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A dragoness steps out of the office to find some lunch, only to get snatched off the street, tied down and hustled off to parts unknown! Can she find her way free? Or will she be at the mercy of her captors?

Adara's head snapped up when she heard the thrum of beating wings overhead. She scanned the area outside the window, the tip of her scaled tail twitching--was her client really this early? She had been hoping to grab a quick lunch before the meeting!

It didn't take long to find the source of the noise; pure-blood dragons stood out in any environment, and this one was easily visible in the sky, with wide green wings and a white underbelly. She breathed a sigh of relief as she watched the dragon soar away over the city, and though she looked back at the papers spread out over her desk briefly, she shook her head after a moment: she'd been studying the case for a couple of days, and by now she felt like she had the facts memorized! So instead of trying to focus on the small print again she stood up, smoothing out her blouse and straightening her skirt, the former cut high and the latter long, as suited a business professional, but tailored just slim enough to subtly accentuate her curves.

Her client was a red dragon with black markings, not green, so she didn't have to worry about him being just about to land on the roof, and hopefully he wouldn't be so early that her getting a bite to eat would leave him waiting, anyway! She took a deep breath and stretched her arms briefly, and glanced over her shoulder as she did: some half-dragons had wings, and while many of those spoke of the weight and inconvenience of such appendages, she was still jealous of them for it, and such thoughts always broke into her mind whenever she saw a pure dragon or a fellow half-dragon fly by overhead. It must feel so amazing to fly under one's own power, she was sure, regardless of any other difficulties wings might cause!

Oh well. Scooping up her purse from her desk, she slipped it under her arm and left her office. It wasn't yet noon, so none of her co-workers did more than look up and smile as she walked past, and some of them were too engrossed in their work for even that! But that was all right. One day not eating with them wouldn't hurt. Down the hall and into the reception area she went, where she did pause to speak to the younger hippopotamus who sat at the desk.

"Hey Kibo. You haven't heard anything, have you?"

"Nothing yet!" The receptionist was a bright young thing, with a bubbly personality and an infectious giggle that was easily provoked, and knew what she meant at once. "I looked up his address but I don't know how long it would take a dragon to fly the distance, or how direct a route he would take. Either way, his butler said he would let us know when he left, and that hasn't happened yet! I guess he could have forgotten... That wouldn't be our fault, but even then it's no good to keep a dragon waiting! Hmm--"

Adara broke in as soon as she could; sometimes once Kibo got going it could be hard to make her stop. "Good! I'm stepping out to grab a bite before the meeting. Call my mobile if you hear anything from them before I get back."

"Of course! Where are you going?"

"I was thinking Argin's! Getting a little meat in my belly should help get me ready to face a dragon, and hopefully he'll smell it on my breath, too. You know how they feel about herbivores..." Or how the stereotype went, anyway.

"Oh, good thinking! Well enjoy, and don't worry, I'll ring you as soon as I hear anything! Later."

She smiled and tilted her head, pushing the door of their firm's suite open, taking the elevator down and walking outside. The humidity washed over her like a wave, and her fine blue and yellow scales tingled for a few moments; the air was so different outdoors compared to the climate-controlled office, the heat beating down on her, the moisture making it feel almost so thick as to physically hold her back. It was an unpleasant environment for many species, and indeed the sidewalks were emptier than she was used to seeing them. Those who were out in the heat definitely slanted reptilian, either unfazed by or in fact thriving in such high temperatures.

Though Adara fell into the former category--the dragon blood in her had to be able to take the cold of higher altitudes--she did have to spare a thought for what the heat and humidity could do to her clothes, and set out down the street at a brisk walk. The deli she had in mind was on the same block as her building, but on the direct opposite side, so she could go all the way around the block to get there, or she could do what she usually did: turn right instead of left, cut down the alley between two buildings, through the back entrance of the building across the block, and out into the deli. She always seemed to come across some building maintenance worker in those access halls who didn't expect her back there, but that didn't concern her. She was just shaving a couple minutes off her lunch, and with a client meeting scheduled in less than an hour, those minutes were important!

So down the alleyway she walked. It wasn't bad, as far as alleys went: narrow, and the air felt close and stifled with buildings looming over it on both sides, but there weren't any dumpsters to make it stink, and with nobody else taking that route it also helped her avoid anyone who might be too engrossed by their phone to watch where they were walking! There was another deep reverberating thrum, and she looked up to try and see if there might be a dragon heading for the rooftop of her building--but no, this time it was just some loud truck's engine as it went by the head of the alley. That sound was followed by the softer, rasping sound of tires, and when she looked back she saw that a van had turned down the alleyway.

The dragoness blinked in surprise, but kept walking. There were a couple of hidden parking spots down by the building she was headed towards, but the length and width of the alley kept most anyone from even knowing they were there, let alone actually trying to get to them. Perhaps the driver of the van was enterprising enough to try! Or just lost. Either way, she wasn't going to just wait for the big white van to roll by, so she moved to the side and kept right on going, listening to the crunching of the tires get closer, closer, and finally looked back again to be sure it had room to get past! The driver, a mottled hare, gave her a friendly wave and then motioned towards her with a hand, and after a moment she nodded, moving still farther out of the way and watching the van drive by, to be sure it wouldn't hit her or run over her foot.

The vehicle slowed to a crawl as it passed her, and her tail flicked: how nice of him to be considerate and careful driving by a lady like her, especially since the van had no side windows for him to use to keep track of her! She waited for the van to pass, then caught the driver's eye in the mirror and waved back, to make sure he knew he'd gotten by her.

Instead of speeding up, though, it came to a halt in front of her, and the rear doors flew open to release three men! She barely had time to register their sudden appearance before they set upon her. "Hey! Let go--!" she yelped, flinching and trying to stumble backward, but they seized her by the arms, a leopard on one side and a short-furred black and tan canine on the other. The third, a winged silver half-dragon, yanked a sack over her head to muffle any further cries as they dragged her bodily forward, into the van, and a moment later the doors slammed shut. It had taken them only seconds!

"We've got her! Go!" one of her attackers shouted.

No! Adara could not be kidnapped, she wouldn't let it happen! She was a dragon! Snarling, she thrashed and kicked, her tail whipping from side to side, and the grunts as she struck the men only made her try harder--but their grip on her arms was relentless, painful even, and she couldn't wrench either of her hands away. She was strong, but they outnumbered her and they'd caught her by surprise! The four of them wrestled a moment longer--"let go of me! No! Get off!" she continued to howl through the stifling sack that cut off her view of the van's interior--but it was three against one, and they managed to force her down on her stomach, one of them holding each arm and the third sitting on her legs and tail. "Rrrrgh!" She tried to dig her short blunt claws into them, she tried to twist her head to hit one with her horns, but it wasn't doing any good!

