The Ultimate Adhesive Chapter 1 The invitation

It had been one week ago Ivan had received the email from his uncle. He had asked if he could watch his house for a day or two and walk and feed his dog since he was going out of town for an evil inventor convention. The message then went on to...

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My life with blaziken chapter 16

(yes tit-fuck, it's a new concept for me) "ken" she gasped in surprise, before giving me a sultry look. the kind of look that says: your such a pervert.

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Ch 2: A Favor Gone Good

Disclaimer: If you are under the age of 18 or are offended by pornography or more specifically, furry porn, then it is advised that you hit the "X" button on your window screen. Yiffstar nor I am responsible of what you view on this site. This story...

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Sewer Shark

**Sewer Shark** Initiation. Hazing. Dares. An innocent college prank. It went by many names, but in the end was all the same. The frat house of Gamma Alpha Upsilon had a strange tradition it liked to put its newest freshman through, whether as a...

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Her Room

Her Room Story by Darktiger Featuring: Onyx and Darktiger as Katrina There she was in her room; he could only see the outline of her body from the light of the full moon coming through her open window. He was watching her from...

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Kitty’s Dream Come True…

"i want you to give me a nice good tit fuck from those beautiful breasts," he said with an evil looking grin. her response was a slow lick from his balls to the tip of his cock that made him shiver in delight.

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Night Hag, part 2, Chapter 2

Aaron spent the day in an odd kind of haze; the reality of what was happening to him was finally starting to sink in; stepping back and thinking rationally, he was more likely to be going insane than he was involved in a new relationship. He barely...

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World Darkness

In these dark days, those who seek peace of mind should look elsewhere. Stories of people who want love, blood, and sex; propell these streets day in and out. On this night, the moon was high and full. Stars bright as nightlights. On this night as...

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Chapter 2: The Start

like its going to stop you but dont read if your under 18 and stuff I don't own any of the brands ands stuff that i mention throughout the story (or dont hurt me police!) Chapter 2: The Start First notes after the story tell me how you liked the...

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Erotic Fairy Tales# 3 Little Red Ridding Hood

She started pumping her large breasts, tit fucking the hard cock between them. the wolf moaned more loudly as he felt her wrap her wet lips around his cock head, suckling.

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My life with blaziken chapter 4

My life with blaziken chapter 4 \_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_ -I have been watching naruto, that show is beast and I am somewhat preoccupied with that -this...

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Chapter 10 Two Dogs Over a Bone

Two Dogs Over a Bone Chapter 10 When Evelyn entered Dick's bedchamber, he was snipping off the vixen's dress with a pair of scissors. Slowly, her slender midriff and high breasts were revealed as her deerskin dress fell away in tatters. She was still...

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