Open Content Story: The Twins' Choice

Story by draconicon on SoFurry

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Commissioned by FA: animorph59 to continue his stories with David and the twins, we have a bit of an emotional moment.

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The Twins' Choice

for Sunkit

by Draconicon

Landon still wasn't used to being back in his human form, but there wasn't much he could do about it. David had finally decided that it was time to leave the hotel, and they couldn't just walk down the streets while looking like their anthro forms. He missed it, though; there was something about being that powerful fighter - particularly in that strange, almost invulnerable feeling latex form - that was particularly appealing.

Clothes were also strange, though not so strange as his human self. He was still pulling on his underwear - chuckling a bit at the cum stain in the back when his brother's load started oozing out - when David walked back into the hotel room. He waved at his benefactor, and then paused as the former otter looked troubled.

"Something wrong?"

"Could you, um...could you call your brother out, for me?"

"Sure. Hey, Logan! David wants to talk."

"In the shower, bro."

"Well, get everything rinsed off and get your butt out here."

He sat down after he got his underwear on, his jeans and shoes nearby. His shirt was crumpled up somewhere in the room, but he had time to find it. After all, it wasn't like they needed to leave all that soon. David sat in the only chair in the room, looking down at his hands, and Landon actually felt pretty bad for him. Their friend looked like someone that was fighting more than a bit of guilt.

It took more than a little willpower to let the awkward silence stretch on, and he let out a groan of relief when Logan finally dragged his butt out of the bathroom, still dripping water.

"Let me just -"

Landon grabbed his brother by the arm - he'd gotten much more assertive since their latest 'discovery' about each other - and pulled him down on the bed. The sheets immediately got soaked, but he didn't care. He silenced Logan with a tap on his arm, and then turned back to David.

"Go ahead."

David nodded, and took a couple of deep breaths. He seemed to be fighting with himself on something, but didn't actually say anything. It took almost a full minute before he actually said something.

"I've been happy with you guys here. Really happy. I mean, happier than I've been since I left the Island. There's something about being with other people, about having other...other transformed people like me, that I had forgotten about. The last few days...well, they've been the best days of the year.

"But I know that I've been, well, kinda pushy about how you guys could be."

"I don't think you were -"

"Please, Logan, just...let me finish."

Elbowing his brother when he tried to speak up, Landon nodded at their benefactor. He wanted to let their friend say what he needed to say.

"I don't mean that you guys couldn't behave the way you want, but I did...well, I did pick the bodies that you had. The latex Panther, the rubber Leon...well, those guys were just people that I love. I've had crushes on those characters for years, and I wanted to bring a little more into that. I wanted to have them around me...and that was the only way I could do it.

"I know I promised you guys that you could have your choice of bodies later, and I will. I promise that you will. But...but I just wanted to say that. I'm sorry for making you guys start your anthro lives as my crushes all fetishized like that, and I wanted to make sure you know that I will keep my promise."

To say that he was floored from what David said would have been an understatement. Admittedly, Landon had had the idea that he was being made into something of a toy when his entire body was made of latex, but he'd thought that David's choice of making them into fictional soldiers was so that they'd know how to fight, not because of his attraction to the characters.

To be told that he'd been turned into something of a personalized love doll in that way was more than a little bit disconcerting, and when he looked over at Logan, he could tell that his twin felt the same way. They'd come expecting to find some way of becoming their ideal selves, of letting out the animal that they had within, and instead, David had turned them into what he wanted to see, letting fictional characters come to life.

He turned back to see that David was hanging his head, the young man looking more than a little depressed.

"If you want to be mad...I'd understand that. I'm sorry for holding that back, but I just...I wanted it so bad. Have you ever had that person, that character that you've wanted to see come to life? If you had the power, wouldn't you take the chance to make it happen, even if it wasn't the right thing?"


Landon looked away, glancing out of the corner of his eye towards his twin. He saw the same thought on Logan's face as he knew must be on his.

Would we?

He had to admit, there were a number of characters that he'd love to bring to life, so many different people that he'd like to see walking around. The Star Fox and Star Wolf teams were both incredible people, and they were just the start. Seeing things like the Argonians from the Elder Scrolls or the centaurs from Harry Potter would all be amazing. He'd imagined what he'd do with them numbers of times, and had always loved the idea of bringing them to life, even becoming them...

But it had always been of his own free will. He hadn't imagined turning other people into them, not by a long shot. And despite their own differences in fantasies, he was pretty sure that Logan had the same feeling. It wasn't right to just do that.



Logan looked away from his brother as he considered everything that he'd heard. He still couldn't believe that the two of them had been turned into a fantasy harem for David, of all things. It was like, well, it was like something out of a piece of porn on the internet. That just didn't happen.

Then again...well, they hadn't exactly complained. Despite being rubber, he'd enjoyed being made into someone from a game. The body might not have been what he'd have chosen before, but he'd had fun with it. Particularly with the growing, stretchy nature of rubber.

But...what would he have chosen, if he actually had the choice?

Logan realized that he honestly didn't know. Of all the things that they'd seen during the forceful transformations of Seattle and the other 'attacks' on humanity, he'd seen all sorts of species emerge, all sorts of meldings of human and animal. They were all appealing, and he knew that he didn't want to be human anymore, but beyond that, it was more than a little bit vague.

What would he have picked? A fox didn't seem right, at least not anymore. It didn't have the bulk that he wanted, nor the heft to the body or the uniqueness that he felt he had. Birds didn't work; he didn't want to fly, not without something to fly in.

The longer he thought about it, the more he felt that he couldn't imagine himself as anything other than Leon. The chameleon had He liked the power in the body, the sly sort of cockiness that he got from being him. It was like there was a reservoir in that form of the character's personality as well as his skills, and he had been able to draw from all sorts of cockiness and even slight bits of cruelty when he had Landon under his feet. It had allowed him to be all that he had hoped he could be, and more.

Sure, the rubber had been weird, but even that was kinda cool. He'd go back to it, if he could. And as for being made into it against his will, well, they'd agreed to let David pick their first forms. Perhaps the otter had some better idea of what they were suited for than the two of them did, even if it was on a subconscious level.

More than that, he'd leveled with them, and Logan could respect that.

He glanced at his brother, and saw that Landon had reached a decision, just like him. Logan cocked his head to the side, wordlessly asking if his twin wanted to go first, and Landon nodded.


Their friend looked up, and Logan winced a bit at the red marks around David's eyes. He must have been really tearing himself up about this. Landon continued.

"We're not...happy...about the reasons why you did this, but it was something that we agreed to let you do."

Logan nodded. "And we knew that we'd be getting our bodies later, when we figured out what we wanted, and we'd done enough to earn it."

"The thing is...and I think me and Logan both agree on this..."

"I think we do, bro."

"Is that we can't imagine ourselves as anything other than Panther and Leon now. Anything else just feels...less, if you know what I mean. I bet you feel that way when you think of being anything other than an otter."

David nodded, then blushed. Logan chuckled, even as their friend rubbed the back of his head.

"So, uh, you're not mad?"

"A little disappointed -"

"But not mad," Logan finished, shaking his head. "We kinda wish that you'd told us about that crush of yours before. Maybe we could have done a little roleplay before we all had to get ready to go."

David blushed heavily at that.

"As soon as we get somewhere private...we'll definitely have to do that."

The End

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