The Pound Ch. 2

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#3 of The Pound

I thought it time to come back to this story. and unfortunately it gets darker. Way darker. I kind of meant have an actual sex scene in this. Yet as I wrote this I remembered that many of my friends have come to me to tell me they've been victims of rape. They shall remain anonymous, as is their right, but they for whatever reason came to my mind when writing this. So instead of having some nice fun times between Aiden and Damien, we're going to cut into the meat of our story.

OBLIGATORY CONTENT WARNING: This story contains depictions of non-consensual sex between two males. Please if you are under 18 (or 21 depending on your country) or have a dislike of this content do not continue reading this story.

~~~2035.8.31 cont.~~~~

As Aiden walked out of the class he chuckled to himself. He had yelled at his boyfriend last night for no reason. It would mean almost certainly that Damien would want Aiden to 'apologize'. Now as a human dating a raptor that either meant one of two things, one of which I wouldn't have approved of had I been alive. Now understand that we knew that Aiden would have a high chance of being gay seeing as both of his parents were male. So at thirteen when Aiden brought home his first boyfriend Aaron didn't fret.

So Aiden walked through the Lory Student Center Plaza, to the Morgan Library directly south of the Lory Student Center. He walked to the entrance and entered turning to the left to go to the Morgan Grind coffee shop. He ordered a canid latte. Then he sat down in one of the bar stools that sat along the floor to ceiling windows. He looked into the Center Mall Plaza watching people go about their business as he ruminated on how he'd make up with Damien.

Suddenly his cell rang in his pocket. He looked at the screen chuckling at the coincidence of the call. He answered the phone, "Bueno. ¿Cómo estás, mi amor?" [Hello. How are you, my love?]

"Yo esté bien, si tu estés acá. Estoy terminado con clases para hoy. ¿Debemos reunirnos?" [I would be well, if you were here. I'm done with classes for today. Shall we meet?]

"¡Buena idea! Me quedaré en Morgan's Grind. ¡Acompáñame!" [Good Idea! I'll stay in Morgan's Grind. Join me!] Aiden replied. He smirked, imagining his raptor running from the track--where he undoubtedly was at the moment--to join him in the quaint library coffee shop. I think my son was more into this particular scaley than I think he realized. He had good reason that particular raptor exemplified intelligence, stamina, and strength. It was impossible for him to not be attracted to him. I think.

"...¿Aiden? ¿Estás allá? Me imaginas de nuevo, ¿no?" [...Aiden? You there? You are imagining me again, no?] DesCoteaux asked.

"Lo siento, pero sí. No puedo dejarme. Eres demasiado guapo. Yo te veo cuando llegues, mi guapo." [I'm sorry, but yes. I cannot stop myself. You are too handsome. I will see you when you arrive, my handsome man.] Aiden admitted before ending the call.

Unbeknownst to my son, Damien was stalking up behind him ready to pounce. Aiden sighed contentedly, having decided how he was going to make up for his behavior. He heard a sound from behind him, he turned around to see Damien beaming at him, chuckling. Aiden got up from his chair and ended up being the one to pounce on the raptor. He hugged him deeply while kissing the tip of his snout. Damien hugged the human back and reciprocated the kiss once on the nose, and then a deep passionate kiss that lasted for quite some time.

When they finally came up for air, Aiden looked at him, "And here I thought I was going to have to apologize for last night. I am sorry, you know. I really ended up not needing to study so much, nor sleep that well for this test. It was over my favorite section of history. I'm surprised we had this large of a test this early in the course, but I'm damn sure I aced it."

The raptor chuckled. "Oh, you don't think you have to apologize?" He got an evil grin upon his snout.

"No. Don't you dare! No anything but that!" Aiden said in mock fright.

