Chapter 23: Reunion

Story by RagingWolf2124 on SoFurry

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#23 of Wolf: The Legendary Half Breed

RagingWolf- This chapter is in collaboration with Heatfist147, a good friend and Author here on Fanfiction! Starring his OC Neo and his Team! Please enjoy the hard work we put in together!

Narrator- Wolf had returned from his Mission and was currently outside the House, unaware of who was inside the House at the very moment...

"Normal Speech"


3rd Person Pov

A Young Boy arrived at the house. He was 5'10 with strange sky blue hair that came down to his eyes which were a very sharp grey and seemed to pierce into yours when he looked at you. He had very tanned skin and was well built. He was wearing a black shirt with a neon green symbol of a Spear and shield designed with a sky blue Pokeball icon and a necklace with a red crystal in the shape of the yin symbol, as well as black pants with neon green and sky blue patterns along the hemline and a dark green belt on his waist. From his belt hung six Luxury Balls. He entered and saw Wolf's team along with Chase. Chase saw the Young Boy and automatically jumped up from her seat.

"N-Neo?" Chase asked, shock and hope in her voice, "Is that you?" The Boy smiled and nodded.

"It's been a long time." He starts, "Aunt Chase." Chase starts shedding tears of Joy then ran to him as he kneeled down to her height, embracing him.

"Oh thank Arceus!" She sobbed, "You're alive!" She then started to ball onto his shoulder and he smiled and wrapped his arms around her, shedding a few tears of his own.

"Yeah I'm alive... Thanks for taking care of the house." Neo said, then pulled away and stood, "Who are you people?" He asked Wolf's team.

"Us? We are staying here until our Trainer comes back." Aurora told the Boy.

"And who is that?" Neo asked, the suspicion in his voice evident and the way his piercing gray eyes stared into Aurora's made her shudder slightly, in fear. "Neo..." Chase said cautiously, "This is Wolf's team." She said the name as if Neo would recognize it, but it made him turn to her with an eye brow raised in confusion.

"Wolf?" Neo asked,"who the hell is that?" Chase gasped and started to say something but Neo turned toward the door in surprise, feeling a presence appear out of nowhere, he felt no hostility, so he stood and waited for the Man to come through the door.

"Hey, everyone I'm back! Who are you?" Wolf asked the Boy.

"Who, the hell, are you?" Neo asked, not answering Wolf's question.

"My name is Wolf." He told him. Neo stared at him with the same intimidating gaze he gave to Aurora, though it didn't have any effect.

"And why are you in my parent's home?" Neo asked, though he seemed slightly confused and he was blinking and shaking his head as if to clear it.

"Neo?" Chase asked with a worried face.

"Neo... but... my Cousins name is..." Wolf said.

"A-answer my Question." Neo told him.

"I came here to leave my team in the care of Chase while I was away." Wolf answered.

"... Fine... But how do you know about this place?" Neo asked, his eyes starting to glow neon green.

"I was walking with my team, found this place and had them stay here for awhile." He answered.

"You're lying." Neo said, "Tell me the truth!" His eye's started glowing brighter.

"Listen Neo! If I was Lying would Chase still be around!? She is my family!" Wolf said.

"Family!?" Neo asked, "Chase? Who the hell is this guy!?" Neo said angrily confused.

"Neo..." Chase said cautiously, "This is Wolf.. You.. You don't remember Wolf?" Tears started falling down her face, then she turned to Wolf.

"Wolf, this is Neo." She said to him, "Blade and Samantha's Neo."

"Neo... I thought I lost you... I thought you died..." Wolf said.

"Lost me!? W-Who are you!?" Neo was clutching his head, pain practically written across his face as he stumbled into the wall and used it to support himself.

"I'm your big Cousin, Wolf." Wolf said, a tear falling from his eye.

"My... I don't have a-gaahh!" Neo falls onto his knees, clutching his head in pain.

"Neo! What's wrong!?" Wolf asked concerned.

"Aaarrgghh!" Neo screamed, "I..Aagghh!"

"What's happening to him!?" Wolf asked worryingly.

"I don't know!" Chase said panicking.

"Neo!" Wolf and his Team yelled. A Gallade burst out of one of the Pokeballs on Neo's belt and moved to hold Wolf back from Neo.

"Stay back!" He warned, "Touching him in his current state is not a good idea!"

"What's going on with him!?" Wolf asked. The Gallade looked at Wolf.

"I don't know, "He said,"Who are you?" He asked.

"He.. He's my..." Neo said from the floor.

"Big Cousin, Wolf." Wolf told him.

"Then why haven't I heard of you?" Gale ask confused.

"Because... I didn't remember him..." Neo said before trying to get and fall back down again, "My mind..." Gale nodded in understanding and stopped holding Wolf back.

"Neo... are you alright?" Wolf asked.

"Yeah... I... I'm fine.. Cuz." Neo said trying to stand again. Wolf helped him up.

"It's been a long time." Neo said, then smirked and finished teasingly, "Cousin Wolfy."

"It's been 16 years..." Wolf said.

"Wolf, is this really your Cousin Neo?" Aurora asked.

"Yes, this is my 18 year old Cousin." Wolf responded.

"Yeah, the last time I saw you was over A Tv Phone. "Neo said, then embraced Wolf warmly, "Nice to see you again, Cuz." Neo said. Wolf returned the hug.

"It's great to see you again as well Neo." Wolf smiled. Neo pulls away and holds Wolf at arm's length, inspecting him.

"Damn! You look just like uncle!" Neo stated happily, "Speaking of which, how are your parents?" He asked. Silence filled Wolf and his team, Wolf turned his back and looked up.

"Cousin? What's wrong?" Neo asked worried, "Why do you feel sad?"

"Galactic... they... they killed my Parents by Reviving... Merciless... it's all Cyrus's Fault!" Wolf said, clenching his fists in anger.

"Cyrus? Merciless?" Neo asked confused, "Wolf, come here." Wolf turned around and walked over to him.

"What is it?" Wolf asked. Neo put two fingers to Wolf's head and his eye's started to glow a neon green color once more.

"Stay still and try to clear your mind." Neo told him calmly. Wolf cleared his head and relaxed.

{You are hearing me through telepathy now.} Neo told him, {I'm the only one that can hear you like this, so feel free to talk about whatever you want to while I set up a Mind Link.}

{Oh... well, what is a Mind Link?} Wolf asked.

{It's a.. Uuhhh.. Kind of tough to explain, ummm...} Neo replied, {...Think of it as a visit into each other's minds.}

{Uh huh, so that's what it is.} Wolf said.

{Hey, Wolf?} Neo asked, confusion evident in his voice.

{Yes, what is it?} Wolf said.

{Is there... Someone else in here?} Neo asked, nervously.

{Yes... It's Merciless...} Wolf responded.

{Merciless!? The one that...!?} Neo asked, shocked. Then Wolf started to feel a strong Rage emitting from Neo.

{How did he get in here Wolf!?} Neo asked, his anger starting to become overwhelming.

{Cyrus wished for him to be sealed inside me...} Wolf answered.

{Wished!?} Neo yelled, {Who the hell would wish something like this!? It's inhuman!}

{He hoped of controlling Merciless through me... to rule the world... that's why he sealed him within me.} Wolf Explained.

{Wolf... I swear on Arceus and whoever else is listening that I won't let that happen!} Neo said with determination, {If you ever need a hand just let me know.} Then he took his hands away from Wolf's forehead and backed away from him.

"Mind link's set, now Five... Four..." Neo started. Wolf stayed silent.

"Three..." Neo continued. Wolf continued being silent.

"Two..." Neo continued slowly. Wolf readied himself.

"Aaaand you're going to feel like hell in..." Neo stated, " One..."

"AAAAAAAAAAH!" Wolf yelled in pain.

"Wolf!" Aurora yelled in worry.

"Alright, it sho-GAHH!" Neo started but Aurora punch him in the face and sent him flying into a wall.

"Get away from him!" Aurora yelled.

"... Owww..." Neo groaned, "Should of saw that one coming (Cough 2x)... Ugh..." Gale moves over to Neo and starts to help him up.

"Wolf, are you okay?" Aurora asked whining.

"I'm okay, don't worry about it." He smiled.

"Ow..." Neo groaned as he stood,with Gale's help, "How do you feel cuz?"

"Like I just got a Hot Knife burned into my Skull..." He said. Aurora whined and licked his face.

"That's good, means it worked without bad side-effects." Neo said, rubbing his Cheek.

"Grace is not going to be happy about that." Gale said to him.

"I know." Neo replied.

"Grace?" Wolf said confused.

"Oh.. Uh she's-" Neo started but was interrupted by Gale.

"Someone who is going to be very upset that someone bruised her boyfriend's face." He said, deadpanned.

"... Are you being sarcastic or are you serious?" Neo asked confused and Gale didn't reply, he just continued to stare at Neo with a expressionless face. Aurora simply growled and barked.

"No, Aurora don't try anything." Wolf told her. Neo shook his head, then turned back to Wolf.

"Nothing a Recover won't fix..." Neo stated, "Anyway, why don't we head outside and introduce our teams to each other?"

