Game Night OP

Story by Drianazz on SoFurry

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July 13, 2015

Marriage was always tricky when it came to some couples, arguing, bickering, fun times and stolen moments illumined the happiness of a couple. This evening was no different than any other night, he had gotten off of work after a very stressful turn of events and people yelling into his ear countless times because they couldn't figure out the sole purpose of their internet issue that prevented them from enjoying a simple movie or show on Netflix. On his way home he took a pit stop first to the local seven eleven, glancing at the clock above the counter, "Shit.. its midnight." he let out a low wolf growl. Making his way to the back, he found his favorite drink in stock, with a quick purchase and rushing home all he could think about was his wife and the fact he had the saturday night planned exactly for gaming on the 360. He'd only spent the last few months on the hottest hit, Destiny, being in and out of dungeons and little raids with his friends. Forced to play to their demanding needs of getting armor while appealing to his own. He was known to be an easy going alpha wolf with a lucky wife at his side. The funny thing about the whole marriage was that he had met his wife particularly in a dungeon, a World of Warcraft dungeon, stomping around to impress her, talking out of the game and building treasured memories.

Despite it being a Saturday night, it was his Friday, with a wicked sense of humor while playing he had been hard core focused on the flat screen tv, mashing away at the trigger buttons sending shots to the enemy. His friends yelling into their mics complaining about the hackers and who was being gay. After a quick round of pvp, his wife reached over to stroke the inside of his thigh with slow teasing caresses from the knee inching up his inner thigh. "Oooh.." whispering afraid his friends would hear, turning his attention over to his thick beautiful alpha wolfess greeted with bedroom eyes and a smile that just read, 'Fuck Me.' Was she seriously teasing him, especially at this time, with the mic on. Leaning over on the two cushioned couch, she grazed her nails over the most sensitive spot of his thigh just below his loins, but her hand couldn't travel further with his shorts. "Would you like me to take them off?" flipping the mic off, tilting his head capturing her pink beautiful mouth with a hungry kiss and a submissive moan. "Go higher baby.." moaning into her mouth as she danced her claws up and down only teasing him further before finally striking a sharp one over the tightening flesh of his pent up balls. "Fucking tease." He growled, reaching for the waistband of his pants roughly pushing them off letting his cyan canine cock free, shooting pre the second the air from the fan breezed across it.

Even with his wife being the cock teaser she normally was he wasn't having that tonight. Leaning into her lips for another sensual kiss, his paw slid into her hair roughly yanking her hair having his claws scrape against the back of her head, knowing for a fact that he had for sure at least yanked several strands from the root. He didn't care about the game that now lurked in the background, his character had died and was bound to respawn within the fire team, but with the little distraction he had, he didn't mind abandoning the game. An evil grin creased over his white fur dangerously with another yank and a hard shove he forced his dick into her mouth hitting the back of her throat. His wife wasn't one to give head much, that he enjoyed and savored in force feeding her, each little gag and whine from his alpha female only had his tip shooting pre directly at the uvula and soft palate. Every thrust he slammed up into her mouth slapping him with his big balls, a fact he was very quite proud of, his mate wasn't about to let him have all the fun. Challenging him in return like a twisted little tango they shared, she guided his hand in hers letting him feel the wetness between her thighs. She was trimmed, peachy like feeling making him groan out wanting to fuck her baby making pussy. Caressing the wet folds of her lower lips, touching the warmth of her love and the excitement within the wetness that was matting down her fur. His breath turned heavy as she was slowly repositioning herself without interrupting his thrusting cock that was making her cry, "Take it baby. We've been together for years.. and you can't even handle seven inches?" A hard spank across went over her pussy lips causing his hand to sting from the wetness knowing it would make her ache as well.

Seeing she was now on all fours on the couch, he was able to take his fingers and cares them over her anal entrance, giving a swift thrust of his thumb into the dainty hole. He knew his wife liked it when he was rough but with her not expecting it she gave a low whimper, breathing heavier into his lap trying to raise her head from his lap. She slowly swayed her hips to help manipulate his finger inside of her precious dirty flower letting go of her hair, instantly coming up for air. "I want you baby, gg.." She huffed at him, making him snicker and she only gave a cute little pout but he wasn't fooled. "Tell me how my wolfess, maybe I'll let you have your way." Pulling his thumb out only to replace it with his index and thumb pounding her asshole roughly with his fingers forcing her into a moaning frenzy bucking back like a heated bitch, if he got lucky, she would let him cum in her pussy. The term GG was usually meant good game in any game, but between them, it was good girl. A little pet name that he idolized of his mate when she chose to be obedient and cute like she was being right now. Leaving his fingers in her tight ass, "Better get to riding and show me how much you want your cock." Growling at the base of her neck before latching on half dragging her by the nape. He took over her beautiful wide hips, dragging his claws through her white fur watching her heavy DD40 size breasts bead up in anticipation. Bowing his head he latched onto the left one, having her press down in sync so that his cyan thick dick could spread her tight pussy walls. Low growls of pleasure leaving his chest as he suckled on her breast until he could taste the sweet milk from her tits making her moan out.

