Gentle Force

Story by CodgetMage on SoFurry

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This is a short little story cuz I had an idea in my mind. A little intimate story about a fox's first time with his wolf :3

*WARNING: * This story contains romantic and/or sexual interaction between two males. If this is something that bothers you, please turn away now.

"Shawn, I-I didn't mean t-" the soft voice was cut off by a sudden deep kiss. A lithe burgundy-furred fox let out a small whimper as he felt sharp teeth start to press down on his lower lip. His body trembled in pleasure as he felt the strong paws of the taller male rub his sides tenderly, coaxing their bodies closer together enough to bump chests. The large wolf, presumably Shawn, released his lover's lip and instead tilted his head to bite at the fox's neck. The little creature gasped, his eyes slamming shut and his head falling backwards as he felt an unfamiliar pleasure wash over his body. As the seconds went on, Shawn sunk his shiny teeth further into that soft neck before finally letting go.

"You're mine, Cody..." He leaned forward again with a dominant growl and bit again, harder. Cody gasped again, his body shaking on its own.

"Shawn..." he whimpered out as his paws fell to his sides. Cody opened his eyes slowly to see the black wolf biting him. His little eyes scanned over the wolf's muscled arms and torso, unable to deny his growing mating desire. He blushed deeply and let out a whimper. "Babe, y-you're hurting me..."

Shawn let go of the bite and met eyes with the fox. "I'm not actually, am I? Aw Cody, I'm sorry. I thought you liked when I bit your neck."

"I do, just... not so hard." He gave a soft smile to the taller canine and leaned up for a nuzzle, blushing again.

Shawn smiled at the nuzzle and kissed that little black nose in response. "Fuck, you're so damn cute." His paws grabbed the fox's wrists and he pulled them up over the smaller male's head. "Though don't think this means you get out of being punished." He smirked down at Cody and then licked his cheek very slowly.

"B-But what did I do?" Cody asked.

"You know exactly what you did." He lowered one paw to Cody's waist and tugged at his belt until it came loose. "You wore these new tight jeans all day and taunted me with that perfect ass of yours."

Cody watched Shawn's hand as it fumbled into his pants. "But you bought them for me. It would've been rude to not wear them." He was then engulfed by another kiss and was pressed down further into the bed sheets while the wolf above him skillfully removed his pants and underwear with only one paw. Cody's hard fox cock stuck upwards, demanding attention.

Shawn released the kiss and gripped his fox's shirt and lifted it up over his head, leaving the vulpine naked underneath him. He ran his left paw in small circles along the skinny fox's chest and belly, his eyes following the paw as it moved. The wolf had a smirk always present on his face while his right paw roved down to fondle Cody's parts, to which his greatest satisfaction came from the vulpine's soft whimpers and moans. He looked up and met eyes with Cody. "Beautiful little thing, you are."

Cody blushed deeply and turned his head away. "S-Stop, I'm not that great..."

Shawn leaned down again and gave a soft kiss on Cody's chin. "You are to me. Isn't that what matters?" He went down along Cody's body, planting a kiss every second or so along the way until finally reaching his groin. "You just lay there and enjoy yourself." He took the fox's length in his mouth and went all the way down on it until it was completely gone under his muzzle. The taste was salty with a little sweat, but he loved it. His tongue swiveled around the shaft and head while he bobbed, slowly at first.

Cody's face couldn't have been more red. He let out strong moans while the wolf went down on him, his whole body falling limp and practically motionless. The sensations of the wolf's skillful tongue left his head spiraling in glee. The dark furred fox couldn't even keep his eyes open, his cock ever throbbing in his dominant boyfriend's mouth. Only a few minutes had passed before Cody's moans got louder. "Shawn... Shawn! I-Aaahh!" He screamed out with a whimper as he felt his orgasm explode, his fox cock erupting with semen bursting down the wolf's throat in numerous spurts.

Without even missing a beat, Shawn lapped Cody's cock with his tongue and swallowed every last drop while growling victoriously. He leaned back up and smirked. "Well that didn't take long."

Cody blushed again. "I couldn't help it... You were so amazing. I don't know how you do that."

Shawn lay himself on Cody, gently rubbing their bodies together as he kissed the little fox. "Couple of years of sucking dicks will get you really good at it."

Cody smiled shyly after being kissed, enjoying the warmth the wolf provided. He wrapped his arms around the wolf's neck and held him close. "I-I love you," he said gently.

"Love you too, babe." Shawn kissed his red cheek and then leaned himself back up to pull off his shirt and pants. He was still hard, but he decided just to lay down and pull Cody close to him.

