Netherhiem 08

Story by Arkham_Beast on SoFurry

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Hydrus was very surprised at his brother-in-law being here, but with all the luggage he could piece a few scenarios that could have happened, but they all led to one conclusion.

Asura is a royal asshole.

Hydrus didn't say anything, he just hugged his other family members, before leading them to some rooms for them to use.

Hydrus makes sure that the house is clean all the time from top to bottom, so they could use the extra rooms right away.

After tucking the kids in a room, Hydrus led Luminai to a room, close to theirs.

"Thank you for helping us Hyde"

Hydrus turned and smiled at his b-i-l, "We're family right? No need for thanks"

"It is just that Asura-" Before he could finish his sentence, Hydrus place a finger to Luminai's lips, silencing him.

"I know my brother Lumi, no need to tell me anything"

With that, Hydrus bid his brother a goodnight, and went to his study.

When he reached his 'den', he reached for his phone to dial his brothers number, but before he hit call, he turned his phone off, and put it aside.

His headache just returned.

A week has passed since those events.

Hydrus has assigned Nobu to help in the training of recently awakened supers at the W.A. What boiled his blood, was that his brother didn't even send a text regarding Luminai and his sons, it was like he didn't care.

But Hydrus loved having them around, his sons playing around with his nephews, and having a second baby like Caleb around, made him happy beyond words.

And if Asura came over he will give him a piece of his slightly twisted mind.

In the W.A, training halls.

Nobu stood in front of a few new supers, as well as besides some other instructors.

The lead instructor, a triceratops with three golden rings, one nose piercing, and two on his horns.

"Alright boys and girls, we will be assigning you to instructors that are best suited to deal with your powers, but when hand-to-hand combat training comes, you will be assigned to a group session with one of our martial arts instructors, but that won't be for a while"

The instructors began calling names of their students.

After a few minutes all left the for their respectable training rooms.

Except for Nobu and Toby.

The young human was looking around searching for any other instructor, but only the tall jackal was left, "Where are the others?"

"No one is left, you are my only student" Nobu said a matter of factly.


"Because I'm the only one suited to handle your powers"

"Oh, okay" He reluctantly stood and went in front of the tall jackal, getting a closer look at his buff body, almost popping a hard-on right there.

They began training with simple meditation and a few, failed, attempts at yoga, much to Toby's aching body, Nobu said this training is essential to help him concentrate on suppressing his powers.

Nobu suggested that they train with some combat training right after, Toby wore specialized gloves to prevent his powers to activate through contact, since they are the strongest with this method.

Every time Toby tried attacking Nobu, he would be thrown to the floor, luckily they were on a training mat so it didn't hurt, much.

After a few hours of training, both were panting, with Toby more than his instructor.

Nobu straightened his body, "We're done for the day, let's hit the showers"

Toby's heart skipped a beat, but nodded lightly.

They went to a locker room a few halls away, they were the only ones there.

Toby began taking off his clothes, hesitantly taking his pants and briefs off.

He turned around slightly, and was met with the sexiest sight of his life time.

Nobu was taking his uniform off like he was the only one there, giving the young human full view of his sculpted body.

One of the things that attracted Toby to his ex was that he was with the football team, so his body was fit, but nowhere close to his instructor.

Toby grabbed his shower equipment and hurried to the showers.

The showers were big, bigger than the school's, he calculated that these ones could fit two teams, and a few people more.

He picked a random nozzle and opened the water, amazingly the water came out at the right temperature.

He began cleaning himself, daydreaming about Nobu, wishing that he would at least take the place beside his.

Nobu came into the showers, Toby turning slightly, finding out that the jackal's body isn't the only thing big about him.

He could see the sheath almost as big as his hands, if not bigger, he unconsciously licked his lips, wanting, desiring to have a taste.

Nobu took a space away from Toby's, but not by much.

As he was cleaning himself up, he realized that the young human was looking at him, and decided to take a few peeks of his own.

Toby was athletic, not too much muscle, but not weak, his sheath began rising so he returned to showering instead.

