Roommates: Chapter 2: Truth Or Truth?

Story by DolledWolves on SoFurry

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#2 of Roommates

After a whole week of planning an entire weekend, two college friends, Yasmin and Lin, couldn't wait for the time for them to spend together as friends. Even though one of them wanted something more.

Story & Charterers (c) DolledWovles

Cover Art (c) CreamyGravy On DA

Two Days Later...

How the hours passed for the two gamers, spending all night playing some of their favorite games with each other, munching down on large number of snacks and sweets, and sleeping in through the morning hours. Played games with each other, getting into multiplayer matches with other friends worldwide. Lin, surprisingly, suggested they play a game that didn't involve any console or controller.

This brings the two into Yasmin's room. Walls painted lavender with a lighter shade of floral designs. Queen size bed with purple and black sheets, adoring couple stuff animals on the bed and at the foot of the bed is a small tan colored plush couch. A desk with a custom build tower with purple led light-up keyboard and mouse. On the other side of that was a 32 inch TV across the room hanging above a shelf of collector items from limited edition games Yasmin has been collecting throughout her gamer life.

Lin admittedly was somewhat jealous of Yasmin's room. Since she had to live with three elder sisters, she never really had a room to herself, and couldn't always fully express her gamer qualities around the house. It's gotten better after the last of her elder sisters had left the house, but now even her parents are trying to get her out into the world.

That was one of the reasons she liked hanging out with Yasmin all the time. Around the hound, Lin could honestly be herself no matter what, and that was the reason she was going to win this game of Truth or Truth.

"Kay Yazzie, I'll go first since I know the game," Lin said as she was sitting on her knees on top of Yasmin's bed with Yasmin sitting in front of her and a bowl of their remaining haul of popcorn sitting right next to them. "The game is simple really, it's like Truth or Dare, only without the choice for a dare. First one to refuse to tell the truth either loses, or have to do what the other says. Okay?"

"Hmm, sure doesn't seem like a bad game," Yasmin said. 'I just hope I don't regret it.' Yasmin thought to herself. "Ok, um, have you ever burned anything before?" Yasmin asked randomly with a shrug.

Lin titled her head at Yasmin's vague question, but still thought to see if she could find an answer to it. "Okay...didn't think you of all people would start it off with a question like that but, yeah." Lin answered as she scratched her cheek, sticking her tongue out at Yasmin. "It was some toast in the oven one time, and then I somehow managed to set piece of cloth on fire once."

Lin began nervously laughing at herself from the two small times out of many she has burned something or another. "Okay, my turn. Hmm... Oh, I got one, have you ever wished to be a princess?" Yasmin blushed at the question, nervously looking away from Lin. "Come on Yaz, I know you've thought about it at least once."

"Um..."Yasmin started to say but was at a loss for word. "Yea, I guess a lot of girls wished to be a princess when they was younger." 'I just happen to really live that dream.' Yasmin thought that last bit to herself with a nervous chuckle.

"Not all girls think that," Lin said with a faint giggle as she twiddle her thumbs together. "I actually wanted to be the knight that gets to save the princess." Her blush became brighter as she fidgeted in her spot a little, her eyes shifting between Yasmin's face and some spot on the bed. "But can you imagine it? Fancy dresses, parties, castles and an army of servants at your feet. Bleh! I think I would die if I was an actual princess."

"It not that bad to be a princess. The dresses are ok, Castles aren't really used that often unless the family comes from a long line. The balls aren't that much fun. And the maids tend to be bossy but they had their uses." Yasmin absent mindedly said before she gasped at her realization. "Um, not like I know anything about that. Heh heh heh..."

Lin raised an eyebrow towards her friend's odd behavior. "Okaaaay, cause that was totally not weird. It's your go, I guess."

Yasmin let go a sigh of relief. 'I'm going to have to tell Lin. But, just not yet.' Yasmin thought sadly as her ears laid flat. After a few moment Yasmin manage to come out her impromptu funk as she remembered it her turn. "Um, yea right. Oh what the silliest thing your sisters asked you to do for them?"

Lin's cheeks burned a bright red as she ducked behind her knees. 'Oh why did she have to ask that? Do I tell her? She must already think I have no spine when it comes to those three...' Lin sighed, seeing no way out of it unless she wanted to forfeit the game. "Okay, promise not to laugh?"

"I'll try not to," Yasmin answered honestly.

Breathing in deeply, Lin thought back to one of the worst moment she had of her sisters. "You haven't met Neva have you? My eldest sister." Yasmin shook her head, prompting Lin to continue. "Well... o-on my eighth birthday, she and the others wanted to play a game. They brought out a bunny suit for me to wear and wanted me to, y'know, hop around in it. What I didn't realize that Neva was recording it. And they," she sighed, "they used it as blackmail for me to get them to do their chores for three months."

Yasmin just stared blankly at Lin but her right eye was slightly twitching. 'Those bitches! On her fucking birthday they don't even give her a break! Lin, If you don't tell them off or get them back I will [/b]' Yasmin angrily thought with a growl as her runes subtlety glowed a dull-red.

"U-uh, Yasmin?" Lin reached forward, placing a hand on top of Yasmin's thigh to get her attention. "Are you alright? Your magicy rune things were glowing red. Please tell me you weren't thinking what I think you're thinking? Cause if you were, no. Don't even try it."

"And why not huh? I might be a solo pup and I can still see that messed up Lin." Yasmin said with a raised voice. Yasmin sighed out in frustration as she started to calm down. "You don't deserve to be treated like that."

"Yasmin, they are my sisters. Stuff like that happens. Besides, do you really believe that I didn't do anything back at them?" Lin giggled as she reached out to the almost forgotten blow of popcorn. "I maaay have been the bane of a few of their dates. They aren't in this state any more, and the likelihood of them ever coming back is so low that I don't really care about it anymore. So, can we get back to having a good time?"

"...Fine, I'll let it go." Yasmin huffed.

"Thanks Yasmin." Lin smiled, happy that Yasmin was understanding even if she didn't like it. "So uh... what's the worst grade you've ever gotten?" Lin asked with a small smile, figuring that they could spare each other with a few easy questions before they really get down to it.

"Hmm, the worst grade I ever got was a D minus in Marine Biology from Professor Raid," Yasmin said with a dreamy sigh. "He was so sexy, sad that he left the university to transfer to another university though and I had to change my major too."

"Ohh~ was that a dreamy sigh I just heard?" Lin teased with a giggle, poking fun of the sight blush Yasmin had on her face. It wasn't too much a surprise that Yasmin had a crush on her Marine Biology professor, however. Yasmin always had a thing for the sly smart types. "Yazzie, you had crush on your professor? Isn't that a small bit too much like an anime?"

"Well sorry that seems like a piece of my life is like anime," Yasmin said with a huff, crossing her arms under her chest as her blush doubled. With a quick growl, she thought of a way to get back at Lin. "You know what just for that, who were all the boys you crushes from middle school until now?"

A bright blush came onto Lin's face as she wasn't expecting such a question like that so fast, but sighing as she got ready to answer. "Fine, there was this guy named Sid that was in just about every single class I was in. At first I just thought it was mere coincidence, but then I got to know the guy. And well, he was really cool too." Lin sighed as she thought back to the gray foo dog who, just like Yasmin, was magical by nature. "Sure he had the temper of a crazed bull, but he always had everyone's best interest in heart. Even scared off a bunch of bullies for me one time."

"Oh please tell me you have a picture of him?" Yasmin asked eagerly wanting to see Lin's crush.

Lin opened her mouth to say something, only to be cut off by Yasmin shooting her a pair of bright purple puppy-dog eyes. Sighing, Lin reached into her back pocket to pull out her cell-phone, unlocking it and going over to the only picture she had of the dog with her in it. Right before she hand it over to Yasmin, Lin took a moment to look at the picture of the gray hound, laughing a bit at the punkish street clothes he would wear along with the black chain necklace he would always wear.

"Fine, here," Lin said, passing the phone over towards Yasmin so she could look at the picture of Sid and herself hanging out at Lin's favorite amusement park, as friends. "His real name is Leo, but everyone just calls him Sid for some reason. I think he said the nickname had followed him since birth."

Yasmin snorted at the picture of Sid. He an arm wrapped around Lin's neck with the cheekiest of smile as he ruffled up Lin's hair. Lin, smiling as big as Sid was, had a bright blush slowing clear on her cheeks as she tried to stop Sid. "He makes messing up your hair an art form," Yasmin said with a smile. "He's a looker though." Yasmin giggled one more time before she handed Lin back her phone.

"Yeah, was at least." Lin sighed as she took back her blue phone to put it back into her pocket. "He's seeing someone right now, and from the sounds of things, it's gonna last. Unfortunately..." she again sighed, cursing herself for not working up the courage to ask him out when she had the chance. "Uh, anyway...what's the longest you were seeing someone, and would you go out with them again?"

