Kid Game

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Tried a bit of an experiment with this one. Furry or not, I've encountered very little in the way of erotica written in the second person. There's probably a good reason for that, but I thought I'd try my hand at such a work anyway. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, right? Feedback is appreciated.

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It all started out as a game, you tell them. Jeremy laughs and says, "Doesn't it always?" You tell him no, it doesn't always, but it did this time. And it's your turn to tell a story, so keep quiet and listen up. And yeah, you assure the pair of rabbits, it really did start out as a game.

Up in Coltyn's bedroom, you and he and Riley decided to play Truth or Dare. It was after dinner and you guys were all sick of video games by then, and that just sounded like a fun game to play. But here's the thing: It was the kind of night where you play Truth or Dare and nobody ever picks truth. "Yell a swear out the window," Riley said, and you could barely get out a "Shit!" before you slammed the glass down again because all three of you were laughing so hard. It was that kind of night.

Jeremy smiles big enough to flash his buck teeth at you, but the rabbit wants to hear more. "So then what?" he asks. His voice has the sort of impatience someone gets when they want you to skip ahead to the good part.

Okay, so the three of you kept playing Truth or Dare--which was really more like Dare or Dare by that point--and pretty soon all the dares involved getting naked. Let us see your dick, pull down your pants, take off your pants, take off everything... It went on like that, pretty much how you'd expect, until you and your pals were up there in Coltyn's room wearing your birthday suits and having nothing but the absolute best time ever.

Now you've got their attention. Jeremy and Aiden lean forward, both brothers suddenly very interested in where this is going. And yeah, you tell them, all three of you guys had flagpoles between your legs. Since you figured they might be wondering.

Then Coltyn was sitting on his bed with his hand tugging at the rod of swollen fox cock in his lap, and he asked you and Riley if you guys wanted to jerk off. And you got up off the floor and grabbed your boner, waving your throbbing panda pride in the air as you said "Shit yeah!" And that got a real big laugh.

But here's the thing: Riley said he didn't want to beat his meat, which you thought was weird because he is like constantly horny. "Let's do something else," he said. The squirrel boy held his dick in his hand, then, pointing it around in front of him like a dowsing rod that would lead him to whatever he desired. With his pulsing pecker pointed straight at your face, he stopped and said, "I could really use a good suck tonight. How about it?"

You blinked at him, then at the penis twitching an inch in front of your nose. What? He wanted you to suck on his cock? Like, all the way to the finish? "Yeah," Riley said, giving his thing a little shake. The tip was shining wet, and you caught the sight of a tiny droplet of his pre flying off when it shook it, the bead sparkling as it caught the light in midair for a split second before it landed who-knows-where. "I've done it with some other guys before. It feels awesome!"

"Did he really do that with anyone?" Aiden asks. You chuckle and admit you have no clue. Riley likes to tell stories, you know. Aiden and Jeremy look at each other for a moment before turning their attention back to you.

It didn't matter anyway, because Riley didn't give you or anybody room to argue. "It's my turn, you know," he said wearing a grin the size of his whole face. "You were gonna pick dare, right? So I dare you to suck my cock."

Fine, you said. Because it was that kind of night, and because you wanted to try it anyway. So you marched right over to the bed and plopped down next to Coltyn, then leaned forward with your mouth wide open and went aaahhh just like you would at the doctor's. Of course, what Riley brought over wasn't a popsicle stick. You almost went cross-eyed looking down at half a foot of plump squirrel prick as Riley lined himself up and pushed forward. Then you shut your eyes, not super tight or anything, but just closed them. Then every sense was inside your mouth as that cock slid between your teeth and over your tongue. You closed your lips around the shaft, feeling everything inside--feeling how it was hard and soft at the same time, feeling how it was so warm you'd almost call it hot. Temperature hot, you mean, not spicy. No, the taste was like skin, kind of faintly salty and almost a little sweet. Having that length of sausage laying across your tongue made your mouth fill up with saliva, spreading the flavor to every nook and cranny in your maw.