"Oh hold still!" one of them snarled, and struck her on the head, the unseen blow dazing her. She tried to keep fighting anyway, but even without being stunned by the hit the three of them still would have been able to overwhelm her, and they managed to twist her arms behind her back, where she felt the touch of something leathery-- She thrashed still harder, but they jammed her hands into leather pouches that forced them to ball into fists, and cinched ropes tight around her wrists that bound her hands together!

Her struggling grew still more desperate, but there was little left Adara could do. "No! Stop-- Let me go!" she said, panic making her voice grow higher, but her--her abductors didn't listen. Ropes went around her upper arms as well, reducing the movement of her arms still further, then more knots tightened just above her knees, and when they stopped sitting on her legs and tail she tried to whip it at them, only for it to be tied to her legs as well! "No! Please... Please stop!" she was already near the point of begging, fearing what they intended, fearing that she couldn't possibly stop their plans, fearing kidnapping, rape, torture or murder or who knew what sick game these men were playing! Her heart pounded in her chest, breaths short and rapid inside the sack, the hot stale air not seeming to fill her lungs, and when her ankles were bound to her wrists in a hogtie that felt almost cruelly tight she screamed, unable to contain her fright.

"Gah! Shut her up properly would you?" one of the men growled from somewhere behind her.

She thrashed--that could mean anything from hitting her again to holding her mouth closed to cutting her throat!--and howled when she felt hands against her, and the sack slipped off her head, revealing the bare interior of the van and allowing blessedly cool fresh air to her lungs... It strengthened her resolve a little, but didn't do anything to loosen the ropes! "Let me go!" she asked--demanded--pleaded--as she squirmed, fingers clenching when one of them held her by one of her horns to keep her head still, unable to do a thing to break his grip... her protests only growing louder when cloth was pushed over her eyes and tied around her head, cutting off her vision again. "No! No! Stop! Let--mmmm! Rrrmmmnh llllmm!" Her protests were cut off by a knotted cloth shoved between her jaws and pulled all the way to the back of her mouth, behind her teeth where she couldn't gnaw at it. That was tied into place as well, and then they wrapped a few loops of tape around her snout, pinning it shut over the gag.

"There. Finally. Now let's see what she's hiding."

Oh gods. They were going to strip her! she thought at once, but then she heard a jingling noise and she realized: her purse. They were only going through her purse, that was... Well, it was a very big deal, yes, but a little less bad than ripping off her clothes and doing who knew what to her! Her breathing calmed for just a moment, and she squirmed in her bonds--only to yelp into the gag when they did start yanking at her blouse! She twisted and shook her head and tried to growl, tried to fight the tremors of terror--such an unfamiliar un-dragonlike feeling!--that ran through her, as her clothes were cut and torn away. Her top first, then the skirt, ripped off her body and leaving her in her underwear, lying on whatever springy, cushioned surface they'd put her on and blushing from the humiliation of it... Sure she liked things rough from time to time, even had the occasional fantasy of being overpowered, but that was nothing compared to actually being abducted like this! She tried to growl, as if it could possibly get them to stop, but it meant nothing to them: off came her bra, and then her panties were cut away, leaving her nude but for her restraints.

Strong as she was, confident as she was in so many other situations, she couldn't suppress a whimper as the three of them surely took the time to ogle her helpless body, the rumblings of the van's engine and suspension filling the brief silence.

"Damn," one said, with an obvious note of approval, only confirming her suspicion!

"Very nice. A shame we--" There was a loud thump, and a grunt. "Ow!"

"Careful," said the third voice, deeper and with a bit of a growl rumbling behind it: the half-dragon, no doubt. "She is quite a looker though." A hand rolled her none too gently onto her side, offering them a better look at both her bosom and her crotch. Her legs were already tied together, but still she tried to press them even tighter as if that would keep her captors from looking between them, and the ropes creaked softly as she twisted her hands back and forth, unable to pull them free to cover herself, or protect herself, or do anything other than lie there!

A hand brushed over one of her nipples, gently; she shuddered, and tensed, and then managed to dredge up as furious a growl as she could manage: not nearly as threatening as she'd hoped, stifled as it was by her gag. But her resistance only earned her a stinging smack on the ass, and then the furred hand returned, not just grazing this time, taking her full breast in hand and squeezing! "Rrrnnngh! Nnnnh!" she grit her teeth, writhing and trying to pull away without success as the man groped her. "Hmmm rrrrrrgh!" His touch was rough yet uncomfortably close to the firm handling she typically enjoyed, but to her slight relief she was too busy worrying about having just been snatched off the street to be aroused by it.

"Oh be quiet!" Both her boobs were none too gently fondled this time, then she was rolled back onto her stomach for a few more spanks, her rear smarting from the repeated blows, the barest hint of heat blossoming between her legs as it tread so close to fantasies of domination... "You're not getting out, so stop struggling already."

There was a pause as the van stopped, then started moving again, and one of the others added, "unless you want us playing with you some more."

She shuddered as the other two laughed--she hoped not, this was bad enough already without having to worry about the even deeper humiliation of being turned on by such manhandling in a situation like this! Then the half-dragon said, "right. So just lie there quietly and wait, unless you want that sweet blue ass of yours smacked purple."

Lying there quietly to await whatever further abuse they had planned was the absolute last thing Adara wanted! But even while lying still she could feel the ropes gripping her, and trying to move anything in any direction took so much effort, made her bonds feel so tight, her limbs already beginning to grow sore from her struggles. "Nnngh!" she groaned, kicking weakly: just twisting to one side or the other was an effort, arms and legs and even tail all immobilized behind her, and there was nothing at all she could do.

Even that was enough to get her spanked again, and she writhed and grunted from the pain. "See? You're not going anywhere. Just shut up and sit tight until we say otherwise."

The world seemed abruptly to sway around her, confusing her for a moment until she realized: the van was turning... and judging by how long the turn lasted and the accompanying growl of the engine, probably a highway ramp! She moaned at the realization: she could be fifty miles from the city before anyone even realized she'd gone missing, if they'd gotten that far without being noticed, and she didn't seem to hear any sirens in pursuit. Oh no... Oh no...

