Furry Fantasy Online Part One

Story by AsunaValhalla on SoFurry

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(This is a disclaimer, I'm not sure if i need one for a story, but this story/series may represent SAO in some fashions. This is just a fan story, I hope you enjoy!)

While all deception requires secrecy, however, all secrecy is not meant to deceive.

-Sissela Bok

My name is Beretta Inthoa, I'm 18, just got outta high school and it's summer break. No one told me high school was such a pain in the neck, I kept hearing about how fun it was, how it'll "be the greatest milestone ever!" 'Pfft' what lies... I'm sitting on the side of my bed, waiting for my alarm clock to go off. Why? I'm not really sure myself, I guess just 'cuz I have nothing else to do.

I lived with my parents, not because I'm a 'loser' or a 'bum,' but more the fact that my parents won't allow push me on my own two feet until they kick the bucket. Speaking of 'living with my parents' my big sister still lives here as well. Our family has always been quite rich, our house was quite big, almost maze-like. Unlike some rich families, our parents never truly spoiled me or big sis'. I could remember starting chores ever since I could lift a plate with food on it on my own, so about four years of age? I don't know anymore.

*Beep Beep Beep*

"Ah, there we go, I'd better get ready for my job..." I said. I didn't hate my job, nor did I like it. I work for a construction company, a very popular one at that. It pays well and my co-workers aren't so bad, we support one another. I get up from my bed. I know right? It's not common a girl works for construction companies, right? Well, I'd like to think I'm different from most other girls.

I walk into my bathroom that is connected in my room, It's also connected to big sis' room, so we share it. I turned to close the door behind me, holding a clean towel in my arms. I turn around to see my sister already in the bath, the water still running to fill up the bath.

"Hey Beretta! G'mornin!" She said excitedly.

"Hi Serah, I thought you were still asleep." I didnt hear any water running because the walls in this house are pretty wide. I studied her, she was sitting in a steamy bath, her large chest still exposed above the water. She's always been fairly... 'plump' I guess is a way of saying it, and I'm not talking about her having a large stomach, thighs, or hips.

"Why are you looking at me like that? Hey, why don't we take a bath together? Just like when we were kids!" She said smiling. Knowing her, there's no use arguing with her about anything, and I mean ANYTHING, unless your mom or dad, she always seems to come out on top. I nodded then stripped down, I walked over to the bath, it was about just as large as a hot tub, with a bench on the sides. I stepped into the tub and sat down on a bench next to Serah, the warm water greeting me.

"Hey come here!" she grabbed my arm and sat me right in front of her, by back to her chest. "What are you doing?" I asked. She reach around me and grabbed my chest, squeezing a bit. "Hey! Stop It!" I cried out, as I pushed away. I eventually broke out of her grasp. "Aw, I was just messing with you. But in all seriousness, you've grown a bit over the week, we may have to go get you a new bra or two!"

"I'd rather do that stuff on my own." I said, my face red. Then a thought came to me, "Hey," I began, "how's that Video Reality MMO your playing? FFO, it was called? Furry Fantasy Online?"

"It's pretty good, why do you ask, video games have never been your thing." She replied. "I think it's full of weirdo's though, so many people seem to be choosing the anthropomorphic races rather than the human race." She said.

"Whats so bad about them?" I asked.

"Well to begin, each anthro race has a specific strength, and weakness, like the cat race, they have good agility, but their strength is faulty. The Fox Race has good evasiveness, but their agility is faulty."

"How are evasiveness and agility any different?" I asked

She replied, "Agility is just how fast you move, evasiveness is your dodge-slash-miss chance, basically if you dodge chance is high enough, even if the enemy directly hits you, their attack goes through you without you taking any damage. But back at my previous question, why are you so interested?"

I looked down, "I...I've been thinking about trying it... I have a VRR (Video Reality Rift) setup, I just have to set it up."

She smiled, "Really? Then we could play together on there! It'll be great! Oh hey, did you put in those piston and needle things as well? Their supposed to add extra stability to the mask."

"Yes, why?" I asked.

"I didn't put them into mine, and it seems to work just fine... Oh well, you've always been one to follow all instructions." She laughed.

"Actually," I began, "I've been working so hard at my job, I think I could probably get the summer off and get payed for about half the summer." I said putting my hand to my chin.

"Really!? Then you should try, I''d like to at least show you the ropes, I'll even start a new character!" She said almost knocking a huge amount of water out of the bath.

