Digimon: The Tamed Children Part 5

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#5 of Digimon: The Tamed Children

The continuing saga about children who find themselves on the receiving end of Digimon, and everyone else.

BTW, sorry I've been so dead. It shouldn't be another year before I upload more stuff.

Warning: scenes of nonconsensual, underage naughtiness. For the love of god, don't read this if you're at all offended.

Three Little Cubs

It was a rather unusual sight, even at the fair, but nothing too obnoxious. The young man walked through the fairgrounds, with three little bears behind him. It was obvious they weren't real bears, of course: just little kids in cartoonishly adorable costumes. Specifically, it was Xiaochun and her friends, Mei and Kei. They were linked together with leashes attached to collars, like elephants holding each others' tails. The costumes showed no trace of the girls wearing them, with the zippers mostly invisible. The bear suits were adorned with diapers and pacifiers in the mouths, with the girls inside giving muffled sounds and pretending their mouths were actually full.

However, the truth was that the girls' mouths really were sealed shut with tape. They were naked under their costumes, with their hands bound behind their backs and wrapped in a shibari. They also wore headsets which, if they made too loud a noise, would set off painful buzzers under their feet.

One by one, the boy that was guiding them lured them to a secret place and shoved a bag over their heads, forcing chloroform into their faces until they passed out. He then carried them to an outdoor restroom he falsely labeled as out of order, so he could do his devious work. To add to his cruelty, he ensured the first thing they saw when they woke up were their naked bound bodies, with a mirror in front of them.

Mei was the first one he kidnapped, and after she experienced the buzzers in her feet the hard way, he ordered her to keep still and silent. She resigned herself to her fate with a nod, and he masturbated himself by rubbing his penis against her navel. She let out a sob when he came into her bellybutton, but remained just quiet enough to not set off the buzzers, and he wiped her off before sticking her in the suit.

He took the leash and wrapped it around one of the stall door handles. "Sit quietly like a good little cub," he sneered, giving a condescending pat on the head. "I'm gonna go grab your other two friends, and then we'll go on a little trip." Mei shook her head and cried after him, screaming in pain as the buzzers ravaged her delicate feet.

Kei was the next one to fall. She woke up even more panicked than Mei, and suffered far more shocks because of it. Their kidnapper put her over his knee and spanked her before her friend, while covering her face with a rag of chloroform, until she calmed down. Once he made her swear silence, he wrapped her hair around his penis and stroked until he came in her face. She then forced her into her own suit, and left her beside her friend.

"One little bear to go," he said. "And with no friends left to protect her, too." Neither of the girls bothered making noise. They just looked at themselves in the mirror, pretending they were somewhere else. But inevitably, their thoughts drifted back to how naked and helpless they were. And they couldn't help but imagine each other bound the same way.

Xiaochun wasn't surprised when the young man cornered her. As her master forced her to wear clothes that perfectly traced her naked body, she often received passes and gropes. But this one went a step further than most would, placing a layer of tape over her mouth.

"I have your friends," he said. "If you don't come with me, they'll die. Understand?" She quickly nodded, before letting out a purr as he stroked her nipples with his thumbs. "If anyone asks, I'll tell them you're my slave, and you'll nod. You get that, you little cunt?" She nodded again, giving a little curtsey. With a smile, he grabbed her ass and partially inserted his finger into her anus, causing her to hum with delight. "I'm glad I own you. I'll enjoy raping you." He then stood up and took her hand, leading her to his hideout.

Once they were together, he ordered Xiaochun to perform a striptease. He watched her long enough to know she could. With no hesitation, she performed a sultry dance, discarding her clothes while straddling her bound friends, both of whom were very aroused by the display. Once she was fully naked, he bound her the same way as the others, causing them to become conscious of every strand of rope on their bodies.