After both finished, they went back to the locker-room and began dressing in awkward silence.

"Are you free tonight?" Toby turned to Nobu's sudden request.

"Well no, but why? Is there something you wanted?"

"Well no, just wanted to reward you" Toby looked at him confused, "You held your ground pretty good, most students would be complaining halfway through training, but you didn't. So I think you deserve a reward"

Toby didn't know what to say, but somehow it sounded like Nobu was asking him out on a date.

He nodded his acceptance.

At the Loneblood's residence.

Hydrus and Luminai were sitting in the garden, each with a cup of tea in front of them, with their respective baby boys playing together nearby.

Luminai set down his cup, "So how is it going with the heir thing"

Hydrus laid down his own cup, "I don't want to talk about that now" Irritation was evident in his voice.

"I know it's a touchy subject for you, but it's essential that you talk about it sooner or later, although I wish to tell you that it's your choice, but your Gr. grandfather already decided" His eyes fell on the cup in front of him, some longing showing in his eyes, "It would be better for everyone actually"

Hydrus turned to him with confusion, "What do you mean?"

"You're more like your gr. grandfather than you think, you're caring, honest- brutally honest sometimes, respectful when respected, rude when you have to be, you're pretty much in control of your very own expressions, and most of all: you're the most loving person I met so far. Well...besides Asura, when we started dating that is" He reached for one of Hydrus' hands placing his own on top of it, giving it a little squeeze.

Hydrus didn't miss the hidden message, but he pulled his hand away and leaned back on his chair, "Thanks for the compliments, but I feel that I'm not ready yet. I mean come on, I'm not going to rule over the Void Walkers alone, there are the Deep Ones, the Dune Riders, the Celestials, the Hives, and more. It's just too early, and isn't there supposed to be some kind of selection method?"

Luminai leaned back a little as well, with a smile on his face, "Oh there is alright, but that is only used when a king or Overlord can't decide on an heir. But if they did choose one they don't have to go through the selection process"

"So I'm pretty much stuck being the heir of all Netherbeasts?"

"Pretty much"

Hydrus reclined his head, looking up on the ceiling and releasing a deep sigh.

He didn't notice any movement until he felt a sudden weight on his lap. He looked down to find Luminai leaning on his chest, "What are you doing?"

"Just getting comfortable" He said nuzzling Hydrus' neck lightly.

Hydrus put a hand around his waist, trying to pull him off softly, "We shouldn't be doing this Lumi"

"Come on, those kids won't realize a thing, they will just see their parents being nice to each other"

"I am not talking about the kids Lumi" Before he could say another word, Lumi pressed his lips hard on his, Hydrus sat there shocked and not knowing what to do, but soon he began to relax, and getting into their lip-lock.

He wrapped both his arms around his brother-in-law, getting more aggressive in his kiss, his bestial side revealing itself more.

But before things could escalate, he broke the kiss, a string of saliva still connecting their lips, and both looking at each other lovingly.

"We shouldn't be doing this" Hydrus stated panting lightly, but his words fell on deaf ears, since Lumi's hands were busy unbuttoning his shirt.

Just as he undid the last button, Hydrus' phone rang, waking both from their daze, Luminai pouting lightly.

Hydrus quickly fished out his phone, taking the call, "Yes Heralds?"

His german shepard scientist had slight worry in his voice, "We have a problem sir" He gulped loud enough to be heard through the phone, "One of our clients, Mr. Greaves is getting very restless sir. He says that he will go to someone else if we don't deliver soon"

Releasing a heavy sigh, Hydrus managed to push Luminai off him softly, before standing up himself, "I'm coming right now and I will speak with him myself"

"Affirmative sir" *Click*

"Sorry Lumi, something came up that I have to deal with right now" He managed to muster a tired smile.

Lumi was still pouting slightly, "Okay, you go and work things out with this client, I'll watch over the kids"

Hydrus nodded and made his way to his room, changing into more appropriate attire, as he was closing the wardrobe door, he noticed a purple and black helmet sitting in a pedestal. He looked at it for a few seconds before closing the door.