"Why can't we introduce them here?" Wolf asked.

"Because Ross is too big to fit in here... And he might break the floor boards." Neo stated whilst heading for the door followed by Gale. Wolf and his Team followed Neo and Gale outside. When they were all outside, Neo turned and started using Recover.

"Alright!" Neo said with excitement, "It's going to take me a while to heal, so why don't you go first cuz?"

"This right here is Inferno, The Monferno." Wolf said.

"Hello!" Inferno waved.

"Hello, nice to meet you Inferno." Neo said to him with a smile. The bruise on his cheek starting to get smaller and his jaw made a cracking sound as it repaired itself.

"This is Rose, The Staravia." Wolf said.

"Nice to meet you!" Rose Chirped.

"Nice to meet you too." Neo said, the bruise on his cheek was fading and he was stretching his arms.

"This is my Best Friend Raiden, The Luxio." Wolf said.

"Hi! I'm Raiden!" Raiden said happily.

"I'm guessing you're the energetic one." Neo said, still smiling, "Nice to meet you Raiden." Raiden Meowed and Purred.

"This is Sapphire, The Buizel." Wolf said.

"My name is after The Gemstone "Sapphire" She explained.

"Cool!... I should've thought of something like that.." Neo says thoughtfully, "Meh.. Oh well. And it's nice to meet you Sapphire."

"This is Fang, The Gible." Wolf said.

"You got any food?" Fang asked.

"Ummmm... No." Neo said confused, "it's.. Nice to meet you... Fang." Wolf then took out an Oran Berry from his Backpack and gave it to Fang, the Gible munching on it happily, then burping.

"Lastly, this is my Beautiful Mate Aurora, The Lucario." Wolf said kissing her.

"Hello... Sorry about punching you earlier..." She said shyly.

"Yeah.. It's fine." Neo said, still confused by Fang's antics, then he shook his head as if to clear it and looked toward Aurora with a smile.

"It's alright, you were just being protective." Neo said, "No harm done!" He gestured to his face where the bruise had just finished healing.

"Alright! My turn!" his eye's glowed neon green and one of the Pokeballs on his belt were encased in a green aura, then he held out his hand and the ball zipped to it, then he blinked and looked left to see the Gallade sitting next to him, meditating.

"Gale?" Neo called to the Gallade, and received no response, but nodded as if he did.

"This is my best friend Gale, The Gallade." Neo said.

{Hello. Nice to meet you all.} Gale said in everyone's mind. He was different from normal Gallade, he was taller, standing at about 5'9", he had a wider torso and five fingers on each hand. He wore a necklace with a silver spear and shield pendant and a neon green band on his left arm.

"Nice to meet you Gale." Wolf said. Neo held the Pokeball out in front of him and it burst open, letting out a Metagross.

"I AM ROSS!" It yelled, stomping the ground once, causing it to shake and everyone except for Wolf, Neo, and Gale to lose their balance.

"Ross! Chill!" Neo commanded, "We're not in a battle!" Then Ross quickly simmered down.

"Oh... My apologies." Ross said. Ross was a Shiny Metagross.

"... (Sigh) This is Ross, The Metagross." Neo stated with a smile, "I found him when he was a Beldum and raised him to what he is now."

"It is nice to meet you." Ross said, "I apologize if I may have startled you."

"Not in the slightest, just... Surprised..." Wolf said.

"Heheheh... Next up." Neo stated, then he floated another Pokeball to his hand and released an Alakazam who stretched and yawned.

"Hey! I was napping." He complained and Neo just shook his head.

"This is Kaz, The Alakazam, and good a friend!" Neo said, and Kaz nodded.

"Nice to meet y'all!" He said with excitement. He was taller than average Alakazam, standing at about 5'3" and his body was much wider. He wore yellow shorts with a green spear and shield emblem and a necklace with a purple eye pendant.

"Heh, likewise." Wolf smiled, his Bandanna flowing in the wind.

"Alright next! " Neo stated, another Pokeball flying to his hand and he released a Delphox who stood there with her arms crossed and said nothing.

"This is Debby, The Delphox... She's like my older sister." Neo said with a caring smile.

"Hey! Nice to meet ya!" Debby said smiling after what Neo said and uncrossed her arms. She looked entirely like a normal Delphox, she wore a golden ribbon with a red spear and shield design on her left ear. Inferno walked up to her.

"What's that stick in your hand?" He asked. She lifted said stick in front of her and lit it on fire.

"Nothing special." She said simply, "Just if I focus on the flame I can see little bits and pieces of the future and I also use it to attack."

"That's so cool! I wish I could do that." Inferno said.

"Nice to meet you Debby." Wolf said. Neo held another Pokeball before him.

"Next is Grace, my girlfriend and Gale's sister." Neo stated with a smile, then released a Gardevoir.

"Hello..." she said shyly, bowing, "I'm Grace, it's nice to meet you." Neo came up behind her and wrapped his arms around her, kissing her on the cheek while he did so. She looked like a Normal Gardevoir except her body was slightly wider and she was taller, standing at about 5'7" and unlike most Gardevoir she had C-cup breasts with her pale-red horn nestled in between them, her hair came down and covered her left eye. She wore the dress of a normal Gardevoir, but she had a neon green scarf with a white shield and spear design as well as a necklace with a blue crystal in the shape of the yang symbol.

"Hehehe..." Wolf chuckled. Grace's shyness went away after Neo's show of affection, and she greeted them again.

"Hello everyone! I'm Grace." she said with a smile. The Team went silent noticing it was a Gardevoir.

"Aaaaaaaah!" Fang ran behind Wolf's leg shaking.

"What's wrong?" Neo and Grace both asked, confused. Gale took notice and rose from his sitting position and moved next to Neo and Grace.

"Get her away from me! I don't trust Gardevoirs ever since what happened at the Old Chateau!" Fang said, still shaking.

"(Gasp) The Old Chateau..." Grace said, shocked.

"The Gardevior?... Wait! That was you!?" Gale asked.

"What was them?" Neo asked, confused at both of their reactions.

"Remember that crazed Gardevior?" Gale asked and Neo nodded.

"How could I forget?" Neo asked, somewhat sarcastically,"I'm the one that fought her."

"We... we didn't want to kill her." Wolf said.

"She grabbed his Sword and impaled herself with it, she committed suicide." Aurora said crying into Wolf's chest.

"... That makes sense," Neo said, sadness in his voice,"Especially with the pain she was in."

"You can give me the details later." Gale said calmly, "Till then, let's not think about it."

"So, is that all the Team Members?" Wolf asked.

"Yeah, that's all my fighters, except for one." Neo said with a mischievous smile, "me!" Then he stepped forward.

"I'm Neo Exodus, The Half-Breed, and strongest member of my team!" he announced, doing a customary bow.

"No, I mean Pokemon wise." Wolf laughed.

"I don't follow.." Neo said,

"Neo considers himself more Pokemon than human." Gale told Wolf.

"After all," Neo said, "I was raised by, and around, Half-Breeds most of my life."

"Wait... so your telling me you fight in Pokemon Battles?" Wolf asked. Neo and his team nodded.

"There's no law against it." Neo said, " I'm technically a Pokemon, as well as a human, in fact, Gale could be a trainer if he wanted to, since he has human DNA, same is true for the rest of my team."

"Yeah, I guess... I don't take place in them because I'm way to powerful for those Pokemon for it to be a fair fight." Wolf told them.

"That's why I only fight against strong opponents, and I have either Grace, or Gale act as the trainer when I do." Neo said with a smile.

"Same here, I would love to fight Strong opponents." Wolf smiled.

"Yeah It's fun to fight!" Neo stated, "Any other questions you got for me?"

"Nope! It's great to meet you all!" Wolf smiled.

"Same here!" Neo's team said in unison.

"By the way Neo, Who has been taking care of you all this time?" Wolf asked. Neo and Gale share a look, nod to each other, then turn to look at Wolf.

"A Half-breed Aura Guardian named Sobek." they both said.

"Sobek... sounds like a Nice Guy." Wolf said. he was then surprised by the chorus of laughter that erupted from Neo and his team.

"What?" Wolf asked.

"Yeah he's nice." Kaz stated, still laughing,

"But he's one tough son of a gun!" Neo finished for him.

"Neo's the only one I've seen manage to beat him!" Debby said, still laughing.

"Really? Well I would like to take on Sobek when I get the chance." Wolf said.

"Well he's in the Aura Temple." Neo said with a smile, "I'll take you there one day."

"Wait, what's that last Luxury Ball on your belt?" Wolf asked.

"Oh... Well..." Neo said, scratching the back of his head, "It's someone I'm doing a favor for." His team looked at him, expectantly.

"A favor?" Wolf asked confused.

"Yeah uhh, you know what?" Neo said, shaking his head, "I'll let her explain." Then his eye's glowed green.

"Mind link coming up." He said, "Wolf, your team's going to have painful headaches for a second or two." Then they were in a shaded clearing and everyone looked around in surprise.

"Where are we!?" Wolf asked, surprised.

