Lion King Cub Tales: Book One - Meo's Story

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WARNING: Cub, Forced, Extremely Kinky!

Hey guys! So I can finally get my latest little project moving! I'm really excited to get this show on the road...

As planned, there will be a series of adventure stories starring many different TLK cubs.... And... There. Will. Be. Smex!

I always kinda wished there had been an animated cub series or something, instead of the Timon and Pumbaa monstrosity, hehe. So here is my own animated series, if you like (and if you can use your imagination!) Only this is with words. And lovely cub smut.

Hopefully there's a kink or character here for everyone, especially as the series grows! So, yeah... stay tuned for more to comeeeee....


This particular teaser story stars the cub club and special guest Meo! It was such a pleasure coming up with this (I guess, kinda dark) story with and for the amazing, wonderful Meowz (who you simply must visit and watch and comment and stuff if you haven't already! and the project gave me a huge motivation boost that I can hopefully carry forward! Thank you so much Meowz :3

Note that this story is heavy on smut and light on action per se, but you gotta start somewhere right?

Hope you enjoy anyway!

SLIGHT EDIT - Cameo list removed - please view on InkBunny if you wish to see the full, unedited ending! ^^Book One - Cast:

Meo (c)Meowz (

Keezi (c)Meowz

Simba (c) Disney

Nala (c) Disney

Tama (c) Disney

Malka (c) Disney

Sarabi (c)Disney

Meo groaned as he stumbled across the Pridelands.

He was a young leopard cub adrift in a vast land, a desolate figure covered in red dust, and his quarry - a great hunk of zebra leg - was covered likewise, its distinct black and white pattern and viscid red meat sullied by rough transit.

"Come on! You stupid zebra!" growled the cub to his meal as it stuck fast on a jagged rock.

He tugged as his claws dug into the hard ground, and after much endeavour the meat gave way and leapt at him, knocking him onto his back. He picked himself up, grumbling and panting, and continued on his way with his prize - head-long into a billowing dust-storm. There was no chance to rest, no time to lose - he had to pass over the dry-lands and reach the safe and greener distance as quickly as he could. For the meat in his carry did not belong to him. He had taken it - from the great rock structure that still loomed large behind him - Pride Rock, the heart of the Pridelands kingdom. He was the perfect little criminal, sneaking away into the dusk while the Pride Rock lions feasted on a bevy of zebra carcasses. Picturing their stupid lion faces when they realised a juicy zebra leg was missing made him chuckle.

But any amusement was but a fleeting break from reality. They would be after him, he knew. They always came after him.

He narrowed his eyes and lowered his head against the flurrying dust. Every step was exhausting and full of effort, and the cub only managed a few before a great shadow fell over him, casting the ground before his eyes into darkness. Meo looked up. Before him towered a snarling lioness, her fangs baring. Her wind-swept form blocked out the entire evening sun. The little leopard thief gulped.



"Hey, lady Keezi!" smiled a golden lion cub, bounding into one of the many cave-dens of Pride Rock.

He and his three trudging friends behind were terribly bored, and thus felt it necessary to engage anyone that they came across in the hope of finding some excitement. Their search had been fruitless so far, and the day had been painfully without incident.

"Why... good afternoon, Prince Simba," the leopardess Keezi greeted, perfectly courteous before the youngster, who was next in line to rule Pride Rock, and the entire Pridelands.

"Did Meo try to run away again?" asked Nala, a pale-coated lioness cub, betrothed to Simba and destined to become his queen.

Keezi sighed and beckoned the cubs to come sit with her.

"I'm afraid that my son didn't just try to run away - he did run away!"

Simba, Nala and their friends Tama and Malka plopped down and looked beyond the leopardess mother to see Meo in the corner, facing the cave wall and grumbling.

"So why does he keep running away, lady Keezi?"

"Does he like being captured or something?"

"Is he dumb?"

The leopardess sighed and bowed her head.

"Well my dears, the problem is that he keeps stealing meat from our pride. And when he isn't stealing from the lionesses, he can be very rude to them. So, Simba - your mother and father - Queen Sarabi and King Mufasa - decided that he should perform certain 'duties' for the pride for as long as they should desire. And it seems he'd rather run away than stay and do his duty."

"So really," said Malka, a cub sporting a cute little brown mane. "It's just a punishment?"

"I suppose it is young Malka. Meo gets up early, and... offers his services to every lion in the pride. When he's finished, he's usually all full and tired, and a bit smelly. But he isn't allowed to have a proper wash until later."

"Services? What are those?"

"Sounds super gross if he gets smelly..." Nala winced.

"Well yuck," cried Tama, the other lioness cub, shaking her head, and the coiffure atop it, in disgust. "No afternoon bath? That's disgusting!"

"I'm afraid so," chuckled Keezi. "Maybe later... Meo has finished his duties today, he's having some... 'corner-time' right now."

Nala watched the leopard cub sulking across the den and cocked her head.

"I feel kinda bad for him," she said. She was not the only cub present to share those sentiments.

"I'm afraid, my dear, it's the only way for him to learn. If he was to steal anymore food, he could have some very angry lions on his tail - and they won't be as patient as the king and queen are. Believe me, he will grow up properly this way. All that I ever do is for his own good."

The cubs didn't entirely understand the situation, and Keezi was reluctant to divulge the full details of Meo's 'duties'. He was required to wake early, and offer his service to the lions (and guests) of Pride Rock. But his service was with his little maw, or sometimes his little bum. Any lion or lioness who wished for it, would be given a Meo muzzle-job to wake them. The little leopard cub would be required to wear or swallow any products that should result from his service, and that would be his nourishing breakfast every day. Needless to say, Meo detested his duties.

Of course, the not-so-innocent cubs of Pride Rock had sneaked peeks of Meo's morning routine, thinking it strange and somehow exciting, but remaining blissfully unaware of the full sordid specifics.

Prince Simba was himself wearing a not-so-innocent expression as an idea sprang into his mind.

"Keezi?" he said. "My mom actually wanted to speak to you. I... I dunno what it's about."

He flashed her his biggest, most innocent grin.

"Is that so? Then I shall go and see her straight away," she smiled. "Meo--"

"We...we'll keep on an eye on Meo for you," Simba grinned even wider and the other cubs nodded excitedly behind him, fluttering their collective eyelashes. "It's okay - mom won't keep you long, I'm sure of it."

"Very well, little Prince. That's very kind of you all. I will be back soon, I promise."

Simba and Malka sighed at the lithe leopard-mother and her sleek saunter from the cave, before she turned out of sight and headed up to the royal caves. As soon as she was out of earshot, the two boys came together.

"She's kinda hot," the golden cub whispered to Malka, who nodded enthusiastically.

"Well, you are the prince around here - maybe you could--"

Nala and Tama jumped up as one and glared holes through the horny pair.

" that was some good thinking, Simba!" squeaked Malka, gallantly trying to change the subject.

"Yeah - I can't believe she fell for it! But what can I say? I'm a genius! Right, Nala?"

The young lions' attention turned to the moping Meo, and they trotted to him, their whiskers twitching eagerly. Meo creased his face as the four beaming cubs set about him.

"Come on little guy," whispered Simba. "We're busting you out of here!"