Instead of riding his car, he flew there, landing in front of a fully surfaced facility a few minutes later.

He walked past the creature holding cells, to his office, the other scientists working, but stealing worried glances to their master and boss.

Hydrus pulled a mask from a drawer nearby, it had the design of a snarling devil of sorts, and it was black all over, going in hand with his all black clothing.

He secured the mask on his face before opening the monitor and dialing the number of Mr. Greaves.

When the line connected, a badger with scar on his left eye, wearing a striped dark grey suit and a large cigar between his lips, appeared.

"About time you replied, you lazy bums"

"I would watch my attitude Mr. Greaves, remember who you are talking to" Hydrus voice was camouflaged with echoes of different mechanic voices, a trick he could have done without the tech, but why spend power uselessly.

Greaves' scarred eye twitched slightly, before composing himself, "Well I ain't pay'in until I see what I pay for"

Hydrus turned to his 'employees' and all nodded that his 'order' is ready, "Don't worry, you will get it tonight, just tell us where and when"

Greaves looked at him suspiciously before replying, "The north docks, 11:30 sharp, I would like a demo of what your 'creations' can do"

"Of course Mr. Greaves, I was going to suggest it anyways"

"Good, but I better have a good show" And the call ended.

Hydrus took off his mask, releasing a small sigh, "How much do we need to wait for the others?"

The mole was the one who replied, "Not much sir, a small batch will be ready by tonight, including Mr. Greaves' and the rest will be ready tomorrow night"

Hydrus cracked a smile at the news, "Then let the deliveries begin"

In another country in the Netherlands.

The place was an ever expanding desert, with sands and dunes as long and wide as the eye could see.

Somewhere in this humid desert, a group of caravans were making their way slowly through.

On closer inspection, the caravans were being pulled by people from different races and origins.

One caravan stopped suddenly almost toppling over, one of the people pulling fell, and since he was at the back of the line, the caravan almost ran over him.

"What is the hold up!?" A screechy voice sounded from the front leading caravan, as a small figure wearing a red, orange and blue robe got off and went back to the halted caravan, a hood covering his face completely.

The caravan driver got off as well to inspect the 'damage', "It was nothing sir, just a slave trying to play dead" He pointed to a skinny looking canine, who was panting hard, and seemed to be dehydrated.

"Well get him up, we are still a few miles from the city"

"Wait please!" A very young voice called from inside the caravan, as a young pup with white brown spotted fur, jumped out, almost toppling over because of his shackled feet, and ran beside the older canine, "Please, let him rest, my father and everyone are tired from this journey, we have to rest"

Without warning a riding crop slashed against his arm, "And who are you to tell me what to do, you worthless insect" another slash struck him, "I am Askavan, the greatest merchant to travel the hundred realms, you would dare to tell me what to do!?"

The older canine put a hand on his son's shoulder, trying to get up, but falling again, "Please son, don't get yourself in trouble, I can still walk"

"No father you can't" He turned back to the merchant, "Please sir, we have to rest, just for a few minutes, and if you don't you will get poor merchandise to sell and you know it" His defiance was greeted by a few low surprised gasps, and another slash to his face, "You insolent brat, I knew bringing you along was a bad idea" Before he could speak again, the merchant was fixed by a strong-willed and defiant glare from the boy, "You dare look at me with those eyes!? Why you little-"

"Sir, come quick!!" the driver of the leading caravan called back, the merchant glared at the brat for a few seconds before sheathing his whip, "I'll deal with you later" With that warning he went and sat beside the driver, who was holding a scope looking in a distance, "What is it?" He was boiling with anger and wanted any good news, "Here sir" the driver handed him the scope, he looked through it noticing a sand cloud growing bigger by the second, "What the!?" he looked again but this time noticing something odd.

The cloud wasn't getting bigger.....It was getting closer.

"Oh for the love of-" He turned back quickly, "Cover the food and jewelry caravans, quickly"

One of the drivers called back to him, "Why sir? There are no storms coming"

"Just do it!!!!"