Damien freed one of his arms from their embrace and--keeping the devilish smile--raised his hand into their vision. He raised a single, clawed finger from his clenched fist. He then agonizingly slowly lowered his hand to the Aiden's side. Still with that tooth-filled, devilish smile, he poked the finger into the soft flesh in Aiden's side between the bottom of his ribcage and the top of his hip bone. What Damien received in turn was a shrill yelp. He chuckled. "Still know all of your spots."

"No fair, you have claws."


Aiden put on his pouty face and turned away from the raptor. Damien chuckled. He then hugged Aiden from behind. Aiden looked up with a small smile. "I love you, Damien."

"I love you, too, hume." Damien replied and leaned his muzzle down to give him a kiss.

One of the older patrons, probably a professor, scoffed at the two love birds giving Damien the evil eye before turning away. Damien only smirked. "Ven conmigo, mi amor. Necesito agarrar algo desde el dormitorio." [Come on, my love. I need to grab something from the room.]

Damien grabbed Aiden's hand and led them out of the Library and headed west to the Academic Village line of dormitories. They held hands the entire time. They made idle chatter the entire way to the dormitory building.

"¿Por qué salimos?" [Why'd we leave?] Aiden asked, looking back at his mate. He was met with a kiss. My son let out a slight moan. He leaned into the kiss...

I'll leave you there. I know, but I as Aiden's father feel uncomfortable recounting my son's sexual adventures.


Aiden woke up cuddled to his mate and looked at the alarm clock on the bedside table. It read 08.35. Aiden grumbled and tried to fall back asleep. It was Saturday. It was his time to sleep in, but he often couldn't. He shut his eyes and tried to empty his thoughts, but he'd woken, and one thing that Aaron and I had learned is that once Aiden had woken, he could not get back to sleep. So after fifteen minutes of trying, Aiden gave up and just lay next to Damien cuddled up to him. He stared at the alarm clock and watched as the minutes ticked by.

Finally, he felt Damien wake up. It was always with a start. It made Aiden wonder about Damien's past. Why would he, a feared predator, have anything to startle him awake? He felt Damien's lips as Damien kissed my son's crown. "Morning, love." Damien mumbled.

"Bad dreams again?" Aiden asked, worry tainting his voice.

"Nothing, love. I swear." Damien stated in an ever-awakening voice. He leaned down yet again to kiss Aiden's crown. He glided his claws over Aiden's skin, which gave him goose bumps. Aiden shivered at the touch. He loved it when Damien did that.

"You want to get something at the dining halls or we could go to IHOP?"

"Let's not waste our money. We already paid for the dining halls."

"True. And there is not likely to be any sourpusses there either. They'll all be asleep with hangovers."

Damien chuckled. "Love, you know that no matter what I will always protect you."

Aiden nodded. Though his expression turned dark, "If you're protecting me, that means, A) you think I can't do so myself and B) you don't think I can protect you. So who's going to protect you?"

"Love, you know that's not how I meant that." Damien huffed.

"No? You don't view me as weaker? You don't see me as the submissive housewife?" Aiden replied, haughtily.

"Hun, what's this really about?" Damien asked knowingly. He knew my son intimately by now.

"I've never felt like your equal in this relationship. I love you, Damien. Truly, I do, but I've always felt that you treat me like a submissive housewife. Except when you were trying to garner my attention, then I felt in control. I may be a 'lowly' human, but that doesn't mean I can't handle myself. You forget, dear that I have three black belts, two of which are in Jujitsu."

"You think I don't treat you as an equal? Love, I love you. I will die for you. I love everything about you. Don't you ever feel like my lesser because I don't view you that way." Damien finished with a smile. He scooted closer to his mate. Kissing him on the crown yet again.

Aiden still was a little mad with Damien, but the attention he was receiving wasn't unwanted. "Let's go. I'm hungry. I'm grumpy. There's a simple solution to both problems at the dining hall."

Damien sighed, "Alright. Let's feed the beast."

