Vacation Day

Story by summerlong on SoFurry

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#12 of Undersourcing

Crappy last couple weeks, but I got it done. Probably going to try to sleep for the next couple days so I can proofread for more than 5 minutes without nodding off (My way of saying please excuse the typos and mistakes :) ).

Definitely going to try to get back into writing more often, this is probably the first hobby I've ever had that I stuck with past 2 months, so that's neat. As always, enjoy.

Standard boiler plate: This is fantasy, not real. Simple rule of thumb, do not do things to people without their consent in real life. That is bad. No more to say there than that.


For what seemed like an eternity, Bridget paced along a viewing window of the slave market analyzing her options. It wasn't an eternity to her so much as it was for Edris, the brown lizard shopkeeper who was watching with extreme disinterest as he propped his head up on one arm. His day started so nicely, sunning himself on a rock outside all morning before opening, reveling in the fact that the rains had finally ceased. But then as soon as he unlocked the doors she stepped in, and there went the rest of his day.

Edris was fairly sure he'd shown her at least 90% of the slaves he had for sale and none of them caught her eye. Many had been fully trained, though with how many they had gone through there were plenty that had only just arrived. There was every conceivable species to choose from, wolves, foxes, weasels, and one specific deer that got her attention. Some had different forms of gear or had been trained for specific purposes, but the one thing they all had in common was that they were frustrated and denied any sort of sexual pleasure. That, and none of them held any apparent lasting interest for the weasel. At least that's what he figured, she didn't wasn't really giving him anything to go on, just looking at the slaves suspended by their wrists on the wall for a time and muttering something vague and noncommittal like "No,no, not quite." And then he'd bring up another group, and the cycle would begin anew.

And on top of everything else, she was getting this for free per Milo's command. Putting up with an irksome, indecisive customer is one thing, but doing so without the possibility of getting a sale was interminable.

Plus, being the right hand of the big boss of the whole place... he couldn't exactly ask her to leave. He was stuck. Damn it, he was stuck.

"Maybe if you could give me SOMETHING to go on I could narrow down the selection, hm?" he asked with an obvious sigh.

"Hmmmmm. I honestly don't know, I hadn't considered getting a servant of my own before now. I'm not sure what I want... oh, I'm so sorry about taking so long, I'm not used to being this unsure about things. I can't stand the thought of picking the wrong one, you know?"

The fakest smile he could muster was plastered across his face. "Oh, no dear, it's quite alright. I know exaaaaaaaactly what you mean." Of course he didn't, but what was he supposed to say? He was almost ready to snap when she turned to resume her window shopping, but was struck by an idea. "You know, maybe this will help you along. If you pick out two in the next 30 seconds I'll let you keep them both, how's that sound?"

"Oh, uh. Oh my... yes, that would be quite a deal!"

After tapping a few buttons on his watch Edris announced, "Alright, 30 seconds starting... now."

Now that she was bound by a distinct time limit she frantically zipped from window to window giving each dangling slave a quick glance while trying to pick out the best options.

"20 seconds."

She moved faster, clearly not having an easier time with the new challenge.

"10 seconds."

Edris smirked while watching her panic. His revenge wasn't much, but getting to to watch this little light-speed tap-dancing routine made him feel a bit better.

"5... 4... 3... 2... and 1. Your decisions, then?" While scratching her chin Bridget gave a noncommittal grunt. "Now, now, no stalling. Make a decision or I'm afraid I'll have to show you the door." The lizard was barely able to hide his smile at the thought of having her heaved outside, but he managed to keep things professional. "So?"

"Ok, I want those two." Bridget pointed toward a black and white male skunk and a brown and white-freckled male deer hanging side by side, visible through the nearest window. They had a similar look to each other, average height, feminine build, a ball gag, and a thin, round metal cock cage. A set of black latex sleeves covered their legs from ankle to hip while a set of black latex mitts were locked around their wrists. The deer had no antlers, though whether it was because they were shed normally or because they were intentionally removed she had no clue. Either way, without them he looked more like a cute little doe than the buck he was, something that made him all the more endearing to her.

