First Desperation

Story by AdamantZoroark on SoFurry

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This was a story idea from SPARTASTICUS involving two of his characters. He left the ending for me to decide, so I decided to try to go for a cutesy one. Enjoy.

Kelly was just a 17-year-old anthro cocker spaniel working out at her local gym; she was just about to finish her workout, then head home to meet her younger sister off the school bus.

"So," her friend said. "What are you going to be doing later today?"

"Well, my parents have been away on a business trip," said Kelly. "Just watching over my sister tonight."

"Still, you two have the house to yourselves. You should do something fun."

"Yeah, we should."

Kelly took a drink of water, having been drinking lots of water in order to stay hydrated, then headed to the locker room to change out of her gym clothes into her overalls. Once she was done with that, she started walking home - her sister would be home any minute, so she had to get back home ASAP.

As she walked outside, she noticed it had started to rain.

"Should have brought my umbrella," she thought. "Oh well; not a big deal. I'm headed right home anyways."

She kept walking home, but a few minutes into her walk, she suddenly felt a familiar urge.

"I have to pee," she thought. "Should have went to the bathroom before leaving. Oh well... Gotta get home quick, so I'll just have to hold it."

She continued to walk, trying to ignore the urge to pee. For a while, she was able to ignore it, but about 20 minutes into her walk and it just became too much to ignore.

"Ngh... Gotta hold it... No time now to stop and use the bathroom," she thought.

She kept walking, despite every step making it harder on her bladder. As time went on, the urge got more and more intense. Eventually, she felt a tiny bit of pee escape her bladder, but managed to regain control.

"Ngh... Not much... Time," she thought.

Even through how desperate she was to pee, she was liking how it felt. She didn't know exactly why; did it just feel that good to hold it in? Was it the thought of losing control at any second? Whatever it was, though, she was getting close to home.

Right as she got to a field near her house, Kelly found herself barely even able to move. If she tried to take a step, her bladder threatened to empty itself.

"N-No... I'm almost th -"

It was too late, though. The floodgates opened. Kelly was peeing in her overalls full force, and couldn't stop it no matter how hard she tried. She was humiliated; however, she wasn't as humiliated as she thought she would be. Another pedestrian looked over to Kelly, immediately knowing what was happening, but just went on with their lives.

No time to waste now, Kelly thought. She cut through the field, taking a shortcut to her house, getting there with a few minutes before her sister's bus was to arrive. She got an idea on how to cover up what had happened - she rushed over to the pond near her house, jumped in, and took a swim with all of her clothes on. She then walked back up to the house, right when the school bus arrived to drop her sister off.

"Hey Layla," said Kelly.

"Kelly... You're soaked... What happened?"

"Oh, I just forgot my umbrella."

"I don't know, though... Even then, you wouldn't be THAT soaked..."

Kelly and Layla walked inside the house. Kelly realized her cover didn't work... She didn't know a way out of this now.

"Well... I did also jump in the pond..."

"Not really the best day for a swim, though..."

As Layla headed towards the bathroom, Kelly decided it was just time to come clean.

"I had a little accident. I jumped in the pond to cover it up."

"You peed your pants?"

"Yeah... I forgot to use the bathroom before leaving the gym."

"It's okay, Kelly. It happens."

Suddenly, Kelly heard peeing noises - but it wasn't her doing it.

"Layla... You're..."

Layla had started to purposefully pee herself. Kelly figured she was just trying to make her feel better, but it didn't really change anything.

Once Layla had finished, Kelly said, "Layla... You didn't have to do that."

"I know... I just wanted to help you feel better."

"I appreciate it. Thanks, Layla."

They shared a hug, then Kelly went into the bathroom for a hot bath. She started thinking, though - was it wrong for her to enjoy her desperation? She didn't know, but she did know she found a new thing to do when all alone.

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