Coyote in the Henhouse

Story by TheSarcasticBandit on SoFurry

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Incestuous male bunnies, a failing farm, a collar and a horny coyote. First full story in the paws of my publisher.

Comments, corrections, and candies are always appreciated.

Isaac woke early to plow the field. Not to mention the usual tasks, milking the cows, tending the livestock, and he'd have to go into town today. It wasn't made any easier by his ungrateful children as they just wanted to leave. Isaac couldn't fool himself either, he knew the farm was dying. The last crop wasn't too bad, but still corn was cheaper elsewhere than he could compete with and he was stubborn, a quality not shared by many rabbits. Rita actually admired that about him and it was days like these that she was most missed. It was easier when the kids were young. Less cynical. Just happy to be around feral animals, help their dad plant seeds in the field, help their mom cook, just happy to be on the farm. At nineteen and seventeen they were just furry little balls of negativity, out for themselves, sneaking away at all hours of the night. Well Christian more than Sophia. He supposed Rita's death had something to do with their turning away from their home, his farm. They'd been told she would have lived if help just could have gotten there sooner and now his kids wanted nothing to do with him.

There was another break in in the henhouse that day. Isaac was furious. It had to be a damn coyote, the door was practically torn off it's hinges and bite marks lined the outer edge. The new lock had done nothing, tying pots and pans to the door had done nothing the night before, and he fell asleep on the second night of watch after the first time. It was a smart beast that was stealing from him, but it was a bad time to being stealing from him. Isaac had too much on his plate; the strangers living in his house, he never had time to properly come to terms with his wife's death, the loan he couldn't pay for the upgrades to his farming equipment he couldn't afford when he made them let alone now. He really couldn't do anything about all that, but he could catch a coyote. While doing so he could probably stop the sneaking out too. Isaac would just need patience and someone to lend a hand.

Isaac made soup with leftover beans and corn. Sophia ate a little, she said it was bland but better than yesterday's disaster (She said dinner, but he knew it had been a disaster). Christian just stared at him. In fact Isaac couldn't remember the last time the boy said anything to him, excluding grunts. "Aren't you hungry?" Isaac eyed his son, a bit cautious because he knew what it was like to be a seventeen year old boy. So much anger and energy with very few places to direct it.

"Already ate." Christian didn't even look up. "You'd know that if you paid any attention."

"You know I work all day. You know..." Isaac wanted to say that it hurt to even look at him. At them. They both reminded him of Rita so much. She chose their names and Sophia looked so much like her, but the one thing she didn't have Christian got... Rita's beautiful blue eyes. There wasn't any way they could know that though, Isaac hadn't realized it himself until just then.

"That all you can think of?" Christian smirked.

"Why don't you just eat your dinner?" Isaac glared at him, he didn't like looking foolish. Christian pushed the bowl away.

"I'm done." He got up to walk away.

"You're done when I say so. I paid for this house dammit!" Christian and Sophia jumped when lsaac's paw slammed against the table.

"Chris, daddy... please don't..." She frowned and her eyes watered up a little. "You do remember what tomorrow is, right?" They all knew. "Do you think she would want to carry on like this? After all this time?"

"What do you know about anything?" She was stricken. Sophia looked at her brother like he was a monster.

"Christian you apologize right now. She's right you know? We're supposed-"

"We? We?!? We aren't anything. You don't even know me. You don't know her. She has a boyfriend, that's who she's been running around with at night. I'm- I... " Christian paused as his voice broke. "I got a job. I'm gonna move out." Silence filled the small house as they all thought about what he said.

"Daddy. I... I wanted to tell you-"

"I know. I know, I've been avoiding you it's just.... Sophie. I need to talk to Christian alone." Sophia excused herself and went to her room. By the time Isaac thought of what to say she'd already tearfully said a silent goodbye and left through her bedroom window, but she didn't look back. Not even when the yelling started.

"How long have you been working?" Isaac fumed. "How much money?" Christian couldn't look his father in the eye. "How long have I been wasting my hard earned money while you were out helping yourself?!?" Christian's ears went down.