"That's better," one of them said, although it was accompanied by another smack! She groaned, and twisted back and forth, but when that didn't draw any further discipline she went still, trying to control her breathing, trying to calm down enough to think.

She'd been abducted from a secluded place by multiple prepared assailants. They must have planned it, and she shivered again when she thought that they must have been watching her beforehand waiting for an opportunity! As if they knew her darkest fantasies--gods, she hoped not. And now she was helpless, naked, unable to tell where they were going or what they had planned... She couldn't just wait to find out what that was. If they'd chosen her, they must have had something more specific in mind than raping her... A ransom maybe, or even slavery. But what could she do in her position? The ropes were so tight!

Still, it wasn't in her to meekly lie there and let it happen: even when she imagined being dominated, she imagined fighting back! She started very slowly and gently, hoping not to draw the ire and the rough grabbing hands of her assailants, twisting her wrists in one direction, then the other, tugging against the coils to try to see if there was any hope of working one free... And though nobody warned her or spanked her or went after her tits again, she didn't find any loose rope to exploit, either! Her hands were held tight, unable to pull apart or pull away from her ankles, and the rope looped around her upper arms only restrained their movement still further, the mitts that secured her fingers ensuring she couldn't try to pick the knots loose or even saw at the strands with her claws. Without her hands, she had no hope of freeing her head, as rubbing her snout against the plush, almost bouncy surface beneath her did nothing to loosen or dislodge her blindfold, or the gag, or the tape. With ankles and knees both bound, her legs weren't going anywhere either, only able to bend herself up or down, neither of which did her any good unless she wanted to roll over and expose herself to more lusty gazes or gropes!

Her tail was secured just a little more loosely, tied only in one place against her knee, but with its base pinned down by her ankles she couldn't find much room to twist and pull to slip it free, and even then the coil was tight: those attempts were just as fruitless. She'd have to try harder and hope the men didn't punish her for it! So Adara flexed, and grunted, and pulled with all the force she could manage, gritting her teeth with effort as she threw her strength against the cords, writhing back and forth and tugging with all her might.

But it didn't do anything! Though the ropes dug painfully into her when she pulled against them, they didn't loosen in the slightest, and when she groaned in frustration one of them grabbed her and rolled her over again, holding her arms against the floor with one hand while the other went for her breasts. First he groped one, then the other, squeezing them with evident relish, even pinching and tugging on a nipple and making her yowl from the sharp pain of it! "Nnnnnngh!" She struggled still harder as he molested her, but now she wasn't just tied down, he held her down as he did it, and she couldn't protect herself, couldn't twist away, couldn't even roll over again!

She kicked, she howled, she bared her teeth as his unwanted attention continued, panting and shuddering from the rough stimulation that thankfully she was too angry about to be excited by, and then finally it stopped: not because of anything she'd done to drive him back, but so he could push her back to her stomach and give her a series of rough stinging spanks. "That's enough!" the man snarled at her, and hit her one more time. "Quit your struggling already, or next time I'm going for your cunt. Clear?"

Her boobs and her butt both sore from his harsh treatment, she only whimpered, head giving the barest hint of a nod. Her mind whirled back and forth between fury and despair, the shock of the sudden kidnapping leaving her too overwhelmed for either of the powerful emotions to really sink in. And looming over both of them was the humiliation of being groped and admired as much as her captors wanted, exposed, powerless... even worse, feeling just a little dampness and heat between her legs as it was close enough to her darker fantasies to excite her. But that was nothing compared to the dread of being utterly unable to stop whatever they chose to do to her... She wanted to cry; she wanted to give them the biggest beating she possibly could; she wanted to hide; but there was no escape!

Left with no other options, and not wanting to invite any touch between her legs no matter how aroused she might get, she was forced to give up: to lie there on the floor as every minute the van carried her farther and farther from the city, the sounds of the road and the engine, the weight of the turns, and the rate of the bumps that ran up through the suspension making her certain it was moving at highway speed. Every mile took her further from home, further from rescue, further from anyone who would even notice she was missing, ensuring she would remain lost, alone, and utterly at the mercy of the men who'd abducted her! She shuddered, and moaned, barely able to keep her composure as the ride went on, and on, and on. The men were quiet, either murmuring too softly for her to hear or saying nothing at all, waiting along with her for them to reach their destination.

It was impossible to tell just how long they drove, where they went, or even what direction, with her vision taken from her. But eventually the van slowed, and after a little more time spent at lower speeds came to a stop, and at last turned off the engine.

"We're here," one of them said, and Adara whimpered.

A thousand questions sprang to her head at once: where was here? What were they going to do to her, why had they kidnapped her, why her, why oh why was this happening! Her limbs had grown stiff from having to lie in such tight bondage for so long, rendering her renewed attempts to struggle even weaker and more hopeless than before, and just earned her a couple more spanks. "Nnnn! Nnngh, mmm! Mmmnh!" she moaned at them, but at this point it seemed unlikely they'd listen to her even if they could understand what she was trying to say.

"Hold still," one of them growled, and grabbing her feet roughly she felt the ropes coiled around them loosen, and then release them entirely. Before she even got a chance to try to kick her legs were pushed out straight, the feeling of cramped muscles unwinding making her grunt and hiss in discomfort even while they unbound her tail as well, and then all three of them were grabbing at her, picking her up and dragging her bodily forward. She felt the suspension bob beneath them, then they pushed the doors open and carefully transferred her out of the van.

"Put your feet down," was the next order, and she gingerly did so, cowed into obedience by the beatings, the bondage, the feeling of being manhandled by the three of them... Her blunt toe-claws scraped over a hard surface, possibly concrete, then at last she found her footing, able after a moment to support her own weight. Adara swayed, disoriented, but they hadn't let go of her, and then she felt a tugging at her wrists: the rope formerly tied around her ankles was still attached there, evidently, and she felt it slip around the base of her tail, between her legs--

"Nnnnh! Nnnngh!" she gasped and shook her head when the man yanked the rope upward and it dug painfully into her sex! She grit her teeth and squirmed, but the painful pinching sensation didn't abate as he coiled the rope around her waist, and only when it was knotted near her navel did it loosen up enough to stop hurting her so badly.

"That ought to keep you from causing any trouble," she heard, and when she tried to pull her hands up a little she realized what he'd done, moaning in discomfort: any struggling against the cords that trapped her wrists would tighten the rope now running between her legs, ensuring any attempt to escape would hurt! Whimpering, she shook her head a little... Even hunching forward would pull the crotch rope taut! But it seemed they had no intention of loosening it.

