A Fiery Reunion

Story by Altos on SoFurry

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#1 of Buddyfight - Dragonic Fable

Been kicking this idea in my head since May, and now the first chapter is ready to be revealed! This series is a work of fanfiction of an anime called Future Card Buddyfight. Say what you will about the name, but it's a fun show with fun characters. This started out as a simple smut story, but now it's become an actual story series that I have planned out! I hope you'll enjoy it, even if you're not familiar with the anime in question.

Drum Bunker Dragon Fang Slade Terrestrial XIV looked over his newest form in the pool's reflection. Various scenes of his training played on the viewing orbs that floated freely in the area. It was here that he had begun searching for his buddy a year ago, a mere whelp in comparison to who he was now. The results of his experience with Gao Mikado had shaped him into a confidant and proud dragon.

His newest form showed as much, new platinum armor replaced his original bronze armor. Likewise, his usual Salamander Drill was replaced with two gauntlets on each arm, each equipped with a smaller set of triple drills. His clothing was upgraded as well - lighter blue clothing that allowed for rapid movement, and a belt decorated with the emblem of the Crimson battler, marking him as a member of Dragon World's elite - those rare few chosen by veterans of ancient wars to battle and train in the Ring of Crimson.

"Crimson Battler, Drum Bunker Dragon," He said to himself. "Has a nice ring to it."

"Enjoying looking over the fruits of your training?" A voice called behind him. Drum turned his head, seeing Jackknife Dragon lumber near him. The green armor dragon was looking at him bemusedly, but it did nothing to stop Drum's showboating.

"Of course I am! I mean, do you see how cool I look?" Drum grinned, thrusting out one of his fists, his newly sculpted muscles flexing as he made several punches and kicks. "I could take out at least 100 monsters like this!"

"Yes, it seems you've mastered that new form of yours quite well." Jack nodded sagely, letting out a small chuckle at the other dragon's eagerness.

Drum's smile faltered at the green dragon's indifference. "Aw, c'mon, ya gotta be a little more impressed than that!"

"I've seen you perfect your abilities with that new form for a few months now," Jack folded his arms over his chest, nodding his approval. "Color me impressed."

"Yeah, you've seen all that I can do first hand, haven't you?" Drum sighed, going back to scrutinizing his new armor.

"Have a little patience, Drum. Soon, you'll return to the human world for your Buddy Police duties, and you'll have all the time you want to put your training into action. There's no shortage of criminals to be found, believe me."

His words did little to affect the dragon, and he had to wonder if there was something else bothering him. Seeing Drum's ponderous look was familiar. Incredibly so, now that he thought about it. Jack smirked as he drew a parallel. It was very much like the look on Tasuku's face whenever he thought of Gao. It seemed neither were very good at concealing their feelings when a certain someone was occupying their thoughts.

This is going to be fun.

"Or perhaps," continued Jack, teasingly, "there's someone you're hoping to impress?"

To his credit, Drum responded with a gaze that was a lot calmer than Tasuku's had been when asked the same question. Jack's charge had flailed about comically, vehemently denying any interest in anyone, and saying that his life was dedicated to the Buddy Police and his dragon.

Drum however...

"There was this one dragon."


A small smile came to Drum as he remembered, looking out into the pool. "From Magic World. A Dragowizard. Qinus Axia." He elaborated. He ran his claws over the rock console and brought up a video feed on several of the orbs. Courtesy of Paruko Nanana, the intrepid reporter who seemed to delight in chronicling his and Gao's adventures, the video feed presented several instances of the mentioned Dragowizard, both in combat and in his chibi form.

Jack's eyes caught one of the earliest shots, the day they first met; when Axia was auctioned off as a prize card for Kyouya Gaen's promotional cruise.

"I remember him. He was the Buddy Monster who escaped during the Gaen cruise."

"That's him. He traveled with us for a bit after we saved him," He turned to another image of Sophia capturing and nearly burning the effeminate dragon's card, before an over-eager Drum saved him. "He left a little bit before the Gaen cup started. Haven't seen him since."

"I see. So why do you miss this particular dragon?"

The Armor Dragon's face went through a variety of expressions, from him looking confidant to uncertain, immediately shaking his head rapidly from side to side until he finally settled on embarrassed, a small blush tinting his cheeks as he looked at one of the orbs that showed the Dragowizard trying to crush him in on of his signature hugs.

"He liked me... a lot." Drum muttered, glancing sideways away from Jack to hide his flushed face. "He was always hugging me and calling me these really cute-sy nicknames." He grinned and laughed, the blush still on his snout, but he managed to look at Jack despite that. "Like 'Drum-kins'. He always used that for me."

That got an amused snort from the other dragon. "You don't seem the type for a nickname like that."

"That's what I thought too. I wasn't too crazy about them at first, but after a while the name grew on me." He turned back to the monitors, their feed coming to an end with the little dragowizard abruptly leaving. "After he left, things kinda got a little dull, y'know?"

"I should hardly consider any of what happened in the last few months dull." Jack snorted.

"I mean in-between all of that. The times we actually got to relax a little. I missed his energetic outlook more than I thought." A smirk grew on his snout. "And I'll admit, I got used to him hugging me and I sorta miss it. Heck, he always gushed about how awesome and strong I was getting, and it was always fun to show off what new tricks I learned to him, knowing he'd be genuinely excited to see them."