Cody happily complied, burrowing himself into his wolf's neck and getting a good sniff of his scent. He sighed happily, his tail wagging behind him. "I had a great time today at the theme park."

Shawn put his arms around his fox, pulling him closer and nuzzling the top of the younger male's head. "Oh yeah?"

"Mhmm. Though now I understand that you were just upset because it started raining, not from something that I did."

"I can't be upset with you, Cody. You're too perfect."

"Stop, I am not..."

"Are too. Like this..." He squeezed Cody's butt. "And this..." His paw slid to Cody's front and squeezed his belly. "And this..." This time it was Cody's bicep. "But most importantly, this..." He kissed Cody deeply, a gentle lick going across his lips.

Cody was flustered all over again, but smiled big as he was kissed. He murred gently as the wolf's tongue snaked in to explore. Their makeout session lasted a good ten minutes, both of them needing to catch their breath when it finally stopped. "You're too good to me..." Cody said quietly. "Taking me places, buying me things, letting me move in with you, making me feel special. All of those things. And you don't get mad at me for being nervous about anal."

Shawn chuckled, running a claw along Cody's front in tiny circles. "Well sex is nice, but it's not everything. I will admit sometimes I do have to force myself from just pinning you down and having my way. As for the other stuff, why shouldn't I do that for you? We've been dating for ten months now."

"I know, but... I dunno. I feel like sometimes I don't deserve your kindness." Cody nuzzled into Shawn's neck again, eyes closed as he rested.

"I love you with all my heart, Cody. You deserve everything that I can give to you." He gave out a gentle growl as he nibbled on the fox's sensitive ears, to which Cody giggled and squirmed just lightly. He coaxed the fox to turn around and spooned up against him, one arm holding his lover tightly against his front side. He nuzzled into the back of Cody's neck with small affectionate licks.

The fox murred quietly at the licks, his legs intertwining with the wolf's. He blushed lightly and a shiver went down his body when he felt Shawn's still hard cock press against his rump and tailhole. Cody knew that Shawn wanted to claim him for a long time now. He felt bad at times, denying the wolf in such a way, but he was also scared for never experiencing what it was like to bottom before. The two of them had discussed this many times before, and Shawn always said that he'd wait until Cody was ready. He closed his eyes and thought for several minutes in their silent cuddling until finally taking a deep breath. "Shawn?"


The fix turned his head back so that they could look at each other. "I... I want you to claim me. I think I'm ready..."

The wolf's ears perked up as he looked at his lover for a moment. He gently scratched Cody's chest and belly. "Are you sure, babe?"

"Well, I... I want to do it eventually. And I'd rather my first time be with someone I love and trust." He blushed a little more, smiling shyly.

Shawn smiled back and kissed his cheek. "I would never hurt you, Cody. I'm glad you trust me so much. But if we do this, I don't want you to try and be a hero. If you're in pain or want me to stop, tell me. Okay?"


The wolf reached behind himself, turning his body to get the best angle, and pulled open the drawer of the bedside table. He pulled out a small tube of lube and spread the slick substance over his paws. "This might be a little cold." He moved his hand to Cody's rump and gently massaged his ring to start. He moved a digit right onto his entrance and pressed ever so slowly, not entering just yet. "Breathe. Relax," he said quietly, trying to keep Cody calm.

Cody shivered as he felt the slippery and cold substance on his tailhole. He took a few deep breaths, trying to relax the best he could as Shawn instructed him to. He let out gentle whines, feeling a strange mixture of fear and arousal. He couldn't deny that it felt nice, but his nervousness was constant. He lifted his leg up to give the wolf a little more surface area to play with, looking back at him with his flushed face. At that exact moment he was met with a gentle kiss that made him smile.

"I'm gonna put a finger in now, okay?" He pressed a little harder to break past that tight entrance, his slick finger parting his passage. He slowly moved his finger as far as he could, holding it there while he looked back up to Cody's face.

Cody let out a tiny moan as he felt the finger in him and clenched his body. He took another breath as he processed the strange feeling, remembering to stay relaxed. "I-It feels weird..." he said quietly.

"It is a little weird, but you're okay." He moved that finger once again, slowly pulling out and then pushing back in to make use of as much lube as possible. He smiled as he heard the fox's moans become a little more natural, and decided to add a second finger and move both fingers a bit faster. They continue that way for a few minutes, Cody's insides slowly opening up as time went by. The fox continued to let out the occasional moan and pleasurable shiver, his face ever blushing. Shawn kept their bodies close, giving a reassuring nuzzle and his loving smile as he kissed the fox again. "Want to try more?"

"We've come this far, haven't we?"