"We know you've got a job to do - but how's about a little holiday huh?!"

"Well, at least for the afternoon!" Malka added.

They didn't wait for his agreement. Nala and Tama rushed to check the cave mouth, while Simba and Malka picked him up. The coast was clear, and the five cubs skipped down the rocky paths until they were out into the Pridelands. Meo breathed in freedom once again, and was thankful for it - though he still found all lions irksome, especially those of a similar age to himself. But this was a real gift - a perfect opportunity to escape - one a condemned little leopard such as him couldn't afford to pass up. He would wait for the perfect time, and then his flight to freedom - freedom from slavery, from orders, from stupid lions - would finally be successful.

The cubs crossed the grasslands quickly, warily - watching the distance for grown-ups and eyeing even the large prey herds with suspicion. After a tense while they passed along a ridge and carefully slid down a secret slope, where at the bottom lush trees sprang up around them, and a fresh pool fed by a gentle waterfall shimmered in the afternoon sun.

"We made it!"

Their rare silence born of concentration finally broke. For they had reached their haven without so much as a Zazu spotting them, and they were mightily pleased with themselves.

The cubby oasis was just as beautiful as always. Every time they came to it, it still elicited an awed gasp from each of them. Meo's mouth was agape. As crushed as his senses were from his morning duties back at Pride Rock, and the dark depravity and thick musky air within its caves, they were freed now and enthralled by the vivid greens of the copse, the joyful blue of the water, the playful dancing flowers. He was a world away from his tormented existence.

"Welcome to our own little private spot!" announced Simba, mounting himself on a rock and sporting a mischievous grin. "It's got everything a cub needs - a pool to swim in, cool grass to roll in, trees to... um... well, trees... are nice. But ya know the most important, most coolest thing about this place? No grown-ups know about it!"

Meo forced a weak smile and jumped as Malka bounced up to his side.

"So what do you think, Meo? Cool, huh? -- Whew! Your mom was right! You do kinda stink! What say we get you in the pool before we do anything else?"

The others agreed, and before the leopard cub knew it, he had been surrounded and unceremoniously dumped into the water. It was a shock at first, but it was cool, and the coolness massaged his skin perfectly. His little body almost sighed in relief, such pampering was sadly rare and so sorely needed. Okay, he still intended to escape - and surely soon - but he could certainly use this opportunity to clean himself up - to wash away the shameful stench of his sexual slavery at Pride Rock, and then to put his plan into action. Snorting, he put the horrid place out of his mind. Upon releasing his anger, his tense muscles loosened too in the water, along with the soothing rush of the current against his tail-hole. Closing his eyes to nap he rose to the surface like a furry buoy and floated around on his back, content with his lot in life for the first time in forever.

But there was a sudden splosh that broke his peace, followed by another three, and Meo awoke to find himself surrounded by loud, splashing lion cubs.

"Right," declared a soaked Nala, when the customary playful soaking and dunking died down. "Let's get you clean little leopard."

She leaned over to a flowery islet in the middle of the water, and ripped out a bunch of flat leaves with her maw, grimacing a little at their taste. She dropped them in the water in front of Meo - who wore a confused yet irksome look once more. Bobbing on the surface, the leaves fizzed and hissed, before spilling a tide of foam and bubble that clumped and sailed on the pool like soft icebergs. A frenzy was sparked and the lion cubs saw fit to lob froth at each other -often with great savagery; often collaterally damaging an unamused leopard cub with errant missiles.

They were soon forced to stop, each exhausted, when all the leaves had also exhausted their supply of foam. Meo groaned as he flicked away a bolt of suds from his eye, but before it had even hit the water, he was accosted by the lion cubs. Each armed with paws full off fluff, they roughly lathered Meo's lion-juice-matted-fur from head to paw until every part of him was groped in some fashion, and every inch was covered in goo that was much more sanitary than the goo that usually covered him. The leopard cub soon became like one big bubble as clouds of foam engulfed him. He shook away the fluffy puff around his face and pouted.

"Aww, isn't he just adorable?" Tama teased, setting his little head tuft to a strange pointy shape.

"He looks even littler when he's wet!"

"He's real little down here too!" laughed Nala, suddenly cupping Meo's submerged balls with her soft wide paw.

The boy almost shot out of the water as he felt a toe-claw of her paw creep around his waist and suddenly breach his tiny tail-hole.

"That's nice and little too," she whispered in his ear.

He looked up at her fearfully. She had a desirous look in her eyes, but Meo wanted no part of whatever desires she had in mind. He kept watching as she moved over to Simba and, judging by the little quiver the golden cub also made, she had briefly explored him too with her inquisitive paw.

"Well I guess he's clean now," Malka smiled, shaking his modest mane.

"And so are we! Hehe!

"So what shall we do next?"

"I kinda want to clean him again!" laughed Simba, to which Meo shook his head passionately.

The lion cubs climbed out of the water, and Meo saw that the cubs were distracted - busy drying themselves, or in Simba's case repaying the favour to Nala with a cheeky grope - so the leopard cub steeled himself and seized his chance to escape. He took a deep breath and shot out of the water towards the cover of the trees, dragging his weightier wet body as quickly as he could. His eyes narrowed and teeth clenched with effort and with each stride he felt sweet freedom flutter in his heart. His gaze never left the horizon. Closer and closer to the concealment of the trees he came. Then a pale-coated lioness fell seemingly from the sky to cut him off, and smirked as his nose bumped into hers... and he fell onto his backside.

"Way to go Nala!" cried Simba.

"Get outta my way!" Meo cried, gingerly picking himself up. Nala stood firm as the others caught up. With her unmatched agility amongst the cubs, the flighty leopard didn't stand a chance in a chase.

"A dumb weakling girl cub isn't gonna stop me! I'm tough - tougher than some...some... girl - and if you don't get outta my way - well... I'll make you get outta my way!"

The leopard cub's hackles were raised, although Nala was still much taller and her feminine muscles were still more thickly-set. Nevertheless Meo shot the lioness his meanest glare, and coiled to pounce. But Nala sprang away from his raging leap, and with a well-directed paw she batted the airborne cub between his hind-legs at the precise moment he passed her. Meo managed to land on his paws but his legs bowed and teeth clenched as the impact of her skilful slug to his balls bore the desired result.

"Uh-oh. He's actually challenging Nala," Tama smirked. "This will not end well."

Meo, undaunted and near-recovered, launched a second assault, throwing himself with the most ferocious snarl he could muster. But once more Nala was much too clever, and much too fast. With ease she dodged, and with her paw she again flicked out and smacked square across her attacker's unguarded privates. This time Meo fell flat on his face, whimpering at the pain that shot up from his bruised orbs through his pelvis and abdomen.

Malka and Simba flinched.

"Well... at least they might be a bit more impressive to look out once they're swollen?" the maned cub gasped.

Meo got up a lot more slowly this time. To add horror to his pain, his little peen had swollen, along with its bruised-ball neighbours, into a false little stiffy, which he sought to desperately hide by crossing his legs.

"Looks like he enjoys getting his little butt handed to him!" Simba laughed.

Tama cocked her head in study. "Still real small! A pretty enough little bashed-up pinkie... but...yeah... small."