Before taping the buzzers to her feet, he demanded a footjob, and Xiaochun promptly obliged. She scooted in close and stroked with both feet, causing him to eventually cum on her chest. Once he cleaned her, he put on the buzzers and stuck her in the suit. He then stood them in a line, with Mei in the back and Xiaochun in the front, and connecting their leaches to one another. The kidnapper himself held Xaiochun's leash.

"So," he said, "now we're going someplace far away. You can forget about your mommies and daddies. All you have is me, whom you will call master. I'm going to rape each and every one of you, in every conceivable way. If you disobey, I'll torture you. Maybe I'll attach weights to your cunts and burn your little nipples off. And then, when I get bored playing with you, I'll throw you into an incinerator, and watch you scream in agony as you die." He then pulled out a small remote, and zapped their feet. "Now, march to your new lives."

So there they were. Three girls, their peaceful lives at an end. They were being kidnapped, any nobody around them had a clue. Nobody would come to their rescue. They could only whimper as they were all packed into the backseat, and were shipped to hell.

Of course, there was no danger. It was all an elaborate fantasy Xiaochun talked her friends into, and her master obliged in fulfilling. She requested he indulge a fantasy involving kidnapping, bondage, and exhibitionism, and asked to be treated to some new penises. Jian wasn't surprised how quickly Kazu and Kenta agreed to help him with the latter, though the rest of the idea took awhile to flesh out. So much so that he zoned out in class at least twice, and was forced to stand in the hall.

Still, he couldn't help but pat himself on the back. His three pets were in the back, snug as a bug in their bondage. He knew at least two of them were getting off by masturbating on the ropes. He wished he could watch them squirming about with their suits off, but it was very much their fantasy, not his. Besides, he was free to play with them later.

The van stopped at a warehouse, a couple of blocks away from Jian's house. "You kids have fun," said Janyu as he parked. "Remember, you're not legally allowed to dominate those girls, so don't take any pictures."

"I know, dad." He hopped out and opened the door to the backseat, and the girls squealed with delight. "Welcome to your lives as our little playthings." He helped them out of the trunk and guided them into the building, which was unlocked for this special occasion. "Hey, guys!"

Kenta and Kazu were already there, sitting on a pair of boxes. "What took you so long?" asked Kazu. "We were here for half an hour, we thought you were just messing with us!"

"Sorry, hit a lot of red lights." He unzipped their costumes, exposing their naked bodies. Feeling self-conscious, Mei and Kei turned their bodies and pressed their legs together in a vain effort to hide their nudity. "This is Mei, and this is Kei. I know you're excited to lose your virginity, but please be gentle with them."

"Who do you think we are?" grumbled Kenta. "Of course we won't hurt them."

Jian use a pair of scissors to cut their shibaris appart, though their hands still remained bound behind them. "Look, they're virgins too, and their pussies probably aren't wide and deep enough for your entire penises. You may not hurt them on purpose, but you should still be careful."

"Alright, alright."

"Xiaochun, can take it you both at the same time," she said, giving her a smack on the ass to urge her forward. She obediently skipped over to the boys. "She'll be more than happy to be your first, so you can practice. Just remember to use plenty of lube."

"Sure thing," said Kazu, putting his hand on Xiaochun's shoulder. "Come on, Xiaochun-chan!" She followed the boys to another corner of the warehouse for a little more privacy, and the boys stripped from the waist down, with Kenta picking up the lube. Xiaochun playfully rubbed her taped mouth against Kazu's penis. "H-hey, quit teasing."

"So, I guess we should put this on our dicks," said Kenta. Xiaochun nodded. "Alright, you're the boss." He sprinkled it on his penis and rubbed it all over to cover it, and he felt a strange warmth. "Whoa, this feels great!"

"Don't cum before we even start, genius," said Kazu. He rubbed the lotion onto his own penis, and let out a surprised gasp at the sensation. "...S-so, we can get inside you now, right?" Xiaochun crossed her legs and shook her head. "No?"