For his part, Edris couldn't have been more pleased that things were finally moving forward. With an uncharacteristic energy, his usual sale closing spiel came flooding out in a deluge of words. "Wonderful wonderful so we'll have them delivered to your apartment by the time you get back just so you know they're untrained so you'll have to do the work yourself but they have thought activated shock collars so it shouldn't be a problem." He stopped to take a massive breath, then continued with, "They are covered by warranty in case you aren't satisfied contact me and we can work out the return in the meantime on the way home I recommend you visit one of the mall's many sex toy shops to make sure you have all the gear you need." Edris leaned against his desk while taking another gasping breath. He reached into his drawer and pulled out a pair of leashes before handing them to Bridget and wrapping up. "Here are your leashes they attach easily to the backs of their collars you can figure it out thank you for your business and please don't come back."

Clearly have missed the last part, she smiled politely as he slouched back in his chair. "Thank you too, Edris. I hope I wasn't too much of a bother."

"Oh, of course not, Bridget. Of course not," he grimly replied through his teeth. As she exited the store he sighed while massaging his temples. After catching his breath he walked to the entrance of his store to get the next customer only to see a line stretching into the distance. As he brought in his next client he grumbled under his breath cursing the very existence of such an annoying, indecisive customer, but had to admit now that she was gone, he did feel quite a bit better.

While making her way to the sex shop, Bridget looked at the two leashes in her hand. With a mischievous grin, she laughed to herself at how easily manipulated some people were before stuffing both leashes into her pockets. She could make a hobby out of messing with people like the lizard, that was a perfect way to spend a day, fringe benefit or no.


The downside to getting two new playthings for free, as it turned out for Bridget, was that you can easily find yourself vulnerable to overdoing it with toys and supplies. Her movements were a blur, grabbing things from shelves without looking and tossing them into her cart. By the time that she left the store, she had a heavy bag filled to the brim in each hand, not to mention a backpack that was ready to burst.

Before making her way home, Bridget made one little detour to the main throne room to see Milo. She already knew he'd grant her request for some time off, but as he told her some time ago, it's better to let him think he has a choice in the matter. Before long she passed through the throne room, making her way to the doors to his bedroom. She knocked three times, and after hearing, "Come in!" politely opened a door and walked inside.

The first thing she noticed was the smell of sex in the air. Clearly the other weasel had been busy. He was presently sitting on his massive, opulent bed, propped up against the headboard. His robes were hanging from the bedpost leaving him nude, though completely surrounded by several messy stacks of papers. Between his legs she could see a pink ram as he gave Milo an enthusiastic blow job. The ram was lying on top of a similarly pink kangaroo in a 69, with the unusually eager roo giving him an aggressive rimjob through his ring gag while ignoring the caged cock.

As big as the bed was, the ram's hooves were still hanging over the edge, eagerly twitching in reaction to the roo's exploring tongue in his tailhole. The kangaroo's bent and bound limbs stayed mostly still while he focused on his own task, though he did occasionally visibly shake from the feeling of his own pierced cock trying and failing to become erect.

Without looking up from his papers, using a highlighter to mark certain parts, he asked, "Yes, what is it, Bridget?"

"Well, I just got my freebie from the slave market and, well... could I maybe have a day or two off to, well, have some fun?"

"Take a week, Bridget, you've more than earned it." His eyes continued to scan the papers he held, but she could make out a hint of a smile. "Besides, I'll be researching these documents for a while, the world will manage for now."

"That's very kind of you sir, thank you!"

Milo went silent for a moment, confusing her until she realized that he was in the process of cumming straight down the ram's throat. He didn't spill a drop, loudly gulping while maintaining a tight seal around the weasel's cock. Before long, he was right back to bobbing his head up and down the length, earning a loud churr from the satisfied weasel. "Use your tongue on my balls a bit more next time around, would you Karl? Ah, yeah, right there. Perfect," he added with a delighted sigh.

Bridget gently coughed into her hand to get Milo's attention. He looked over, immediately dismissing her with a wave of his hand.

"Get going now, have your fun!"

With a nod she was out the door, hurrying back to her apartment with a wide smile. She had expected he'd give her some extra days, but a whole week? She was really going to be able to cut loose.