"Ah ah ah, Lin. You didn't fully answer my question." Yasmin said as she waved her pointer finger. Lin raised an eyebrow in confusion as she continued on. "You just said a crush from the university, I said crushes from middle school till now," Yasmin said a smile as what she said started to dawn in Lin's head. "I'll answer yours when you're done with mine," Yasmin said as she crossed her arms with a smirk.

"But I did answer it fully," Lin giggled at the shocked expression on Yasmin's face. She knew that it sounded farfetched, but it was the actual truth. "Believe me or not, I haven't taken any real interest into any other guy than Sid. But like the scaredy cat I am, I could never tell him. So you just gonna have to believe me."

Yasmin opened up her mouth to argue but stopped. Yasmin growled as Lin technically was right about her not being able to prove it. Yasmin sighed before she used her magic to hover a handful of popcorn to her hand before eating all but one kernel. "Bullshit." Yasmin mumbled as she flicked the kernel at Lin's nose.

Lin wrinkled her nose at the kernel flying towards her, causing Yasmin to giggle a little before she sighed. "Okay, I could say around two months and maybe," Yasmin said as she levitated more popcorn over. "Your turn, have you ever kissed and/or been kissed by someone that not in your family on the lips?" Yasmin asked, "And I'm not talking no little peck I mean full on kiss maybe some tongue too." She quickly add to trying to make sure Lin had not loopholes around her question.

Lin started to brightly blush at what question Yasmin asked, lowering her head a little to where one of her eyes were covered by her hair as she slowly shook her head. "N-no, not really. Like I said, Sid was my only real interest. So I haven't done anything like that really." Lin again started to nervously laugh as she reached for some popcorn to somehow end the anxiety inducing feeling in her stomach.

'Wow...I'm must sound pretty pathetic right now,' Lin inwardly sighed as she swallowed the popcorn. "So...uh, who was your first kiss? And I want a story," she said, having more than a feeling that Yasmin had more experience in things than she had. "No skipping details."

"Um well..." Yasmin started to say as a faint blush started to make itself known on her cheeks. 'Karma really is a bitch,' Yasmin thought to herself with a sigh. "I never kissed before." Yasmin said honestly with a hint of sadness. She saw Lin open her mouth to say something but Yasmin cut her off before she started. "Before you ask I know I was in with someone for two months. But, I never kiss him. Anytime he went to kiss me, I chickened out and turned away so he kiss my cheek or forehead," Yasmin said with a blush as she twisted with her hair around her finger.

'Wow, just...' "Wow," Lin said as if she was surprised with the information that Yasmin was telling her. Truth be honest, Lin thought that Yasmin had done a lot more that she did, but it turns out that Yasmin was on the same boat as her. "Uh, sorry, it's just all this time I've thought that you've know, done stuff with someone. H-heh, guess we're both virgin gamers girls."

"Yeah, I uh guess we are," Yasmin said as she kept twisting her hair. "I-it's my turn right?" she asked Lin, getting a nod from her. "Ok um, who would you give your first to?" Yasmin asked as more popcorn floated over to her.

"W-well... I...," Lin sighed as she sat back onto her rear end so she could hold onto her knees. "You're not gonna be surprised about this but, I would've liked to give it to Sid. He's the only guy I would ever truth to do something like that with me." A small blush and smile formed on Lin's face while her eyes were barely visible through her hair. "But, there is one other person that I would like to give it to."

"And who would that be?" Yasmin asked out loud thoughtfully. "I bet it was Sidian. Any time we walked passed him you used your hair to block your eyes," she said before she closed her eyes tossing the popcorn in her mouth.

"No, hehe, it isn't Sidian," Lin giggled, thinking about the snow-white ragdoll cat, and how nice he is to everyone around him. Lin would be into the cat if it wasn't for how silly he was acting, and the fact that he had eyes for some other feline. "Nah, it's someone I'm a bit closer to. Someone that has really cute purple eyes and really cool magic. Someone that's been my best friend for a long time now."

'Hmm, someone that's close to her...Has purple eyes...Uses magic...' Yasmin eyes shot open in shock. She swallowed the popcorn in shock, causing her to have a coughing fit. 'That's me. She had a crush on me this entire time and I never knew.' After a few more coughs, Yasmin cleared her throat while a faint blush creep onto her cheeks as she try to come to terms with the bomb Lin just dropped in her lap.

"She's been there for me more than anyone, and she makes me believe I actually matter," Lin continued when she saw that Yasmin was starting to get who Lin was talking about. Lin uncurled herself from her ball, starting to crawl on the bed closer towards Yasmin. "She's my closest friend ever, and some day, someday soon, I hoped we can be more. But I've been too worried about ruining our friendship to actually tell her."

Lin came to a stop right in front of Yasmin, gazing into Yasmin's glimmering purple eyes. "Heh, guess that answers the question. So it's my turn now Yazzie. And my question is, do you feel the same way about someone too?"

Yasmin faint blush quickly changed into her face looking like a tomato. She tried to speak but at that came out was incoherent babble. Yasmin looked away from Lin's hopeful violet eyes. 'Do I really feel the same way?' "I-" Yasmin stop as she felt Lin pull up her chin so she can look into her eyes again. "Li-" Yasmin was cut off as Lin pulled her into a kiss.

Lin slowly lowered her eyes as she moved further into the kiss that she stole from Yasmin. She still couldn't believe she actually did it, but there was no turning back now. For once in her life, she made the first move and took what she wanted. The worst she could do now was back down and try to take back what she did.

'Wow...Yasmin's lips are so soft,' Lin thought to herself as she closed her eyes to enjoy the warmth radiating from Yasmin. As she got lost into the kiss, Lin slid her left hand onto Yasmin's leg, moving closer to the hound a little bit.

Yasmin's eyes was open in shock as Lin kissed her. 'She kissed me!' Yasmin thought to herself as she started to feel herself grow hotter. Her eyes soon became half lidded, melting into her first ever real kiss with someone. 'I-I kissed a girl...and I liked it.' Yasmin's body felt weak as Lin's passionate kiss pushed her onto her back. Yasmin's hands moved to Lin's chest as Lin climbed over her before Lin broke the kiss.

Both Yasmin and Lin were left panting from their first ever real kiss, with each other no less. "T-that was my first kiss." Yasmin breathe heavily from her first kiss, her mind racing. 'And it could've been our last. But that don't mean anything here. Not a princess. I'm just me.' Yasmin felt weak as she looked up at Lin. 'When did she get so...' Yasmin's thought was cut off as she felt something move into her shorts. She looked down seeing Lin's hand slowly rubbed her hand in her shorts. Yasmin moaned as she looked back up at Lin. A smirk on her face and a lustful eyes looking back at her.

"And it's the first of many to come too," Lin breathe out with a bright blush on her face as she continued to explore her friend's body, but stopping when she thought about how Yasmin feels about this. Lin may have made the leap, and finally worked up the nerve to do what's been aching in the back of her head for weeks now. However, Lin didn't want to lose Yasmin, as a lover or friend. "If this is okay with you Yasmin."

Yasmin slowly leaned forward giving Lin in for a quick kiss and breaking it just as fast. "This feels so wrong," Yasmin said just loud enough for Lin hear. She felt Lin start to move away but Yasmin stopped her by wrapping her arms around the back of her neck. She slowly lick up Lin's muzzle, causing a shiver to trail down her spine. Yasmin leaned back seeing a confused yet hopeful look on Lin's face. A small smile graced Yasmin's lips before she leaned in to Lin's ear. "But," Yasmin lick Lin's ear, "It feels so right," Yasmin lustfully whispered into Lin's ear as Yasmin slowly slid her hands into Lin's oversize shirt.

Lin smiled happily from Yasmin returning the same kind of affection Lin had for her. "Heh, that's great to hear Yazzie," Lin said as she leaned over to seal the hound's lips again. She slowly mirrored moved her hands into Yasmin's white tank top. Her hands grazed into Yasmin's beige fur, forcing a soft sigh out of her. A soft moan came from Lin when she felt Yasmin's hands taking hold of her small C-cup breasts through her black sports-bra.

Taking that as permission, Lin quickly reached up to Yasmin's modest D-cup breasts, Quickly noticing that Yasmin wasn't wearing a bra, Lin shot up from the kissing to look down to the hound with a raised eyebrow. "You're not wearing a bra, seriously Yazzie?" Lin joked with a small giggle, continuing to fondle Yasmin's breasts before she moved her hands back down to the hem of Yasmin's tank top to lift it up over her breasts.

Yasmin hissed as her tank top flicked over her perky black nipples. "W-Well, I'm in my own home and I want to feel comfortable," Yasmin argued while she slid her hands into Lin's sport bra. "Plus with we're headed they'll just get in the way," Yasmin lustfully said as she push up Lin's sports bra freeing her breast from their fabric prison. "Right Lin?"

Lin blushed at her small C-cup breasts being toyed with by Yasmin, moving her hands towards the hem of her shirt to lift it up off her body, and tossing it over the other side of the bed. "You sure have a point Yasmin," Lin said as she moved her hands to Yasmin's perky breasts, giggling a little at how they jiggle slightly. Lin moved down to Yasmin's tulip ear to take it in her mouth a little, licking at it for a moment. "So why don't we have a little fun huh? I dare you to show me some 'magic.'"

