Heart of Ash

Story by sisco on SoFurry

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This is my second story paid for by the awesome guys who support me on Patreon. It is a follow up to a story I posted over a year ago. However, you don't really need to have read the first story to appreciate this one. It also includes three YCH appearances by my top tier patrons lizarman Hky and Equusaz serriously guys thanks so much for the support it means the world to me. Oh and there are still 2 top tier patron slots available.

My patrons have been able to enjoy this story for the last 5-10 days depending on tier and I have some plans for some patreon only content in the works, more to be announced later. Anyway this is 23k words long and contains quite a lot of hot steamy action as well as some romance, sweetness and emotional scenes. I hope you enjoy.

The first story can be found here https://www.sofurry.com/view/708886

With a grunt and a shove Simon forced the vacuum cleaner back in the cupboard once more; this time the obstinate object stayed put and he was able to shut the door. With a gasp the Bruin took a step back and leaned against the hall wall with a smile. It was done. His house was finally clean and ready for_him_. Every surface was polished, all books, DVDs and magazines on their assigned shelves, his computer desk tidy. The Playstation three and Xbone cleaned with their games neatly stacked, in case_he_ wants to game.

It was weird to think it had been so long, four years since his holiday. Things had changed so much since that fateful day the pony had approached him, with mischief in his heart and sex on his mind. What a day it had been, the bear's mind had been blown. His first sexual experience and it was with not one but five other guys. The bear had spent the rest of his holiday with the group. It had been amazing, but more than that he had felt a genuine connection to them, but especially with him. His sexual awakening coming at the paws of the others, there had been nothing he wasn't willing to do for them.

However, his fondest memory had been his penultimate night in Australia. The others had been busy with work so it was just Simon and Ty, the pony. Closing his eyes the chubby bear could still see him; that blonde mane wild and yet so beautiful, his strong jaw and his dazzling green eyes, so full of lust and maybe something more. They had kissed, fucked and held each other for the entire day, leaving the bed only for food and toilet breaks. The pony's grassy scent was so thick in the air the bear could practically chew on it. Some nights he would dream of that day, of_him_, and when he woke he was sure he could scent the pony.

Of course he had no idea if the horse had felt anything for him, more than just simple lust. Ty was sexually free; he loved large and lithe bodies alike. Deep down Simon was worried he was nothing but another friend and lover to the pony. Not that being so was a bad thing; the bear just wanted more. It was stupid though, half the world separated them and he knew it was nothing but a dream.

When he had left the entire group had sat with him in the airport. The strong muscular tiger Matty, who had dragged the bear to the airport bathroom and forced his thick cock down the bear's throat one last time. He was now married to Des, the black rabbit who had bounced on the bear's cock on the drive to the airport. Fry the Roo and Kas the white mouse had also become a couple, they had been the ones he had stayed with on his last night. He still chatted with them from time to time, he could remember the two of them sharing passionate kisses while he suckled on both of their cocks for the last time.

Then there had been Petey, he was someone special to the bear still, the wonderful huge-hearted panda. He had visited the bear once, a year later, and they had spent a wonderful week together. A total bottom the timid male had drawn out an aggressive side Simon hadn't even realised he had. They talked every day and he counted the panda as one of his best friends. They had talked about the possibility of a relationship once, but they knew it wouldn't work. Simon wasn't a pure top and Petey wanted to be dominated, his relationship with Kas had ended for the same reason. Petey had found himself a rhino, a hot, well-built stud. They fucked on webcam for the bear's, and their, enjoyment regularly.

Not that the bear had been idle during the years since his holiday. He had earned his degree and was working on his Masters. He had also dated some, but it had never stuck, really. Something was always missing. The major problem was, no matter how great the guy, he would eventually find himself thinking of that day he had with Ty and no lover could compare. Of course he knew that he would have to get over the pony to move on. However, before he got over him he planned to get under him.

It had been one hell of a long dragging two months since Ty had contacted him. The pony had finished his own Masters and was celebrating with a three month backpacking tour of Europe. Simon was going to get the pony for four wonderful days and three nights, just the two of them. They could reconnect and if the bear still felt the same he would be able to look the pony in the eye and tell him how he felt. Maybe Ty felt the same, he had been single for the entire time the bear knew him. Of course maybe he didn't, but the bear would at least know it and, as much as that would hurt, he knew he would be able to move on.

The bear wandered around his house looking for anything out of place; it had to be perfect for the pony. The Bruin paused as he passed his hall mirror and checked himself out. His kodiac fur a red-brown, hazel eyes twinkling with joy and hope. His stomach far too big for his own liking, though many lovers had told him how much they loved his bulk. It wasn't huge; it fit his frame well, with his broad shoulders and strong chest to balance it out. That hadn't stopped him spending the last month working out and dieting. He was still chubby, but he was not that unhealthy, his stamina was at an all-time high. A simple red t-shirt and blue jeans, newly bought and agonised over. He had spent literally days trying to think of what to wear.

He checked out his bedroom, his large double bed with fresh blue sheets, all newly bought and then cleaned. Only the best was good enough for Ty, in Simon's eyes anyway. Simon had not bothered to makeup the guest bedrooms, after all he was sure the pony would want to sleep with him. He peaked out of the bedroom window at his garden, the lawn freshly mowed and the barbeque prepped and ready.

The bear had gotten lucky when his grandmother had died, though he hadn't felt lucky at the time. She had left him her house up in the hills out in a tiny village in the English countryside. A nice old big semi-detached house, with huge back garden. Only the neighbours could see into his garden and they were in America visiting their daughter for the next month. If the weather stayed nice the bear was hoping to get to do some naked sunbathing and much more with Ty.

Music burst forth from his pocket and he rushed to answer his mobile, it was Ty and his heart danced as it beat out a crazy rhythm. He answered quickly, hoping that it meant the pony was nearby, "heya, Ty how is the journey going?"

"Heya mate, going good. In fact we made it to town about half an hour ago." The pony replied, his strong Aussie brogue making the bear's cock twitch. However, his words made the bear's heart jump. 'We'?! The pony was supposed to be travelling alone.

"Great, you gonna grab a taxi? I sent you the number of a good firm, sorry I can't pick you up my car is in the shop. I promise I will make it up to you when you get here," the bear said lowering his tone a little as he said the last part. His old beat up car had broken down just two days before, leaving the bear stranded and annoyed. Ty had insisted that he was visiting the bear and he didn't care if they went anywhere. He just wanted to reconnect with 'an old mate'. Those words had made Simon so happy, he wanted to reconnect with the beautiful pony in every possible way.

"That's great an' all, but look mate, there's been a bit of a fuck up at the hostel," the pony said and the dread in the bear's gut was rising, the pony was to be staying with him, not at a hostel.

"You mean at your next stop? You are welcome to stay longer if you need to," it was wishful thinking but the bear was getting worried and all he wanted to hear was that the pony would be staying a night or two, maybe a lifetime, longer.

"Naw, nothing to do with my bookings mate, just a couple of guys I've been travelling with since Paris. Nice guys, but their booking got lost and they don't have anywhere to stay." As the pony spoke the bear went through a range of emotions from relief, at knowing the pony was still coming, to dread, at what the pony was going to ask for next." Look I wouldn't normally ask, but I don't want to see these guys on the streets..."

The pause in the pony's speech was there for the bear and Simon knew what was expected and wanted. He saw his perfect four days alone with Ty vanishing. However, it was also a chance to be a hero, "say no more, just get everyone in a cab and get here. I have a few spare beds and a sofa, hell floorspace if needed. How many are coming?"

"Awww, see guys I told you Si was a fucking awesome guy, didn't I?" Ty crowed to his friends, the relief in his voice evident and his tone became instantly cheerier. "There's just three and they are more than happy to squeeze into one bed if they need to. Two dogs and a lizard; I will do introductions later. Thanks and... " the ponies voice went very low and he whispered lustfully," I promise I will make it up to you later."

Simon's cock reached full mast in record time as he thought of all the wonderful ways the pony could thank the hero bear. It covered for any disappointment at not getting time alone with the pony, at least for the moment. " I... I... OK, you guys jump in a cab and I will get ready to welcome you to England."

"Brill, this is gonna be epic, just like when we first met! See you soon, sugar bear," enthused the pony and it wasn't until the bear had hung up that he realised there was a potential double meaning in what the pony had said, one that made his aching cock leak pre.

He didn't have too much time to dwell on the pony's words as he hustled round his house making up the two guest rooms. It wasn't long before he heard the sound of a car pulling up outside; the bear rushed to the door and out into the warm summer sun. The taxi just stopped as he got outside and there he saw him, Ty, sitting in the front seat.

The pony was looking as beautiful as ever, his face slightly older, but that just made him more handsome. His muscular frame had filled out even more and the bear couldn't keep the grin off his face. His mane was still wild and unkempt looking like the dominant stud who had held the bear down and showed him just why it was good to lay with a pony. The pony's fur seemed to have gotten lighter in colour, his mane still slightly darker and his lips pink on white velvet muzzle. Those green eyes spotted him and sparkled as the pony's lips spread in a wide smile. Then he turned to talk to the cab driver.

As he did so the back doors of the cab opened and out stepped a husky and a Dalmatian, followed by a lizard of some species the bear couldn't identify. They all gave him nervous and yet friendly smiles as they turned and opened the boot of the car and started pulling out bags. As they did so the front door opened and Ty got out, the tall pony well over six foot, walking over to the bear, "oh fuck mate, are you a sight for sore eyes!" The pony exclaimed as he wrapped the bear up in a strong hug.

Simon hugged back, laying his muzzle on Ty's shoulders and sighing happily as the sweet grassy scent of pony filled his nose. It was even sexier that he remembered and he could feel his cock swelling embarrassingly quickly. "It is so wonderful to see you again," Simon whispered to the pony as he closed his eyes losing himself to the moment, the world melting away to leave just the warm pony in his arms. The warm firm body pressing to his, a thick bulge in Ty's pants showing the bear the pony still found him desirable.

A polite cough brought the bear back to reality, where three strangers were waiting to be introduced. "Sorry, where are my manners. Please, come inside, my name's Simon. Can I get anyone a drink?" The bear said as he pulled away from the hug and opened his front door. The other furs piled inside where Ty took over introductions.

"Alright, the green one is Lizar from Barcelona. He's studying computer something or other at Portsmouth," the pony said waving at the lizard. He was indeed green, with flame red hair. His body was trim and toned, his light green scales shimmering in the sun. His brown eyes alert and watching the bear with keen interest.

Lizar stepped forward and help out a hand. "Nice to meet you, Simon," he said politely, his Spanish accent strong but his words clear and easy to understand.

"Welcome to my home, nice to meet you." The bear replied politely as he shook his hand. The feel of scales on his pads was alien but far from unpleasant. He had never had an experience with a reptile before and he found himself wondering if that was about to change.

He didn't get long to dwell on it as a spotted paw was thrust at him and a thick Texan accent said " Taylor, nice house you got. Thanks for saving our collective asses." The dog was about the same height as Simon but there the similarities ended. His right ear was fully black but the rest of his face was covered in the trademark Dalmatian spots. His body was trim, though not overly so, the dog had a tiny bit of a belly showing. Not enough to really call a beer belly, or if so just a half pint belly. He continued talking not giving Simon a chance to reply. "I'm just on a year off in between my college studies. I needed it, too. A business studies and design degree is just as exciting as it sounds."

Ty smiled and out his paw on the shoulder of the last stranger, "this is Mark, he's a master engineer."

The husky laughed and shook his head and the bear's paw at the same time, his accent was far milder but clearly American. "I'm actually studying mechanical engineering, I said I might go for a Masters degree afterwards." The husky eyes were a wonderful ocean blue, his smile warm and friendly. His face the very epitome of a husky pattern, dark grey framing his white face.

All four were dressed in shorts and a T-shirt, quite crumpled shirts at that; Simon guessed they had been travelling for a while. "Ok let me show you around." The bear gave a very quick tour of his house, pointing out all the amenities. Then led them upstairs, "this is my..." Simon paused as Ty placed his bags emphatically on the bed. His heart leapt as he realised the horse was staking his claim to the bed, and hopefully the bear who owned it. "Bedroom."

He showed them round the two guest bedrooms and wasn't surprised when the three others opted to share the double bed in the larger guestroom. Ty's taste in friends apparently hadn't changed over the years. As they got settled in the rooms they talked and Simon got to hear that they had all met in a hostel in Paris and been shocked to discover they were all going to London the same day. The four had hit it off and ended up aligning their itineraries. The bear caught the glances between them all and couldn't help but smile as his ass was getting some attention.

It was only early afternoon and the bear suggested that they all sit in the garden and enjoy the British summer, after all it probably wouldn't last. "Let's go sit in the orchard." He said and then felt embarrassed as the others gave him questioning looks. "Sorry that's what my grandmother called the garden, cause she put a few cherry trees in it."