Sure enough, by the time she got back home a pair of large cages, visibly similar to wire dog crates, were waiting by her door. Through the bars of each cage she could see one of the furs she selected, curled up and sleeping quietly. Or if not sleeping, they had definitely been sedated. Either way they were both completely out for the time being. Not wanting to waste a single second, Bridget opened her door and wheeled the two cages inside, hefting the bags of new toys behind her.

Her first act upon getting inside was to toss the bags into a heap by the door, blending in with the heaps of assorted clutter spread everywhere else. Contrary to her work personality, one of obsessive organization and efficiency, at home she was something of a colossal slob. At its core her apartment was still pretty nice, colorful, bright, welcoming and open. One just had to make sure to mind the mounds of discarded clothes, magazines, wrappers, and other scattered items peppering the floor. One day she planned to get around to hiring a maid or some such, but for now she had greater concerns. She kicked off her shoes sending them into yet another nearby pile of clothes and turned to inspect her new acquisitions.

To her mild disappointment, the occupants of the cage were still incapacitated and softly snoring through their ballgags. Perhaps it would be a good time to get some prep work done, she thought, opening the cages and pulling the skunk and deer out onto her living room floor. She sifted through her bags until she found what she was looking for, a pair of solid black plastic humblers. The new devices consisted of a pair of long, thin, curved bars with a widened opening in the center flanked by a pair of bolts on either side of it. She twisted the bolts on each device to open them wider and get them ready to be applied.

While her new acquisitions quietly dozed, Bridget propped the skunk up on his knees, bending over with his ass in the air, pulled his heavy, full balls through the still small hole, then tightened the bolts. The ring around his sack from the cock cage fit snugly between the two bars keeping everything securely in place. Now that the skunk was settled, she repeated the process for the slightly larger deer. Despite her none-too-gentle handling of their genital, the duo were still knocked out, leaving the weasel to her own devices while she waited for them to show signs of life.

Climbing onto her couch, Bridget reclined on a thick, fluffy cushion, thrust a hand into her pants and idly massaged her slit through her panties to pass the time.

Both of her new toys were extremely attractive, thin, slightly short, effeminate builds overall, though not without some muscle definition, and tight rears. Just the right mix of girly and male features to suit her tastes. Her hand moved slightly faster while she continued to scrutinize them. She had no idea what the two attractive specimens had done to win themselves a ticket down here, anyone that looked like them should have had no trouble getting action from their looks alone, that was really neither here nor there. The only important thing is that they were here to be punished same as anyone else, and she was finally going to have some fun of her own performing her duties.

Time passed without any movement from either of her new toys. In the intervening time her other hand had worked its way under her shirt, rubbing a nipple alongside her moist slit, but even so the waiting had gotten boring. She was beginning to wonder if this was some form of karma for what she did the the lizard until she noticed the deer's hooves flexing. Quietly muttering "Finally..." she leaned forward with a wide smile while watching him stir awake.

The deer had fallen onto his side, groaning and trying to rub his head with one of his latex encased hands. He tried to sit upright, only to fall back on his side after sitting squarely on his balls through the humbler. Bridget couldn't quite make out what he was saying through the ballgag, but it was safe to assume it was something untoward. The grumbling deer looked over at the sound of her snickering, looking confused to see a masturbating weasel enjoying his struggling.

Being stuck in this gear denying his release for the past few months was bad enough without whatever was now around his balls. With some difficulty he managed to roll onto his knees, though he quickly and painfully realized that the knew addition was going to prevent standing same as it did sitting. He tried saying something unintelligible to Bridget through his gag, but she simply replied with "Just hold on for a bit until your partner gets up and we can get started" and to his confusion began rubbing herself a little harder. Rather than antagonize her, he decided to do as commanded until he could find himself in a more advantageous situation. Presently he was in no condition to try to fight.

Now, she just needed to wait for the skunk to... As if he was reading her mind, the skunk rolled over while groaning through his gag. The sequence he followed while waking was the same as the deer's, note for note, sitting on his balls, falling over, climbing to his knees, failing to stand, and facing her with a look of pure confusion.

Bridget wrapped up her self play wiping her moistened fingers on a random discarded napkin, walked over to where they were kneeling, and removed both gags. She tossed the gags into yet another nearby pile and returned to the couch, flopping into her original seat. Crossing one leg over the other, she finally broke the silence with a chipper tone of voice.

