Parole Arena

Story by Russ on SoFurry

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#12 of Transformation Stories

A commission for Embrak, his term in prison comes to an abrupt end when he gets volunteered for a special hearing of the parole board

Quietly following the guards along the damp, concrete tunnel that ran beneath the prison Embrak hunched his shoulders and looked from side to side nervously. He'd been dragged out of his cell in the middle of the night and hustled down into this dank lower level. The guards just ordered him to be silent if he tried to ask questions so the husky just followed their lead, arms at his side, tail held low as the heavy set bulldogs escorted him away from the main cell block to god only knew where.

He'd only been here a week, not long enough to learn all the ins and outs of this place though a lot of the other inmates were close mouthed about the warden and the parole he liked to offer. Embrak had heard enough rumours from his cell mate, prisoners would be escorted out for parole hearings and not come back regardless of how much longer they were due to serve inside. He been told to keep his head down, do as he was told and not stand out. It was hard not to stand out however when your ears glowed and your chest was covered with a softly glowing cyan pattern. He'd tried keeping his over-alls on all the time, the bright orange one piece covered up nearly everything but it just hadn't been practical. Showering meant he had to strip, the work in the yard was too hot and dusty to stay zipped up inside the stuffy thing so he'd given in yesterday and spent the day with it wrapped about his waist as he worked on breaking rocks alongside the other inmates.

Someone had clearly noticed, taken an interest and so here he was, being dragged along into the dark for reasons unknown. One of the guards suddenly turned and opened a door and Embrak was encouraged to enter by the light prod of the other dog's stun baton. Shuffling inside he stopped before the long metal table that ran the length of the room and swallowed heavily at the figure waiting for him. The skunk was dressed in a very dark suit, his black fur blending seamlessly into the shadows of this otherwise empty concrete room. The white stripe running up his muzzle, through his neatly braided hair and down to his thick, fluffy tail almost glowed in the light from the single bulb swinging back and forth above them. Pulling his smoked piece nez off the skunk ran an appraising gaze over Embrak's body then flipped open a file on the desk and glanced at the documents inside.

"Embrak, age twenty three, prisoner number 454,231, sentenced to seven years for larceny, burglary, assault and other misdemeanors," putting his glasses back on the mephit smiled at the husky, "I am Russet Nostor and do you know why I have called you down here young dog?"

Swallowing heavily Embrak felt his ears flatten themselves against his head as he shook it back and forth, "No, no Warden I don't why?"

"It is your lucky day young man, I've forwarded your file to our parole program, you have been entered in the contest for the chance to win a new life!"

Embrak stared and felt his tail drop, "What if I want to just work off my time?"

The skunk stood up, his muzzle parting in what might have been a smile, sharp teeth on display, "Oh I am sure you do not want to do that, besides I've already transferred the paperwork. Goodbye now Embrak oh and good luck."

Opening his mouth to protest the husky yelped as the guard behind him jabbed something into his side and the world suddenly span, dissolving into a haze of colours and rushing air. He was falling, the last thing he felt was his body hitting the floor and then all was lost in darkness.


"Welcome everyone to the Parole Arena!" the loud, booming voice tore Embrak awake as it hammered against his skull, "We've got three new contestants here for you today who we promise will give you quite a show as they fight for their freedom!"

Pulling himself to his knees Embrak pressed his nose against the perspex wall in front of him and stared out at the view beyond. What he was seeing made little sense; there was some sort of circular space, about seven feet across filled with strangely coloured liquids, bright primary colours that gleamed under the lights. It was like paint or gunge from a Saturday morning game show red, blue, yellow, green, purple all mixing around each other but not blending. A large wall surrounded the coloured pool, over seven feet tall and atop the wall tiers of benches packed with people who were clustered around screens or bookmakers taking bets.

"We have a series of physical challenges lined up for our lucky prisoners today, challenges that will test their minds and bodies as they struggle to be victorious and claim a new life for themselves. Of course those who lose will find themselves introduced to a new way of living as well, right here live for your entertainment! The losers will be transformed, claimed, changed as the forfeit for risking all in an attempt to avoid their sentence and failing."

"What..." Embrak thumped a paw on the perspex before him, shaking his head in disbelief. He was inside a plastic cage hanging over the pool of liquid, his prison issue over-alls, vest and boxers were gone, they had been replaced by a bright yellow one piece made from thin cotton that zipped up the front and had no sleeves leaving his arms bare, showing off the black shoulder fur and paws bracketing the white fur of his arms. The over-alls were mesh across his chest revealing the triangular pattern dyed into his fur for all to see.

