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#2 of Azu/Zera/...

As I said to a couple folks right before uploading this: I've never written anything other than a blog post before. This is quite the leap.

I hope you enjoy.

EDIT: Some grammar; some style. I originally posted this in a bit of a rush, so now I've fixed a few things. If you find mistakes or just have suggestions/criticism at all, it's most welcome!

Azu lay on their bed, wings fully outstretched, arms behind his head, smiling contentedly. The only light in the room is the faint moonlight entering from the window. His deep blue scales look like stark midnight tinged with tinsel, and the blue-white streak down his centerline from neck to tail tip resembles shimmering ice. He is naked, and rock hard.

He is presently waiting for his wife to be finished her shower in the bathroom across the hall. As he hears the water turn off, Azu imagines Zera's lithe body in the steam. Her graceful step over the edge of the tub, the small jiggle of her breasts as she leans to take the towel from the rack. He hears the sounds of a towel rustling, and knows that she is taking great care to dry herself completely. Freshly cleaned, dry fur was such a turn-on for him, and she knew it. The rustling sound stops as she hangs the towel, then - *click* - the door opens, and she is standing there, bare. Admiring him. Being admired by him.

"Z, you are one gorgeous fox. I don't say it enough."

"Well, you do -- but don't let that stop you."

When Zera steps into their bedroom, the light from the moon turns her grey-white fur into pure silver. She lays on the bed next to her dragon, over his outstretched wing, and he folds it gently over her form. He breathes a contented sigh while they look into each other's eyes. She puts an arm around him and rubs the scales on his side; he similarly strokes the soft fur on hers. They explore each other's bodies with their paws for a time.

Azu moves a paw to mostly cover one of Zera's plump breasts, which are just big enough that he can't quite reach around all of it with only one paw. Meanwhile, Zera's slender fingers are inching down his icy white scales to his groin, where she lightly brushes his dragonhood. Each lets out a soft "mmmmm" as they touch and please one another. Him slowly squeezing and caressing the fur on her breast. Her skillfully using her fingers *just right* to gently stroke his cock. He is already very aroused, as is she, but they continue their slow ministrations, just enjoying the pleasure.

Eventually, Azu moves his paw off to the side of her breast, and raises the other to match. He gropes the sides like this, giving a little squeeze. She gives a little squeeze herself ("ooh", as he's just a tad caught off-guard!), then moves to roll over him. He keeps up his groping until she's laying on him. The feeling of his scales against her fur... The feeling of her fur against his scales... If they weren't both driven wild already (how?) this would do the job. With her laying on him like this, the fur on her midsection is pressing pleasurably against his tip.

She rocks her body forward a tad, then comes back a little ("...ooh!" -- another surprise) so that her entrance just touches his cockhead... then moves forward again.

... THEN she does what he expected: She pushes herself up to a kneeling postion, smiles at him, and rises ... then gingerly wraps her fingers around him, and angles his dragonhood up at her entrance.

She pauses briefly in that position to stroke him gently (they do both love to tease one another, and themselves!), then slowly lowers herself onto him. Her head tilts back -- his too -- and both of them let out a long "mmmmmm" as she progresses downward, very slowly. Eventually she takes as much of his cock as she can manage without assistance. She moves up almost until he comes out of her, then back down all the way again. After repeating these motions two or three times, she comes down one more time as slowly as possible, and stops.

"Oh, Azu, I've needed this so badly, you have no idea."

"That makes two of us, then."

With him still inside of her, she leans back down onto his chest, again pressing her fur so wonderfully against his belly scales. He grins a toothy, mischievous grin; he hugs her gently, pulls out slightly, then -- MMPH! And she's completely full.

"God, I love it when you do that."

They writhe and rock against each other, just a little. It's not really thrusting, yet; it's just enough to remind their bodies that they're receiving pleasure from one another. They both want to savor this feeling; her, the feeling of being completely full; him, the feeling of her warm passage completely enveloping him. Her wonderfully luscious tail swishes over his scaled one, eliciting (yet another) pleased sound from Azu.

We can't be *too* long tonight, Z thinks to herself, but after a day like today I deserve a little indulgence.

They share a short kiss, then she begins to reverse the motions she used to get here. She pushes back up again, kneeling, then rises off him while wrapping her fingers once more around his cock. He's now wet with some of her fluids and his own precum, making the gentle stroke she delivers that much more pleasurable. She offers her slick forepaw to him, and he grins and snakes his tongue out to meet her fingers. He closes his eyes as he savors their taste.

"You know, you should really use that wonderful tongue on Colin at some point," she says as she begins moving downward.

"Mm. I'm sure we'd both enjoy that," he says with a wink.

"Heh. Do you mean you and I, or you and he?"

"Take your pick, darling."