Yasmin cooed while Lin nibbled on her ear. "L-Lin, b-be careful of what you wish for," Yasmin said as her runes started to glow. Her magic started to slowly work its way through Lin's clothes. She smiled as Lin's moans filled her room. "You starting to rethink your dare?"

"Hell no~" Lin moaned as she started to feel Yasmin's magic flowing through her body like a million fingers dancing around her. Quickly darting back down to Yasmin, Lin took the hound into a quick kiss before moving down the rest of Yasmin's glorious body, taking her time to move down to Yasmin's breasts.

Yasmin moaned as Lin's nimble hands played with her breasts, panting as Lin slowly licked her way to the crook of her neck. Yasmin started to feel her body become feverish as Lin's hands creeped down her body, her magic in turn started moving down Lin's body. "H-how bout we..." the rest of Yasmin words got caught in her throat as Lin started to suck on one of her sensitive black nubs.

Lin continued to suck on Yasmin's harden nipple, she took the other one in her claws, knowing that she needed to keep both of them simulated. Lin could feel Yasmin arching her back up into her, giving Lin the encouragement she needed to continue. Lin took a quick glance up towards Yasmin's bright purple eyes, enjoying the beauty of them before Lin closed her eyes to focus on tending to the hound's perky mounds.

"D-Don't Stop~" Yasmin moaned out in bliss while running her hands through Lin's hair. Every flick of her tongue, every time Lin suck on of her nipple she had Yasmin moaning in pleasure. 'I guess Lin eating all those suckers over the years really had a use after all.' Yasmin thought to herself as she started to use her magic again. Her magic creeped into Lin's lower body teasing her moist sensitive core. "Feel great doesn't it?" Yasmin tease as she felt Lin's movements started to slow down for her magic pulsing through her leaking flower. "This was one of a few things I thought about using my magic for those lonely horny nights." Yasmin whispered lustfully into Lin's ear.

Lin hummed around Yasmin's nipple when she felt her friend's magic teasing at her flower. The feeling was hard to describe, it was almost like something that was vibrator had slipped into her and that was set on low. Lin slowly licked on Yasmin's nipple, flicking it with the tip of her to get Yasmin to yelp a small bit.

"Amazing, just like you Yazzie," Lin answered with a soft sigh before moving back down to Yasmin's breasts. While Lin was using her mouth and hand on the magical hound's perky mounds, Lin snuck her free hand down Yasmin's body, slowly grazing her claws on Yasmin's lower belly before reaching her hands into Yasmin's black pajama shorts.

"Mom always told me that some guys are just being nice to get in your pants. I guess she never thought 'bout the girls doing the same," Yasmin said with a chuckle before she hissed in ecstasy while Lin's hand slowly slid into her damp panties.

Lin moved her hand over Yasmin's wet flower, forcing the hound to open her legs up a bit as Lin began rubbing her two middle fingers over the wet outer walls. She soon found Yasmin's black pearl sticking out of her walls and rubbed it with her middle finger. Yasmin's back immediately arched when forcing Lin to move off to Yasmin's left side a bit to have more room to go to work.

"L-Lin~" Yasmin moaned as Lin continued to tease her outer lips. "S-Stop teasing~" Yasmin barely manage to say as she looked over to Lin. She was met with Lin's loving smile, probably enjoying watching her body twitched from her hands. Yasmin increase her magic pulses though Lin satin walls cause her to cry out in pleasure.

Once Lin was able to regain control of herself, she went back to sucking and licking on Yasmin's breast while her left hand pulled and tugged at the other soft mound. Yasmin started to seem a bit needier than Lin first thought. So after pulling off of Yasmin's nipple one last time, Lin began trailing kisses down Yasmin's body.

It was then Lin noticed that Yasmin's body was alit from the mystical light of her runes. A quick thought came to Lin's head before she stuck out her tongue, and began tracing her tongue along the thin light-gray lines.

After a moment of playing around Lin reached to the hem of Yasmin's shorts, pulling them all the way off of Yasmin along with her panties to reveal Yasmin's leaking flower. For a moment, Lin stared down at the slightly quivering, untampered flower before a brief thought clawed its way into her head. "Hey Yazzie, I'm gonna try something," Lin said as she dragged her claws on the side of Yasmin's thighs, reaching down to her knees before cupping the back of Yasmin's legs.

"Hu- Whoa!" Yasmin yelp out as Lin suddenly raised her legs up off the bed. She quickly grabbed at her pillows above her head to get a hold onto something while Lin continued to lift her off the bed. "L-Lin! What are you doing down there?!" Yasmin shouted in a slight panic as Lin placed her hands on the back of her thighs. A bright blush grew on Yasmin's face at the feeling of Lin staring down at her flower with a full unexcused view. "Y-you co-couldn't give me some kind of warning?"

"But I did Yazzie. I said that I was going to try something, and I did," Lin giggled after she licked her lips. Yasmin's entire flower was now in full view for Lin to gaze at, and the sight only drove more of the idea out from her. "Now just relax already." Still holding Yasmin's leg's up by her thighs, Lin lsid further down the bed so her mouth would be closer towards Yasmin's flower. The moment she close enough, Lin took in one long, deep breath of Yasmin's scent, finding herself becoming intoxicated by it.

Yasmin still struggled in the position Lin put her in. "I'll doubt you'll be able to relax with yo-ah~." Yasmin's rant was cut off by slowly sexual lick of her wet flower. "O-ok~" Yasmin moaned out again as Lin sucked on her black pearl. Her toes curling in the air from Lin's eager tongue. Yasmin slowly relax but still twitch from Lin's long licks of her now soaked pussy.

Lin continued to lick from the bottom of Yasmin's wet slit all the way to the top, incidentally moving her tongue over of Yasmin's clit. With each moan and yelp Yasmin let out was another boost of confidence to Lin. Thinking back to times she played with herself, Lin soon turned her attention towards Yasmin's clit once more.

"Mmm~" Yasmin moaned out in pleasure as a shiver ran up her spine. Yasmin's hands digging into the sheets while she felt Lin's tongue flicked her pearl. Yasmin force herself to look up at Lin. Her voice went raspy as she moaned out Lin's name, her hands tugging at her pillows and bed sheets while knocking off some of her stuffed animals. Through unfocused, half-lidded eyes, Yasmin watched the please look on Lin's face as she enjoyed her soaked flower.

Lin continued to lick at Yasmin's flower, finding the taste to be something sweet almost like Yasmin was one of Lin's snacks. Wanting to enjoy this more, Lin started to take longer licks up Yasmin's flower, taking the time to suck at Yasmin's clit every now and again. Opening her eyes a little bit, Lin savored the look on Yasmin's face, getting the urge to move her hands down to Yasmin's soft breasts.

Yasmin's mouth was left a gap from Lin mercilessly skillful licking and her hands on her sensitive breasts. A strong feeling began building inside of Yasmin's core as she continued to lose control of her magic. 'Nugh, i-if this keeps up I'll...' Yasmin thought to herself as she struggled to gather the will to fight off the pressure a little longer. "L-Lin...Quit t-teasing me, I-I'm gonna..."

When the sound of Yasmin reaching her limit reached Lin's ears, she doubled her pace, turning her attention more on Yasmin's clit. Lin used her tongue to flick at Yasmin's love button, causing Yasmin to let out a yelp each time.

"Lin~" Yasmin howled out her name to the as her orgasm hit her like a freight train. Yasmin saw white as her eye's rolled in the back of her head while her tongue just lolled out the side of her muzzle. Her hands digging deeper into her sheets while her toes curled. Yasmin gasped as she felt another huge wave of pressure building inside her but it felt different. 'What is this?' Yasmin thought lazily as she felt Lin eagerly lap up her femcum.

Lin's tongue kept flicking her clit to keep her on an orgasmic high. Slowly, Yasmin started to come down from her high but, the pressure started come closer to its peak. "Oh no," Yasmin said as she realize what was happening. A magic discharge. "L-Lin, stop I-'m-" Yasmin tried to warn her but it was too late.

Lin, far too busy with lapping up Yasmin's sweet nectar, didn't have time to react before she was hit with a powerful wave of heat that overtook her body. Lin's head shot up from Yasmin as she screamed in bliss as the heat filled her body to her very core, causing an unexpected, yet small, peak as her senses were assaulted.

As the feeling continued to rage throughout her very being, Lin gave way from Yasmin's weight, unable to hold her up any longer. She fell back from Yasmin, running her hands down her body all the way to her shorts were the feeling was being focused at. "H-hot...m-my body feels t-too hot," Lin moaned as she quickly struggled to remove the blue shorts. However this was quickly becoming hard to do with the feeling something...growing inside of her. "C-c'mon...come off you stupid...s-sh-shorts!"

