied look on his muzzle.

"So, gonna go for a third round, you three? Because this one just gave me a battery warning."

Brynn shrugged. "Mind rotating around so I can look at it?"

Chance complied eagerly.

"Oh, same deal as before, except instead of storage, it's with the internal battery bank."

"So... it's good to go for another few hours?"

Brynn just nodded.

"Though, I think we'll have to see what Vince has to say about a third round, right Janesse?" Brynn said.

Janesse just chuckled, before replying.

"Oh, I think he's minorly tied up right now, may want to ask him in a little bit."

The joke was so bad, even Vince groaned out around his mouthplug.

They waited there a few minutes, until the door to the outside world opened up. A familiar head with a long neck poked through, carrying a small stack of paperwork.

"Hey Janesse, I've got some paperwork that needs your rev- Oh my." She spoke before she'd taken in what was happening in the room.

Janesse just shook her head.

"Just leave it on my desk, doing a shoot right now."

The giraffe didn't need to be told twice to disappear, the door closing as quickly as it had opened.

Vinces' jaw popped, before he slid off of her rod. He coughed and sputtered a bit, before speaking.

"Wasn't really expecting you to knot my mouth Janesse!"

"Figured I may as well use it, heh."

He just shot her a reproachful look. She just put her paws up and shrugged. Brynn also took this moment to unsheathe himself, long since having gone soft.

"So, any ideas for a third round, Vince?"

"I think I'll just sit here and recover for a bit first."

Janesse was going to speak, but the drake piped back up.

"Hmm, on second thought, maybe include Chance on the fun?"

Chances' eyes shot wide behind the camera. The entire crew was leering at him, sizing him up like a large, delectable hunk of meat.

"You know what that means, right Chance?" Janesse grinned, toothily.

His ears flopped about before he replied.

"Means go get another camera guy?"

"You got it, Chance!" Vince even gave him a thumbs up.

Before he shut down the camera fully, however, Brynn piped up.

"I think I'm about spent for a few hours, so I'll take over for now."

The bed creaked a bit as he slowly made his way off of it. He took a look at his paws, ensuring they weren't too dirty to handle the equipment, before scowling a bit.

"Mind tossing me one of the cleaning rags? My paws are a bit... drenched."

Chance pulled one of the pieces of cloth from his belt, and tossed it at him. Brynn nodded his thanks as he cleansed his paws as best he could.

"Alrighty then, you'll need to get scanned in as well, since you haven't yet. It's a one-time thing though."

"So, it'd be the same deal as those two?"

"Yup, same exact process, a bit quicker since it only needs to scan you."

Chance shifted the cameras' heft off his shoulders, before gently laying it on the floor. Even with his attentive care, it still made a deep thump when it hit the ground. He grimaced a bit, before he heard the trio laughing.

"It's not as sensitive as you'd think Chance. Don't worry overly much about it, we have replacement parts and units on site." Brynn chimed in, ever helpful.

Chance only took a moment to process the information, feeling rather relieved he hadn't broken it already. He stretched his arms and back before sauntering over towards a nearby wall. Without any prodding, he began to disrobe himself. Making a game of it, he swayed his hips from side to side, ensuring the other two had a bit of a show for waiting on him.

Janesse hooted out a catcall, making Chance blush heavily under his fur. Soon, he was completely naked, vulnerable for all the eyes in the room to gaze upon. The room picked up on the extra actor in the room, and a quiet hum began to become more noticeable.

"Same command as before, right Brynn?"


He put his back to the wall, and adjusted his stance, ensuring they'd have no issues scanning him.

"Scan Chance, wall three."

Once again, the array of sensors began their chorus of noise, digitizing everything Chance had on display. The process indeed went much faster than when the other two were scanned in, much to Chances' relief. With an audible chime, they finished saving the data, and confirmed the actors' names. Brynn confirmed, and then all was quiet in the candlelit room.

"So Vince, how would you like me?" Chance asked, mind whirring as to the possibilities.

"Well, going with the previous theme of me getting screwed... How about I enjoy you in the front and Janesse in the back?"

"Fine by me." Chance agreed, a grin splitting his face.

Janesse murmured her assent as well.

Brynn, by now was evaluating the power and storage left on the camera. After confirming all the settings and values were to his satisfaction, he lifted the camera onto its' familiar perch. Once again, the record button was flicked, and the device silently saved everything it saw. And what it saw, was Vince giving a 'come hither' gesture to Chance offscreen.

Chances' tail wagged, nearly becoming a furry propeller as he walked over. He paused for a moment, at the head of the bed, before climbing up. It took but a moment for Janesse to crawl around to her designated position. Vince himself rolled over onto his back.

"C'mere you big puppy." He breathed.

Chance scooted forward until the drakes muzzle was almost touching his manhood. While Janesse was nearly rock hard, only Chances' tip was poking out of its' sheath. Vince worked to remedy that by snaking his tongue out along the exposed flesh. The poor dog whined heavily, no doubt unused to this sort of stimulation.

It was a bit odd seeing the world upside down, but Vince did his best to pleasure his companion. Using a paw to gently tug at his furry orbs, and bathing his shaft with his tongue. Even with his unease, it was not long before his rod was fully exposed to the world. It pulsed with every heartbeat, and was radiating heat.

