Chapter 24: The Anarchy 5

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#24 of Wolf: The Legendary Half Breed

RagingWolf2124- Kept you waiting huh? (Smiles)

Narrator- Wolf had found his Long Lost Cousin Neo. After many years since his disappearance, Wolf had time to catch up with Neo on what had happened during his childhood and even share some stories about his adventure thus far.

Wolf's Pov

"I'm surprised at how strong my Younger Cousin came to be over the years... I always believed he had died long ago... but then yesterday... fate had us meet again..." I said to myself. I was already awake, cracking my neck as it felt a little stiff. I focused my Aura to see everyone within the house, noticing that my Cousin Neo was gone. A letter was left by the bed, I picked it up and read it.

"Wolf, I'm sorry I couldn't stay any longer. I had to continue on my Journey, I'm heading for Oreburgh to get my first badge. I'm happy I got the chance to see you again, let's meet up eventually. Your Cousin, Neo." The letter read. Well then... I'll see you again, Cousin... stay safe.

"Mmmm... (Yawn) Morning Wolf, what do you have there?" Aurora asked as she yawned.

"A letter from Neo... he left to continue his Journey, he's going for the Oreburgh Badge." I answered. She wrapped her arms around my neck from behind and rested her head on my Shoulder.

"I feel sad... I really wanted to get to know Grace better." She said as her ears drooped.

"I'm glad Gale and Ross are gone, those two were an annoyance to me. Gale was those type of People I hate being around and Ross was a complete dumbass. I know they wanted to protect Neo, but they forget that he's my Family, not just theirs. Even that little girl will get what's coming to her. I swear that the next time those two get in my way, I won't show mercy on them." I said with no remorse.

"Wolf, don't say that!" Raiden said in a muffled voice from within his Luxury Ball, as he suddenly popped out without me having to release him.

"Mr. Gale is a nice Gallade! He's just very unemotional!" Raiden said.

"Even if he is... I don't like him... plain and simple, whatever the hell happened to him to cause him to be like this is beyond me... although it's fine for you and him to be friends... as long as he treats you right." I told him.

"Yay!" He said happily as he jumped and licked at my face playfully, causing me to laugh.

"Hahahahaha! Okay, down boy!" I said as I lied him on his back and scratched his belly, causing him to purr.

"Who's a good Feline?" I asked him.

"Me! Me!" He said happily. I was starting to feel much happier myself. Then I thought about my Aunt Chase...

"Wolf... are you feeling okay?" Aurora asked as she kissed my cheek.

"Yeah... just give me a moment to do something..." I told her as I opened the room door and went down the hallway to Aunt Chase's Room, she was fast asleep, Snoring peacefully. I jotted down a letter and left it in her Egg Pouch where she would later see it. I gave her a kiss on her head as a goodbye, I will come back again eventually. Now was the time to leave and head for Hearthome...

Meanwhile... Somewhere... in a Hidden Complex...

3rd Person Pov

A Man was sitting on his chair in front of a Monitor, watching various Cyborgs building new Weapons and Technology. He had Cyan Blue hair, but his was not in the shape of a Bowl Cut like his Henchmen. This Man... was 37 year old... Cyrus... who was holding one of the Orbs in his hand.

"My Leader! I have Urgent News, both Good and Bad!" A Male Grunt said coming in.

"What News do you wish to report Soldier?" Cyrus asked as he kept looking towards the Monitor.

"Well, the bad news is that our unit of over 100 Men that were sent after Wolf to retrieve the Orbs have been... burnt to ashes..." He said.

"I know... I had a chat... with him..." Cyrus said, "Well, what is the Good News you bring?"

"Our Team of Scientists have just created a Prototype of a Cloaking Device that can help our Men stay invisible in the field, we believe we could use this to defeat Wolf." The Grunt said with a grin.

"That's good... although against an Aura user like him, he will sense you before you get the chance... but it will benefit greatly..." Cyrus said.

"I take it my clone failed to capture Wolf?" A Honchkrow Half Breed said walking in.

"Yes... he has..." Cyrus replied.

"That's a damn shame... now that we know that he's very strong, it would be a good idea if we were to go as a team." A Lopunny Half Breed said.