I got out of the tub to grab my phone, I dialed my bosses number. "Hey Jeremy, may I have this summer off? I'd like to spend it with my family."

Jeremy replied, "Sure, but I wanted to ask you something."

"What is it?" I asked.

"I want to know if your doing anything Friday night, you know, a date!" He asked excitingly.

"Hm... sure why not!" I agreed. Before I hung up the phone I could hear a faint, 'YES!' I let out a sigh. "Well looks like I got a date on Friday in exchange for a Summer here."

"Great!" Serah replied, "let's go get started right away! I'm really excited!" She jumped out of the bath and ran over to her room. She instantly slammed the door shut behind her. I decided to do the same and got out of the bath, unplugging a cork to let the water drain, I wrapped myself in a towel and went back to my room. I put on a set of casual clothing. A solid red shirt with a white hoodie and blue jeans.

"Let's see," I moaned, "This plugs into here and I put... this on?" I slipped on the mask... backwards, "Whoops!" I turned it around and could see a black screen. I felt the front and sides for a switch and eventually found the power switch. I flipped it on and a bright colored screen showed in front of me.

"_ Welcome new player, please, enter your desired Username and Login Password. FFO will not distribute any info without your permission" _

What should I name myself? I know! "Valhalla." I said.

_ "Please say a password, no more than 16 alphanumeric." _

"BerettaInthoa01." I said.

_ "Login successful, now connection to... Furry Fantasy Online, FFO." _

Right then I could feel myself slipping away into a sleep... everything went black...

Before I knew it I was standing in front of a light, seemingly coming from no where.

_ "Please choose your character." _

I searched around. Cat, Fox, Sheep, Deer... Wolf?

The Wolf Race had a box next to it, it had many numbers with a picture to the left of them. All the number were the same, 'Foot Picture'... 12... Fist Picture... 12. Every number was 12. I decided to choose the wolf race.

"Choose your appearance."

A human and a anthropomorphic wolf showed up in front of me. The human had a tail and ears, her ears flicked and folded down like it was natural, and her tail swayed like it's always been there.

"You will be able to switch between the two forms in-game, choose how you want to start out"

At least that helps me out a bit more. I chose the anthropomorphic wolf-girl.

"Finally, design your character!"

A ton of different sliders suddenly appeared to my right. Fur color, eye color, under belly color, hair style, hair color... bust size... rear size... Wow this is a lot more in depth than i thought.

I designed the wolf girl how I liked, leaving the bust and rear sizes alone until I make my designed character. I gave her pink fur, with long slightly darker pink hair. Her eyes were blue and she had a white under belly.

Now for the sizes. I put my finger against the bust size slider and put it all the way to max. I looked over to see my wolf girl with a chest bigger than her head, it was almost... terrifying... I pulled the slider down a bit, while watching her chest shrink slowly. I found a size that looked comfortable to me, if I'm going to be walking around as... that... I dont want to be weighed down by my breasts. I pressed a button that had her start walking. Her chest bounced around.

Wow, REALLY in depth game. Gotta appreciate the small details I suppose.

I didnt really want to touch the rear slider but I moved it over to the right about 25% of the way.

"I guess that's it."

I pushed a blue hologram button that said 'okay.'

Just then I felt my mouth extend as well as on top of my head and just above my rear. It hurt, but it wasnt unbearable. After that, I looked at myself for a second.

"I don't look... half bad... as a wolf-girl." Just then I could feel the 'sizes' taking effect.

A mirror dropped so I could look at myself. I was happy with how I looked, I could feel extra muscles where there was previously. I flicked my ears, and dropped them to make me look sad or angry. I turned around to see that I've already gotten used to moving my tail as well. This wasnt as hard as I thought.

_ "Are you sure this is what you want?" _

"Yes." I said.

"Then let the fun begin! But first... you do know this game has sexual content, alcoholic content, cursing, blood and gore, and excessive nudity, right?

It does? I didnt actually know about the excessive nudity, but this game outta still be fun. I replied with a, "Yes."

_ "Then you may go, have fun! A guide book has already been added to your inventory, it teaches you how to play, read it before you start attacking monsters." _

"Okay, thank you, Miss Computer.

Everything began going white and it felt like I was being lifted of my feet. I wonder if sis is waiting just over on the other side. I guess I'll find out! This outta be fun!