"Our first contestant is Brail, a squirrel and thug from the Gronga Gang who have caused our city so much trouble down at the docks. He's got twenty years left on his sentence but is here today to try and win his freedom early!"

A spotlight stabbed across the arena and the crowds cheered as it illuminated one of the perspex cages holding a tough, muscular looking squirrel dressed in bright blue overalls. He glared out at the crowd and showed them all the finger, his grey tail bristling angrily.

"Next we have Torver, a pangolin from the southern islands who fell afoul of our laws concerning illegal narcotics! He's in for fifteen years for attempting to smuggle undesirable items past our customs men." The pangolin was huge, he was as broad across the shoulders as Embrak and the squirrel would be standing side by side. He was practically a wall of muscles in a set of bright red overalls that split across his shoulders as he flexed, tatters of fabric falling down around his waist, leaving him bare chested as he smirked confidently out at the crowd.

"Lastly we have Embrak, a wild husky, a thief and burglar with a penchant for body modifications and seven years to serve before he's accepted back into society." The spot light stabbed into the dog's eyes and he raised one arm and waved nervously. He wasn't entirely sure what was going to happen but it sounded like he'd been volunteered for a struggle he couldn't afford to lose.

"Our contestants are ready but now we need to reveal the first challenge! Ladies and Gentleman, today for your enjoyment we present to you here in the parole arena the assault course!"

As the brash voice finished announcing the spotlights swung down off the three prisoners in their cages and focused on the pool of gently oozing gloop. Rising up out of the gloop where a series of tall metal frames covered in slick foam padding that dripped with the coloured goop they were rising from. They formed a series of obstacles from dripping nets that needed climbing to balance bars, revolving platforms, monkey bars and crawlspaces. They rose in a series of concentric circles, each one higher than the last above the gooey mess below. The only way to progress from the outer circle of challenges to the middle was over a single balance bar that tilted from side to side crazily. From the middle one had to scramble upside down along a set of monkey bars to reach a platform in the middle. It looked like a hellish course to try and navigate at the best of times, but it was covered in ooze from the pool and as it finished growing into place several ceiling mounted pipes opened and started to soak vital parts of the course with a constant stream of goo.

"It's a simple challenge but a real tough one! The first two prisoners to reach the central platform pass onto the second round! The third... well he'll be processed as a loser right here in front of you whilst we prepare our surviving contestants for the second round! Now let the games begin!"

The bottom of Embrak's cage suddenly clanked open and the husky fell, he had a second to watch the squirrel and pangolin also falling before he hit the pool of goo below him. He slid with a wet glorp into a deep patch of thick yellow slime, vanishing beneath the surface in less then a second. It was thick, slimy, sticky and felt weird against his fur but he flailed and doggy paddled to the surface and reached out ahead of him where his paws grabbed onto the edge of the deep pool! Brushing his eyes clear of the thick yellow slime he pulled himself through the goop and toward the first ladder leading up onto the assault course.

The rungs were thick with a layer of slime making it quite hard for Embrak to scramble up, his feet slipped, his hands threatened to slide off and it was only through a combination of blind luck, adrenaline fueled panic and a soft whimper that he managed to reach the platform that led into the assault course. With the gunge matting his fur, his thin overalls clinging to his body the husky was convinced he must look a sight but the crowd were roaring and cheering and the announcer's voice boomed over the arena with a running commentary of first one then another contestant. Embrak really didn't pay much attention, he backed his ears and scrambled onto the unstable netting that led to the next platform. It jerked and shifted from side to side as he crawled across it and at least once he wound up being spun upside down and nearly fell off.

Gunge dripped in his eyes, squelched beneath his paws and threatened to unseat him but Embrak managed to crawl forward and scrabble for purchase on the next platform. Something the announcer was shouting made him look up and around the outer ring of the assault course. The pangolin Torver had just fallen, the surface of the pool below a mass of mixed spreading ripples showing where he had gone under. What emerged looked less like another being and more like a shapeless mass of thick slime floundering toward a nearby ladder. Shaking his head Embrak focussed on the challenge ahead, he was terrified about what might happen if he didn't win this.