As quickly as they can, the drivers and servants covered all the caravans up, just before the cloud hit them, almost blowing them away.

When the cloud cleared, the merchant and his company looked quite shaken up and disheveled.

From within the clouds, a group of lizardmen appeared, although they seemed a bit off.

They looked more like wingless dragons than lizardmen, since their leader also had neck frills, and all had ear 'fins' with their scales being almost brownish gold, and their sclera was redish brown.

"Sand Striders, messy and late as all ways, despite your speed" the merchant grumbled as he fixed himself, "And why are members of the royal guard greeting us this far away from the city of Sahhra?"

The leader of the guard, who all were wearing armor with ancient arabian design, bowed slightly, "We were asked by the king to come and escort you to the city"

The merchant clapped his hands happily, "Oh how great, at least you will be more reliable than those slugs I brought with me"

The merchant then ordered all the servants to get in caravans.

Once they all got in, the guards strapped themselves to the caravan, just as the guard leader called for them, "Everyone hold on tight" then they dashed at very highspeeds to the city.

A few minutes later, they stood at the gates of the biggest city of the Dune Riders' realm.

The guard motioned for those standing over the tall structure, signaling them to open the doors.

When they did open, it revealed a large bazaar of small shops, with thousands of people walking around.

All were different species of Dune Riders, lizardmen, dragons, nagas, even a few reptile taurs.

The merchant was escorted along with his caravans to the royal palace, a huge structure standing on top of a hill, raising it slightly above the city.

When they entered the palace yard, the merchant went to talk with the emperor himself, leaving his merchandise to be watched by the guards. He came here a few times, so he knows where to go.

When he arrived at the throne room, the doors opened to reveal a spacious room, with a red carpet from the door to the throne, a tall big bodied wingless dragon with sandy golden scales, and a black mane, sat on it, he was wearing ancient arabian royal clothing with jewels decorating his body.

The merchant walked over to stand right below the thrones, kneeling on a knee, clasping his hands together in anticipation.

The dragon was looking at the merchant with uninterested eyes, "What do you bring us this time Azkavan?"

"Just the best my lord, if I could trouble for a few minutes and follow me to the yard. If it is no trouble"

"Non at all" the dragon lord stood from his throne, stepping down the steps, followed by two servants, a cat and bat boys, wearing dancers' outfit, complete with silk, slightly seethrough silk veil and pants, carrying umbrellas/fans fashioned from palm branches.

When they made their way to the yard, Azkavan ordered his slaves to kneel for the emperor's inspection.

All of them were slightly shaking, anxious of the emperor's opinion of them.

As the emperor checked them out, he pointed suddenly at the old canine from before, "I would desire to have him join my stables"

The merchant glanced at him briefly with worry, "I wouldn't advise it my lord, he is a little old, and wouldn't be much help to you"

He was fixed with an angry glare from the dragon, but the glare softened to a mere stare, "My mind is made. Now if you could show me the rest of your merchandise"

"Wait!" Everyone turned to who the voice belonged to, just as the young pup stood on his feet.

His father tried to pull him back down, but he refuses to budge, "If you are going to take my father, then I wish to become part of your stables too"

Before the emperor could reply, Azkavan hurriedly to the boy, "Shut up you little brat, are you trying to ruin my sales!?"

The pup completely ignored the shaking merchant, "Please, my father is tired, and needs someone to watch over him. I beg of you my lord"

The merchant turned back to the emperor, sweat rolling on his face slightly, "Very sorry my lord, I will deal with this, you just rest there for a moment" He turned to the pup, pure fury in his eyes, "Listen you worthless pup, I won't have you ruin my sales because of your spineless father. So you are going to kneel now" He pushed the pup's head, trying to force him down, only to be pushed back by the pup's head.

As he regained his balance, he pulled out his crop, not caring that the emperor is watching, no one mocks him and gets away with it, just as he was getting ready to strike, he was fixed with the same strong defying eyes as before, this the emperor noticed.

He was swinging down to strike the pup.


An electric surge struck his hand, flinging the crop away, burning his hand slightly.

