The Battle For Laplialiv: The Legion A.I Downfall 3563 A.D.

Story by Jakli Carsus on SoFurry

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Part 1 of 2: Operation Laplialiv

"Alright everyone, Aevoth has ordered us to board the Legion Flagship, the Extro-Network. This was the very first Titan to be built, and has the largest server hub ever put onto a Titan. We believe that over two million Legion troops are connected to this server hub. Most Legion Admirals, Generals, and conjoined Government Officials make up this server hub as well. Even though most are likely to leave this server hub before we can take down the Titan, we are certain this will end this war faster with their main hub out of the way and leave the Legion Allied Interface in disarray. We will launch from the hanger of the Ending Sorrow II once we come out of leap and fly straight into the hanger of the Flagship, here on the underside of the hull." Ryloth states to the group of Phantoms as they are gearing up. Pointing on the blueprint to our location.

"Our objective is to take down, Direct Intelligence, the leader of the Legion. We are given free fire. But use it wisely, this massive Titan has far greater soldiers then us fourteen do. Use your training and we will succeed just like every other mission we have done. We will take the hanger, killing all inside, then we will split up into three groups of four, while Jakli and Laude head to the engine room and take down the engines. Fundor, Ator, Delmor, Vict-Jun, you will be group two. Youn, Tulvir, Briam, and Loivissa.,you will be group three. Jervith and Kingdar, you are with Venia and I in group one." Ryloth stated looking at all of us.

We all shout, "Yes Sir!"

Ryloth nods, "Good now gear up we are leaving in ten."

Ryloth then walks over to us. "You two will need to take down the left engines first, this should cause the gyroscope to fail and force the Titan to sway to its left, and hopefully pulling it down into the atmosphere."

Jakli puts his sash belt on and looks over to Ryloth. Laude is counting her arrows one by one as she puts them into the quiver.

"So just out of curiosity, whats our ticket off the ship once it falls into the atmosphere?" Jakli asks.

Ryloth smirks. "There isn't one, we will be riding the ship down then continue with phase two of the operation."

Laude chuckles, "Figures."

Ryloth pats Jaklis shoulder. "I'd hope that isn't a problem for the ol' Jakky-boy." He joking says.

Jakli rolls his eyes. "Only problem I have is that falling over hundred miles to the surface in a large ship the size of the Citadel of Unity is a better option then to just take the shuttle. This seems overly dramatic."

Ryloth laughs. "Ahh, good to know you still like to think logically while under my command. Maybe next time." He then turns and walks over to the door.

"Alright everyone, make sure your undies are on tight, your weapons are loaded. Today will be the day we end this war. Lets make it happen ladies an gents!" Ryloth states, throwing his fist into the air.

Everyone shouts, "Yeah!" throwing their fists into the air as well and forming in behind Ryloth.

We made our way from the locker room area of the Ending Sorrow II and over to Hanger Bay 3 where our shuttle was located. Blave Senthist, the High Fleet Admiral and Captain on the ship then speaks over the intercom.

"Today is the day we make history. Many of us have lost what cannot be given back in this war. We have seen Imaryu fall right before our eyes. We have seen our home, Ragrinok, fall under attack of the Legion. We've bleed, cried, and lost hope, but we pushed them back. Back to their home. We intend on ending this war by any means necessary. Today, all of our brothers and sisters will be avenged. Today we will bring peace. Let any fear, any doubt, leave your hearts, because today.. Today will depend on all of you to end this war. For the Ancients!" He spoke with a prideful tone.

The ship began to roar with cheer, everyone was ready for the upcoming battle. Everyone knew that this one last victory, would bring peace.

"All hands prepare for Quantum Leap." the intercom stated

Soon enough the ship jolted forward and engaged leap. Our group walked over and onto the shuttle. Jakli would look out of the force field shielded hanger door and watch the stars and space distort around the ship. The ship then began alert signal.

"All hands Battle stations!" the intercom shouted.

Just as the intercom went off we jumped from leap. Almost immediately the ship was welcomed by a hell-fire of shells and lasers. The Legion were ready for us, but that didn't matter, we had a job to do. The shuttle door began to close with the group inside.

"Shuttle 3..... Launch!" the hanger intercom shouted

Soon enough the shuttle forced forward and out into space. Flak rounds began to burst around us. Looking out, everyone saw the massive scope of both the conjoined Hierarchy and Murcalion ships phasing in, and the defensive Legion fleet hounding at each other with round upon round of ammo. Our shuttle, though was cloaked from radar, had to still do evasive maneuvers to dodge the large amounts of Legion cannon fire, as well as Legion Fighters and Bombers. Our own fighters began to clash the Legion fighters around us. The shuttle cockpit began to beep rapidly.