Suddenly, right as Lin was able to get the shorts taken off, a large neon-purple shaft sprung forth from inside of her, completely set with a bulging knot at the very base and dripping with Lin's cum. For a moment, all Lin could do was lay back in bliss as her new shaft twitched slightly from the cool air in Yasmin's room.

Yet soon, she was able to gather the strength to prop herself up on her elbows, quickly locking eyes with the purple rod sticking up from her flower. "Yasmin! You gave me a dick?!" Lin shouted in a panicked voice, having mixed feelings about the whole thing.

"I did what?!" Yasmin said in a panic as she quickly rolled herself to the left to get out of the position. But, accidently rolled to fast and fell off the bed with a thud.

Lin winced when she heard Yasmin hit the floor. Normally, she would laugh at the hound for falling off the bed. And this situation was no different. "Pfff, haha! Are you alright Yazzie?" Lin asked carefully moving to look over the bed to see that Yasmin had fallen face first on to her soft carpet floor, giving her a full and unobscured view of her still soaked flower. Lin's laugher was cut a little short when her new shaft gave a small twitch at the sight, causing Lin to blush and come up with one more idea.

"Ow," Yasmin grumbled as after a few seconds of being on the floor. "Yeah, I'm ok." She said as she rubbed her nose. Slowly, Yasmin looked over her shoulder to see Lin's new attachment. Yasmin yelp as she quickly sat up using her tail to cover herself from Lin. 'It's big,' Yasmin thought to herself while a blush made itself known on her face. Lin's shaft looked menacing to her, at least nine inches long not including the knot. Just as thick as her wrist and a knot that look around the size of her fist.

Lin crawled over towards Yasmin who seemed to be in some hypnotic stare for the second tail in between Lin's shaft. "Uh Yazzie, a little help with this thing? It's heavy," Lin said as the shaft swayed and throbbed heavy with every movement she made. Also, Lin began noticing how hot Yasmin really was.

The perfect hourglass shape that Lin gets jealous of some times when a boy would stare at her. Slim waistline despite the fact that she had a nice pair of tights and a perfect ass. All Lin could ever hope to describe them was a dancer's ass. Then there were her breasts. Larger than hers and other females, and Yasmin knew how to work with them to make them seem like the best things in the world. So soft that they felt like dough in her hands. Lin couldn't believe that she never realized her friend's gorgeous body.

Then her eyes...

"Mm...Yazzie I want you..." Lin said as she moved her hands down to her twitching shaft, breathing with the fast pace of her heart and began slowly stroking herself. The feeling was good but she had to stop herself when she caught onto what she was doing. "Err, I mean, I want you to fix this," Lin corrected herself, removing her hands from her shaft forcefully.

Yasmin nearly drool at the sight of Lin playing with her shaft. "I don't know Lin," Yasmin said with a slight predatory look in her eyes. "It looks to me that you enjoy having it. But, if you want me to get rid of it, I really don't know how to. You got that because I had a magic discharge," Yasmin explain apologetically as she rubbed her arm with a sheepish grin. "A magic discharge happens when a magic user uses too much magic or in this case..."

"You were building up magic while we were having sex? And you didn't even know about it? And now, I may be stuck with this thing?" Lin questioned, thrusting her hips in the air as she pointed at her new shaft with her hands. The thrust caused the shaft to swing up, casing a small groan to come out of Lin. "And why am I okay with this?" Lin questioned again as she sat back down on the bed with her legs spread wide open as she still not used to the feeling of having a shaft just yet.

Lin again moved her hands back onto the purple flesh, feeling an intense wave of heat coming from it as it continued to twitch with her every heartbeat. 'I guess I should be happy that it's big, at least...' Lin sighed, confused as to what she was going to do now with the throbbing shaft.

"I don't know," Yasmin said, "But, you might not be stuck with it. Since this happen with a discharge there is some good news...and bad news."

"Okay, what's the bad news first?" Lin questioned, unable to stop staring at Yasmin's body or play with the shaft sticking out from her.

"Bad news is that it might be permanent," Yasmin said sadly.

Sighing Lin dropped her head, moving her hands away from the throbbing shaft that was screaming for more attention. "Lemme guess the good news is that you could undo it. But you still don't know how to, right?"

"Yeah that true but it might disappear after a few hours or so," Yasmin said as she started crawling in front of Lin. Yasmin looking onto Lin's lustful eyes as her cock twitched from her blood pumped through it. "It just depends on the caster," Yasmin said as she straddled Lin's hips. "And this caster still horny." Yasmin said lustfully grinding her hips in Lin's lap with a ravenous look in her eyes. "So, let have some fun with your new member." Without further ado, she pulled Lin into a passionate kiss.

Lin moaned into the kiss from Yasmin rubbing her hips into Lin's shaft, moving her untapped flower over it. That's when Lin opened her eyes as a heavy thought enter her head. Lin tried to fight from the kiss but Yasmin seemed to be too into it. "Yasmin wait I-" Lin's lips were again sealed by Yasmin's soft lips again, quickly losing herself from the hound still grinding down onto her new shaft.

However, Lin was able to fight through the kiss as she placed her hands on Yasmin's shoulders before pushing the hound back. She looked in Yasmin's eyes for a moment, sighing. "Yasmin wait. Are you sure that you want to go through with this? I mean, this is an important time for any girls' life, including mine. But are you okay with this? I don't want this to happen because you're horny or that you're trying to make me feel better about this thing."

"Lin," Yasmin said while she stopped grinding herself in Lin's lap. "Lin, you've been my friend since the first day of college. We've been inseparable since then." Yasmin slowly smile as she looking into Lin's eyes. "I have to say you hid your feeling really well. I feel like a dunce for not seeing it, Yasmin said as Lin used her hair to block her face. She raised an eyebrow at Lin, brushing her hair from her face and lifting her chin. "OH, now you get embarrassed?"

"If anyone I should be embarrassed, it should be me," Yasmin said with a faint blush while she loosely wrapped her arms around Lin's neck. "It took a very sex filled way to figure out how I feel about us," Yasmin said, giving Lin a quick peck on the cheek. "I'll admit I'm still horny but, Lin I'm sure I want to give my first to you."

Lin giggled at Yasmin as she moved her hands to Yasmin's curvy legs, reaching around to Yasmin's perfect ass. "Really, you mean that?" Lin asked, only getting Yasmin to meekly nod her head. "Yasmin, you don't know how much that means to me. For as long as we've been friends, I can say that you've saved me from my own self." Lin moved in to return Yasmin's affection, placing a kiss on Yasmin's sweet lips for a moment before pulling back. "Thank you Yasmin, I'm glad that you're my first too."

"So, since that out the way," Yasmin smiled lustfully as she looked into Lin's eyes. "Let continued where we left off." Yasmin said as she started grinding her hips against Lin's thick shaft. "I'm surprised you're still hard after that little speech we had."

Lin's giggles were cut off by a soft sigh with Yasmin's hot flower grinding on her again. Clear and hot lines of pre-cum began leaking out of the tip of Lin's shaft, mixing with Yasmin's feminine juices. "Ho-how anyone can go soft ar-around a beautiful hound like you is one of the Seven Wonders of the World," Lin said as she gripped around Yasmin's waist to help with the hound's grinding. "Le-let's mo-move on Yazzie, I can't take much more of this."

"You just got a cock, you're already a quick shot," Yasmin said with a smirk as she pushed Lin onto her back. "And you're trying to call all the shots. It seems that your cock went straight to your head," Yasmin said as she lean forward looking down at Lin.

"H-hey you tr-try controlling yourself with a thing like this. It feels li-like I have a nine I-inch clit," Lin groaned as she looked up to Yasmin getting ready to slide herself down on Lin's shaft. Slowly Lin pulled Yasmin down, both moaning when the tip of Lin's shaft slid into Yasmin's tight satin walls. Warmth was spread throughout Lin as Yasmin's walls expanded outward to fit Lin's girth. Making it hard for Lin not to simply buck her hips up into Yasmin with reckless abandonment.

'Not as bad as I thought but damn it thick,' Yasmin thought to herself as Lin's shaft slid a couple more inches before the tip touched her hymen. She slowly open her eyes as she looked down at Lin. With a small nod, Yasmin's grip on the sheet tighten.

"Get ready Yazzie," Lin said, flexing back when she felt the thin barrier inside of Yasmin. The last thing Lin wanted to do was cause her best friend, now hopefully turned mate, any pain. However if they wanted to do what they both wanted to right now, then Yasmin was going to have to deal with a bit of pain. "M-my sisters to-told me this was going to hurt." Slowly with every care in the world, Lin began to pull Yasmin further down her shaft, touching against Yasmin's hymen.

Yasmin hissed in pain as Lin pushed into her hymen. "Y-your sisters were right," Yasmin said through grit teeth as she closed her eyes with tears started to form. But, to Yasmin's surprise, Lin started to pull away. "Wh-why you stopped?" she said as she opened her eyes.