"The orchard?" Taylor echoed the silent question of the group then smiled and added, "Ah love it, sounds so fucking English."

The garden was indeed very English, high privet hedges blocked prying eyes in all directions. Only the upper windows of the other house offered anyone else a view into Simon's private garden. The lawn was neatly mowed and the flowerbeds were in full bloom. At the far end three cherry trees grew tall and bushy. They had flowered heavily and were now dripping in so much fruit that Simon had grown sick of eating cherries. He had given a load away, but still had a huge amount left.

The sun was beating down on one of the hottest days of the year and the bear's throat felt parched. "Anyone want a drink help beat down this insufferable heat?"

The lizard and Dalmatian exchanged glances and chuckled; it was Lizar who spoke up, "this is like a warm spring morning in Barcelona. Come stay with me in the summer and I will show you heat."

"Same goes for Texas, though I wouldn't say no to a cold drink, what do you have?," Taylor added with a friendly smile, placing his paw on the bear's shoulder and getting a little closer than Simon expected. He noticed the dog sniffing at the back of his neck but didn't say anything. Part of him knew where things were headed and it was a happy part straining in his underwear to be free.

"Well non-alcoholic I have erm... water, orange juice or diet coke." The bear said, a little embarrassed and trying not to feel uncomfortable as the other dog wandered over and placed a paw on his other shoulder. He had a definite feeling of being judged and found more than adequate, his nose caught strong whiffs of canine musk. There was no question in his mind he was stuck between two horny puppies. "Booze wise I just have lager, three different kinds, six different micro-brewery ales, two nice stouts, Guinness. Then of course there is wine; white, red or rose. Spirits; I got two blended malts, three single malts; an Irish and two Scots, some nice brandy, gin, some really nice vodka with chilli, spiced rum, oh and a bottle of tequila. Oh and of course port and sherry."

The bear finished his list and realised he was the centre of four amazed foreigners. He blushed and shrugged, "welcome to England, the home of binge drinking." Ty burst out laughing and the rest followed suit. As they laughed the bear suddenly piped up, "oh sorry I totally forgot ciders; apple or my personal preference on a hot day pear."

"This is far better than dossing down in some stuffy hostel bar ain't it mates?" Ty observed with a broad grin. "Only a fucking Pom could shock an Aussie with sheer volumes of alcohol."

"Thanks... I think," the bear replied scratching his head. "So... anyone thirsty?"

"Pear cider for me, I have a sweet tooth, sugar bear," the horse half whispered the last part into the bear's ear as Simon felt a warm paw reach down and give his rump a firm squeeze.

The bear suppressed the urge to whimper, he took the orders from the others; lager for the dogs and a rose wine for the Lizard. Mark offered to help him carry the drinks but the bear insisted that he was able to manage. No true Englishman would dream of letting a houseguest get their own drinks,. Not unless his arms and legs were both broken, even then you wouldn't let them help until after a spirited attempt to walk on your lips.

He selected a tray and poured drinks for everyone, selecting a pear cider for himself. Putting extra bottles in a small cooler so they could all have a refill without the need for him to leave again. Thinking further ahead he grabbed a bunch of extra burgers and sausages out of the freezer to defrost. He had over-prepared for the barbeque, but even so he had expected just two, a few extra burgers and sausages would go down well. Simon gulped thinking of sausages going down well. He remembered the first time with Ty, the feel of that huge pony cock, the taste flooding his maw. It had been so delicious he had become addicted and had spent several evenings doing nothing but going down on the pony again and again. Though he never let the pony come, just kept sucking and teasing, until Ty couldn't hold back any longer and turned the bear over, fucking him wildly and passionately.

He knew he was sporting quite a tent as he headed back to the garden, he didn't care though. The bear doubted there really had been a problem at the hostel. Probably there had never even been a booking, this had been the pony's plan since he first hooked up with these guys. Not that he minded that much; they all seemed like nice guys and the bear would happily participate in whatever happened. All he wanted was to make Ty happy, and to get enough time alone to tell the pony how he felt.

Feeling light in the heart and the head the bear returned to his garden. He almost dropped the tray of drinks at the sight that his eyes beheld. Ty and the others laying on towels in his garden topless. The lizard was sandwiched between the two dogs both. A dark grey paw and a spotty one were both rubbing the reptile's crotch. Ty was leaning back, his golden fur shining and swaying like wheat fields in the summer's breeze. His chest was broad and muscular, he had left a little space between the others and himself.

The bear handed the drinks to his thirsty guests and then sat down on the towel when the pony patted an empty spot. The bear sat down with golden pony on one side and monochrome husky on the other. "This won't do Si," Ty admonished to the bear's confusion. Then equine fingers grabbed his shirt and started to pull it off. "Come on. it's summer, show some of that sexy body! Pity about your neighbours or I would have those jeans off you in a heartbeat."

The bear blew some of his suddenly messed up hair out of his face and automatically replied, "oh the Joneses are on holiday in America for a month. There is nobody next...." He didn't get to finish as he yelped in a mixture of shock and excitement as Ty made good on his threat. The bear's jeans were pulled down roughly, the pony snagging his boxers at the same time and the garden was filled with moans of approval as their host was exposed.

Ty wasn't going to stop there; with a wriggle of his hips and a flick of his leg, his own shorts followed suit. Simon was the first and loudest to moan in delight at the sight of the pony naked and fully erect. A whole foot of pure equine divinity danced between Ty's firm thighs. How Simon knew that cock; it was an old friend, a dream lover that he played with every night in his mind. His nose told him this was real; the rich scent on horse cock , grassy, apples and the powerful musk of a stallion in the heat of a full blown rut. As thick as his wrist and so wonderfully long, no lover had filled him like Ty. The pony's medial ring a good centimetre thick; the bear's ass tingled at the memory of that thick ring fucking in and out of him. The pink length became mottled with black spots around the ring and near the base it was covered in thick leathery black skin. The same skin that formed a sack holding two huge horse oranges, bobbing as the pony moved, the true source of the pony's heady musk.

Simon swallowed a mouthful of drool; he didn't need to be told what to do, he didn't need an invitation. All he needed was one whiff of pony musk and he was on his knees, paws pushing Ty down. His tongue sang as the intoxicating flavour of horsecock flooded his hungry maw. He swallowed the flair with the air of a practiced professional, taking in as much cock as he could, hearing Ty cry out. "Oh, fuck yeah.... Mmmmm there's the cock-hungry bear I remember."

Desire and lust were in control of the bear, his paws cradled the huge leathery equine balls, as his muzzle bobbed on the length he had missed so much. The flavour had matured slightly, growing richer and muskier in their years apart. His tongue was alive with the need to taste him more. It lashed over the flare and squirmed on the thrusting stallion length, desperate to taste everything again. He swallowed each drop of pre with the same relish he gave to twenty years old malt. His bobbing grew faster and faster, Ty's paws reaching out to stroke his cheeks. "Oh...fuck...oh mate...yes! Fuck...I missed this!" The pony moaned to the delighted bear's ears, as Ty surrendered to his own body's carnal lusts.

As thick throbbing inches of horse cock were fucked back and forth between the bear's plush lips, two furry paws grasped at Simon's ass. He heard Taylor's heavily accented voice say," oh fuck yeah! This is one helluva a sweet, comfortable ass."

"It's... Oh fuck... Tight and mmmm... so fucking warm, trust me... this here is one of the best fucks...oh shit...you will ever... ahhh God...feel." Simon blushed as the pony spoke of his sexual prowess, he felt warm breath on his taint. He shifted his hips spreading his legs and lifting his tail to give the dog better access.

"Well, fuck me! You done trained him well, pony," the spotty dog observed as he ran his thumb over the bear's quivering pucker. Simon gasped at the feeling of something cool on his twitching hot muscle. The Dalmatian wasted no time, pushing his thumb into the bear's ass. Simon was nowhere near a virgin; he had taken many a cock since his trip all those years ago. His ass welcomed the invading digit with all the warmth and charm of an Englishman welcoming a guest to his home. With a flex of his rump the bear squeezed the thumb and then released to show he wanted more.

"You... Oh... can't train this... oooh yeah like that...it's just natural talent," Ty observed, his eyes and head rolling back as he gave in to the sensations being driven into his cock. The bear was showing no mercy or signs of slowing and the horse was too lost to the pure pleasure of Simon's maw to resist. His fingers ruffled the bear's hair as he felt his balls rising. "Ohh... Si...yes...Si.... SI!!!" The pony whinnied the bear's name so loudly his throat hurt. The whinny kept coming and echoing around the garden.

The bear steeled his lips around the equine phallus; he knew he wouldn't be able to contain the full flood, but he saw no reason not to try. He could feel the throb of the cock and flare in his mouth, just before the first jet sprayed. Gulping greedily, the bear tried to drink the stallion. Rich and creamy, powerful hints of grass and plenty of musk, stallion spunk from the perfect stud. Far superior to pear cider on a hot day, he swallowed mouthfuls of the stuff before the flood became too much and he pulled off. Instead he let the spray land over his face, painting it with white musky lines, his fur becoming sodden with pony spunk.

As Ty's cock softened, the bear's view of it was suddenly blocked by a white naval and a red spear shaped member. He glanced up to see two ice blue eyes looking down at him full of hope and a little nervousness. Simon gave him a wink and moved up to lightly kiss the canine shaft. The shaft felt hot against his lips, as he kissed the tip a gob of watery pre landed on his tongue. Mark reached down and stroked the bear's head encouragingly and Simon closed his eyes enjoying the sensation of the warm palm on his cheek and a hot dog cock between his lips.

A second later, he felt something pushing against his pucker. He didn't need to look back to know that Taylor has decided that his ass was ready. The bear moaned happily as both canine's thrust at once, thick dripping cock being forced into both ends. He relaxed his ass and tightened his lips giving both male's the best service possible. If there was one thing the bear had learned on his holiday in Australia, it was how to please more than one male at once.

Pushing his muzzle forward, he engulfed the drooling shaft in warm bear muzzle. His tongue lapping over the hot maleness, swallowing as the dog's cock drooled copious amounts of pre. His taste far weaker than Ty's and yet with a nice almost spicy edge, it left his mouth feeling warm. He drank the pre eagerly as his muzzle began to bob on the thick shaft. Neither dog was a match for Ty's ponyhood, but both sported very nice, respectable, sized cocks. Simon could feel the beginnings of a knot forming on Mark's shaft.

With a moan of triumph Taylor managed to hilt inside the bear, his balls dancing on the ursine's perineum. Simon moaned happily around the cock in his mouth as Mark began to gently fuck his muzzle, the bear held still letting the two canines use his body. Beneath him his own cock leaked pre onto the grass, the summer sun beating down on them all.

Taylor shuddered as he felt the bear's insides gripping around his shaft, Simon's ass clenched as he worked the invading member. The dog bit his lip as he began to pull out, the tight ass almost pulling him back in; he only managed to withdraw half his cock before he desperately and instinctively slammed his hips forward hard again. Simon moaned out around the thick meat as the hard cock forced him open, the tip pushing against his prostate.

The husky and Dalmatian leaned over Simon and, as they continued to rut, their lips met in passionate union. Their tongues dancing as the bear serviced them both, the garden filled with the moans and gasps of the three males. A flash of green caught Simon's eye and then he felt the sensation of scales against his furry body, followed by a warm maw engulfing his cock. He could see a pair of green legs and a thick green tail sticking out from under him, somehow unobserved the lizard had wriggled under him.

The bear didn't have time to dwell on the sensations as they came too thick and fast. His cock singing with the pleasure of an eager muzzle, his ass alive with the feel of thick canine cock breeding him with desperate need. The cock in his maw flooding him with powerful flavour, Simon's tongue worked eagerly on the shaft. He blushed as he realised the pony had done it to him a second time; in less than a few hours these guys had gone from strangers to lovers. He felt like a fuck toy once more and he loved that feeling; of being used and of pleasuring others. Their moans of delight were a symphony to his ears and the feel of their bodies and cocks elated the bear in a way he hadn't felt since he returned home from his Australia, four long years ago.

Mark was leaking badly, the husky's grey hips thrusting with desperate speed and the bear knew soon he would be given another mouthful. A thick knot smacked off his lips as the husky fucked him with desperate wild abandon. The canine broke the kiss and cried out in pleasure , "Oh...fuck...oh fuck...oh FUCK!" As he screamed out into the British summer, his voice echoing around the bear's garden, his cock throbbed painting Simon's tongue with hot doggy spunk.

Swallowing greedily, the bear moaned happily as he felt the musky, warm, viscous fluids sliding down his throat. His muzzle continued to bob, milking the spasming cock with his eager lips. As his balls drained and as his orgasm began to fade the canine pulled back; panting heavily, he slipped down to his knees, only to be pulled into the warm blonde arms of Ty.