"Hang on everyone, its about to be a bumpy ride." our pilot stated right as he jolted the shuttle sideways, dodging a few fighters that noticed us and began to open fire.

"Someone get on the side gun, and everyone put on your oxygen masks, open that door and open fire on those fighters." The pilot stated.

Everyone immediately put on their oxygen masks and nodded to one another. Opening the door and swinging the mini gun stationed inside the shuttle, putting it into place. Laude got into the chair on the gun and began opening fire, taking out a few fighters in the first few seconds.

Laude starts laughing as she continues to take out fighters. "Man this thing is fun, I should get one. Do you see how good I am at this!? Someone document this."

Ryloth walks over and stands on the back of the chair. "Ill make a series out of it, I'll call it... Shut up and focus."

Laude looked bewildered for a moment, "I don't think that's a good name...." she then looks down for a moment before going back and shooting the mini gun. "Oh...Rude." She smirks.

"Alright everyone, once we land, Jakli and Laude head for the engines and do your thing. Group three head for the server hub and do some damage, gather information, whatever you can do and do not let any A.I. leave that hub, group two, you are with us on our way to the bridge to take down Direct Intelligence. Clear?" Ryloth says.

Everyone shouts, "Clear!"

"Laude when we reach the hanger, use the mini gun to clear a path for us to land." Ryloth states.

"You got it home slice." Laude says as she takes down the last fighter tailing the shuttle.

"LZ in fifteen seconds, good luck guys." The pilot says.

The shuttle then open fires 2 force field destabilizers on the hanger door field. Allowing us to fly in. The shuttle then immediately turns to its left to give Laude a firing solution. Laude then fires the mini gun onto the Legion soldiers, clearing a path.

"Everyone out and move. Go! Go! Go!" Ryloth states as he jumps from the shuttle and down onto the floor, using his pistols and give us some cover, along side the covering fire from Laude.

One by one we all leave the ship, get into cover and start firing on the Legion soldiers. Before Laude jumps, she hits the inner button, closing the door and re-positioning the gun back into its formal place. The shuttle then tries to fly off, but it immediately stopped by a rocket from a trooper. The shuttle then sparks and falls down into the hanger. The Phantoms having to dodging way out of the way to avoid being crushed. The shuttle now a burning wreck. Delmor runs over to check on the pilot, only to find that he was killed.

"No time to grieve, move move move!" Ryloth shouts looking back at the group.

Everyone nods and begins to move. Jakli and Laude move to the southern door leading to the engines. Group three heads through the southeast door heading to the server hub. Group one and two work together to push to the bridge from the northern door.

"Starboard flank! Lets show these A.I some real firepower. Aft guns move to port side and ready fire. Once you see those ships, unleash hell." Blave Senthist commands.

The dreadnought then turns to its right allowing the ship to have full broadside firepower. As the ship becomes horizontal to the Legion Armada, the guns come alive. Round after round from the massive main cannons slam into the Legion ships. The small Cruisers and Destroyers are no match for the Dreadnought. As the Legion front line began to fall, the Hierarchy and Murcalion ships press forward, most ships still leaping in to join the fight.

"This is the MLN Compliance of the Liberation Division, we are warping in ready to bomb the Legion Battleships. What are your orders Admiral?"

"Liberation Division, Fall in formation of the Ending Sorrow. We will lead you throw the second wave of ships and into the battleships. Task Group twenty-three and five, Fall in line and protect the Liberation Division. The faster those Battleships are knocked out, the better." Blave states.

Moments later a large formation of Cruisers, Destroyers, and Ship-Bombardiers form a Staggered Column and press forward. Legion ships left and right explode one by one by the superior firepower of the conjoined fleet.

A Legion Phalanx Class, Beam Battleship, known as the infamous, Synergy. Presses forward and charges it three main beam batteries. Letting loose its incredible firepower on the line of ships charging straight to it. Taking down multiple Hierarchy and Murcalion ships in seconds tearing a hole in the right side of the formation.

"Admiral, we are taking heavy fire on the right side!" a destroyer captain cries out.

"I need focus fire on that Battleship immediately. All guns, return fire!" Blave shouts.