"That is enough Azkavan"

Everyone, including the pup, looked towards the palace, to find a younger version of the emperor, but with a white mane done in a ponytail, walking forward.

He was wearing a small jacket, that even when closed would reveal his impressively built mid-section, a white scarf hanging loosely around his neck, and baggy white silk pants.

The emperor motioned for one of his servants to join the other's side, the latter reluctantly accepting, receiving a small smile from the servant.

"What are you doing up this early, Aladdin?"

"Couldn't go back to sleep father" The young dragon turned to the merchant and young boy, seeming to be a little in thought, he turned back to his father, "I would like the boy to join my stables father" The pup let out a gasp, "If he is so set on joining his father, then this set up would be interesting, his father serving you, and him serving me, your son"

His father thought of this for a minute, before nodding his approval.

The merchant stood up from his place, "You can't your majesty. He is a trouble maker as you surely have seen just now. As the merchant I won't permit it"

Just then, Aladdin conjured a small fireball, flicking it with his finger at the merchant's feet, toppling him on his butt to the ground, electing a few giggles from, all those around them, even the servants.

The emperor addressed him this time, "How about this then, we will buy all what you have today, plus a small tip for your troubles, how does that sound?"

The merchant looked to be on thought for a while, but then, "Deal"

After paying the merchant, he and his company were escorted to the city gates.

The emperor ordered that the newly purchased servants to be sent to the stables for training, "Except that one" He pointed at the old canine, "He is to be sent to the medical ward to be treated"

He suddenly felt small hands grabbing his, and small muzzle kissing it vigorously, "Thank you my lord, thank you very much"

"It's alright boy, a tired or sick slave won't be good anyway"

The boy had some tears in his eyes, but managed to shake them off, as he felt a hand on his shoulder.

He looked back at the younger dragon, who had a smile on his face, "Let's go young one"

He followed the prince after stealing a glance at his father, who was escorted by a few palace servants.

As they went out of earshot, the emperor addressed one of his guards, "Send a message to the Merchant Association, Azkavan is not to set a foot in this realm again" He received a firm nod from the guard, before he seemed to disappear from sight.

In a spacious room, Aladdin's, the prince stood close to his bed, taking his clothes off slowly, the pup looking around the room, doing a double-take to a wide portrait on the wall.

"You like it boy?" He glanced at a mostly naked prince, before looking back at the portrait.

It was of a golden dragon, with golden jewelry decorating his wings and body, with a bright back ground, and on the other side, a black winged beast with a bird skull head and silver jewelry on its wings and body as well, with a bluish purple back ground. The two winged beasts were swirling towards the center of the portrait, with a small white 'orb' held by them, as if the two were doing a primal dance of sorts mid-flight.

"Is this you?" the pup asked suddenly, much to Aladdin's surprise.

"Why yes it's me. you're quite observant for someone so young" the pup blushed a little at the compliment, but looked back at the portrait, "And the other one?"

Aladdin's smile faded slightly, causing the pup's ears to droop a little as well.

"He is someone dear to me, this was painted when we were young, I had our future planned out for us, living together, in a modest house, our kids playing around, I would be the wife of the relationship, cooking for the family and doing other chores, and welcome him back home when he arrives" Small tears were forming in his eyes, "But when we grew up, we grew apart. He went to the mortal realm and founded himself a decent harem of mates, a successful job, cute and lovely kids, a house for himself and his family, It is everything I dreamed of, the only exception is that I'm not there"

Stray tears began trailing down his face, just then, the pup held his hand in his small paws, he turned to a soft smiling pup, "It will work out somehow"

Aladdin kneeled to the pup's height, before holding him in a loving embrace, crying a little more openly, "Thank you".

Back on earth.


Hydrus sneazed loudly in his custom made limo, decorated with gloden and silver frames, with a dragon's head at the bumper.

He was with Nameless the raptor, and Heralds the german shepard.

Nameless was wearing a white theatre mask and Heralds was wearing a gas mask to cover their identities, while Hydrus was wearing his own black mask.