Lowering his head he considered the bridge stretching out ahead of him, it was obstructed by three rotating boom arms that swept across the bridge at waist height at different intervals. The tiny safe spot between each rotating arm was covered in a continuous fall of blue slime pouring from an overhead rig that would make footing on the bridge treacherous. Taking a deep breath Embrak dropped to all fours and moved forward, ducking under the rotating boom arms, using his hands and knees to grip the bridge. The crowd roared and the announcer said something complimentary about the husky but he was too busy shuffling forward slowly but steadily. The foam coating on the bridge was treacherous, slippery and as he passed through the first curtain of falling gunge he had to bite back a disgusted whimper as thick waves of ooze piled up around his neck and squished heavily down his back, forced beneath his overalls by the thick, slimy pressure.

It certainly wasn't a fun challenge and as he got back to his feet on the third platform his overalls squelched, bulged and shifted in uncomfortable, disgustingly sticky ways as the gunge built up inside shifted. Loads of it splashed down his legs and oozed out around his feet but the fabric was heavy and stained with blue and yellow slime. Still he was still up and moved to look at the next challenge. It was a series of mushroom shaped platforms leading toward the inner ring. Some were clear and others had a falling curtain of red slime splashing down atop them that poured over the foam surface into the swirling, gooey, oily mass of red gunge below.

Taking a few steps back Embrak ran, jumped and hit the first mushroom, his claws scrabbled for purchase as he hit the side and tried to clamber on it. He'd just got a good grip on it when something flew over his head and landed with a thump in the middle. Looking up the husky gaped at the squirrel Brail as he half crouched in the middle of the platform. He looked a real mess, his blue over-alls were streaked with yellow, red, blue gunge, his face was a slick coating of smooth gunk and his tail was a heavy mass of oozing slime. For a moment he just stood there watched Embrak as the dog held on, desperately hoping the rodent would just fuck off and leave him be.

A foot flashed out, thumping the husky firmly in the snout and with a yelp Embrak fell backwards, landing in the pool of red gunk below with a thick gloop and the cheers and shrieks of the crowd cutting off as his head sank below the gunge. Clawing his way back to the surface Embrak shook his head, dislodging muck from his ears and clawed at his eyes until he could open them again. Looking up he saw Brail leaping away, even covered in gunge the tough squirrel was built for leaping, climbing and scampering. He reached the next part of the assault course and vanished from view as Embrak struggled toward a nearby ladder, wading, clambering and squelching through the gunge. He didn't want to think about what a mess he must be as he hauled himself back up toward the start of the last task. He could feel gunk oozing down his arms, splashing off his tail and squishing through his fur, he probably looked a real mess. An amorphous humanoid shape with no distinctive features, just a smooth, glistening surface of gunge and grime.

A roar from the crowd as he reached the relative safety of the start platform made him look up toward the centre of the course. Brail was on the central platform, strutting back and forth, one hand held in the air triumphantly for the crowds pleasure. He'd made it, he was through to the next round which mean Embrak couldn't wait any longer. He ran and jumped, timing his lumbering leap better than last time and made it onto the first mushroom platform. He wasn't going to fuck up like last time and though he almost slipped when his path took him through one of the cascades of gunge he turned the treacherous slipping of his feet into a desperate lunge that allowed him to hook his claws into the next mushroom and scramble to safety.

In the end he managed to reach the end and clung to the pole in the middle for support as his chest heaved. The husky had always thought he was in good shape but this course was a nightmare. He looked up as gunge started to pour over his hands and spread down his arms and realised he was holding onto the next task. He had to clamber up the pole, using the spiralling, spaced apart rungs as the thick purple goo poured down over him. It wasn't too hard as challenges went, all it really did was add another layer to the thick goo covering him. Once he reached the next level he saw the real challenge waiting for him, another slime coated bridge with spinning boom arms. There were only two of them this time but each arm had three parts to it and was spraying green gunk constantly so not only could he not crawl under this one he'd be showered in a constant spray of the heavy mess. In the end he managed to reach the centre purely by luck, he darted forwards as the booms swung away from the bridge and just kept on going, sliding his feet over the slippery surface as if he was skating.