"Welcome home you two! It's a bit of a mess, but before long you'll see it as your home too!"

The skunk was more or less frozen, but the deer was livid. "Who the fuck do you think you are bitch? You kidnap us, dress us up in the shit, stick us in a DUNGEON and sell us like slaves!? The cops are-" An electrical shock silenced his rant, leaving him panting on the ground. The skunk went wide eyed, terrified that his own collar was about to go off as well.

"There's only one real rule here, and that's I'm the boss. Do what I say and we're good, talk back or disobey and you get punished. And don't try to test me, because I can get... creative..." The skunk eyed the bag of toys to her side and held his tongue while the deer slowly got back to his knees. "Anyhoo, we'll have fun, the three of us, won't we?"

The skunk nervously nodded, but the deer was still defiant, shrieking back "DROP THE FUCKING CUTESY ACT AND LET ME-" until he was stopped by another shock from the grimacing weasel.

"You know, I had a whole contest planned for you two, but if you wanted to forfeit right away then you're welcome to. It's a shame really, I was going to let the winner fuck me." She saw a clearly disdainful expression on the deer's face while he struggled to recovered from his last shock. "Oh, don't give me that 'Why would I want to?' look, I know full well it's been, what, a month, two months, since your little friends were locked away? You won't exactly be getting these opportunities very often."

The look of indecision on the deer's face was delicious, she hit him right in the manhood with that last jab. In one fell swoop his locked away need returned and the thought of getting to fuck her was sounding more appealing. Still, he couldn't let himself lose focus on escaping. Getting his rocks off was a definite must, but once gets the hell out of wherever this place is, he could take care of himself whenever he wanted. He couldn't surrender, not like the skunk, who seemed to be won over by the thought of being able to orgasm again, even if it might be just this once.

"And in case the reward wasn't good enough, the loser will have to ride this." Bridget pulled a massive dildo out of one of the bags, looking more like she was unsheathing a sword than showing off a sex toy. The dildo in question resembled a fire hydrant more than an instrument of pleasure. Both skunk and deer looked worried at the prospect of trying to take on such an object. Especially the deer, who followed a strict policy of 'No Buttplay," at least when his own ass was concerned.

"If you're ready I think we can get started... Oh! I almost forgot, I need to give the two of you names!"

"My name is Ba-" was all the deer could say before getting cut off.

"I don't care what your name was. And talk out of turn again, and you'll be doing the competition with Mr. Poundtown here shoved up your ass and I'll have to think of a new consolation prize, how about that?" She threateningly patted the unreasonably large fake cock lying across her lap while the deer gulped, but stayed silent. "Now, I think I'll call you... Twig. And our skunky friend will be Berry! There, I like the sound of that, don't you?"

The skunk, now named Berry, quickly replied with a loud "Yes Ma'am!" before being corrected.

"Not ma'am, ew. Call me mistress if anything."

"Oh, uh, yes, mistress."

The deer, now named Twig, didn't know what to do. For the sake of self preservation he wanted to comply, but being renamed Twig while his name, Barry, was gifted to another? That was a low blow. And now he was being asked to call his tormentor mistress? That was the last straw. But then, she sounded serious about the dildo thing. It was in his best interest to comply, at least for now. He growled out a low "Yes. Mistress" as the weasel looked on and grinned.

"Excellent! Now, for the first round... This will be good to prep you both for later. The first one to give the other a rimjob for a total of two minutes wins ten points, and gets actual lube for the next round. And, go!" She mimicked a started pistol with her hand while she held a stopwatch in the other.

Twig was incredulous, unable, or unwilling to process what she just said. That psycho actually expected the two of them to- His thought was interrupted by the feeling of a warm, moist appendage pressing between his cheeks. He shot forward best as he was able, looking over his shoulder and shouting "DUDE! What the fuck are you doing!?"

With a sheepish look, Berry mumbled "Sorry... it's been... months... I just... I really need to... to cum..." Great, the so much for being able to work with the skunk to escape, if he was broken enough to actually go along with sticking a tongue in his damn ass he was going to be of no use. Twig tried to scramble away only to be pounced onto his side by a flying lunge from the skunk. Almost instantly he felt the tongue reappear at his hole, pressing in hard and probing his depths.