By now she is off the bed, grasping his ankles. She pulls his footpaws to the floor, so his knees are at the edge of the bed -- and his glistening dragonhood is immediately before her. She gives it a very long, slow lick with her smooth tongue, causing him to groan and tilt his head back in ecstacy. She hesitates no more; she's wanted to taste this since she laid eyes on him on the bed. She grasps her prize, positions it quickly but gingerly, and engulfs it entirely with her warm muzzle. She gently fondles his balls with the fur on her forepaw. She stays in that position, just gently rubbing him and suckling, for what seems like an eternity.

... *Finally*, she bobs her head, but just once -- "God damn ... you are so, so good at thi--sssssssss" -- he hisses when she resumes her motions and his pleasure.

As she continues sucking him (no, *savoring* him) and fondling his balls, she takes in his smell. He hadn't yet bathed; she preferred it that way. His natural musky scent is subtle but very pleasing, and the sweat from a hard day's flight is adding a salty note that makes it ... intoxicating ... and right now, her muzzle is buried in it. She inhales slowly and deeply, closing her eyes, and the scent is enough to make her "mmmmmmm". This sends wonderful vibrations along Azu's cock, and waves of pleasure all the way through him, causing another moan to escape his maw.

Z continues pleasing him with her muzzle for some time, trying (and succeeding) to get him close to the edge. As she does so, she reaches down to please herself, for a little while.

Before he comes, she stops and smiles up at him, to find him smiling down at her. She climbs up just a few inches to rest her head on his stomach, placing her breasts around his cock, and Azu lets out a pleased moan. She reaches up to caress his face, and he places a paw over hers, then does the same, softly stroking the fur on her cheek.

Then she gets up, and he eases himself back toward the headboard. She crawls up his body, and turns around, again positioning her entrance over his erection. As she grasps it and begins to lower onto it once more, she seductively waves her tail. She teases his tip with her pussy lips, and he strokes her tail --

"This tail of yours is so sexy, you know that?"

"Yours is quite attractive as well, I must say."

-- and she's leaning down over his tail to stroke it while he strokes hers. He's mildly disappointed that he's delayed what was to come, but the underside of his tail is sensitive enough that the feeling is quickly pushed aside by another pleasurable one.

She strokes his tail with both paws, and leans against it -- her breasts are pressing into it as well -- and her tail swishes over his hardness. Azu is continuously moaning at this point; he hadn't expected such wonderful attention to be paid to his tail's underside tonight. She adds her face and tongue to the mixture, nuzzling, licking; her entire upper half is dedicated to stroking the thin scales covering her lover's tail.

She surprises him yet again, then, when her tail moves away and her footpaws surround his cock. She slowly and skillfully squeezes and strokes him with the bottoms of her footpaws, continuing to caress his tail... Eventually, he manages to reach down to caress her foot, but very quickly loses himself in the sensations she is delivering. Her face nuzzling, her breasts rocking, her hands stroking... her feet stroking... he could live on this. He must be dreaming.

He lost himself so completely, in fact, that he didn't notice the switch.

When he comes to, it's not her breasts on his tail or her feet on his cock: It's her tail swishing against his... and her breasts pressing oh-so-wonderfully against the scales of his midsection, his cock nestled between them. She smiles, and idly strokes his chest, and rocks hers sensually... Up, and down, and up, and down.

She's doing his favorite thing now: Using her breasts to stroke him. The feeling of his cock pressed between his belly scales and her mounds is the best feeling in the world to him. The soft fur on her breasts, their firmness providing the perfect amount of pressure, especially when -- there it is -- she squeezes them just so, making a furry tunnel for him to thrust into. Reflexively he begins doing so, and she starts moving in time with him--

--and he comes.

She gasps (her turn to be surprised), then smiles and lets out a pleased sigh, continuing to stroke him during the orgasm. When he comes down, he's still hard.

"Alright, my turn." She chuckles. "I know you've got another one in you anyhow."

He chuckles. "You're damn right I do."

She climbs back onto the bed and gracefully reassumes her previous position; tail swaying over his chest scales, kneeling over his dragonhood. Deft fingers wrap around him one last time, and there is no hesitation now. She sinks down onto him, and they moan in loud unison. He reaches forward to massage one of her footpaws for a few pleasant seconds.

Then they begin loving one another in earnest. He places his forepaws on the sides of her stomach, the pressure firm but gentle, and directs her slowly up and down five or six times. They both relish in that modicum of domination for a short time as he wordlessly tells her what to do with her body. He releases his grip to stroke her fur softly as she continues following his physical instruction. They both let the outside world fall away, each relishing the feeling of their lover dedicating their entire body and soul to pleasuring and being pleasured. Then, he reaches up to the sides of her chest, and gently, slowly, pulls her back so that she is on top of him once more. He hugs her tightly and massages her breasts, and begins to slowly and firmly thrust into her.