They were on their way for the last delivery for the night, the one for Mr. Greaves.

They arrived at their meeting place, followed by a large truck, shaking slightly in the back.

A few minutes later, another limo and a few cars pulled up in front of them in a distance.

As they exited their limo, the riders in the other limo and the other cars exited at the same time.

The old badger, Mr. Greaves got out last, lighting a cigar, "So you got what I wanted?"

Hydrus' expression was covered by the mask, "I sure did" He signaled for the drivers of the truck to move forward slightly, The truck was moving backwards slowly until Hydrus tapped the back doors with his cane.

They stopped the truck and two crewmen got out quickly, they were also wearing gas masks covering their features, and went back opening the door.

As the door was opened, some eerie navy blue and green fumes were escaping from the insides, the mafia members stepped back slightly, a few moving in front of their don.

A low growl came from inside.

The mafia all took out their guns, ready to shoot if whatever inside decided to jump them.

Hydrus' crew jumped inside, a few chain clinking sounds appeared, as they jumped back out, both holding a chain, pulling the beast inside.

As it got out, Greaves got a good look at the creature.

It looked like some sort of canine, with a lizard's tail, but it's muzzle was covered by a gas mask of sorts, with a front looking like air vents, with tubes connecting from the muzzle mask to his back.

Upon closer look, more tubes were almost decorating it's body, the tubes in its arms wrapped around their length, and connecting to the back hands, the shoulders and thigh fronts also had circular vents.

The creature was black with purple and blue markings, with all red eyes.

It began thrashing a little, until Hydrus tapped it with the cane, causing it to jump slightly and release more fumes from the vents on its body, with other fumes appearing in lesser volumes from its skin pores, "Gentlemen, I would like to introduce you to: mutant No. 224, a.k.a Fumes"

Greaves looked at the beast, before crunching his cigar, biting the bit in his mouth off, "Are ya kidding me? I wanted a creature to be feared, one I can use to control others, you expect me to take this waking air filter!?"

Fumes growled slightly, releasing more fumes to the air around them, until Hydrus tapped him again calming him down.

He noticed a few figures in the shadows nearby, and with a smile invisible through the mask, he snapped his fingers, his crew coming forward with two small boxes.

They went over to the weary mafia, opening the boxes, revealing gas masks with a special design.

The masks looked like the same one that Fumes was wearing, only those had built in eye goggles as well.

Hydrus used his shadow vision ability to locate and identify the 'mysterious' figures in the alleys.

He found out that those were S.H.A agents, looking over them in an attempt to catch them red handed.

'So he still didn't remove those worthless flies. Big mistake Lance Burton' Those were his thoughts as the mafia reluctantly wore the masks.

Hydrus used his powers to read the heroes' minds to get their identities, to him anyone from the S.H.A were untrustworthy, so he needed some ammo against them.

As the last one of them wore the mask, Hydrus saw that the agents wore some gas masks as well, not that those will do anything.

Hydrus turned to the tall built beast, "Fumes, release pheromones"

Fumes' eyes gave a brief glow as if in acknowledgement, he reared his head, roaring loudly, releasing more fumes than before, covering the whole docks area.

Hydrus saw the intruders coughing, chocking on the fumes despite their masks.

Fumes calmed down after letting out a decent amount of the weird smoke.

A few minutes passed.

"What's the meaning of this? You mocking me boy!?" He tried removing the mask, before noticing someone coming from behind one of the buildings.

A few seconds later, more began appearing from around them.

The mafia readied their guns, "Wait!" Hydrus called for them stopping them from shooting the agents.

They were moving towards Fumes, slowly as if they were zombies.

They were removing their masks when they reached the beast.

What happened next frightened Greaves and his mafia.

The strangers began caressing the beast lustily, some even began licking it's body.

Greaves stepped back slightly, "Wh-what the fuckin hell!?"