"S-sorry Yazzie, you looked like you were in a lot of pain. I-I guess I panicked," Lin said, looking into Yasmin's teary eyes while she was slightly panting. "C'mon, let's try again." Once more, Lin tried to break through the seal inside of Yasmin, causing Yasmin to let out a pain filled howl. Lin continued to push through Yasmin's howling, eventually breaking Yasmin's hymen.

As Lin broke through her hymen, Yasmin threw herself on top of Lin, wrapping her arms around her into a tight hug as her claws dug into her shoulders. "T-That hurt," Yasmin said in a raspy voice as her twitched from the pain. After a few moment Lin started to pet her head as she rubbed her back. Slowly the pain started to numb into a dull ache.

Lin continued to gently rub Yasmin's back and head, quickly feeling a small trickle of blood from Yasmin around her shaft. Lin kept as still as she could until Yasmin was ready to continue. "H-heh, I told y-you that it would," Lin softly whispered into Yasmin's ear as Lin scratched the top of Yasmin's head. "I...I'm ready a-anytime y-you are, Yasmin."

Yasmin propped herself up on her elbows as she looked down at Lin. "I know this is so cliché but please be gentle," Yasmin said before her pulled Lin into a slow but passionate kiss.

Lin pushed back in the kiss, licking Yasmin's lips a bit to ask for entry with her tongue. When Yasmin parted her lips a little, Lin pushed her tongue inside of Yasmin's mouth, rubbing her tongue against Yasmin's.

Keeping her hand locked into Yasmin's dark hair, Lin slid her free hand down Yasmin's body. Suddenly Lin rolled over, pushing Yasmin to her back without breaking the kiss. Both hound moaned in the kiss from Lin's sudden move before finally parting from each other.

"I-I'll try Yasmin," Lin said as she moved her hand to Yasmin's cheek while her other one moved to Yasmin's left side. Lin began slowly sliding out of Yasmin's gripping walls, wincing from the feeling of the folds clamping down on her before she started to slowly move back in.

A soft coo left Yasmin lips as the emptiness was filled by Lin's thick shaft. Yasmin wrapped her arms loosely around Lin's neck as she pulled out again. Slowly, Lin started building a steady rhythm as the sounds of soft moans as slapping flesh filled Yasmin's room.

As Lin continued to build a slow rhythm, she couldn't begin to describe how it felt to be inside of Yasmin's tight walls. Each time she pulled out of Yasmin, Lin could feel the hound underneath her clench down to keep her in, making it that much harder, yet pleasurable, when Lin pushed back in. "Yazzie, e-ease up...y-you gotta r-relax," Lin said as she continued to slowly increase of each movement, moaning each time Yasmin's folds clenched on her.

"I-I-'m relax as a virgin who just got her cherry popped can be," Yasmin said with a gritted smirk. Lin thrust herself in Yasmin making her moan. "H-How 'bout you speed up?" Yasmin teased as her hands gripped Lin's slender hips.

Lin moved her hands down to Yasmin's curvy thighs to get a better grip on the hound as she quickly began increasing her pace and force of her movements, pulling out a bit further each time. Lin could already feel another climax building inside of her already, forcing her to close her eyes and bite down her lower lips to focus on lasting a little while longer.

"Y-Yazzie you're s-so tight! I-I'm not gonna last m-much longer," Lin moaned before she pulled out to her tip so she could flip Yasmin to her side, lifting Yasmin's leg over her shoulder, and beginning to double her thrusting as she held onto Yasmin's thigh.

"H-h-hold on," Yasmin manage to say thought Lin's shaft assaulted her tight core. "I-I have an idea!" Yasmin yelped as Lin pulled her tail. "S-slow down Lin," she said as more of her moaned filled her room.

"I-I can't... m-my..." Lin groaned, unable to finish her sentence her pace nearly doubled.

'[i_]Lin getting really close, I better do this before it too late._' Yasmin thought to herself as she put her plan into action. As quickly as she could Yasmin channeled her magic. Yasmin tried to turn over, but Lin's hold on her leg only got tighter. "L-Lin Le-let go!"

Lin's ears flattened against her head as he merely continued ramming into Yasmin. She was way too close to stop now, all she needed was a few more moments. "J-just a f...few more," Lin moaned with her eyes rolled up into her head and drool at the corners of her lips, sitting up on her knees some more to have better lavage on Yasmin.

"Lin~!" Yasmin moaned as Lin knotted herself inside of Yasmin's clenching walls .The abrupt knotting caused Yasmin to lose her channeled magic. 'So Close!' Yasmin thought to herself as she lost her magic. Yasmin tried to speak but was silenced by another orgasm ran through her body causing her toes curled as her back arched.

After somehow fitting her knot into Yasmin, Lin experienced her first climax with her new tool. And the experience was amazing! What felt like a building pressure becoming trapped inside of her suddenly poured out into Yasmin. It felt as though something had broken in Lin, only for it to shoot out from her shaft, quickly filling Yasmin's walls.

With each volley of her cum, Lin gave a final desperate buck of her hips while Yasmin's folds clamped down onto her. The excessive of the two's cum leaked out of Yasmin's flower, drenching both of the hounds in warmth as they began to calm down. "T-th...that was awesome," Lin breathe out before she moved Yasmin's leg off her shoulder and flipping Yasmin onto her back.

Lin then caught a half-drowsy and half-angry look on Yasmin's face, obviously none too happy with the force knotting. "H-heh sorry Yazzie, you felt way too good, and I guess I couldn't help myself," Lin said with a sheepish grin as she rubbed the back of her head while Yasmin slowly sat up.

"I told you to wait," Yasmin said in an annoyed tone. "You're just like a puppy with a new toy." She pulled Lin's cheeks making funny faces against Lin's will. "Sorry couldn't help myself."

Lin giggled for a bit before smacking Yasmin's hands away from her face. "Guess that makes the two of us," she said, taking hold of Yasmin's cheeks only to pull her into a loving kiss, causing their breasts to press against each other, and causing the two to moan in the kiss.

Still buried into Yasmin, Lin's body quickly started to become hotter as her shaft began to regain some of its stiffness. Lin moved her hands down to Yasmin's hips before she slowly pulled her growing shaft out, causing the remaining contents of the two's previous lovemaking to leak out of Yasmin.

"Wow Yazzie, you're making me hard again," Lin said in amazement at how fast she was recovering. Moving her hand down to her shaft, Lin could tell that it was already semi-hard again as it was coated in both her and Yasmin's juices. "You ready for round two?" Lin asked with a slight sigh, acting like Yasmin and she were playing one of their video games.

"Someone ready to rumble," Yasmin said with a smirk as she wrapped her arms around Lin's neck. "You think you can handle going another round. Especially with your thick, long, cock having a quick trigger."

A wide smile came onto Lin's face as she took hold of Yasmin's thighs, sitting up suddenly to pin Yasmin on her back again. Before the hound could make any further moves, Lin sealed Yasmin into a furious kiss, moving her hands up to Yasmin's wide hips.

Lin then suddenly pulled back away from the kiss, sitting up from Yasmin only to flip her onto her stomach. "Yazzie, there's something I've always been wanting to tell you," Lin started as she took hold of Yasmin's ass cheeks, humming from the toughness of them. "You got a great ass," she continued as she gave Yasmin's ass cheek a quick smack, getting a yelp out of Yasmin.

"H-hey!" Yasmin said as she looked over her shoulder at Lin. "Remember I can make you pay for that slap." Yasmin said as the runes on her back glows briefly for emphasize. "But thanks," Yasmin said with a blush.

Lin started to giggle at the blush on Yasmin's face as she continued to mount the hound. "Anytime Yasmin, I mean it too," she whispered into Yasmin's ear, teasing the tan hound's outer folds with her still growing shaft. "And I hope you're ready to take it from the back Yasmin." Lin began teasing Yasmin's flower with her shaft, moving her hands to Yasmin's hips.

"Well it does makes sense." Yasmin said with a coo as she felt Lin tease her. "But, can you handle my lovely little humps," she said as she wiggled her hips.

Lin again giggled with a sly smirk on her face as she got ready to penetrate Yasmin's folds. "Guess we're about to find out," she said, pulling on Yasmin's hips as she began to push into Yasmin. Getting in was far more easier than last time since Yasmin was still filled in with her cum, but the two were left moaning.

"Mm...Still nice and tight. I can get used to this," Lin moaned as she doubled over onto Yasmin's back, eventually bottoming out inside of her. A heavy sigh left out of her mouth from the incredibly warm feeling of Yasmin's walls quivering around her. "Whatever you were going to do before, you better start now."

"W-Well that idea was going to help you." Yasmin said. "So, how about I do this instead." The runes on Yasmin's back glow as her magic passed through Lin's body again. Yasmin smirked as Lin moaned in pleasure. But, as it left her body she left a little surprised for Lin.

Whatever Yasmin was doing with her magic had an immediate effect on Lin as she continued to moan in bliss, reaching her hands up to Yasmin's breasts to fondle them. "Wh-what was that?" Lin asked, feeling a jolt of pleasure moving along her loins as she slowly began pulling out of Yasmin before pushing back inside of the tingling folds. "Y-Yazzie, what did you just do?"