There was a question Jack was itching to ask, but he needed one more piece of information first. "Why did he leave then?"

The armor dragon sighed and looked forlornly into the pool. "He said he needed to train hard himself so that he could form a bond with a reliable buddy like I had."

Jack sensed the timing was right. All the pieces fit together and he could make his assumption. It really is like Tasuku's interest in Gao all over again. Jack held back his knowing grin and kept his voice serious. "Sounds like you've found your perfect match."

"Yeah, I found my perfect... WHAT?!" The words only just fully processed in the armor dragon's brain, and Drum sputtered and spun to face Jack. Unfortunately he lost his footing in his haste and fell into the pool below.

Jack broke his serious composure, laughing uproariously and slapping his knee at the other dragon's antics. "Oh, that's rich! You took that just as hard as Tasuku did!"

Drum groaned as he pulled himself back on dry land, glaring daggers at Jack. "I don't blame him if that's how you bring up personal stuff! What the heck was that about?"

Jack calmed his guffawing to a few light snickers and turned to his friend. "Forgive the surprise jab. I had a feeling you might've been pining for this Axia." His smirk widened as he saw Drum blush angrily. "And it looks like I hit the nail on the head."

Drum pouted, the expression looking quite comical on the muscular dragon, especially as he brought himself out of the water. His long hair was plastered to his head and shoulders, and it only served to make a wet frame for the disgruntled dragon. Jack's smirk didn't lessen one bit. Drum sat back down with a huff, frowning contemplatively at his reflection in the pool.

"Not like it matters. I doubt I could find him now anyway." He murmured.

That got a questioning look from the other dragon. "You underestimate your own skill. Haven't you trained in Magic World before? Surely there should still be a connection between you and him."

"You really think so?" Drum looked up at the green dragon, his eyes pleading with him to share whatever wisdom he held.

That look brought a certain phrase to his mind, and Jack felt decidedly odd saying it out loud. Still, if there was a better way to phrase what he wanted to say, he couldn't find it.

"You never know until you try."

Drum's eyes widened at Jack's words; that phrase was always spoken by either Gao and Tasuku at one point or another. It was their go-to phrase for whenever they were in doubt, and now it applied perfectly to him. Drum stood up and focused his senses, his body glowing with ethereal energy as his form changed once more. Gone was the toughened steel armor of the Crimson Battler. In its place was the magician's garb and staff that he acquired so long ago.

"Been a while since I've used this form," Drum mused as he looked over his body, and smiled as he saw the muscles he had gained while training seemed to have transferred over between his forms. The now Dragowizard gave his uncovered arms a flex, grinning to himself as he could see the pronounced definition in them. Others called Magic World inhabitants weak, but he could feel the strength in this form as strong as it ever was.

"Enjoying yourself?" Jack's amused voice broke through the red dragon's self admiration. "Don't forget why you transformed in the first place."

"Right, right, of course," Drum said, closing his eyes. Indeed, as Jack had said, he felt a connection. Several in fact.

The nearest of which was Jack's, which came as no surprise given his proximity - like this, he saw the other dragon as a pulsing green light filled with wisdom and age, and shining from within with the power of his own potential. From there, a glittering golden chain lead to the soft blue light of Tasuku, and from there to the brilliant golden light of his own Buddy, Gao. From the feel of it, the two were out in the fields, and seemed to be sparring; the shining chain between them was vividly red and constantly fluctuating, and the boys themselves were flickering around wildly. The two were sparring as often as not, and Drum smirked to himself as he managed to perceive that Gao was winning, or at least had Tasuku pinned for the count.

Having tested the waters, Drum focused deeper, drawing forth a mental image of the Dragowizard from his own thoughts. Almost immediately, he saw the almost imperceptible blue tether stretching away from himself into the void between Worlds. Cautiously, Drum threw his senses towards the tether's end, and was immediately bombarded with the energies of dozens of other monsters - the beings of Magic World that were doing the same thing as him, which created a kaleidoscope of interlocking chains and glowing spirits. Quickly, he caught onto Axia's tether and managed to single it out. He smirked as he pinpointed the energy, and a vivid image flashed through his mind - Qinus Axia, surrounded by endless columns of books and scrolls. The Dragowizard looked up for a moment, before returning to his books.

"I think I got him." He said excitedly. "Hey, do you think you could tell Gao I'm going to Magic World for me? I don't want him to worry or anything."

"I'll tell him when he's free. He and Tasuku are a little... preoccupied at the moment." Jack chuckled.

"Oh yeah, you mean out in the field." Drum said casually, but stopped short when he heard Jack almost choke.

"You... ah... you saw that with your magic sense, did you?"

"Well, kinda. I'm still a little rusty, but I saw they were doing something that took up a lot of energy. Probably sparring, right?" He shrugged.

Jack nodded, trying his best to keep his tone neutral. "Yes. Sparring. Let's call it that."

Drum ignored the odd response, keeping his mind on the magical tether he still had on Axia. "Right. Anyway, thanks for the talk. Wish Gao luck for me and tell Tasuku to work on his grapple. I'll see ya later!" He jabbed his staff into the air, opening a portal in front of him and dashing into it.