A pang of jealousy ran through the bear as he watched the pony sharing tender kisses with the dog; he wanted to be held by those arms, to nuzzle those warm lips. Instead he turned his attention to the reptile's cock, wriggling just below his muzzle. Wasting no time, the bear sealed his lips around it. He had never taken a lizard lover before, he was fascinated by the cone shape of the cock, a thin tip leading to a much thicker base. Lizar's inner thighs were covered in scales so fine it was like touching silk. The flavour of the maleness delicate and sweet, a wonderful refreshing taste, and it mixed wonderfully with the flavour of canine spunk.

As much as the bear wanted to savour the experience the dog cock inside him, ferociously pounding his prostate with the speed and desperation only a horny canine can manage, made focussing on any details impossible. The bear felt a thick ring of muscle pressing against his pucker, with each thrust the knot was forced deeper inside him.

"Hey, no tying. I want a go with my friend!" Ty shouted as the canine fucked faster and faster, feverishly taking the bitch beneath him.

Turning to give the pony a wink, the dog continued to rut, the powerful sensations coming from Simon's ass overriding any common sense. His body was screaming at him to tie with his mate, he locked eyes with the pony the threat of another alpha male only proving to fuel his desires more. Grabbing the bear's hips Taylor fucked desperately hard, biting back his need to orgasm as he ground his knot against the bear's abused and already stretched pucker.

Simon moaned and cried out around the lizard cock in his mouth. The sensation of the knot forcing its way into his ass proved too much for him. His balls convulsed as his cock sprayed his ursine load into the willing and eager reptile muzzle, a warm tongue lapping up every last drop.

Howling the dog felt the ass around his thrusting cock becoming impossibly tight. The sensations pulsing up his cock made every part of his body tingle with pure bliss. He fucked with bestial need, driving his knot against the bear's tight hole again and again, with brutal strength. Until with a howl his knot forced it's way into the bear, and began to swell, as he flooded the bear's ass with canine seed. The canine lay down over the bear, resting on his huge form and panting desperately.

"Aww dude, seriously?" The pony grumbled as the canine lay over the bear. Taylor only managed a shrug of his shoulders and a triumphant grin in response. This exchange went unnoticed by the bear who only cared about pleasuring the cock in his mouth. Lizar was thrusting his hips up against the bear's muzzle. The fine scales of his thighs glided playfully along the bear's muzzle, tickling his nose. It wasn't long before the bear received another mouthful as the lizard hissed under him.

Simon pulled off the cock and began licking the tip lovingly. He could feel the cum already drying in his fur, the scent of so many males filling his nose. Then he noticed Ty standing up and, grasping his thick cock, the pony had a determined expression on his face. For a wonderful moment, Simon assumed he was going to get a second mouthful of that amazing pony cock only for Ty to walk passed his head.

The pony reached out to the spotted rump just above the bear's and pulled the cheeks apart. Taylor gasped and looked back only to be caught in the emerald gaze of one annoyed pony. Pulling his hips back, he was locked against the bear, his thick knot stuck tight, leaving him stuck and almost helpless.

Ty gave him a grin as he pushed his thick flare up against his pucker. "Mmmm fuck, I am going to enjoy this," the pony nickered as he began to push, the canine's ring fighting valiantly for a moment before giving way to the horse's flared head. Taylor whimpered as he felt his ring being stretched around a cock almost as wide as his knot.

Leaning over the spotty dog Ty lightly kissed his shoulders, gently rolling his hips. With each roll he worked his cock a little deeper, working the thick meat deeper and deeper inside the gasping and moaning canine. His lips nipped on the dog's floppy ears and he whispered, "never get between a stallion and his mare, or bear." Ty chuckled softly, his soft velvet lips nibbling down the dog's spotty neck.

Taylor moaned and gasped as his ass was stretched wider than he ever thought possible. He blushed heavily as he felt his cock swelling again inside the bear, the feel of a larger more powerful male forcing his thick cock inside him aroused the canine in ways he never thought possible. Then as the flare thrust a little deeper he felt wave of pleasure blossoming from his ass forcing him to cry out in pleasure.

The pony smiled as he found the dog's sweet spot, basking in the delicious feel of the tight virginal ass clenching down as Taylor's prostate was tickled for the first time. "Oh puppy likes that, doesn't he?" As he asked, he pulled his cock back a little and thrust it forward harder and faster into the prostate. The dog whimpered under him, his hips bucking back against the source of the pleasure involuntarily. The horse thrust again and again hitting the dog's sweet nut with each buck of his hips, making Taylor whimper and moan. Ty whispered softly, "oh yeah, he likes it, being taken like a bitch, mmmm... his tight ass pleasuring another male's... oh... cock."

"Fuck you," whimpered the dog as his traitorous hips thrust back against the pony, his cock returning to its full length and hardness inside the delicious warm, cream-filled bear ass. His knot engorged again, keeping him locked and at the pony's mercy. He tried to stop the moans and gasps of pleasure that escaped his lips, biting down on the scruff of the bear beneath him to muffle the sounds. Thrusting his own hips in time with the pony's.

"Mmmmph... oh no puppy fuck...mmmm you!" Ty sniggered as he bucked his hips hard, forcing his medial ring passed the dog's tight pucker and slamming his hips against Taylor's, hilting inside the restrained dog. The thrust so powerful the dog's hips were forced forward and Simon cried out in unison with Taylor.

The bear couldn't believe what was happening above him. He blushed and felt warm when the pony called him his bear. Simon couldn't help but be turned-on at how dominant his pony was; he only hoped he would always be his pony. The feel of Ty's powerful thrusts, forcing another male's cock deep inside him, made his cock swell and he gasped out loud.

The sound of giggling caught Ty's ears as he slowly rutted the male beneath him. Glancing over he saw Mark and Lizar sitting together, their phones in their paws as they recorded Taylor's subjugation. Ty took Taylor slowly but firmly, letting the dog know beyond all doubt who the real alpha male was, while at the same time taking it slow enough that the inexperienced bottom wouldn't feel pain and would enjoy his time riding the pony cock. It was far better for Ty when his lover's enjoyed their time on his cock; he didn't want to hurt the dog but he did want him to know just who was top stud in the group.

Simon spotted the other two filming the threesome, one paw on each others' cocks, jerking as they watched. He blushed a little but made a mental note to get a copy of the video so he could watch and remember his stud pony in all his dominant glory. Pushing his ass back against the dog he felt each powerful thrust of his pony as it drove the dog cock and knot deeper inside him. He cried out as he the knot fucked back and forth inside his filled ass.

Whimpering with pleasure, the Dalmatian closed his eyes so he couldn't see the others capturing his humiliating breeding on video. Never did he imagine that a cock as big as Ty's could fit inside him, or that he would love the feeling so much. He was surprised at just how much he loved the power of the male above him taking him as his mare, knowing he was no match to the strength of the pony and part of him revelled in that feeling. His cries were coming out louder and more frequent as the pony fucked him faster and harder. As one top to another, the dog had to admit the pony knew how to find his lover's pleasure spot and assault it.

Ty panted softly and forced back the feeling in his balls; he wanted to flood his mare, fill him with his stallion milk. However, he wanted to breed Taylor to orgasm first, to cement his place as the top stallion. His huge equine length thrust relentlessly against the dog's sweet nut. With each thrust the pony's hips smacked powerfully against the dog's, his huge nuts ramming against the dog's taint and balls. Ty's pony orbs were so much larger than the dog's, the pony revelled in the feeling of their their nuts slapping together. The ramming of his huge sac against the dog's a constant reminder for Taylor of who was on top of whom.

Grunting and gasping, the dog fought back his need to orgasm. The cock inside him reaming him nearer and neared to the edge. He could feel the bear's ass clamping and squeezing around his thrusting cock and knot. Fighting a losing battle, the dog knew it wouldn't be long before he would be fucked to orgasm. If he was just being fucked, Taylor might have been able to resist; but the combination of thick cock inside him and warm bear clenching around him was just too much for his body.

The dog bit down on the bear's scruff again desperate to show his domination, he tried to forget the humiliation of being bred so publicly. His hips started to thrust wildly and he heard the pony above him nicker, as Ty realised his triumph was at hand. A thickly accented voice whispered in his ear, "mmm that's it bitch....ahhh work that ass around me." Too late the dog realised by fucking the bear roughly he had been driving himself back harder and faster into the thrusting stallion cock, his insides clenching as his muscles flexed. However, nothing he could do could stop his body from doing what it had to do; he fucked down into the bear and back onto the pony cock with feral desire. Nothing mattered anymore not the humiliation, not the domination; all that mattered was the pleasure filling his canine body.

The bear under him cried out as the canine cock inside him went wild, Taylor fucking Simon desperately with the inch or two he could move. The huge knot forcing it's way deeper, the bear closed his eyes and thought of Ty, above him and taking him. He wanted to feel that stallion cock inside him again. He reached under himself and grabbed his needy cock, jerking the drooling meat with desperate speed.

Acting on pure animal instinct, the dog wasn't able to hold off any longer. His cock throbbed inside the bear and he cried out in pleasure as his body spasmed under the pony. His ass milked and massaged the huge horse cock inside his stretched rear. Simon felt the warmth of pressure building as his ass was flooded with a second heavy load of dog spunk. His own orgasm hit him hard and his cock sprayed thick jets of bear seed onto the grass.

Neighing in trump, feeling the bitch beneath him squirming and spasming in orgasm, the pony let go of his control. Slamming his hips home desperately hard and fast, TY bred the Dalmatian as if he were a mare in heat, pounding the stretched, and now sloppy rear, with wild abandon, his horse cock reaming deep and hard. Then, with a loud whinny, his cock throbbed and his balls danced. Ty grinned as he felt the first jets of horse seed being shot into the dog's ass.

After his third jet of seed the pony pulled back, laying his cock over the dog's back and stroking his shaft, spraying out jets of musky fluids onto the canine. The final act of humiliation for the canine, being marked inside and out by the pony. Ty let his huge cock rest nestled between the dog's cheeks. The last drops of his cum oozing out onto the dog's buttocks.

Talyor blushed as he felt horse spunk dripping down his sides, leaking out of his ass and soaking his balls. Pulling his dick from Taylor's back with a thick, wet_schlick_, Ty leaned in and nuzzled the dog's cheek for a moment before planting a kiss square on the Dalmatian's nose. "Feel free to knot the bear next time if you want," Ty whispered into his ear grinning widely. The dog couldn't help but chuckle at the charismatic pony, despite the humiliation of being bred publicly, he had to admit he had liked it. The pony clearly knew how to pleasure a person.

Ty wandered over to sit with the other two. They had finished jerking off and stopped recording. The three enjoyed drinks as the dog waited with the bear. A few minutes later his knot had shrunk enough that he was able to pull out. A flood of cum followed his cock, dripping down the bear's taint and dripping onto the grass. He stood up and offered a paw to the bear, helping him to his feet. After so long on his knees, the bear's legs were a little wobbly and the dog caught him in his paws. They stared into each other's eyes for a moment and the dog gave him a warm smile, he kissed the bear's lips tenderly and whispered, "it was a pleasure being locked inside you. I'm glad I got to meet you and more."

The two joined the other's, who were having a refreshing drink on the grass and sharing some chatter. Nobody bothered putting any clothing back on, instead choosing to enjoy the feeling of warm sun on their naked and natural forms. Then Mark's stomach grumbled and Simon's inbuilt instincts as a host spurred the bear into action. He had the barbeque lit a minute or two later, then rushed inside to grab the food, as the other's helped themselves to a second round of drinks out of the cooler he had prepared earlier.

The bear returned with food too cook, and another cooler filled with more drink. He had also put on an apron, but just the apron, underneath he remained naked. His ass was on full display, Taylor's cum stains glistening in his ass fur. All the alcohol, drunk on empty stomachs, was having a fast effect on his guests. Mark and Lizar lay together, stroking each other and chuckling as they shared some kisses. Ty and Taylor sat opposite each other trading stories and laughing; if there was any ill feeling praying on the mind of the dog he wasn't showing it.

Simon tried not to feel jealous as he stood apart putting the food onto the grill. The bear was an expert at cooking outdoors. He had spent his youth in the scouts and his father had shared his love of barbeque with the bear. Part of him wanted to go over and join their conversation, but that would mean he might burn or overcook his guests food. A line he would never cross.

"Hey mate, what's with the apron?" A friendly voice asked behind him, turning the bear found Ty had snuck up behind him. Taylor had wandered off and was picking some cherries from the tree, the bear noticed the dog was swaying a little as he stood, no doubt the effects of a hot sun, empty stomach and booze.

"Ah, ancient Chinese saying, 'he who grills naked may end up with burnt sausage'," the bear replied with a smile, the warmth of the grill and the sun nothing compared to the warmth of having the pony to himself for just a few moments. Or the warmth and pride in his chest as the pony burst out laughing at his joke.

Chuckling the pony put a paw on the bear's shoulder and said in a low voice, "I would hate for anything bad to happen to your_sausage_."