The guns on the Ending Sorrow swivel to the starboard side and begin opening fire. The massive four-hundred and twenty-five millimeter cannons fire its shells right into the Synergy. The sheer impact force of the shells cause the Synergy to bounce back, but its heavy shields stay true. Pressing forward the Synergy turns its guns on the the Ending Sorrow. The large three-hundred and seventy-eight millimeter beam cannons let loose its powerful focused light. Slamming right into the Ending Sorrow, the Dreadnought immediately gets forced port side causing the massive ship to crash into the nearby destroyer.

Blave gets knocked off his claws and grabs onto one of the rails next to him, looking over tot he port side he sees the destroyer get smashed into the side of his dreadnought. The impact of the large ship crushes the smaller destroyer, this causes a rupture in the middle hull, soon splitting in half. The destroyer goes cold and becomes wreckage. The Ending Sorrow presses forward, breaking from formation and heading straight for the Synergy. The Synergy charging up its aft cannon and firing upon a Murcalion Cruiser, the small Cruiser was unable to take such a blow, becoming disabled and a chain of explosions happen down the length of the hull.

"Status report!" Blave demands.

"Sir our shields took most of the blow both from the Synergy and the collision. However our shield generator was rattled from the impact, our shields will not be as effective if we take another hit like that!" Engineer Harvik states.

"Then lets not get hit again." Blave says before picking up an intercom piece and pressing the button.

"All hands our shields have been damaged, we are now undergoing evasive teleportation to take down the Synergy. All brace for sudden shifts in gravity." Blave says.

Putting the intercom down he looks over to his navigator.

"I want us to Quick Leap to the port side of the Synergy. Be ready to go when I say so. Gun crews, move all able guns to port side. Once we appear next to the Synergy I want everyone ready to press that trigger." Blave says walking over to the front of the bridge and leans on the rail.

The Ending Sorrows cannons move into place. The Synergy uses this moment to charge up its cannons once more and aim it at the Ending Sorrow.

"Now!" Blave shouts at this navigator.

The Ending Sorrow jolts forward a bit, the leap drives on the ship come alive and force the dreadnought into leap. The large beams fire out from the cannons only just missing the dreadnought. Believing the Ending Sorrow has retreated the Synergy turns its guns back on the incoming ship lines. Seconds later the Ending Sorrow springs out from leap right next to the Synergy. The Ending Sorrow opens fire with all its firepower trained on the Synergy. Catching the Synergy off guard the ship panics but with no time to spare. The onslaught of shells pound the Synergy and force themselves through the shields and begin slamming the hull. The Ending Sorrow does not stop and keeps firing. The Synergy sways and its cannons begin to power off before they could target the Ending Sorrow.

"Halt Fire! Halt Fire!" Blave shouts.

The Ending Sorrow stops firing and the two ships sit idle for what seems like an eternity. Moments later a small explosion happens inside the bridge of the Synergy. Blowing out the entire crew and even its Admiral, Liberty into space. The massive Battleship then explodes in a massive fireball, splitting into four pieces. The once Legendary Battleship now becomes nothing more then wreckage. The painted on name "Synergy" flies over and impales itself into the hull of the Ending Sorrow. The sheer force of the explosion knocks the Ending Sorrow back, causing the shields to shut off as well as knock many systems out.

"Damage report." Blave says as he stands back up, being forced to the ground from the explosion.

"Shields are down, engine 2 and 6 are powering off leaving a few navigational and defensive systems to go offline. We can still fight, but we are relying on the armor of the hull now sir." Engineer Harvik states.

"Then reload the guns. This battle is not over." Blave says, looking out the bridge window and seeing the Ship Destroyer fleet taking down the rest of the Legion Fleet. Looking over to the right a bit he notices the Extro-Network charging its massive beam and moving towards the Ending Sorrow.

"Everyone....." Blave starts backing up, waving at his navigator. "Move this ship... Move the ship... Move the fucking ship!" He shouts.

The crew inside the bridge scramble about, firing up the engines to full speed. The engines burst out flames as the dreadnought begins to move forward. The Extro-Network opens fire for a second, only for the massive cannon to suddenly power off. Releasing only a short burst of the beam. The Ending Sorrow is only hit with a minor beam. However the massive scope of the beam was still enough to cause the Ending Sorrow to jolt and sway as a few explosions happen near the rear of the ship.

"What just happened?" Harvik says really confused.

"Luck, Harvik, Luck is what just happened." Blave says as he rushes over to the intercom and contacts Ryloth.

"Whats the status on the Titan?" Blave asks to Ryloth. "By the way, good luck on disabling that cannon. We were almost floating wreckage." He adds.