"I don't start until next week. Mr.Miller said he'd give me a room if I came to work for him..." Christian admitted.

"Miller? You're going to work on another farm? Ha! I'm sure you'd be much better off there!"

"It's not the farm I want to get away from, or the smell, or anything. It's you." It got quiet. "Besides his wife can cook."

"If you're going to work for anyone, you're gonna pay me back first."

"I don't owe you anything. Ever since mom... You haven't done shit for me."

"Everyday I work-"

"So you don't have to look me in the eyes!"

"So I can pay the bank! So I can put food on the table!"

"You're running from what happened!" Christian smiled though his eyes still had malice in them. He knew he won the argument, all he had to do was walk out. He crossed the room, bumping past his dad. When his paw met the doorknob Isaac grabbed him by his shirt.

"You're going to pay me back!" He tried to drag Christian by his shirt, but he was much heavier than Isaac remembered and the fabric ripped a little. Christian elbowed his father and jerked away, falling to the hardwood floor. "You wanna work on a farm? Okay." Isaac pulled his son by the leg while he kicked and struggled.

"What the hell are you doing?" The smaller male felt a large foot on his back pinning him and heard his father rustling around in a drawer.

"We are going to get this damn coyote that's been eating all of the chickens. Then you can do whatever the hell you want." Isaac put a worn collar around his son's neck, tightening it as far as it would go. Then he pulled Christian up by the restraint.

"Ow, you can't do this! You're choking me!" He pulled at the collar.

"You wouldn't be able to talk if you were being choked." Isaac started marching him out the door and to the shed. Christian did struggle though found it difficult as his father forced his head down, keeping him in a bowed position. The older rabbit took his time finding a length of chain, secretly enjoying his regained control over his son. Christian was always the difficult child if Isaac could get him in line he thought Sophia would follow.

"Just... let me go. Let me just run away from this whole.... mess of a family." Christian pleaded as his father finally found the old chain. The clip at the end wouldn't serve his purpose so he selected a small padlock and used it to connect the collar to the chain.

"Son. I can make this work. We can put ourselves together. We just need time, you and me, to look past our differences whatever they may be." With this Isaac gathered a large spike, one he'd usually use for mending fences, and a hammer. He dragged his son through the long walk to the hen house.

"So what are we doing?" Christian asked, genuinely curious.

"It's 'we' again already? Well, we're gonna keep watch. You..." He lined up the spike through the chain link and gave it a hard strike. "Will holler if the coyote comes and I fall asleep." Isaac hammered in the spike as deep as it would go, cracking the cheap wood of the henhouse a little, but the chain stayed put when he gave it a solid tug. "This is to make sure you're not just gonna leave if I do."

"Then what? You have a snare set up or...?" Christian posed an actually helpful question. Isaac had forgotten the gun in the heat of the moment.

"Dammit. Ah, dammit. I have to get the rifle." His father did something odd. Rather than punching the wall or yelling like he'd taken to the past several years Isaac ruffled his son's headfur and gave him a tug on his ear, like he used to when Christian was just a cub. "I won't be gone long, wait here." He laughed a bit at this and left the younger male to ponder every rustle and noise he heard. Soon he was tugging at the collar, a fruitless effort. It seemed his father put the lock through the metal eyelets that would keep the collar tightened rather than through thhe regular metal loop.

"Dad? Hello?" Christian was frightened, what if his father didn't return? What if something else got there first? From the darkness Christian heard heavy footsteps. "Is that you?" The rabbit tried not to let the fear show in his voice.

"Oh, ho ho..." A raspy fake laugh replied, coming from the rather large shape coming towards him. "Looking for someone to call daddy?" Christian swallowed hard.

"Who are you?" He stopped trying to sound brave and pulled at the chain to no avail.