"Ah, I guess she needs some too," suggested Kenta. He took the lotion and started rubbing it into her pussy and anus, and she began to purr with pleasure. "Oh, you like that, huh?" Xiaochun nodded as her eyes glazed from euphoria. "I think I'll take your ass, so I'll loosen it up, first." He glided his middle finger into her anus, playfully moving it around as she mumbled into her gag.

"And you need a little more for the front," said Kazu, rubbing her clit and causing her to howl. "You can make your own juices if I do this, right?" For the next minute, they teased her until she was literally screaming at them through her gag. "So, can we come in?" She furiously nodded.

"Alright, me first," called Kenta, sitting down and positioning her ass over his penis, lowering her gently. "Just shake your head if I'm going too fast, ok?" She nodded, and let out a few quick breaths to relax as he slowly slid into her. "C-can I go deeper?" She nodded, and she was soon completely impaled. "I-I'm in! Your ass is amazing, Xiaochun-chan!"

"Alright, my turn," said Kazu, spreading Xiaochun's legs. "Your big brother said you can take us both together, right?" She nodded eagerly. "Alright, it's my turn." He slowly slid in, not breaking eye-contact as she was consumed by pleasure._Wow, she looks so beautiful! If only she were a little older._He managed to slide all the way in without any problems. "I made it too. So, I'm gonna start thrusting!"

"Me too!" cried Kenta as they started pounding Xiaochun.

She cried out with each thrust. She was used to Terriermon and Lopmon's penises taking her together, but not two belonging to boys bigger than her. But her beloved master praised her skill, and she refused to let him down.

The boys quickly understood Jian's prior warning, as they had gradually more difficulty entering Xiaochun, with her muscles tightening and their penises started to swell a bit more. They adjusted their living toy so they didn't accidently thrust too deeply. All too soon, the boys came, filling Xiaochun in both ends.

She was less than happy with how quickly they blew, and grumbled her displeasure at them as they lay back and pulled out. "Sorry," sighed Kenta. She turned her nose up at him. "I think the princess just told us off."

"Come on," said Kazu, picking up Xiaochun. "Let's get you cleaned up."

There was an old shower in that place, which still worked. They cleaned out Xiaochun's holes, masturbating her in the process. Any ill-will she carried for their previous game vanished as she came.

"I'm gonna remove your gag, now," said Kazu. Xiaochun nodded, and let out a little grunt as he ripped off the tape. "I want you to start talking dirty."

"Please fuck me some more, master," she cooed. "I want to feel your tongues-" He immediately thrust his tongue into her mouth, caressing her nipples.Wow, he's pretty easy to please.

"How about mine?" asked Kenta, spreading her legs. He vigorously licked her clit, between moving his tongue in and out of her pussy and grabbing her ass. She was quickly overcome with pleasure and melted into their hands.

They untied her hands but replaced the gag, and made her crawl around the floor. At their order, she gave some exaggerated muffled moans while she swayed her hips at them. They continually alternated spanking her and massaging her erogenous zones, with her responding positively to both.

Their game ended with Kenta sitting with his legs on either side of Xiaochun, giving Kenta a hand job while she worked to give Kazu a foot job. "Man, you do it like a pro," groaned Kazu, as she expertly worked the shaft of his penis with her toes.

"You're amazing, Xiaochun!" gasped Kenta. Xiaochun was delicately holding his balls with her left hand, and stroking the shaft against her cheek like she was cuddling a kitten. "I hope I get a slave half as good and cute as you!"

She stroked the boys until they came all over her feet and face. They cleaned her off faster and less intimately than they previously did, and rejoined Jian. Mei and Kei were both transformed, their naked bodies covered in skintight latex suits with clear openings for their naughty bits. They wore masks with ring gags to force their mouths open, and overall had the appearance of a more humanoid Grizzlymon and Kumamon, respectively. Their hands were balled up inside their gloves, so it was impossible for them to leave the suits without help.