"Heh... your right Tania, what I would love to do is snap his damn neck." An Arcanine Half Breed said.

"As if David, I bet he'll break your damn arm before that happens." A Persian Half Breed said. An image of Wolf appeared on a Monitor as the Team saw it. Wolf looked very Serious.

"Your Right Selena, this Wolf is actually really Skilled, it won't be easy. He's a Half Breed like us, but he's very Powerful for one." The Zoroark Half Breed of the group said, "We are going to have to have a trump card."

"He is on his way to Hearthome as of now Rider... so all 5 of you, Crow, Tania, David, Selena and Rider head there to ambush him. All of you, the Anarchy 5 will succeed, I do not tolerate Failure from your team Rider... understood?" Cyrus asked with no emotion.

"Count on it." Rider said as he and his team left the Room. Cyrus then pushed a Button which activated a Holographic screen.

"Jupiter, I need to talk to you, immediately." Cyrus ordred.

"As you wish... Sir..." Jupiter said as a Sadistic Grin appeared on her face.

Back to Wolf and Friends...

Wolf's and his Team were back on the road towards Hearthome, where Wolf's 3rd Badge was waiting for him. Wolf was deep in thought as he walked leaving his other Pokemon Chatting except Aurora.

"I'm telling you, Oran Berries are better than Pecha Berries." Inferno said.

"Oran Berries? Bleh! Pecha Berries are better." Fang said.

"Does it matter? They both taste amazing." Raiden spoke.

"Say's you." Fang said.

"Looks like Shorty is getting Mad! Hee hee hee!" Rose giggled.

"For the last time, I am not short, we Gible are just this way!" Fang said flailing his little arms in anger.

"You know, I'm pretty sure all of us except Aurora and Wolf are short." Sapphire said, making everyone realize that Fang wasn't the only one.

"Well... it looks like the tables have turned on me..." Rose said. Everyone except Wolf laughed, he was still thinking about something.

"Wolf, is something bothering you?" Aurora asked worryingly.

"Yeah, What if my parents don't actually want to be wished back? What if their time on Earth is done and they need to rest in Peace?" Wolf asked.

"Wolf... I understand how you feel... maybe... maybe mine don't want to come back either..." Aurora said, "But, I... I never truly had a chance to love them... I just want to see them again..." Aurora said in sadness.

"Hey, what are you two talking about over there?" Inferno asked.

"Nothing really, just a private talk between me and Aurora." Wolf said, not wanting any attention on them.

Eventually they reached the City, as they entered into it, Wolf was greeted by many fans, mostly girls, who surrounded him.

"Oh my Arceus, he's so handsome!" One shouted out. Aurora barked out at the girls who were getting near him and held his arm, causing them to run away.

"Sorry ladies I'm already taken." Wolf said as they ran. Newspapers were being read by a lot of People in the streets and on a huge monitor on the street showed Wolf's face as a Woman talked.

"Reports from Oreburgh have told us that Wolf and his Team of Pokemon had killed a Gang of Team Galactic Thugs along with their Commander, known as Mars! Is there anything this Hero can't do?" The Woman said on the Television.

"That's right Sarah, for 10 straight years since he was an 11 year old kid, he's been protecting us, but yet he also wants to kill us, what could be wrong with him that causes this? Some say he's crazy, others say that he has some sort of disorder. Whatever the case is, we must be thankful of the good things he has done for us, remember that time when that time 3 Years ago when Wolf took on this Huge Gang of Thugs called the Black Skulls by himself and killed their leader Ivankoff? The City here was a much more peaceful place after he did!" The Man said.

"It sure is! Well, that's it for Sinnoh News, be sure to catch us next time!" The Woman said as the Monitor faded to black.

"You took on a Huge Gang in this City by yourself? That is so sweet!" Aurora said.

"Yeah, I'll never forget that day either, Ivankoff was a huge threat, he had to be stopped." Wolf said, "Let's just get to the Pokemon Center and get a room, I wanna use the Portal to go check on the Base."

Fox's Pov

"Get to work on that 3rd platform! We need to finish up before the Master comes back!" I yelled.