~~~2035.9.1 Ram's Horn Dining Hall~~~

Damien and Aiden walked into the decrepit dining hall. The main entranced opened up into a tiled lobby with a broken water feature that was filled with pond scum. The slate backsplash of the piece was cracked like a spider web along the entirety of the piece. The partition that separated the dining hall from the lobby had been aluminum when I had attended the place but was now bullet resistant polycarbonate. The old TV Monitor that displayed Housing and Dining Services Advertisements had been replaced by a holodisplay that projected an image of President Avery Anderson. With the slogan for her regime scrolling quickly under her visage: "OBEDIENCE OR DEATH." Oh, sorry? Did I forget to mention that the Federal Republic of the United States of America had been destroyed?

Let's just say that the American Electoral College elected the wrong president too many times. Avery Anderson's rise to power was due to a rapid decline in the world economy. She promised Americans jobs and lots of them. She did fulfill the promise. What people didn't realize was that this president had a plan. That plan was executed with precision and accuracy. She over the course of the four years of her first term was the cause of over one hundred amendments to the Constitution, all of which gave more and more power to the Executive branch. Then she culminated this in her second term by writing a new constitution. It basically gave her all the authority. A dictator she had become. And one many had predicted the rise of earlier in the century.

As they passed into the dining hall, their separate forms of identification were scanned. The reassuring beeps of acceptance sounded and allowed the two entrance to the hall proper. They looked over to the Grill and the 'Pizzeria' and decided to head on upstairs. The upstairs was still much as I remembered it.

Many, many tables of standard and bar height sat scattered around a very large room of a very odd shape. In a central location was the stairwell allowing access to the upper level. The glass panels had long ago been replaced with that same bullet resistant Polycarbonate. Opposite that were the food dispensaries. As always the Mongolian grill was closed. Aiden was still slightly peeved at that. He loved the concept of the make your own stir fry. To be denied access to that was something that he couldn't stand. But he supposed he understood the school's reasoning. He looked over at his scaly boyfriend and chuckled at the raptor who was currently sampling the air with his large nose, "Anything good?"

Damien slowly shook his head. "Guess it's just eggs and," here he visibly shivered, "--sausage!"

Aiden looked over to the station to which his boyfriend referred. He saw exactly as Damien had described. Scrambled bag eggs and breakfast sausage patties awaited their eager recipients under the sneeze-guard. "Guess I'm getting a burrito."

Damien just nodded before sampling the air again. "Oh god, really?"


"I thought what I was smelling was days old. It's friggin' happening now. Someone is actually having sex at their table."

Aiden's eyebrows rose in shock. That was bold. That was something for which one could end up in the pound, he knew. My son chuckled darkly. "With all the wolves on the FSP, they'll be caught before long."

Damien nodded before chuckling as well. And as if on cue, two heavily armored, lupine members of the aforementioned FSP--or Federal Secret Police--walked passed them toward where Damien had detected the scent. The couple was then not even two minutes later walked out in cuffs, the bovine male's penis still out of its sheath and his pants and dripping. The vulpine female was visibly distraught. Crying audibly. The whole scene was over in less than five minutes but left an indelible impact on everyone who'd witnessed it. The FSP was still as diligent as ever.

Damien led my still-shocked--and apparently aroused--boy further into the building, where they grabbed their food and ate. "Wasn't that Joaquin's girl?"

"Oh god! You're right. I didn't recognize her at first, but now that you mention it had to have been her."

"That wasn't Joaquin."

With a knowing smile, Aiden griped, "Foxes..."

"Yeah. Don't even get me started." Damien added before realizing what he said and visibly shutting down. He didn't talk...didn't look at my son...didn't do more than look at his food and eat.

My son wasn't oblivious and finally decided that if they were to continue this relationship, he'd have to break down this wall, "Damien. I need to know. What happened to you? It's like you're keeping this big secret. I see it in your eyes. There's obviously something you're not telling me. I love you and whatever it is, if I can, I'd like to help you get over it."

