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#12 of Bound by Destiny

What happens when an illness becomes an useful weapon? What happens when a solution becomes a war in the family? Who betrayed the family by mentioning them to Tenchi's mother? Follow along as THREE seperate stories are wrapped into one single story over time.

This story IS connected to actual lore.

Alexander, Azula, Azura, Magea, Phoebe, Sasha and Story © Me

Conner, Leona, Tenchi © (Co-author)

Jane © Me and

Peridot © Me and SedrinTheStar on FA

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Length: 2,809 words. 15,523 characters.

Time used to type: 2 hours 30 minutes (with corrections and cleaning)

Bound by Destiny 10 - Blood and Tears

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"Focus on your anger, let it empower you!" Sasha called out as Tenchi attempted to punch her, only for Sasha to lead it aside and strike her shoulder gently, making Tenchi whimper, "You are too focused on landing the punch rather than using your anger to aim it."

Tenchi grunted, "That doesn't make sense. A punch only gets stronger when you are angry, not better with aiming." Sasha sighed before drawing her daikatana, hearing the sheath from Tenchi's blade give off a light scratching sound as Tenchi was drawing her katana too, only to quickly strike at Sasha with a rather quick swipe, catching her off-guard as her face soon had a bleeding wound appearing before a swing from Sasha's own made contact with Tenchi's left arm, the blade gliding along it without as much as giving it a single mark as the smirk on their faces showed before a pressure began building nearby, causing Sasha to stop just as Tenchi swung to deliver a clean cut at Sasha's chest, both noticing that not only had Sasha's shirt just gotten cut apart, but also her bra that soon hit the floor and Sasha quickly shielded herself as Tenchi giggled softly, "I thought this was training to teach me how to control my new abilities, not a striptease from my mother-in-law, or you rather have me call you mother now?" Sasha blushed at Tenchi's words before looking out the window, "Something is coming."

What was this something that Sasha was talking about? Well, a few minutes earlier, Tarja had gone with Phoebe to visit Phoebe's dead mother's grave. Phoebe had placed a blue rose on the grave, a special flower she had received from a seed given to her by Sasha, telling her that if she planted it during winter, it would infuse itself with the sparkling effects of ice as it had been on Sasha's and Alex's birthday that the mother had passed away. Watching the sparkling rose, Tarja had hugged Phoebe closely, listening to her sister's tears and broken heart, "There, there, sis. She is watching over you and I am sure she is proud of what you have become." Phoebe nodded and whimpered before they had heard a very calm and rather bold voice spoke near them, "That is a very beautiful flower. Whoever that lays here truly must have made an impact on your life." Tarja had looked up at whoever it was that spoke to them, her eyes widening at the brown bear standing there, the scars covering his body and from what she could see, he did seem to have a rather dark body for someone of his specie, "They sure did... but who are you?"

The bear watched as Phoebe and Tarja stood back up, his eyes being ones of surprise now as Tarja stood taller than he was, but being the rather friendly and respectful individual he was, he was not going let them wait, "I am Conner. And sorry if I approached in a bad moment. I just couldn't avoid complimenting such a wonderful selection of rose. Never seen one like it before." Phoebe nodded, "It is for my mother, she passed away before I could get to know her. Now I live with my other mother and my sisters." Tarja nodded, "I am her younger sister, as hard as it might be believable." Conner could have sworn it was the opposite, but he was not going to question it, "Thank you for allowing me to witness such a wonderful thing. I will be on my way." He bowed before turning away, but Tarja was looking at him and soon called out, "Conner? Come with us. It is not like one should hide it. You need medical attention and I know where you can get it." Conner sighed, "So what? It is incurable. There is no way I can be saved."

Tarja looked at him before Phoebe grabbed her shoulder, "Tarja, don't." Tarja smirked before grabbing her daibo staff, spinning it around before climbing to the top of it to sit there, "How about a little duel then? If I win, you will follow us and trust my words that we want to offer you help. If you win, then I will follow along by your side and give you a proper friendship." Phoebe looked shocked before Conner turned around, sliding out two sharp knives that he quickly readied himself with, "Sounds like an interesting duel. Sure, count me in."