Jack sighed once the other dragon was gone, a grin coming to him as he thought of what Drum had said.

"'Work on his grapple', he says." he chuckled, shaking his head in amusement. "I'm positive I'll hear no complaints over his grappling skills."


The Grand Library.

While there were many libraries in Magic World, all filled with books of arcane knowledge and people eager to learn from them, there was only one that had earned the title of "Grand". The Grand Library loomed over the network of academies and shops around it, a massive monument to both knowledge and the power that came with it.

It was here that the greatest sorcerers of Magic World left their tomes of knowledge with the words of their predecessors; untold thousands of years of knowledge lay within the walls, and the magic dwelling within that knowledge gave the Grand Library an atmosphere like nothing else.

Students, acolytes, and even trained sorcerers often came to peruse the ancient tomes to increase their knowledge, strengthen their arsenal of spells, or even further, to delve into the depths of magical theory itself.

But the Dragowizard near the middle of the Library, levitating several books around him at once, his attention constantly shifting between them as he read and cross-referenced them, was not here for any of those reasons.

Dragowizard Qinus Axia had his attention split between the books above him, adjusting his monocle every so often before swiping an arm and bringing a different one closer to him. To anyone who knew knew the dragon previously, it was quite the sight to see him so focused. It was also a moment a certain armor dragon couldn't help but interrupt.

"Looks like someone's been hitting the books!" A voice rang out. It startled Axia and he almost lost control of the floating tomes.

"Who's there? I thought I had asked not to be interrupted!" He turned to the voice, irritation on his snout until he saw who he was speaking to. "Wait is that...?" There, illuminated in the waning sunlight was his old friend Drum, in his magician's garb no less!

"DRUM-KINS!!!" The nickname came easy to the teal dragon, and his old instinct of tackle hugging even more so. The books above him, as well as his staff, came crashing down in a heap, but that did nothing to stop the dragowizard from rushing Drum. The former armor dragon grunted as he was met with the hug, his larger form stopping him from being bowled over.

To Axia's surprise, he didn't feel any resistance from the other dragon, as was the case with his previous hugs. Instead, he stood still, letting the exuberant dragon enjoy the moment. Axia closed his eyes as he continued to nuzzle the dragon's neck, but paused when he heard an awkward chuckle from the armor dragon. It was a nice change from the usual reluctant groan, and he silently wondered how long he could continue his affections without being pushed away.

To Drum, it was a surprisingly welcome return to form. He inwardly groaned as he remembered how Gao had said he'd end up missing the affections of the other dragon. The kid knew more than he let on, that was for sure. He let out a chuckle when he thought of Gao being observant enough to make that assumption, given Drum's reaction to all of Axia's over-enthusiastic hugs in the past. And yet this hug seemed tamer than what he remembered. Or maybe he really had grown used to the dragowizard's hugs. Either way, Drum let the hug continue for a moment before trying to get Axia's attention.

"It's good to see you too Axia." Drum said before patting the teal dragon on the back, silently hoping he'd get the hint. To his thankful surprise, Axia released his firm hold and took a small step back. He did keep his claws on his shoulders though, but Drum found it didn't bother him all that much.

"Drum! I can't believe it, it's been so long!" Axia gushed, smiling brightly. "Word's gotten back to Magic World about the portal to Darkness Dragon World. I can't believe you and Gao-wow managed to stop that!"

"Yeah, it was pretty tough, but we managed alright!" He boasted proudly. Having Axia fawn over him again was a very welcome feeling, but he felt bad leaving his friend out of a compliment. One look at the piles of books littering the library floor was more than enough evidence of how hard he was training. "And it looks like you've been doing some intense studying too."

Axia blinked and let go of Drum's shoulders, wincing slightly as he turned to the pile of books he had been working on.

"Maybe a little." He forced a smile, but broke it with a disappointed sigh, lowering his gaze to the floor.

Drum looked on, confusion marring his features. He didn't expect as much bravado as he put on, but he thought the dragowizard would be a little eager to show off his progress.

"Is everything alright?"

"It's... complicated." Axia mumbled, still not looking at the red dragon.

"That's a loaded phrase," Drum joked. "But, if there's anything I've learned from my time with Gao, is that even lending an ear can help."

"Thanks, Drum-kins, but that's just it. My attempts at getting a Buddy of my own haven't led up to much" He sighed as he looked at the dozens of books on the floor and on the shelves. "I came here, hoping that there was some information on finding a Buddy, but I haven't found anything that could help me..."

"You're going about it all wrong!" Drum said firmly and put a comforting hand on the Dragowizard's shoulder. It was a small gesture, but it spoke volumes to the teal dragon. "You gotta let your true Buddy come to you. It isn't something that can be forced. You'll just feel it when it happens."

Axia looked at Drum, a small smile on his snout. For all their time together, Drum had never reciprocated any of the physical affection thrown his way. It was a nice change to see him initiating that kind of contact for once, and Axia was content to let the moment pass even if he did have an urge to tackle-hug the bigger dragon again.