The sigh that Damien exuded wasn't just audible it was bordering on deafening for his mate, "I guess if this relationship is going to go anywhere I really do need to tell you. Love, when I was about thirteen years old, I was raped. Not by my teacher, priest, or coach. By a gang of zorros. Five of them. Each had their way with me while the others held me down. They weren't shy about their knots either. Each knotted me and then forcibly pulled out. I was left in the gutter to die. It was only thanks to my collar's tracking device that I was found soon after," DesCoteaux let out another heavy sigh, "When my parents found me they said that the pain had made me delirious and I was shouting random phrases. Considering how they found me, there was little doubt that I'd been raped. I actually had to have stitches on my anus from when they each ripped their knot out of my butt."

The shock on Aiden's face was terrifyingly obvious. He'd heard of these things happening before. It had become a common thing among the zorro gangs to find a young male of any species and rape them. However, he'd never heard about this side of it. Let alone known someone who'd been through that kind of trauma. Aiden jumped from his chair, ran around the table and hugged his mate for all he was worth. The human actually started to cry into Damien's shoulder, "I didn't know. I'm sorry, love. I'm sorry that happened to you."

Damien chuckled morosely, "'S'okay love, it happened a while ago. I'm quite over it. Mostly."

Aiden looked worried, "Is that why you won't let me on top?"

Damien nodded before he gave Aiden a pointed look and dug into his surprisingly carbohydrate-filled plate. Yes, Damien was partly Achilobator giganticus_or the Raptors most commonly misidentified as _V. giganitcus in the series of Jurassic Park. Commonly called by most everyone these days as Velociraptor. His feral cousins were often found in Cretaceous era Mongolia snacking often times on much larger prey, thanks to them being pack hunters. Yet here was Damien whose DNA consisted of about 50-75% of A. giganticus, eating large quantities of pasta, quinoa, rice and other assorted grains. By all evolutionary logic, he should have not been able to handle a diet of such foods, considering that the original species ate a diet of almost 95-100% meat. Yet it was due to some clever genetic engineering my husband had become familiar with in which he quickly identified the many genes humans had turned on relating to gastroenterological functions that the raptor in question had turned off. As well as many supplemental pills which Damien seemed to eat like candy. He needed the pills. They gave him sufficient quantities of cellulase, glucase, and other important enzymes to ensure a healthy breakdown of the nutrients in much of his favorite food. This was common practice among the doctors working with hybrids whose animalian DNA came from carnivorous species.

My son was nothing if not astute and notices the large amounts of carbs packed onto Damien's tray. "Race tomorrow?" a nod was received, "Take your pills?" another nod, "Gonna eat any meat tonight?" a negating shake of the head. "Hon, you are a hunter. You are a meat-eater. I know that you are trying to gain any advantage you can for the meet tomorrow. But do you know what Velociraptors ate entirely? Meat. You know what Velociraptor_means? _Swift thief. In other words, they were fast. They didn't need to load down on carbohydrates to be fast. Yes, I know that A. giganticus isn't technically a Velociraptor, but that is of course a non-issue."

A glare of reptilian eyes met his worried gaze, "Okay mom!" Damien snarked back at my son, before getting up from their table, food-in-paw and walking toward the dish room. "If I lose tomorrow, I'm blaming it on you, love." He called back over his shoulder. The tone was obviously jokey, but still with some truth behind the words. After spending a few months with Damien and seeing him race earlier in the summer. Though those meets were mostly 'scrimmages'. He'd noticed that when Damien hadn't done well--usually losing to a cheetah or gazelle hybrid--he got all mopey and depressed. Something that Aiden had found kind of endearing at first. Yet after a short period of time it became slightly annoying.

For humans, pounding carbs before a big race was a good idea as it gave the runner a reserve of energy for the next day, but for a carnivore whose body was meant to digest and process solely animal flesh, eating large amounts of carbs should have been equivalent to tying sandbags to his legs. Aiden and he had done this literally every race day's eve for the last five months. My son was a truly caring person, and though he still had a bit of an unfounded grudge against anthros he loved and cared for Damien with all of his heart and mind. This included for my son making sure the raptor got a proper diet.