As per Jian's instructions, the girls bent down with their little asses pointed at the boys, wiggling them as they nervously looked back. "These little bears are presenting," said Jian as he took Xiaochun back. "They're already lubed up for you."

Needing no further provocation, the boys ran over to the fur-suited girls. Kenta claimed Mei, and immediately thrust his penis into her perpetually open mouth; Kazu thrust his penis into Kei's little ass, placing his hand on her back so she stayed in her downward dog position. "Those poor boys," Jian sneered into Xiaochun's ear, sitting her on his lap. "Takato, Ruki, your friends, and now these two...why is it everyone around you turns into slutty maniacs?"

"You want to taste my cream, huh?" teased Kenta. Mei mumbled her positive answer. "You better clean it good, or I won't play with your little pussy."

With a moan, he blew into her mouth. Oh god, it's so salty! she thought. Remembering Jian's instructions to always breathe through her nose, she managed to avoid gagging and swallowed Kenta's load.Does Xiaochun-chan do this all the time?

"Wow, your ass is a lot tighter than Xiaochun's!" groaned Kazu, grabbing Kei's suit's tail for balance.

"Ih's too bih!" she screamed, crying out with each thrust. "Ih wohn fih!"

"You gotta loosen up, damn it!"

"I cahn!"

"A-alright, let's try this!" He leaned forward so his chest was touching her back, and used one hand to balance himself, and the other to rub her clit. "How's that!?"

"Oh, gah," she happily moaned. She found herself unconsciously thrusting back, feeling sparks fly with every movement.

"You warmed up pretty fast, didn't you?" He blew a few quick thrusts later, and she let out a yelp as his seed spilled into her. The two of them collapsed, Kazu wrapping his arms around her and keeping his penis inside. Meanwhile, Kenta was enjoying Mei's pussy, the two of them grunting like animals with every thrust.

"But you're the greatest slut of all," continued Jian. "You're a girl for whom two cocks just isn't enough."

"About time we got our turn," snapped Terriermon as he and Lopmon emerged from hiding. Xiaochun squealed with excitement. "Yeah, you're ready for my dick, aren't you?"

"Your pussy just seemed so lonely," joked Lopmon. "Would you like us to warm you up?"

"Mm-hmm!" She hopped off of Jian's lap and squatted down, presenting herself to her miniature masters. Terriermon promptly mounted her little ass, and Lopmon slid under her and thrust into her pussy. Jian ripped off Xiaochun's gag and she gasped, "I love you, masters!"

"I love you too," said Jian, pulling out his penis. "Now, give me a kiss." She immediately swallowed his penis, milking him expertly. "God, you're so hot," he groaned, grabbing her head so she couldn't pull back without finishing. "You're not leaving until you swallow all my love!"

Oh, my masters._She used her left hand to stroke Lopmon's cheek, and her right to go inside Jian's pants and squeeze his ass._You make me feel so wonderful. I wish I could somehow stay like this forever.

Jian considered himself a doting brother and master, but even he couldn't grant all of Xiaochun's fantasies. Her dream of a perpetual state of ecstasy would go frustratingly unfulfilled. After all, they both had school to think about.

Fortunately, they still had access to Mei and Kei for the rest of the weekend. Until their time together was over, they would remain trapped in their latex suits, unable to do anything with their mouths except take in food and cocks. They would be bathed and pampered like prize-winning pets, and fucked like whores. By the end of their weekend, they would be begging their parents to find cute masters for them.

That night, the latex cubs were in little beds at the base of Jian's. Mei was in a frogtie, with Terriermon cuddling her ass; Kei had her hands cuffed before her, and Lopmon in her embrace; and Jian and Xaiochun were naked on the main bed, with Xiaochun gagged with a pacifier and wearing a cub ears headband, with a tail dildo in her ass.

Jian stroked his little sister's face. "I have three little cubs all to myself. But only you are just right."

The end. I guess I had more to say after all!

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