Dirty Tortue

Story by Drianazz on SoFurry

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Alexander's hands were tied behind his back with zip ties. He sat rather uncomfortably in a metal straight back chair, kind of reminded him of a wooden one but at least he was granted with a bit of cushion. A little luxury. Maybe a little mercy. He was a tall lean, timber wolf struggling against the wrist restrictions. It was what Driana wanted. She simply stood watching him in amusement. Avey, Alexander.

A college student. Had long since sought her out since his high school days, little tit for tat on the details as they shared too much common history. Common as fucking. He was her pleasure toy, a walking fuck stick, someone who was always willing to please her. It wasn't a crime of passion until he found himself prisoner in this chair. He was in her world. Her world was dangerous. Not that his cock dared to care. After all it was standing proudly for her even in this predicament.

She watched his every move and every gesture he made, she wasn't tall nor that short, just the perfect size for any male who welcomed to have a whore like her wrapped around their waist. A voluptuous woman who oozed a dangerous form of sexuality that could not be denied. Today she had greeted him in a black leather dress. Leather looked flawless on her. Especially when it hugged every inch of her curves with tall black boots and spiked heels that could be used as a dangerous weapon. He didn't like it when she wore such shoes but was always excited to please her with a foot rub.

Her eyes were tempting pools of promise, daring violet, a gorgeous glow. When she decided to speak to him, if she did, his fur always stood at attention as did his ears. Anything to please her.

"Do you know why you're here?" She slapped her hip hotly pretending to be upset. He always saw past her cute tantrums.

"How can I tell you, when I don't even know?" He said.

She walked past him, going back and forth, the little light made her outfit really arousing. It triggered hi wildest imagination if she got closer to him. She could burn him with a simple touch of her finger, she was just that sexy, that hot. He licked his lips amusingly, being taunted by her fragrance, he swallowed hard realizing that he was caught for a specific reason.

It wasn't his intention to be caught. He just had to see her. Where better then through the windows of her house outside of the dorms. She wasn't a college student. She lived free and with life responsibilities. Secretly addicted to her.

"Why don't we pretend this didn't happen love?" Sweetening her up with cute pet names as he flashed her a sexy smile. Driana only pursed her lips and paced once more then stopped. She walked around him to this wooden table, dragging it closer to him, while she was occupied with the table he tilted his head catching a glimpse under her dress seeing that she was not wearing any panties.

"I have an idea. If you can endure what I am about to do without.. blowing your load. I'll free you up and we can pretend it never happened." A smart mouse. A devilish one. Dammit Driana.

Avey asked, "What are you going to do?"

Driana's pink tongue ran over her painted pink gloss, "I'm going to do one of my favorite things," smirking as she set her foot between his legs, draping her leg over his shoulder and the chair. Pressing her moist pussy against his mouth, he was baffled, smothered in her mouth watering scent. He was cautious enough to lick over her slit, startled by the sudden hot liquid pouring into his mouth, rolling down his chin and the corners of his lips. She was relieving herself. It made his cock twitch, shooting pre against her calf.

"This is part of your punishments." She huskily announced rubbing herself against his snout before pulling away, he wanted another lick, but she wouldn't allow him. The game had begun and he had no choice but to play it. "I'll untie you. You will remain in that chair, no matter what I do.. or how I do it, you are not to get off." That means no masturbation. No touching whatsoever. If you can maintain a full cock after I'm through, you can go."

His cock was twitching it was unfair. "I can't help getting a hard on." He stated.

"I'd be very disappointed if you didn't have one, you just can't cum," clarifying once more. She undid the zip ties as promised, staying in the chair with understanding that his life depended on getting off or not. But he did like the idea of always being her prisoner. Maybe.

She was seductive. It was the main reason why he liked watching her undress through the window. Never expecting to get caught. He liked the way her hands ran down her front at times, gripping the shirts she wore revealing little by little of her beautiful body. This was dirty. It was torture. She reached the front of her leather dress, like she would any of her other clothes. Trailing her fingertips down the center of her breast as she unhooked the top, sliding a zipper until the dress letting the leather fall to the floor as she sat her rump on the table.