Yasmin looked over her at Lin. "Mmm, I left you a surprise," Yasmin said slyly. "Hope you Iike it." Yasmin turned her face around as she started to smirk to herself. 'I know I will.'

Lin growled a little when Yasmin wouldn't tell her what she did, but since she was the one who had the hound bent over, she didn't care right about now. "Yeah? Well I know you'll like this," Lin said as she began to thrust into Yasmin, moving one of her hands down to Yasmin's thigh to lift her leg off the bed. Now with better leverage against Yasmin, Lin started to take her time with rutting the hound as to make the most of this moment.

"F-Fuck!" Yasmin moaned as Lin shaft pounded her tight muff. "D-Dammit Lin, h-how?" Yasmin manage to ask as Lin thrusted harder into her. Yasmin's moans filled the room as the smell of feminine musk filled both of their noses driving them wild.

"Y-you gotta have s-some tricks when you can't use magic right?" Lin teased before she sat up on her knees, placing her left hand on Yasmin's hips to maximize the leverage she had over Yasmin. Now Lin was partially fucking Yasmin up the head of bed, causing their hips to smack together as Lin's tail began to wag behind her. "Th-that and...I-I've been wa-watching p-porn for the l-last four years."

"I-I fucking s-sweared those girls in porno faked it~" Yasmin moaned as Lin hammered her cock home in her soaked cunt. "B-B-But if it feels this good I might start b-believing them." She placed her hands against her lavender walls to brace herself as Lin's hard thrusting drive her into her bed. "F-Fuck me harder!" Yasmin's tongue lolled out her mouth as Lin picked up speed in her onslaught on her dripping honey pot.

With each of Lin's thrusts, Yasmin was lifted off the bed some more, which itself was starting to rock a little when Yasmin had grabbed onto the wooden headrest. "Y-you know, w-we could watch some l-later," Lin said through her moans as she began pulling out all the tip of her shaft, only to slam all the way to her bulging knot. Lin could feel her move into the deepest spots inside of Yasmin. Thanks to the both of them leaking out pre-cum, it aided with Lin's motions inside of Yasmin's depths.

"You acting like you're going to keep that cock of yours." Yasmin said as drool fell from her tongue. "A-and I also know a few tricks." Yasmin started moving her hips to match Lin's powerful rhythm.

Drool began to flow out of Lin's mouth from Yasmin moving her hips against Lin's movements, causing the hound's ears to flatten against her head. "W-who's to say w-we won't b-be doing this again?" she moaned as her knees started to feel a little weak. Though, Lin tried to hold up a little while longer before she eventually fell back, pulling Yasmin on top of her. Yasmin quickly took control as she began dropping down onto Lin's twitching shaft while the white hound placed her hands onto Yasmin's hips.

"S-Says me, t-the one who accidently gave you that c-cock in the first place," Yasmin said as she slam herself down on Lin's cock. "Plus it seem that someone forgot my little surprise" Yasmin said as she looked back as Lin's drooling face. Yasmin gyrated her hips getting Lin to moan in pleasure.

Lin tilted her head up from the pleasure of Yasmin's well-timed gyrations, causing more moans to leave her mouth. "Y-Yazzie...just t-tell me already!" Lin moaned before she dragged her claws around to the backside of Yasmin's thighs, grabbing hold to take back control. Once she had Yasmin whimpering on top of her, Lin began nibbling on the tan hound's neck.

"N-nevah," Yasmin whimpered defiantly as Lin nibbled on the scruff of her neck. "Y-you'll just have to find out was it is. J-just know that you're going to lose this r-round," Yasmin said with a smirk as she grinded herself in Lin's lap getting a low whine from her. "Whining already? You must be close."

Lin growled a small bit at Yasmin before she pushed Yasmin back onto her stomach, quickly reaching for the hound's breasts again as she continued to repeatedly slam her way into Yasmin's depths. "Y-yeah? Yo-you're one to talk," Lin moaned into Yasmin's ear as she stood up on her toes, causing Yasmin's ass to lift further off the bed while her head was pushed into her lavender pillow. Soon, Lin took her hands off of Yasmin's breasts to take hold of her hips to finish off what was left of Yasmin's resistance.

"Lin!" Yasmin yelped as Lin impaled her dick in her wet snatch. Yasmin bite on her knuckles to keep herself from reaching a peak too quickly. However, Lin continued to keep her on edge every time they changed positions. Each time Lin trusted into her, Yasmin could feel Lin's bulging knot met the very entry of her folds. "F-fu...fuck! I-I'm gonna..."

A wide droopy smile was placed onto Lin's lips as she could feel Yasmin become closer to the edge from her clenching flower. Hell, even Lin was getting ready to burst in more way than one as her flower underneath her shaft began to soak her inner thighs. The pressure was rabidly driving Lin mad as she continued to thrust into Yasmin as she got ready to release her seed and juices.

"Ah-ahh, Yazzie...I'm no-not gonna l-last mu-much longer," Lin panted before she bit down on her lip to hold herself in a little while longer. However, Yasmin's glorious hole was becoming too much for her to bare. "I-I'm gonna c-cum inside o-of you again!"

Yasmin moaned as she felt Lin's shaft knotted inside her. "I-I thought you said you was going to cum inside?" Yasmin teased as she looked back at Lin. Lin's cock continued to pulse in her pussy as if it was cumming but no cum was coming out. "Well if you're not going to cum I might as well help you."

Lin violently bucked her hips into Yasmin, feeling like she was cumming but not having that euphoric feeling that came with sweet release, causing her to snap her jaw at Yasmin. "You think that y-your magic can s-save you?" Lin questioned as she reached for Yasmin's round ass, grabbing hold of it with her clawed hands before she pulled her knot out of Yasmin to start up her thrusting.

Doubling over Yasmin's back, Lin then slid her hands down to Yasmin's knees, lifting them off of the bed as she began to hammer inside of Yasmin's tight, quivering, walls. Lin reached over to Yasmin's ear, taking it in her mouth as she fucked Yasmin further into the bed. "Yo-you do realize th-that you just stopped me from cumming, a-and not you right?"

"I k-know, want to give you some hope," Yasmin said with a moan. Yasmin snapped her fingers, causing Lin to howl as she came hard into Yasmin's cunt. Lin rammed her in her knot for a second time. As Lin sent volleys of her hot cum into her tight hole, quickly filling Yasmin with her warmth, Yasmin finally gave into the crashing waves of pleasure as she squeezed down around Lin's knot, milking the white hound for all she was worth as Yasmin drenched Lin with her feminine juices. "S-see told you I'll help you cum." Eventually, it became too much for Yasmin to hold up as she fell to the bed with Lin on top of her.

Lin heavily panted on top of Yasmin, both of them panting from the stunt the magical hound just pulled. Sweat covered both of the hounds' fur, filling the room with the scent of their sex. "Y-you cheated..." Lin breathe out into Yasmin's ear, removing her hands from Yasmin's legs and placing them on either side of Yasmin's shoulders. "Bu-but I don't really care," she continued before placing a kiss on Yasmin's neck. "Th-that was too amazing to care who won."

"Mmm, all is fair in love and war," Yasmin said with a chuckle as she turned to her side to wrap her arm around the back of Lin's neck. "But, as wonderful that was, I think we should get cleaned up and take you to the M.E.R." She tried to move, but had trouble doing so with her still knotted around Lin. "You know Lin, it hard to move when you got a grown dog on your back."

"Oh, I'm sorry," Lin said in an exaggerated tone of voice followed with an eye roll. "It's not like we've spent the last four hours having sex or anything." Lin snaked her hands down towards Yasmin's ass cheek, taking hold of them as she got ready to unknot herself. "But if you want me off so bad..." Lin suddenly, and forcefully, pulled her shaft out of Yasmin's beaten flower, causing Yasmin to wince while Lin sighed in relief of having her shaft free from the vice grip.

"C'mon Yasmin, we're all sticky because of that, and I'm hungry again." Lin giggled a little as she placed a hand over her empty stomach, famished from the rough and over the top sex that they had. "Hey, what happened to that bowl of popcorn?"

As Lin tried to search for the pink bowl, she failed to pay attention to the bed sheets wrapping around her left leg, causing her to fall face first off the bed and into the half empty bowl. "Ow...oh hey there's still some popcorn in this thing!"

Yasmin would laugh at someone who fell off the bed. So, why should this time be any different? "Pfft, hahaha. Y-You ok Lin." Yasmin laughed as she looked off the bed at Lin. "It's always stomach first with you isn't it?" Yasmin asked with a giggle as she watched Lin wolf down the leftover popcorn with her tail wagging.

"Mm-hm," Lin muttered with mouth full of popcorn as her tail continued wagging behind her. Yasmin can say whatever she wanted to, Lin thought with her feelings and gut. And right now, her gut and emotions was saying 'food.' "Only just a little cold too," Lin said as she kicked her way out of the sheets before she climb out of the bed fully. Once she was on her feet again, Lin quickly picked up the pink bowl, and continued to eat the remaining of the popcorn. ", we've should've finished this earlier, where is this M.E.R thingy you were talking about?"