"Not off to a great start, Twig. Berry's up to 30 seconds. Or are you giving up?" To his annoyance, Twig knew she was right, even if he wasn't pinned, he couldn't bring himself to tongue another male's ass, much less a skunk. Best to just relax and enjoy what he could of the bad situation. Wait, enjoy? Fuck, he needed to keep himself together, none of this was right. Berry was oblivious to the deer's surrender, having happily forced his entire tongue through the tight, clenching sphincter. Despite his objections, a small moan escaped the deer's lips until he clenched his jaw shut. He might have been able to enjoy the feeling it his cock wasn't locked away. Before long the weasel said "Alright, two minutes. Congrats, Berry, pretty one sided right off the bat" and the first battle was over.

After rooting around in the toy bags for a moment, Bridget pulled out a pair of black buttplugs and some lube. She gave one plug a slick coating and placed it in front of Berry, while the other dry one went in front of the sneering Twig.

"This one should be pretty self explanatory, first to get the plug completely in gets 10 points. And, go!" The prospect of anything between his cheeks was profoundly upsetting to the prone deer, but he was already losing, and he was beginning to accept that it was either the small plug, or the monster she was holding.

Between the humblers and the mitts locking their hands away, it was just about impossible to maneuver properly, though Bridget was definitely having fun watching. To her surprise, Twig was the first one to successfully get the plug's tip past his rim. He briefly tried sitting on the plug to force it in, but the threat of sitting on his balls again was enough to kill that plan. Using his mitts to press it in had to be good enough. Applying greater and greater force, he eventually managed to get the plug in halfway, the feeling making him sick to his stomach, but his minor victory was ended by the weasel announcing Berry's second victory. He looked at the skunk, and sure enough, he was bent over, wiggling his butt with nothing but the plug's base showing.

"I guess the lube really made a difference. Go figure. Well, it's 20 to nothing now, you better get to work, Twig."

"That wasn't fair! How is it a competition if you're just giving him an advantage?"

"It's you're own fault you lost the first one, don't blame me for that. But here's an easy one, first to piss on the other gets 10 points. How's that?" Once again Twig wished she was joking, but if the weasel's grim smirk was any indication she was deadly serious. Either way, the skunk was probably going to follow her orders, so if he wanted to stay dry he needed to take the offensive. Mindful of the humbler's continuing threat, he shouldered into Berry and managed to knock him onto his back. In an instant he straddled the skunk's face, doing his best to aim his caged cock with his clumsy mitts. He barely dodged a sudden arc of piss from the skunk, sneering again at the sound of the weasel's laughter. "Ooh, close call there, Twig. Nice moves!"

Ignoring her ridicule, he concentrated on the task at hand, letting loose his own stream of piss through the tip of his cage right onto the skunks face. Berry tried to keep his mouth closed, but the hot, acrid liquid made it into his nose. As he gasped for air the deer drove his trapped member right into the open mouth while his stream continued.

"Now that was surprising! I think you deserve another 5 points for the extra effort there." Twig grumbled while the skunk underneath gagged and tried to swallow, drooling a bit out of the sides of his mouth. "Alright, what next... ooh, this should be fun. First one to get a fist in the other gets another 10 points." She tossed two open tubes of lube to the pair. "Use as needed, now go!"

"Wait, aren't you going to take these off first?" asked Twig while holding up a thick latex encased hand. She gave no response, only grinning while once again rubbing her slit. "There's no way HEY!" The feeling of slimy latex pressing against his rear got his attention, the skunk having discretely slathered his encased hands with the goop while the deer was distracted. Twig immediately rolled off and managed to pin the skunk on his knees while getting his own mitts covered in the nearby puddle of leftover lube. A huge flailing tail smacked him in the face as Berry struggled, but he managed to keep him pinned while carefully crawling on top. Most importantly, he kept his own rear inaccessible as he rolled the skunk on his side.

Twig was about to angrily shove his sloppily lubed latex mitt into the squirming skunk's rear, but stopped when he saw the plug from before was still in place. "Ok. So what am I supposed to do now? I can't get in with that there, and I can't take it out."

"Why can't you take it out?"

"I don't know, maybe these FUCKING GLOVES YOU LOCKED ON ME?" the deer angrily shouted, holding up an encased hand.