Gulping the bear reached a paw up to squeeze the pony's hand and smiled. He wanted to say it then, he was just trying to think of the words when his nose told him something was wrong. He spun around just in time to turn the burgers before they burned. "Grill's cooking really fast, probably have something ready to eat in a couple of minutes."

The bear froze as he felt two paws slipping around his waist and a firm warm body pushing up behind him. Shuddering with pleasure he pushed back and was delighted to feel soft kisses being peppered up his neck and then he heard the pony whisper, "I really wanted to fuck you, I missed your ass... and the rest of you."

"I missed you too, I keep... " Simon started, wanting to take the sweet moment and tell the pony how often he thought of that special night they had spent together.

"Hey, how are those burgers coming? If I get any hungrier I'm pulling Lizar's tail off and eating it," interrupted a slightly petulant Taylor, and the two turned to see the other three had snuck up on them, summoned by their noses as the scent of cooking meat filled the air.

"Hey!" Objected the lizard with mock indignation.

"Oh what do you care? It'll grow back," snorted the dog as he spanked the reptile on the rump and added, "eventually."

"I... sorry, I'm being a terrible host..." the bear mumbled in embarrassment.

"Ha! Rubbish you have been the best damn host I've ever met," interrupted the spotty dog as the other's nodded in agreement. "I just want to eat something so I can recover some strength after you were... so wonderfully welcoming,"

Too embarrassed to respond to such flattery the bear found a way to distract everyone from the conversation, "Well the burgers are done, the sausages and steaks will be a moment or two longer." As he spoke the bear flipped a bunch of burgers into buns expertly and let his guests help themselves to the toppings he had set out. A selection of cheese, relishes and sauces to suit all tastes.

He made one for himself but knew he would have to stay at the grill. Helping themselves to a third round of drinks from the cooler, the others began to eat. The rest of the meal went well, the bear served up food until everyone was stuffed full and set a bunch extra to one side for people to nibble on later if they felt_'peckish_'. The cooler was refilled and emptied several times as the group lay on the warm dry grass and talked into the evening.

Their words getting slurred and laughter flowing easier. They shared stories of their travels and lives, Simon was content just to sit and listen, fetching drinks when someone's glass was empty. Then randomly Taylor turned to him and said, "you've been quiet, come on tell us a story, let's have a story from the English gentleman!"

Spurned on by the buzz of alcohol the others cheered the bear on, and Simon found himself the centre of their attention, desperately trying to think of a story worth telling.

"Ok, this happened to me a couple of years ago and well, I think it says a lot about English people, at least middle class ones like me. You see we don't do the confrontation thing very well, I mean unless it's to do with football or you invade the Falklands we let pretty much anything slide. We are taught, as soon as we are old enough to hold a cup of tea, that confrontation is rude, embarrassing and oh so very undignified.

Now I was heading over to the other side of the country to visit my brother, he lives down in Lincoln. I had to get the train cause, well, it was a long drive and I wanted to share a few jars with him when I got there. Of course I had to change trains in Birmingham and, British rail being what it is, my connection was cancelled. I had like two hours to wait for the next train and I started feeling hungry. So I found myself a Weatherspoons, you must have seen one by now, a gastro pub there are all over the UK, you can't escape them. Bland food, ok beer and always the footy on the T.V. it's like English version of heaven, or limbo maybe it ain't exactly heaven cause the beer is alright but not amazing and the food is never quite right. I mean the burgers are usually overdone or the chips are soggy. That ain't important, the place was quite packed and I was lucky to find a table and I couldn't help but snigger when I found one, it was number sixty-nine."

"Oh is it going to be one of those stories?" Taylor asked with a smutty grin on his face.

"Sorry to disappoint you but no it isn't, I'm English my life ain't that exciting, except when I have guys like you coming from around the world to show my why I should have been born elsewhere. Now where was I? Oh yes, I plonked my coat down and fought my way to the bar, ordered a pint of Guinness and a burger. Why Guinness you ask, well because I didn't know the bar and while it's real easy to find a bad pint of ale, it's bloody hard to do anything to Guinness to make it undrinkable, though a few pubs I know have given it a darn good old try.

Anyway, I got back to my table with my drink and sat down to wait for the waitress to bring me my overcooked burger with soggy chips. Only just as I sat down I felt the urgent call of nature. Now this place was a bit of a maze and it took me a minute or two to find the loos. Then I returned only to find my Guinness wasn't alone. There was a man sat there, a ram. He was in a business suit and tie, very smart, decent respectable and then he took a sip of my drink, just like it was his own."

"A guy takes a sip of my drink, he'll be looking for his teeth," observed Ty with a grin and he gave Taylor a smug wink.

"Yes well you foreigners can get away with that, but that kind of retaliation is so rude and just leads to confrontation which is just common. No, I am an Englishman, I wasn't going to react like a thug. I checked the table number, sixty-nine, it was my table. So I plonked myself in the seat opposite him, looked him dead in the eye and calmly, politely reached over and picked up my pint. I ignored his lip marks on the glass as I took a long pull, a good large mouthful, to show him just who he was messing with. Then I swallowed, loudly as if to remind him that what goes down this throat don't come back up.

Then I placed the glass back down in front of me with a slight smile of satisfaction. I could see the flustered look on his face, but then he gave me a determined look and to my everlasting shock he reached out and picked up the pint and took his own long pull... on My pint!"

"Then did you hit him?" Taylor demanded.

"No I didn't hit him, not with my fists anyway. I reached out and took back my glass and took another swig. Back and forth we fought, drink after drink, our eyes never breaking from each other, like two gladiators trading blows. Swallow matched with swallow, until only the dregs remained. In triumph I reached over picked up the glass and drained it, then I slammed it down! I enjoyed watching him jump, just a little, as he realised he had been bested.

The ram grabbed his jacket and fled, beaten by a better man. I leaned back in my chair celebrating my victory at seeing off the impudent oaf who had tried to steal my drink. As I did so my stomach began to rumble and I looked around wondering where my burger was and my eyes fell on a table, with a pint of Guinness, a burger cooling and my own coat on the chair. That's when I realised, this wasn't table sixty-nine, it was table ninety-six and I had just sat down and stolen half an innocent man's drink."

The garden erupted with howls of drunken laughter, "oh that never happened, did it?" Mark asked, his ice blue eyes wide, pupils dilated as the alcohol gained further dominion over him and them all.

"My dear husky, are you calling this Englishman a liar?" Simon asked with an air of fake injury in his voice.

Mark blushed and looked down at his drink, "I'm sorry. I didn't mean any offence."

"No offence taken and let's say, it's mostly true but I may have used a little artistic license when telling the story," the bear replied and reached out to squeeze the husky's shoulder reassuringly.

The group stayed in the garden long after the sun set, the drink flowed and it wasn't until the coolness drove them inside that Simon realised just how drunk his guests had gotten. He broke out the good scotch whiskey inside and it wasn't until three am when everyone finally went to bed.

The bear was drunk and the pony was so far beyond drunk he may have been approaching sober from the other side. They crawled into bed together and Simon tried to stroke the pony to arousal. A soft snore from Ty let him know that the promised fucking was no longer on the cards. Simon didn't mind that much, because in his drunken slumber the pony pulled the bear into a comfortable spooning position and held him close.

He was awoken by his bladder, which had some very urgent demands. Once they were dealt with his head reminded him just why he shouldn't drink so much. Grabbing a box of alka seltzer, he put a couple in a glass and watched it fizz. He shuddered as he drank the bitter fizzing liquid. While he waited for the hangover cure to start kicking in he crawled into his shower and let the hot water sooth and clean him at the same time.

The hot water felt good on his fur, washing the smoky smell of the barbeque away. He loved to cook outdoors, but he hated the smell on his clothes and fur; normally he would have showered afterwards, but he had been far too drunk. Fortunately he had a strong constitution, plus as host he had kept his measures far smaller than his guests. It had been a great night though, sitting up out in his garden, all naked. Watching the stars coming out and talking, telling stories and listening. He had learned a lot about Taylor, Lizar and Mark.

It was as he thought back on the night he realised Ty hadn't shared anything. He knew a few things about him from their first holiday, he was living with his mother back then. Though she was away on work most nights. The pony's father had abandoned him and his mother when he was three or four. Ty had only shared that knowledge on the day they had spent in bed, almost twenty-four hours just them and it was the first time he felt the pony opening up to him.

That had been when the feelings had really started to grow, hearing of the young colt so alone in the world. The bear had held Ty tightly, but the pony had started kissing him and before he knew it Ty was on top of him hilt deep and riding hell bent for leather. Not that he had minded, but he wished he had gotten to learn more. Ty had closed up a bit after that, Petey had told him a few more bits of the puzzle. The horse had always played the field; not one to settle down, or so the panda said. Petey figured it would take someone pretty special to get through to the pony.

Simon had to admit he felt great when he heard that, the pony had been fully sober when he opened up to him. He was sure that he could get the pony to open up again with more time alone. Of course time alone would be at a premium with a houseful of horny guests. The bear knew that it wasn't an accident, this was by design and he knew the architect. Still the pony had approached him, held him and there was so much tenderness in Ty's touch and look. Simon knew he had a chance, he just needed to find the right moment, to open up himself and hope the pony would open up in return.

He stood there in the shower for a long time, the room becoming filled with steam as he scrubbed his fur. As he scrubbed the bathroom door opened and he realised he had left it unlock. After year's living alone he seldom needed to lock it behind him, standing on the other side of the steamed glass was a green shape. At least it was easy to figure out who was out there. Thought the green blur didn't stay still it made a quick dash for the toilet.

Fortunately the sound of running water drown out the sound of the lizard draining the snake. "There's some alka seltzer next to the sink, help yourself." The bear offered, even in the shower after a late night he felt the need to take care of his guests.

The green blur returned to the outside of the shower, "No need." The lizard replied, as he stood outside the shower, the bear remembered that Lizar had stuck to just wine and hadn't drank nearly as much as the rest of them.

Just as he was about to say something else the bathroom door slammed open and a blonde blur dashed passed the screen. This time the sound of the water didn't drown out the sound of the torrent or the deep groan of satisfaction as the pony drained his huge maleness. "Ohhhh fuck, I needed that."

"Alka selters on the sink," the bear shouted from the shower.

"Naw thanks mate, I got a great constitution, remember," the pony replied with a snort, the sound of his bladder emptying still filling the room.

A few seconds later the sound of peeing ended and Simon heard the clop clop of hooves as the pony headed back over. Ty walked right up to the shower and pulled open the door, "Room for one..." he paused and glanced at the lizard still standing by the door and added, "two more?"

Simon chuckled and nodded his head, "it'll be a bit of a squeeze but sure, I always have room for you." He stepped back to leave as much room as he could as the other two joined him, one after the other.

The bear reached up and turned the shower nozzle to the widest spray, making sure his guests got a good covering of warm water, partly to try and be a good host, partly because two wet sexy guys was a definite good thing. Thankfully the alka seltzer had gotten to work and his head felt clear; as Ty reached out the bear moaned at the feel of strong paws scrubbing his fur.

Two green scaly hands joined them, the bear blushed a little as he found himself between them; a warm pony stud behind him and a lithe green reptile in front. He reached out, with one paw to each, stroking their chests and moaning deeply. Despite the action of yesterday, his cock was already beginning to swell. Warm softly lips kissed his shoulders as he felt a firm and strong body pressing up behind him.

Leaning down, he kissed the lizard, he was surprised at the soft feeling of the reptile's lips. He had expected the scales to feel rough and hard, instead they were soft and tender, the scales so fine and soft it was like cotton. Lizar kissed back a little hesitantly at first; but as their lips parted and their tongues touched the lizard moaned loudly and began to push passionately against the bear.

His paws stroked over the scaly body, marvelling at the sensations and textures; the lizard's chest was smooth and polished, his back much rougher. Then green fingers grasped his paws and they were pulled down to a green tight ass. Squeezing those mounds the bear smiled as the lizard moaned into his mouth. Their tongues danced, the lizard's forked tongue feeling strange in his mouth and yet pleasant. The taste of the reptile was surprisingly coppery and clean.

Soft kisses peppered down the bear's back as the pony slipped to his knees behind him. Firm paws groped his ass and he felt warm water flowing over his pucker as the horse pulled his cheeks apart. Simon knew what was coming, and yet it still surprised him, as an equine tongue ran up his taint and then around his pucker. His paws clenched down on the reptilian rump and he felt that lithe chest press up to his.

The forked tongue in his mouth was hungrily exploring, as they both breathed faster and faster. The water temperature heating up the cool reptile, and as it did the lizard grew more and more impassioned. The pony's tongue stroked around Simon's pucker and then thrust forward, the bear's ass still tasting of canine spunk after the events of the previous afternoon. However, the taste of spunk only drove the equine to thrust his tongue deeper, questing deeper lapping up the musky taste, cleaning the bear.

