Pathfinding: An Adult Choose Your Own Adventure, Nintieth Entry

Story by Gideon Kalve Jarvis on SoFurry

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#91 of Pathfinding-CYOA

The war proceeds apace, but in an unexpected direction, rather than open conflict or through diplomatic means (which is, after all, just another sort of conflict). Meanwhile, Cassidy gets a good bunnyhumping by Rufus, and Praxis and her fox demons are handed over to Urta, so the cruel and lusty gnoll chieftess can devise a proper fate for our prisoners.

Pathfinding: An Adult Choose Your Own Adventure

Nintieth Entry

By Gideon Kalve Jarvis

Vote Tallies

1 (Diplomacy) - 6

2 (Attack) - 7

3 (Get her to come to us) - 1

4 (The 3rd Option) - 10 (guerrilla tactics suggested) - 65% chance of success

Fate of the Prisoners:

* Bondage, Dominance, and Gangbanging fun (impregnation and death also suggested) - 4

* Cassidy nailed by Rufus - 1

Author Notes

The 65% for the chance of success on the Third Option is the same chance as the last time we had that option.

Pathfinding Nintieth Entry

" wasn't my fault, Rufus," Cassidy tried to explain, his voice rising in pitch as the hoary-furred wolf so very casually cinched the ropes now binding the tan-furred bunny's wrists behind his back. "I wasn't even in charge of the planning. You can't possibly-mmmph!"

Still acting with the casual grace of a predator enjoying the struggles of helpless prey, Rufus deftly popped a hard leather ball gag into Cassidy's mouth. Since Cassidy's rescue, he hadn't been allowed to get dressed, and so he was still completely naked as he squirmed against the powerful grip of the muscular male holding his arms from behind.

"You talk too much, little rabbit," Rufus growled softly in Cassidy's ear, gently nibbling on the very tip, before bending the lapida over the edge of the bed in his personal quarters. "I've got much better uses for that mouth of yours, I promise you."

Large, rough hands squeezing his bottom, spreading his tightly-rounded buns apart, Cassidy whimpered softly, his eyes wide...and wider still as he felt Rufus' tongue upon his delicate pink tailhole. Rufus' thumbs were parting the rabbit's anal ring, making it all the easier for Rufus to very thoroughly rim Cassidy until the bunny was wriggling on the bed, his candy pink erection straining against the sheets, his cheeks deeply flushed.

"Nice and slick," growled Rufus as he lifted his head, resting one strong hand on the back of Cassidy's head, pressing the bunny's cheek against the sheets of the sturdily-built cot. The other, meanwhile, shifted its grip on Cassidy's bottom, tilting it upward, making the wriggling little rabbit's tailhole into a nice, easy target.

"Brace yourself, Cass," Rufus stage-whispered in the small lapida's ear. Cassidy's eyes widened, and he gulped as he felt Rufus' positively huge_wolfcock prodding against his rear passage. Quite abruptly, the pointed tip found the bullseye of Cassidy's rosebud, and began to slowly - oh so _slowly - squeeze inside.

"Rrr," growled Rufus softly, taking his time, working himself into the squealing little bunny with a steady pressure, not rushing, not doing anything that might hurt his much smaller partner. "Tight."


Cassidy's head snapped up as he felt Rufus' cock push past the tight ring of his tailhole, and then start to slide all the way inside. The big wolfen, however, easily pushed Cassidy's cheek back to the blankets, and started to work his hips. At first he contented himself with just using the first quarter of his length. Then half. Then right up to before his knot. Finally, Rufus was grunting and growling and snarling over little Cassidy, making the rabbit squeal loudly into his gag as the mighty wolfbeast's hips slapped loudly against the lapida boy's butt, making it bounce up above, while his weighty, potent balls slapped into Cassidy's sac from behind, making the rabbit's cock bounce with almost equal vigor, heavily leaking precum in copious spurts. Reaching around, Rufus unlatched the ballgag, and pulled it free, letting Cassidy's loud squeals fill the tent as he was rutted with all Rufus' considerable might.

"Your mate's an animal," hissed Shara in awe, her legs kicking as Adel worked a cunningly-worked, smooth wooden dildo in and out of the wriggling vixentaur's cunny. Her upper half lounged on its side, letting Hanaro suckle on her upthrust breasts, her cheeks heavily flushed as she watched Rufus eagerly pounding the little rabbit with gusto.

"It's hard not to love him when he gets like this," Adel agreed, giving the dildo a perfect _twist_at just the right moment, enough to make Shara squeal like little Cassidy. "He's such a brute...but he's a sexy brute."

Stepping up onto the bed, Rufus grinned toothily down at Cassidy as he began to thrust almost straight down into the heavily panting rabbit's rump. Untying the lapida's wrists, Rufus let Cassidy hold onto the sheets for dear life, even biting down on the blanket in the extremity of his pleasure. The tent was filled with loud, wet slapping as Rufus pounded Cassidy with a will, the sound only barely matched by Rufus' loud, masculine grunts, and Cassidy's almost girlish squeals as the much smaller rabbit was taken right to the edge of his much-vaunted endurance.

"Ah!" Cassidy cried out as Rufus reached around, gripping and then rapidly pumping the other male's throbbing shaft. "Rufus! Rufus, I'm gonna..."

"Don't hold back," Rufus got out, his voice tight, tense, husky.

Increasing his speed, his brutal force, Rufus grit his teeth tightly as he slammed his knot right up against Cassidy's tense anal ring...and then started to force it inside. This act drove Cassidy wild, as the rabbit started to thrash and squirm this way and that, his eyes so very wide, and yet seemingly unseeing. Then, with a wet, slurping pop, Rufus knotted the other male, giving a loud bark of pleasure as his orgasm hit in a rush. Cassidy, meanwhile, started spurting cum from his pulsing, jerking cock, painting his chest and belly and the sheets beneath him with gush after copious gush of rabbitcum.