"...and?..." she asked. The deer recognized the same snide smile she'd shown before, and he didn't like where this was headed. "I see a perfectly good set of gripping tools right there" she added, tapping her teeth. That was exactly what he expected, and exactly what he didn't want to hear.

"You can't... can't expect me to do that, can you?"

"It's either that, or let him shove a fist up your ass. It's up to you." With a wince, Twig surrendered and leaned his head down, uncomfortably close to the skunk's rim. He gingerly bit around the base of the plug, taking care not to graze any flesh. Bridget watched with rapt attention, almost disappointed that he successfully got a grip on the plug without any mouth to tailhole contact and started pulling it out. Thanks to the lube from before it emerged relatively easily, stretching the pink rim wide and earning a loud moan from the pinned skunk. A vague sense of empathy flashed in Twig's mind, making him feel bad for abusing his ass in this way, even if he was just as willing to do the same to him, but it was easily overridden by a feeling of 'better him than me.'

The plug popped free, only to be spat out onto the ground as quickly as the deer possibly could. Before the gaping tailhole could close, Twig pressed his greased mitt in as hard as he could. Berry tried to struggle, shouting, cursing, and crying as he was opened wider than he would have thought possible. The lube was clearly quality stuff, Twig thought as he encountered no real resistance while pushing in. Either that or the skunk was previously a size queen, though given his apparent displeasure that didn't seem likely.

The widest part of his hand made it past the stretched ring, pressing in with a squelching pop. A moment later he felt the rim closing around his exposed wrist, trying his best to ignore the feeling.

"Alright. It's in. Are we finished?" Twig asked while stifling a gag.

"Looks good!" So that puts you at 25 to Berry's 20. I think we'll do one more round, and whoever wins, wins the whole thing. Let's keep it easy, fetch this, and you win." She lobbed the giant dildo in her lap to the other side of the room, giggling as it flopped about, bouncing off the ground and hitting the wall in a cartoonish manner. "Alright, go!"

Twig sighed as he yanked his hand free of the skunk and crawled to the wall. To his surprise, Berry shot to his knees and scrambled ahead of him. With no small amount of panic, he tackled the skunk, accidentally making both of their humblers stretch their balls painfully down as they landed on their bellies. Bridget was losing her mind watching the duo flailing about like this. She had two fingers plunging in and out of her moist pussy, her thumb rubbing her clit.

A shove from the enraged deer sent the skunk flying into a small pile of laundry. There was no way he was going to lose this thing, not after what he was forced to do already. He reached the dildo resting against the wall, and let out a sigh when he realized how he'd need to carry it back. Closing his eyes, Twig took a deep breath, flattened his tongue, reached down, and bit down hard on the side of the floppy fake cock. He sped back on his hands and knees, the still lubed mitts making him fall more than once. The competition was already over, the skunk still on his back to exhausted to keep fighting, just lying there with his knees held to his chest, but the deer was more concerned with trying not to think about what he was holding in his mouth.

Upon reaching the weasel he spat the giant phallus at her feet and locked eyes with her. "There. We're done, it's over, I won. I get to fuck you now, right?"

Bridget pulled her hand out of her pants and gave a noncommittal grunt while standing. "Of course, but first, I need to take care of the loser." She grabbed to dildo off the ground and walked over to Berry, who was openly in tears.

"Do... do whatever you want, just please let me cum!" begged the sobbing skunk.

"Aw, I wish I could, but that wasn't the deal, was it? Now, this might help, having something to bite down on." She dropped her pants, kicking them into the pile the skunk reclined on, then lowered her panties to the floor. The soaked item was then balled up and shoved into the skunk's mouth, the sudden taste of pussy juice soaked in completely overwhelming his senses. "You're still slick enough to get this in, but you should still brace yourself anyway." He closed his eyes as he felt the dildo's tip press against his sphincter, clutching his knees to his chest even harder.

As she predicted, the leftover lube helped it make its way inside, though it did little for the pain of being stretched. Berry let out a low guttural groan as it pressed in further and further, the stimulation to his prostate making his shaft swell as far as it could in its small cage. His balls visibly twitched on the other side of the humbler, trying desperately to spill their seed despite his cock's predicament. The denial and pain were too much for Berry as he resorted to quietly sobbing while biting down on his makeshift gag.