Simon cried out as he felt a wave of pleasure surge throughout his body as Ty found his true target. The kiss with Lizard was broken and the two looked at each other with eyes drowning in lust. Lizar's fingers closed around the bear's cock as he glanced at what Ty was doing, the lizard licked his lips as he whispered huskily, "guess I get thiss bit." The excitement of the moment making the reptile hiss slightly as he spoke.

The bear nodded and thrust his hips forward a little pushing his cock against the scaled fingers. The sensations of the millions of little bumps dragging on his sensitive flesh making him moan out loud in pleasure. His paws on the lizard's buttocks squeezed tighter and then he slid them up to the Lizar's shoulders. As an equine ate his ass, like a hungry dog trying to lap out the last of a sweet treat. The tongue rampantly assaulting his prostate, making his cock throb and ache in the lizard's hand, bear pre being washed away in the torrent of water.

With a tug of Simon's paws the lizard was turned, green hands reaching out to the glass as the bear pressed up behind. He felt the tongue pulling out of his ass and knew the empty feeling would soon be replaced with the warm fullness of Ty's huge maleness. Simon shivered with anticipation; it had been years since Ty had last taken him and he could still remember the delight of that thick horse cock reaming him deep. Nobody since had managed to match up to his pony stud, though Taylor had come close the previous day.

A green hand guided his cock to a soft warm pucker, the bear gasped as he felt the muscled ring kissing his meatus. His paws slid down to the reptile's hips, and then very gently he pushed, Lizar moaned softly as his pucker slowly opened. The bear's cock sliding slowly into the green rump. The reptile hissed and pushed back trembling as he felt the maleness spearing inside him," métemela!" He squealed, the pleasure of the moment forcing him back into his mother tongue.

The bear's GCSE grade C in Spanish had not taught Simon that phrase, but years as a bottom taught him to read people. He knew that tone, and expression and the thrust of the hips and he pushed forward hard burying his full length inside the green scaled body. His chubby fuzzy frame pressing up to the lithe scaled one, the water cascading down around them, steam filling the air. As his hips mashed hard to Lizar's and his furry nuts smacked off the reptile's taint making him cry out again, "joder!"

Simon felt a velvet set of lips kissing and nibbling down his neck, as two strong paws grabbed his hips. Ty kisses softly up his neck and whispered into his ears, "I missed your sweet ass, sugar bear." As Ty spoke the bear gasped as a wide pony flare pressed to his pucker. The ursine blushed at the words and pressed back a little, not wanting to pull out of the warm tight lizard rump. Pony lips kissed and nibbled on his neck, the equine's fingers gripping him possessively as his hips drove forward. The bear's pucker had been well trained over the years and Taylor had stretched him out nicely the day before. So even the huge equine flare pushed passed his defences easily and painlessly.

The bear cried out happily as he felt the pony inside him again, Simon closed his eyes and basked in the feeling of his equine lover once more. He bit down on the shoulder of the lizard in front of him, as the thick shaft slid deeper and deeper inside him, the flare pushing passed his prostate. He gasped and shuddered as Ty kept thrusting until his hips pressed to the bear's, then thrust forward harder, making both him and the lizard cry out as the bear's cock was forced deeper by the equine's thrust.

"Más!" Lizar cried out bucking his hips back against the bear. This one the bear knew, the lizard wanted more; though the look in the reptile's eyes and the wriggle of his hips was making it clear anyway. The feelings inside the bear were so intense he could barely think; his cock was alive with pleasure inside the tight confines of the lizard, his ass stuffed so full of horse cock he couldn't imagine taking any more and yet he was desperate to feel more.

Ty pulled back slowly and Simon gasped as he felt every inch of that thick meat sliding out of him. The empty feeling terrible and yet so wonderful, because he knew in a few heartbeats he would feel full again. The bear's own hips pulled back with the horse's, Lizar's ass resisting the withdrawal squeezing and trying to hold on to the bearhood. Then, with half his cock out, Ty thrust forward hard and fast slamming into the bear, forcing his horsehood as deep as he could into the bear. The bear's hips were forced forward hard, the horse fucking them both at once.

This time there was no waiting just a quick withdrawal and another hard thrust, the bear and lizard crying out in unison again and again. Ty neighed softly in the bear's ear, his paws gripping him tighter as his hips rocked faster and faster, his thick meat driving into the bear pounding passed his prostate, waves of pure bliss flooding the bear. He couldn't think, all he could do was feel the pleasure filling him and the pressure building inside his balls.

"Dame duro!" Squealed the lizard and somewhere in the bear's mind he recognised the begging for a harder fucking.

Simon heard someone cry out, "harder...oh fuck...Ty harder!" As the horse cock pounded into him with desperate feral speed, Ty's hot breath panting in his ears as the cock reamed him deeper and deeper, he realised it was his own voice screaming and begging for more.

With a desperate roar the bear felt his balls tighten and his cock begin to throb as he shot jets of thick bear cum deep inside the reptile. Lizar cried out one last time in Spanish, "hostia puta!" The bear felt the ass around his erupting cock getting unbelievably tight, as he squeezed the pony cock inside him.

Ty neighed and gasped as he rutted the bear with desperate speed, the sensations of a tight spasming rear around his cock forcing him over the edge. His cock throbbing as he painted the bear's insides with jets of horse spunk, claiming him once more. The three stood together moaning softly and panting as the group tried to recover. Simon could feel the pony behind him trembling, his warm muzzle on his shoulder and the smell of his sweet breath in his nose.

The bear leaned back a little, his softening cock slipping out of the lizard's rear and his cum being washed away by the never ending flow of water. Ty stumbled backwards a little, the pony's arms going around the bear holding him tightly in the warm stream. Simon's heart fluttered as the pony kissed his cheek, feeling the warmth of the pony's velvet lips on his cheeks. He felt connected to the pony, closing his eyes with the warmth and fullness of the horse cock and flood of cum inside him.

Once again the moment didn't last, the lizard breaking it unintentionally by opening the door to the shower and jumping out. A cold blast of air flowing into the shower and breaking the moment. Ty stepped back, his cock pulling from the bear's insides, followed by a thick spurt of horse spunk. The pony reaches out and grabbed the soap, then tenderly began to clean the bear's rear muttering, "I guess I better clean up this mess I made back here huh mate?"

Simon chuckled and moaned at the feeling of the pony's fingers thrusting in and out of his stretched and slightly sore ring. He felt some soft kisses on his shoulders and moaned softly, "mmm you know I don't mind... especially when it's you making a mess back there." The bear mumbled through his moans, he could feel his cock swelling again.

"I know now," the horse replied as he nibbled on the bear's ears and the two pressed together in the warmth of the shower once more. Lizar had grabbed a towel and left the two alone, he had sensed something between them and the bear's desire for some one on one time. Simon turned around, the pony's fingers being pulled from his rear, his paws slipped around the trim waist as the pony's strong arms slipped around his shoulders. He looked up into Ty's dazzling emeralds and found them looking back into his, the two leaned forward in unison. The bear could feel the pony's heartbeat as their chests pressed together, he thought they were beating as one. He knew there was something between them, something far beyond friendship or lust and then his warm lips met sweet equine velvet.

The bear's eyes began to close as he felt pure joy running through him, their bodies entwined, their hearts beating together. It was a perfect moment and one the bear hoped would never end. Sadly for him it ended rather abruptly as the door to the bathroom was slammed open and a white blur ran passed, a few seconds later the white blur added the two most unromantic things possible; the stench of vomit and the sound of retching.

Ty chuckled and the kiss and moment were both broken, the pony stepped back and whispered, "I do believe that poor Taylor is up."

"Alka seltzer's on the sink," the bear called out with a chuckle.

"What the fuck is that and don't shout my head is about to explode?" came the sharp retort from the stricken puppy.

"Just put two in water, they will make you feel better," The bear replied as they turned off the shower and both emerged to find the puppy naked and clutching the toilet. The bear put couple of alka seltzer in water and handed the fizzing glass to the stricken puppy.

Taylor took the glass gratefully and then swallowed it, "fucking hell, this better make me feel better, otherwise there is no excuse for that foul flavour."

The bear chuckled and reached over the flush the toilet, clearing the air a little of the vomit stench. "It'll work, mostly but you probably want to get some more rest; if you head back up to bed I'll bring up some tea and dry toast, just the thing on the morning after."

Grabbing the bear's offered paw the dog pulled himself up to his feet, he took a moment to rinse his mouth out, "you are too good to be real." The dog observed as he turned to head out.

"Well maybe, but it was me who got you that drunk, the least I can do afterwards is help you recover," Simon replied with a chuckle. As the dog returned to his bedroom the bear headed into the kitchen, setting up a breakfast tray. A pot of tea and a pot of coffee, just in case, along with several rounds of toast and a selection of toppings and a couple of glasses of juice.

As he took the tray upstairs he passed the lizard and horse sitting together on the sofa, Ty had his arm around the lizard as they both looked at the reptile's phone. The bear could hear sexual moaning coming from the phone and he caught sight of the video to see himself being fucked by Taylor with Ty on top of him. He hurried upstairs not wanting to miss too much of the video.

The spare room was dark and the air was heavy with the musk and stink of warm bodies. The bear placed the tray down on top of a chest-of-drawers and then carefully reached behind the curtain to open the window without the rude awakening of light. He could hear snoring and he realised the Taylor had gone back to sleep almost instantly. Simon placed a glass of water and a packet of alka seltzer on the bedside table next to the husky along with a note saying 'drink me', once again trying to be the perfect host and anticipating his guests needs.

When he returned to the living-room the two were watching another video, this one had the lizard in the middle, his lips around thick horse cock and his ass being ploughed by a desperately horny husky. Ty gave him a wink and said, "just looking back over some of out adventures and holiday snaps."

The bear joined the two for a little video and picture session. He got to see a lot more fucking and plenty of fucking around. The guys had been on quite a tour, both of Europe and each other. They had covered a dozen monuments, the bear gasped as he saw a picture of Ty fucking Mark in the corner of some museum. Ty just chuckled and said it had been such a boring tour he had had to do something to keep from falling asleep. Apparently they other's had kept watch while they used a small exhibit room that was almost empty. The bear felt definite pangs of jealousy at having not gotten to be part of the tour. It would have been great to explore the world with Ty, his tour of Australia had been fun, though it had mostly been pubs and bedrooms.

The day passed quietly, the two dogs didn't appear until mid afternoon, the other three spend some time sitting outside basking in the sun. Simon chatted some with the lizard, using some of the Spanish he learned in school to try and put the reptile at his ease. Lizar had explained that he was actually in a serious relationship, but his boyfriend had said he could do whatever and whoever he wanted, just as long as he took some photos and videos so they both could enjoy it later.

The bear had never hung out with a lizard before, he admitted that Lizar had been the first reptile he had experienced sexually, adding a little embarrassed, "I hope that's not specist to say."

The lizard chuckled and replied, "is not specist, if true. Statements of fact are not offensive to me. I had not experienced warm bloods until I did. Different but still fun."

"Yeah, that's kinda how I felt too, different but lots of fun," Simon replied with a smile. "You were a lot warmer than I thought you'd be... I mean to the touch."

"Ahh yes, hot water and hot mammals, make Lizar hot too, in more ways than one," the cold blooded reptile replied with a toothy grin. Simon realised that as he was cold blooded Lizar's temperature represented the heat of his surroundings. Things in that shower had certainly been hot enough to make the reptile's ass feel extremely warm around him.

The bear had other things on his mind and having an opportunity to speak he had to ask, "is... is it easy to live with an open relationship?"

The shock on Lizar's face was apparent and there was a few seconds of uncomfortable silence before the lizard replied, "is not so easy... or so open. We set rules and we stick to them. I am here in England for next year studying. A long time apart so we agree sex with others is ok. When at home, sex with others when both of us is present or with individual permission is ok." The reptile's gaze landed on the pony who was basking in the heat naked his eyes closed, snoozing gently as he recovered from a long night and exhausting morning. "You like him." it wasn't a question, but it did make the bear jump_'was it that obvious?_' He wondered.

"Yeah... I kinda do," the bear admitted with a shy goofy grin as he glanced at the beautiful pony.

There was another second or two of silence before the lizard reached out a paw to squeeze the bear's shoulder, "I wish you luck, but be careful... he likes to party, is fun but not so easy to live with."

Simon was taken back by the lizard's bold statement, it was true, he knew Ty liked to party a lot. It was fun, but then he had only experienced it in short bursts. He hoped that if they did get together the pony would kerb the partying some, having a steady source of release with the bear. The lizard's relationship seemed like a good balance to him, as long as he had some choice in his lovers, he wouldn't mind sharing the pony. Hell, he had loved every moment he spent with the others guys he had been with and the idea of having the love of Ty and the freedom to explore others sexually was very appealing.