Also leaking one of Vinces' favorite delicacies, as well. Chance let out another high-pitched whine when Vince gripped him, and angled him into his maw. His flesh thoroughly enveloped in his companions muzzle, he couldn't help but tense up. He suckled gently on the tip, taking special care to not bring him over the edge quite yet. Even as Janesse began to grind her rod on his, he paid special care to his companion. Tugging, pulling, and sucking, all carefully orchestrated so that this would last until they were all ready to pop.

Janesse took both their shafts in paw, stroking them lightly. She continued this until they were both rock hard underneath her grip. Vince leaked a bit, the fluid smearing all over her shaft. It would no doubt serve to lubricate her shaft, making it easier to penetrate his well-used rear end.

Vince inhaled deeply, canine musk flooding his nose. It was quite pleasant, truth be told. A heavy smell of intense maleness, with a topping of slight sweat. Not unclean, but just heated. He felt the bed shift as Janesse released her grip on their shafts, the next thing up was...

Vince almost wanted to grit his teeth, but that would have been no doubt unpleasant for his canine coworker. Instead, his breath came in short, nasal gasps while Janesse slowly sank herself into him. She wasn't much bigger than Brynn, truth be told, but the sudden penetration came as a shock to Vince.

He felt himself dripping onto his belly, dampening the fur there. The situation was pure fantasy fulfillment, exactly as the last two were. He'd thought about this for some time, but he'd not asked. Instead, the situation had just fallen into his lap, as it were today. Even as Janesse slowly began to pull herself out, he wondered if adding another role to his job would be entertaining as today had been.

He was shaken from his thoughts when Chance gripped his shoulders tightly. Vince brought his other paw up to grasp at his shaft in case he tried to knot his muzzle like Janesse did. It was unnecessary, however. Chance only began to slide himself into, and out of his muzzle slowly. He more than likely had picked up on Vince holding him back.

It was fine, though. Janesse was sinking herself deeper and deeper into his well-fucked ass. Chance was providing the perfect counter thrust to that. His fur tickled his nose as he buried himself deep inside Vinces' muzzle, irritating him a bit. His shaft was well-soaked now, glistening softly in the low candlelight.

Janesse adjusted her grip on his legs, spreading them wider. Her shaft plunged deeper than before, hilting to the root. He could feel her slowly forming knot, readying to tie with him once again. Of course, with the knot forming, she was no doubt getting closer to her peak as well. Vince squeezed, tightening his walls around her.

The reaction was immediate, she took in a sharp gasp of air, and slowed her pace. Her eyelids slid shut, and she grit her teeth. Vince would've smiled if he weren't preoccupied. He didn't need to see her reaction, only hear it to know that it had the intended effect. He was bringing them both into synchronization for their impending finale.

Janesse, however, remembered that her tail was not being put to adequate use. She'd teach him to clamp down on her. She maneuvered it around her thrusting body, and up his side, teasing him before it came to its' appointed spot.

Brynn smiled as he took it all in through the viewport. She'd made good use of her tail earlier that day, and seeing it in action from a different perspective illustrated it perfectly. He watched it slowly coil around him, taking care to not touch until she was ready to grip him.

When she did, though, his shaft responded immediately, dragging him over the edge of bliss. He clamped down even tighter on her, causing a cascading crescendo on her part. She shoved and grunted until her knot finally popped into him, locking the two together. She panted heavily as she flooded his innards with another coating of essence, adding to that which was already there. Chance took this opportunity to quicken his thrusting, poking deep into Vinces' throat.

That paw Vince placed earlier was put to good used, as he wrapped it around, and just behind Chances' knot. It also ensured he would not tie with his muzzle. Chance, however, had completely different intentions than that.

As he felt his nethers tighten, he pulled out of the drakes muzzle with a loud pop. As he felt his seed flowing through his rod, the drake stroked him with his other paw. He even continued to lick at his tool while his seed rained down onto his throat and chest, mixing with his own. All three of them sighed at almost precisely the same moment. They all shared a boisterous laugh as they enjoyed their afterglow. Even Brynn smiled at the scene before him.

Janesse tugged a bit on her knot. She was completely tied with him for some time. One downside of a knot, she supposed. Speaking of knots, Vince took special care to ensure Chance was satisfied with his pseudo-tie. They enjoyed their afterglow, and the warm feelings of well-used muscles and holes. Well, until they were interrupted again.

The door to the outside world opened yet again, with the same giraffe interrupting their shoot.

"Hey Brynn, we've got a semi parked out back with a delivery. The driver insists that you confirm that it's the right place, and sign for it. He seems rather..." She placed a paw on her chin for a moment, before continuing. "Bothered by the factory side workers enjoying their breaks."

He slowly stood up from his kneeling position, before hefting the camera onto his shoulder again.

"I'll be down in a few, it's the medical grade silicone, first aid supplies, and construction materials right?"

"Yes, and the toys we ordered."

"What's he so upset for then? He knows what he's delivering."

She blushed for a moment, before responding.

"It's not our usual driver, Brynn, it's a new guy. Said the other one was out sick."

The reptiles eyes widened.

"Oh, that would explain a lot, then. I'll be cleaned up and down to the loading dock in a few, try to calm him down in the mean time? Maybe offer him some tea, or a glass of water, something."

"Yes sir."

"I told you, call me Brynn."

"Got it, Brynn."

(Authors' note I hadn't even thought of extending "A Day At the Office" until 'realm weaver' mentioned it. Go thank him for the inspiration! As always, do let me know if there's an odd bit of syntax, awkward wording, or even a misspelling. Thank you for reading, and don't forget to comment, vote, and watch if you liked it!)

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