"Commander Fox! Some of the Men are goofing off in the recently completed Mess Hall!" A Soldier told me.

"Tell those slackers to get back to work! Their shift doesn't end until 10:30 AM!" I ordered him.

"Hey Fox, hows it going?" A voice said behind me.

"Hey Master Wolf, and lastly... oh... wait...' I said dumbfounded, realizing that our Leader was here. The Soldiers that were messing around came out and immediately saluted him.

"Master Wolf Sir! Uh we were just uh..." One said as he faced our Leader.

"I take it you were goofing off on the Job." He said crossing his Arms.

"No! Nothing like that, we'll show you!" Another said as they went back to their posts.

"Good, now where are our other 4 Commanding Officers?" Master Wolf asked me.

"Lynx is busy Cooking with The Mess Hall Team, Hawk is with the Intel Team, Ocelot is helping the R & D Team, and Raven is with the Medical Team, and I of course is with the Combat Team." I answered.

"Wait, your saying that we have 4 separate branches here like that?" He asked. He must seem mad.

"Master, I'm sorry, we could rearrange every thing if you li-" I was cut off.

"It's Brilliant!" He said.

"Huh?" I said confused.

"The Mess Hall Team could make food for all the Other 4 Teams thus making sure they can't work on an empty Stomach, The Intel Team could help the Combat Team by finding information on the enemy and what they have, The R & D Team can make and modify Weapons for the Combat Team to use and even for the Base's defenses, and The Medical Team could heal our Men and Woman who get wounded or injured, thus making all Teams support each other all at once." He said in one sentence, with intelligence.

"Wow... I... never really thought of it that way..." I said surprised.

"Good Job Fox, I knew I made the right choice by making you Second in Command." The Master told me.

"Well, I'm proud to serve under you Master Wolf Sir!" I said saluting with a smile.

"Okay, Where is the Combat Team Training at, I'm going to teach them." He asked me.

"They are right down there on the 1st Platform." i told him.

"Thank you Fox, now keep doing what you do best." He told me as he saluted me and ran over to the Combat Team.

3rd Person Pov

"I'm helping you to teach this class today Sergeant." Wolf spoke as he entered the Barracks Sparring Room with a lot of Half Breed Soldiers and an instructor.

"Look ahead Men & Women! The Master is going to join us!" The Sergeant said, "Master Wolf Sir! Why don't you go ahead and demonstrate what I say!?"

"My Pleasure." Wolf said throwing his Trench Coat to the Side with his Shirt.

"Now, as you all know from our previous training sessions, CQC or otherwise known as Close Quarters Combat is a tactical concept that involves physical confrontation between several combatants. It can take place between military units, police and criminals, and other similar actions. Alright Master, demonstrate." The Sergeant said.

5 Minutes Later...

"Hang on Master! I'm not rea- FUUUUUUUUUUUUUU-!" A Soldier yelled as he was tossed face first into the wall, groaning in pain. Almost everyone, except the Sergeant and Wolf were face down on the ground with Most of the Half Breed Soldiers groaning in Pain, "My fucking face... why... why does it have to be my God damn face

"I think you overdid it Master..." The Sergeant said.

"I must have, but I can tell that they have improved. Have them fight against each other when they recover, it's a good thing I didn't break any bones." Wolf said, "Sorry about that, Men and Women I'll be careful next time."

"Yes, Master Wolf Sir!" All of them snapped back to attention and started sparring with one another.


Aurora's Pov

Oooooh... I feel so bored without Wolf around... and now Fang is raiding the fridge for meat...

"Fang, let the Rib go! Your not the only one who has to eat!" Raiden said, pulling the rib with his mouth.

"No way, I had it first!" Fang said as he did the same. It ended up splitting apart and both fell on their backs. I sighed sadly, I'm worried about him, he's hurting inside, even if he looks happy... I want to be near him... to cherish him... to show him how much I care about his Well Being... I love that sweet Man who saved me that day... I don't want him to end up getting hurt... Then all of a Sudden, from out of Nowhere 5 People crashed through the Window with one of them kicking me straight in the face and flying into the other Pokemon.

"Who are you!?" I asked angrily as I got up, with them Pointing Guns at me and the Team.