Hydrus tapped his cane on the ground to get their attention, "Simple gentlemen, it was thanks to Fumes' pheromones"


"You wanted a creature that helps you control others right? Fumes generally has the ability to create different purposed vapors with different affects. The one you just witnessed is the Hypno Pheromones, the Lust variety" He pointed at the vents with his cane, "It releases sexual pheromones that send whoever inhales them into a sexual frenzy, that makes them susceptible"

Greaves remained silent, waiting for the man to continue.

"The vulnerable minds of those sexually high ones are weakened to the point that their minds are wiped completely for the duration of their exposure to Fumes' musk, giving you the chance to input some new ideas into their minds, which in time, remaining as permanent thoughts"

His smile grew wider behind the mask, "Allow me to demonstrate" He turned to the lust driven agents, he then pointed at one of them, a tiger, "You!" the feline turned to him, swaying slightly with glazed eyes, "Come over here" The tiger was attempting to stand up, "No, crawl over" The feline obeyed without a second thought, crawling on his hands and knees, even panting like a feral when he reached Hydrus, "Stand up" Again he obeyed immediately, "Take off your clothes, all of them" Without missing a beat, the feline agent began undressing slowly, as if doing a strip tease, until he stood there naked for everyone to see.

Greaves was so horrified, until he noticed the gas masks on the ground, before he could speak, "Before you ask about those masks, Fumes' pheromones are created inside his body, meaning they come out of his body in their purest form and come out at high density that the ordinary masks can't keep it out"

Greaves gulped lightly, "And the ones we are wearing now?"

"Special built masks, that only releases the CO2 you exhale nothing more, blocking the musk from coming through, and only allowing whatever oxygen in the air to pass"

Greaves released a heavy sigh of relief, mimicked by the rest of his mafia men.

"So do we have a deal Mr. Greaves?"

The badger looked to be thinking about this, "Don't worry, the masks you're wearing are free of charge, think of them as extra items in a package"

Greaves fixed him with a firm stare and nod, "Deal" He signaled for the one with the money to step forward, showing the contents of the suit case before giving it to Hydrus.

Hydrus in turn, signaled for his crewmen to guide Fumes to his new owner, handing the chains to the same man who handed the money.

As Fumes followed the don, the lust driven 'zombies' followed behind them, Greaves reluctantly looked between them and Hydrus, "Dont' worry, think of them as a bonus from the demonstration"

As Hydrus turned to leave, "Wait, what do I call you when and if I wanted your services again?"

Hydrus didn't turn around, but still replied, "Just call me the Merchant"

Everyone rode their respective cars, leaving the scene.

As Hydrus' car was making its way back to his home, he took off his mask releasing a deep sigh, "Not a bad bunch of sales today"

The mute raptor took his mask off before making some gestures with his hands.

"Oh don't worry, those guys don't care who gives them the goods, as long as they get what they want"

When Hydrus arrived, after taking off his coat he noticed a different signature aura floating in the house.

He was making his way towards the source, before standing in front of his own room's doors.

He opened the door slowly and cautiously, looking around before entering the room, noticing a figure lying in his bed.

"What are you doing Lumi?"

Luminai's ears perked from his place, before lifting his body a little off the bed, giving Hydrus a clear view of his form.

It wasn't the 'mortal' Luminai, but a slim creature, with long arms, and an eyeless face.

The body was looking almost angelic in appearance, but had some 'circuits' running through all over, giving it a robotic look, almost resembling a beast-like android, the said circuits were black in color, making them clearly visible.

The head had a opening at the back to allow it's black hair to flow through and a smaller opening at the base of the spine for the tail.

Netherbeast Luminai got off the bed, walking towards Hydrus, his voice sounding almost virtual, "Why, I was waiting for you dear"

Hydrus raised an eyebrow before releasing a sigh, "We talked about this Lumi, we can't do this"

"Why? Am I not good enough"

"No, you are very good, but you can't cheat on Asura, and I won't help you do it"

"Well considering how distant he became, I wouldn't consider this cheating"

He had a point, regarding how cold Asura became, it felt like they weren't married.

Luminai stood in front of Hydrus, easily towering over his mortal height, he then leaned down and began licking Hydrus' neck, with the latter, surprisingly showing no resistance.