Tarja and Conner remained in their places, anticipating the other's first move, a quick blink from Conner giving Tarja the first move, her trademark speed allowing her to disappear with the daibo as Conner began to look around with a shocked expression, "Where did she go?" Phoebe sighed before Tarja reappeared next to him, her staff quickly knocking the knives out of Conner's hands before she spun around to strike him in the back, but for some reason the strike did not even feel a thing before Tarja moved back, Conner's eyes focusing on her, "What are you doing?" Tarja looked back at him, "While you couldn't see, I placed down four runes made by my mother that allows combat without any injuries or pain." Conner chuckled a bit before standing up, grabbing his knives again, "Very thoughtful. But are they capable of preventing death?" He looked confused as Tarja had disappeared again until he heard her voice behind him, feeling her leaning against his back, "They do." A quick turn around from Conner allowed him to throw one of the knives that got embedded into Tarja's chest, Tarja simply pulling it out before licking up the blood from it, tossing it back to him, "Not bad, you actually hit me."

Conner chuckled again before retrieving the knife, this time not letting go of the sight of Tarja as he knew one single second could be all she needed, but for some reason she was packing away the daibo before cracking her knuckles, "Enough with me using toys. I think a simple knuckle sandwich is better. Oh boy, now I am hungry." Conner couldn't avoid it, but he had to laugh a bit, "Okay, you are too much. You don't do this just for a job, you do it for fun. It is all a game to you. But why giving me the advantage with going fists against knives." Tarja smiled by simply tapping her left foot against the ground, Conner watching her until he noticed her switching foot and moving double the speed of what he was, a quick parry with the knives being all he could muster as the right fist of Tarja struck the blades, leaving her open for a counter as he attempted to kick her, the left arm quickly blocking it while he attempted to strike, soon shoving her back and onto the ground before the knives came down towards her, Conner knowing he would win now or so he had thought until Tarja slammed the knives through her hands, grabbing his big knuckles before pushing back, her eyes turning completely slitted as Conner soon felt her legs kicking his sides rather hard and fast, knocking the air slowly out of him until he could feel her thighs wrapping around his throat, slowly constricting them as he began to gasp for air, her mouth soon opening to speak, "Surrender. You have lost." Conner knew he had no choice now, the knives soon falling to the ground before Tarja's legs unwrapped from his neck as she simply opened up a portal for them, "Lets go. We got no time." Tarja helped Conner up before they walked through the portal together.

Now back to present time with Sasha and Tenchi. "Tarja, what is going on? Who is that? And why are your hands bleeding?" Sasha looked pissed at Tarja who sighed, "Listen mother, we got no time to ask small questions. This is Conner and he needs serious help." Sasha was about to say no, but soon noticed Tarja's expression of something unknown, which peaked her interest and she nodded, "Fine, I'll get Azura. And you better try and find out now how that bitch actually did find out where Tenchi was." Tarja nodded as Tenchi looked at Conner and Sasha soon snapped her fingers to teleport them to the observation room, "I am sorry that I must be so pushy, but please cooperate and I will make sure that whatever it is, you will be healthy from it." Conner was a bit unsure about being told by the much larger dragoness what to do, but knowing Tarja had called her mother, it would mean that she might be as formidable and perhaps more, "Fine, but no tricks here." Sasha simply nodded to him before Azura arrived.

Sitting down on the table, Conner noticed Azura checking the normal stuff on him. Height, weight and even blood pressure, "About 8 feet even, weight is about 500 pounds and his blood pressure is 115 systolic and 75 diastolic with a heartbeat of 65. Not bad. I do notice that you are having a discoloration of your blood. May I extract a blood sample?" Conner looked at Azura and her smile calmed his worries, "Go ahead." He said before feeling a light sting before Sasha extracted some blood, a gasp being heard from her, "What is this? Your blood is nearly black!" Conner began explaining slowly, "I got a very rare disease. Even in the early stages it is incurable and the last stages are often making the disease cause an almost instant but excruciatingly painful death. I am in that stage now. I got about a month left or so." Sasha looked at the extraction before nodding, "Would you mind having a blood transfusion and I can keep this blood and extract the illness itself? We got a problem with a certain person right now that we could use this on."

Conner was about to object at the disease being used as a weapon, but Sasha stopped him quickly, "Remember the dragoness that was with me? The person nearly killed her. We managed to save her just in time. We want payback for it." Conner felt that Sasha's words stung like a dagger being thrust into his chest at those words, "Who tried to kill her?" Sasha simply calmed herself and Conner's eyes opened widely when he heard what she said, "Her own mother."

