The Chair

Story by Drianazz on SoFurry

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"Master was evil at times, but I was lucky to call him mine."

I loved watching her sit there naked and bound to the straight back chair. I had her legs spread apart and bound to the legs of the chair. Her legs were spread wide enough for me to have easy access to her dripping wet pussy and the proud standing prick. The best feature of the chair was the hole I had taken the time to cut, a direct link to the underside of her shaft and her pussy. I couldn't help but smile as she was at my mercy, it was going to be fun, tables turned per say. Her dark blue fur and the spots that brought out the luminance of her delicate features had my cock stirring in anticipation.

She was subjected to wear a blindfold preventing her from seeing the stage of the swinger audience they had in their very home. The quietness built up her anticipation, straining to hear any sign of movement, even in this state it for her it was torture. She was about to learn a new lesson in sensory deprivation. I took a bottle of lubricant from the nearby table, placing a drop the size of a dime in my palm, rubbing and spreading it across my hands before rolling up my little stool in front of her. Ever so slowly and gently I took her cock in my hand, the other going down further to her pussy stroking it a claw. Her cock was jerked and wringed listening to her suck in a breath as she tried to thrust her hips up a little. I increased the pressure of my hands and the speed of the motion, sinking my clawed finger into the entrance of her cunt, swarmed in the heat and dripping juices forcing her to squirm.

I leaned in to flick her nipple with the tip of my tongue, "Oohhh," she squealed as I jacked her off. Faster. Firmer grip. Her squirms became thrusts into my awaiting hand, anything to meet my strokes as I fingered her deep having my claw hook to her walls as I dragged it out fast sending her shrieking in delight. It was easy to tell that she was doing anything to hold back her thrusts and the pending orgasm that was starting to build, it was a failing attempt on her part just as eager as her body was willing to make up for it. "Master.. Master!" She moaned for me. My hand jerked hr off faster as I put my whole mouth on her nipple sucking it hard, flicking my rough canine tongue over it. When she caught herself moaning she tried to stop, letting go of her nipple as she whimpered for its absence. I could tell she was close to cumming for me, rolling my stool backwards as I watched her body writhing and shuddering with excitement.

Some part of her wanted the pleasure to continue around her cock, "Master! Master.. don't stop.. please!" She exclaimed. Giving her a little leverage I tilted her cock to the left and send it slapping against the palm of my other hand hard. She cried out while wincing in pain from the slap. It bobbed back and forth, pulsating, hips thrusting up into the air trying to feel the wonderfulness of my hands again.. but there was nothing.. just air. "Surelia. My love. You know better than to do that. To beg. Humiliating yourself in front of our guests." Fear and realization sank in, forcing her body to still as she tried to control her breaths. "G.. Guests.." She whimpered. It wasn't the fact that she wasn't able to see them, but the fact that they were brought here for a fun moment later with her and her Master, it made her cock throb painfully for release. If that wasn't a turn on, what could possibly be?

The squeaks of the stool rolled near her as I placed a set of headphones into her ears, knowing it was getting quite hot in the room, the tension felt heavy and lustful. Sliding my hand down to the hole under the chair I slid my fingers across her wet slit, taking her pussy lips between my fingers giving them a gentle massage tracing over her sweet entrance. Her whimpers were loud as her attempts to hold still were long forgotten the second my canine claws slid from her pussy to her pucker, having my free hand tighten around her cock. Going from base to halfway only to squeeze around the thickness right back down the base, it was a torture for her. Being brought close to the edge only to be denied an orgasm. Straining, but it didn't stop her from begging for more.

I watched her face closely as I left her to deal with the fine line of pain and pleasure.. which would win out, the pain or the pleasure?

Easing my grip on her cock and slipped my fingers into her pucker pumping it in and out of her faster, then slower, keeping the hold on her cock quite firmly matching the similar pace as I fingered her. The angle and grip I had her cock in really began to cause her discomfort, even for a male it would hurt, anyone with a cock would truly know the discomfort. I waited until she began to whimper as the conflict of pain and pleasure was so overwhelming that she began to breathe erratically, trying to muffle a cry or moans with groans of pleasure mixed in there. Sweat began to roll down the side of her beautiful dark fur, "M-master, you're hurting.. hurting.. my cock," she whined.

Tugging harder and she gasped and cried out again at the overly abusive sensation, leaning in I placed my teeth on her left nipple making her bounce as I fingered her ass, tugging her cock harder, driving her sensations to a whole new level. I could feel her nipple hardening even more so in my mouth that I used my canine fangs to pinch it in between and pull it until she was a writhing thrusting mess, her hard cock bobbing wildly and she sobbed like a little bitch!

Of course I sat there on my stool laughing at her anguish but I gave her a little mercy, letting go of her herm cock and slipping my fingers out of her ass, I rolled my chair away. Taking the iced water bottle as I walked around her. Taking the lid off as I looked at my audience, of course it was of no surprise either that they were getting it hot and heavy. Us swingers knew when we had a good show and many playmates to sate our needs. She couldn't hear anything, that was the point, for her to rely on those senses which were only growing shorter and more numb. I couldn't have that, she needed to feel everything.