"We're in her mind." Neo said, pointing to the left, and everyone turned to see a little girl smiling at them. She look to be in her preteens, about 10-12yrs old, with pale-red hair, that came down to her waist, she was wearing a long pale-red dress, similar in shape to that of a Ralts. She had light-hazel eye's and pale skin.

"Hello!" She said with a smile.

"Hello there, Who are you?" Wolf asked.

"That's something I'd like to know as well." Neo stated looking aggravated.

"Don't you know? You're the one that capintured her right?" Gale asked confused.

"She... Erased the memory of what she looked like from my mind." Neo stated anger showing.

"What!?" Neo's team asked shocked. Wolf approached the little girl and crouched.

"Hey there, is there a reason you don't want to tell us your name?" Wolf asked. Neo moved toward them.

"Careful Wolf." Neo warned, "She's far older, wiser, and more powerful than she looks."

"Teeheehee. Hello Wolf Sanchez." She giggled in a cute voice, "I'm surprised Neo didn't introduce me. Heehee!"

"I assumed you didn't want me to Red." Neo said, calming himself down.

"How do you know my name?" Wolf asked.

"Teeheehee! Because I recognize your lineage!" She said, then she turned toward Neo, "Like I recognized your's, Exodus, the De-"

"Don't you DARE!" Neo interrupted with fury, "Never, EVER, call me by that name!"

"What's the name?" Wolf whispered into her ear.

"If he wishes not to share it.. I will not break his wish and betray what little trust he has in me. Teeheehee!" She whispered back. Wolf chuckled with her.

"I don't understand why you have to get mad at her Cousin, she is just having a little fun." Wolf said petting her head.

"You have no idea what name means cousin!" Neo stated, giving Wolf his coldest glare.

"Let me guess, Exodus the Derp?" Wolf laughed and so did his Team.

"... No..." Neo said, then he sighed and turned away and Grace approached him and they started whispering to each other.

"What favor is he doing for you?" Wolf asked her.

"He's... Keeping me safe until a certain person comes for me." She said, then turned to him and grew serious, "That name is no laughing matter Wolf."

"It carry's much more weight than you may think." She told him, "Possibly even more than your's."

"I understand my Role in this World, but what name are you speaking of?" Wolf asked her.

"Exodus, the Destroyer." Neo stated grimly, returning to them arm in arm with Grace "Or if you really want to hurt my feelings; The Demon King."

"Are you saying you are known around Sinnoh?" Wolf asked.

"No... Hoenn." Neo stated, sadness in his voice, "It's why my family migrated to Sinnoh. To much pain and suffering behind that name..." Grace took his face into her hands and stared deep into his eye's, then she kissed him.

"Teeheehee! She always knows how to bring him out of his dark moods." Red stated with a smile.

"I understand how you feel Neo, people here refer to me as..." Wolf paused, hating the name of that Monster put with his Name.

" yes.. Well Neo's name.. Is much worse, Wolf" Red told him, sadness in her voice.

"Red, I understand that... but this Monster inside me, he is more Powerful then you can ever imagine." Wolf told her.

"I know just how strong Merciless is, Wolf." She stated, deadly serious, "Must I remind you of Neo's warning?"

"I told you I know! Don't tell me I don't! You don't know what I went through! You didn't lose your Parents, you didn't have to live alone in misery for the last 10 years!" He yelled at her.

"Yes.. You are right, I have lived an easier life than your's." she stated calmly, "But do you honestly think you are the only one to go through that? That your life is the worst?" She asked him, still calm.

"No, but when you lose someone important to you than you will understand the pain. An Immature child like you can never truly understand though." He told her coldly.

"...Teeheehee, I a child? Too immature? Heeheehee... She started.

"Uhh... Wolf? I think you fucked up!" Kaz said scared out of his wits. Then the ground started shaking and Red started to glow bright white.

"You have insulted me Wolf!" She stated, "When you are ready to apologize, you may return! But until then, BEGONE!" Then they were sent back to the front of Neo's house and Neo's eye's rolled to the back of his head, his nose was bleeding profusely, then he fell to the ground unconscious.

"YOU FOOL!" Ross yell charging after Wolf, "DO YOU KNOW WHAT YOU HAVE DONE!?" Wolf was not in the mood.

"Enough!" Wolf said dodging Ross's attack by back flipping behind him and lighting his foot with Aura and Kicking Ross so hard it sent him flying into a Tree. Then went to check on Neo.

"Neo!" Wolf yelled, shaking him, he then got blasted back by two Psybeams from Grace and Debby into Ross who had recovered, who then slammed him into the ground, and was about to use Hammer Arm to smash Wolf's skull, but Gale intervened, blocking the blow.

"STOP!" He commanded, "Neo wouldn't want us to act like this!"

"You all better think before you attack me again, your lucky you are my Cousins Pokemon, because I would not hesitate to kill you all." Wolf said coldly, "And you Ross, you wouldn't have had the chance to Smash my Skull open, because trust me, I would have blasted you with a Non Lethal Aura Wave." Wolf said.

"You, cool it!" Gale commanded him "You think we don't know how to handle Aura users!? And it's because of you Neo is like that in the first!"

"So shut it, and calm yourself!" Gale ordered him, "Your anger isn't helping!"

"Mine! How dare you! That little girl should have been more careful with what she did! It's her fault!" Wolf's eyes then glowed Crimson Red and a Crimson Red Aura appeared around him like before when Inferno got stabbed.

"Are you that foolish!?" Gale asked with barely controlled rage, "He isn't like that because the link was shattered! He protected you from her attack!"

"Wolf... Please calm down..." Aurora said feeling scared. Wolf then calmed down and he relaxed. Though his cold glare remained. Gale calmed Ross, and turned to Wolf.

"He took.. The full force of an attack that would've turned you into a VEGETABLE." Gale told him, "Red was going to show you her true strength! And Neo saved you, by taking a blow that was meant for you."

"Neo? (sniffle) Please.. Wake up.." Grace said, tears running down her eye's.

"...Do what you can to help him..." Wolf said going into the Forest for awhile.

"We'll try..." Gale said, then he turned toward his sister and Debby Followed Wolf.

"What do you want?..." Wolf asked walking. She leaned against a tree and looked at him through slanted eye's.

"Do you know why Neo took that attack for you?" She asked.

"Why?" He asked.

"Because he didn't want you to feel what it's like." She answered him, sadness in her voice.

"...Debby..." He spoke.

"Do you know what happened to Neo? What they did to my little brother?" Debby asked, shedding tears of sadness and fury, "They broke his mind. Shattered it! And that's what he just saved you from."

"... I know..." Wolf spoke again.

"... Wolf... If we're not enough..." Debby told, "Then Neo's gonna need your strength. I just wanted you to know that." Then she turned and Walked away to go check on Neo.

"Wait... Debby..." Wolf said wanting to speak with her.

"Yeah?..." She asked.

"I feel comfortable enough to share my story with you." He said motioning for her to sit down with him.

"I think you should wait till Neo gets up." She told him, "He'd want to hear it. Besides we need to make sure he's alright."

"Okay... I'll just sit here for awhile..." Wolf said as he started to transform into his Lucario Human Form.

"Okay..." She said leaving. Debby made it back to the house and approached Gale who was talking to Aurora.

"How is he?" she asked him, motioning to Neo who is still unconscious.

"Don't know... Grace is trying to Mind Link with him, we'll find out soon." Gale replied.

"Aurora?" asked Gale.

"Yes?" Aurora asked Gale.

"Are you strong?" He asked.

"I'm strong... Why?" She asked.

"Strong enough to stop Wolf if his temper gets the best of him?" Gale asked her again.

"Maybe... But please don't try and hurt him, he's gone through enough as it is..." She said.

"I won't... Unless he tries to hurt Neo... That power..." Gale stated before walking off in thought.

"It's alright Aurora." Debby stated, "Gale won't do anything, unless he has to." They looked over to Grace who had her forehead to Neo's with Ross right next to them, standing guard.

"Red probably shattered his mind." Debby stated, worried. Inferno tugged on Debby's Dress.

"Excuse me?" Inferno asked.

"Huh? Oh... What's wrong?" Debby asked him.

"You know... Wolf isn't a mean person..." He told her, "He's just upset at the moment..." Inferno said.

"... Yeah... I know." She looked toward Neo again, "Honestly though... he has a much longer temper than Neo, when Grace isn't around anyway."

"He's been through a lot Debby, the Temper he has comes from that." Inferno told her.

"... I understand... Heheheh, you're a brave little Monkey!" Debby said losing her sad demeanor, "Not many people tend to come up to chat with me! Neo says it's because I'ma little "off putting!" She squatted down and Ruffled his hair. He nuzzled into her hand, then Kaz walked over to them.

"Now what, Debb?" He asked, "Neo's outta commission, Gale's off in his own little world!"

"What do ya think?" She asked him sarcastically, "We wait, Moron!" Kaz growled at her, but said nothing.

"Debby, please don't fight." Inferno said.

"They're not fighting." Gale said as he returned to the group," That's just how Debby "gets along" with others." Debby huffed at that statement, but she said nothing. Inferno then hugged Debby's leg affectionately.

"Awww... He's such a wittle cutey!" Debby said and Kaz face-palmed.