"We are the Anarchy 5, Where is Wolf?" I saw a Zoroark Half Breed ask. They were Half Breeds! A Honchkrow, Lopunny, Arcanine, Persian, and Zoroark!

"Go to Hell!" I told him as I Punched him in the face, sending him flying into the wall. The others fought with me. We tried to defend ourselves, but they were just to strong for us, they kept countering and hitting us! I then thought of Mega Evolving, but Wolf was not here! These Half Breeds couldn't be beaten!

"They're... they're just to strong!" Raiden said as he passed out along with the others. Angering me for hurting my Friends.

"How dare you!" I yelled as I kneed the Lopunny very hard in the gut. Her face then grew angry.

"I had enough of you!" The Lopunny said as she punched me straight in my Snout, then everything went black.

3rd Person Pov

Wolf had returned to the Pokemon Center inside the Room, using the Portal. When he saw that the entire place was wrecked and with his Pokemon on the Ground injured, he ran over to them and held them all in his arms, except Aurora. When he noticed she wasn't here, he started to panic.

"Who did this to you guys, please, answer me!" Wolf begged as Raiden's eyes went open a little.

"The... Anarchy 5... they... kidnapped Aurora and... they said to meet them... in an Alleyway near here... with the orbs... if you ever want to see her again..." Raiden said as tears fell from his eyes.

"I'm sorry I wasn't here for you guys, I promise to get them back for this, and I'll get Aurora back, I think of you 5 as my own Family, my own kids that I will protect to my last breath!" Wolf said as he used Extreme Speed and was immediately at the front Desk of Nurse Joy's, leaving them all on the stretchers.

"Hurry and take care of them! I have business to attend to!" He said as he ran out, leaving Nurse Joy stunned for a minute before she got to work on them.

"Aurora... I promise I will save you!" Wolf said as he scanned Aura's around the Area, his Eyes turning blue.

"I sense her Aura, I also know it's a trap as well..." Wolf said as he was angered. He walked into an Alleyway. He saw Aurora who was tied up from her Paws and Hind Legs with Tape over her Muzzle.

"Mmmm! Mmmm!" Aurora muffled through the tape. Wolf came over to her cut the rope from her Paws and Hind Legs with his Murasama.

"I'm going to get you out of this!" Wolf said took the tape off her mouth. All of a Sudden, the Arcanine Half Breed known as David came from behind Wolf and planned to knock him out until Wolf offhand backhanded him, making him fall to the ground.

"You think I couldn't sense you coming?" Wolf said, "I know you other 4 are here, there is no point in hiding."

"So you are an Aura User." Rider said as he and his Team came out. Wolf transformed back into his Lucario Half Breed Form and his Eyes that were Crimson Red glowed Blue.

"No way... no Half Breed has the ability to have two forms!" Crow said.

"I see you are still alive... I believe Team Galactic cloned you to see how I would fare against you, might I say that he wasn't much of a Challenge." Wolf said, "Now listen here, I can tell your not all that bad, your Aura's show that, we don't have to fight."

"How did you know we work for Team Galactic!?" Tania asked.

"Your friends clone said it." Wolf said.

"That's enough, come with us along with the Orbs now or we will hurt your mate and friends more." Selena said.

"Eeeeek!" Aurora said as Selena held her Arm behind her back and pointed her Pistol at her.

"Let her Go!" Wolf demanded, "This is our fight!"

"Not a chance." Selena said.

"Wolf, forget about me! Just stop them!" Aurora shouted. Wolf was struggling inside, but reluctantly accepted.

"Cowards...I'll go with you... just let her go..." Wolf said. Selena then lowered her gun a little and Wolf was hit hard in the back of the head by Rider who used his Rifle, knocking Wolf unconscious.

"No!" Aurora yelled as she was hit hard on the back of the head as well, she saw them dragging Wolf away with them as she lay there losing consciousness, "I'm so sorry Wolf..."

RagingWolf2124- And there ya go Ladies and Gentlemen! It has been awhile since I have posted another chapter! I hope you enjoyed this! What will become of Wolf now that he has been captured by his Enemy's? Can Aurora and his Friends save him, and if so how? That's to say the next time I post a chapter.

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