"Briam interrupts the intercom, "Your welcome Admiral, luckily enough the server hub has a few connections to the weapon systems, Hopefully this helps."

"More then you can realize soldier. Excellent work." Blave responds.

"We are almost to the bridge, however we are waiting on Laude and Jakli to get to the Engine room." Ryloth says.

"And whats their status? The Legion fleet is in shambles as of right now, we need that Titan taken out so that we can move onto the planet." Blave says.

Laude cuts into the exchange, "Were here but we have a problem. We cannot shut of the engines manually. It seems its all controlled from the Bridge." Laude says as Jakli is messing with the computer.

"Do you have some explosives?" Ryloth asks.

"I always do." Laude replies.

"Then use them, the fleet is about to reach the Titan. Group 1 and 2 are still fighting to get the bridge. So we do not have the time." Ryloth says.

"You do realize this could cause more damage far out of our control." Laude says looking over to Jakli handing him, her explosive powder. Jakli immediately starts to place the powder in and around the left engine core.

"Just get out of the engine room before blowing it, everyone else, brace yourselves." Ryloth states.

"Roger that, I'd suggest activating your gravity claws on, this could get messy." Jakli says.

"Good idea, everyone gravity claws, now." Ryloth demands.

Jakli places the last of the powder and leaves a good trail for the powder to be activated at distance. They both then exit the engine room and get behind cover.

"Everyone brace!" Jakli shouts over the intercom.

Activating the powder, the fire travels the length of the powder to the pile, igniting the core. Jakli and Laude huddle outside the room bracing for the explosion.

Soon enough the engine room explodes, causing the massive Titan to sway about as the gyroscope fails to compensate for the explosion. With the gravity now shutting off, the legion troops attacking group 1 and 2, begin to float aimlessly for a moment, allowing for a few to be picked off before they activate their own gravity boots.

"This is our chance! Fleet, push forward!" Blave states to the fleet.

The engines on every ship begin to flare up as the ships push forward towards the planet.

The massive Titan begins to sway port side and begins to plummet into the atmosphere leaving a large smoke trail from the massive engine explosion.

Upon finally reaching the bridge, the two groups clear out the room.

"Son of a Bitch.. Hes not here.." Ryloth says while smashing his hand onto one of the consoles.

"Alright, someone get on the controls and angle this ship for the crash landing." Ryloth demands

"You got it." Venia says while she rushes over to the main controls, grabbing the joysticks and pulling them back to angle the ship up a bit.

"Ryloth, I'm seeing some really weird data patches here and there all over this server hub.." Youn says as she keeps going through the hubs files.

"Grab what you can then, maybe we can use that data later." Ryloth states.

"Roger that." Youn replies transferring copies of the data onto an external storage.

As the massive Titan gets pulled into the atmosphere, the rest of the Legion Fleet turns tail and retreats. Only for the Hierarchy and Murcalion fleet to disable each and every single one before they could get into the atmosphere.

"Ready gunships and transports. I want 4 gunships to follow the Titan to the group and pick up our Phantoms. Support them if they need it." Blave Senthist commands.

Moments later as the Hierarchy and Murcalion ships enter the inner orbit, gunships and transport units launch from the massive transport vessels and carriers flying down into the planet.

"Everyone brace for impact, this is going to be rough!" Venia shouts as the planets ground grows closer to the massive ship. Everyone moves to a seat and readies themselves.

"Jakli!?" Laude shouts finally coming too. She flails around a bit only to find herself being carried.

"Where.. What happened?" Laude asks as she looks up seeing Jakli carrying her into one of the corners. Sitting down into the corner and placing her into his lap.

"You passed out from the concussive force of the explosion, now hold on we are about to land." Jakli stated as he gripped onto one of the broken metal pieces. Laude wraps her arms around Jakli tightly readying herself for the landing.

Knowing they don't have a good spot to brace, Jakli wraps one of his arms around Laude. Hoping at least, she will be okay.

Without another moment to spare the large Titan plummets and slams into the ground. Due to Venias angling, the ship doesn't hit the ground at a dead stop, instead it bounces a bit and slides along the surface of the planet allowing for a softer landing, but not by much. The Phantoms bounce and sway inside of the ship but are able to stay within their seats. The same could not be said about Jakli and Laude. Due to their unstable corner the sheer force of the crash snaps and dislocates Jaklis arm gripping the broken metal he was using to try to stabilize both him and Laude. Laude was able to keep tightly around Jakli but the force of the landing caused her to fall back unconscious.

