Open Content Story: Dragon On Tap

Story by draconicon on SoFurry

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A commission from FA: Sanmer that involves a captive dragon being milked by his kobold captor. It's rather fun, actually.

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Dragon On Tap for Sanmer by Draconicon

Samren awoke at the sound of a staff on stone, and the feral dragon pulled himself upright as the door to his cell opened. He growled as much as the muzzle binding around his mouth allowed, but his kobold captor showed no fear. There'd never been any proper respect, not even before he was bound up like this.

The white dragon shook his head a few times, particularly as the blue runes began glowing on the golden rings around his body. They made the metal bands heat up, constricting around the ends of his limbs, over his neck and muzzle, and even around the base of his tail. It all responded to the kobold's magic, all acting to keep him as docile and obedient as he could be for his mage captor.

Nevertheless, he shook his head from side to side until the magic forced him to go completely still. He would hold onto whatever bit of independence he could, particularly in front of this...thing. The kobold walked up to him, the blue-robed reptile smirking.

"So, are we ready for our morning milking, hmm? I'm sure with all those dirty dreams of yours, your balls are just bursting to be emptied."

Growling deep in his throat, the dragon tried to pretend such a thing wasn't true, but he knew that the kobold could see his cock already emerging from between his hind legs. There had been too much time since his last milking for him to be able to deny his need, and the dreams...He swore that the kobold was doing something, because he'd never had so many dirty dreams in his life. Dreams of mounting other dragons, of being served by kobolds properly, of...other pleasures...

But they were not a sign of him becoming a deviant. He was still a proud dragon. One of these days, he would turn this around, and he would have this kobold runt serving him as was proper, rather than the other way around.

The kobold seemed to take his silence as acquiescence, and raised his staff. Samren tried to brace himself, but as ever, the magic of the kobold was stronger than his body. The dragon groaned as his tail suddenly started moving without his consent, the tip curling down and back towards his body. His hips raised up, pulling him up from his squatting position to being on all fours, and he groaned as he knew what was coming.

One of these days, I'm going to get him. One of these days, he'll make a mistake, and then, I'll show him what a dragon is like when they're pissed off.

But that day wasn't today. Even with all his struggles, his tail continued to inch closer and closer to him. He didn't have to look back to know that crackles of magical energy surrounded the thick limb, keeping it moving to its target. He blushed, knowing what he was about to be made to do to himself; he'd done it dozens of times ever since he was caught, and doubtlessly, the mage would make him do it more times still.

He still fought it, even though it was futile. His tail shivered as it inched closer and closer, and for a brief moment, Samren thought that he might be able to hold it off. Then it touched his hole, and his resistance crumbled as his body gave in to the kobold's powerful magic.

The dragon grunted and groaned as his tail slammed into his ass, spreading it open. The first time, it had burned, ached, hurt like hell, but this time it was easy. The smooth scales spread him open in seconds, and his cock throbbed all the harder as his tail started bucking in and out, teasing his sensitive prostate and making his shaft start to leak.

He could tell the kobold liked that, particularly as the little lizard crawled under him and started chuckling.

"Heh, the proud dragon, so eager to tail fuck himself. Do you like the feeling of something under your tail that much? Should I start getting you someone to play with? Maybe a drake, hmm?"

Samren would have snapped at the kobold for the suggestion; it was bad enough to have a kobold controlling him, but at least that was simple magic. A dumb drake on his back, humping away at him would be a humiliation he would never be able to live down. He tried to lift his forepaw to smack the kobold back, but the band around his leg glowed in response. He might as well have tried to lift the entire world as his paw.

Still chuckling, his captor continued crawling under him. Samren tried to ignore the feeling of the small hands reaching down between his hind legs, gritting his teeth as they found his pre-slick shaft. It was so wet that it had been starting to drip to the ground, and he was pretty damn sure that the thing would get slicker before he was done. His tail fucking continued, even getting more aggressive; if it weren't for the fact that he was wearing those restraint bands, the dragon was pretty sure that he would be getting fucked across the room.

But it was worse when the kobold had his cock in both hands. For once, he was grateful for the bindings around his muzzle, because it kept him from making quite so much sound. Despite how tiny those hands were compared to his body, they were stroking and teasing him beyond what any dragon could do to themselves. He remembered a time, long ago, when he was able to make kobolds do this for him.