You heard Riley mutter something under his breath. Not even words, but like a fast little garbled sound, as if the feeling of planting his pud inside a warm mouth had slammed into his brain like a speeding truck. And you thought then that maybe he wasn't so experienced at getting blowjobs, but you didn't care at all because holy crap this was great!

Jeremy and Aiden listen with their jaws hanging barely open as you tell them how Riley started pulling his cock out of your wet mouth, then he pushed it back in, then back out, then back in. Then things started to really pick up and he was totally humping your face, his blunt spear stabbing between your lips faster and faster. You remember moaning into his cock as he face-fucked you. You tried to tell him to do it harder in gurgling noises as your spit was forced down your throat and out around the edges of your mouth to drool down your neck until it soaked into your fur. A pair of fat squirrel balls kept bouncing against your chin, and you wanted nothing except to feel all the creamy cum trapped inside those puppies sliding down into your belly.

"Did he do it?" Aiden asks. "Did he actually pop inside your mouth?" The young lapine looks desperate, like he just hit the cliffhanger ending in an issue of his favorite comic. You don't even have to guess whether or not your friends are hard, but you doubt either of them is anywhere near as hard as you are--which is still nowhere near as hard as you were last Friday night, up there in Coltyn's room with a randy squirrel using your mouth as his own personal fuckhole.

And yeah, he came alright. You knew he would, especially when he leaned over you and panted out the best warning he could manage. "G-gonna... C--!" You don't suppose he meant...? Oh yeah. Riley groaned deep in his throat, suddenly sounding older than he was, and that's when he drove his entire torso forward until your nose was buried in the soft fur of his crotch. A second later, his cock was twitching, jumping on top of your tongue as it shot fresh, hot cum. It was slimy and sticky and felt like it was coming out in hard blasts, like spoonfuls of warm yogurt being catapulted against the back of your throat. Of course, you swallowed what was offered. You ate your meat, so you earned some dessert. Riley waited a few seconds before he pulled his dick back out over your tongue, the tip still trickling his creamy jizz. That's when you got to really taste it. You sighed as you savored that taste, appreciating how different the squirrel's flavor was from your own.

Huh? Yeah, you tell Aiden, of course you've tasted your own stuff before. Jeremy turns to his little brother and nods to confirm he's done same. You can either bust a nut into your free hand and slurp it up, you tell the young rabbit, or you can jerk off with your butt propped up on a couple pillows or a bed railing or whatever and aim your spout at your mouth so you get it straight from the source. That's the best way to do it. One fact of life you've learned is this: Cum will absolutely always taste better when it's fresh from the tip of a hard, gushing cock.

And yep, you nod, every guy's spooge has a unique taste. Or so you'd guess based on the available evidence. You have to adjust the obscene tent in your pants as you explain that texture seems to be different too. You know this because you'd never seen a load as gooey thick as Riley's. When he pulled himself out of the center of your kissy-face, it left a strand of his liquid seed connecting the tip of his cock to your puckered lips. Maybe to mess with him, or maybe just because you felt like it, you raised a finger and snagged the end of the string off his knob and dropped it into your mouth, head back, swallowing hard. Then it was mouth open, tongue out. See? All gone.

Riley looked like he was having trouble standing, breathing as though he'd just run ten miles. The kit sitting next to you, meanwhile, had gotten all hot and bothered watching the show. Coltyn leaned back on the bed, one hand behind him for support and the other rubbing his skin stick like he was trying to start a fire with it. That's when you dropped to your knees right in front of him. You told him not to waste that load. Make it a really super big one, okay, and he could blow it in your mouth. You wouldn't mind at all. Coltyn took the offer without even having to think about it. Perched on the edge of the bed, he stroked his cock like the pro he was, running his hand up the long, skinny shaft and swirling it over the head on each upstroke. You leaned forward, mouth open dentist-chair wide, watching your friend jerk off in front of your face. Come on, cum in my mouth, you told him. Fire all that buttery nut milk right in here, and you pointed at the entrance to your throat.