The ship would finally come to stop, digging itself deep into the ground.

"Everyone, status report." Ryloth says as he brushes himself off and gets up from the chair looking at everyone slowing getting up, most of them were disorientated from the crash.

"Group 3 is fine, shaken up and a few bruises but overall everything is good." Briam said as he was getting everyone up while in the server room of the ship.

"Group 1 and 2, everyone good?" Ryloth asks around the bridge.

Each one nodded and responded with, "Yeah."

"Jakli, Laude. Whats your status?" Ryloth asks. Rounding everyone up and moving to the entrance of the bridge. The bridge is now just a short jump down from the ground do the ship digging itself into the planet.

Not getting a response, Ryloth asks a few more times, only to get static. Worry covers his face as he grows impatient.

"Group 3, Jakli and Laude are not responding, head to the engine room and find them. Now." Ryloth demanded.

"Roger that, making our way now." Briam responds as he leads group 3 to the rear of the ship were Jakli and Laude are.

"Those two better be alright.." Venia says worryingly.

"They are fighters, I doubt a ship crash can do much to them. Now lets head out and launch a flare for the gunships to see. Hopefully everything is going to plan." Ryloth says as he leads group 1 and 2 out of the bridge and onto the surface, grabbing a flare and lighting it.

"J... Jakli?.." Laude says rather weak, opening her eyes and seeing Jakli knocked out. Looking around she finds herself still in Jaklis lap, blood covering the area they are in. She begins to panic a bit, trying to get up only to realize shes pinned with Jakli under a large piece of metal.

"Jakli... Wake up.." Laude says as she shakes him.

Jakli coughs, slowly opening his eyes. He groans in pain from his arm being dislocated, as well as the multiple cuts and bruises from the crash.

"You alright?" Jakli asks.

"In a lot of pain, but with all this blood around us, I'm far from certain." Laude replies, trying not to move as the metal pinning them seems to crush them further with each movement. Jakli looks around and sees a large opening above them where light is peering through, the ship must of torn itself a great deal for sun light to peer through to their location. That or maybe they were launched from the ship to a new location.

"Can you grab the flare on my belt? I don't think we are going to be getting out of this on our own." Jakli says looking down at Laude.

Laude pats around his belt searching for the flare. Upon finding it she unhooks it from his belt and brings it up so Jakli can light it. Due to her left arm being pinned behind Jakli, she can't ignite the flare.

Jakli uses his free arm to grip the flare and ignite it. Almost immediately the flare lights up brightly. He angles the flare so the smoke could pass through the opening better.

"Now what..?" Laude asks.

"We wait.." Jakli replies.

"This is Jyn Squadron on route to your location. We are seeing two flare signals, please confirm which one is friendly." The pilot says as the 4 gunships tasked to pick up the Phantoms fly over the crashed ship.

"Two flare signals?" Ryloth ponders as he looks around. Seeing the second smoke signal at the other end of the ship.

"It must be Jakli and Laude! Thank the Ancients, they're alive." Venia shouts.

"It might be some Legion troops as well Venia, either way something is over there." Delmor says as he sits down on the ground.

"Jyn Squadron, this is Ryloth Watumu, we are lead to believe that the second signal is Jakli and Laude. We have not heard from them since the explosion. I have a squad of Phantoms heading that way now. Proceed with caution. The rest of the Phantoms are at the signal at the front of the ship awaiting pick up." Ryloth states.

"Roger that. Sending a gunship to the second signal. The rest are coming to you, clear the LZ." the pilot says. As one gunship leaves the formation to the rear of the ship, the last 3 fly to Ryloth and the Phantoms.

"Ryloth, this is Briam, we found them." Briam says as group 3 runs over to Jakli and Laude.

"Whats their status?" Ryloth replies as he hops onto the gunship.

"We are going to need some medics. They don't look good. They seem to have passed out from blood loss." Briam says.

"We are on route to your location, Do what you can for them Briam, a gunship should be on their way to you." Ryloth says.

".. Uhh..." Laude groans as she pops in and out of consciousness. Jakli being fully unconscious.

"There's a lot blood and it seems they are pinned under some metal." Briam scoops out the area around Laude and Jakli before kneeling down next to them and checking their vital signs.

"Jakli seems to have taken the most damage, his pulse feels weak. Laude seems fine but with major head trauma, she should be fine." Briam continues to inspect the two. "Jakli seems to have a shatter and dislocated left arm. Along with multiple cuts along his upper torso, Laude shows similar cuts, but I'm not seeing any major fractures. Probably a few cracked ribs." Briam then looks over to the metal piece pinning them in place.