"Honestly! Every time I see your "Girly" side I wanna hurl!" He said, then Debby's eye's glowed orange and Kaz was sent flying up and into a tree, crashing through the braches and onto the ground in a shower of leaves. And then it was Gale's turn to face-palm and groan.

"Hee hee hee!" Rose giggled.

"Hehehe, that'll teach ya-Aaaaiiiihhh!" Debby said as she was flung into another tree with Inferno still clinging to her legs and fell through it in a similar fashion to Kaz, who was standing with a smug grin, his eye's glowing purple.

"Ow." Inferno groaned.

"Hahahahah! Payback's a-" He started to say, but Debby fired a Fire Blast at him, "SHIT!" He cried out as he jumped out of the way of the attack. Inferno then spit an Ember at Kaz.

"Hey! Hey!" Chase started to call to them, "Don't go burning the woods down now! Ya hear?"

"Sorry!" Inferno said, but Debby wasn't listening to them, she was chasing Kaz around the front lawn, waving her stick at him, trying to whack him with it. Inferno then joined in and Jumped on Kaz.

"Aahh! What the hell!" Kaz yelled, "Get off!"

"No!" Inferno said holding onto his head and making Monkey sounds.

"Is this what I'm going to wake up to every time I'm knocked out?" Groaned a voice and everyone froze and looked towards Neo who was sitting up, holding Grace while she clung to him affectionately, "Honestly! I'm out for a few minutes and you are tearing each other apart!" Wolf's Team all looked over and ran over to him.

"How do ya feel bro?" Debby asked.

"Like Aurora punched me in the head again." He said.

"She did WHAT!?" Grace yelled.

"Chill, Grace." Neo commanded, calming her down, "She did it because I hurt Wolf when I was establishing a permanent Mind Link."

"I'm sorry about that..." Aurora rubbed her arm.

"It's alright." He told her, "No harm done." Then he looked around, stood with Grace's help and stretched. Aurora hugged Grace and Grace returned the hug.

"So what now?" Kaz asked Neo.

"Are we best friends?" Aurora asked.

"Yes." Grace replied smiling. Aurora squealed in happiness and Grace giggled along with her.

"Where is Wolf?" Raiden asked.

"Somewhere in that direction." Neo stated, pointing in the direction that Wolf went.

"What is he doing?" Raiden asked.

"Attacking trees." Neo said, simply.

"Why?" Aurora asked.

"Not in range." Neo stated.

"So... my Mate is the Leader of a Half Breed Military." Aurora said.

"Good to know." Neo stated, he seemed to be focused on something else.

"Seriously!? Half Breed Army! Does that not mean anything! The Army he is in charge of has an Island with a Population of over 1 Million Half Breeds!" Aurora said flailing her arms around.

"I think that's impressive!" Grace said, then she turned to Neo, "Neo? Is something wrong?"

Wolf came running out the Forest with the Heavy weighted Clothing. As soon as he cleared the trees, a green field of energy encased the open area around the house, then it was struck repeatedly with explosions and gunfire.

"Shit!" Wolf said stopping near Neo.

"Took you long enough to get here, Cousin." Neo said simply.

"This weighted Clothing slowed me down!" Wolf told him. Neo stared at him, deadpanned.

"Oh well." He said with absolutely no emotion, "Get ready, we got a fight on our hands." Everyone was staring at Neo confused.

"What?" He asked.

"Neo? Are you feeling well?" Kaz asked in concern.

"Neo?" Wolf asked, Neo sighed.

"Still haven't restored most of my emotions yet." He stated, "I'll explain later.

"Alright..." Wolf said. The barrier dissipated and everything grew quiet, then a platoon of Galactic Grunts charged out of the forest.

"Ross!" Neo called, and Ross stomped his arms/legs and a row of spikes shot out of the ground underneath the grunts, impaling them and killing them instantly.

"Here comes more!" Neo said cracking a smile.

"That's the Neo we know!" Kaz said with excitement.

"Get ready guys! Haaaaaaaa!" Wolf yelled out, cutting down Grunts left and Right despite the Heavy Clothes.

"Ggrrrrrraaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!" Neo yelled, releasing a Psychic pressure so strong that all the grunt in the vicinity were force to their knees and then snapped his fingers and beheaded every grunt within a five foot radius.

"Weak minded punks." He said bored. Aurora used her Bone Rush and Whacked the hell out of them whilst Grace used her Force Technique, taking out grunts before they could get close. Inferno used Flame Wheel to burn them to and Debby was using Mystic Fire on enemies at a distance and Flame Sword on those who got close. Rose was Using Aerial Ace to Peck out there Eyes. Ross was being attacked by 15 Grunts at once, but their attacks didn't affect him, the he span, violently and fast, knocking all the grunts away, killing them, then he stomped the ground once more and a spike shot out of the ground beneath a grunt, impaling and killing him, who Wolf was about to cut down. Wolf simply looked back at Ross and gave a thumbs up before going back to fight, Ross huffed and continued stomping around the battle field. Raiden used Thunderbolt to electrocute their circuits, Gale zipped behind him, grabbing him and jumping just as a hail of bullets stuck where they were, just seconds before.

"Whoa! Thanks, I would have been a Goner!" Raiden thanked Gale.

"Probably." Gale replied, then they landed away from the gunfire and Gale sped off, slicing through grunts with his arm blades and punching through their chests. Sapphire flew right into them with Aqua Jet.

Neo started making his way toward Wolf, cutting grunts down as he went, Fang blasted them away with Dragon Pulse. Wolf continued cutting down more Grunts with Aurora whacking them at the sides of their heads with Bone Rush. Neo paused for a second to watch Fang fight.

"Hmm. Dragon type moves..." He mumbled, then he smiled and said, "Hey Fang!"

"Yeah!?" Fang asked.

"Check this!" Neo replied, then he put his hands in front of his chest, and a purple and lighting-like energy started to gather in between his palms, after a few seconds, Neo thrust his arms forward and unleash a beam thwt cut through every grunt that was in front of him.

"Neo?.. Did just use..." Kaz started, awe and disbelief in his voice.

"Fucking DRAGON BEAM!?" Debby finished for him.

"Yeah." Neo stated simply with a smirk. Fang looked in awe.

"Teach me how to do that!" Fang asked.

"I will.. at some point." Neo replied, then started to make his way toward Grace who looked like she needed some help. He summoned his Leaf Blade and Shock Blade and started cutting down grunts with ease, Wolf then used a New Technique he learned back at Base: The Aura Wave! Neo finally made it to Grace and they fought side by side, Neo was stabbing and slicing any enemies that got close and Grace taking them out from a short distance, suddenly Neo created a Barrier around Grace and himself and another hail of bullets struck it.

"Somebody take out the damn gunmen!" Neo called, Wolf launched his Aura Wave at the Gunmen in the trees as they evaporated into nothing.

{There are still more!} Ross called to Wolf, who then powered up another one and launched it at the other group of Gunmen.

{How many enemies are left Neo?} Gale asked, though everyone heard the question.

{About a hundred.} Neo stated simply.

{WHAT!?} Kaz exclaimed, giving everyone slight headaches.

{Cool it, Kaz!} Neo ordered him, {just keep fighting, these guys are nothing but pushovers anyway.}

{Dammit Kaz! Please don't do that again!} Wolf told him. Slicing down many more Grunts.

{My bad..} Kaz stated.

"Give us the Orbs Wolf!" A Grunt shouted.

"Never!" Wolf said cutting him down. Neo let lose a barrage of Psycho Cuts, Cutting every Grunt that they hit in half.

"What was he talking about!?" Neo asked.

"Sinnoh Orbs that belong to Jirachi!" Wolf said spinning around with his Murasama to cut down another group of Grunts. Neo was surprised, and slightly peeved.

"Oh great!" He said sarcastically, then he released a massive Psycho Blast, blowing away every grunt within a twenty-foot radius.

"Sorry, but these Orbs are staying with me!" Wolf shouted. He jumped and Spun in the Air with his sword, slicing all Grunts in his path. Kaz was teleporting around the field, attacking grunts at random, Chase was using Comet Punch and other punching moves on any grunts that attacked her.

"Sorry I didn't tell you Cousin, they were supposed to stay a secret!" Wolf said.

"It's alright!" Neo told him, then Cut off two grunts' heads and unleashed another barrage of Psycho Cuts. Aurora stood back to back with Grace, covering her as she kept breaking Grunts apart with her Bone Rush, Suddenly Grace formed a barrier around them, right before another hail of bullets hit it.

"Dammit!" Neo yelled dodging another barrage of bullets, "Gale! Wolf! Help me take out those gunmen out!" Then he Released a mass amount of Psycho Missiles, each one hitting a target. Wolf and Gale jumped into the trees and yells were heard as Grunts fell out of the trees in pieces.

"That should do it!" Neo shouted to them. Wolf jumped high from the Trees and did multiple flips in the air and struck a Grunt on the way down that Ross was going to attack. Ross continued fighting, which consisted of him stomping his foot and impaling grunds with his Earth Spikes, because no grunts had the courage to take him head-on and Gale jumped out of the trees and landed next to Wolf, Nodded to him and continued fighting. Wolf then ran to Ross.

