Relieving Stress

Story by Sovereign Kyle on SoFurry

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#5 of noncanon

A very unusual massage.

Inspired by some recent stream chat antics

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"Still? Sure, right when I need to find references the site goes down." With nothing else to do, I lean back in my chair and growl at my computer.

"Mike, ease up. You're awfully tense for a snow," my bobcat roommate calls. "They'll get it back online soon enough."

I lean back further to look at him, upside-down. "When was the last time you drew someone's character without a reference?"

He laughs. "I'm a writer, remember?"

I sigh. "Right. You can skip descriptions and keep going. Me, I can't do anything without knowing what they look like, and it's a badge for an upcoming convention."

He laughs again. "Dude, lighten up, work on the comic or something."

"I'm already five pages ahead with the comic. That's what put me behind in my commissions."

He sighs. "When did you last see your girl?"

"We Skyped last night."

"Not what I asked."

I sigh, knowing what he's referring too. He wants to know the last time I saw Lila and we were fur to fur. "Before she left for college."

"Dude! That's been a month and a half. You need some stress relief."

I flick my tail at him. "I'm not gonna cheat on her."

He grins. "Not what I mean, dude. I know you swore you wouldn't see anyone else."

I turn around and look at him. "What do you mean, then?"

"Take off your shirt and lay down on the coffee table."

I find myself a little worried. "You know I'm not into guys."

"And you know I'd never do that to you. You need to relax. I'm just gonna give you a massage. Now come here."

With a sigh, I get up. I haven't had a good massage since my tail was broken at its base. It was part of my rehabilitation therapy, but that was when I was a cub. I've been very protective of my tail ever since.

I lay a couple couch cushions on the table and pull off my shirt. Seeing the greedy smile on his face, and knowing his fascination with snow leopards, I poke his nose with a claw. "No."

He laughs again. "I'm kidding."

"Not funny," I say with a scowl, then lay down on the cushions.

He cracks his knuckles and then starts to rub my shoulders. With a heavy sigh, I let myself relax and purr.

It doesn't take me long to realize how good he is. "Where'd you learn this?" I wearily ask.

"I worked a few summers at a massage parlor, restocking oils, towels and whatever else they needed. Be surprised what you learn by just watching."

As he progresses down my back, I feel my back pop into place and let out a small grunt.

"I keep warning you about your posture."

"Yeah..." I sigh.

He chuckles. "You're enjoying this too much." He continues down my back, carefully working the knots out.

When he takes the end my tail in his mouth, I twitch and gasp, "Ah!"

"Relax, I won't hurt your tail. I have been wondering. though, why do you guys hold your tail in your mouth so much?" he asks, still holding my tail in his mouth.

"Nnnaa..." is all I can say. My mind is being flooded with sensations, paralyzing me.

He stops and drops my tail. "Mike?"

I relax and start. "Oooooh," I moan.

"You ok, man?"

Unable to coherently answer, I simply lay there.

"Hmm..." he quietly hums, I then hear him pick up a comb.

He grabs my tail again, I curl my toes and try to relax. He again puts my tail in his mouth, I sink my claws into the couch cushion and try to stay quiet as my nerves tingle.

Starting at the base, he slowly begins to comb my tail. The sensation is like fireworks in my mind, I can't focus. He continues this all the way out to the tip, and by then, I'm nearly in tears and panting. I've never felt this way when I brush out my tail.

"Does it really feel that good?" he asks, puzzled.

I can't answer, I can't even think of one.

There's a moment's silence, then he says, "Well, I may just have to finish you off." His tone is suddenly mischievous.

Starting at the base of my tail, he wraps his hand around it and gently, slowly pulls. A chill runs up my spine and I shiver.

He repeats the motion with his other hand, making more chills run down my back.

I hear him chuckle as he switches to his claws, gently using them to comb my tail. The shivers intensify and I desperately want to tell him to stop. My mouth moves, but no sound comes out.

He continues, alternating between using his claws and the tugs, adding a little more force each time. When my hips involuntarily buck, I find I'm glad I'm on my belly. I couldn't be more erect.

He chuckles lightly and picks up his pace. The stimulation soon proves too much and I let out a growl. He takes this as a signal and bites the end of my tail.

My hips thrust and I roar into the couch cushion.

He laughs and pets my back a few times as I calm down. "Feel better now?"

I gasp and pant for a minute before answering. "Dwane, you asshole. "

He laughs harder. "I'm not the one who just destroyed a couch cushion."

I sit up slightly to look, there are several teeth and claw punctures in it. I sigh and start to stand. Something doesn't feel right. "Damn you Dwane. Now I have to change."

He starts walking to the kitchen and taunts, "I'm gonna tell Lila, I'm gonna te--"

The couch cushion I threw knocks him to the floor. I head to the bedroom to change. I'll tell her myself.

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