"Lumi please stop" Hydrus asked softly, but his body was saying very different things, and Luminai was listening to the body.

"Lumi please" His temperature was slowly rising, enticing Luminai even more.

"Stop!" He said a little more firmly this time, but Lumi still wouldn't listen, instead this time, he reached down and began fondling Hydrus' slowly waking dick.

Hydrus had enough, he pushed Luminai back roughly, yelling this time, "SOCREM HA'YEK DRIO!!!!!"

Luminai jumped slightly at Hydrus' sudden explosion, and his use of their native tongue added to his fear that he may have crossed the line this time.

Hydrus was panting hard this time, his eyes giving off a dangerous glare.

He managed however to take a few calming breaths, getting himself under control, "I'm sorry Lumi, I'm just tired today, and want to sleep"

He casually made his way to his bed, taking his clothes off.

"It's not fair" He heard Lumiani whisper, he turned to him slowly, he noticed his brother in law shaking slightly........before he heard faint sobbing.

"Lumi-" he walked over to the crying beast, the latter turning sharply to him, tears more visible coming from under the 'mask' on his face, "TEKAMNI IO TEER" He was crying openly now, then softly repeated, "Tekamni io teer"

Hydrus stepped back, not knowing what to do now before his brother in law spoke again, "Am I not good enough for you!? Am I just some expendable material that is one use only!?" He began sobbing hard now, "I just wanted to be loved again, I wanted to feel the kind caress of someone who really cares about me. I just want-" He didn't get to finish his sentece.

He instead had Hydrus' Netherbeastian lips on his.

Since Hydrus' Nether Form was taller than Luminai's, both had o tilt their heads a little to accommodate the other.

Both held each other tight, not daring to let go.

Luminai took the initiative and tried reaching for Hydrus' lower regions, only for Hydrus to grab his hand, pulling him towards the bed.

"Hydrus?" Luminai was really confused, first Hydrus blows in his face, now he is pulling him to bed.

It became clear when Hydrus laid both of them on bed and nothing else, with Luminai's head on his chest, and one arm around the white beast, the other behind his head.

"Thank you Hydrus" Luminai said softly, "We're family Lumi, no need for thanks" and with that, Luminai fell asleep.

Just as Hydrus was about to sleep himself.


He suddenly shot a shadow needle at a tiny speck of light.

It turned out to be a little golden butterfly, the needle pierced it completely, causing it to dissolve slowly.

Just before it completely disappeared, "It's not nice to snoop on people Asura" and the butterfly disappeared completely.

At his home, Asura sat on his desk, a glass orb similar to Hydrus' sat in front of him, when the image of Hydrus being intimate with what belonged to him disappeared, Asura lost control, pressuring the orb to the point of cracking.

At the W.A. Toby was laying in his bed for the night, a wide smile on his face.

Even though nothing intimate happened between them, he felt that he and Nobu, his instructor had gotten closer, they even exchanged numbers.

He was holding his phone to his face, looking at Nobu's number, struggling on deciding on calling him or not, but he didn't want to come off as a creep or even worse: a stalker.

So he reluctantly decided to go to bed, pouting a little, but his smile returned shortly, falling asleep and dreaming of his instructor and him, doing more 'yoga practice'

In his own room in the W.A. Nobu was laying in his own bed, doing the same as Toby, thinking of calling the boy and bidding him goodnight, but just like Toby, he didn't want to come off as a perv, especially since the boy is younger than him.

He then decided to 'hit the hay' as they say, but before that, he unconsciously kissed the phone, with the page of Toby's number, before setting it aside for the night.

Both were thinking the same thing before they fell asleep.

'Hope he likes me'

A few hours after Hydru fell asleep.


His phone vibrated, the rattling sound of the wooden desk beside his bed woke him up.

He took the call, "Hello" His voice was heavy with sleep.

"Sir" it was his secretary Sam, "We found them"

"Found who?"

"Hansel and Gretel" Hydrus' ears perked at the mention of the two master thieves/villains, "We found them sir"

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