Nala rounded to face him again, standing victorious like a master matador.

"I'm so sorry - did I catch your baby balls again?!" she grinned.

The mockery seemed to empower the leopard cub, and rally him for a last hurrah. In spite of his ears and cheeks and balls burning, he rose for another effort. He kicked dust in Nala's face and pounced again, but this time his fore-claws caught her skin as she side-stepped. She ignored the scratch and leapt at Meo as he turned back, shoving his shoulders with her fore-paws until he collapsed on to his back. Like an adult huntress she swooped upon his chest, grabbing his throat pressing him to the dusty ground. There were whoops of celebration from the other cubs.

"Hehe, pinned ya!" she winked to her vanquished foe, before gripping his damp neck again.

Meo was shocked. And then crestfallen, and then afraid, as her clamp of a maw seemed to drain his body of energy and all previous nerve. Blood rushed to his head, making him dizzy, and the voices of the cubs watching on became little more than muffled noise. He was completely at the lioness's mercy, and he could only close his eyes and wait for the killer blow - he was merely her helpless prey, free to be dealt with how she wanted.

Nala instinctively squeezed at her quarry's throat, and held firm with all her weight. But as she felt Meo calm, she chose to release him... and instantly regretted it. Defiance flooded, along with strength, back to Meo's body. His face burned with embarrassment as the laughter of his peers rang in his head. But he was still pinned, and could not rebel.

"Get... off... me!" he growled.

Nala was in no rush to comply.

"If I let you go, you'll try to run away again." She said calmly. She reached her hind-leg back and scoured her paw-pad against his throbbing cubby package, poking at his still-stiff weenie. Meo gasped as fresh pain rushed him. "No, I think I'm enjoying being on top of you too much. And it seems at least one part of you is enjoying being bossed by a dumb weakling girl cub too!"

"No! Let me up right now! I'm... I'm warning you!"

More laughter erupted from the lion cubs, Nala included this time.

"What are you gonna do?" Tama jeered. "Pounce on her shadow again?!"

Nala released her prey, and Meo kicked out and rolled away. He jumped up and shook the dust from his fur.

"It looks like the tiny-junk leopard baby needs another bath! Hehe!" grinned Simba. Meo felt a rage grow within him until he felt like he would burst. His limbs shook. His eyes were aflame. He turned to the golden cub first and took a deep breath:

"Oh look it's the witty Prince Simba again--" he snarled bitterly, erupting like a volcano. "Next in line to be the biggest spoilt brat in the world... oh no, wait, he already is! Loves to disobey whenever he can, loves to put his closest friends in danger... doesn't have a roar, doesn't have a mane... doesn't stand a chance of living up to his dad!"

He turned to Nala.

"Then there's the future Queen Nala - she seems quite happy with a life of being ordered around by that royal brat, although I guess that is all a dumb lioness can hope to amount to. At least you know your place. And you won't have problems living up to your parents - your mom is a lackey and I don't see a dad anywhere! Isn't it a bit upsetting that you've never known a father's love?"

The lioness felt tears well in her eyes.

"And you other two, well... I don't know you - but you are lions too, so it stands to reason that you are stupid... and greedy... and lazy..."

At first there was shocked silence at the outburst, but then visible ire amongst the little lions. Tama moved to console Nala, and Simba squared up to the leopard cub, who cowered in the presence of the much larger, heavier, bulkier, more powerful prince.

"Here in our secret place I am the king!" he growled. "So I'm in charge - and I can make punishments for you just like my dad."

Meo regretted his impassioned rant even more as the other three angry lion cubs with angry teeth rounded on him too, cornering him against a tree.

"I can't believe we tried to help this jerk..."

"King Mufasa was right to make him do all that stuff. Shame he hasn't learnt his lesson..."

"What shall we do with him?"

"I dunno, but I think we've kept this pest from his slave-duty for quite long enough now!"

Simba nodded. "Yeah, but we're gonna have to make sure he doesn't try and get away again."

There was a moment of silence as their brains each ticked, while Meo slumped fearfully against the tree - a convict awaiting his sentence...

"Sticky vines!" the lions chanted simultaneously. "Yeah!"

Before Meo knew he had been marched by the excited cubs deeper into the trees. He could hear the waterfall no longer, and could feel the dusty ground no more - undergrowth instead tangled his paws and thorns scratched his legs as he was walked. He was led past thick flowering bushes and along a clearing by a mud pool, until he was halted before two large, leaning trees connected by a mass of vines, like the thick, green cobweb of a giant spider. Malka approached the tangled mass and held out a paw. It stuck to the vine, and he fell backwards while yanking it free again.

"Still sticky," he grinned from the floor.

"This," said Simba to Meo. "Is another little secret of ours. These plant things are cool - they're super-twisty and super-sticky, but until now we haven't figured out how to play with them - not without getting stuck for hours anyway! But that's where you come in, baby-balls."

With that cryptic message, the lion circle closed in on Meo again.

"W-what are you gonna do to me?" he gulped, backing away until he was precisely between the two trees.

In a flurry of movement the lion cubs' plan was afoot. Nala and Tama suddenly swung like little Tarzans on the loose vines in their maws. They landed beside the leopard cub and skilfully wrapped his hind-legs with those same sticky lengths.

Meo shrieked in surprise and tried frantically to kick off his binds, but this only served to tighten their grip and trap him further.

"Hey! Get these things off me!" he yelled.

At the same time Simba slid beneath the leopard cub's chest and then stood, levering Meo off the ground. Like a fly in a web he found himself suspended a few inches from earth - and Nala and Tama pulled the leg-vines and tied them around each tree, the tension holding the young leopard bolt upright and spread-eagling him out.

Malka then popped up last to add the finishing touches - in the form of extra vines to hold his fore-legs. The whole choreography took only seconds.

"Please let me down!" Meo pleaded, trying a less demanding approach. "I won't jump at Princess Nala or anything, I promise!"

"Wow, that worked out kinda well!" laughed Simba, ignoring the bound beggar.

He and the other cubs took a moment to admire their handiwork as Meo dangled pitifully.

"We sure make a great team - we moved like... like lion-shaped blurs!" Malka agreed.

Meo, quickly aware that he was not being listened to, struggled again to free himself. But it was no use. He wasn't going anywhere. With the deepest sigh he swayed glumly in his net of vines until Tama came to him to double-check his bonds. Happy that they were secure, she moved onto double-checking Meo, looking the exposed leopard boy up and down and smirking.

"Try running away now, little-pee-pee!"

Meo felt horribly helpless, and any further struggle faded as hope fled him. He had blown his golden chance of escape already - and what's more - it was a dumb wimpy girl that had thwarted him. The little leopard looked down at his hanging body and cursed it for being so weak. It would be punished for its weakness... as it always was. He could only wait.

"What's the matter, little baby... all tied up?" Simba jeered.

The golden cub watched as Nala joined Tama in front of the suspended boy, so that their heads were level with his most spread, most private area. Meo's face burned as they inspected his intimate place, cooing and giggling. Nala crouched suddenly and drew in close, intrigued by his weak pardine musk. She snuffled around for a few moments, her nose bumping perilously close to his cream-furred balls and pink tail-hole.