"We need to get this thing off of them, but do it slowly, raising it to fast could kill either of them. Everyone grab an end and get ready to lift." Briam orders as he keeps an eye on both of their vital signs. Keeping his index and middle claw on each neck.

Youn, Tulvir, and Loivissa rush over to the ends of the piece.

"On three, lift it slow." Briam states. "One... Two... Three!" He shouts.

The three lift the metal piece slowly. Laude and Jakli both scream in agony as the heavy piece is lifted off of them before going quiet again. Briam pulls both of them out so the other three and let go of the piece.

"Alright they should be fine, lets get them out of here and to the gunship, they are going to need medical attention once we get back on the Ending Sorrow." Briam says as he picks Laude up into his arms.

Youn and Tulvir lift Jakli up and over their shoulders. The group lead themselves out of the wreckage and into a small clearing. The gunships land in the clearing allowing the group to board the gunships.

"Plan has changed, the Ending Sorrow has taken a lot of damage, we will be boarding the High Carrier, Impersonator, up in orbit. I've alerted Captain Murk of the situation and they have medical personal ready." Ryloth states.

Briam nods and secures Laude into place, Youn and Tulvir secure Jakli into place as well.

The gunship then fires up its engines and flies forward and up into orbit followed by the three other gunships.

"Impersonator flight command this is Jyn Squadron. Requesting immediately landing." The gunship pilot says.

"You are cleared Jyn Squadron, medical personal are on standby." An Official replies.

"Roger That." The pilot says.

The gunships then fly in and fly through the shield and life bubble and land on the deck on the carrier. Right as the gunships land the door opens and a squad of medical personal rush over and onto the gunship, grabbing Jakli and Laude and putting them into a couple of gurneys. Transporting them off the deck and unto the medical bay of the ship.

"Phantoms, you are to meet in the Bridge and await arrival of Blave to give you the next step in the operation." Captain Murk states.

"On our way." Ryloth replies. "Lets move." He says to the group.

"What about Laude and Jakli?" Venia asks concerned.

Ryloth walks over and puts his hand on her shoulder, "They will be fine, we still have a mission to do."

Venia nods starting to walk to the bridge, leaving the group behind, mumbling to herself.

Ryloth sighs, "Lets go then."

The group heads on and walks to the bridge. The door guard Salutes the group as they enter the room. Captain Murk turns around and salutes the group as well.

"Welcome to the Impersonator, Phantoms. Blave should be here momentarily." Captain Murk says.

"Its our pleasure Captain." Ryloth salutes. The group salutes after.

"You are cleared for landing, Welcome aboard High Fleet Admiral, Blave Senthist." the flight commander says.

Ryloth looks out the window and sees a shuttle approaching the Carrier. It lands and Blave and his two guards walk out from the shuttle. Another shuttle flies in close behind with the Murcalion tag on the side. Rune, Celestial Admiral of the Murcalion Fleet steps out and walks over to Blave. They walk next to one another as they walk to the bridge. Upon reaching the Bridge everyone stands up and salutes Blave and Rune as they enter.

"Captain, thank you for letting us use your ship as our new staging ground for this operation." Rune says to Murk.

"Its my pleasure Admiral. Welcome to the Impersonator." Murk bows to the two Admirals.

"Thank you Captain." Blave says returning the gesture. Blave then walks over to Ryloth. Rune follows closely behind. "Good work on that Titan Phantoms." He says.

"Very good work indeed." Rune says with a smile.

Ryloth salutes, "Nothing we couldn't handle."

Blave nods and notions everyone to the holo-table. Walking over Rune puts a data-chip into the console and a message appears in front of everyone.

"While your group was on the surface of Laplialiv, Blave and I got an interesting message from Direct Intelligence himself. Listen closely." Rune states as she starts up the message.

"My name is ID-975, also known as Direct Intelligence, leader of the Legion Allied Interface. We relay this message to the two admirals, Rune Fae, and Blave Senthist of the Conjoined Fleet. Upon the destruction of the Extro-Network, we as a united interface fell apart. We will keep details thin, but we wish to put down the weapons and exchange words. We have much to discuss. You, your armies, fleets, are all welcome to main city, Nago. We no longer wish to fight. We do not seek mercy, but instead, to give you critical information before you decide the fate of us. We will be waiting..." The message ends..

... To Be Continued....

Hellbent Vigilanty

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