"Wanna make up?" He asked. Ross looked at him.

"... Apologize to Neo and Red... Then I will forgive you." He stated before lumbering off to keep fighting, then Kaz teleported next to Wolf.

"Well, ya can consider that as a guaranty!" He said before Thunder Punching a grunts head off and teleporting away. Wolf ran to Neo.

"Sorry about what happened Cousin, I didn't know she would do that." Wolf apologized.

"It's alright. We'll talk about it later." Neo told him, then he smiled and said, "Now focus on fighting before you get yourself cut in half!" Wolf smiled and cut down even more Grunts. Their wasn't many left in the fight.

{Everyone! Stop!} Neo ordered when there were Five Grunts Who were all standing back to back in a ring, left alive. Wolf started to interrogate them. He took one and shoved him on the ground away from his group.

"Did Cyrus sent you!?" Wolf asked yelling, punching him in the face.

"Go to hell you filthy Half Breed!" He yelled. Wolf then punched him again so hard in the Stomach that he coughed out Blood.

"I won't ask again, did Cyrus sent you!?" Wolf yelled. Suddenly, Neo plunged his Psycho Blade through the grunts skull, surprising Wolf who turned to see that two of the remaining grunts were already cut down and Gale have his arms punched through the other two's chests.

"What the Hell!? I needed information from them!" Wolf yelled.

"I've already got it... and I'll give it to you." Neo said calmly, "But first, you owe us an explanation."

"About what?" Wolf asked.

"You know about what!" Neo replied, slightly angry, "Jirachi's Orbs!? Half-Breed army!? What the hell is going on here Wolf!?"

"Neo... I am the Military Leader of The Half Breeds over on a Huge Island..." Wolf said, "There are a population of at least 1 Million Half Breeds living there with their Pokemon." Wolf explained.

"So it's a safe haven?" Neo asked, calming down.

"Yes... I was approached by 5 Half Breeds who brought me there via a Portal device. They called me their Savior and Master and I soon found out what they meant when they showed me..." Wolf said.

"Showed you what?" Neo asked.

"They led me to a Cave in the City's Park at the Heart of the Island and when I entered those doors, I saw statues of my Ancestors that all looked like me..." Wolf said. A look of realization came over Neo's face and then his eye's glowed green briefly, then turned back to their normal gray color.

"Alright." He stated, "Now explain the orbs."

"Shouldn't you be able to read my mind?" Wolf asked and Neo gave him a dirty look and Debby and Kaz both face palmed, "Just because I can, doesn't mean I like to abuse that power Wolf." He stated, sounding more than a little peeved.

"Whatever, It's something that Galactic is after." Wolf said.

"For WHAT!?" Neo exploded, his temper finally releasing itself, until Grace laid a hand on his shoulder and he calmed down.

"Damn it, so they can grant a Wish!" Wolf said losing his patience, Neo nodded then transferred the information he received from the grunts to Wolf, causing Wolf a slight headache.

"Ah, man that hurts... so the wish they are making is... oh no..." Wolf said.

"Exactly." Neo stated.

"What is it?" Gale asked.

"Team Galactic is planning on wishing for control over every Half Breed to rule the World..." Wolf said. Everyone was shocked at the news.

"All of us!?" Kaz asked.

"It would be a good plan." Neo stated, "Half breeds are a lot stronger than average People and Pokemon."

"Not just that, but no one will be able to stand a chance against us... and ya know what's even worse?" Wolf said.

"They already have an orb." Neo stated.

"Not only that, but they will try to control Merciless through me..." Wolf said angrily, Neo nodded at his head.

"No! They can't do that! They can't take you away from me!" Aurora cried, holding on to his chest and Whining.

"Shhh... it's okay Aurora..." Wolf told her, rubbing her back lovingly, Neo put his hand on Wolf's shoulder.

"I've got your back cuz!" Neo told him with a determined look, "if you need me: call out to me through your mind, I'll hear you, and come running!"

"Thank you. By the way, I heard there was a Fighting Tournament being held at Hearthome this year, the World's First Fighting Tournament, Fighters from around the World will come to participate!" He said smiling.

"Hmmm, I might go." Neo said in thought, "Yeah... I'll go, though I want to get some gym badges first."

"You haven't gotten any yet? I just beat Roark and Gardenia, I have 2 badges." Wolf said.

"I've just started out today, so I haven't had the chance yet to battle any Leader's yet, I'll challenge Gardenia tomorrow." Neo said, stretching, "So let's clean up this mess, so we can relax the rest of the day."

"How? There is literally mountains of Dead Bodies here." Wolf said.

"Heh, just put em into a pile and I'll handle the rest." Debby told them with a smile and every set out to pick up the dead bodies and started placing them in a pile in front of Debby.

"Come on ya big lug!" Fang said dragging one with his tiny hands.

"Galactic Alpha, report. What is your condition?" A familiar voice said on a facetime Communicator. Wolf picked it up and saw through the screen was Cyrus.

"I see my Squad have failed to capture you and the Orbs... Wolf." Cyrus said.

"Cyrus..." Wolf said calmly. Neo walked over and looked at the screen, and studied Cyrus before speaking,

"So you're the asshole that's causing Wolf trouble." Neo said, "(Hmph) You don't look like much."

"Hmm, your Cousin is very foolish and Naive Wolf... listen child, this is a conversation between me and him." Cyrus said with his Stern face.

"You know." Neo said with a smirk, "Normally when someone calls me foolish I would lose my temper, but since it's coming from a pathetic excuse of a human like you, I'm not so offended."

"(Hmph), I shouldn't waste more time with you child, now listen closely Wolf... Either give up the Orbs and surrender yourself to us... or we will continue to attack you and your Group... you cost me Mars and now your friends will suffer with their lives." He warned him.

"I don't make deals with Terrorists like you. You don't think I don't know what you did?" Wolf told him coldly.

"Hey Cyrus!" Neo called to him, taking the camera from Wolf, "You might want to see this." He pointed the camera at Debby who was standing in front of the pile of grunts bodies,and posing over and over as if she was a model then the entire pile was lifted up into the air by Ross, Gale, and Kaz using their Psy's, then Debby gave Cyrus a grin, right before snapping her fingers and the entire pile burst into white-hot flames, then Neo tossed the camera back to Wolf.

"I see, not even that many Grunts could take you all down, I may have underestimated you. I see you figured out the truth about your Parents." Cyrus was unfazed by Debby's actions.

"Your the reason they are gone, because you revived an ancient evil that should not be brought back into this World." Wolf said.

"Wolf!" Neo called, "Hurry up and throw the damn camera into he fire."

"No Neo, I still have much to talk about." Wolf said.

"Your parents were Foolish to try and stop me, I will take control of Merciless through you and have the entire Half Breed Race serve me." He said.

"You are the Fool Cyrus, Merciless is way beyond your Control... And so am I." Wolf told him.

"Besides, Your not the only one with an Army..." Wolf told him.

"What are you talking about?" He asked.

"You'll find out soon..." Wolf said.

"The odds of Defeating us are a slim chance, do you really believe you will succeed?" He asked.

"Yes." Wolf answered.

"And what makes you believe that?" He asked again.

"Because I am Wolf, The Legendary Hero... The one who is going to make a difference in this World." Wolf told him. He then threw the Camera in the Fire and it turned to Ashes. Then he looked to see Neo staring at him Whilst tapping his foot.

"What?" Wolf asked.

"Took you long enough." Neo said deadpanned, Wolf smiled.

"My Role in this World is Simple... Though until Yesterday It was made even more clear to me..." Wolf said.

"Uh huh." Neo huffed in reply.

"Does anything ever impress you?" Wolf said face palming. Then Neo suddenly zipped forward and straight righted Wolf in the chest, sending him flying onto his back on the ground.

"Spar with me and win." Neo said grinning like a school boy, "Then I'll be impressed."

"My little Cousin is challenging me?" Wolf said with a Smirk as he zipped towards Neo and Kneed him in the Gut and then flipped him onto the Ground hard, "Don't underestimate me Neo." Wolf said.

"I won't!" Neo said, still grinning, then his eyes glow neon green and Wolf was sent flying into the air, then he was encased in a green aura and sent rocketing into the ground.

"C'mon! Did you have to do that!" Debby called upset, "I wanted spar with you real quick!" Then Gale face palmed. Wolf was not there when the Smoke cleared.

"Peekaboo." Wolf said running and punching Neo upward into the Sky and then jumping up into the Air to Jackhammer him into the Ground, But Neo vanished before he landed into the dirt.

"Do I look like I'm 2, cuz?" Asked Neo, as he reappeared behind Wolf in midair, then he Grabbed Wolf and began to Seismic Toss him into the ground. However, Wolf broke out of it and Elbowed Neo in the mouth, then grabbed and threw him instead, Launching 2 Aura Spheres to hit him.

"No, but I'm not even giving it my best yet." Wolf grinned.

"Oh really?" Neo said landing on his feet and dodging the Aura spheres, "Then I didn't have a reason to be holding back!" He then stood there with his arm's crossed, waiting.