"Walk," growled another of them, behind her, and the hands that gripped her by the shoulders pushed her forward. She cried out through her bound jaws, tripping almost immediately over the ropes that locked her knees together and surely would have fallen if not for them holding her up. They were relentless though, continuing to shove, and she had no choice but to stumble onward, feet shuffling tentatively forward, swaying back and forth and feeling constantly about to tip over or run into something. She usually had such good balance, but the blindfold was so disorienting that even without the coils of rope around her knees threatening to trip her she might have had trouble staying upright. The incessant onward pressing on her shoulders gave her no time to try to gather her wits, assess her surroundings, or make any attempt to break away from them, not when she needed every available bit of concentration just to keep from toppling over, made still worse by any instinctual attempt to extend her arms for balance only making the rope bite between her legs again.

They guided her through a couple of doors, and several turns, once even carrying her down a flight of stairs, the material transitioning from concrete, to wood, to a softer surface that might have been tile, and then back to cold hard concrete at the bottom of the stairway. She couldn't have even begun to remember how many steps she took, what turns she made, or when; every moment that passed strengthened her sense of dread, which in turn fed the urge to panic, heart hammering as they led her deeper and deeper into the building. Her pants turned to whimpers, and then to moans, muscles trembling with anxiety; then abruptly they stopped her, a door creaked open, and she received a rough sideways shove that knocked her through that doorway and into whatever room lay beyond. She tripped, they caught her, and then they pushed her onto a soft, springy surface, possibly an old mattress, setting her down on her back.

"You sit tight, now. We'll come get you later," one of them said. Another chuckled, then she felt one of her breasts squeezed, a nipple tweaked, and she yelped when one of the men gave the crotch rope a yank! The rope there already felt a little damp from her slight arousal, to her embarrassment, but at least they didn't comment on it... Then their footsteps moved away, and the door slammed shut, followed by the distinctive heavy thunk of a deadbolt sliding home to lock her in. She could faintly hear their steps fade as they went back up the hall... and then she was alone.

At first Adara only lay there, panting, and then she let out a muffled sob. The sudden abduction still gave the events since then an unreal quality, like it was just a bad dream that she could hope to soon wake up from. But the throbbing pain where she'd been slapped, and pinched, and the ache of the rope digging into her cleft were all real, so horribly real, to tell her that this was no dream. She had been abducted... stripped, bound, molested... and now left alone in some sort of prison! "Mmmmm! Hlllmmm! Nnnnnh!" she tried to yell, but the gag muffled her voice and what little escaped her maw only rebounded back at her off the walls of her cell, unanswered and likely unheard.

Panic and despair rose in her again. She did her best to fight them, trying to collect herself despite the whirlwind of fear and confusion that seemed to threaten to overwhelm her mind at any moment, and make herself think! She was a smart dragoness, she was resourceful. She could figure this out.

What could she do?

The bindings on her wrists were very tight. She carefully twisted them, trying to pull against the coils while putting as little pressure on the crotch rope as possible, but there didn't seem to be any wiggle room, and even less than before with her arms and hands stuck underneath her! Struggling onto her side, she tried again, and then a little harder, but when that tugged the crotch rope taut she moaned and stopped, her pussy already feeling hot and tender from the rope chafing and pinching it, which to her dismay only seemed to encourage her libido. "Mmmnnh..." Her face flushed, and she thumped her tail against the mattress, feeling its springs vibrate underneath her, trying to focus. This wasn't the time to be horny!

Just concentrate on the ropes, she told herself, not your fantasies, this is far too serious to indulge in such things! It seemed she wouldn't be moving her arms very much, not unless she could open the knots somehow... Well, could she? Her fingers were useless, she determined at once: balled into fists and stuck within the leather mitts, she couldn't even locate a knot, let alone try to grip it or pull it open, nor could she attempt to saw through the rope with her claws. Her finger claws anyway, she realized... What about her toe-claws? Could they reach?

Twisting, she bent one leg, then the other, arching her back and pulling her hands out as far as she dared... and then a little farther, snarling from the burning pain that flared between her legs! But her toes couldn't seem to reach, and then she yelped and hurriedly straightened out her legs again: straining to fold her legs so far had caused sudden painful cramps to flare on the back of each leg, just above and inside the knee.

Adara lay on her side for a little while, panting from the exertion, as she waited for the stinging pains in her knees--and her crotch--to subside. While she did she briefly tried to push on the gag with her tongue, to see if she could get the cloth between her teeth or get the thick knot of it out of her mouth, but even wet with her saliva it remained pulled tight, refusing to stretch, and even if it hadn't been there she wouldn't have been able to do anything to peel off the tape. That removed trying to bite apart any of the ropes as an option, though even then she would only have been able to reach the secondary bonds that looped around her upper arms...

What about the blindfold? Could she at least get that off, certainly being able to see would help! Her hands couldn't reach it of course... Her tail didn't have near enough dexterity to do anything about the ropes, but could she at least work it under the edge of the blindfold and pull it away from her eyes? Lifting her head, she curled her tail up, and after locating the tip of it against her head she tried to slide it against the blindfold in a number of places, to get it beneath the cloth, and growling in frustration when its tip proved too blunt and the cloth bound too tight against her head for her to dislodge it. Maybe instead she could catch the edge of it on something, though, say the corner of the mattress she lay on?

She would have to find the corner first, which meant squirming around until she managed to feel the edge of the mattress with her snout. Though her present bondage wasn't quite as restrictive as the earlier hogtie, the cramps in her thighs could still be felt enough that she feared they'd come back even stronger if she bent her legs again, and every little tug with her wrists made her crotch burn a little more from the friction and unwelcome desire. Trying to avoid straining either of those any further left her ability to move extremely limited! After considering it for a few moments she rolled over onto her chest, then began to shimmy herself forward, pushing with her toes, rocking her torso back and forth to tug herself along. More than once she squashed one of her boobs beneath her, she hissed from the feeling of her soon-perked nipples dragging across the coarse surface she lay on, and a couple of times she accidentally pulled on her crotch rope again... but after a little wriggling she managed to locate the end of the mattress. From there she twisted herself sideways, feeling her way along the edge until she found herself at a corner, then she turned her head, pressed it down, and dragged it across the corner once, then a second time, and a third, trying to get the blindfold off!