"Is there anything else that's bugging you?" Drum asked when Axia stayed quiet. "I may be rusty, but I'm guessing there's another reason why you're studying so hard."

"Truth be told, I'm actually looking up ways to form change, like I've seen you and Asmodai do." He sighed wistfully. "You've even managed to be proficient enough in Magic World to be a top rate magician if you practiced hard enough."

"I mean, Dungeon World was my dad's idea. I'd be stuck in a rut too if I didn't have anybody help show me what to do." Drum admitted. "I kinda just charged into it without thinking, most of the time."

At that Axia winced. "I've tried that route, Drum-kins, but I'm not the strongest monster out there." His mind flashed back to his final fight against Kiri, where, even powered up with a Spell, he had to be returned to the hand to avoid destruction. "Training in other Worlds isn't something I can just 'charge' into."

"So go find a training partner," Drum pressed. He tried to keep his tone encouraging, but he couldn't help but try to nudge the other dragon into action. "You're a pretty strong dragowizard. It shouldn't be that hard to find someone to help you."

"That hasn't ended too well either." Axia sighed. "It's only happened once or twice, but... I usually don't find monsters with the best moral standings. There aren't many monsters who'd stick their neck out for someone like me like you did when that girl almost burned my card."

"You've obviously been with some rough crowds." Drum snorted. "Any monster worth their World wouldn't let someone almost torch another like that and not do anything about it."

Seeing Drum still ready to act the hero made Axia smile again, if only for a moment.

"I wish more people thought like that. Even if you did forget your drill, you did more for me than most monsters would have." He looked down towards the pile of books again. "Then you mastered so many other worlds, even my own. It made me so happy that you trained in Magic World and built a strategy with me as a pretty important part to it. Even if I couldn't help you in any of your other decks..."

He trailed off, kneeled down briefly to pick up one of the scattered books and lightly tossed it aside after glancing at it. The bigger dragon was stunned. He never would've imagined that the usually energetic and exuberant dragowizard would worry about something like that. What surprised him more was how familiar those thoughts sounded.

"I know what it feels like to think you aren't doing anything useful," he said at last, prompting the teal dragon to look back at him curiously. "Before we met, there was a tournament we participated in; the ABC Cup. It was supposed to be where we proved how close we had gotten to our Buddies, but I ended up barely doing anything. Heck, Gao didn't even really need me except to fulfill an item effect requirement."

He steeled his gaze, looking the dragowizard straight in the eye. "I know that feeling of not being able to help someone you care about. It's why I went away before, so I could learn how to protect Gao and be a dragon worthy of a Buddy like him." He broke the melancholy aura to smile at Axia. "Thanks for looking after him while I was gone, by the way."

Axia perked, nodding his head numbly. In truth, he hadn't expected Drum to have had such a similar situation to his own. It only further served to fuel his respect towards him, to know that he had managed to overcome those obstacles with his determination. He was about to launch into another hug, but was cut off when Drum started again.

"And hey, if you want to train in different Worlds, I think I could help with that too. I've pretty much finished my training with Gao and--"

This time, Drum nearly was bowled over, the enthusiastic Dragowizard having latched onto his side in another quick tackle-hug. Drum was about to yell for Axia to let go, but stopped short when he didn't feel any of the dragon's usual clinginess. Axia was holding him in a simple, if a tad rambunctious at the start, hug.

_Be nice if all his hugs were this tame. But I guess it wouldn't be an Axia hug if it didn't knock me down sometimes. _

"Thanks Drum," Axia said after a while. He slowly disentangled himself from the red dragon, his smile and cheerful demeanor restored. "I needed that."

Drum shrugged and grinned, simply glad to see the extroverted dragon in better spirits.

"So, Drum-kins, why did you decide to visit?" Axia wondered after the two had broken contact. "As much as I'm enjoying it, I don't think you're here to hear me ramble about my problems."

"Ehh, it's fine. But you are right, there is something I wanted to show you! Really, I wanted someone else's opinion on the results of my training." Drum grinned as he moved to a good open area of the room. "This place is fire proof right?" Axia nodded curiously waiting to see what had the armor dragon so excited.

Drum wasted no time and flared up in a heap of light, his body engulfed in a large pillar of fire. He broke out of the flames dramatically and struck a pose, once again clad in his Crimson Battler armor. "Crimson Battler, Drum Bunker Dragon is in the house!!" He roared, striking a pose.

Axia was shocked; his magic sense was floored by how much stronger the other dragon had become, but more importantly, he was amazed to see how ripped Drum had gotten. Even better, how much was bared for him to see.

In all his previous forms, Drum had a chest plate that shielded his torso and obscured any glimpses of his chest, much to Axia's chagrin. Now that armor was gone, replaced by platinum armor that quite literally framed his chiseled chest and abs. Axia could see the clear definition on Drum's newly exposed muscles, and had to swallow to compose himself. He tore his gaze away from his torso, though it did not help much. Drum's pose had his arms and legs flexed, the Crimson battler doing all that he could to show off his new form.

"Well, don't just stand there!" Drum chuckled, relaxing his pose after a few seconds. "Tell me what'cha think!"

Axia gulped, trying to find his voice again. He wants to know what I think? The dragowizard almost bit his tongue. He was fairly certain the buff dragon would dismiss him if he really said what he actually thought.