As the bear watching the snoozing pony, his mane drifting on the soft breeze, his fur shining and muscles showing, he knew it didn't matter he had to try. If he failed, it would hurt and he would be devastated, but he would at least be able to move on. Until he took that risk he would forever hold a candle for the pony in his heart, all he had to do was show that to Ty and let the pony blow the flame out or turn it into an inferno.

The afternoon turned to evening and Simon cheated in his hosting duties by ordering in some pizza. Not that anyone complained, if anything his guests were extremely grateful for their host. Their gratitude was demonstrated later, as Lizar and Mark joined forces to give the bear a warm and gentle muzzle job.

The lizard had given Simon his phone and he filmed the entire thing, watching the screen as two male's shared his cock. It was so hot he had blown embarrassingly quickly. Then the two had moved on, servicing the pony next as a couple and then Taylor before ending with a sixty-nine on each other. The bear filmed it all and he promised himself he would get a copy of this video too, along with copies of everything Ty had been in.

Evening had drawn in followed by night and the bear had felt the weariness of his long and exhausting couple of days. He had avoided more than just oral that evening as his ass was quite sore. In fact it seemed to be a group agreement, just some oral along with kissing and hugging. They had watched a few moves and Taylor had made some strong hints that he wanted to get out and about the next day. Saying "I want to see some of England while I can, I probably won't get back to Europe for years if ever."

Simon could understand his wants and he knew the dog was voicing the opinion of the group. He knew he was being selfish wanting to keep Ty in the house just for himself, so he'd went online and booked a rental car to arrive the next morning. He said he would drive and show them some of the local Castles and some Roman forts. The American's had been surprised to learn how many castles and monuments were in the local area, the bear had observed that he passed about three castles and a roman fort on the way to work. The British countryside is covered in history and you never had to go far to find something of heritage significance.

As the evening wore on and his eyelids began to feel heavy the bear announced he was going to hit the hay. He was deeply disappointed when the pony didn't immediately say he would join him. The bear lay in bed and sniffed the sheets, the wonderful scent of Ty filling his lungs; he wondered how long he would have to savour that scent another day or a lifetime. It was with thoughts of this that he fell asleep.

He awoke the next morning to find himself staring into two beautiful green eyes. The pony smiled at him and whispered, "morning, sugar bear, did you sleep well?"

Simon flushed with warmth as he felt the breath of Ty flowing over his face, "yeah, too well. I was hoping to still be awake when you came to bed. Did you sleep well."

Ty reached out a paw and lightly ran his fingers over the bear's cheek and gently nodded his head, "yeah I did, I almost woke you when I came to bed, but you looked so peaceful, and I figured after all you've done in the last few days you had earned a full nights sleep."

Nuzzling against the warm palm the bear sighed, both happy and slightly disappointed to have missed that chance. He had just one night left with Ty and he felt like he had wasted a rare and golden chance to be alone with the pony. "Do you remember our last night together when we first met?" He asked, his voice trembling just a little, that night had been the most wonderful of his life. If Ty forgot it or didn't think it was an important night the bear would find it hard to recover.

A broad warm smile spread over the pony's lips and he nodded, "of course, how could anyone forget such a wonderful night? I remember it all, the feel of your body, the taste of your lips and those cute sounds you made as I rutted you long and hard. Damn, it was some of the best sex I've ever had."

"I... loved it too," the bear whispered, he had been ready to say the three big-little words 'I love you,' however the pony's return to the focus on sex made him pause for a moment. Was he someone special to Ty, or just a great lay? It was a question that made him stop and in that pause he lost his chance. Ty pressed forward, placing his lips on the bear's. Their paws caressing each other and their tongues began to dance. Simon's mouth filling with the taste of pony, grass and sugar. The pony's arms slid around him and pulled him close, and Simon felt a thick hard pony cock gliding over his own. He cried out in passion as Ty's paws gripped him tighter, he never wanted to leave the embrace of those strong arms.

The pony broke the kiss with a soft whinny as his paws squeezed the bear's rump, "mmm got this sweet ass all to myself..." the pony was interrupted by the sound of a horn honking and the bear groaned loudly.

"That will be the rental car, I have to go sign for it," the bear signed as he pulled away from the pony. His aching erection was trapped inside some jeans and he pulled on a T-shirt as quickly as he could. The bear could hear grunts and moans coming from the guest room as he passed it. He chuckled as he realised Ty and himself hadn't been the only ones to wake up horny.

He dashed outside and signed for the rental car, the driver was a very curt bull, who clearly had not appreciated the five minute wait. The bovine gave him a quick rundown on the rental agreement and tried, half-heartedly, to sell more expensive insurance. Eventually he drove off in the trailer truck the car had arrived on.

Simon returned to the bedroom to find his bed empty, a soft whinny coming from the other room told the bear all he needed to know. He knew he could go in there and join them but the disappointment of finding the pony hadn't waited was too much. Instead he wandered downstairs and got showered and brushed his teeth. Then he got some food out of the fridge and began to make a proper English breakfast. Food so delicious your arteries hardened just by the smell. Rashers of bacon, hash browns, fried bread, fried tomatoes, eggs, sausages and beans.

By the time the food was cooked the fun in the spare bedroom had ended and his guests had turned up. The bear flattered himself that he could see a little guilt in the pony's eyes as he looked at the bear, cooking on the stove. Still it didn't last long, Ty pressed up behind Simon, hugging him and kissing his neck and moaning softly, "oh god bear you are better than any hotel in Europe."

Simon's smile returned, he couldn't feel mad or disappointed while the pony's arms were around him. He just chuckled and pushed back, feeling Ty's broad chest pressing up behind him, reminding him; Ty wasn't really a pony anymore he was a full grown horse and a stud to boot. A few minutes later the bear served breakfast to his four very hungry guests. Nothing builds an appetite for breakfast like fucking all morning.

There wasn't time for a proper thank-you they had a tight schedule, as Simon reminded himself, this was their last full day and they had to make the most of it. The bear had been sad to hear their plans were to leave around noon the next day, they had to get to their next hostel in the Scottish highlands and that would be a long trip. The bear had rented a big people-mover, it could sit five easily.

The bear couldn't help but smile broadly as the pony climbed into the passengers' seat in the front next to him. Driving along the scenic route along the hills the bear figured that a Roman fort on Hadrian's Wall would be a good place to start. It was the middle of a weekday so the roads were empty as was the fort, only a few elderly couples wandering around.

Taylor was less than impressed by the fort, the bear asked what he had expected to see of a building built almost two thousand years ago. The dog shrugged and tried not to let his disappointment show. The others were much more interested in the remains, taking many photographs and some videos. Walking along the wall for about a kilometre the group got the see some good sights, looking out over the miles of British countryside. The reptile and Texan both commenting on how green the place looked.

Next he took them to a medieval castle, the spotty dog was far more impressed by the picturesque castle. It looked just like something out of movies or a period piece and the dog found some genuine enthusiasm. Once again they were almost the only people there. There was a couple of staff in the shop taking entrance fees and maybe one or two other tourists. The castle itself was partially ruined, but it was possible to go inside and the bear lead them up a narrow spiral staircase to the ramparts. He smiled to see even the Texan was enjoying this tour. Simon didn't notice the slightly mischievous look on Ty's face as the bear led the group up the tower remaining intact.

They stood on the top of the twenty meter tall tower, sun beaming down and a nice pleasant breeze keeping them cool. "Well, how's this Taylor, better than just a pile of stones?" The bear asked, using the dog's description of the ancient roman fort.

"Oh yeah, this s exactly what I expected when you said castle. This is just awesome. Hey get over here, take a picture of us on the ramparts." The last part was aimed at Ty, he shoved his phone into the pony's paws and pulled the bear over to the parapet. "Want a good picture to remember this day and the sweetest English gentle-bear by."

The bear gave the dog a hug and Ty took a few good photo's. As he handed the dog the phone back he whispered something into the canine's ears and Taylor grinned widely and nodded, he whispered something back and then ducked down the stairs leading up to the tower.

Simon was leaning over the parapet with Mark beside him, he smiled at the shy husky who gave him a wink and said, "thanks for such a great visit. I know we haven't exactly had a chance to talk, but it's been awesome staying with you. Sorry I got so drunk and wasted a day."

"That wasn't your fault, besides, it was fun getting drunk with you guys," the bear replied with a warm smile before adding with a wistful sigh, "I just wish you were staying longer."

The husky snuck a glance behind the bear and tried not to let his grin show, though his tail was wagging softly behind him, "yeah, it's a pity. I fly back in a week, Taylor is the week after. Lizar starts his course in a month and poor Ty is heading back to Aus in just ten days. Holiday's can't last forever."

"Yeah, that I understand, but there are some things I wish..." the bear began to reply only for two strong arms to slide around his waist and a pony muzzle to kiss up the back of his neck. The bear shivered at the touch, it had become familiar in such a short time and yet he wanted to feel it more and more.

Ty pressed his muzzle to the bear's ear and whispered, "I missed you this morning," as he spoke the equine's paws went down to the bear's jeans and began to unfasten them urgently.

"Ty!" Squealed the bear in shock as he felt his crotch being exposed, as his jeans were pulled down to his ankles.

"Shhh sugar bear, Taylor's on the stairs, ain't nobody gonna see what we do, now just relax and enjoy the view," As the pony spoke the bear felt a thick equine cock stroking between his buttocks. Simon cried out as the flare touched his pucker, it was moist and slick and now he realised why the husky had been smiling as he looked behind him. The dog had been distracting him while the pony got 'up and ready' for the bear.

Surrounded by crumbling sandstone of the ancient building the bear couldn't help but revel in the sheer brazenness of the pony. He had never thought being taken in a public place could be such a turn on; but as the pony's flare ground slowly against his pucker the bear's erect cock was wafting n the summer's breeze. A second later he cried out as a warm mouth sealed around his cock. Looking down Simon found two ice-blue eyes looking up at him on a white face framed with grey fur.

Mark had decided to join in the fun, he could see the lizard in the background, his phone out filming the whole thing, with a huge tent in his pants. The dog was sporting quite the erection himself and as he thrust his muzzle down the bear's cock he pulled it out and began to stroke it. His tongue lashed over the bear's coronal ridge, teasing his frenulum and making the bear moan louder.

The pony was in no mood to go slow, any moment a member of the public of staff might try to wander up the tower. He smiled as the bear's objections had been silenced so quick and easy, then pushed forward firmly. Simon whimpered at the rough thrusting as Ty stuffed his cock right in to the hilt in one powerful thrust. He knew that Simon could take it and he loved how easy it was to push into the bear, his flared cock and the thick medial ring being swallowed by the warm willing bear rump.

Simon gasped as the powerful equine's paws pushed his shoulders down. He was forced to bend over the parapet, his eyes could see the beautiful English countryside and the perfectly attended estate gardens of this heritage site. Not that he paid any heed to the glorious sights before him, he just bit down on his lip to keep from screaming out in pleasure and drawing attention to their amour.

With a feral neigh the pony began to rut hard and fast, his thick maleness sliding in and out of the bear, using every inch of his long pony cock to work Simon's ass. Lifting up his hoof and placing it on the ramparts, Ty leaned over the bear to get a better angle to thrust. Holding Simon down, Ty's thrusting grew faster and faster by the second. He could hear the bear below him crying out in pleasure, the horse grabbed Simon's muzzle forcing it shut.

The bear whimpered and as two thick digits were forced between his lips he began to suckle hungrily. Closing his eyes Simon couldn't stop himself moaning and whimpering as the pony flare assaulted his prostate again and against. The canine below him suckling eagerly, the long agile tongue begin used to full effect; lapping over his length cleaning up every drop of pre that was flowing freely from the tip.

Mark knew if he kept working on the cock he would be rewarded with a mouthful of bear cream. However, he didn't want things to end that fast, instead he left the tip and his broad canine tongue lapped over the bear's sweaty orbs, tasting his musk and moaning in delight. He could see the horse's pink and black cock thrusting into the bear's ass, the huge tool disappearing again and again. The canine couldn't help but notice two huge dangling equine orbs swinging freely between those powerful thighs.

The dog's mouth watered at the hypnotic sight, out of the corner of his eyes he could see Lizar, jean's around his ankles, phone in one paw and cock in the other. The sensations of being both watched and filmed in such a public place brought new realms of arousal to the canine. Crawling forward he lapped over the bear's musky taint, enjoying the delicious sweaty, musky and grimy taste and scent.

His tongue lapped over every sweaty inch, cleaning eagerly as his paw worked on his desperately hard cock. He lapped at the bear's ring and the horse's thrusting cock making both of the lover's cry out with surprise at the wonderful additional sensations. Then an idea came to the dog's mind one he knew he might pay for, but he also knew he might never get another chance to try. Lapping down lower his tongue danced over those huge leathery orbs, he couldn't get them in his mouth so he kissed each one. Working his tongue eagerly over those swinging pendulous orbs the canine kept working, sliding himself under the pony.