It didn't work. The corner was too rounded and too soft to catch the blindfold, and after a few more attempts she gave up, whining softly. There was nothing she could do... She couldn't escape, not from any of it! They'd thought of everything... It was like they'd done this before, she thought for a moment, but when she considered it, surely they had! They'd snatched her so efficiently, bound her so securely, been careful not to say anything in her presence that would offer her any clues, they'd even had a holding cell prepared for a captive... She shivered. Did they ransom women for a living? Were they slavers? Or something else?

Her mind turning to still darker possibilities only encouraged her lingering despair, and she growled loudly, trying to master herself. Don't think about it, she told herself. Keep trying. There has to be a way!

But whatever that way was, it wasn't to be found lying on the mattress, that was clear. She couldn't use her arms, but her ankles weren't bound... Could she stand? Testing the ropes again, she tried to think how she could do it... She couldn't push herself up with her hands like she normally would; it'd have to be with her legs, so she'd have to get them beneath her in order to get up. That part would be the challenge. She rolled in one direction, then the other, struggling against the knee-ropes before settling on her side, pulling her legs gingerly up to towards her chest and trying not to waken those cramps again. The motion rotated her hips forward, though, tightening the rope that ran across her sex, and she tried to ignore the mingling heat of discomfort and arousal... Now she just needed to roll onto her legs.

Adara rocked forward once, making it perhaps halfway before tipping back over, and grit her teeth: there was no way she'd manage it without pulling the crotch rope tight, it seemed, so she'd just have to accept the pain and push through it! She rolled towards her back a little ways, so she'd have a bit more space to get enough momentum, and rocked forward again, once, twice, then finally on the third time managing to get onto her knees, yowling from the pain as the rope yanked painfully against her cleft! "Nnnnnngh! Rrrrrnnnh!" But she had her legs beneath her now, and after a couple of wobbles and false starts she managed to rise to a kneel, then pivot herself up onto her feet and stand.

For a moment she stood there motionless, taking deep panting breaths, her crotch burning and her joints aching where the ropes dug into her. She'd managed to stand... but now what? She didn't know where the walls were, or the door... she'd even lost track of the edge of the mattress while struggling. Carefully, hesitantly, she shifted her weight and shuffled forward, one foot, then the other, every movement tentative: if she lost her balance, she might miss the mattress and hit the floor instead, and couldn't use her arms to catch her fall. But a couple of steps brought her off the mattress and onto the floor, cold and hard and almost damp: more concrete. Claws scratching along the floor as she dragged them, she kept going, tail swaying back and forth to try and keep herself steady as she hobbled, leaning forward and expecting her snout to run into something at any moment, trying to feel as far forward as she could before every step!

At last she found a wall, and leaned against it even though the cool temperature made her shiver. More concrete, and the coolness despite the season meant she had to be underground, wherever she was. Not that the knowledge helped her much... But any information could be useful, she told herself, trying to treat it like a case, with facts to find and put together, a puzzle to solve... It was the only way she could keep her head, but at the same time it was so difficult to think analytically in such a desperate situation, when her captors could return at any moment, when she was tied up, naked, utterly defenseless!

Gotta get out, she thought to herself. I gotta get out. If only thinking that so many times could make the damned ropes any looser! But their grip on her was as tight as ever, and she was just as unsuccessful fighting her bonds there as she'd been while lying down... Still, she had to keep trying, she couldn't let this continue, she had to do something! Biting down on the gag again, lashing her tail against the wall, she tried to prepare herself--and then wrenched her hands against the tight coils as hard as she could, trying to pull something free.


The crotch rope pinched her hard, as she'd known it would, and she tugged and tugged and tugged until she couldn't take it anymore and the pain forced her to give up, slumping back against the wall, the ropes feeling no looser around her wrists than they'd been when they first went on. She groaned in frustration at her helplessness, and yanked once again, only to howl again in agony and stop almost at once: every successive attempt only left her crotch feeling even more sensitive from the chafing of the ropes.

Adara didn't want to give up, she didn't want to give in to despair--that just wasn't who she was!--but all the different factors of her predicament were simply too much for her to summon the will to keep fighting. Her helplessness, her nudity, the pain from being spanked and groped and fighting that infernal rope between her legs, the lust that stirred in her from this dark fantasy of being overpowered brought to life, even the blindfold that cut off her sight just made all the rest of it feel even more intense... She couldn't suppress a sob, choked as it was by her gag, and she quivered all over in anxiety, legs feeling ready to give out from sheer terror of being kidnapped this way. The urge rose within her to beg, to plead, to do anything to get out of this place, but her captors weren't even there to listen!

She staggered forward as the compulsion grew, sliding herself along the wall to keep her balance and whimpering as her bare nipple dragged over the rough cool concrete. If she found the door, she wouldn't be able to open it with it locked from outside, but maybe she could be heard through it... Maybe... Something, she had to do something, she had to get out! "Mmmmm! Hlllllnnnf, lllllllnnnf! Nnngh! Mmm mmmmf!" she cried as she stumbled along, nearly falling onto her backside when she reached the corner of the room and bumped into the next wall, but she kept right on bellowing, her voice going hoarse and ragged as she forced it around the gag.

There was no response, and she went quiet at last, leaning against that corner and whining to herself. Nothing she could do. Nothing. Trapped. At their mercy.

At once she didn't feel like she could stand any longer, and she turned, trying to find her way back to the mattress. Blind, disoriented, forced to hobble by the ropes on her knees, it took what felt like eternity to find it again, and she sank down onto it heavily, slumping over on her side with a moan of defeat. She'd done all she could, and still she was bound so horribly tight. All she could do was wait for them to return for whatever torment was in store for her.

There was no way to monitor the passage of time; blackness surrounded her, the temperature never changed, and only her own moans and rustling squirms reached her ears. She might have even lost consciousness at some point, for all she knew... but at last she was dimly able to hear footsteps outside. She moaned once, then again, feeling almost too weak to even raise her voice, and then the door opened. "Nnnn. Mmmmnh mmm. Lllllllmm!" she said.

She recognized one of the voices from before when it growled, "get her up," and they did, seizing her by her arms and lifting her up until she stood, as the rope dug into her tender pussy again and her eyes watered from the pain, or perhaps her fear. She whimpered at them, and tried to beg, but the command to walk only came again, and though she tried weakly to protest they sent her off and down the hall at once. This time she thought they went the direction opposite the way she'd been led down there, but couldn't be sure, and had little time to consider it as they pushed and prodded and yanked her roughly along her unseen course. The trip was longer than the walk from the van to her cell, but there were no stairs this time, and at its conclusion the pushed her back against a thick wooden post. They bound her ankles to the base of it, then to her relief they untied the crotch rope--even untied her hands! But they still held her arms firmly and her hands were still balled up in the mitts, giving her no opportunity to try to escape before they forced her arms around the pole and bound her wrists again, just as tight, to keep her trapped against the post.