On the other side of things, Bridget was almost ready to gush as the impossibly large shaft bottomed out, the base now flush with the stretched ring. She was impressed at how a slight outline was visible through his abdomen, that toy store really sold some good stuff.

Meanwhile, Twig decided to try to take advantage of her momentary distraction. He deftly crawled his way to the door, carefully dodging small mounds of clutter, idly wondering how the place wasn't infested with roaches. To his dismay, when he reached the door he saw there was no knob, no handle, no anything at all for that matter. The door was nothing but a featureless flat white surface giving no indication of how it possibly opened. There didn't even appear to be any hinges, the best he could figure it must slide open, or maybe push. He gave it a tentative shove, and feeling no give, tried instead to slide it. The greased mitts encasing his hands slid along the door finding no purchase. He tried using his face for added friction to no effect, stopping only when he heard "Have you tried asking it nicely?" come from behind.

Twig froze solid, afraid of what she was going to do to him for trying to escape, pointless though it may have been. The weasel grabbed him under his shoulders and dragged him back into the living room without saying a word. He winced when he saw the teary-eyed skunk in the corner curled into a ball, feeling sick knowing that the unreasonably huge shaft was completely inside his rear. An instant feeling of relief washed over him as the weasel loosened the bolts of the humbler and his abused sack was released.

As shitty as the overall scenario may have been, at least there was this one small silver lining to it. He'd get out of his cage, fuck the weasel, and as soon as she fell asleep, or otherwise left him alone, he could work on trying to escape for real. The anticipation of getting released from the tight metal chastity device was almost enough to set him off then and there, loving the feeling of her lightly tugging on his junk and caressing his sore scrotum while removing the cage.

The moment the deer heard the telltale click of being unlocked he sighed in relief, only to realize that nothing felt different. In fact, the weight around his junk had gotten heavier somehow. She stepped away to take off the rest of her clothes, revealing that not only was the cage still on, but a large strap-on had been attached over his restrained cock.

"WHAT THE FUCK! You said if I won I could fuck you, and I won! Get this shit off me!" Twig shrieked in a full rage.

It was taking everything she had to keep from bursting into laughter, Bridget was loving this. "Sorry, I think you misunderstood. I said you'd get to fuck me, not that you'd be released or get to cum, nothing like that. Maybe pay attention to a contract when you sign it?"

"YOU FUCKING BITCH!" Twig raised a hand to strike her, only to be sent to his knees by a powerful jolt of electricity from his collar. Bridget placed a footpaw on his chest, giving the unsteady deer a shove onto his back. Tossing her clothes to the floor, she climbed on top of the dazed deer and lined the strap-on surrounding his cock up with her slit. She dropped down, taking the entire fake shaft into her tunnel in one shot. Her pussy was soaking wet from the previous events of the night making the entry fast and easy.

Churring at the feeling of being so full, even if the shaft in question wasn't real, she leaned forward, holding the deer down by his shoulders. She rolled her hips a few times, getting used to the size of the plastic cock, pleasurably humming while the stunned deer recovered from the shock. With a fumbling grope he tried to shove her off, only to hear "Oooh, getting fresh are we?" when his thick mitt accidentally pressed against her breast. Not wanting to postpone her fun any longer, Bridget lifted her hips and dropped onto his lap with her full weight.

Twig had the wind knocked out of him by the impact, letting out a pained grunt he he felt her rising up again. Not caring in the least for his well being, Bridget began pounding herself down onto the strap-on repeatedly, moaning both at the feeling of the shaft deep in her pussy, and the pained grunts from the deer each time she landed.

The repetitive pounding and the feel of his trapped cock being used as a cheap sex toy were killing the deer. His previous reluctance fell away, replaced by his own realization that he couldn't remember the last time he had an orgasm. How he had forgotten that, he had no idea, but in this new situation he quickly found himself desperate, perhaps fixated, on achieving an orgasm that he knew would never come. Something snapped, and between her thrusts he managed to gurgle out "Please, I'm sorry! Unlock me and let me fuck you! I'll do anything! Please!"