"L-leave me alone!"

"Well, what are we gonna do with these tiny things?" Nala grinned, roughly grabbing both of Meo's little orbs with an engulfing paw. The leopard boy gasped at her touch. "And what about your baby pinkie? We need it to come out so that we can play with it!" She licked her lips.

Tama nodded in agreement and wasted no time grabbing the leopard cub's little furry sheath. She squeezed it between her paw toes while Nala kept her attention on his tender testes, slapping them hard and squeezing them without a care.

"Look at this little thing. Is there even a pinkie in there?!" Tama mocked as she crushed the sheath in her paws. "I've seen babies with bigger!"

"No... it much," Meo groaned under his breath.

He wanted to beg them for all he was worth, beg them for mercy - but sometimes he found his voice a whisper. His mother had taught him with great constancy, suppressing her boy's instincts so that he could perform his duties without resistance. Her instruction was ingrained within him. For now, all that he could do he was wriggle as he swung, trying to sooth the pains on his sore little sheath and balls.

"P-please... stop..." he mumbled again.

"There it is!" Tama announced, finally losing patience and yanking Meo's sheath back, prompting a howl of anguish from the leopard boy.

His little member stood with swelling from the molestation, not-so-proudly before the hungry eyes of the lioness pair. Meo tried to will it back out of sight, but it wouldn't budge - it was going nowhere, much like him.

"Well... it's still not very impressive," Tama sighed.

"Haha! Look at how tiny it is!" laughed Simba. "Are we sure he isn't actually a girl himself?" He keeled onto his back, clearly impressed with his own joke.

Nala took the swollen cocklet in her maw, grazing the inflamed flesh back and forth with her predator's teeth. She had tasted Simba before, but this was different, intriguing... and she couldn't help but squeeze it in her jaws for a while and test it with her rough tongue.

"No! Don't bite it! Please!" the leopard boy squealed as tears welled in his eyes.

But Nala was rather taken by her new chew-toy. Its softness tickled the roof of her maw, but its hardness was delightful to gnaw on. She felt an unusual resistance in the flesh, one that didn't exist in any regular meat she had dined upon before. It was so intriguing that soon she was lost to her work and started to purr contentedly. Meo thrashed to escape her jaws. The many nerves of his poor little organ were jabbed time and again by sharp lion teeth - they sent desperate pleas to his body to escape - but no matter how hard he kicked, the vines still held him tight, and his legs were still splayed and thrusting his little package out. Worse even than the pain, he could see the lioness enjoying herself, and as a predator himself, he knew how easy and tempting it would be for her to suddenly snap down and sever his little cocklet without a second thought. That fearful notion made him sob uncontrollably.

"That's it, Nala! He stole our meat, so we should take a bite out of his!"

"But it's barely a snack!" Malka laughed.

Nala caught a glance of Meo's tears and finally released his throbbing penis, licking her lips again. But its new freedom was sadly short-lived, as Tama took over and batted the little drool-laden, tooth-marked, red-raw peen, each blow sending new stinging-hot flashes of pain up and down his limbs.

"I hate to be a party-pooper - but I don't think this little girl-pinkie is gonna get any bigger, Tama."

"Yeah," the coiffured lioness sighed. "I think you're right."

Nala snarled and narrowed her eyes.

"But I'm gonna still have some fun!"

She pounced suddenly onto Meo's chest for the second time that afternoon. Their combined weight broke the vines, and Meo crashed to the ground, flat on his back and looking up at the sky, with the hefty Nala falling on top of him.

"Ouch!" he whined.

"Okay Nala... you kinda broke the whole thing!" laughed Tama. "Never mind - at least one of his legs is still tied to the tree, he's not getting away."

Nala was still balanced on the leopard's soft chest fur. She leered at him with her emerald eyes, which almost flashed more intensely with mischievous thoughts behind them.

"This is a better position, wouldn't you say so?" she smirked.

Meo was unable to move under her much greater weight - he was barely even able to shake his head. Nala giggled and moved a baby-step forward, hovering teasingly over his head. Then she lowered her hips, meeting her target of his little face with a thud.

"You're gonna pay for that scratch you gave me," she winked, a tone of mischief creeping into her voice as she rubbed her young mound against his nose. Meo tried his best to squirm away.

"I've seen you with those grown-ups at Pride Rock. You're gonna do for me what you do for them. I'm gonna make a mess of you, and there's not a thing you can do about it..."

The leopard cub shivered and closed his eyes, but Nala opened them with her paw and growled at him.

"And whatever happens, you keep licking, okay? Or else I'll tell Queen Sarabi - and she'll have you licking the dirtiest, smelliest lions all day long, forever!"

"O-okay," Meo squeaked, as Tama climbed on his abdomen and sat with her back to Nala.

"Thought I'd join you... hey, this is quite a comfy seat!" she grinned.

"I'm glad you're here - grab his balls Tama, give 'em a good squish if he doesn't behave himself."

"Now that's an incentive!" laughed Simba, shielding his own orbs with his paws.

Tama seized the tiny testes, and ground them roughly against each other. Meo yelped and flailed.

"Just... teste-ing," she smirked.

Nala leaned back and pressed her pelvis down, covering Meo's entire face with her sweet pudenda. The little leopard was smothered under her power and the power of her aroma, and he twitched in desperation until he found the smallest space for one nostril to greedily take up air. His tongue squeezed from his muzzle and was already deep within her velvety folds. There he set to her command, lapping the moisture that he blindly found with his tongue. Nala arched her spine, startled by each caress, throwing her head back and murring as tingling fires lit deep within her keen flesh.

"Nnnh yes... that's a good... little girl," she gasped, rolling her hips and forcing the slaving tongue to press suddenly deeper. "Don't you dare stop!"

"That's right," agreed Tama, giving a sharp spank to the battered orbs in her clutch. "Don't... even... dare!"

She listened to the alluring wet sounds behind her and picked up Meo's tail with her free paw, rubbing his soft fur on her own mound, and airily sighing at its tickle.

"Ooh, this tail is so little... so... soft on my... coochie," she gasped.

The boys were captivated - each leisurely stroking the other's members as the show of the girls' dominance played before them. Simba for one wished that he was the one underneath Nala right now. He was surprised - it was unusual for her to be so forward, and to speak in such a manner to anyone. And he liked it. But his train of thought was broken by Malka's pre-cum suddenly drooling out and over his paw.

"Um... you're making a mess Malka..."

Meo, meanwhile, was still muzzle deep inside the young lioness, instinctively swallowing as much sweet fluid as she could give him. He gagged on it and struggled for breath... it came even faster as she couldn't stay still; she rocked and lurched as her steady climb to her zenith picked up pace, and the diligence and practised tongue of her leopard cub captive offered her no respite. For several long minutes her stream of sweet cubby fluids leaked constantly, most of which still found Meo's throat, but some of which now eked out of their bond and puddled on the forest floor. Her wonderful smell now filled the forest, and was overwhelming, especially to Simba and Malka, who fell back as they both jerked a last jerk before whimpering and shooting their loads of cubby cum together.