And then they left her again.

Adara moaned, and briefly struggled, a little more eager to try now that tugging on the coils wouldn't hurt so badly! But once again her bonds were tight, the knots secure--and then she heard a rumbling sound from somewhere across the room, and the rustle of scales, followed by slow, heavy footsteps. She didn't need her eyesight to identify the source, and the sulfurous scent that washed over her as the footfalls neared only confirmed it: they had left her alone with a big, pure-blood male dragon.

Hot puffs of air warmed her, first at her cheek, then her chest, then her thigh. "Be still," a voice said, the words thick and accompanied by a deep rolling growl that reverberated all through her body. She did not even consider disobedience: the creature looming over her could kill her in an instant if he chose, even if she wasn't bound and gagged, and she only shivered, whimpering, as warm rough scale pressed against her flank, then near the base of her tail--and then a brief sharp moment of pain. He'd bitten her!

"Nnn! Lllnf! Mmmmmn!" she cried up at the dragon, twisting and yanking against the post, only for a deep growl of warning to quiet her again. There was a pause, as she felt blood drip down her tail--he had bitten her yes, but not deep, only enough for a couple fangs to pierce her scales--and then something warm and wet rasped over her tail, and her wounds. He was licking her... No, she shuddered. He wouldn't--couldn't-- Dragons hadn't eaten the biped races in a thousand years, surely this one didn't continue the practice! She whimpered, utterly terrified, as he continued to lick, and he made a rumbling noise that sounded almost curious.


The sound and feel of his breaths moved back around to her chest. She stiffened, and shook her head quickly back and forth when his tongue ran over one breast, fearing another bite, deeper, to somewhere more vital! But then the dragon said, "do not be afraid. I mean you no harm." The words came out deep, halting, with a constant growl rattling underneath that distorted them nearly past the point of understanding. It was not a lack of intelligence that made the dragon's speech difficult, only the shape of its long tapered snout, and despite having just been bitten she believed him--she was desperate to believe him, to get the fear of being eaten by the massive reptile out of her mind!

Again the question of why rose in her mind, and she moaned at him, trying to speak. "Nnnh, hhhnnn, lllllm!" But the dragon seemed about as interested in her words as the men who'd kidnapped her: he did not even acknowledge the sound of her voice, let alone remove her gag. Instead he pressed his snout to her chest, just beneath her breasts, and sniffed. He repeated the gesture up at her collarbone, then again at her waist, the rush of cool air blowing over her aching, abused cleft making her tremble, and after another moment his head lifted away.

"Hmmm!" he said again. For a while he left her standing there uncertainly, listening to his deep rumbling breaths and wondering just what he was wondering about, and then he said, "let me see her eyes."

The much lighter footsteps of one of the others came up behind her, a moment later, and after some tugging at the knot behind her horns the blindfold loosened, then was pulled away. Even the dim light of the room stabbed at her eyes after so long in darkness, but she could not look away from the dragon before her.

He loomed over her, his scales black everywhere but where the roots were visible, where they were a deep shining bronze. That so little of the color was visible made it seem to ripple over him like water whenever he moved and the thick overlapping scales shifted, hiding the bronze in some places and revealing it in others. Though the bronze glinted when it caught the light, the black of his scales seemed almost to absorb the light that struck it, giving the impression that he gradually faded into the darkness the farther back she tried to see, his folded wings especially. Her attention didn't stray for long: when his head moved, she looked into his eyes, and then she could not look away. They were a deep shining green, large and slit-pupiled and giving an impression of inquisitiveness, curiosity even, as he gazed back at her.

Then he brought his head down close, one great eye peering into her own. She instinctively shrank away from that massive many-fanged snout, pressing herself against the post she was bound to, but he seemed to have no ill intent, only blinking, and then giving a brief shake of his head. Briefly she heard movement behind her, from the silver half-dragon she had briefly glimpsed before the sack had been pulled over her head many hours ago, but the dragon fixed him with a glare that sent him scurrying backwards before he could do whatever he had been about to do. Snorting, the dragon tossed his head, his expression relaxing once again as the smaller half-dragon retreated.

He considered her a little while longer, his tail swishing lazily back and forth, and then he dipped his head again. She could not pull herself any farther back than she had already, and she whined softly as the arrow-shaped snout descended, a broad pink tongue flicking out and lapping over one nipple. "Nnnnh-- Mmmmf? Nnnnnf!" she yelped and squirmed in surprise, her fingers clenching within their mitts, wishing he would stop no matter how it tempted her lingering, unwelcome desire. Did he mean to molest her too?

"Relax," he said in his deep voice. She whimpered, she didn't want to relax, she wanted to get away, she wanted to be back home and safe again, but when she looked up into those eyes, when he brought himself so close to her and there was nowhere she could go to escape the intensity of his gaze... She found herself relaxing after all. He had said he wouldn't hurt her. She did not have any reason to fear...

The dragon licked her again, the tongue wiping between her breasts, circling around one, then the other. Adara blushed, and whimpered again, only for him to nuzzle them with an almost shocking gentleness, and his constant rumbling softened to a halting, rattling sound that seemed almost like a purr. Did he... did he want to pleasure her? As if that would make this any better? She still didn't even know what was going on! She huffed at him, and squirmed, tail twitching, but he either didn't recognize her biped body language, didn't mean to be dissuaded--or perhaps could smell her body's lust that had been awoken linking her fantasies to the kidnapping... He continued to nose and lick teasingly at her bosom for a little while, seeming more aware of the sensations he could give her there than she expected from a species whose females lacked breasts! And though she flushed in embarrassment, and wriggled against the post, and whined, she was more than a little ashamed to feel herself reacting to his touch, gentle as it was. Eventually his head dropped lower, turning just a bit to the side so he could look her in the eye as his tongue searched down between her legs and gave her entrance a lick.