"Ain't got much use for my name, treat. Neither do you." The rabbit squinted and could make out the form of a dingy yellow canine. "But I reckon I'm hungry and don't have much in the way of money and yer in the way of my dinner." Gleaming teeth and the sound of licking lips. Christian moved as far away as he could from the coyote, but the chain was short and his back was still against the henhouse. "Can't go anywhere? That's okay. Yer pretty tasty lookin' yerself." The rabbit cowered, unable to actually curl up on the floor because of the chain and collar, but getting as close as he could while just ducking down. A paw rubbed against Christian's chest through his ripped shirt. "Warm too." The paw stopped and he heard fabric rustling, then it grabbed him by the ears and involuntarily he opened his eyes and was staring at the dirty coyote. Mostly the hard cock that was currently in his face because of the way the coyote held his head. "You like it boy?" Christian couldn't speak. He couldn't think. The rabbit had seen others before, but this was different. "I know yer sly. I can smell it on ya. I ain't really myself, but I'll take what I can get." The Coyote rubbed his erection against Christian's face fur and it left a trail of pre. The strong scent of the unwashed cock was dizzying. "Go on. Open yer mouth. I ain't got all night!" The rabbit grimaced as he realized what the canine wanted, then closed his eyes and let his mouth hang open. The coyote spread the mouth with his paw and eased his tip into the hot little maw. Christian tasted the coyote's musk and hated that he didn't hate it. The canine milked a little pre out of his shaft, making sure the rabbit could taste it. "Close yer mouth and suck it proper. Mind the giant teeth." Christian closed his lips around the cocktip and sucked a little. The coyote guided the rabbit in bobbing up and down his shaft. "Use yer tongue boy." He hissed in pleasure. It seemed the rabbit had found his rhythm so the canine let his head go and Christian kept going. Christian filled his paws with the coyote's balls as much of his knot as he could. With every passing second he thought more and more about how much better this was than with the Miller boy. He felt so dirty sneaking around, but this way he had no choice in the matter. The coyote was big and he was chained up, he had to do what the coyote wanted. The rabbit moaned and drooled around the canine cock.

Isaac was stunned by what he was seeing. He didn't even consider that the animal breaking in wasn't feral and while his son was being... compromised Christian didn't seem to mind, in fact he seemed to enjoy it. Isaac wanted to yell, threaten, wave his gun around... Well part of him did, another part of him made him really quiet and his pants tight. So he ducked down and watched. The coyote tore the rest of Christian's shirt off.

"Alright boy, that's quite wet enough. Take off yer pants." Christian was shaking from fear and anticipation. The coyote was so large he was sure it would hurt but he was so horny he was dripping in his pants. The rabbit kicked off his shoes and undid the buttons on his pants as fast as he could, letting them pool around his ankles revealing his erection to the coyote. "You know that's not what I want, turn around and grab the wall boy." The rabbit groaned a little and obeyed, he lifted his fluffy tail. The coyote spit on his paw and let the saliva slide down two of his fingers. "Try not to clench, it's been awhile since I had a reason to trim my claws." He chuckled and rubbed his finger tips against the bunny's puckered anus. Christian did feel the sharp points of claws poking him a little, but he really needed to be filled.

"Oh God." The rabbit moaned and spread his legs a little more as the canine roughly inserted a finger. He could feel the canine's breath under his tail before the coyote spit on his tailhole and started fingering him. The bunny's pink little cock shook with the motion, droplets of precum scattered amongst the dirt and he could see the moonlight reflecting off of them. It hurt a little when the coyote added a second finger and spread his tailhole.

"Tight, but not too tight. This ain't yer first is it?" The coyote started fingering Christian again a little harder while he whimpered. "You gonna answer me?"

"No, it's..." The bunny shuddered when the coyote's rough finger pads met his prostate.

"Yeah, who was?" Christian whined a little when the fingers were slowly pulled out. The bunny was fairly humiliated, being the way he was wrong. Ungodly. People like him were dragged through the streets and hung. The coyote rubbed his dripping tip against Christian's anus. "You're getting shy now boy?" While the coyote teased his tailhole he started rubbing the bunny's cock, which he found cute. Unthreatening. "You like it. It feels good. No shame in that."

"It was John. The Miller's boy." The bunny whispered.

"Maybe I should steal from them now and then." The canine chuckled and eased his cock inside Christian's tailhole, stretching him with a searing pain, but filling him more than he had ever been before.