Tama too was tail-frigging with vigour now, twitching and gripping and clawing Meo's balls in the throes of her own climax, and oozing her own syrupy gliss onto Meo's soft tummy seat. The leopard boy's maw was much too full to scream, but he kicked wildly as the searing agony spread from his abused dangly bits all over his groin and abdomen.

Nala was on the edge herself, and her lewd moans echoed through the trees and were so impassioned that the lion boys' cubby cocks stiffened all over again. Control fled her all at once, and her legs too kicked wildly as a new invisible force seemed to puppet them. Meo spluttered into her groin as even more fluid flooded into him, hit the back of his throat and dribbled out of his muzzle again. He still gulped constantly - as if he was drinking a river dry, but he knew that her end was upon them - the blind, rippled world of flesh where his tireless tongue still worked, powerfully convulsed every few seconds, and somewhere in the distance her moans grew more desperate.

"Nnnnh! Ah, I'm c-cumming!"

Her gyrations grew still more violent. The spasming lioness cub lifted and seized and fell and locked, the wild movement freeing Meo's muzzle for moments where he could breathe unobstructed and bolt down the remaining fluid in his mouth. Somehow, in the midst of orgasm, Nala wrangled enough self-control to shuffle forward. Now it was her pretty rump that smothered the boy's muzzle. As her soaking cunny still spasmed and leaked onto Meo's forehead, her pretty little tail-hole quivered and winked right at the end of his squashed nose.

"Suckle m-my butt-hole," she managed to gasp.

Meo swung his head from side to side to avoid making contact with Nala's looming bum. He feared immediately for the safety of his balls, but realised that Tama was distracted, reeling in her own climax.

"She's the p-princess you l-little jerk!" He heard Simba growl above the slimy sounds of his resumed royal cock-stroking. "If you don't do as she s-says then I'll tell my mom myself!"

Meo had tried to resist, but the greater strength even of an orgasm-ravaged Nala, coupled with the threat of yet more punishment had him finally defeated. Trying to blot out all he could of his situation, he put his tongue to her delicate pink pucker.

At least her skin was soft - much more so than that of any other cavity he had been unfortunate enough to tongue - but he still felt so weak, so demeaned, so used.

Nevertheless his tongue and lips worked hard to please - daring not to disobey - lapping and sucking with salacious spittle-music. Every so often he would be granted deeper access to her, before being shut out again and squeezed by her muscular walls. But he was obedient, and would continue to kiss her hidden treasure for as long as he had to. Compliance was the only way he could get through the ordeal, in lieu of any alternative.

Nala was still riding his face, gasping as she rode a long orgasm, made even longer by the leopard cub's attention to her twitching hole. Although crashing through waves of agonising pleasure, she could still feel the exact path of every stroke of Meo's tongue, and every stroke elicited a response. Her chest was heaving, and her legs still kicked, and she alternated between pained wailing and soft laughter as she came again and again.

"Nnnnh, ahhh! My bum... m-my coochie..!"

After what seemed an eternity of painful pleasure, her convulsions weakened and her exhausted body returned to her. She flopped off to Meo's side, panting hard. On her back she lay, and with cute dangling paws and an angelic smile she trembled in the aftershock of her mega-orgasm.

"Whoa Nala, that was... real... cool!" gasped Simba.

He released his tacky peen, rushed up to her and licked her face, and then her dripping cunny - although she had not quite returned to earth yet to respond.

Meo squinted in the light and coughed a few times. More sticky Nala nectar dripped from his face.

"Wow, I've never seen Nala cum like that before!" gasped Tama, as she shakily dismounted him too, leaving a distinctly smaller trail of her fluids on his tummy. "Almost makes me trust this brat - and not just his tail - with my thingy. But not quite... my coochie is all for my Malka."

Malka stuck his nose in the air proudly as she brushed against him and gave a quick squeeze of his balls.

"In fact," she continued. "While Nala recovers, I'd like to see my Malka dominate this little dork!"

"Hey wait!" Simba cried. "I call dibs on the butt! I'm gonna show him who the king is around here!"

Meo could only lay and watch as the lion cubs argued over him like he was a piece of meat. Eventually, Simba won out and trotted as tall and proud as he could. The golden cub snapped his jaws on the last vine and finally completely freed the leopard boy of his shackles.

"Now, you aren't gonna run away, are ya?" he growled, trying to shake the stickiness of the vines from his mouth.

Meo's spirit was all but broken, so he shook his head forlornly. He stood and kicked his legs loose, finally free of all loose vines. He looked up to see the cub prince suddenly charge into him, knocking him back down. Simba cub-roared in victory.

"Now, get up and face that way you girly-runty-bratty...wimp! Get down to the ground and give yourself up to the Prince's Pinkie..."

Meo was winded, but obeyed as quickly as he could. He could consider resisting, but he saw Simba's young muscles jutting menacingly in the dappled sun, and the nasty snarl that hid behind his fierce teeth, and as a weak little leopard boy, he was forced to submit. He turned away and shyly presented his cherished prize to the prince. Simba yanked up the pitiable boy's tail and looked closely.

"Wow," he thought to himself. "That's a really small butt-hole - even I might not fit in it!"

He looked down at his peen, which was rock-hard, and had already slipped from its sheath at the promise of conquest. Nala's ventures and aromas were still driving the golden cub crazy, and the winking pink aperture offered before him tingled his loins and filled him with a royal feral passion.

"You belong to me, little slave. I can do anything I want to you! Hehe!"

He dove onto Meo's back with another roar. The leopard cub buckled and his hind-legs fought to stay upright. With Simba's sheer size and full weight upon him, here was no way that Meo could free himself even if he tried. Like with Nala before, all he could do was take what his master had to give him.

With claws painfully sure of their grip, the golden cub drew his hips and pushed his needy cock into Meo's trembling pucker, which resisted as long as it could, but eventually fell to the force of the royal invading organ.

"Nnng! This boy-coochie... is so squeezy!" the Prince cried as his member disappeared into Meo's butt.

He continued to push slowly and deliberately, subjecting the delicate passage to his full thickness straight away - stretching the opening until he reached the hilt. From there he rolled his hips, pulling back until only the tip was still buried, before plunging deeply once more. Tingles spread from his cocklet all over his body, and his body begged him to speed up. He obeyed. Each hump was so deep and forceful that it ended with royal balls slapping against the slave-cub's puny pair, something that almost became a goal.

Meo whined with every new thrust - each one as rough and dry as the last, each one grinding his abraded insides, every barb scratching and tugging at his feeble flesh. As the pressure within his ravaged butt grew, Meo closed his eyes and clenched his teeth, and clenched his violated passage, praying already for the end. But Simba was relentless, and determined, and bred the whimpering inferior with all the strength he could muster. Power and adrenaline surged around his body, as Meo's taut body crushed along his length. He growled in the leopard boy's ear with every push, and clawed at his sides, and bit hard on his little shoulder. Meo yelped and squirmed underneath the powerful lion prince.

"Ohh yeah... how d'ya like my pinkie inside your butt?" he snarled. "Take it girly! Take it all! Squeeze that tight little tail-hole around me!"

"Way to go Simba! Use him like a lioness!" Malka cheered as he watched. "This is pretty good girls, don't ya think?"