His wife wasn't just beautiful but was hotter than ever especially when she was in heat like this. Each passing moment that passed by with her delicious milk, he drank every drop switching over to her other breast giving it the very same attention with everything his mouth could suckle from her very milk. He guided his paws over her beautifully shaped hips, a perfect dream couldn't compare to his love. Grinding her hips along his erected shaft teasing him, knowing that it drove him even into a lustful frenzy. Each time her hips moved sliding his cock tip between her pussy lips, letting that fiery heat go across his shaft feeling incredibly amazing. "How do you feel about a third, mi amore?" she whispered softly as if it was a precious secret they would share. "Well my wolfess.. is that what you want?" stroking over her wet slit with his tip nudging her pussy lips slowly allowing him to press against her entrance slowly. The sudden slam of her hips down against his perky tool rapidly that the pleasure was overwhelming, head falling back on the couch hissing through his clenched jaw. "Just.. don't.. stop." He strained to say instantly lifting his hips up bouncing her up and down on his rod. Her bounces and his thrusts were hard and fierce knocking her off balance her hands landed on either side of his head with her head bowed down towards the nape of his neck, forcing his chin to tilt giving her every access she needed, each little nip and bite left on his fur making his toes curl with his body to stretch and his claws to dig into her curvy hips causing her to whimper in pain.

"FUCK ME MY ALPHA!" there was no quietness anymore, but it startled him, at first with her really grinding against his lap, dragging his canine cock against her most sensitive g-spot nearing her further in orgasm. Unable to even grasp her hips or her hair even, she hopped off his lap swaying her hips in a sexy tease, "Follow me." her command sweet and simple. His head rolling to the side like some lost puppy looking to see where his mate where his mate was headed. He stood up unsure, at first he thought that she had changed his mind and he would be left blue balled. He was surprised when she didn't go towards the bedroom, in fact, she opened the front door of their home. "Are you sure about this my love?" He asked, inside his mind he was begging for her to please say yes. She walked out the front door, butt ass naked, bending over the front steps that led from the bottom to the top. She had gone about half way up enough for her body to be exposed to any peeping eyes, her silver and black eyes glowed outshining even the moon. He couldn't look away, "Take me my Alpha, I want you to fuck me right here."

Her ass pointing right at him, with a lifted tail, even in this light her wet lips were glistening. They weren't just glistening but little beads of each set of droplets running down her baby making cunt. Her hourglass thick figure in full view, fuck he was such a luck husband and mate to have her, even like this. This was a fantasy come true. Stepping up behind her, he stroked his shaft slowly up and down his most cherished prize, after all it did belong to her. Searching against her wet pussy lips seeking the tight entrance he loved. Pressing his cock's head into her fold watching it disappear into the creases of her wet lips, instantly having her pussy naturally clenching him tightly before she used her muscles to make it even tighter. She hadn't even given him time to adjust to her tightness when she started bucking her hips back against him. "Holy shit.." He growled as every inch of his shaft sunk in fully to the very base. "You feel amazing my wolfess."

He wanted to go slow and steady pulling the tip of his cock out only to push back in steadily wanting to have some pace or rhythm, but it was hard to stay concentrated and with her hands on the cold steps pushing herself back down on his shaft making it impossible. "Fuck me! Fuck me hard!!" She demanded as her pussy and ass picked up occasionally rocking her hips back and forth in a swaying circular motion. Picking up the pace until he was just pounding her away, forcing her forward until she was face first buried in the cold night steps.

The wet slap of their bodies connecting from every thrust he dived into her. Finally he had her stop moving enough for him to grab the rails of the stairs, showing her a new strength he had pent up. Sweating and panting pretty hard, this was a new work out, but he loved the sight of her fur glistening from the moonlight. Her screams of passion were intense, letting all the neighbors know who she was being fucked and claimed repeatedly by her ate. Each squeeze of her pussy was heaven. "Im gonna cum! Fuck.. ooh fuck!" she screamed for him. Pushing her hips back at the contact of their hips meeting each time in wet loud sloppy kisses. the television fading from inside of the house, only her cries were what all he could listen to as he closed his eyes. Trying to capture his own breath, he, himself was having a hard time trying to say that he was close as well. With frustration he grabbed her by her long black hair tugging it harshly. The initial shock of her pussy juice against the tip of his cock was nothing in comparison to the fresh set of squeezes in a milking form of pump to make his orgasm rush forth. He didn't want to disappoint his mate, rapidly going faster and faster, hitting that mind blown reach. He swore he blacked out for those moments of his seed jetting out into her cunt seeking for her womb. He held the railing for dear life trying to hold himself together as he helped his mate up. Wrapping his arms around her waist pulling her in a passionate kiss, holding each other in this embrace.

The end..

Many happy wishes to the lovely couple in hopes for their third.

Written for Artik Silverfang and his Lovely wife Mrs. Silverfang.

Written by Driana Le Souris.


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