Ty fought back the urge to neigh out loud, his paw gagging the bear firmly, his fingers fucking the bear's face as his huge cock ploughed deep inside the bear. The tongue on his cock and balls driving him nearer and nearer to his orgasm, as the Simon's every squirm and motion made the bear's ass squeeze down on the invading pony cock sending waves of pleasure crashing throughout his body.

Then Ty felt an eager squirming tongue on his taint, he gasped as he knew where the dog was working his way to. Few people had ever gotten to taste what the dog was hungering for. The horse grunted deeply and yet the pleasure surrounding his cock was too great, he couldn't stop himself rutting; even if Taylor gave a warning of intruders, Ty he had to take his mare, claim his bitch and mark them with his seed. Nothing could make him pull out of the bear, he wanted him, he needed him, he had to take him fully. So Mark would get a taste of pony ass, but Ty swore he would make the dog pay, just like he had the other dog.

Moaning with delight the canine reached his target, a delicate and apparently virginal tailhole. Ty was a total top and in the weeks the dog had travelled with him the pony had refused to let anyone, touch or taste his ring. Sweet musky grass filled his mouth as he lapped over the quivering doughnut, he heard a hoof stamp and knew he didn't have long. His tongue pushed against the taught muscle, squirming and wriggling forcing it's way inside the pony, his nose nestled between the pony's warm buttocks, his world becoming the pony's sweaty musk. Mark's tongue worked the pony's ass in a way only a hungry canine tongue can, delving in and out of the musky depths, stroking the equine's prostate again and again.

A hoof stamped on an ancient stone floor again harder, chipping the sandstone as the dual pleasures became too much for Ty. His fingers were pulled from the bear's mouth, no longer caring about his cries of pleasure. Grabbing the bear's plump hips Ty pulled him back hard to meet every thrust. The two cried out in unison as the pony felt his balls rise, he fucked with bestial intensity, using every ounce of strength he could muster, his muscles aching with the effort as he lifted his head. With a deep throated neigh he claimed the bear, fucking desperately as he cock throbbed and torrents of horse spunk flooded the spasming bear ass.

The rough fucking had proved too much for the bear and just before Ty he came, his cock untouched, jetting white lines of his love juices on the old stonework. He whimpered softly as the horse neighed out in dominance, his concerns of being caught drown out in the flood of equine spunk that was being pumped into his ass. He didn't notice the pools of cum building in the creases of his crumpled up jeans, as Ty continued to fuck hard and fast, with each motion more of his jism leaked out in waterfalls.

With a gasp Mark felt the horse's ass clench down around his tongue, the canine stroked his cock desperately fast. A few seconds was all it needed for the dog to reach his orgasm, fountains of dog spunk flowing out. He milked his balls dry as quickly as he could and then was first to get back to his feet and pull his pants up. The bear and pony stayed still for about a minute before Ty pulled out, another huge flood of cum soaking the bear's jeans.

"Fuck, what a mess," moaned the bear as he looked at his jism flooded clothing.

As he looked at the stained mass of denim he heard a bleep of a phone.

"Fuck, someone's on their way up!" Ty said as he checked the message from Taylor. The pony pulled his jeans up, tucking his spent cock away. Lizar did the same, poor Simon pulled up his sodden clothing, his fur getting soaked in horse spunk. The wetness on his jeans could clearly be seen and he stank of horse cum.

The bear noticed the pony trying not to laugh as an elderly couple emerged on the tower. The group left as soon as they arrived, and Simon couldn't help but wonder what the old couple thought. The stonework on the rampart had bear spunk dripping down to meet a pool of horse seed. Canine and lizard spunk made their own separate pools on the floor, with a clear hoof shaped dent in the ancient stone floor. Along with a bear with soaking jeans, and a stench of cum they were hopefully too old to notice.

If the couple were too old to notice, the lion manning the gift shop wasn't, as the group exited he tried to sell them some mead. He gave the bear a wide grin and in a low purr suggested that Simon come back for another visit soon. The feline also slipped Mark his phone number as the husky tried a sample of mead.

Simon didn't wait in the gift shop while the other's browsed, he made a dash for the car. Pulling himself inside he gave a deep sigh of relief from being out of the public eye, even if that public was one horrified elderly couple and a horny lion. He had loved the sex, but had felt so deeply embarrassed afterwards.

The car rocked as the other door opened and Ty climbed inside, "hey, you ok sugar bear?"

"Yeah, just... I wasn't expecting that," the bear admitted feeling the heat of his blush growing.

"Sorry, I thought... you would like it. I mean, you seemed to really like the video of me and Mark... guess I fucked up. Stupid hoss, sorry," apologise the pony his voice laden with sincerity and his eyes full of concern for the bear.

"No, you didn't... you fucked down and it felt great. I just wasn't a fan of running passed so many people with my pants soaking," Simon replied looking at the beautiful equine face he knew he wasn't able to be mad. Besides, he was being honest when he said he had loved it, every moment until the old couple had turned up. "Next time we just need to make sure my jeans are out of the horse splash zone."

"Next time?" Ty asked and the bear blushed as he realised that he had implied there would be another time, even though the horse was leaving tomorrow.

"Well I mean, if there is a next time," he mumbled awkwardly suddenly unable to look the pony in the eye.

"Maybe, I suppose if I ever get to Europe again or if you ever visit Aus," the pony admitted and then leaned across to whisper. "Though next time I think... just me and you, no large groups to watch and... lick a horse in places without permission."

That brought a smile to the bear's face, the idea of a holiday just him and the pony, no extras. His hopes that had recently been dashed were resurrected just as quickly. He realised now was a good time to say how much he wanted that, how much he wanted to be with the horse. Simon opened his mouth, only for the car door to fly open and three giggling tourists to pile in.

Taylor leaned across and handed Simon a phone number saying, "that kitty is good to go, if you want to give him a call after we've gone." Simon took the number and mumbled a thanks. He drove the group back to his house and once there he changed his jeans, though he didn't shower, secretly he liked the scent of horse spunk in his fur.

The last evening passed far too quickly, the group watching a few dvd's drinking a few beers, shared a few laughs and some warm snuggles. Simon was wedged between Ty and Mark on the sofa, one arm around both, he rested his head on the pony's broad chest and tried to savour the last few hours. He promised himself as soon as he was alone with Ty he would tell him how he felt. It would be his last chance and he wouldn't miss out.

First to yawn and announce he was going to bed was Ty, he gave the bear a wink and headed away. Simon was quick to take the hint, he excused himself a few moments later. Lizar caught his eye and the lizard gave him a nod of encouragement and a wink.

By the time he reached his bedroom Ty had already stripped and was in the bear's king-sized bed. The horse pulled aside the sheets and revealed his naked body, Simon took a few moments to enjoy the sight of the perfect equine specimen and then striped quickly to join Ty under the covers. Ty pulled the bear close and before Simon could gather his thoughts his mouth was full of eager pony tongue.

The two shared a deep and passionate kiss, their paws exploring each others' bodies. The bear's soft stomach grinding against the pony's perfect abs, his plush chest pressed to the equine's chiselled pecs. Simon was lost in pure heaven, he looked into those green eyes and saw both lust and love and he wanted nothing more than for the pony to take him, hold him down and breed him once more.

However, he pulled back, breaking the kiss and panting deeply as he pulled away from the bliss of pony Nirvana. Ty looked confused, "everything ok, sugar bear?"

"Yeah, it's just before we do this there's something I have to say," the bear whispered feeling rattlesnakes writhing in his ample stomach, the bear took a deep breath. "I...love you..." the bear said quietly, the long silence afterwards was thunderous.

The pony looked away, "I... kinda figured, I won't deny I have some very strong feelings for you. However, you're half the world away... "Ty paused and Simon's stomach fell as his heart began to break. "Sorry, I just... look, I don't believe in long distance relationships and it's not like getting a work visa is that easy."

"I... yeah, you're right, it sucks." Sighed the bear and yet somehow he still felt some hope, the pony had admitted he had strong feelings. Maybe after his masters was over he could apply for an work visa, a year in Australia to give it a go. He wasn't sure what he'd expected, the pony to declare his undying love and never leave. That is the sort of ending a crappy romance novel would have, but in the real world it just isn't that easy to uproot one life and move across the world.

Two warm hands cupped his chin and tuned him to look into a warm smile on a golden face. "Please, look I didn't want our last night together to be sad. That's why I never said anything myself, I do have strong feelings for you, you're my sugar bear." The pony whispered and slid across the bed pressing his warm body to the bear's.

Simon felt a tear forming in his eye and then he felt the wonderful warm lips of the pony, the tickle of velvet on his muzzle. The two kissed tenderly, sweet small kisses at first, growing with passion as the pony's paws began to explore the bear. Their bodies pressed back together as they continued to trade sweet kisses, sharing sweet breaths.

The bear felt a paw stroking down his side and then onto his crotch, his sheath swelling to the equine's gentle amorous touch. Breaking the kiss the pony moved his muzzle to the bear's ear. "There's something I want you to do, something I have never let anyone do before."

The bear wondered what it could be and then the pony took his paw and guided it down and placed it on his golden buttocks. Simon drew a sharp breath as he realised what Ty was offering him, the pony had always been the pure top and he never thought he would ever want that, "are... are you sure?" He asked in a whisper his cock throbbing at the thought of taking the pony, being his first.

"Yeah... I trust you and I want you to know how much you mean to me," the pony blushed a little and added. "Plus... Mark isn't the first to lick back there and... it felt good..." Ty mumbled and his words stopped mid-sentence as if he was too embarrassed to continue.

"Yeah it does feel good, I will be very gentle," Simon whispered softly his paw lightly running over the horse's rump, feeling the muscle tensing at his very touch. He knew that Ty was feeling nervous and exposed; he would need to be very patient and careful to relax the pony, the last thing he wanted to do was make Ty's first time, as a bottom, painful.

Ty gulped so loudly the bear could hear it and he nodded his head, he was resolute. However internally there was a deep rooted struggle between his need to be dominant and his fear of another male hurting him, both physically and emotionally. "I... trust my sugar bear."

Simon couldn't stop the broad grin from spreading across his muzzle, the pony he loved trusted him more than anyone else. It was a wonderful thing, a precious gift he was being given and he would never take it for granted. Pressing forward the bear kissed the pony softly on the lips and then whispered, "I will be so gentle, now will you roll onto your belly for me, please?" He was careful to keep his tone loving and to ask not demand, he could see the conflicting emotions inside the pony. All it would take is for him to move too far too fast and this pony would bolt. He could see the uncertainty in Ty's eyes as he made the request, the thought of submitting to another, of letting someone else take control, it was something strange and alien to the equine.

Despite the snakes roiling in his stomach the pony rolled over, clenching his teeth and closing his eyes, every muscle on his body tensed so much he was practically trembling. "b... be gentle... ok?"

Simon leaned over the perfect equine body and kissed the pony on his shoulders lovingly. The bear always found kisses and touches there calming he hoped that Ty would too. Whispering into the pony's ears, "shhhh, easy. You know I would never hurt you, I will be as gentle and slow as I can be. If you say stop I will stop. I don't want to hurt you, or even do this if you don't want it."

"I want this... I'm just..." Ty struggled to admit his fears and concerns. The stallion wanted to feel things from the other side at least once. He had come close to letting other guys do it, but then had always backed off. There was something comforting about the bear and the knowledge that the next day he would be leaving. If things went badly he had an escape, but if they didn't Simon would always be his friend and he would have taken that leap once.

Soft kisses rained down on his shoulders and back, soft warm paws stroked down his flanks reassuringly. the tender touches relaxing him slightly, soothing his nerves some, as the bear whispered, "it's ok I understand, just try and relax." Simon knew that he would need to prepare the pony fully before he even thought of taking his tender virgin ring. Mark had already shown him the way to at least start, he slid his body down Ty's perfect form.

The horse's buttocks were two perfect golden mounds, quivering with nerves. He stroked them both gently and caught sight of his target. Leaning down he blew softly, warm air flowing over the pony's quivering pucker and ass. Ty gasped and tensed up just at the feel of his breath, but he sighed and relaxed a little a moment afterwards. Simon moved closer, the musk of the pony getting stronger and stronger. Then he pressed his lips to the pony's exposed doughnut, Ty gasped and jumped as he felt the warmth on his most intimate area. He sighed as he felt the smallest, gentlest tickle as the bear's tongue-tip lightly stroked over his pucker.

The bear was patient and slow, using just his tonguetip circling the quivering ring gently and then teasing across the entrance. He took his time, working his tongue endlessly and slowly increasing the size of his strokes and laps. With each motion he felt the pony relax more and more under his gentle ministrations, the tight ring of muscle relaxing under the gentle assault.