"A room I got set up in my house just in case something like this might happen," Yasmin said as she rested her paws on the floor. "You think you can help me get up."

"Huh wh...Oh right," Lin said as she sat the bowl on the bed before she moved Yasmin's left side, wrapping her arm around the hound's back as she wrapped her arm around Lin's neck. "C'mon you," Lin said with a small huff as she lifted Yasmin off the bed. "I guess this is the morning after pains my sisters warned me about too, huh?"

"I'm not in that much pain but, I can't feel my legs~" Yasmin moaned as she felt Lin's cum leak from her well fuck cunt. "I have a feeling that will take a while to clean out my fur." She sighed, not particularly looking forward to spending an hour grooming. "Come on Lin, let get cleaned up."

"You sure you don't want to throw on a pair of panties or something?" Lin asked as they took another step, only for another moan to come out of Yasmin along with another trickle of cum out of her flower. "Cause at this rate, you're gonna leave a trail of cum throughout your house."

"Y-yea, good idea. Help me get to the dresser." Yasmin said before Lin helped her hurry to the large wooden dresser flushed against the wall near to the door. Quickly, she rummaged through the drawer and put on a pair of panties that a design of bones with pink bows on them. "Don't say anything," Yasmin growled, looking at a snickering Lin.

Lin continued to giggle at Yasmin's panties as she started to carefully put them on. "Oh c'mon, you act like you're the only one with cute underwear," Lin giggled after Yasmin had finished putting on her panties so she wouldn't leave a trail through her house. Before Yasmin could close the dresser, Lin spotted a thin piece of pink fabric sitting at the top of Yasmin's underwear. "Heh, was that a thong I saw?"

"Yeah, maybe what about it?" Yasmin asked as Lin who looked surprised. "What? You didn't think I would have a pair or two?" she questioned with raised eyebrow.

"No, no it isn't that, it's just that..." A small blush came onto Lin's face as she pressed her naked body closer towards Yasmin's. Lin took hold of Yasmin's hip, pulling her that much closer as she leaned into the hound's ear. "I wouldn't mind seeing you in a pair of them sometime you know," Lin whispered into Yasmin's ear as she drugged her claws over Yasmin's upper thighs.

"M-maybe someday, Lin. But we have to get going," Yasmin said with a blush before they started to make their way out of the room. Each step they took, Yasmin could feel her panties become sticky with the amount of cum that Lin shot into her.

As they made their way into the living room, Yasmin took a small peak towards the flaccid shaft still hanging in between Lin's slender white legs. A line of drool formed at the corners of Yasmin's lips at the sight of the meaty rod that had beaten into her twice tonight.

"Hey Yasmin," Lin started as she looked over towards Yasmin's purple eyes, catching where Yasmin's eyes were. "You said that you were looking for a roommate to live with you right? Because I was thinking that I could live with you. I'll chip in for stuff too, what ya think?" For a moment, Yasmin didn't answer Lin's idea as she continued to stare directly at Lin's shaft. "Yazzie, eyes up here," Lin said as she cupped Yasmin chin to direct her head up to Lin's eyes. "What do you think about what I said?"

Yasmin blushed as Lin caught her staring. Yasmin chuckled embarrassedly while rubbed the back of her neck. "Um, it's not a bad idea Lin," Yasmin said thoughtfully. "But you sure you want to do this. It's a big decision."

"I'm sure Yasmin," Lin said as she rested her head on Yasmin's shoulder with a soft sigh. "After living with three sisters, this wouldn't be much of a change. And my parents have been looking for every way to get me out of the house so they can have it to themselves. Sides, living with you could be a lot of fun you know?"

"True, it can be fun. It kinda boring living by myself. And if you moved in here, it wouldn't be boring for once," Yasmin said as she thought it over a bit more. "Fine, you can move in L-" Yasmin was cut off by Lin pulling her in for a bone crushing hug.

Lin continued to tightly hold onto Yasmin as the hound just had set her free from the years of just being the last child living with her parents. Lin loved her mom and dad, but sometimes they seem almost disappointed with the way she turned out. This wasn't helped with the fact of her sisters had something accountable in some way.

"Thank you Yasmin! You don't know what this means to me," Lin said with a small cheer as she buried her head into Yasmin's neck, nuzzling into the hound's matted fur incidentally catching a whiff of Yasmin's scent.

'When did Lin get so strong?' Yasmin wondered to herself before realizing that it was hard to breathe with Lin hugging her so tight. "Lin, I c-c-can't br-bre-breathe," Yasmin forced out with the little air she had left.

"Huh? Oh sorry," Lin said before she let Yasmin free from her tight, and uncontrolled grip. As Yasmin took in a deep breath, Lin started to blush a little as she scratched her cheek with her claw. "Don't know my own strength sometimes."

Yasmin hunched over with her hands on her knees. "Y-ya don't say," Yasmin quipped as she started to breathe regularly. "Well, I think I can stand on my own power now," she said standing back up. Now back up to her full height again, Yasmin again noted the three inch height difference, which didn't add up with Lin's strength. "Speaking of strength, I don't remember you being that strong before."

"Oh well, you remember how I said my dad was magical right?" Lin rhetorically asked, getting a nod out of Yasmin, and prompting her to continue. "Well my mother is a dragon, and I guess I inherited her strength. And uh," Lin laughed when her stomach gave out a loud growl of hunger, holding up her clawed hand that was still, technically, sheathed despite her claws coming out about an inch. "Claws and appetite too when I think about it.

"You just had popcorn to eat." Yasmin said with a giggle. "Your claws do come in handy at times. Remember that fight you almost got into."

"With that jerky gryphoness? Yeah," Lin spat in malice as one of her hands curled a bit as well as her claws elongating just from the memory of the feathery bully. "Picking on little cubs like that, so pathetic. She's lucky she backed off before I really got mad." Lin turned her head up towards the ceiling as she crossed her arms underneath her chest. Another giggle came out of Yasmin as she wrapped her arms around Lin's neck, nuzzling cheeks together with Lin. "Heh, so about that M.E.R room again? What is it exactly, you still haven't told me really."

"Oh, it just like an emergency room but just for magical emergencies," Yasmin said as she guided Lin into the bathroom. Yasmin pushed opened the door to the bathroom that served as the 'emergency room' for when Yasmin has a mishap with her magic. Yasmin let go of Lin to start the bath for them to undo whatever the discharged did to Lin's biology, and to wash up the efforts of their sex. Turning back around, Yasmin saw that Lin was holding onto her arms and looking around the bathroom with a nervous manner about her. "You ok, Lin you seem worried about something?"

"Hm? Oh no, not really," Lin said trying to shake herself out of the thoughts that's been in her head since she asked Yasmin could she move in. "Okay so I might be a 'little' worried about what my parents say when I tell them. They haven't ever been supportive in stuff I do so I'm worried what they would do."

Lin took hold of her tail and started stroking it to help her relax a bit, but with the memories of the incident coming back to her, Lin couldn't help but have an empty feeling in her stomach. "I mean, you should've seen the looks on their faces when they learned that I almost got into a fight. Oh Cerberus, I'm afraid of my parents actually showing me any kind of attention...Great."

"Lin, you shouldn't be looking for your parent's approval for everything you do. You they love you right?" Yasmin asked Lin, looking back at her. Lin nod her head, so she continued. "Have they ever say they won't support the decisions you make in your life?" Lin nodded again. "So just live your life and stop worrying about what your parents think."

"I'm not going for their approval, especially with seven years of making choices on my own," Lin said with at oddly distant tone in her voice towards the subject. "I just don't know what to do when they show any kind of emotion towards what I do. I'm still fairly sure that they don't know where I work at." Lin started to laugh for a bit as she took a step behind Yasmin. "So how does this thing work? Like does the water wash away the magic or something?"

"Yup," Yasmin said with a quick nod. "The showerhead enhances the water. It'll definitely do the trick of getting rid of the residual magic. If it works, it will save us a trip to the hospital. I kinda hate this shower though." Yasmin said looking at the shower with distaste.

"How come?" Lin asked, looking up at the showerhead spraying out seemingly normal hot water out, causing a nice cloud of steam that was already working in relieving any sores the two were having. "Does it do something to you too?"

"It weakens, if not kills my magic at times," Yasmin said in an annoyed tone. "It sucks cause then either I have to get out the shower which really sucks, or I have to channel more magic to get anything. By the way, I suggest you get in first cause you need to be under the water more than I do."

"Oh, okay," Lin said before she stepped in the shower, yelping a bit from the sudden jump of temperature, but soon getting used to it. "So Yasmin, how's your degree coming?" Lin asked as she grabbed onto the soap bottle to squirt out a fair amount on her hands to start washing herself. "It kinda sucks that you had to change after Professor Raid left."