Her breasts, firm and supple, bounced as she leaned forward letting him have a full view of her pierced nipples. Gritting his teeth, he balled his hands to prevent himself from jerking his cock. Her heeled black boot rested on his thigh, the other over the edge of the wooden table. A quick glance at the glistening pink pussy made his cock jump. Driana had caught him and smiled. "I take it you like the view."

He didn't offer an answer, trying to clear his thoughts of running his tongue up and down her slit, his cock was stirring and aching for her. She leaned back, proudly, having her hands begin to knead her tits and her fingers to tug at her nipple piercings. Her peach like pink nipples brightened in color as she played with the pink nubs, tightening them up at her touch, spreading her legs for him to see her mound and glistening juices. He squirmed and took several breaths to calm himself, letting each one out slowly and tried to turn his head away. Her heel dug into his thigh, "Tsk.. tsk... Naughty boy."

He hadn't realized that she had a vibrator stuffed inside of her leathery boot. Nothing too fancy but long and medium size in thickness. Pink, just like her pussy. Sliding the vibrator over each nipple turning on the lowest vibration. It was like a heat seeking missile, lowering the vibrator down her stomach all the way down to her pussy. Running the tip of it through the wetness of her pussy lips, sliding the hard rod all the way down her slit to her tailhole before going back up. The vibrations increased as the tip was pressed to her clit.

He focused on the sight of her inner thighs shaking, how he wished it was his tongue doing that to him, her moans were soft steadily increasing. The fun ended all too fast as she brought it up between her lips licking the length of it like the shaft of a cock. Avey's dick was tightening and no matter how he tried to will it down, it remained hard, glistening with precum eager to seek release. Driana saw him struggling to maintain and eager to help the release of her own orgasm.

"Don't you want a taste.. don't you want to eat me?" She taunted in her innocent girl voice.

Her legs spread even wider on the table, having the toy slide back down, diving it into her pussy as if she were wishing it was a man who was starving to satisfy their thirst. Using the toy like a flicking tongue over her clit, the sounds of the vibrator echoing in his ears. Her moans grew louder and louder as each vibration was sending waves of orgasmic charges through every nerve ending. She finally sunk the toy into her tight mouse pussy. Moving it in and out of her hard and fast, her hips rose greedily for the toy. It made Avey wish it was his cock.

Shoving the toy inside of her once again, exploding her orgasm all over the vibrating tool, he thought she was done there. Instead she took the toy out of her pussy, taking the massive length into her mouth, bobbing it up and down as she licked her pussy juices off it. Alexander was squirming to each flick of her tongue, finding it harder and harder not to give in, to blow his load. Masturbate at this beautiful spectacle. It nearly broke him as she drove the cock into the back of her throat.

She needed to finish this job. Needed to cum again. Driving the vibrator deep inside of her wet swollen pussy, her knuckles slamming deep against her, like slapping balls against her ass, she moaned throwing her head back, laying fully on the table. Pummeling her pussy harder and faster, her breaths became ragged. Ramming the toy inside of her pussy again and again until she was crying his name, her body was shaking, glistening with sweat, with her juices squirting all over her inner thighs. The table.

Alexander couldn't do it anymore. His will broke. Taking her hands as he moved them away from her pussy, uncaring that his shaft was oozing precum, dripping down the side of his shaft. It bounced and jerked up and down, it was out of his control, but he solely focused on her wonderful taste. Flicking his tongue rapidly over her slit, burying his nose inside her pussy lips.

His tongue worked its way in and out of her, going far and deep as he possibly could. Her hand slid into his hair, forcing his face more into him, "Thats it.. bad boy.. you're mine!!.." She screamed in ecstasy bucking up to ride his face. Hot streams of cum shot out of the tip of his cock, to stop was useless, his body jerked in orgasmic convulsion draining him of his hot rich cream. He twisted and turned in his chair, having his hand wrap around his cock, jerking it like a mad man to get the last bit out.

His breath was ragged, realizing what he had done, her echoing words. Looking up to meet her dangerous smile, "You lose." It was then that he noticed the little red light on her computer webcam was turned on with the screen black.

He had a knack for spotting things.. how could he miss it.. it was live... and he had been outed for anyone to see. He wanted to call her out on it, but his dick was hard for her once again.

"You're dismissed.. Wait for my call." Was all she said.

The end...

Written for Alexander Avey.

Written by Driana Le Souris

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