At the same time in another room just a few corridors away from the observation room, Tarja and Phoebe was sitting with Jane, Magea and Leona, talking about what could have made Tenchi's mother know about her location, "It has to be that someone is spying on us and knows when to use the moment to slip away without being caught." Tarja said and the others nodded as Jane was looking through some security footage over the castle, "Which is why I had cameras installed to record it all. No one can get through without at least being noticed by them." Magea looked over her shoulder while having Leona purring contently with her swollen belly, the multiple windows showing all possible knights, sisters and more walking around, "So far it has not noticed a thing." Phoebe sighed, "If we find them, I wanna put a bullet through their skull." Tarja pulled Phoebe close, "You sure love being a sniper, don't you?" Phoebe nods before Jane looked deeper, "Wait... what is that?" The big screen in the room turned on as a camera aimed down into the main hallway showed a shadowy figure moving quickly through the castle, almost hindered by something, the time-stamp saying 2:35 in the night, "Who is up that late?" Phoebe asked before Tarja's eyes widened, "Oh no..."

Back in the observation room, soft growls of pain could be heard as Conner was having his infected blood replaced with healthy blood, Azura having even removed any traces of necrotic flesh from Conner, the bear having told them to do a surgery without any sleep drug, meaning he could feel it all. Azura and Sasha were rather impressed, he was resilient to pain like they were and to Sasha's big surprise, she was actually seeing him as someone that could be a very powerful ally if he accepted the offer, but for now he had to undergo the blood transfusion and the pain was already intense for him, but his attitude did not allow him to be loud, but more soft with it. As the last canister of blood was injected into him, Azura removed the tubes and patched him up before Sasha nodded, "There, you are done. I would advise that you rest up now. Meaning I put you under my protection until you feel better." Conner was yet again about to object, but soon he nodded off to sleep, Sasha lifting the snoozing bear over her shoulder to find an empty room for him, which so happened to be one just a few doors away from hers. Entering the room, she was laying him down on the bed and tucking him in before leaving him respectfully to rest up.

Just as Sasha reached the hallway, Tarja and the others appeared in front of her, "Mom, we need to talk." The information that Tarja brought made Sasha's eyes widen a lot and pure rage was plastered all over her face, her voice soon bellowing loudly, "Everyone, meeting in the hallway now!" Turning to Azura, she began to explain something quickly that made Azura nearly pop her eyes out from the outrageous idea, but Sasha confirmed it would be for the best.

As the rest of the family gathered in the hallway, Sasha sighed, "I got told some very disturbing news today and quite frankly, I am hurt by it. One of our own has betrayed us and it is all because of Tenchi coming into the family. I have never felt such a sting of betrayal. So to prevent further betrayal, I gonna take action towards this now." Everyone looked confused before Azula asked her, "What is your plan, Sasha? You are very smart when it comes to plans, so you have probably thought something very clever out." Everyone nodded and agreed before Sasha began to unsheathe her daikatana again, everyone looking at it before Sasha spoke up when assuming the familiar stance they all knew, "I am going to kill Tenchi." The expressions changed to that out of fear and Tenchi was backing away before Peridot blocked her way, "Mom, no! This is not the way!" Sasha's eyes began to burn with the fires of hell itself before a sudden gravity pressed everyone but her and Tenchi down, Peridot crying as she watched Tenchi draw her katana, quickly striking at Sasha who simply led it aside before a swift movement caused the tip of the blade to bury itself through Tenchi's gut, everyone looking at this with pure shock, even Tenchi who was tearing up, "Why?" Sasha simply turned the blade around, cutting upwards to split Tenchi's upper body wide open, the halves of the brain hanging loose, the heart cut right apart and soon even the vertebrates showed as her spine was cleanly cut too.

The sound of a maniacal laughter filled the room as Alexander stood up and soon from his back came what seemed to be a darker version of him, "You pathetic fools! You killed her and gave me the easiest way out to get my reward. I shall inform Elizabeth herself and be rewarded handsomely!" Sasha pulled the katana out before assuming the stance quickly again, this time disappearing quickly before appearing behind the dark avatar, her eyes closing as she slowly began to sheathe her long sword, "Hope they reserved a spot for you in the After for this. Secret Assassination Art: River Styx!" The guard of the hilt hit the sheath before the dark avatar was barraged by multiple strikes over the body, a small explosion breaking him apart before the gravity returned to normal, her eyes meeting the ones of everyone in the hallway. She turned to look just as Phoebe punched her, Tarja following it up with a hard punch as well and Azula was the last to swipe her claws straight across Sasha's face, "You killed her, Sasha! You killed your own daughter-in-law... you are not a mother, you are a monster... a soulless monster." Sasha's eyes closed themselves before she sighed, "May she forgive me, for I do not."

The End.

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