"Don't remind me." Yasmin said with a dejected sigh as she stepped in after Lin. "Oh sorry if the water is too hot I like my showers that way." As, the water cascaded down Yasmin's body she thought about all the time she put towards the major she was never interested in. "Two semesters wasted, I think I might as well continued to get the associate's degree." Yasmin said with a shrug as she took the bottle Lin handed her. "Hey! That's my favorite soap and didn't you bring your own?"

Lin shrugged her shoulders as she brought her hands to her body to start washing the layer of sweat from her fur. "Yeah, but it's in my bag, which is in the den so...yeah. But anyway, you should do what I'm doing. Get your associate's then transfer to a better school and apply for a bunch of scholarships." Lin continued to wash herself, knowing that Yasmin was watching with interest of more than one kind. "Of course you'll have to make sure that the school you transfer will take all of your previous credits. And you should go for culinary you're a really good cook Yasmin."

"Yeah, maybe," Yasmin said as she watch Lin scrub herself with a small blush on her face. Even despite the fact that she could feel her magic being drained out of her body because of the water, Yasmin couldn't help but take an eyeful of Lin's slender body, trailing down to the purple shaft in between her legs. Thanks to the water, Yasmin was able to hide the fact that she was drooling.

She again was filled with thoughts of how it would feel to have the thick piece of meat in her mouth so she could know what Lin taste like. "Hey Lin, mind if I 'help' you?" Yasmin asked as she poured some soap in her hands. Her words laced with yearning for Lin's cock. A need that Lin picked up on.

"Sure you can, it does get hard to reach every spot," Lin said moving over towards the wall away from the shower with Yasmin closing in on her. Once the hound was in arms reach, Lin reached around Yasmin's hips before Yasmin placed her hands on Lin's chest to begin kneading in the soap into her fur.

The two quickly locked lips together as Lin's shaft began to spring back to life. Lin quickly darted her tongue inside of Yasmin's mouth, exploring the taller hound's mouth quickly while her hands moved down to Yasmin's round ass cheeks to give them a quick squeeze with her claws.

Yasmin moaned in the kiss before she broke the kiss. "Someone frisky again," Yasmin cooed as Lin's hard cock teased her flower. Yasmin continued to work the soap into Lin's fur as she worked her way down Lin's sides and flat stomach. "And she has abs and it a six pack." Yasmin teased as she felt Lin's muscles under her wet coat.

"And you got a perfect ass with a pair of juicy thighs, know that?" Lin questioned before she sealed Yasmin's lips in a kiss again as she trailed her hands up Yasmin's back to pull her closer against Lin's body. Lin let out a moan into the kiss from Yasmin grinding her hips into Lin's quickly stiffening shaft. "What you say Yasmin?" Lin asked, breaking the kiss for a moment before locking Yasmin into the kiss as Lin moved a hand down to Yasmin's leg to lift it up. "Last chance to have fun with this thing tonight."

"True. But, I want to have fun with something else tonight," Yasmin said seductively as she removed Lin's hand from her leg. Before Lin could question, Yasmin placed a finger on her lips. "Shush, just enjoy." She gently pushed Lin under the shower head, washing off the soap on her body. Slowly, Yasmin slid down Lin's body, dragging her hands down Lin's stomach as Yasmin got on her knees. Yasmin looked up at Lin, her tail moving behind her. "I want to play with this."

"Now who's acting like pup with a new chew toy?" Lin joked Yasmin gigged before taking hold of Lin's hips so she could rub her breasts into Lin's shaft. "Well, I'm not gonna stop you," Lin moaned as she placed a hand on top of Yasmin's wet black hair, rubbing it as to encourage Yasmin to do what Lin was thinking she was gonna do.

Yasmin heard Lin gasped as her tongue touched her shaft. She slowly licked from base of Lin's cock to the tip. Her eyes never let Lin's expression as she watched Lin's body shudder with eagerness. Slowly, Yasmin licked from the base of her knot just stopping at the tip. Lin groaned as Yasmin licked around the tip. Yasmin felt Lin's hands rubbed her head, prompting her to continue licking her cock.

"O-oh wow, Yasmin," Lin moaned as she entangled her fingers inside of Yasmin's hair, bucking her hips a little into Yasmin as her shaft twitched. The feeling of having Yasmin's tongue licking at her shaft was a new experience for her, far different than being inside of Yasmin. "C-c'mon, quit te-teasing me already b-before this thing disappear on us. I-It's just l-like an ice-pop...j-just thicker."

Yasmin giggled at Lin's eagerness. "Relax Lin, I have a feeling with how thick your cock is, it'll take a while for it to disappear," Yasmin said reassuringly. But before Lin could make a retort, she quickly took Lin's cock into her maul. Looking up, Yasmin's lips awkwardly curled into a smile. Lin's eyes were shut closed with an obvious expression of bliss. Encouraged by Lin's expression, she began swirling her tongue around Lin's dick and slowly taking inch after inch of Lin's thick phallus. Yasmin was caught off guard when Lin's hips suddenly trusted forward, forcing her to take a few more inches faster than she had expected. However, she kept face and merely pulled back slowly and made sure to have a stronger grip around Lin's slender hips.

Lin groaned from Yasmin taking her time with sucking her off, but she soon listened to the hound's words as she tilted her head up to enjoy Yasmin's mouth at the hound's pace. Lin began sucking in air through her teeth from the feeling of Yasmin's wide tongue moving around her sensitive shaft, prompting Lin to move one of her hands off of Yasmin's wet hair to her breasts, cupping one of them."Ya-Yazzie..." Lin breathe out as she reached her claws to her sensitive nipple to tug on it, causing a shiver to go down Lin's spine. Eventually, Lin couldn't take just having one hand play with her breasts, so she was forced to remove her other hand off of Yasmin's head to reach her other breast.

With Lin's hands off of her hair, Yasmin was able to get a better hold on Lin's waist as she continued to push in more of Lin's shaft into her mouth. 'I-it's so hot....and it's twitching every time I lick around the head of it.' In Yasmin's own excitement, Yasmin began moving a hand down to her flower to play with herself as she began taking over half of the thick rod into her mouth. Even though it was only half, Yasmin could feel that the shaft was already touching the back of her mouth.

Yasmin soon began bobbing her head against Lin's shaft, getting more of it to go into her mouth when Lin's hips lightly moved forward. 'I-it's in the back of my throat, and I can feel Lin's pre-cum going into me.' Yasmin began rubbing her flower with her two middle fingers before she pushed them inside, causing her to moan around Lin's shaft.

Yasmin's moan traveled all the way up inside of Lin, making her shudder as she continued to pull and pinch her nipples. The feeling of Yasmin's moist mouth was driving Lin wild. Yasmin was a lot better at this than Lin thought she would, but Lin soon started losing her senses as she removed her hands from her breasts to place them on either side of Yasmin's head to aid in picking up Yasmin's pace.

Yasmin gagged as Lin shoved more of her cock down her throat. Yasmin pulled away from Lin as she started to have a coughing fit. "Lin," Yasmin said as she try to give Lin an angry face but between her coughs wasn't helping. After a few moments of catching her breath, Yasmin glared up at Lin. "I told you to relax."

"Oh my gosh Yasmin I'm sorry," Lin quickly said before she knelt down towards Yasmin to make sure she was okay. "I-I don't know what came over me, I'm sorry." Lin turned her head away from Yasmin, blaming herself for what happened. "Ever since we' know, did it. I guess I've been-"

Lin was cut off when a powerful feeling welled up inside of her gut, causing it to expand outward slightly. The feeling quickly traveled upwards into her throat, making Lin scream in pain as it burned. But has she opened her mouth to cry out, a spout of neon-purple and white flames left her rambling mouth. Her eyes widened and watered up at the sight before she covered her mouth with her hands. Lin heartbeat quickly began racing as she tried to make sense of what just happened to her and what was happening.

She then looked over towards Yasmin, who had backed away in obvious fear from the bright flames. Lin's ears flattened against her head after seeing the look of fear in Yasmin's eyes, quickly becoming frightened of her own self.

Lin dared to open her mouth again, just for a split second to see if the flames were still there. When no traces of the bright fire was shown in Lin's mouth she tried to speak again. "Ho-holy fucking crap! Y-Yasmin wh-what was that?! Did I rea-really just breathe fire?!"

Yasmin had her back to the shower wall as she held a hand over her chest. Her mouth hung open as she stared at Lin in shock. It took her a moment to get continue of herself before she started working her mouth to say something. However, all that came out was incoherent babbling that made her look like a goldfish, causing Lin to sorely chuckle. "Wha-bu-How?!." Yasmin eventually managed to stammer, not moving her eyes away from Lin.

"How am I supposed to know? That was the first time that's ever happened," Lin said with a bit more control in her voice but still greatly worried what was happening. There was a soreness in Lin's throat, and her hunger had grew to something that was almost painful, causing a loud growl to come from Lin's stomach that was heard over the still cascading water. "Uh...I think I need to make a phone call," Lin said after a small moment of thought while she rubbed her stomach and throat.

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