"Alright." Wolf said taking off the heavy clothing that Fox gave him over his original light Clothing and they fell to the Ground hard, then took off his Real TrenchCoat and shirt and threw it near his Team, Wolf was pretty muscular, bearing a body a Woman would fall for. Neo clapped his hands.

"Whoooaa. Big guy, huh?" He said sarcastically, "Alright then! Let's go!" He dashed forward, moving so fast that he left behind after-images. Wolf ran after him, leaving behind After images as well. It seemed they had vanished. Aurora loved Wolf's strong Body and drooled for a moment, then Grace reached over and Closed Aurora's mouth giggling, then winked at her. Neo suddenly juked right, shoulder ramming his cousin and Causing him to lose his footing. Aurora then held Grace's hand as a sign of Friendship. Wolf Landed on his hand and Leg sweeped Neo which caused him to Fall and then used his Other leg to Kick him onto the ground. Then Wolf backflipped away to get some distance. Wolf's Bandanna flew in the Wind and he transformed into his Other form, The Lucario Human Form.

"Surprised everyone?" Wolf smirked.

"Not really." Neo said flipping off the ground, "I found out you could do that when I was in your mind earlier." Then he stood there with a smug grin.

"Not impressed huh? I don't expect you to be. Though your Punches are lacking in Power." Wolf smirked as he was known to be a Durable Fighter.

"Really?" Neo's voice came from behind Wolf, Who turned in time to receive a Psycho Punch to the jaw that sent him flying a few feet.

"I wasn't putting enough of my strength into them then." He shrugged, then dashed after Wolf as his after image faded for where he was standing before Wolf's comment. Wolf disappeared as well and soon hit Neo with an Aura Kick to the Chest, Neo sent back sliding on his feet from the force of the blow, then he set his left fist on fire (Fire Punch) and his right fist started crackling with electricity (Thunder Punch) and smirked. He dashed forward and hit Wolf with a barrage of punches before swinging an ending blow with his right fist.

"Nice Moves, now it's my Turn." Wolf said as Both His Fists and Feet enveloped in Aura. Then he Zipped Towards him Kept Punching and Kicking him around like a Training Bag, then landed an Extremely Hard Punch to his Stomach, then one to his face, then placed Borh his Hands on Neo's chest and Launched him away with an Aura Blast into a Tree and near Grace and Aurora.

"Hello ladies." Neo said with a smirk, "Excuse me!" Then he dashed passed them and shoulder rammed Wolf, making him lose his balance, then Neo jumped and Spin Kicked Wolf Wolf before landing and Sent him flying with a small Psycho Blast.

"Come on Wolf! You can do it!" Aurora cheered. Wolf jumped and dive kicked Neo into the Dirt and then jumped off of him and went to Aurora to give her a quick kiss before he went back. Neo got back off the ground and vanished again, Reappearing behind Wolf, then drop kicking him in the back causing him to stumble, then teleporting in front of Wolf and tripping him, making him land face first in the dirt. Wolf then got up and grabbed Neo by the Arm and spun him around and throwing him into the house by accident Making a Hole where Neo's head stuck in.

"Ok! That's enough!" Chase yelled, angry.

"Oh, come on Chase." Neo said pulling his head out of the hole, "It's just a-"

"Oh don't ya c'mon Chase me!" Chase yelled at him, "No more Fightin! Now fix that hole!"

"How about I fix it?" Wolf asked laughing.

"Yeah! You do it. "Debby called, " Neo, you and me, now!"

"I said no more Fightin!" Chase warned.

"It's not fightin, it's sparring!" Debby said and Chase stormed inside, saying things about "Obnoxious Youngsters."

"Heheheheh, alright Debby, let's work on your Swordsmanship." Neo said dusting himself off. Wolf ran after Chase.

"Hey Aunt Chase, I'm really sorry about the hole in the wall." Wolf apologized by hugging his "Aunt."

"(Sigh) Please be careful next time." Chase said sadly, returning the hug, "I worry about you boy's." Then she went and sat on the couch. He kissed her on the head and went to work on the hole, he went back outside and found Debby and Neo standing across from in fighting stances, Flame Swords ready. Wolf got some Wood and carved it to replace the hole in the Wall. Neo charged Debby and they attacked each other back and forth. Raiden walked up to Gale and Meowed.

"Hmm? Hello Raiden." Gale said emotionless as usual. Raiden wanted attention since Wolf was busy.

"Will you play with me Mister?" He asked.

"... Sure..." Gale answered hesitantly, Raiden hugged him affectionately.

"...Ok..." Gale said awkwardly patting Raidens head.

"What's wrong?" Raiden asked.

"He's one of those, "strong, silent types." Kaz commented, then everyone's attention was turned to Neo's shouting

"You got this, Debby!" Neo stated as he and Debby were engaged with swords crossed as Neo was forcing Debby back.

"No... I don't!" Debby struggled to say through gritted teeth, "You're to strong!"

"I know I'm strong Debby." Neo told Her, "That's why you have to fight smart!" She growled and they both continued to struggle, Neo's blade getting closer and closer to Debby's neck.

"Please play with me Mister..." Raiden asked sadly.

"Sure... But how and with what?" Gale asked still focused on Debby and Neo.

"Well, let's play tag! Tag your it!" Raiden said jumping and licking his face before running off.

"...This is too easy." Gale mumbled before teleporting directly in front of Raiden.

"No fair, you cheated." Raiden said.

"... I'm not allowed to teleport?" Gale asked.

"Of course not, that ruins the fun of it!" Raiden said.

"Oh... Ok.." Gale responded and then he waited. Raiden jumped and licked his face again.

"Tag, your it!" He said running off again and Gale gave chase, Raiden kept running around, running past Kaz and Ross, who both waved. Rose landed on Kaz's head, resting on his head like a Nest.

"Hey!" Kaz exclaimed angrily, "What is it with you Kids and jumping on people's heads!?

"Hee hee hee!" Rose giggled. Kaz growled at her but did nothing.

"Hey." Fang said to Kaz.

"Hey Fang, what's up?" Kaz asked, shaking his head in an attempt to get Rose off, Rose refused to move.

"Just talking." Fang said.

"Oh." Kaz said, still trying to shake Rose of his head, Rose almost fell and flew in front of Kaz's face.

"Hello, hee hee hee!" She said giggling.

"Really?" Kaz asked dead panned.

"Oh, stop complaining!" Debby told him, walking over to them. She nuzzled her head on his face and flew away.

"She just likes to have fun." Fang said.

"In annoying ways." Kaz stated, then Debby smacked him in the the head.

"Shut up!" She said, "I think they're kinda cute!"

"I'm the only Mature one here aside from the rest of them." Fang said.

"Uh huh." Kaz said, staring at him.

"What you got something to say?" He said, "Calling me small eh?"

"Not at all." Kaz said sarcastically, earning him another smack to the Back of the head from Debby and he then used his Psy to toss Debby into the air, not Caring where she landed.

"Why I'll show you!" Fang said using Dragon Claw on Kaz's leg and then running away.

"Why you little!..." Kaz yelled, chasing after him.

"Come at me bro!" Fang yelled shooting a Dragon pulse at Kaz. Debby who flew out into the forest landed in a pile of mud, which ruined her Dress.

"KAAAZZZ!" She yelled in burning fury.

"Someone is mad!" Fang said.

"Kaz! What did you do to sis this time!?" Neo asked him from where he was sitting in a meditative position.

"We'll find out soon." Said Gale.

"Debby, are you okay!?" Inferno asked from afar. Debby burst out of the woods with her stick on fire and everyone noticed her dress.

"KAAZZZ!" She yelled again and charged after him.

"SHIT!" He yelled running for his life as she chased him around the field.

"You really fucked up now Kaz." Neo said laughing.

"Neo! Help!" Kaz begged, but Neo just shook his head.

"Nahh. I think I'll just watch." Neo said, still laughing.

"I'll help you Debby!" Inferno said Jumping again on Kaz's head.

"Dammit! Again!?" Kaz exclaimed, still running for his life, "What is it with you Kids!? SHIT!" Fang whistled and tripped Kaz by sticking a short branch out, Debby then caught up with him and was about to whack Kaz.

"Fuck this!" Kaz yelled and vanished.

"Where'd he go!?" Debby yelled.

"Hmmm. He teleported out of my Sensory Range." Neo said and Debby's stick started burning brighter.

"Somebody hose her down!" Neo ordered, "Get the mud off of her." Sapphire then used a New move, Hydro Pump! Sapphire hosed her off.

"What the hell!?" Debby yelled, "Now I'm wet!" Kaz reappeared.

"That's what she said!" He stated before vanishing again and everyone laughed, except Debby who was screaming about how she was going to kill Kaz and Gale, who barely laughs anyways. Inferno then emitted a Flame to dry Debby off.

"Thanks guys." She sighed.

"Your welcome Debby." Inferno said smiling.

"I love you Mister Gale, will you please be my big brother?" He asked with his cute puppy eyes, Kaz then reappeared next to them.

"Talk about straight forward." He said and then vanished before either could react, then Gale patted Raidens head.

"Sure." He told him, still with no emotion, but Raiden still understood the gesture. Raiden then jumped into Gale's Arms and fell asleep, then Gale carried him inside and Chase came to the door and called every one.

