Fattening the Needy

Story by Kargrash on SoFurry

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A new short story of mine staring my gooey tiger and my buddies gooey lion. I have to thank my buddy for giving it a proof read. I hope you enjoy it.

Fattening the Needy

Night had fallen on the city before Jake and Alex had decided to return home. The goo creatures walked together their tails swaying as they found their way back into town.

"Hehe I hope Trevor isn't too mad I stayed out so late." Jake said with a slight grin, he slowly rubbed over his bloated blue midsection having enjoyed the night out.

"Hehe if he has trouble with it just let me at him. I'll make sure he's happy about it in the end." Alex said with a smirk giving his own well rounded midsection a rub over before looking over to his blue tiger buddy. "Though if I do that you'd have to stop by my place and handle the fellows there a while."

Jake chuckled at the lion's offer before patting the red goo's gut as well. "Like they'd listen to me." He smirked before wrapping an arm around Alex the two felines purring softly as they made their way into town. "Would you be up for more nights like that again?"

Alex purred and ground gently against Jake's side "Most definitely." He leaned in to give the gooey tiger a kiss on the cheek when he perked up his ears to a muffled sound from an alley way they were passing.

"P-please, could you spare some change?" Asked a wolf in tattered clothes "I need some food..."

The two looked between each other before making their way a bit closer. The wolf was slowly crawling out of a small slightly broken cardboard box which had been padded with napkins. The wolf was shaky and very thin as he got up. "We don't really have any money." Jake said rubbing the back of his head only to blink a bit when Alex stepped in a bit closer.

"You said you are hungry though, do you like strawberries or blueberries more?" He asked with a grin on his face.

"I- I like strawberries a bit m-" was all the wolf could get out before the red gooey lion would ease in a bit closer and press his lips to the wolf's muzzle.

Alex quickly wrapped his gooey arms around the wolf and held him tight as he worked his tongue into the canine's mouth. He held there a moment before it'd extend into a tendril starting to flow and work its way down the wolf's throat, the fellow shook to the new sensation. "Relax." He said from another mouth he formed on his cheek. "Just enjoy the jello I'll make sure you are well fed for the night." He said teasingly letting the wolf start to relax before shifting his form about.

Jake watched on blushing a deep blue across his cheeks as the wolf's head was guided down to the lion's crotch area looking like he was sucking the big feline off, the loud gulps from the wolf didn't help the matter. "Mmm well if you get to have that end." Jake made his way around the wolf and making a gooey barbed member form from his groin before tugging the wolf's pants and underwear down.

As much as he didn't like the position the strawberry flavored semi solid goo was too sweet a treat after the days he had. Though when he felt his pants and underwear drop he yelped over the lion's gooey tendril only to be silenced by a red gooey paw pressing his head against that crotch. He groaned and shuddered as he felt the other feline spread his cheeks, his pants down around his ankles kept him from lashing out before he'd feel that slick goo slowly work its way up and in slithering about in his bowels as it headed towards his stomach.

"Hehe hey now I was just gonna feed him some excess. No need to stuff the backside too." Alex said with a grin before his paws would guide the wolf's own back to his rump. "Listen I want to fill you as much as I can so just give those a good squeeze when you start feeling full okay?" Without a word of reply he started to pump more strawberry flavored goo into the wolf making the canine's belly gurgle and churn loudly as it began to swell up from the two of them.

Jake smiled and pressed in a bit tighter as the goo he had been pushing inside finally met with the lion's own. "Mmm but I've got more than enough myself." He smiled as he brought his tail in under the wolf using the soft gooey tip to tease at the wolf's sheath. "I think I found some more room though." He said with a playful purr.

The wolf shuddered but held tight as the goo started to fill his belly the food helping him to relax a bit as his fear of starving had subsided. He clenched his cheeks a few times to try and stop the blue tiger's goo from filling his backside when his sheath was rubbed making his tip slowly stiffen up and start poking free from it only to be met with that blue gooey tendril pushing inside. He groaned louder only to yelp when his belly began to swell with the amount of goo pushing inside. He quickly squeezed over the lion's butt cheeks to try and signal he was full only to try and speak as more and more goo was pumped inside.

"Please * gulp * stop."

Alex smirked "Just relax there is plenty more room inside of you." He said softly to the wolf before leaning in to press his still bloated midsection against the wolf's back so he could reach down for what would feel like a proper hug while his paws felt that belly expanding.

Jake blushed and started to pump more mess down the wolf's tip while smiling as the canine's balls began to swell in size which was soon followed by the wolf squirming and trying to push back to try and get the tiger away.

"No....more!" The wolf said with a groan as his belly swelled bigger and bigger until his bloated belly was pressed to the ground along with his swollen balls. He coughed slightly when Alex gently pulled free from the wolf's mouth while shifting his bulk about to look like he was before but a little less dense.

"There we go. Just relax and let your belly enjoy the feast." He said with a soft purr as the wolf laid there on his belly.

The tiger slowly laid down over the canine's back letting his gooey form go slack to slowly envelope the wolf, his gooey self seeping over every inch of the wolf as he changed to suit the canine perfectly. "Mmm I got ya." He said out of a small mouth on their chest as he moved the wolf's paws to rub over their belly.

"Please let me go." The wolf asked while his paws were being moved against his will, the goo hoisted him up to be standing before he'd reach to pick up his clothes. "What are you going to do to me..."

Alex leans in to kiss the wolf's lips "We aren't going to hurt you, just do your best to rest." Alex said only to blush after that as Jake had moved the wolf's paws to have one rubbing their gurgly belly and the other to rub those massive orbs.

"Hehe almost looks like a gooey tanuki like this." The tiger said with a chuckle before stowing the wolf's clothes in a section of goo. "Now let's go home."

"I'd rather not if that is okay with you." The wolf said and groans being hugged tight all over.

"Nonsense, can't leave you out in the cold." Jake said as the wolf yelps having his belly squished over in the goo and started to whine softly even though the full belly felt nice. The tiger smirked while moving the wolf to stand next to the lion out on the sidewalk again.

Alex chuckled "Mmm do I get to take him home the day after then?" The lion asked with a playful grin and a loud purr. The wolf closed his eyes and shuddered as the goo around him started to rub and squeeze like a couple hands all massaging over him to help him relax.

"He already has a lot of work ahead of him." Jake chuckles while hearing the canine's belly gurgle and groan while puffing up a bit more at the sugary mess in his belly. The wolf's eyes crossed at the sensation of the light slow continuous pumping of the goo still gushing up into his stomach from his bowels as the two felines head on out to their homes.

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