"Mmmmm, fuck me Az... Make me come!"

He chuckles... then wraps his wings around her, and whispers: "No." He stops his motions.

Her entire body tenses, just barely perceptibly; moments later he resumes his motions, but more slowly and less firmly.

Z speaks up first: "Don't mess with me, it's been a long day and-"

"And it's going to be an even *longer* night." He punctuates his statement with a firmer thrust, then slows even more.

"Azu, you know I love it when you do this, but it's only Thursday. I've got-"

He cuts her off again: "Oh, you're not getting off that easily, pardon the pun. We both know the shop is closed tomorrow."

How silly of her. Amidst the stress of the workday, Z had legitimately forgotten -- but that realization combined with Azu's comforting embrace quickly evaporated her worries. He stopped, to give her a moment to relax, which she did. "Now. Where were we?"

He'd given this speech more times than either of them could count, but that didn't matter to either of them. He loves giving it, and she loves hearing it -- especially when, as he's doing now, he punctuated some of his words with little thrusts.

"You're most *certainly* going to come, and if I'm doing my job right, more than once. But it's going to be on *my* terms. As you observed, I've got another one in me. So. I'm going to love you *long*, and *slow*. I'm going to use my paws to love your breasts and your stomach and your fur; I'm going to use my tongue to love yours; I'm going to use my *cock* to love your whole being, body and *soul*. Eventually, you will be *so* *close* to orgasm that it's almost *painful* -- and so will I (again). When I come, and *only* when I come, you will have your release. Do I make myself clear?"

"Ooooohhhhhhhhh yes... very clear." Z was settled in for the long haul, now. She relaxed her body and got as comfortable as she could -- and with the feeling of Azu filling and fulfilling her, and his warm and loving embrace surrounding her, she got very comfortable indeed.

As he promised (as he always promised), he stroked her fur with his forepaws, occasionally groping a breast. When she turned her head up to look at him, he snaked his tongue into her muzzle to kiss her sensually. And, of course, he continued using his cock to please her body, and vice versa. All the while, they never left that position: Him laying on his back, his wings and arms embracing her, his cock deep inside her; her on her back on top of him.

She relaxes further still, and adds just a bit to the motions (as much as she can from her face-up position). She sways her tail over his once more, and reaches down under herself with one paw to stroke his side while reaching up with the other to caress the scales on his face. She gives a soft "mmmm" every now and again; eventually they turn to "ooohhhh"s and "aaaahhhh"s, and eventually into moans that simply can't be described, as they pleasure one another with their bodies. He continues doing his best to ensure that as many parts of her body he can manage to please at once, he is pleasuring: Her tongue, her breasts, her stomach, her legs, her tail... *her*.

Her moans become obviously louder. She must be close now. Azu perceptibly speeds and lengthens his thrusts in order to bring himself close as well. In the mean time, he moves his arms to just hug her rather than stroke and grope. He tightens his embrace, just a little, and shifts his wings to remind them both they're there. She knows what's coming now: He's moved his paws away from her breasts because, in time, they will reflexively clench as he seeds her.

She's getting closer still, and now he is too. His thrusts' timing and length are both on a continuous gradual crescendo. Z is experiencing pleasure that seems like it just has to boil over any minute, and Azu is well on his way there now. He keeps enough focus to make sure she doesn't come before he does; how he manages to do this, Z isn't entirely sure. But it's wonderful, and she certainly isn't about to complain. She loses herself in the pleasure; his cock fucking her deeply, firmly... and still oh-so-slowly.

He's decided he isn't going any faster from this point: He wants to delay his own orgasm as much as hers. They are both on fire now; the world has disappeared, and they know only each other's touch. It takes at least another minute before either of them releases, but that minute is forever, and Azu is determined to keep it that way.

Finally... ? ... even his orgasm seems to last impossibly long. He can feel it building; inconceivable pleasure coursing through his cock and into his groin. He knows it's coming... and slows his pace, just a little -- if it lasts just one second longer, it's worth it. ... Finally (again!) it builds until it can build no more, and--


--she can feel his warm seed splash inside of her -- and immediately, she comes as well--

"OH! Azu..."

--and constricts around him, bring forth a loud roar of pleasure from her dragon.

He speeds his thrusts two-fold; they're over the hill now, and they both want their orgasms to feel as good as ever. She reaches up to press her hands against the headboard and assists with the motions. The room is filled with the sounds of their sex. She presses into him with each thrust; he *fucks* her and holds her tightly; they moan and groan in a chorus of pleasure.

When their orgasms die down, they both let out a contented sigh before he rolls onto his side and pulls the covers over them. He's still hard inside her (of course) and still holding her. He moves a paw back up to her breast to knead it gently, and gives a little thrust one more time, before they both fall asleep like that.