When the fox's face scrunched up and his breath came wooshing out between clenched teeth, that's how you knew he'd jumped the edge. You watched and felt those jets of cub cream splattering across your tongue, your teeth, your chin... You thought about moving your head down to get a nice facial, but no way--you were becoming addicted to that flavor. The load was good and rich, and smelled distinctly of fox. You sucked the hot air of the room in through your nose by the lungful, inhaling that wonderful tangy scent while it was fresh and strong.

Coltyn looked down at you. The way his face scrunched up, you might've thought he was in pain if you didn't know he'd just had a mega pleasure overload and was still beating his slippery wet cock as it dribbled fat drops of spunk that barely missed your lower lip and fell to the floor. The kit finally finished up as he watched the lump roll down your throat. Then he was looking down at a panda mouth, wide open and empty and smiling, the edges splattered with his seed.

Aiden watches you make the same face and says, "Wow. You really sucked off both of 'em?" You try not to laugh. Oh, you did more than that. Jeremy squeezes his thighs together, obviously trying to relieve some of the pressure pent up in the nice thick cock you can clearly see outlined through his shorts. Hey, you guys think it's hard to hear about this stuff without getting off? Yeah, well, imagine what it was like to be kneeling there half-drunk on the scent of cum with your own chub bouncing to your pulse above a dark spot in the carpet.

The bed in Coltyn's room creaked as he leaned back to breathe out a relieved sigh. "That was the best," he said. You took that as a compliment as you stood up, your aching boner twitching maybe a foot away from the fox's face. He licked his lips, leaned forward, and took you into his mouth. What else could you do but moan, nearly melting from that incredible sensation.

"No, wait!" Riley said. "Don't suck his cock." Um, excuse him?! You don't remember volunteering to give head for free, even if you were all friends. But that's when Riley got that wonderfully mischievous smile on his face. Then he said, "There's something else I want to try." Coltyn let your dick slip from his muzzle as you both watched Riley climb up on the bed on his hands and knees. He reached back to grab that huge fluffy tail of his and pulled it forward while he stuck his backside up in the air, showing off his butt like he expected someone to take a picture of it. Then he looked at you and Coltyn over his shoulder with the cutest grin and said, "I want you to cum in my ass."

The 'O' of Aiden's mouth looks big enough to fit an apple in whole. "No way," Jeremy says, almost laughing. "Did you...?"

Ahem. So here's what happened next. If you guys are interested in hearing.

Coltyn stood up, shaking his head like nuh-uh. "Hey, not on my bed." You watched his still-hard prick bobbing in front of him as he walked to the closet and grabbed a towel off the shelf. It was a huge towel made for relaxing on at the beach, big enough to almost cover the entire area between the bed and the dresser when Coltyn spread it out across the floor. "There. This'll be way easier to wash."

"Nice!" Riley jumped onto the towel and immediately assumed the position of a horny little squirrel waiting to get rutted, head down with his ass all hiked up and ready. What the proper etiquette is in a situation like that, you had no idea. You just squeezed your nuts and asked him if he was sure about this. "Yeah, it's fine," he said, his butt and that big ol' poofy tail waving side-to-side. "I've done it before." You were close to certain that was a lie, but then you remembered the garden his family grows in their backyard. You remembered seeing that beautiful garden chock full of ripe tomatoes and lettuce and zucchini--giant green zucchinis as big and long as the peckers you've seen in online porn videos. Of course. You can just imagine Riley creeping out there after dark, snagging a home-grown dildo, and then scurrying back to his room where inch after inch of veggie-cock would disappear under his tail as he rode it to half a dozen messy orgasms.

Whether or not that image in your head ever happened, your other head didn't care. You tore the string of pre connecting your prick to the floor and landed on your knees behind Riley. Your hands on the orbs of his ass, you yanked those furry cheeks apart to spit a loogie at the rosy pucker and watched it wink in response. The next thing you remember, your hips were colliding with slutty squirrel backside as all that throbbing panda pride you were packing plunged into a tunnel of moist warmth. And, like, wow. There was nothing in the world that could've prepared you for how perfect that hole felt swallowing your cock, tightening around your length as the boy beneath you moaned, "Ooooh migaaawwwd..." Riley stuck his butt out obscenely when you began to pull out, just a few inches of your meat leaving that cozy hole before you shoved it back in with a smack. "So gooood..." The words oozed out of Riley's mouth as you fucked him. Not even in any kind of rhythm, just impaling his tailhole again and again, riding a jolt of pleasure every time.

