Fifty Shades of Tan: Heading West

Story by LeiLani on SoFurry

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#15 of Fifty Shades of Tan

Goodbye, Florida. <3 What a great time Leilani had, meeting all kinds of new friends and lovers. Now it's off to her next port of call, and some more very exciting, and possibly dangerous, encounters. Stay tuned! <3

Art by GoliathWildcat

My last week in the Florida Keys was a busy one. After that romantic night with Talon, we had a very playful early morning swim, where I learned just how long he could stay underwater with my legs wrapped around his shoulders, and his beak buried inside me.

It turned out to be a long time indeed.

After we finished our deep-water lovemaking, I returned to my apartment and saw a note taped to my door. Rhonda and Roxanne had come back at last, and wanted to have a little dinner party that evening, just the three of us.

The next afternoon, I ran into Gerald in the hall as I was leaving to get some more of those luscious cream sticks from Trader Vic's, and the gentle-tiger insisted on accompanying me. While there, we munched on two of them, and licked the cream from one another's pastries. On the cab ride back, our paws wandered and we kissed for quite some time until I could swear the windows were foggy from our combined heat.

We hardly got back to his place before our clothes were off, and we were tugging each other into the bedroom. The sex this time was quite powerful and demanding, and there were times he forced me to all-fours, grabbed my breasts, and thrust himself into me from behind, panting "Mother!"

I saw Cody the day after that down in the lobby, sheepishly holding paws with a beautiful dark brown vixen, with long dark hair, and green eyes a lot like mine. I was really happy for the todd, and not at all jealous. He told me her name was also Leilani, and I had to laugh at the coincidence - though I thought I saw a strange look come over the girl's face when he said that.

My last few days were spent relaxing, enjoying the beach and the ocean now and then. I did not venture too far from shore this time, although there was a strong desire to take another deep, lung-bursting dive to the bottom in search of that magical cavern. Every now and then though, as I swam, I would see a wink of light somewhere deep below me, a flash of brilliance in the tranquil depths, like a diamond gleam, and then it would disappear. Perhaps my new aquatic friends were watching over me after all?

** As I packed my bags, taking into account the extra clothing, the manager "Reggie", Cody, Rhonda and Roxanne, and Gerald all came to say goodbye. There were many hugs and tears as we traded well-wishes and Skype addresses, promising one another to stay in touch. "Keep in mind," I nuzzled the tigresses. "You must come to Tahiti when I return."

"We'll be there with bells on and clothes off, love," Rhonda giggled.

I laughed and hugged everyone tightly, and then they insisted on calling a limousine so we could all ride together to the airport. They waited for me to check in with my boarding pass, and stayed by the window to wave as I got on the plane.

On board, I opened the window shade to wave at them and blow kisses as the plane taxied to the runway.

"Are you comfortable, miss? May I get you a drink?"

I looked up at the voice belonging to a handsome, well-built fox, with shoulder-length, sandy blonde hair, and piercing brown eyes. He was dressed in a smart blue uniform, a vest, jacket and long trousers. "Very comfortable, yes. Um...perhaps a pina colada, if that is available?"

The fox grinned broadly and nodded. "Coming right up." He turned away briefly to a small liquor tray nearby. "Where you headed?"

I watched him make my drink, crossing my legs demurely. "New Orleans. I have never been there."

He nodded as he finished working and handed me a small glass. "You'll like it, if you know the right places to visit." As I took a sip, I noticed his intent stare and looked up. "Sorry, forgive me for saying so, Miss Otter, but I have a feeling you'll be the most beautiful guest I have today."

That caught me by surprise and I giggled around the glass. "You are very kind." I gazed back at him, and a foot came up to stroke his leg. "And very handsome too..."

He seemed to warm up instantly. "It's...uhh...a short flight, maybe two hours or so. But once I get the rest of the drinks set, would you mind some company?"

I shook my head. "I would like that."

I watched the fox as he serviced the rest of the passengers and every so often he would glance back to me and wink. When he was finally done, he sat down next to me, and we had a very pleasant conversation about Florida, and the wonderful friends I had made.

About fifteen minutes before we were to land, my new friend and I retreated to the restroom to speak further in private.

It is strange, Diary.

I do not remember feeling the plane land in New Orleans at all!

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