"Nnnh! Ngh... Mmmmn!" She gasped and twitched and bit down on her gag when he lapped at her: regardless of what she wanted, or what her body wanted, the repeated yanks and pinches of the crotch rope had left her pussy extremely sensitive, and his touch felt so intense it was nearly painful! His purr deepened into a draconic chuckle, and despite her grunts and squirms he continued to lick, tip of his long broad tongue seeking a little deeper into her folds each time. She couldn't get away from his tongue, she couldn't make him stop... To give in to such forced attention was so humiliating, but to her dismay her body welcomed it no matter what she thought, and she got the sense that he wouldn't stop until she'd let herself enjoy it! And perhaps if there was something horrible planned for her, she should take the pleasure where she could get it...

And besides, she wasn't sure she could ignore such direct stimulation much longer, not after the way her arousal had lingered all through the day. Already she could feel the heat of her arousal growing stronger, and she closed her eyes and leaned back in the end, giving in to the giant dragon and accepting his pleasure. That earned her still more from his tongue, deep firm licks across, even pressing into her sex, flicking across her clit, his breath hot between her legs as he tasted her. As difficult a day as it had been, as oversensitive as she was, it took a while for him to really get her into it, but by the end he had her moaning and rocking her hips and trying to spread her legs against the ropes to give him more room, and at last he brought her to climax, ripping a series of muffled howls of ecstasy from her throat as she spasmed and writhed in the throes of her release.

The orgasm left her slumped there, exhausted and gasping, and the dragon gave her one final tender nuzzle before lifting his head. "No," he said, seeming almost to sigh with a note of--disappointment?--as he did. "Take her away."

"Yes lord," came the crisp response, startling her: she had not noticed the other half-dragon creeping back up behind her, and soon she heard the other two bipeds, evidently servants of the big dragon, approaching as well! The blindfold went back over her eyes before she could even begin to protest, and despite her grunts and moans and even a few tugs against the post she could not do a thing. They untied her ankles, and took tight hold of her arms before releasing them as well, getting her away from the pole before binding them again--and doing the crotch rope back up too!

"Nnnh! Nnngh!" she moaned loudly in response: the climax had left her pussy even more sensitive than before! "Lllllnnh! Lnnf mmm!" She pleaded, she dragged her feet, she shook her head blindly back and forth, trying to struggle, but they herded her away from their master without another word. Twice she nearly tripped and fell, they were so forceful, but they caught her just in time so as not to interrupt her forced hobbling march. When she was hefted over a shoulder and lugged up a staircase she yelped in surprise--she'd been certain they were going to take her back to the cell; now it seemed they were going to take her all the way back to the van! But then where?

Her suspicions were confirmed as once again the floor beneath her claws transitioned from tile, to wood, to concrete, followed by the unmistakeable sound of a car door coming open. "Would you quit struggling already?" one of them hissed at her, and gave her a couple of hard spanks, and finally they put her into the van, shoved her down onto whatever they had used to cushion the floor, and put her back into the same strict hogtie she'd grown so intimately familiar with on the drive there.

"There. Dumb bitch." Another spank. "Didn't you learn by now? You're not getting out!"

"Come on man," said one of the others, and he laughed. "How are we gonna entertain ourselves on the way if you scare her so bad before we even get going?"

The third voice, the dragon's, cut the other two off. "It's not for your entertainment. Do your job."

"Just seems like a wasted opportunity to me," the first muttered, but he went quiet after that, and soon she heard the engine revving. Back on the road... going who knew where. She shivered.

Adara didn't have it in her to struggle any longer. She was exhausted, cowed by fear of further rough treatment, and still in such hopelessly strict bondage; there was nothing more she could do except let them do what they wished and hope that there would be a chance to escape eventually. So the dragoness only whimpered to herself as she lay on the floor of the van, occasionally squirming restlessly or twisting when she felt sore but staying still otherwise, riding along as quietly as the rest of them.

Eventually they began to talk. "Why not that way? That worked fine last--"

"Don't use the same spot twice, not ever. Come on, man, those are basics!" This voice was unfamiliar; the driver's, perhaps.

"Fine. What about down that way?"

"Too rich. Cameras."

She shuddered: there was no doubt, they were trying to find a place to dispose of her. Again she began to whine, and struggle, fearing one of them might shoot her or cut her throat at any moment! And though she diverted one of them long enough to snap, "shut up!" and slap her a few times, their conversation continued, to her mounting horror, as they pointed out unseen options and objected to them for all manner of reasons...

Finally they found a spot they liked, and she felt the van stop, turn, reverse, turn again, and then the three men in the back moved towards her.

"Nnnn! Nnngh nnn, mmmmf!" she moaned, thrashing, even when they held her down.

As usual, her cries were ignored. "Well now, miss, this is where we part." The van doors opened--to her relief, if they meant to kill her they would have done it before opening them, she thought--and they lifted her and carried her outside, somewhere warm, definitely outdoors, but sounding quiet aside from the van's idling engine. The men grunted from her weight as they carried her, then one said, "that's far enough," and they put her down on a hard rough surface. Asphalt? Something jingled as it hit the ground next to her, and then their footsteps moved away at a sprint.

Oh no-- They were leaving her. They were just leaving her wherever they'd taken her, naked, bound up and gagged and blindfolded in that secure hogtie, where anyone might find her! "Mmmmmf! Nnnn! Mmmmmmm!" she howled, voice still so muffled by her gag, but all she heard was the sound of the van's tires screeching as they drove away seemingly as fast as they could.

The overwhelming sense of panic hit her stronger than ever. As frightening as they had been, her captors had clearly held her for some purpose, and taken enough care of her to fulfill it. But now she wasn't under their watch anymore; they'd left her, somewhere, without loosening the ropes in the slightest, and who knew what would happen next. Had they left her somewhere they expected her to be found, or expected her not to be found? Might someone find her anyway? What were the chances it would be someone who'd take advantage of her? Fear consuming her, she bucked and howled and yanked against the unyielding cords, grunting as they dug into her wrists and knees and ankles but not managing to loosen them in the slightest!

Getting her bearings was impossible, and struggling even more fruitless than before. At least in her cell she'd been able to stand, and walk; hogtied this tightly, she couldn't even get up into a kneel! The knots wouldn't give, the coils of rope had no slack for her to exploit, the gag and blindfold were as secure as ever... Her breaths came so short and shallow she soon started to feel dizzy, and weak, and eventually she had to stop struggling as she felt on the verge of passing out.

She was already certain that she wouldn't be able to escape on her own. If the previous hours of struggling had been useless, she certainly wasn't going to break free now that she was worn out, thirsty, starving... Stay calm. Stay calm. Stay calm! she told herself, so rapidly and desperately that the thought became almost meaningless, and she howled again, her voice ragged behind the cloth gag.