The second boom clipped his back as he slipped forwards but he was going fast enough that he was able to hurl his body onto the far platform instead of plunging into the pool below. Picking himself up he froze, the crowd was chanting, the announcer was whispering lovingly into his mike as he found himself face to face with the pangolin Torver. He'd come a different route, his bare torso smeared with gunge, his pointed face a sleek, shiny mess of goo and his body at least twice the size of Embrak. For a moment there was silence as everyone drew their breath, no words were said Torver just charged the husky, arms spread wide, intending to grab and throw him. The dog however ducked at the last second and threw shoulders into the pangolin's knees. He toppled forward with a roar and plunged off the platform head first toward the pool of gunge below.

The crowd screamed, the announcer roared and Embrak scrambled up the long, sloping ladder to the central platform where Brail was waiting. The squirrel eyed the husky then nodded once out of respect but otherwise stayed on the far side of the platform, lounging indolently against the railing as all around them the assault course started to sink back down into the pool of gunge.

"What happens next?" Embrak asked, nervously peering over the edge at the pool beneath, trying to see what might have happened to Torver but he couldn't see from up here.

"We fight probably," Brail squeaked in a gruff voice, "One of us wins a new life, the other... well he'll end up like Torver."

Turning to face the squirrel Embrak growled, "What is happening to Torver! What is this, what do they mean by new life?"

Twitching his tail, the wet, slime coated appendage going thwap the squirrel looked surprised, "You don't know what's at stake? Why the fuck would you sign up for something like this if you didn't know what the prize was?""

"The bastard warden signed me up, I didn't choose to do this, tell me, please?"

"Oh..." Brail eyed the husky then smirked, one paw idly unzipping his over-alls, shoulders and arms squirming as he pulled himself free of the clinging, gunge soaked material and wrapped it about his waist, "You'll find out when you lose, sorry kid but freedom is mine."

Embrak gaped at the now half naked rodent as he stretched his arms up behind his head and showed off his lean, muscular frame much to the appreciation of the announcer. Tugging at the collar of his own sticky, heavy and gunge saturated overalls Embrak whined, tail twitching nervously as the booming voice called for the crowd to calm down and get ready for round two.

"We started with three vile criminals, vying for their chance at a new life, now only two remain. Brail, the gang squirrel, lean, mean with a body built by years of hard living and street fights." The spot light stabbed down, illuminating the squirrel who grinned, the mix of different coloured gunge coating his face making his smirk look extra wicked as he waved at the crowd.

"Then we have Embrak, the wild husky, a thief and burglar whose limber frame has been honed by long sessions in dark seedy gyms as he conditioned his body to be strong and lithe during his daring heists." The spotlight shifted to the dog and he raised a paw to the crowd who cheered in approval just as they had for Brail. It seemed both squirrel and dog had their supporters and the announcer was whipping them into a furor.

"Soon they shall strive against each other for victory! A fight for a new life right here in the Parole Arena, a fight that shall not end until one of them is thrown into the sludge beneath! We're starting up the gunge now so whilst we get our vile, criminal contestants ready betting is still open and for those who are interested Torver's fate is being played out on the screens right now."

A siren blared and several pipes overhead started to disgorge different coloured streams of gunk. They splattered across the large wooden platform, gunge splattering across Embrak's legs as he looked across at Brail who smiled lazily and strode beneath a black stream. He tilted his head back, letting the heavy slime ooze down his face, trail down his neck and shoulders to coat his torso. He stayed under it long enough to let it coat his body in a heavy layer then stepped forward and grinned, wiping his eyes clear and facing Embrak.

"You're going down doggy, any last words?"

Swallowing heavily the dog got the feeling the crowd were watching so he picked a luminous green stream of gunk and stepped under it. He kept his eyes on the squirrel as it poured down the back of his head and flowed heavily across his shoulders, "Goodbye Brail, it was fun to beat you."

"Those are fighting words!" The announcer boomed, "Five minutes until the bell, place your bets now!"

Embrak stayed under the stream of goo, tongue poking out as he watched the squirrel. He would not lose, he would strive to victory and the cocky rodent was going to go down! He was excited, eager, it was impossible not to be carried off by the atmosphere of the crowd and with a chance at freedom... who was he to say no to that! When the bell rang to start the fight he was ready and immediately started to circle around Brail to the left. Neither of them charged in recklessly and as the crowd roared and shouted they waited, tense, watching and then Brail made the first move. He dived forward and sprang up, arms sliding forwards to try and grab Embrak around the waist. The husky let him, he leant forward, shifting the balance of his weight and grabbed the squirrel's tail and right leg. They both pulled at the other, heaving, straining and both went down in a heap atop one another.