Ty closed his eyes, his fingers had been clenching the bedding tightly, his fists began to unclench as the gentle teasing brought new alien pleasurable sensations to him. The bear's tongue was warm and the stroking sensations teased him in wonderful ways, he felt his cock start to harden again as he let out of soft pleasurable moan. Then he felt the bear's tongue gently pushing at his ring, he clenched up in surprise and the tongue retreated, stroking around his quivering ring.

The bear worked slowly and gently, teasing the ring until it relaxed and then poking at it, until the ring stopped clenching. Then with a soft moan the bear's tonguetip thrust forward firmly and passed the tight ring. It clenched a little but relaxed quickly as it was spread. Simon smiled to himself as the pony was penetrated, the first tiny step was taken. His tongue's thrusting got slowly deeper and deeper, swirling around as much as he could to increase the sensation and spread the pony further.

Moaning and gasping Ty realised his ring had been spread and the bear's tongue was deep inside him. It had been so gentle and gradual he couldn't remember the moment of penetration, there had been no forceful thrusting and no desperate hungry lapping. Mark had been so rough and yet he had loved the sensation of something inside him, he knew part of him needed to explore this side of his sexuality, he had just needed someone whom he could trust fully to explore it with.

Simon's paws stroked in circles, massaging the firm golden mounds as his tongue grew more and more adventurous. Lapping deeper and faster, he felt the coppery taste of a prostate and heard Ty neigh softly in pleasure. He lapped at it hungrily, teasing the gland again and again, he knew that the more he did the more the pony would want it. Moving his paws around the horse's waist his fingers closed around thick and throbbing equine shaft. The bear started to jerk the pony slowly and gently as his tongue worked faster and faster, eating out the sweet grassy ass.

Ty bucked and whinnied loudly as he was trapped between two wonderful sensations. His cock spurted heavy gobs of pre onto those paws as the sensations of his prostate being stroked sent electric thrills of pleasure up and down his spine. Tingles began to build in his balls and he felt them beginning to rise, part of him thought he should warm the bear he was near the edge, but the rest just wanted to give in to the wonderful pleasure of the moment.

The bear's tongue teased something inside him, he knew what it was, he had pounded so many asses and he knew how to hit a prostate. However, to feel his own being stimulated was so overwhelming, his body trembled with pleasure and anticipation. Just as he felt the bear driving him to his peak, the paws and tongue were removed and he whinnied out loudly in frustration. Only for a bear paw to lightly spank his buttock, it didn't hurt but it brought him back to his senses.

"Please, roll onto your side," the bear asked and the pony obliged instantly, still drunk on the pleasure and hoping that his release would be soon. As he did so Simon reached out to grab a bottle of lube from his nightstand. He applied a large dose to his fingers and then lay down behind the pony. Putting one arm around the chest he hugged the pony close and nuzzled into the equine's long neck.

"Ok, it's gonna feel cold for a moment, just try to relax and let me know if it hurts," Simon whispered as his lubed fingers dove down behind the pony. Ty gasped as he felt a single finger poking at his moist entrance. The bear kissed his shoulders and neck, hugging him reassuringly as the fingertip stroked and probed the pucker. He teased the entrance gently and then slipped forward and Ty gasped as he felt his ring being spread around a single fingertip.

The bear's finger slowly worked deeper and deeper, the pony growing used to the intruder as the ursine's finger slid in, until it was knuckle deep. As he worked the pony's ass Simon provided constant reassurance, with kisses, soft strokes and whispered words. His finger started to fuck the pony slowly and gently working until the horse was used to the sensation and his finger slid easily back and forth. Then he added a second finger, Ty whimpering a little so he stopped, only for the pony to force his ass back against the bear's fingers. Simon smiled, he knew the sensations and feelings coursing though the pony. The elation of being stretched, the slight pain and yet the need to feel more.

Simon's own cock was aching and drooling pre as he finger fucked the pony faster and faster. He could see the equine cock jutting out in front of him, hard and wet as it stained his sheets with a flood of horse pre. The bear knew the pony was loving every moment and he also knew it was about time for the final step, the bear had opened the doughnut enough, it was time for him to enter pony Nirvana.

Ty gasped and moaned as those fingers fucked him deeper and harder, he was surprised how quickly he had grown accustomed to those invaders, he bit his lip to keep from crying out for more. Feeling the bear behind him, the warm solid mass reassuring and calming him. He knew he could trust Simon, he knew the bear would never hurt him. The pony wondered if his lovers had all felt this way with him, if the feelings of the fingers in his ass were the same as the ones he gave with his cock.

Panting and gasping the pony pushed back into the thrusting, his balls beginning to tingle again, only for those wonderful digits to be withdrawn. For the first time in his life the pony felt empty, like something was missing inside him. Pushing his hips back wantonly the pony wanted to feel full again.

"I... I'm going to fuck you now," whispered the bear softly as he reached down to guide his cock to the prepared pony pucker. "Just tell me if I'm going too fast, or if it hurts." The bear whispered and the pony just nodded trying not to tense up, the sensations of tongue and fingers inside him had been so wonderful, he couldn't help but wonder how they would compare to cock.

Simon found himself trembling a little as his warm tip pressed to Ty's prepared and stretched ring. The bear paused for a moment to give the horse a chance to ask him to stop. No such request came, much to his joy, and the bear drove his hips forward. The tight ring fought back against his cock and then he felt it expanding, rolling around his glans and meatus, pulling him inside as it opened. They both cried out in unison as the bear penetrated just the first inch into the pony. Stopping as soon as his entire head was engulfed in clenching pony rear Simon moaned at the feeling of the virginal ass around him.

Ty groaned as the bear cock inside him stretched him wider than he thought he ever thought he would be. The pony had always liked the bear's cock, it was a nice average size, though being thrust into his ass the bearhood it felt anything but average. It wasn't painful but there was some discomfort and he was glad the bear stopped. The horse suddenly wondered at all his lovers, how they had accommodated his huge thick equine flare and rod. He couldn't imagine being taken by a lover like himself, he thought back to the castle, how rough he had fucked the bear and yet Simon had loved every moment.

As the clenching stopped the bear thrust forward again, forcing another inch into the pony. He stopped again, to let Ty adjust and then forced in another inch and another. until with a deep gasp of triumph he hilted inside the pony. "There..." he panted breathlessly, "I'm all in. It wasn't too bad, was it?"

The horse's mind raced as he felt the thick tool throbbing inside him, he swore he could feel the bear's pulse racing inside his rear. There had been almost no pain and he had to admit there was a need building inside him, the need to feel more. "N... no, it feels nice actually."

Chuckling the bear ground his hips to the pony's gently stirring and stretching the pony, glancing against his prostate and making Ty cry out again as he whispered, "of course it feels nice, why do you think I let you do it to me?" He didn't let the horse reply, he pulled out an inch and then thrust back in and Ty gasped out loud in pleasure.

The bear's paw reached down to grab the equine's erect cock, jerking it slowly as he worked his hips. He fucked the pony gently, just using an inch of his cock. As Ty began to push back into his thrusts his motions grew faster and stronger, he used more and more of his shaft to work the pony. The ass clenching around his cock drove deep sensations into his cock, and he knew he wasn't going to last long in a tight hole like Ty's.

"Ahh... oh fuck!" Moaned the pony squirming and yet pushing back as he felt the ursine's cock stroking his prostate again and again. "Oh... Si... yes... that's it... more!" Simon's ears could hardly believe the pony's desperate whispers and yet his body responded thrusting faster and faster, his paw jerking the hard equine meat, faster and faster. The bear could feel his balls beginning to rise and he knew it wouldn't be long before he would blow.

Ty gasped and whimpered as the bear picked up his pace, Simon's hips smacking off his ass wonderfully. The cock spearing inside him making him feel things he never thought he would, he pushed back harder wanting to feel more. His balls began to tingle and he knew that the bear would soon fuck him to orgasm. He was glad he had let his guard down with Simon, the bear had been every bit as gentle and caring as he thought he would be.

"Oh Ty... oh... so close... love you," the bear whispered as he thrust faster and faster, his instincts taking control. He drove into his love again and again, thrusting with everything he had, no longer in control of himself.

"Oh Si... Si .... SIIIII!!!!" The pony screamed out the bear's name as the thrusting cock inside him drove him over the edge; his cock throbbing in the bear's paw as jets of horse spunk sprayed out over the bedroom, hitting the wall opposite. The equine's mind went blank all he knew was the pleasure of a thick cock in his rump.

The bear cried out as the, formerly virginal, pony ass clenched down around him and forced his own orgasm. For the first time in his life he painted the insides of the pony he loved with his musky fluids. The pair writhed lost it everything but the sensation of each other and the pure bliss of the moment.

Simon held the pony close for a long time, his cock eventually shrinking and pulling from Ty's ass. eventually sleep began to creep into his eyes and as they closed he thought he heard Ty whisper, "I love you too." The two fell asleep, lost in each other's arms and bodies.

It was with bitter-sweet feelings the bear woke up the next morning, still holding the pony. He watched as Ty slept on, wanting to memorise this moment, he knew that he had played and lost. What was worse was he knew this was not the end, this wasn't the closure he wanted. However, he couldn't feel sad about that, he still had hope and maybe someday he would look back with the pony on this as the beginning of a long life together.

He wasn't sure how long he lay watching the pony sleep but eventually a knock on the bedroom door woke the pony up. It was Taylor reminding them the taxi was due in a couple of hours. The couple were silent as they got dressed, Ty seemed to find it difficult to look at the bear. However, once dressed the pony hugged the bear tightly and kissed his lips tenderly for a few moments. As he broke the kiss he gave the bear a peck on the cheek, "I had a wonderful time with you. I wish... I wish things could have been different."

"I had a wonderful time with you, you can come back any time." Simon replied reluctantly letting the pony pull away from the embrace. He sighed and added, "I wish things could have been different too."

The rest of the morning passed far too quickly for the bear. He put together a good breakfast for his guests along with a selection of sandwiches for their journey. Each of his guests took a chance to say goodbye and give him some contact details. Simon held his feelings in check until he heard the taxi honking to warn them of it's arrival. Then he found his eyes misting up as he hugged his guests goodbye, wishing them all a safe journey.

Last to be hugged was the pony and the bear held on tightly, his muzzle buried in the horse's neck, he breathed in deep lungfuls of Ty's scent wanting to remember it all; the smell, the feel of the warm embraces, the soft sound of his heart and the tender touch of his lips. Eventually a revving of the taxi's endings brought a rude ending to their goodbye.

Ty gave him a sad look and reached out to wipe tears away from the bear's face and say, "thank you so much, sugar bear."

"I'll miss you," Simon whimpered feeling his lower lip quivering.

"Miss you too, talk online and I'll send a message as soon as we get to the hostel," the pony replied and gave him another sorrowful smile. The bear waved as the taxi began to drive away watching until it was out of sight.

He wandered back into his now all too empty house, the bear washed the dishes and began to tidy up. Picking up an empty bottle of pear cider something inside the bear broke and tears began to roll down his face. He sat down on his sofa his huge head in his paws; his shoulders shook as he wept uncontrollably. The bear eventually rolled onto his side crying until he feel asleep again.

The next few days were a little tough, he messaged and called the pony a few times. Though he got the feeling Ty wasn't really in the mood to talk, Simon could understand why, each time they spoke he was reminded why he loved the pony and that just made the distance between them greater.

He thought about applying for a travel visa, but he still had to finish his Masters and so he left the application un-submitted. The bear called up Petey and discussed the possibility of getting a temporary work visa for Australia for a year. The panda told him that if Ty wasn't up for it the bear could stay with him and his boyfriend.

On the day Ty was due to fly back the bear spoke to him at length on the mobile. He ended up crying again as he watched the Heathrow flight departure data, watching it update as the plane took off. The bear wasn't sure why he watched it but he kept track of the flight for hours. He ordered in some take away food as he didn't feel like cooking.

As his doorbell rang the bear forced himself to close the flight data; the pony was gone, the bear had done all he could. He grabbed his wallet and selected a ten pound note and rushed to the door. "Here you..." the words died on the bear's tongue as he found himself staring into familiar emerald green eyes.

Ty gave him a confident smile and said, "hey sugar bear." The pony took the ten out of the bear's unresisting paw, "you know it's a lot more than this for a full night."

"Y... you're not on a plane," the bear mumbled in shock.

"I know that," chuckled the pony. "You gonna let me in so I can explain?"

Simon nodded dumbly, his eyes still wide with shock as he stepped out of the pony's way.

Ty stepped inside and then as he closed the door he found himself locked in a tight bear hug as Simon threw himself at the pony. The bear buried his muzzle in the horse's neck and inhaled deeply, "I missed you so much."

"Missed you too sugar bear," The pony replied hugging the bear tightly in return. "I just couldn't get on my plane. I haven't thought things through, but my travel visas good for another few months..."

"We can figure everything out tomorrow," The bear interrupted and kissed the horse passionately, his arms holding onto the pony desperately as he promised himself he would never let him go.

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