What a mockery this was of that. Rather than a team of them working to bring him bliss, this was a single mage that teased and stroked him to build up his load. He grumbled, trying and failing to at least thrust once. The magic seized hold of him, keeping him pinned in place as the kobold had his fun.

"Hehehe, you are harder than any dragon I've ever seen, Samren. Is that because you are so backed up?"

The kobold grabbed hold of the dragon's balls, and Samren bit at his tongue to keep from groaning. Gods above, but they felt heavy. They'd felt heavy when he woke up, and now that he was 'standing', they felt heavier than ever, pulling down at the base of his cock and feeling like a pair of boulders between his legs. The kobold bounced them up and down a couple of times, chuckling.

"No, I don't think it's because you're all backed up. I think you're so hard, you're so horny, because you like being tied up. I think you like being my little 'milk dragon'. Just bound up and used properly, like dragons should be."

He growled again, but then he was hit with enough pleasure that even the band around his muzzle couldn't stifle his moan. His cheeks burned as the kobold's lips wrapped around the very tip of his cock. It wasn't small enough to fit into the kobold's mouth, but the way that the little mage's tongue flicked over his tip was enough to keep him leaking like a poorly plugged dam. The dragon hunched forward, his head twisted up in a pleasured grimace as his cock was teased again and again.

But not to climax, as much as he wished was the case. The kobold pulled back before then, and the dragon growled in his chest. Samren needed to cum; he hadn't been allowed to properly release for weeks. Even when he did get to cum, it was only from the kobold's magic, which siphoned everything out without giving him the pleasure that he craved, the release that he needed.

His captor chuckled, shaking his head as Samren's tail continued to force itself deeper and deeper into his body. Each thrust made his cock slip up and slap against his stomach from his own need, and the feral dragon growled in desperation. He looked down at the kobold, trying to look threatening, but even he knew that he looked more like a slutty dragon begging to cum than anything else. The laughter came again.

"Look at you. So eager to let loose. I swear, if you were on your own, you wouldn't even go after treasure or make yourself a hoard. All you'd do is lay back and let yourself cum again and again. At least with me, this serves some sort of useful purpose, hmm, you perverted little dragon?"

Samren glared, but slowly nodded; he wasn't entirely sure if he was doing it himself or if the kobold was making him, but he didn't care.

"Heh, good dragon."

The kobold raised his staff, and the familiar jolts of electricity shot out, striking Samren's cock. The feral dragon groaned, his body tensed all over as his cock was saturated with the magical power, making it impossible for him to do anything but moan. Every pulse of the magical lightning sent a tremor of pleasure down his cock, making it feel like he was right on the edge of orgasm. Pre oozed out like a flood, forming a puddle on the ground as the kobold used his magic.

"I suppose that you've been a better dragon over the last few days, so I'm going to offer you a little deal, my milk dragon. If you admit that you love this -"

Never happen.

" - then I'll let you have the pleasure that you want. All you have to do is say this. 'I am a good little milk dragon, and I love serving my master.'"

The dragon glared down at the kobold, and he hated the offer. Mostly for how hard it was to resist. His dignity was about all he had left, but that was being shredded apart by the day. And he needed that pleasure...but was it worth it?

The answer was yes; dignity wasn't worth the continued blue-ball pain that he had to deal with. He started to open his mouth, only to have the gold band around his muzzle tighten. His eyes went wide, and he struggled to get his mouth open again, but nothing worked.

He's controlling it! He's making me stay quiet!

"Really? Nothing? Such a pity, dragon. I thought you had learned your place. Oh well; at least we can still harvest what I need."


The electrical zapping of the kobold's magic intensified over his shaft, squeezing and tingling from the tip to the base. His balls drew up a few times, but there was something about the stimulation that kept him from having the pleasure he wanted. Instead, his muscles twitched and delivered the load that the kobold wanted. The white goo shot through the air, and then stopped in place about three feet away from the mage. It floated in a spinning white ball, gathering together before the kobold put it into a vial.

The damn mage didn't even take all of it. Halfway through Samren's orgasm, the magic plugged up his cock and forced the rest of his seed back down into his balls. The dragon squirmed at that, shuddering as his balls were reinflated after a brief moment of respite, and growled as the kobold walked to the door. The mage paused, smiling.

"Oh, don't look so glum. You'll be getting your food and your next dose of aphrodisiacs before long. Then we'll see how big you get after a week without any milking."

This is hell, the dragon thought. And he's the devil.

The End

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