Damien returned shortly after and sat back down with a mound of ground beef and a large thing of hot sauce. He didn't just flip open the pour top to lightly drizzle the hot sauce on top of his meat, he uncorked the bottle and dumped half of it onto it. Then smiling at my son's disgusted expression began scooping the soupy mess into his mouth and swallowing without there being much chewing.

"God! How can you eat that way? It's disgusting!" Aiden griped.

The raptor's eye ridge raised, "Weren't you the one commenting on my lack of meat? This--" he held up a spoonful of the soupy mixture "--Is meat. And this is how I like my meat."

Aiden stuck out his tongue childishly.

~~~2035.9.1 Ingersoll Hall~~~

Damien walked back from the communal bathroom to his and my son's shared room. He heard a scream which he immediately identified as Aiden. He picked up his pace to a full-out sprint in order to see what was happening. As DesCoteaux opened the door he saw a panther balls deep in my son's rear and an FSP officer's uniform and armor discarded in one corner of the room. For a few moments he stood frozen in horror as his mate was violated in front of him.

"Please...stop!!!" Aiden cried out as the officer was pulling out to ready himself for another thrust. However, hearing the request kicked Damien out of his stupor. The FSP officer never got that far. Damien side-tackled him to the floor.

"Y'ass's mine scaly! That's assault on a federal officer!"

Damien shouted back, "I caught you raping my boyfriend! I have every right to defend myself and my family!"

At this point a crowd of spectators began gathering around Damien and Aiden's room. It didn't take a rocket surgeon to see what Damien had done. The nude officer's hardon was still outside of his sheath and Aiden was now on the ground hiding himself in something akin to the fetal position with the butt of his jeans torn asunder and very obviously whimpering. "Who do you think the court's gonna believe?" the bull answered with a sly grin, "A seasoned federal officer or a puny college flunky?"

The hall's RA* stepped forward, "How about a valedictorian and ROTC cadet, sergeant?"

Damien's head snapped to the RA's lapine face, "Jerry, you know him?"

"Humph, know him? He's infamous around campus. He can't keep his dick in his pants for five minutes. He's only still on the FSP because he knows someone in Anderson's inner circle. The bitch has saved his ass more times than I care to count."

Damien nodded. "You guys wanna help me?"

He pointed to Joaquin--the bull who lived next door to him, a jackal named Keith, and an Orca Phin named Diver. They all gave him questioning looks.

"Diver, take Aiden to your room and keep him distracted from what just happened. Also use your sonar to see if there's any internal damage." Then with a pointed look that only anthros understood said, "Take care of him. Keith, Joaquin hold this fucker down for me. If he thinks he can get away with this unharmed, I'll teach him a thing or two." The gleam in Damien's eye left no room for questioning.

The large orca lumbered over to grab Aiden, bridal style and escort him out of the room. Soon the fallen officer was pinned down with Keith and Joaquin both kneeling on his shoulders. "As ridiculous as this may seem, officer, I do believe in Hammurabi's code. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, and a rape for a rape! I know that I won't win in the courts. You have too many friends in high places for me to even think of trying to win against you. Instead we're gonna eek out some old justice. I won't let you rape anymore without punishment. I suggest you cede."

The panther's green orbs lit up in understanding, then opened in shock. This kid was literally about to pay him back in kind for what he'd just done to that human. "B...bu...but it was a human! Why!"

"Did you not hear me, you fucker!? That. Was. My. MATE!!!!" With the last word Damien lifted the felid's legs to gain access to the officer's rump. Considering his return from the shower, his wearing only a towel--and his obligatory collar--came as no surprise to either of the furs holding down the panther. He quickly doffed this piece of cloth before revealing his length to the waiting FSP officer. His eyes widened even further. Aiden's length was of his grandfather's design. The one benefit of being a species with no living feral relatives. The length was at least fifteen inches. Had two knots right next to each other. One was about the size of a small orange while the one behind it was the size of a grapefruit. The shaft was similar to a Phin's in its semi prehensile nature and smooth top. Yet the underbelly was scaled with ridges down the entire length. On the trailing ledge of these ridges were cartilaginous spines. The head was arrowhead shaped and coated in the same spines. How my son took this shaft I never could understand, but he did. Never more than the first knot, but that never was a problem.