"Foods ready!" She said and everyone headed inside, Wolf had finished fixing the hole in the wall and went inside with his team and Kaz reappeared and entered with him.

"What's for Dinner?" Wolf asked.

"What ya see on the tables!" Chase replied cheerfully and they all looked at the enormous table to see the feast laid out on it and everyone's jaw dropped, except Gale's.

"Ch-Chase?" Neo stuttered.

"Yes sweety?" Chase replied.

"W-where did this come from!?" He asked.

"Heheheh. Cellar in the basement." she answered.

"Wow, You had this much food!?" Fang said as he was restrained by Wolf.

"Heheheh. Yup!" Chase cried out Happily, Fang then escaped and took the large drum stick on the table, munching down on it.

"Someone was hungry." Neo said deadpanned, then they all sat down to eat. Wolf had a glass of Wine and some Steaks, Neo grabbed a soda and some food, then started a conversation.

"So anything interesting happen on your adventure, Wolf?" He asked, "Other than what we already know?"

"Yeah, it started with Aurora." He said taking a sip of his Wine, Aurora ate next to him, smiling happily.

"Really?" Said Neo, then Neo and Grace shared a look, Neo smiling while Grace blushed, then he took her hand and her blush grew.

"Though we met under some... sad circumstances..." Wolf said as Aurora held his hand and shed a tear. Neo held up a hand, stopping him.

"Did it end happily?" Neo asked.

"She lost two important people in her life, I saved her when she was just a little Riolu." Wolf explained.

"Did the bad guy get what he deserved?" Neo asked again.

"Those Mightyena all got what they deserved..." Wolf said.

"Good." Neo said with a smile and nodded, "Anything else?"

"Me and her lived together for a week, we were happy." Wolf said pulling out Photos of him and Aurora, one was Aurora and him playing catch with the Pikachu ball.

"Awwww." Debby cooed.

"She's so cute!" Grace Commented and Neo chuckled. Another one was when Wolf gave her a Piggyback ride with her nibbling his ear.

"Hee hee hee!" Aurora giggled.

"So cute!" Both Grace and Debby said at the same time.

Another one was where they played at the Beach near Sandgem Town, where she looked hesitant to go in the water with Wolf holding on to her, causing another Chorus of aww's from Debby and Grace. The last one was Aurora cuddling into Wolf's chest in Bed with her asleep.

"Awww! She's was such a wittle cutey!" Debby stated.

"And she evolved into a beautiful Lucario!" Grace said, giving Aurora a smile, then Aurora blushed and Giggled.

"Were mates now, a mate I'm happy to have. So, how did you and Grace meet?" Wolf asked, Neo hesitated a moment.

"... I was in a... a type of coma." Neo started and Grace squeezed his hand and looked him in the eye's.

"Uh huh..." Wolf said.

"And..." Neo looked towards Grace with a smile, "She was the first person I met when I woke up."

"Really?" Rose said.

"Yeah." He replied with another smile, "I had just recovered, but my powers hadn't returned fully, I couldn't sense a thing, I didn't know where I was and I was so afraid, then I heard the door open and I was panicking, wondering if whoever was there would hurt me."

"What happened next?" Sapphire asked.

"I looked up and it was a Ralts, but not just any Ralts." Neo stated, pulled Grace from her seat and sat her on his lap, "It was this beautiful woman you see here!" Grace blushed and cuddled up to him as he wrapped his arms around her.

"Awwww..." Rose, Sapphire and Aurora cooed.

"Then I walked outside with her in my arms." Neo continued, "And Gale sent me flying with a blast of Psychic."

"Is that true Mister Gale?" Raiden asked eating a piece of chicken.

"...(Sigh)... yes, but I apologized." Gale stated, somewhat annoyed.

"Right after you you dropped kicked me in the head for thinking you were her sister! Honestly, for a Kirlia you packed a kick!" Neo teased and Kaz burst into a fit of laughter, Raiden laughed as he sat next to Gale.

"Hahahahah! You- you thought he was a girl!? Hahahah!" Kaz said in his laughter.

"... That's not funny..." Gale mumbled and everyone started to laugh along with Kaz and Raiden.

"There was this one time I talked about Fang's stubby legs somehow supporting the rest of his body, hee hee hee!" Rose giggled.

"Never bring that subject up again!" Fang said waving his small fist in the air.

"Heheheh. So, Wolf." Neo started asking, "How did you meet these little guys?"

"Well, me and Aurora started our adventure by traveling to Sandgem Town which was near our Hometown of Twinleaf and speaking with Professor Rowan who offered me a choice of 3 starters. I always wanted a Chimchar as a kid so Inferno was chosen. Rowan then gave me the Pokedex and wished me Good luck." Wolf explained.

"Yeah, okay." Neo said, getting interested.

"I was pretty happy being around my 1st Trainer, Wolf took us back to the previous Route from before to train us, after some hard training we had a Picnic." Inferno smiled.

"Cool. So what happened next?" Kaz asked.

"Well..." Wolf said as Rose shed a tear, "An Arrogant Trainer decided to challenge me, the Pokemon he sent out was Rose, who was a Starly at the time..." Wolf said.

"I got feeling that the asshole trainer did something that was worth a ass kicking." Neo stated, showing a little anger.

"He abused her and beat her when she lost a battle as well as not feeding her..." Wolf said and Debby slammed her palms on the table.

"Grrrr! I hate people like that! Bastards, all of em!" Debby yelled furiously.

"Chill Debby!" Neo ordered, "I'm guessing you showed him right from wrong, Wolf?"

"Let's just say that when I was... I wasn't exactly me..." Wolf said, Neo nodded in understanding and motioned for Wolf to continue.

"Well after beating him down he limped off into the Forest and we were left with Rose who was unconscious, we took her to the Pokemon Center and I broke her Trainers Ball before I did, so she was free." Wolf said.

"I woulda killed him..." Kaz started, "Bastards like that don-"

"Kaz!" Neo shouted, Eye's glowing Dark Green, "You don't know what's like to be like Wolf and I, we sometimes enjoy killing and it makes us feel like monsters!"

"Neo! You're in your first stage!" Gale Warned, standing up quickly, Neo suddenly looked terrified and his eye's turn back to gray.

"I... I'm sorry." Neo said, horrified with himself and the room was silent.

"Kaz... we become Monsters by Killing..." Wolf said.

"I... I know... I'm sorry Neo, I know what that power does to you." Kaz said, regret evident in his tone.

"Neo, you can't let the temptations get to you!" Gale told him, "Remember what happened last time!"

"I KNOW!" Neo yelled, "Stop pissing me off!" Gale sat back down, but he kept his eyes on Neo.

"Cousin... are you... calm now?" Wolf asked.

"... Yeah... But just in case, Grace?" He said and Grace looked him in the eye's, "Go to Gale, please?" She shook her head and kissed him and he sighed and nodded.

"Okay... how about we just watch some TV?" Wolf suggested.

"No... Continue your story, I want to hear it." Neo pleaded.

"Alright... we took her to the Pokemon Center where we found out she had a Broken arm and several bruises, but otherwise she would be fine, it took awhile for her to heal and she accepted to be my Pokemon." Wolf said.

"That's great Wolf!" Neo said with a smile, but Wolf could tell it was forced.

{Keep it up, he needs something else to focus on.} Grace told Wolf in his mind.

"That night Aurora admitted her feelings for me and because of this... she evolved." Wolf said.

"That's what happened between Grace and I." He said kissing Grace on the cheek.

{It's going away! Thank you so much!} Grace told Wolf, relief evident and returned Neo's kiss and Wolf smiled.

"The next day though was special, we went to Jubilife City... Where I got mobbed by a LOT of Fans. Being Famous could get annoying at times." Wolf said.

"Famous!? Oh boy!" Neo said, shaking his head and chuckling, "Remind me not to go in public with you, I hate attention... unless it's from friends and family of course."

"We eventually snuck past the Crowd and headed to the Carnival that was there, Rose and Inferno wondered on their own to have fun while me and Aurora shared some time together in the Ferris Wheel." Wolf said as he kissed Aurora. Both Neo and Grace smiled and Neo motioned for Wolf to keep going.

"We all met up again and then Some guy was offering a Shinx as a prize for whoever could defeat him in a Pokemon Battle." Wolf said, then Raiden started jumping happily.

"Heheheh. I think I know where this is going!" Neo said looking toward Raiden.

"Rose, whose arm and bruises had recovered offered to battle the Man and his Mime Jr, now it was a tough fight, but that day Rose scored her first ever victory. Out of pure happiness she evolved into a Staravia and Raiden was given to me." Wolf said.

"Yeah! Great job Rose!" Debby said excited and Gale patted Raiden's head and Raiden purred and rubbed his head affectionately against his hand. Rose blushed from the compliment.

"What happened next?" Kaz asked.

"Raiden at first referred to me as Master, until I told him that he should just call me by my real name. We eventually rested the night in Jubilife and were content." Wolf said and Neo nodded.

"The next day we had some fun outside before traveling to Oreburgh." Wolf said.