"What's the matter Axia?" He grinned teasingly at the dragowizard. "Dragon got your tongue?"

I wish, he thought, still trying to take all of Drum's new form in. It wasn't everyday he could examine Drum, or any monster really, and give an honest critique of their... physique. He could practically feel the desire in him to reach out and caress the muscled armor dragon, and he found his mouth moving before his brain could catch up. "It'd... help if I could take a closer look." He almost had to wonder where the words even came from, but he had to admit the truth in them.

Drum, meanwhile, was thoroughly amused seeing the normally exuberant dragon act so bashful, but he nodded all the same. Axia seemed glued to his spot for a few moments and Drum almost wondered if he was being afflicted with something.

Eventually, Axia did move, hesitantly much to the renewed amusement of the bigger dragon. His grin become questioning when Axia stopped right in front of him, practically chest to chest with Drum. The teal dragon swallowed again before reaching an arm up, keeping a nervous gaze on Drum's chest and armor to keep from looking him in the eye. He placed a claw on the armor dragon's chest and trailed down the pronounced muscle with his fingertips, his hand almost shaking as he slowly ran it over Drum's thickly cut abs. He marveled at the strength he felt, lost in his own world as dozens of fantasies swirled in his head, all focused on the red dragon in front of him.

Drum felt his cheeks heat up having the Dragowizard in such close contact. Usually he had his plated armor to put some distance between him and anyone. Now though, Axia's soft claws were free to run over his muscular body without interruptions. Drum swallowed hard as he felt Axia's fingers trace over the fine lines of his defined muscles and even shivered when he felt the dragowizard's fingertips run across his abs. In truth, he'd never had anyone touch him so intimately before. It was all unfamiliar territory to the armor dragon, and he found his voice shaking as the dragowizard unwittingly molested him.


The lithe dragon perked up, coming out of his trance that he'd fallen into. "S-sorry," he stammered, pulling his hands away and blushing hard. He had no idea what came over him. As much as he loved physical contact, he never was more forward than an affectionate hug. Certainly not to that amount.

Drum swallowed as he looked at the dragowizard. Those feelings were unfamiliar, but the more he thought about them, the more he welcomed them. If anything they felt surprisingly nice, leaving a pleasant tingle running through his body that left him wanting more of the same.

Both dragons were still blushing hard, but Drum was the one to clear his throat first. "Hey," Axia winced, fearing a scolding might have come next, but was surprised when he felt Drum's arm wrap him in a half hug. "I didn't say you needed to stop," He grinned goofily at Axia and squeezed him close to his partially exposed body.

Axia felt a wave of unfamiliar boldness swell up, and before either dragon knew it, Axia's arms were wrapped around Drum's neck, and their lips were pressed tightly together. Drum inhaled sharply, eyes wide as he stood frozen on the spot. For a moment, it felt like time had frozen, with the bigger dragon having no idea how to react to the sudden kiss.

Then his brain finally recognized how Axia's mouth felt against his. One by one, his senses came back to life, and they liked what they felt. The tingle that was there before when Axia was touching him was back in full force, running through him like a current. And this time, Drum knew he wanted more of the same. The armor dragon wrapped both arms around his partner, kissing him back fiercely.

Each dragon was claimed by instinct, by an age old desire for their partner. Axia huffed through his nose, his hands free to roam over the Battler's body. And roam they did. Even with the armor, his entire body was almost entirely laid bare for the teal dragon to explore. He moaned lightly, breaking the kiss to concentrate on the red dragon's body, running his claws over Drum's abs and pecs at first before reaching around his neck again, feeling the hardened muscles there.

Drum's started to do the same, but his own roaming claws were stopped short. Axia's robes and armor were clasped tight to his body and seemed to not want to let the insistent dragon in. "Where's the zipper on this thing?" Drum huffed impatiently, his lust quickly overtaking his rational mindset. Fortunately for him, Axia realized his folly.

"Sorry," Axia panted, tapping a lapel hidden under his scarf. His armor and robes on his uniform slackened slightly, leaving them half drooping on the dragon's frame. "I had them enchanted for protection. Guess I made them a little too strong, huh?"

Drum licked his lips eagerly and growled. "Well, you're a smart dragowizard. After all, you got a hungry dragon after you. You sure it's okay to leave yourself open like this?" His teasing continued as he began slipping Axia's robes off him, making the smaller dragon shiver in anticipation as he was slowly bared, his robes and armor falling to the floor piece by piece until he was completely exposed to the armor dragon.

"If it's you, Drum, I'm more than okay with it," Axia panted, shivering at Drum's touch. The buff dragon soon started nibbling on Axia's bared neck, the lithe dragon moaning his appreciation. Now without any more distractions, Drum let his hands explore Axia's form. His body was that of a scholar, not nearly as defined as the Crimson Battler's was. Still, he had a respectable amount of muscle to him, just enough to be noticeable, and give him some appealing curves as well. Perhaps by instinct, Drum's claws drifted south, and one cupped the dragon's firm rear, causing its owner to tense up and moan shakily.