Damien shuffled forward and used one of his hands to guide the tip to the feline's waiting hole. His features allowed him a gruesome, scowling smirk before he shoved himself all the way in up to the first knot. The officer let out a yelp of pain. Damien had enough of himself left conscious to call on Jeremy, "I'd rather not have an audience. Joaquin and Keith are here with me. Go."

"Uh...Uhm...Right. Right! Alright everyone, nothing to see here. Please go back to your rooms." The RA dictated to the crowd that had formed, before closing the door to the room.

Joaquin and Keith both looked somewhat shocked at Damien's actions. Though neither of them understood quite what was going on, they knew for some odd reason that this had to happen. So they held down their captive policeman whilst Damien did his best to avenge his mate. He shoved and pulled as hard as his musculature would support. Bucking into the felid. His pace kept up for five minutes. Or more. He couldn't be sure. He was lost in the pleasure of taking this officer's power. The power he'd wrenched from apparently countless victims. He continued to thrust with such ferocity that soon the panther launched a volley of cum right into his face. The feline sighed out in pain. Yet Damien was still going. Hammering into the police officer with such wild abandon he didn't even notice at first that he'd managed to spread the offending feline enough that his knot popped in with one wildly ferocious thrust. He kept going. Knowing that even though this action in and of itself was extremely ignoble he wanted to show this man what he'd been doing to all of his victims. And in that goal he found his righteousness.

His rhythm began to become erratic as he came closer and closer to the edge. The entire time the push and pull of his phallus carved deep ruts into the anal wall of his victim. Ferocity and power of his thrusts causing his spines to actually draw blood. With one last herculean shove he forced his larger knot into the felines hole. Immediate he yowled out his own orgasm before collapsing on top of his victim.

Joaquin and Keith looked to Damien's near-lifeless body and then down to the panther that they'd pinned to the ground. They then looked at each other. Knowing what they needed to do. Soon this officer's buddies would come looking for him. They needed to be as far away as possible before that happened. They got up quietly. Trying not to wake DesCoteaux they headed for the door. "Don't." They heard from behind them and rapidly both turned around. "Thank you guys. I just wanted to say that. Thanks for doing this. I know it's wrong what I did, but I was tired of being the victim."

They both nodded to the raptor and then turned once again to the door. "Be seeing ya, bro." Joaquin responded. Keith nodded also before they both left the room.

Damien slowly pulled out of the now passed out feline, grabbed his towel and headed to the communal showers once again. He walked briskly knowing he needed to clean himself before his phallus returned deep within him. He also knew that when the other FSP officers came to check on their buddy, he'd be promptly arrested and taken without trial to the Pound. He sighed. He'd done it now. There was no place for him. He was going to go to the one prison that no person--anthro or otherwise--had ever escaped from. It was commonly referred to as the Pound. He'd asked Diver to take care of Aiden because he knew that with Diver, Aiden could start anew. He really didn't want to put his love through the heartache of having a convict as a boyfriend and so without actually letting him know, he'd essentially given Aiden to Diver. The orca and he had had a fling or two and the Orca was the kindest person that Damien had ever been intimate with. He was compassionate and intelligent. Something that Aiden sorely needed.

He sighed as the water poured over him from the ancient showerhead. He tried to fight the feeling of heartache that came from his decision. The feeling of having betrayed the one he loved. Yet he couldn't fight the feeling as it overwhelmed him and he let out a choked sob, "I'm so sorry, Aiden. sorry. I never meant to hurt you. I've always tried to protect you. Now I've failed twice. I... I'm sorry."

He fell to his knees as he cried in earnest for the first time in many days. He'd screwed himself so royally he had no idea how he'd get out of this situation.

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