Nala wasn't listening - she had propped herself up against a tree, and was dreamily rubbing her folds to her mate's dominant display. Tama's paw was wandering too, drawn instinctively by the sight of a male exerting dominance, as she imagined her beloved Malka in place of Simba.

But it was the prince who had gifted himself the poor leopard boy to ply, and he was making the most of his new toy - the tight little leopard cub crumpling between his bulging cubby thighs. Simba was thrusting so hard that he felt his limbs tire, at the same time as a wondrous pressure in his abdomen bloomed. It was soon overwhelming, and, abandoning his once powerful lion display, he joined Meo in a cubby chorus of wailing and whimpering. He slowed his pace but made each push count - driving as hard and far as he could. The tight tail-hole still swallowed the increasingly tender cub-cock into its depths.

Simba's cries were only curtailed by his rapid panting as his efforts tired him even further. Each little noise he made became more desperate as he battled to maintain control of his body. But that fight was soon beyond him - the basest feral instinct held mastery over him, his chunky muscles tensed and his hips bucked of their own accord - with one intention only - harder and deeper into Meo's stretched hole to empty his yearning orbs could be emptied inside. The grinding on his sensitive peen was too much to handle, and the magic tingle surged from his balls straight to it. His still ensconced cocklet pumped wildly as the snug passage relaxed and tightened one more time, crushing every yearning smidgen of Simba to send him well and truly over the edge.

"Geez... I'm... I'm... gonna... s-squirt! Nnng!"

The golden cub threw his head back and roared, firing rope after rope of hot cub sperm into the leopard boy's bowels. The leopard cub could feel the cock pulsing deep inside him, and felt the flood of warm seed, augmented with each weakening jerk. He was filled and sloshing and the endless hot stream seemed to flow through every nook and through every inch of his trembling body. After an impressive while the Prince was spent and there was stillness. The invading organ pulled away; Meo yowled as it scratched his narrow, delicate walls one last time before it left him, and gasped as cold air entered in its place through his gaping hole. Suddenly dizzy with the dispelling pressure, he collapsed onto his tummy, panting and sobbing.

Simba rocked on his haunches as his bucking hips slowed to faintly hump the air, dizzied himself with after-glow, but managing a proud smile upon seeing his royal seed leaking from Meo's abused hole. Both cubs closed their eyes, fatigue still burning in their muscles.

"Hey don't lay down yet! It's my turn... but tell ya what... I'll give that sore little butt a break. Instead, slave-boy - suckle my weenie," Malka ordered as the leopard's eyes reopened.

Another pink member swung in front of Meo's face, and below the menacing lion-rod a large pair of lion-balls dangled. In another situation, Meo might have been impressed with the size of this lion cub's equipment. Maybe at more of a distance, where he could safely dream of his own growing to a similar size. But right now he hated it with a passion, for it was large and unruly, and its purpose was to cause him yet more distress.

"Like what you see?" Tama grinned, as she rubbed her bud and grew wet all over again.

Malka could wait no longer, and prodded Meo's maw until it reluctantly opened. He slid his shaft into the tight little muzzle. The meat had a taste that was strange to Meo, sweeter, less potent than many adult monsters he had serviced. But it still felt disgusting to him, and all he could do was try and block out its effect on all his senses, and continue to pleasure like his life depended on it. The sooner he could make it squirt, the sooner it would be over. He reached beyond the half-soft tool with his tongue, and lapped at the heavy balls that rested on his chin. His tongue twirled around the soft sack, and his ears listened to the airy murrs above him.

Malka sighed as his cock swelled, spurred by the perfect storm of the gentle teasing of his orbs and the warmth and wetness of Meo's muzzle-pussy. The leopard's eyes widened as the fattening peen beset him - almost wrenching his jaw open and filling out his throat. He stifled a cough and retracted his tongue, but set it straight back to work inside his maw, this time swirling around the raiding weapon.

"Nnng, oh yeah," Malka moaned as his fully engorged cock drew back until the sensitive tip rested on Meo's lips. "So wet... so warm..."

"Show him just how deep you can go!" Tama encouraged, taking matters into own paws and grabbing the leopard cub's head to hold it in place.

Meo was at the mercy of the larger cub now. He shut his eyes as a snarling thrust breached his lips and the voracious tool surged through his skull. Meo gagged as his throat was violated, unable to escape the ruthless charge down his gullet. Tama held his head tightly, so that he whined and coughed and gagged into Malka's groin, his nose was trapped against the maned cub's tummy fur, and those heavy balls rubbed against his chin.

"Oh Tama, I think this muzzle is as tight as his butt!" the maned cub moaned, throwing his head back and looking to the sky.

Meo kicked and struggled and squeaked against the discomfort and the instinctive fear of being unable to breathe. After what felt like a lifetime, Malka withdrew with a groan and his drool-laden cock shimmered in the sun. As Meo crumpled up and gasped in air, Tama flicked her tongue along Malka's tip, causing him to shudder from head to tail.

"You taste so nice," she smiled, before grabbing his shaft - as if it was her property - and shoving it back into the leopard cub's mouth. "Now pound this girly!"

Malka growled again and did as instructed, ramming Meo's young maw time and again, grinding against the flailing tongue on its way back to the Promised Land of his unfathomably tight trachea. In and out it slipped, spilling pre-cum down the taut passage. Meo gagged again at first, and held his breath (as it was futile to try and take any air in), and thrashed some more, desperate to break away, but only pushing his head back against Tama's firm paw.

Malka's breath quickened, and an idea came to Tama - she reached out her free paw and began fondling her mate's dangling testes, kneading and tugging them gently. He groaned and his thrusting grew even more powerful, until he was breeding the tight wet throat of his helpless cub-slave as if it was Tama's tight wet cunny. Meo's right to air was forcibly removed with each plunge, and the force of the assault and torrent of pre-cum almost knocked the little cub off his paws several times. Still he struggled and blindly scratched as the great tool slapped wetly in his throat, but it was no use. Malka, like Meo, began to see stars.

"Tama, I'm gonna cum!"

He had reached the brink. His cries grew in urgency and his balls tightened in Tama's paw. He ceased his thrusting and forced his cock as far down Meo's gullet as it would go. Then a final squeeze around him, and a rush of ecstasy as his cock twitched and shot his ropes of hot seed. Meo gagged and battled to swallow the veritable flood that threatened to drown him.

"Swallow it all you little runt!" Tama growled.

"Ohhhh, ngggg..."

"Take his cum - you want it, I can tell..."

The lion cock continued erupting like an angry volcano, pulsing and twitching and shooting down Meo's gullet, until it was finally spent, and Malka's legs buckled and collapsed releasing Meo from his drained, flopping meat. The leopard cub fell to the floor and coughed violently, spitting out gobs of sticky lion semen, before spending the next few moments trying to gasp air into his raw throat.

Tama's paw was still on Malka's balls, rubbing them gently back to life as he shivered adorably in the aftermath of his climax.

"You were great," she cooed.

An exhausted Meo, nursing sore balls, a sore throat, a sore jaw, a sore shoulder, a sore peen, a sore pucker, and sore insides, watched from half-lidded eyes as his captors reconvened around the prostrate Malka.