"You look good out of that outfit," Drum growled after pulling back to give the dragon a once over. Hearing him talk like that made Axia shiver, and he was glad the armor dragon had stopped his ministrations so he could respond coherently.

"It's hardly fair that I don't get to see you the same way..." He managed out, still trying to catch his breath.

"Well, I'm not stopping you." Drum grinned lewdly and pulled back from the dragowizard, his eyes inviting him to do whatever he wanted.

Axia blushed at how dominant Drum sounded, but was too eager to let it stop him. He found the Crimson Battler's armor a lot easier to remove, Drum's metallic armor easily being undone and making muffled thumps on the carpeted floor as it joined his own discarded robes. His eyes gazed over Drum's chest again, taking him all in. The armor dragon ate up how much he had entranced Axia and was eager to see where this would go.

The teal dragon gulped in anticipation as his gaze drifted southward, driven by an encouraging hand that gave his rear a squeeze. He shakily reached down to unclasp the latch to Drum's belt, his breath hitching once Drum's pants fell to the floor. Even from a distance, Axia's nose could pick up the thick scent of Drum's musk, and he stifled a gasp when his true prize was revealed.

Drum's shaft rested over his plump balls, half hard from their foreplay. Axia hummed at the sight and knelt down to get a better grip on his buddy. He took the thickening dragonhood into one of his claws, stroking it with a practiced technique while the other reached down to cradle his balls. The buff dragon sighed pleasantly at the attention, and grinned down at Axia, his eyes silently asking him to do more...

Axia looked up to meet his gaze and, seeing the lust in his eyes, slowly took the tapered head of Drum's thick shaft into his mouth. He hummed lightly as he ran his tongue over Drum's maleness, tasting just of a hint of sweat from a long day of rigorous activity. The thought of Drum working out in the hot sun flashed through his mind and gave him extra incentive to take him in further.

Drum moaned lowly, grabbing onto a nearby desk to keep steady as Axia took more and more of his growing length into his warm maw. The teal dragon's tongue worked over his thick shaft, curling and lapping over the head before moving down to run over the underside. Drum had no idea the dragowizard was so well versed in pleasuring a male, but he wasn't about to complain.

Axia had no complaints either, and eagerly continued taking in Drum's cock until his mouth reached the base, his nose pressed firmly against the bigger dragon's crotch. He mentally congratulated himself for taking all of the armor dragon's considerable length in, the head nearly threatening to hit the back of his throat. Axia moaned again when he felt that throbbing rod drool pre on his tongue, his eyes lidded and his head almost spun as the scent of the muscled dragon invaded his senses on two fronts.

"Wow, Axia. That's some mouth ya got." Drum panted out as he grasped one of Axia's horns, looking to its owner for any objections. When none came, he grinned toothily and grasped the other horn, staring down lustfully at the teal dragon. "Hope you don't mind if I take the lead for a bit." The pleasure stricken dragon growled and rocked his hips forward, sliding his cock in and out of Axia's warm maw.

Axia took it with grace, humming more as the bigger dragon took control. The fact that it was Drum praising his skills made him twice as eager, and he cupped the bigger dragon's muscled rear in his claws, gripping it tight each time Drum's drove his large cock to the root. He moaned again as he felt the strength that was held in those muscles, blissfully imagining them thrusting that throbbing cock into his rear.

Drum, meanwhile, was on cloud 9, completely focused on enhancing the pleasure he was receiving. He had never known a tongue could do any of the things that Axia was doing to him. The teal dragon's tongue was practically wrapped around his rod, slurping around it like a candy treat even as he humped into the dragowizard's eager maw. Drum felt his legs almost buckle when that slim tongue reached out to lap at his balls, the dragon's maw loosing none of its hold on him and staying just as warm.

As much fun as he was having, even Axia had his limits and he gave a customary pat on the rear to signal his need for air. Drum didn't understand the meaning, but was thrown off his rhythm from the ass pat, his shaky hands letting go of Axia's horns and freeing his head. The teal dragon panted as he pulled back and let Drum's maleness drop from his mouth, now covered in a sheen of spit. He gulped at the size of it, marveling for a moment at how the thick shaft drooped under its own weight despite being fully hard.

"You're big everywhere," Axia chuckled, stroking the amped up dragon's thick cock. He chuckled when Drum let out a lusty pant, and gave the head a small kiss before letting it fall. "You wait there, I think I have something that'll help."

He winked at the bigger dragon and kneeled down underneath a desk, positioning his rear well within Drum's line of sight. Axia lifted his tail out of the way and wiggling his rear teasingly, knowing full well the effect it would have on the other dragon. He only intended to give his partner a sneak peak, a tease of what was to come to keep him ready.

It worked almost too well. Drum's eyes were fixated on the teal dragon's firm rump, hypnotized by its subtly sway. He slowly crept up to the unaware wizard, the larger armor dragon motivated solely by his hormones, which were presenting him a better way to help prepare his partner. Though the idea sounded strange as he ran it through what remained of his rational thought process, he felt his mouth salivating at the thought, and he decided to follow his instincts, and buried his snout under the dragowizard's raised tail.