"Wow! You've been all over the place!" Debby said with some awe.

"On the way there Raiden battled a Girls Ralts and won, he felt pretty happy about it." Wolf said.

"... Great job, Raiden." Gale said and Raiden smiled.

"Then that's when Sapphire came into the picture, she was in the cave connecting to Oreburgh where a Machoke had badly beaten her up because she told him to take a hike." Wolf said.

"Just for that?" Kaz asked.

"Yeah, but mostly cause he tried to hit on me..." Sapphire said.

"Oh... Sorry." Kaz said.

"He deserved what Wolf gave him though." She said and everyone nodded.

"So, what happened next?" Neo asked.

"Same thing that we did with Rose, we took her to the Pokemon Center and let her heal." Neo nodded and motioned for Wolf to continue his story.

"She wasn't in to bad a shape, so she recovered pretty easily. I asked for her to join my team because I wanted to make her happy." Wolf said.

"Awww!" Debby cooed.

"I am happy, I'm glad I met new Pokemon to call my Friends..." Sapphire said happily and received a chorus of cheers.

"Anything else?" Wolf said.

"Yeah!" Kaz stated, "You forgot shorty over here!"

"I am not short!" Fang shouted.

"Prove it!" Kaz said teasingly, then his chair glowed green and tilted, spilling him onto the floor.

"Kaz, cut it out." Neo told him.

"At least I don't have a Groin that's shaped like a Baby's Diaper!" Fang retorted with laughter and so did his Friends.

"At least my mouth doesn't take up most of my body!" Kaz retorted and received a smack to the back of the head from Debby.

"Wolf, can you keep telling your story, please?" Neo begged.

"Now, we stayed there that night at the Center and when we woke up to eat Breakfast, Fang was just sleeping there in the corner." Wolf said and Kaz started to say something, but Neo interrupted him.

"Kaz, I swear to both God and Arceus that I will hurt you!" He warned.

"Shut your mouth over there and I'll shut mine." Fang said.

"He's got no choice on the matter!" Neo stated.

"Good!" Fang said annoyed.

"Wolf? Continue, please?" Neo asked, messaging his temples.

"Fang came there for my help cause as it seems the cave Galactic refused to let anyone enter was his Home." Wolf said.

"I don't get how you could live in a Mine." Rose said.

"They might make noise, but I love it there." Fang said.

"I see... By the way, how do you all feel about your Pokeballs?" Neo asked.

"Cramped, Dark, and scary." Raiden said.

"Oh... Have you ever heard of luxury balls Wolf?" Neo asked and Showed Wolf one of the Luxury Balls on his belt.

"I have... I just had Normal Pokeballs at the time." Wolf said, then Neo started to rise out of his seat, Grace looked at him curiously then getting off his lap.

"Well then, here... I hope this works." He mumbled.

"Huh? Are these it?" Wolf asked, Neo didn't answer, instead his eye's glowed green and he slowly thrust his hand forward, then it disappeared, earning gasps from everyone.

"Okay..." Wolf said, Neo then yanked his hand back, only now it was holding a neon green and dark grey backpack.

"Hey! It worked this time!" Neo said, oblivious to the panic he just caused.

"I think you nearly gave everyone a Heart attack Neo." Wolf said.

"What? I just pulled this out of a dimensional pocket." Neo said, then he pointed at his Team, "You've seen me do this before."

"When!?" His entire Team exclaimed.

"Every time I use Leaf Blade!" He said confused,

"Wait a minute!" Debby said, "That's where the leaves come from!?"

"Yeah!" Neo exclaimed, "Where did you think they came from!?"

"Definitely not from there!" Kaz stated.

"Dimensional Pocket?" Wolf said confused.

"It's exactly what it says." Neo told him, "I can use it to hold things. It doesn't always work though, except for the leaves I use, it works every time for those, anyway." He pulls out six Luxury Balls from the backpack, "These are for your team, think of it as a... Late birthday present." Neo said, offering Wolf the Pokeballs.

"Huh, thanks Cousin." Wolf said, Neo nods and sits back down, tossing the backpack behind him.

"Those are more comfortable than Normal Pokeballs, right Ross?" Neo asked with a smile.

{Right!} Ross answered from within his Pokeball.

"So what does it feel like in there?" Inferno asked.

"It feels a lot less cramped, that's for sure." Debby stated.

"And It's as if you laying down or sitting in a Comfortable bed." Grace stated.

"And it actually has light, though what color the light is depends on what Pokemon you are." Kaz said.

"And the Temperature depends on that too." Gale commented.

"It also sends soothing waves to you, so you feel more relaxed." Neo stated and Wolf's team looked at him strangely.

"Ya know... how do you switch your Pokemon into another ball?" Wolf asked.

"Break the previous Pokeball and capture the new one, duh. And trust me those Luxury Balls are a lot better than the Normal Pokeballs." Neo said with a smile.

"I wish we didn't have to break them, there should be an easier method, but I guess not. Anyway, how do you know what a Luxury ball feels like?" Wolf asked confused and Neo scratched the back of his head and chuckled nervously.

"Well... I... Ummm" Neo started embarrassed, "I kind of caught myself in one..."

"What! How!?" Wolf asked in shock.

"I threw it at Kaz, because he was getting on my nerves and he ducked, it bounced of a tree, hit me in the face and you can guess the rest." Neo answered, embarrassment written all over his face.

"So your saying... that I could be caught by one!?" Wolf asked.

"Hmmmm, don't know. You want to try?" Neo asked with a devious grin.

"Try and your dead." Wolf grinned and everyone laughed.

"Heheheh. So cousin are you going to show them the Pokeballs now or later? The smiles they'll have on their faces is something I want to see!" Neo said smiling.

"Let's try now." Wolf said taking out the 6 regular Pokeballs and crushing them all under his foot.

"Really Wolfy? Ya couldn't do that over the trash can?" Chase complained, Then a green Aura encased the broken Pokeballs and wisked them into the trash can, then dumped them in.

"No harm done, Aunt Chase." Neo said with a smile and she smiled back. Wolf then juggled them all and everyone laughed at his performance. Then one by one he threw them on the heads of all 6 of his Pokemon as they enveloped them all and shook.

"Heh, scared me for a second there, cuz!" Neo said smiling, "I thought one of those would hit me!" Then they all clicked, confirming all of their captures.

"Hurry and let em out!" Debby said excited as Neo used his Psy to give Wolf the Pokeballs, Wolf then released all of his Pokemon.

"Welcome back!" Chase said.

"It... It was Amazing in there!" Rose chirped.

"I have never felt so relaxed inside there!" Sapphire said happily.

"Heheh. I told you!" Neo said smiling,

"Whoever made these, I hope to meet and thank him!" Fang said.

"Yeah! Pure genius!" Kaz stated, then a beeping sound was then heard in Wolf's Ear.

"What was that?" Debby asked.

"My Second in Command." Wolf said.

"Yes Fox?" Wolf asked.

"Master, I just wanted to congratulate you on your first successful mission, and that the second platform is near completion." Fox said as the Ear Piece was on Speaker for everyone to hear.

"Fox?... Hmm..." Neo said, deep in thought.

"Really? That's great news." Wolf told him.

"Not just that, but the Army is slowly getting bigger, we might have at least 50,000 Troops at the moment!" Fox said with excitement.

"Sheesh, you guys are ready for war!" Kaz said Shocked.

"Holy fucking hell Fox are you serious!?" Wolf said shocked.

"Of course! When they heard you were leading it they joined without hesitation!" Fox said.

"Wow! That's cool!" Neo said.

"That's good news Fox, anything else?" Wolf asked.

"Yeah, the shipment of Guns has finished unloading and everyone is good to go, I'm just assigning patrol shifts!" Fox said, everyone was quiet and waiting for Fox to finish.

"Okay, I'll see ya tomorrow." Wolf said smiling.

"See ya Master!" Fox said.

"Master huh?" Neo stated teasingly.

"I told him and the others to just call me Wolf, but they still refer to me Master." Wolf said sighing.

"It's a problem..." Neo stated.

"What is?" Wolf asked.

"The whole "Master" thing." Neo answered.

"It is..." Wolf said.

"Neo?..." Gale asked.

"Huh?... What?" Neo asked back.

"Will you spar with me in the morning?" Gale asked.

"Sure!" Neo said, getting excited.

"Anyway, I think it's time we all head to bed now." Wolf said finishing the last of his Wine.

"Yeah. That's a good idea." Neo said and everyone started getting of their seats and putting away dishes.

"Come on guys, back in your balls." Wolf said returning his 5 Pokemon except for Aurora. Neo started to recall his team except for Grace who had fallen asleep on his lap, then he picked her up bridal style and carried her upstairs to a room that Chase guided him to and Wolf held Aurora's hand and they both went upstairs after them. Neo entered his room and Chase guided Wolf and Aurora to their room, when she opened the door she smiled.

"Here's ya room, Wolfy!" Then she added with a smirk, "Don't worry about causin to much noise, the rooms are sound proof, so be as loud as ya want!"

"Thanks Aunt Chase." Wolf smiled and hugged her, planting a kiss on her head. He then closed the door to the room.

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