Mostly ignoring his begging, Bridget continued her pounding while swaying her tail in pleasure. Eventually she responded saying "Maybe I will eventually but you'll have to do way, way more than win one contest while trying to defy me. But keep trying, you'll get there eventually! And I will hold you to that 'Willing to do anything' thing, sooner rather than later." Her pounding intensified, almost reducing the deer's pelvis to paste while she got her fill.

Desperation took complete hold of the deer, clenching his hooves and screaming "PLEASE LET ME CUM! I DON"T CARE! I CAN"T TAKE IT ANYMORE! LET ME OUT!" For a moment Bridget looked almost concerned, but did nothing more than gently stroke his cheek and give a halfhearted "Awwwww...." The deer flat out sobbed, finally having been broken by the cruel weasel.

Watching from the corner, even with a fire hose shoved up his ass, the skunk felt grateful that he lost. That was a brutal thing to have to watch right there.

Before long, Bridget reached her own peak, shuddering and achieving her own gushing orgasm. She soaked the deer's caged crotch in her juices as he continued his incomprehensible wailing, inwardly laughing at the deer's agony. After momentarily basking in her afterglow she dismounted and grabbed a nearby discarded shirt to clean herself off. The deer kept babbling, trying to grasp the strap-on encasing his restrained shaft and jerk it just enough to get himself off, but she knew he was doomed to fail. Still, it was fun to watch.

"As much as I'd like to stay and have some more fun with you, I do need to run a few errands. Pick up some food and other supplies, schedule a cleanup job and the like. I have plenty more ideas how you two can earn your keep, and it'll require a lot more open space than this." She threw on a loose fitting jacket and a loose pair of sweatpants as she spoke and headed to the door, adding "And be good while I'm gone!" as it slid open and she walked out. A moment later her head popped back in and she said "Seriously, if you try anything stupid your collars will put you down." She smiled, said one last "Bye!" and was gone.

The skunk looked despondent as he listened to her farewell, broken and bruised, still curled in a ball to keep the humbler from stretching his balls and doing his best to ignore the massive shaft still embedded in his ass. Meanwhile, the deer was too focused on futilely trying to masturbate his caged member to realize she said anything. He did notice the skunk watching his predicament and licked his lips thinking he may have found a solution. Eagerly, he ran over and ripped the panties from his mouth, giving Berry no chance to react as he rammed the strap-on down the surprised skunk's throat. The taste of the weasel's pussy on the strap-on was even stronger than on the panties, making the skunk's own cock throb painfully in its cage once more. Twig pounded his face with reckless abandon, reduced to borderline feral state by his unfulfilled need.

Unbeknownst to either of them, Bridget was still listening on the other side of her door, laughing as she walked away at the sound of the duo continuing on without her. She couldn't imagine a better start to her vacation.


Elsewhere, in Milo was still reading through the obnoxiously long contract when he reached a section labeled "Caretakers." He scanned down the bullet points, looking for anything useful he might be able to find when he noticed a small, hidden fine print. Summoning a magnifying glass, he took a closer look, subconsciously reading the statement aloud.

"The act of hiring a caretaker will reset the duration of any current resident's stay."

He thought for a moment and mumbled "Sunova bitch... the raccoon was telling the truth. That's why no one's left, every time someone like me shows up, they're back to page one." Placing the paper in an important pile to his side, he noticed his ram staring up at him from between his legs. "Never mind, I wasn't talking to you. Please resume." The ram happily went back to bobbing his head along the long, wide length.

This was bad, if the raccoon was telling the truth, what else is it that he keeps hinting about knowing? And strictly speaking, the goat never did lie directly, but a lie of omission is still a lie, isn't it? He rubbed the bridge of his muzzle and tried to focus. No matter, keep moving forward, you can ask him next time you speak, but for now focus on the task at hand, finding some way to prevent the raccoon from taking over reality.

Milo barely even noticed that the ram had successfully milked yet another orgasm from him, sending a weaker, but still impressive stream of cum down his throat as he easily gulped the whole amount down. After giving a slight shuddering sigh, Milo went back to work, as did the delighted ram sucking on his shaft.

Peer Review

Bit late, but it was a long couple of weeks. As always, enjoy. Just in case it's worth saying, this is part of a series, so if you don't read it in order a lot of details will probably be lost on you. Standard boiler plate: This is fantasy, not real....

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