Axia yelped in surprise at the contact, blushing heavily as he looked back, seeing and feeling the strong dragon's tongue press and work over his rear. The dragowizard was experienced in several ways of pleasuring males, but he'd never tried such an act before. He was almost tempted to tell the bigger dragon to wait until he felt the first contact of his strong tongue drag across his sensitive entrance.

"D-Drum...!" The smaller dragon almost jumped as he felt a strong jolt of pleasure run through his spine, Drum's subsequent licks bringing similar jolts through him. Axia mentally praised himself for his good hygienic habits, letting his partner work without complaint and letting him become used to the now very enjoyable sensations Drum's tongue was bringing him. He shivered and pushed his rear back against the strong dragon's snout, eager to feel more of his tongue.

Drum needed little encouragement, eagerly gripping Axia's slim hips and pressing his tongue insistently against the teal dragon's rear entrance. His light musk and unique taste was addicting, and his fervent licks soon had his tongue buried deep in the dragowizard's tailhole.

Axia gasped as Drum's tongue penetrated him, gripping the carpet until it almost tore. He looked back at the dragon working his rear, his mind still curious as to what Drum was doing to make him feel so good. While it was hard for him to see any of what Drum was doing, with his snout being firmly buried in the dragowizard's rear, he felt everything that the armor dragon was doing to him. His tongue was just thick enough to stretch him in just the right way and dexterous enough to hit spots even he'd forgotten felt good. Still, after several minutes, even he had a desire to be filled with something... more.

"Oohh, don't tease me, Drum," he moaned, blushing brightly as he voiced his request. "I really need you in me..."

Hearing his partner, Drum relented, pulling his snout back and panting, his senses still flooded with Axia's light musk. A drop in the bucket compared to his own. He looked down lustfully at the dragowizard and sat back on his knees up, his maleness still well at attention. He panted lightly and nodded, his cock jumping at the idea.

"Do you mind if we go missionary for this?" Axia asked, gulping lightly. "I really wanna see your face when you... mount me."

Drum couldn't help but grin at the blush that the teal dragon had on his snout. Seeing the usually exuberant dragon now acting bashful and yet so forward really hit a chord in him. He nodded breathlessly and helped his fellow dragon flip over and get into position. It came as no surprise that the smaller dragon was hard as a rock from his teasing earlier, his slim length laying on his stomach, eager for another's touch.

Drum fulfilled that want, pressing his still slick rod against it, and lightly grasped the two together, stroking them in tandem. Axia whined quietly, gently pumping his hips up to meet the armor dragon's strokes, and watched as pre and spit was smeared between their shafts. They both shivered when the bigger dragon's hand squeezed near their heads, coaxing a bit of pre from both their lengths.

"Ready?" Drum asked huskily after a while, sliding his dick down and grinding the tip against Axia's entrance.

"Just start easy," Axia huffed, his face flushed with arousal and a little embarrassment . "It's been a while since I've done this."

"Don't worry, I'll make sure you get real used to me." He grinned toothily and grasped the teal dragon's waist for support while his strong hips rocked forward, pressing the head of his thick dick against Axia's rear.

As he felt his buddy's insistent prodding, Axia briefly worried that their spit job wouldn't be enough and just about asked Drum to stop, until the tapered head managed to spread him open. The teal dragon whined as his rump was stretched, lowering his head as he tried to relax around the bigger dragon's invading member. It had indeed been a while, but soon, old muscle memory reasserted itself, and after the first few inches, the slender dragon found himself enjoying Drum's steady intrusion.

Drum himself was almost growling with pleasure, the teal dragon's passage messaged his cock in ways he wouldn't have thought possible. He shut his eyes as he continued to drive his thick rod into the other's ass. Drum swore he saw stars, Axia's rear was a perfect fit for his maleness. It squeezed him just right each time the dragon tensed up and he could feel the heat surrounding him with every inch he drove into the teal dragon.

Drum leaned over his partner as he bottomed out, the two dragons snout to snout once again. Axia didn't hesitate this time, the lithe dragon wrapped his arms around Drum's thick neck and kissed him deeply, moaning quietly at the closeness he felt. Drum responded in kind, pressing his body against Axia's. Their tongues joined their waltz, and they found themselves twirling and curling around each other.

After a while, Axia broke for air, but Drum kept his ministrations, his mouth quickly finding Axia's bared neck and latching onto it. The dragowizard moaned louder at that, his body shivering as he felt Drum's tongue drag across his sensitive scales. In their flurry of movement, Drum managed to grind his embedded shaft against Axia, giving him just enough to tease and keep him hard, but not much else to stimulate him further.

"Drum...!" He cried, pushing back against Drum's hips to try and give himself more stimulation. Lucky for him, Drum noticed and was all too eager to help his friend out.

The buff dragon grabbed Axia's slim hips, grunting as he started thrusting in earnest. He was driven entirely on instinct at this point, egged on by Axia's tight depths and light moans. The armor dragon kept himself pressed close to the dragowizard, focused entirely on driving his thick cock as deep as possible into the lithe dragon's rear. It also pressed his chiseled stomach against Axia's shaft, grinding the drooling length against his abs and making him squirm in pleasure.