Embrak rolled, Brail kicked and bit, rodent teeth sinking into tender flesh causing the husky to whine and buck then roll the other way to crush the squirrel beneath him. Brail bit again, claws scratching through his fur, tearing at his over-alls as he wrapped arms and legs about Embrak's torso and tried to force him forwards. The husky growled, barked loudly and reached back, seized the squirrel's tail and tugged with all his strength. They strained back and forth, Embrak staggering to his feet as Brail tugged and scratched, bit and shoved, forcing the dog to stand or have an ear torn off.

The squirrel shifted once the dog was back on his feet and Embrak dropped the squirrel tail and seized his opponents ankles as he tried to untangle himself. He was trying to get free, if he did that he'd be able to use his position to send Embrak stumbling in a direction of his choice. That could prove fatal so he held on as Brail strained and struggled to free his feet. Cloth tore, the husky's overalls split down the back knocking Brail's balance and as he felt this he released his ankles making him spill to the gunge covered floor with a thump. Embrak span, one paw lashed out took the squirrel in the stomach and sent him sliding across the platform.

Brail flailed, struggling to get back onto his feet but his overalls had come untied from about his waist and his arms were tangled in the sodden mass of fabric. He couldn't roll out of the way or free his arms fast enough, Embrak's foot took him in the chin, he slid backwards, eyes wide in shock as he shot over the edge of the platform and fell with a squeal that was lost in the roaring of the crowd! Throwing his head back the husky howled in triumph then staggered away from the edge, panting heavily as the announcer sang his victory for all to hear. He'd never felt so alive, so real, so strong... obeying the instruction to stand in the middle of the platform Embrak raised one fist over his head and turned slowly, basking in the cheers of the crowd.

He stumbled as the platform started to rise but didn't fall. Gunge was oozing down his body, splashing to the platform. He was a total mess, painted, coated from head to toe in the thick slime but he felt good, he had won! The platform slowed to a halt near the ceiling allowing Embrak to clamber up the waiting ladder gratefully, looking forward to the chance to get clean and embrace freedom!

What he wasn't expecting to do was climb into a large perspec chamber and for the hole he had just climbed through to seal off with a heavy grill that almost took his feet off. Scrambling to avoid the closing grate he slipped, wet, gooey body sliding down the plastic walls of his new cage as he rolled over into a sitting position and looked around. The room beyond was dark, there wasn't much to see and just as he was getting ready to shout and try and attract someone's attention the warden stepped out of the dark.

"Congratulations Embrak, you know I didn't think it would be you... you are full of surprises. Well done though doggy, you've earnt a new life."

"Great, just open this thing and show me the way out and I'll get out of your hair."

The skunk laughed, one paw raised to cover his muzzle as he shook his head, long black and white braids clicking together, "Oh my... I do love how you winners all think you have won freedom!"

Embrak's mouth went dry and he gaped at the skunk as he walked closer, "The prize is quite specifically worded as a new life not freedom Embrak. You really think we'll just let you go free because you won a contest? Because you were stronger, smarter, luckier than the others your crimes would be forgotten and you'd be let go?"

"But... but... you said..."

"I said nothing, it's very clear you are fighting for a new life, the fates of the losers are very clearly advertised. Nice and public, the extra punishment for trying to avoid justice and failing," the warden used a small remote to turn on a screen and Embrak watched as Brail was punished. The squirrel was trapped inside a small see through cage, naked and terrified, pounding on the wall, screaming silently as a strange gas was pumped into the cage with him. Whatever it did happened quickly, his fist splattered into grey gunge as he thumped it against the glass and Embrak's eyes widened as within the space of three or four minutes his body melted into gunk. His muzzle ran, his jaws stuck together, ears and eyes, fur and tail all splattered into goop that half filled the tank. Once there was no trace of the squirrel left a valve opened and the gunge drained away down a pipe. For a moment Embrak thought he saw the head of a squirrel form out of the goo, vacant eyes and wide open mouth leading the charge down the pipe and then the screen clicked off.

"Brail is gone, all that remains is another emulsifier, a mindless entity made from the organic mass of a prisoner," the skunk smiled and ran his fingers gently down the outside of Embrak's cage, "Living, sentient slime whose only desire is to mix with others and produce inert gunge for the arena and other gaming events."

"That's monstrous... you can't just..."