"Oh wow," sighed Shara in awe as she saw Rufus' cum leaking out from around his knot, her eyes heavy-lidded with the softer, quieter orgasms making her whole body tremble. "Oh wow."

"It's always like that," Adel confirmed, before bending to kiss Shara's white-furred belly, right between her hind legs, and then starting to kiss her way down. "That's why I like sharing him with others: he's so much fun to watch."


In another tent, another of Rufus' mates was busily engaged in a far more brutal task.

"You've probably figured out by now that I don't care if you talk or not," Urta snarled at the midnight-furred panthercat dangling from a rope harness fastened to the ceiling. "This isn't about interrogation: it's about payback. Revenge. Or maybe justice, depending on how you look at it."

The gnoll chieftess' words were momentarily interrupted by a loud yet muffled cry from nearby. She and the green-eyed near-demoness spared a glance in the direction of the cry, where one of the two demon foxes was being lowered down onto Horse's impossibly immense erection. The other fox demon was bound to a pole supporting the tent, One-eye squatting next to him, giggling something obscene in the helpless male's ear while holding his chin, forcing the prisoner to watch the rape of his fellow, his trepidation steadily growing as the dawning realization that he was next was forced so firmly home with each brutal thrust of that punishing hyenacock.

"After what you've done, I might've taken the time to kill you - properly," Urta continued. "Except I know it wouldn't do any good: you'd just come back, and you'd be worse than ever. It might make matters worse, since I know you've disappeared at times, and reappeared somewhere else. You might escape, and I can't have that. So I've decided on something...special, instead."

Urta's grin was a very unpleasant thing indeed as she reached over, running a surprisingly gentle hand over the naked panthercat's body, paying special attention to the she-panther's perfect, sleek breasts, teasing a blunt clawtip around one perked obsidian aureole. Praxis only curled a lip at Urta's touch, her expression openly daring the gnoll to do her worst.

Motioning toward the door flap of the tent as it parted, letting a figure inside, it was apparent that Urta intended to do just that.

"Praxis," Urta continued, her voice almost conversational, rather than the voice of a torturer to her captive, "meet Ryg. Ryg is an expert in a number of powerful sorts of magic." Urta's grin grew wider. "Including fertility magic."

Finally, Praxis' luminous green eyes widened. For the first time ever, Urta was rewarded with the rare treat of seeing the wicked panthercat looking worried.


Crouching next to the deep pit into which the spawnling had crawled, favoring the shade afforded it by the thick canvas tent overhead, the Warlord gently, lovingly caressed one of the poor, abused creature's tentacles. The spawnling was the Warlord's dear friend, much as a normal person would regard a cat or a dog or some other loving, affectionate pet. After the raid directly on her camp, the spawnling was badly hurt, and the dragoness could feel its pain through the touch of its slimy black tentacle.

"You'll get better," she said, reassuring herself as much as the spawnling, cuddling the tentacle next to her cheek. "I'll make sure of it."

In its present state, the spawnling wasn't able to produce any more troops or other creatures from its own body mass. Theoretically, it could still use the wombs of others to mass-produce creatures, but the Warlord had insisted on allowing her beloved companion the time needed to recover. Even if she hadn't cared so deeply about the spawnling, the Warlord wouldn't have wasted the life of a devoted follower without a very good cause.

Reports had been coming in ever since the night of the raid on her camp. They weren't good reports. Supply caravans burned to ashes. Reinforcements from the southern swamps decimated from ambush. Even the pirates who the Warlord had counted upon to support her as mercenary troops had decided instead to side with Avalon City, which had long served them as a safe harbor, even when all other harbors would turn away these bandits of the seaways. The Warlord's forces were hardly finished, and she herself was far from beaten. All the same, her winning streak had been brought to a sudden and jarring halt, and it grated as much upon her as upon her underlings, eager and itching for victories under the formerly-invincible Warlord.

"Nothing's going right, my dear one," the Warlord softly cooed to the wounded spawnling, nuzzling the tip of its tentacle, but getting nothing more than the slightest ooze of its normally copious, potent juices. "It's as though the arrival of this...Rufus, and his friends, has stolen all the good fortune I've had up until this point." Her expression hardened. "I'll have to do something about him. The only question now is: what?"

[rolled 63 against the 65 above - a bare success!]

Looking down at the slowly pulsing mass of her companion, the Warlord very gently eased the tentacle in her hands down into the pit once more. Her expression now was one of deep concern.

"Whatever I decide to do, however," she whispered, "I won't let them hurt you again. I promise you that."

Path Choices

We're almost out of options here. Thus, to wrap things up, I'm going to provide options for how we want to bring this story to an end, rather than simply our next move. Which route shall we select as we seek our path to peace?

1) The Path of Blood - Wage war until our enemy sues for peace, or is wiped out.

2) The Path of Words - Bring our foe to the diplomatic table, and hash out a solution that will end the conflict in our favor.

3) The Path of the Hidden Dagger - Seek out and face the Warlord in personal combat, or otherwise assassinate her.

4) The Path of the Prisoner - As the Path of Blood, but we seek instead to take as many prisoners as possible.

When you vote, feel free to suggest ways in which we might achieve the option you have selected, or scenes you might want to see on our path.

The percentage chances for all of these options is now the same - 55% - and will be rolled three times. A minimum of two successes on our part will bring us victory. Otherwise...

Additionally, you can choose to see one of the following prisoners getting nailed, either in a new scene, or a continuation of what has gone before:

A) Praxis

B) Skaeth

C) Belthin

D) Nobody

E) Select any other character

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