"So... what are we gonna do with the baby now?"

"Tama, I have an idea," Nala smirked, having fully recovered from her leopard-powered super orgasm.

The two whispered and giggled in each other's ears, barely able to hold their excitement to wait for Malka to stand. As soon as he did, they wasted no time in ordering he and Simba to drag Meo's limp body back towards the mud pool. There they dropped him on his back at the pool's bank.

"So... what's going on?" asked Simba.

Nala grinned as she dipped her paw into the mud and scooped out a wad.

"Tama and I are gonna teach this little slave how to be proper girl!"

Nala leaned over the wearied, cub-cum-covered leopard boy and slapped her clod of sticky mud onto his tummy, before spreading it over his exposed little sheath and coating his little balls, until his entire privates were covered. Nala stood back and was pleased with the result.

"See now guys, what we have in our midst is a lovely little leopard girl!" laughed Tama. "Isn't she cute?"

There was a chorus of laughter.

"Hey... I-I'm not a girl!"

"But you don't have a pee-pee, or any balls... you must be a girl!"

"Stop it! You know I'm not a girl!" Meo cried, trying to rally his limbs into movement.

Nala tutted and shook her head.

"That is not how dumb girls behave," she smirked. "Looks like you need to learn your role a little better."

She gestured to Tama, who strode over to a pink-flowered bush in the shade of a tree. There she spread the bush with her paws, revealing a pile of Oryx horns.

"Whoa! What's all that stuff?" cried Malka.

"That's our collection of... um... horns. It's a girl thing."

"Yeah," Nala beamed. "We found them all ourselves! Grab me one too, Tama."

The horns were a variety of different shapes and sizes. Tama dug through the bottom of the pile, taking first a few stashed sticky vines, and tossing them over her shoulder. She then carefully selected two horns from the store and stumbled back over to Nala with them. Meo, Simba and Malka were all equally in awe, intrigued to see what the girls' plan was, although for different reasons.

Tama dropped the equipment in front of Meo, whose eyes widened at the size of the two horns that loomed in front of him.

"We can't get ready in front of the guys," joked Nala.

She and Tama took the strange items behind a tree, and there was intrigued quiet as they rustled out of view.

"What's going on here?" Simba whispered. "What are they doing?"

"I don't know... but it's making me...horn--"

"Don't say it!" the golden cub laughed.

A few moments later, the lionesses emerged from hiding, and pranced haughtily back into the clearing.

Simba and Malka collapsed to the ground, rolling around with laughter. Nala and Tama were wearing the sticky vine around their hips, and had each attached a horn which dangled between their hind-legs like great curved members.

"We aren't girls anymore," they grinned. "We're horny boys like you!"

They waggled their faux-penises, to the uproarious delight of the two lion boys.

"Having weenies is great!" Tama smiled. "Now all we have to do is learn how to think with them and we're pretty much boys..!"

Meo shuddered at the monstrous phalli that bobbed menacingly as the girls moved upon him. He knew what came next, but he was frozen in fear, and all notions of escape had been beaten, choked, chewed, scratched and humped out of him.

"I- I'm sorry I said what I said..." he mewled, his ears laying as flat to his head as they could go.

"But it's too late for that, runt!" barked Tama. "You really hurt our feelings earlier."

"Now little girl," Nala said, as firmly as her gentle voice could, "show me that little tail-hole-- I mean... show me that little coochie."

She gave a quick rub of her own 'coochie,' sighing as Meo did as he was told and reluctantly turned around. Tama shoved him so that his chest dipped and his little rear stuck up in the air. Meo was trembling. But Nala was perfectly calm, following the curve of his cute little butt with her eyes. She lifted his tail up to expose his cute little pink pucker, just above his cute little mud-covered orbs and sheath. He shivered as every private detail of his body was bared again for her scrutiny.

"There's that coochie!" She smiled. "Good girl."

She pawed the gobs of Simba-cum that still clung in the fur around his tail-hole. After having a cheeky taste, she leaned forward and stroked the soft verge of his pucker with her tongue to moisten it. There was a slight Simba flavour still, and the fact that he had not long since used this opening himself to shoot his royal sperm into made her heart race.

"There," she smiled, calming herself again. "My spittle... might help."

The pale-coated lioness placed a paw around the great girth of her 'penis' and was filled with a strange masculine power. She guided the horn until the rough tip touched up against Meo's shivering hole. He whimpered as he felt the fearsome sharp object poke around for access, before falling still for a moment. Then, without warning, the monster rod forced entry. All of Meo's muscles stiffened and his claws raked the ground as its thickness squeezed painfully through his ring of muscle and crawled along its merry way, curving along and stretching unnaturally every inch of his tight walls that squeezed and hugged to try and halt the foreign object's journey along his body.

"Please... it--it's too big," Meo mewled through constant pain that surged around the many nerves of his racked pucker and across his perineum to his little ball-sack.

Nala was focused - a picture of concentration, but she heard the plea and began to pull the horn back. For every measure the beast retracted Meo could feel his insides caving in after it, until it finally popped out of the red raw cavern it had explored so completely moments before.

"Please! No more! I'm begging you!"

"Again Nala!" sang Simba and Malka in unison.

Tama was nodding along too as she sat on Meo's head to keep him down. Excited by the encouragement, Nala plunged her weapon inside again, this time mounting Meo's back, in just the same way she had watched Simba do it. Her claws and tool ripped into the leopard cub's skin and deepest depths with her sudden assault, and he yowled in agony as tears streamed down his face.

"Not so weak now are we, huh?" Tama smirked underneath her, lathering Malka's stale seed into Meo's face.

"It's... too... big..." he spluttered.

Nala began to pump, clumsily at first, her hips and hind-legs struggling with movements that were contrary to the laws of nature. But when she gained a steadier rhythm, she settled and felt a wave of power sweep over her as she defiled her victim's tail-hole. All the while Meo gasped and tensed and whined at the phallic lance that tore through his fragile passage, feeling like it was rushing, rearranging his insides, then drawing back, and then plunging again.

"Hehe, you're my lioness now!" she laughed, completely taken by breeding the poor little leopard boy, who, still propped and sat on, and still helpless, was forced to open his all of his weak little body to her utter domination. Whatever treatment she wished to give, for however long she wished to give it, he would be forced to receive.

Murring she lifted her large fore-paw, and raked her claws down his shoulders and back as she rode him, time after time, until the skin that was visible under his fine coat seeped blood.

With the wounds, the pressure on his insides that felt so unnatural, and the agony of the coarse surface grinding against his walls so unbearable, there were moments where Meo's brain began to stall. His vision began to fade as his battle for consciousness began and one pain was not discernible from another, be it internal or external. A steady stream of agonies spread from his burning rear and abused tail-hole, through his abdomen, all over his little body and clouded his thoughts and senses. Meo's vision began to fade as his battle for consciousness began. One pain was not discernible from another, be it internal or external, so a steady stream of agonies spread from his burning rear and abused tail-hole, through his abdomen, all over his little body and clouded his thoughts and senses.

"How does that feel, you dumb girl?" mocked Simba, gasping and pawing madly at his cocklet as he watched. "You take our food, Nala takes your butt! Hehe!"