Adara didn't succeed in controlling herself so much as grow so exhausted that she had no other choice. Eventually she was simply too weak to keep yanking against the ropes, all her muscles sore and cramped, her chest and shoulders bruised from banging against the ground while she'd fought. The panic had wiped her mind nearly blank, but now she managed enough clarity to think. Just figure out what you can, she told herself.

As usual, her vision was useless. But her other senses told her more: the scents around her were definitely those of a city, though whether it was the same one she called home she could not tell. It was warm out but not hot, the surface she lay on was hard and level and smooth, certainly pavement, and she heard fans, the sound of far-off car tires, but no footsteps or voices: nighttime, somewhere out of the way. That meant she had two choices, or at least two she could think of: she could lie there and hope to be found, or she could try to struggle in whatever direction she thought would take her closer to where she might be seen. Simply waiting didn't appeal to her--she'd been bound so tight for so long, she'd had enough of this helplessness!--but that was just the problem, she was helpless to get herself out, and that meant no standing, no walking, no seeing, no speaking: nothing she could do but wait!

She tried to inch herself forward, and moaned. Not only were her limbs growing increasingly sore, struggling on the hard ground was far different than doing so somewhere softer: the hard pavement bruised her and scraped roughly against her, especially her bare breasts, which made continuing to struggle seem even less appealing... She tried again, and winced, gritting her teeth. Not an option. It just hurt too much, and she feared it would start scraping scales out or rubbing skin off if she continued!

That left no option but to lie there, whimpering, restlessly kicking and pulling on the ropes, unable to break free of the hogtie that trapped her there in whatever little alleyway they'd chosen to dump her. She heard the occasional car drive along nearby, but never anyone on foot, nobody to help her, nobody to free her... At least there was nobody to take advantage of her, either, but that was little consolation considering what she'd already endured!

But it was a city; even at night, eventually someone would walk down a road, and her head perked up when she heard voices: not one person, multiple, and judging by the boisterous conversation it was a whole group! That was good, that had to be good, people in a group had to be nicer than someone alone, surely they would help her! "Mmmmm! Hlllllllnnf! Mmm nnnngh!" she cried at the top of her lungs, trying to fight the gag and the tape to make herself heard, unable to tell just how far away they were! She paused for a moment, listening, then cried out again: the voices sounded a little closer, echoing just off buildings, surely even gagged as she was her voice would carry too, if only they didn't talk too loudly to hear her over them!

"What the--" The conversation stopped. Her heart leapt. They had seen her!

"Hlllnn! Nnnnnh! Llllnn mmmf!" She yowled and struggled and squirmed back and forth, the ropes creaking as she fought them, now just hoping they would come to her aid!

Running footsteps approached, a whole mass of them. "Gods--"

"Are you all right?"

The relief that washed over her when she heard the question was indescribable, so intense it nearly brought her to tears. They were here to help. She'd be okay.

"Someone call the police!"

A whole cluster of voices spoke at once, trying to tell each other what to do, trying to ask her questions--couldn't they see she was gagged!--and then at last she felt hands tugging against her bonds, everywhere. The blindfold they worked out first, revealing a half-dozen concerned canine faces looking down at her, then one of them pulled out a pocketknife and began to cut through the ropes as another peeled the tape off her snout, and finally, finally! one of them untied the cleave gag and pulled it from between her jaws.

"Are you all right?" one of them asked again, and after a moment one of the women of their group took off a light summer evening jacket she had been wearing and gave it to the yellow-furred dog who knelt by her head; he draped it carefully over her shoulders, and once all the ropes were cut and the mitts were off her hands they helped her into a sitting position.

"I-I..." Adara rasped, and despite the pain that shot down her arms when she raised them she pulled the jacket a little farther over her shoulders to hide her breasts at least; her voice was hoarse from howling so much, and her throat was painfully dry, with nothing to moisten it since that morning but whatever saliva she'd managed to suck out of her gag. "I was... kidnapped this morning... They left me here."

"The police are on the way," said a black-and-white dog with shaggier fur, who still held a phone to his ear.

"Is this yours?" said the woman who'd offered her jacket, and held something forward--her purse!

"Yes!" She snatched for it at once, and zipping it open rifled through the contents: wallet, keys, spare hygiene products, a couple receipts, and even her phone! Though its battery lay deeper in her purse, having been pulled out of the socket at some point. "Thank you-- Thank you so much..." She shivered, looking at the cut ropes and discarded bands of cloth and remembering how terrifying--and, though she'd never tell anyone, a little thrilling--it had felt to be so powerless in their grip. "I'd been stuck for so long!"

"It's no trouble, ma'am." The yellow one gave her a reassuring pat on the shoulder.

Her rescuers waited with her long enough for a police car to arrive; the jacket was exchanged for a thick blanket that covered her better, and she gladly went back to the police station, so relieved to be around someone friendly, someone who could keep her safe... But when she made her report of the abduction, the detective looked troubled.

"This is the third such case we've had in the past month. Always half-dragon women like yourself, grabbed off the street, put in front of a pure-blooded dragon, and then brought back again within a day. You'd think have a description of the dragon would make it easy to figure out who it is, but we've yet to find him." He shook his head. "Something is making this dragon target half-dragons. But don't worry--we'll get to the bottom of it, and find them, and bring them to justice."

Welless ran a claw through another picture on the board of potentials his servants have made. Yet another dragoness whose blood was too diluted to be of use. He'd been charged with finding half-dragonesses with pure enough dragon blood to be able to carry a full dragon's egg, but so far none of them had proven capable. That was to be expected, he supposed, considering how many generations ago the division had been, but was still frustrating! He turned his attention to the next dragoness on the list, again wingless, but red this time, and one of the pictures clearly showed the slit pupils the previous candidate had lacked. Perhaps this one would prove worthy...


"Wheeeee!" A thousand feet below, the herd of deer bolted. "Damn it, woman!" Keth's wings flared and his tail swung to one side, steering him out of what _had_ been a simple dive and into a quick, steep turn; the human's weight pressed in between...

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First Hunt (Hueroc/Ellora)

Taran prowled towards his prey. Step after careful step he stalked, his claws lifted and every movement slow, measured, to make as little noise as possible. His prey was distracted, facing the wrong way, and would never see him coming as long as he...


Serving the Queen

_Boom._ Weyala lifted her head from her nap and tilted her head, listening: rapid beats of that massive drum would summon her to defend her lands from an intruder, but the seconds dragged on, on... then a second boom sounded, rumbling into her cave...

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