Uncapping the water I took a long drink from it, my nose inhaled the scent of her ass on my fingers and it made me smile. I liked it, she was after all my dirty girl, sliding my hand in her hair seemed to have startle her but her cock was more than happy to shoot pre froom it tip. I stood there watching the way her hair fell around my tanish hand, brown eyes roaming down the front of her body lingering down on her tits as I yanked her head backwards. Having the water pour down her front, her body shook and she gasped at the sudden sensation of coldness and shock, she came hard, pussy gushing all over the floor, and cum from her cock splattering across her stomach and tits. It was a delightful sight, but I kissed her hard on the mouth, forcing her to arch away from the chair. Sticking my tongue into her mouth as I invaded her tastes, taking her breath from her, she sucked on my tongue as she tried to sate her thirstiness.

Waving a hand to one of the girls to join us I pointed down to my girls cock. It has cum dripping down the side of it and the chick I had invited over was more than happy to have her mouth wrap around her shaft. She took the head of her cock working her tongue around the rim, collecting the oozing cum like a dog searching for more. She began moaning around my girls prick licking and flicking her wicked little tongue. Working the meatus of her cock, licking the fresh shots of remaining cum. She finally wrapped her mouth around the herm cock bobbing her head up and down sucking hard, doing her best to get more cum out of her, my girl started thrusting up to try and fuck her mouth.

Unable to resist the intoxicating scent of musk and juices growing in the room, my cock was stiff and in dire need of attention, glancing over to see who wasn't busy at the moment, I spotted a little femboy to come show my dick attention. He was eager to comply and wiggled in his little skirt, bending over playfully to let me see the tight pink panties he wore. It was a turn on but before he dropped down to his knees I had a better idea. Taking him by the waist till he was bent over the very same chair Surelia was still bound to. Tugging the girly panties he was wearing down around his thighs, I rubbed my tip against his dime size entrance letting him feel the thickness of my cock as I watched the other female pleasure my beautiful Surelia.

Licking my chops as I saw how much Surelia was enjoying herself, her cries of pleasure were growing and her sweet honey pot scent was overwhelming my olfactory senses to a whole new intoxicating drug. It smothered my brain like a blanket, driving me close to insanity, it didn't matter that the femboy between my legs was ready or not. I forced my cock deep into his tight anus using the pre cum to help lube him up as best as possible. Gripping the side of his hips as I thrusted my hips up against him, drilling my cock in and out of his hole. He squealed and moaned like a good little bitch, the sounds of her sucking Surelia's meat was growing, the wet sloppy suckls and her gags were just the beginning.

Excitement had my cock twitching inside of his depths pounding hard and fast, driving myself to the brink of pleasure as my girl was getting to her second orgasm but I gave a snap to my fingers warning the girl to step away from her cock and remove her hands all together leaving Surelia writhing in her chair as I reached around my little femboy and stroked his cock until he was begging and panting to cum. The chair was rocking little by little pushing her forward against the binds as I exploded inside of his now stretched tailhole. The femboy looked over his shoulder at me, "May I clean you up?" Ass to mouth. Mmf. Pulling out of his tail cunt until my cock was free, his mouth replaced hungrily bobbing up and down, I caressed my girls cheek feeling her tremble in her chair. She tried to free her bounds but she was tightly secure, there was no way she was going to get out of the chair.

"Master... MASTER PLEASE DON'T STOP!" She screamed in frustration, it was only then that I tugged her headphones down, laughing I leaned in, "Baby. This is just the beginning. You got lucky by cumming once. Don't think you'll be let off with a second chance." Reaching down to her nipples I had my fingers playing with each one, pinching and a little flick to send jolts of sexual excitement down to her proud standing cock. I worked my little fennec's mouth with my cock, ramming my own dick all the way down his throat. I always get so sexyally turned on by my own sensual domination sessions with her and this session had my cock running as if it was on viagra.

The more bodies that began joining us the more this experience became memorable. This session was left to leave her soaking wet, it was decided to let her know how much everyone was turned on, but no time soon was she allowed the pleasure any of us had, no orgasmic release. She was fed and forced to lick cum or juices off fingers and dicks. She was an eager slut to please everyone, hoping somehow that someone would help relieve her. "Master, slut is very turned on. Please." She hissed at him as someone dipped their fingers into her hot pussy and fed her each drop from her honey pot. She licked and sucked on the fingers until someone latched onto her tit and another to the other tit being sucked hungrily trying to get milk out of her. If they sucked hard enough they would be granted with a drop or two.

"Master, untie me and let me continue to pleasure and please as you desire." She begged. I laughed and decided she could listen to me masturbate or fuck someone in our little group. Undecided yet I left her to their mercy for the next hour. By then I prayed she wouldn't pass out from all the orgasm denial. Until then, I prepared the sets of vibrators to use on her.

To be continued..

Written for Surelia and Ubertech.

Written by Driana Le Souris.

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