"Oh!" The bunny bit his arm to muffle himself. "Ow, mmm...." His breathe came rushing out of him in hot bursts. Slowly the coyote pulled out and pushed back in, letting Christian get used to his girth. Still the bunny found it hard not to clench though it did little more than make the process more painful.

"Hey pop! Seems like yer boy here could use a little something to keep his mind off all this hurt. With all that saliva dripping out his mouth I'd say it's mighty empty." Isaac hesitated, while what the coyote said sounded tempting he really didn't think he could do what he was hinting at. "I know yer watching, saw you with that gun of yours all shaking and wide eyed as I fucked his pretty mouth before you hid. Lemme tell ya, he's good..." The coyote gave a good hard thrust for emphasis which made his son cry out in what could have been pain or pleasure.

Isaac was found out and he walked rather awkwardly from behind the tree that provided his poor hiding place. His tight pants making his strides short. Clenching the rifle like it was a lifeline the rabbit made his way, somewhat unwillingly, to where his son was chained to the henhouse and yet could do nothing but watch. "Please..." Christian whimpered, Isaac could hear pain and desperation in his son's voice.

"Stop. You're hurting him." Isaac whipped the gun up in a practiced manner and the coyote was staring down the barrel. However the canine did no such thing. As Isaac clicked off the safety he felt a tug on his waistband.

"Please..." Christian pulled his father by his pants and Isaac turned to face him. His son fumbled, trying to use one paw to undo the button fly. Isaac seeing his struggle did the deed for him and Isaac's hard cock was swaying in the cool air above his son's face. Christian had to readjust himself, he was bending too low to reach. One of his paw's wrapped around his father's shaft while the other still held the wall. Isaac dropped the rifle and it fired pointlessly into the air as his son's tongue ran up his erection. Christian opened his mouth wide and put as much Isaac's cock inside of it as he could, then lightly trailed his buck teeth down it. His dad put a paw on top of his head when he started sucking the tip.

"Mmm... Christian." The young rabbit looked up at the face of content his father made. He ran his tongue back and forth just behind the head. Isaac couldn't stop himself from bucking his hips forward and Christian gagged a little. "Sorry..." The younger bunny just wanted to make his father feel good and took as much of the length he could before working his muzzle up and down the cock, his paw following close behind his lips. Isaac could feel every jolt from the coyote fucking his son, which were getting faster and rougher. The young bunny moaned around Isaac's cock with every every thrust. Christian pushed against the coyote as he got close. He pulled his mouth away from his father' cock.

"Oh damn.... Ah!" Christian shuddered. Isaac had a good view of his son's balls pulling close to his body and his cum shooting on to the dirt while the coyote pumped in and out of his tailhole and milked him for all he was worth. Christian paused for a few beats while he panted before pulling Isaac closer by his erection and continuing blowing him. Between the young bunny's clenching and his cute little moans the coyote could no longer hold back, since it couldn't fit he squeezed his knot while fucking the rabbit faster. The canine bit his lip and gave one last hard pump and came inside the bunny's tailhole, then pulled out milking his cum out onto the bunny's ass. Christian could far better concentrate on Isaac's cock after the coyote finished. His tongue flicked back and forth as he bobbed on his father's cock, sucking as hard as he could. Isaac rubbed his son's headfur and stared into those deep blue eyes, he was so willing. He squeezed his son's ear as he came in his son's mouth, he had to hold the wall to stay standing. Christian swallowed each spurt of cum as they came and suckled out what little bit stayed inside his father's shaft. Isaac pet his son lovingly in the afterglow of his orgasm.

"You know, if I can do that every once in awhile maybe I can steal my dinner from somewhere else." The coyote broke the blissful silence. Without a word Isaac buttoned his pants went into the henhouse and came out with a chicken. He broke its neck and handed it to the coyote. "I reckon this is goodbye then." The canine gave a curt nod to the rabbits. Isaac grabbed the coyote's arm as he turned to retrieve his pants.

"Maybe you can come inside the next time you visit." Isaac offered.

"Maybe I can." The coyote smiled.

Elsewhere Sophia sighed happily, staring up at the ceiling, though she couldn't believe she'd lost her virginity to someone who wasn't her boyfriend...

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