Nala's unpractised limbs tired and began to suffer, so she finally retracted her claws and dismounted her 'lioness.' For the last time her mighty tool retreated. It appeared to be the only thing still supporting Meo, because upon its removal he fell faint to the ground. Nala grinned at gaping hole that she had created, and felt a twinge of pride.

"Okay, Tama," she panted. "I'm too tired now - it's your turn to--"

She looked over and saw her friend atop Malka, both reeling from yet more orgasms. The coiffured lioness moaned softly and continued to grind her soaking mound into Malka's face while gently flicking his spent floppy cock-tip with her tongue.

"Sorry Nala, we got... distracted," she grinned, when she eventually looked up. "I guess you... inspired us!"

Nala looked over to Simba, and noticed that he too lay with eyes half-closed in a substantial puddle of cum.

"That... was... too cool to w-watch," he groaned.

The pale-coated lioness laughed at the bushed cubby bodies all around her as she shook off her strapped-on toy like a hula hoop. Now disarmed, she checked on her 'slave-girl. His breaths were fast and shallow, and his eyes were tightly shut. She almost felt as exhausted, and stifling a yawn looked skyward. The light had faded quickly, and Nala could see that the hour was surprisingly late.

"Guys... we'd better head for home."

Malka and Simba were tasked with helping the battered, abused leopard cub on their journey home. Coming from out of the lush trees was like coming from another world, into a great cool world of dusk under a blood red sky. By the time they reached Pride Rock again, night had fallen in earnest, and Meo was walking gingerly without support - despite his shredded insides and shredded posterior. He had not uttered a word all the way home, nor made eye contact with any of his fellow cubs.

Upon climbing to the caves, the leopard boy's bleary eyes caught sight of his mother waiting in the mouth of their den. From somewhere he found the energy to run to her.


Keezi embraced him and he sobbed into her warm fur. Simba, Nala, Tama and Malka arrived soon after.

"He... um... tried to run," said Malka.

"Yeah," added Simba. "He left Pride Rock without permission, and we had to chase him."

"I understand. Thank you Prince Simba. Thank you children."

She waited for Meo to look up at her again.

"I have to take you to Sarabi now my darling. You must learn not to run away."

Her voice was gentle but strong. Meo's eyes were wide and fearful, but he slowly nodded his head.


"I hope he behaved himself, Princess Nala?" Queen Sarabi said.

"Well... he did kinda take a while when I wanted him to lick me... back there," the cub answered, gesturing towards her butt.

"I see..."

The leopard cub found himself with his tail up and face down once more, presenting himself for a den full of chattering lionesses... for his mother... for the majordomo... for his Queen to all see. Even worse, out of the corner of his teary eyes he could make out the four giggling lion cubs.

"I am sorry to have to do this, my dear little Meo... but with all this running away and general disobeying... clearly there are still lessons that you must be taught."

Queen Sarabi lifted a great heavy paw and held Meo's head down. Meo knew what was coming. He drew his breath and held his sobs as time seemed to stop. But there was nothing. Instead the Queen was drawn by the scent of the cub's rear. She sniffed in closer to Meo's boy-pussy, and her nostrils twitched at a familiar aroma. She looked over to the watching Simba and smiled lovingly at her boy, whispering to him of her motherly pride.

Keezi the leopardess cocked her head confused, and Sarabi invited her to sniff her boy's butt too. She scented the air around his pucker and smiled.

"It seems as though you were tricked Keezi," Sarabi winked. "And it also seems that these cubs wanted some fun like the rest of the pride!"

The leopardess beamed at her Queen and then at the four lion cubs. She returned to her place amongst the gloating applause of the other adults of the pride. Sarabi winked again and held Meo more tightly as he started to whimper and struggle.

In an example of the gentler side of her paw, she softly cupped and lifted the cub's tiny orbs, to which he gasped and froze. His little boy-bits were still caked in dry mud - but in a very neatly defined area. Sarabi found it rather strange, but with a shrug she released his young tackle and drew her paw high again.

The first strike fell forcefully on Meo's defenceless croup, and he wailed through tears, his eyes darting around to try and find his mother. The Queen calmly struck blow after blow, ignoring the little squeaks and extra squirms that came with each one. Meo's poor rear was ablaze, as were the cute balls that hung projected from his closed thighs, balls that such a large paw caught painfully from time to time.

"Now Meo," she said firmly. "There shall be no more stealing... There shall be no more deserting your duties. And when Princess Nala orders you to put your tongue inside of her tail-hole, you are expected to comply - immediately, without hesitation. Do you understand?"

Meo did not answer. All through the beating he had inwardly begged for the humiliation and hurt to end - though he had dared not sass the Queen of Pride Rock. But now the pain and embarrassment was too much:

"Please my Queen!" he sobbed. "It h-hurts! Please stop!"

The sound of tutting and a rough paw pad on a delicate rump, with the pleas of a helpless leopard boy echoed around the den with each strike. The pride sat in silence.

"No more, I beg of you! I'm sorry..! I'm so sorry!"

When he was finally released, he hobbled to Keezi again and wailed. She rubbed and inspected his tender red bum and testes as she held him.

"Your hole looks good and stretchy my little Meo - that will help you with the big males tomorrow. After of course you have muzzled the sheaths of... um... the sheaths of..?"

She looked around a little lost, until Sarabi interjected, consulting Zazu, her exceedingly loyal, excessively organised majordomo. The little horn-bill bowed low, thrust out his chest and cleared his throat dramatically:

"The agenda for the morning duty of the afore-spanked leopard cub is as follows, your highness:

Upon the first light of dawn the leopard cub named Meo will be present at the main chamber to perform his duties. Firstly, of course, he shall attend the royal sheath of his majesty King Mufasa. Following a rather painful 'sitting accident' lately for his majesty, the boy will be required to pay extra attention to the royal orbs, which must be emptied at least thrice to ascertain their continuing proper function.

Next the boy will service her majesty, Queen Sarabi. If I'm correct, my Queen, you will be receiving the teat-honeypot-tail-hole package?"

Sarabi nodded and smiled.

"Very well. And may I say what an excellent choice too, your majesty!"

He cleared his throat again.

"The rest of the pride will receive their usual treatment. That is all, your majesty."

Sarabi and Keezi both nodded in appreciation.

"Thank you, Zazu - very thorough..." the lioness smiled.

"Mom?" Simba grinned. "Can I go on the list? Pleeease?"

"Me too! I want him tonguing my bum again!" sang Nala alongside him.

"Sign us up too!" added Malka and Tama.

Sarabi chuckled.

"Of course my dears, you may all have your turns... But right now young Meo must rest. He has lots of work to do in the morning."

She turned to the leopard cub.

"You see little boy - we expect that you earn your keep around here!"

But Meo was already fast asleep in his mother's embrace.

"Relax now, my hurts now," Keezi whispered to him, her voice a soothing air. "But you will surely learn from all of this..."

"Well, it seems like he's had quite a day. It's a shame he doesn't see all females in the same light as his mother," Sarabi sighed.

"We taught him a few things about girls, mom," chimed Simba. "And he'll sure see Nala in a different light now!"

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