"Oh but I can, keeps the prison population down and they agreed to it, now for you Embrak I have a special life in mind for you. Good bye Embrak the dog... hello Embrak the municipal indentured servant," he thumped a red button to one side and a siren blared before the top of the tank opened and gunge poured in.

Embrak yelped as it splattered over his body, pawed at the walls of the cage and cried out in fear as other colours joined together in a swirl across his body. Black, brown and white, mixing yet not blending, oozing around his feet and swiftly filling his prison. The skunk watched him with a warm, teasing smile and waved a paw goodbye.

"This is why we never broadcast the winner's fate, we just let everyone believe we have them escorted out of the prison with a new identity to start their new life. Just as promised! Bye Embrak, I won't ever see you again and you... when you wake up you'll be ready to work."

Embrak whined and pawed at the walls, the gunge was almost to his head, lapping at his neck and then he fell under, floating in the gunge and squirming, holding his breath desperately. He could feel it doing something to his body, his fur was tingling, his skin felt weird and then unable to hold his breath any more instinct made him try to breath! He choked down a lungful of slime and passed out, darkness engulfing his mind even as the thick goo oozing around his body claimed him.


Opening his eyes Embrak blinked rapidly, trying to clear his vision as he slowly stood up out of his bed, shaking his head as he stretched on all fours and looked around. The last thing he remembered was drowning in a tank of goo, being betrayed by the warden and now... he froze and slowly lowered his head to look down at his body. Not only was he naked, standing on all fours with four feet as naturally as any feral dog but something was seriously wrong with his body it was smooth and sleek, he didn't seem to have fur just a beautifully smooth covering of slick material, like the stuff a wet suit was made from.

Yelping he scrambled off the bed, two attempts at standing up left him staggering on hind legs not equipped to stand upright forcing him back down onto four legs. Turning around in a frantic circle, managing what glimpses he could of his body he whined and froze, trembling in place. He was a husky still just feral, trapped and with a heavy collar around his neck and seemingly not made from flesh and blood any longer.

Just as he was getting really ready to panic a hatch in the wall slid open making him jump. He shied away from it whining, trying to talk, to call out but all he managed was a whine and a bark. He backed away from the opening but after a few moments he could smell something... he couldn't give it a name but whatever it was it smelt good. Cautiously he crept toward the hatch, almost unaware that his sheath was starting to thicken, a smooth slick shaft hanging low between his back legs, balls swaying heavily as the scent bypassed his conscious mind and flipped all the switches. Sticking his nose, then his head through the hatch he found the source of the smell, a bowl of food in the middle of the next room that made him drool in anticipation.

Without thinking he hurried over to the bowl, stuck his muzzle in it and had swallowed four mouthfuls before it dawned on him he was eating strange food like a real dog. He jerked back, whining, confused and then gasped as two hands grabbed his shoulders and tugged. No... not his shoulders, his head snapped around and his growl turned into a whine as he saw the large red squirrel holding him by the handles embedded in his shoulders.

"Welcome to the team pup," the rodent growled with a wicked grin, "Now then you've had half a bowl you should be ready for this..." something hard slipped under his tail as the squirrel knelt down and with a yelp Embrak realised what it was! He tried to pull away, to get free but the handles held him fast, stopped his head from reaching the rodent to bite him and then everything went weird as that thick rodent cock slipped into his arse!

Embrak bit back a yelp and squirmed, tail flagging desperately as he was filled but the squirrel had him by the handles his smooth sleek neoprene body stretching to accommodate the invading member. Once he was settled in all the way, hefty squirrel nuts resting against his own the rodent leant forward and whispered into one of his ears.

"Welcome to your new life pool toy," and started to hump, his hips slid back and forth, his dick slipped in and out and with a whimper and a squirm Embrak started to find it impossible not to enjoy. He had a large shaft in his arse, someone was tugging on his handles, riding him like the dog he was and his cock was twitching, leaking pre and shifting in anticipation. Letting out a happy whine the husky let his tongue hang out, trembling as he was ridden. Whatever happened next well... right now all he cared about was how good it felt and he hoped, this might be the direction his "freedom" was going to go in. It wouldn't be so bad... being a toy, a living wetsuit and pool toy if this happened to him... it felt.. so good... the way his handles were being tugged, his rump being filled. Moaning softly he closed his eyes and let his cares slip away and just barked his approval,,,

It was certainly a new life...


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