The dragowizard wrapped his legs around Drum's waist, desperate to keep the red dragon's cock in him every time he thrust forward. Drum's dick was hitting just the right spots to make Axia see stars of his own, and the added stimulation on his maleness was enough to quickly catapult him right over his peak. "Drum, I'm-"

His cry was cut short as he came, the dragon clinging tightly to his partner as he shot his load, coating their stomachs and even managing to hit his chin, all the while moaning out as the muscled armor dragon kept driving himself into his abused rear. Drum wasn't far off either, Axia's moaning and tensing managed to push the horny dragon over the edge, and after hilting himself one last time, he came as well. His body stiffened up as his cock erupted, multiple jets of creamy dragon cum filling his partner up with his seed.

Both dragons grunted as they rode out their orgasms, their bodies pressed firmly against one another. Axia panted as his length shot the last of its load, his shaft coming to rest on his stomach while at the same time keeping his legs around Drum's waist as he felt the larger dragon empty out in him. Drum himself was grinding his hips against Axia's rear as he finished releasing into the slender dragon below him, almost collapsing on top of his partner once the flow stopped.

No words were said between the two, both content to let themselves stay as they were for a few moments. Eventually though, fatigue won out against Drum, and he slowly worked himself out of his partner's rear, both dragons shuddering as their oversensitive flesh was further stimulated.

Drum flopped down on the carpet, a silly grin on his snout which Axia couldn't help but smile at. The large dragon turned to Axia and smiled contently before closing his eyes, his energy spent. In true fashion, Axia snuggled right up besides Drum, feeling himself blush as a well muscled arm instinctively wrapped around him, keeping him close by his side.

The Dragowizard barely felt himself lay his head on his partner's chest before he joined him in slumber.


Axia sighed quietly, snuggling into the warmth that surrounded him. Dimly, he was aware that he was laying on the rug of the library floor. He sighed to himself, realizing that he must've fallen asleep after another long night of studying and that the librarian had given him something to keep warm. He'd been working his tail off for weeks, so it was no wonder he was so tired. Still, the dream he had was a very welcome departure from the norm.

The teal dragon stretched out his arm, hoping to cover his side with the blanket, but stopped short as his claw came into contact with something solid, hard, and most definitely alive. Axia gulped, his ear fins twitching as he heard the soft breathing of someone next to him. He wracked his brain to remember the series of events that was his dream and blushed as he recalled them with startling clarity. Slowly his mind returned to the present and he remembered to open his eyes.

There, illuminated in the soft morning light, was Drum. Naked as he was the night before and snoring softly.

Axia swallowed again, and tentatively snuggled closer to the bigger dragon. He was real, actually really real. His blush returned as he realized his own nakedness, and doubled when he felt how tender his rear was. The night was a wild one and he couldn't help but snuggle against Drum as he reminisced on what they did.

Soon though, the larger dragon began to waken, and Axia waited until he was fully awake before looking up at him. He wondered if he'd receive a bashful or reluctant response this time. Most of what they had done was spontaneous and in the moment, and he wasn't sure if Drum would still feel the same way as he had.

Drum yawned audibly, stretching both arms up over his head until they cracked. After a huff, he brought them back down, and, much to Axia's delight, wrapped his left arm back around the lithe dragon. He turned his head to Axia, opened his eyes drowsily... and smiled.

"G'morning," he said softly, a hint of sleep still evident in his voice.

"Morning," Axia whispered breathlessly.

The two stared at each other for a few moments before Drum chuckled lightly.

"What happened to all that snuggling you were doing earlier?" He teased. "I was enjoying that."

"You... you didn't mind it?" Axia couldn't help but ask. Carnal relations were one thing, but Drum himself said he was never a very huggy dragon.

"Yeah, well..." Drum said with a slightly embarrassed look, as if reading the lithe dragon's thoughts. "Guess I'm a bit of a hugger too."

As if to emphasize the point, Drum squeezed Axia with the arm wrapped around him, bringing him close to the bigger dragon's chest. The Dragowizard grinned brightly and wrapped an arm over the armor dragon's neck, humming in delight as he was finally able to be affectionate to his heart's content. To Drum's credit, he barely felt the blush that tinted his cheeks.

"Drum...?" Axia said after a moment or two.


"I think we need a shower." In spite of saying so, he still rubbed his muzzle into the crevice of Drum's neck, his breaths slow to take in the red dragon's scent..

"Probably," Drum shrugged, but then looked questioningly at the teal dragon. "Does this place even have a shower? I mean it's a library."

"Oh, Drum-kins. You know there are some pretty studious wizards here that study for days at a time. It's practically a requirement to use them." He pointed behind him down a row of shelves. "They're always in the back of bigger rooms like this one."

Whatever Drum thought of it, it didn't stop him from looking content. "Well then..." He trailed off, but gave his partner a mischievous smirk. "You wanna shower together?" He chuckled and stood up, his morning wood standing at attention. "Get dirty again before we get clean?" He winked at Axia and sauntered off, uncaring that he was still naked.

Axia blushed and watched Drum's toned rear as its owner headed down the rows of shelves, silently wondering if this all wasn't just a dream. "You coming or what?" Drum called back playfully. The teal dragon still hadn't found his voice, but found himself nodding eagerly and quickly getting up to follow after the red dragon. He couldn't leave his Buddy waiting, now could he?

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