The sound of Coltyn fapping filled up your right ear as he roughly beat the length of his shaft next to your head. "This is the hottest thing I've ever seen," he whispered. Darn right. You stole a quick glance at the kit's balls dangling almost close enough to lick, imagining the milky nectar sloshing around inside them. A second later, Coltyn moved to kneel down in front of Riley like a king presenting his scepter. "I bet you'd like to suck on this," he said. Riley wordlessly nodded and engulfed the cock, the entire thing vanishing between his lips as Coltyn let out a sharp squeak.

The two of you spit-roasting that horny squirrel was almost too much. Your balls felt hard and heavy like a couple of paperweight stones hanging in your sack. You were way, way overdo for release by then. But here's the problem with that: Riley's ass felt so good, so unbelievably awesome squeezing your dick, you didn't want to pop just yet. It was maybe eight thirty by then, the sun only down for half an hour, and for a split second you thought about trying to pump that perfect ass 'til dawn. It felt that good.

And no, you definitely weren't the only one enjoying yourself. With Riley going to work too hard on his still-sensitive knob, Coltyn was panting, shaking, squealing. "Ah! Oh sh-shit! HAH-AHHHH!" His cries came out all high-pitched like a girl's. You wanted to tell him to keep it quiet. You would've held your finger up to shush him like that old hippo who works in the school library, but your hands were sort of busy clutching Riley's rump as you pounded his snug pucker and tried your very hardest not to blow.

Well, so much for friends. Riley didn't do you any favors when he came, that slick sleeve of flesh clenching tighter and tighter around your cock as his own hard-on shot a giant load, totally sperming all over Coltyn's nice clean beach towel. With Riley quaking underneath you and his ass massaging your dick like it was trying to suck the spunk right out of your nards, that was all you could take. You slammed yourself balls-deep in that hole just as your guts started tingling and you were twitching all over, your whole body cumming, spasming. You gave that squirrel bitch everything you had, jets of fresh-squeezed ursine splooge coating his insides, every burst so strong it almost hurt.

Still hot on the tail end of his climax, Riley was just about sucking the head off Coltyn's dick. And you were in no shape to tell your little foxy friend to shut his mouth already and stop screaming so loud the neighbors might hear. You would've dared him--triple-dog-dared him--to close his mouth if only you could've opened yours at that moment. But then he hit the peak and howled even louder as he filled up Riley's bulging cheeks with cum. Riley chugged a pair of mouthfuls before he had to breathe and the cock popped right out from between his dripping lips, Coltyn finishing his totally epic orgasm with two shots across the squirrel's back and tail and two more creaming your chest.

You can't even blame little Aiden for slipping a hand down the front of his shorts, pretending like that's somehow more polite than whipping it out and going to town right there. Way to keep it PG, bud. Jeremy just shakes his head all slowly. "I can't believe you guys did all that," he says. "That's awesome." As if you weren't already aware. But you're not finished yet, and it's your turn to tell a funny story, so keep quiet and listen up.

Up in Coltyn's bedroom, you and he and Riley were just finishing your very first three-way on the number one best night ever. You guys were buck naked and panting and floating on little clouds of bliss when suddenly the door burst open. Derek froze, standing in the doorway with you guys right there. And you were frozen too, just stuck kneeling there with a half-hard cock between your legs and thick gobs of your jizz leaking out of Riley's stretched-open tailhole right next to you and Coltyn's big brother standing ten feet away where he could see everything. You tried to think of something to say, but there was just nothing. It took maybe three seconds for panic to set in. That was also how long it took for all the shock to disappear from Derek's face, leaving behind an annoyed scowl. Then he rolled his eyes, turned to leave, and shut the door behind him.

Now you guys better listen, you tell the rabbits, because here's the best part of the whole story. A second after he left, and this is the honest truth, Derek was walking down the hall and you swear you heard him call down the stairs, "They're fine, Mom. Just playing some stupid kid game."

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