Shawn grinned widely, removing his fingers and reaching for the lube again. "That's the spirit," he chuckled, giving another coat onto Cody's hole and slicking up his own throbbing wolf cock. "Now remember, I'm much bigger than two fingers. I want you to tell me to stop if I start hurting you."

"I will, I promise." He raised his leg once again and took one more deep breath before relaxing his body, but that was immediately broken as he let out a sharp gasp when he felt the size difference of just Shawn's tip. He whimpered again, his body tensed up, and he reached behind himself to try and push Shawn away. "S-Stop!" he screamed out as he breathed quickly and heavily.

The wolf immediately stopped. He reached over to rub Cody's belly to try and calm him down. "I stopped. I won't move, I promise. Just breathe slowly. Relax the best you can."

Cody nodded and took the time to let the pain fade away. His breathing became more controlled and he opened his eyes again, turning his head to look at Shawn. "Okay... Keep going."

Shawn smiled and nuzzled noses with the smaller male. "Just look at me if that helps." He moved his hips once again, pressing his cock slowly into the fox, half inch by half inch. He moaned as he parted the fox's virgin hole, precum leaking out of him. "God, you feel amazing..." He kept eye contact with Cody, smiling warmly at his red face and his small moans. "Keep looking at me, babe. You're doing great." He kissed the fox deeply, growling gently with passion.

Cody returned the kiss and kept moaning as more of the wolf went inside him. The wolf's cock was so huge, and the combination of pain and pleasure rattled through his entire body. He liked feeling this close to the wolf. He let out another sharp gasp as he finally felt the wolf's knot. "Y-You're all the way in?"

Shawn grinned. "90%, give or take. How do you feel?"

"It starts to feel good after a little while. Can we maybe try a different position? Maybe with me on my back?"

"Sure. But I'll have to reenter you." He pulled out very slowly, Cody moaning at that as well to his satisfaction. He moved to a kneeling position while the fox rolled onto his back. Shawn grabbed Cody's legs and put them on his shoulders. "Fuck, I've wanted to do this for so long..." He chuckled and leaned down to give Cody another deep kiss. He lined up his cock to the fox's hole and pressed in once again, this time a little bit faster.

Cody let out gasping moans as he was penetrated again, his claws digging into the bed sheets. The pain was much less present that time. "Ohh Shawn..."

The wolf leaned over and kissed Cody's nose. "Yes?"

Cody giggled, his arms coming up to wrap around the wolf's neck and hold him close. "This feels much better."

"Well maybe you're just getting used to it. Which is good, cuz your ass feels incredible." He started to rock his hips slowly, and both of them started to moan. The two of them kept eye contact the entire time, smiling lovingly at one another. Shawn leaned down a little further and nibbled on Cody's ears once again.

The fox murred loudly. "H-Hey, that's not f-fair."

Shawn chuckled and kept nibbling and rocking his hips, fucking his fox a bit faster. The two of them moaned harmoniously, their bodies trembling as pleasure went through them. The wolf released Cody's ears and instead went for his neck, clamping hard with a dominant growl.

Cody screamed out in pleasure. His entire body went limp aside from his tightened grip on the wolf's neck. Every thrust caused him to moan, every touch from Shawn's paws sending ecstasy through his body. His own cock even got hard again as it rubbed against Shawn's belly, stimulating it with his constant motion. The fox had never felt so amazing before. So amazing that he couldn't control himself. He screamed out the wolf's name as he came hard once again, fox seed spilling between their bellies.

Hearing Cody cum sent Shawn over the edge, rocking with max speed and power. He groaned and growled loudly as his knot forced its way inside Cody. "Ohh fuuuck, Cody! I'm gonna cum!"

The fox continued to scream in pleasure. "Shawn, claim me!" His eyes clenched shut and his head rolled back.

Shawn didn't hesitate at all, clamping even harder on Cody's neck as he growled and groaned with beastly vigor and fucked the younger fox with all his power. He let out a final victorious howl as his cock erupted and sent wave after wave of thick wolf cum deep into Cody's bowels.

The two of them panted in unison once it was all over, both of them with closed eyes after expending all their energy. Cody was the first to look, smiling faintly as he tucked his nose into Shawn's neck and sighed happily. Shawn opened his eyes to look down at the young fox, wrapping both arms around him and holding him close with his knot still inside him.

"I love you, Shawn. Thank you for making me feel so special."

"You're welcome, baby. I love you too."

"We'll definitely have to do this more often."

Shawn chuckled. "Ah, I was that good, huh?"

"You're perfect..." he said with a yawn.

Within minutes they fell asleep, peacefully dreaming the rest of that long night.

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