Dragons and Hot Springs

Story by Ben332 on SoFurry

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#2 of Hiking Woes

After the mornings' earlier romp, what is a large dragon and wolf to do to clean themselves up? Go take a bath in a hot spring, that's what!

Evan rolled over and yawned. He and the dragon had kept at it for several hours just earlier that morning, making a mess of his cave and pile of furs. Oh no, they hadn't stopped at round three... or four, or five. By the end of it, they were both quite messy, and smelled of the other. He let out a contented sigh. Life was good, even if just yesterday he'd almost died.

After their romp, it was almost noon. The sun was shining in the sky, its' gentle rays pouring in through the mouth of the cave. It demonstrated just how much it had rained that morn and previous night. Of course, it also showed just how much mess they'd made as well. The dragon let out a loud yawn, followed by his stomach rumbling.

"So, that was quite thoroughly enjoyable. I'd say you more than repaid your debt, heh." He laid his head back , looking at Evan through an upside-down view.

"I suppose so, yeah." Evan just shrugged.

"So, what do you do other than crashing into dragons?"

Evan scratched his chin, before replying.

"I'm currently taking some courses at the local college. The one I am currently enjoying most is one called "Coding and U.I. Design for Ferals."

"Oh, almost sounds relevant to drakes like me!"

They both laughed a bit, loud enough for it to reverberate off the cave walls.

"It's really interesting. You often don't realize all the different hardware and design you have to account for. Especially when working for large ferals, and their lack of dexterity in their paws."

"Yeah, oversized monitors, either a big mouse or a scratch-resistant touchscreen, sometimes larger speakers for the hard of hearing ones as well." The dragon listed them off, almost as if he were familiar.

"Yup, basically. And then the UI buttons have to be biiiiig-" He illustrated with his paws, holding them out wide.

"Yeah, I may not always live in a cave, heh."

Evan leaned back a bit, onto the stained and wet pile of furs.

"So, what do you do, then?"

The dragon scratched at his upper neck, dislodging a few dead scales.

"Well, before I decided I wanted to focus on my magics for a bit, I had a feral-sized apartment in... what's that nearby town called?"

"The one to the north, yeah?"

The dragon just murmured his confirmation.

"That ones' called Mianka. I live there as well."

"That's the one. Basically, I had a feral-sized place, and I did a bit of lawyer work."

Evan had to restrain an outburst of giggles, covering his maw a bit.

"So... you did law. That must have been a bit difficult to learn. Especially considering the local college hasn't been converted and re-sized for feral students yet."

"Nah, I went to an out of district place, a bit cheaper for the same quality. Also was previously feral-adopted. Did inter-district and local law stuff, mostly simple."

"That's good, I suppose. When did you learn about the magic stuff?"

"Well, I was working this one clients' contract, right? He'd managed to somehow rear-end a gas truck, bend its' axles enough that it needed repairs. Simple enough case, open-and-shut. But there was this one thing."

"Go on."

"He was driving this dinky little sub-compact car, and..." He waved his paw around. "It wasn't manually driven."

"Ohhh, so what you're getting at is that the onboard AI must have been fried. Or the truck driver had to have been at fault."

"Kind of. See, the thing was, the integrated storage for the electronics, was in the back, and missing."

"Wires cut, or just the entire thing taken out?"

"Someone had just removed the storage, cleanly at that, cabling too. So basically, without rambling on too much about the actual case. We were in the courthouse, and I was demonstrating how improbable it was for the storage to be missing, right?"

"Yeah, no way it just popped out when the impact was in the front."

"And, I stretched out one of my wings, and stomped a bit. Was more than a little upset at the notion that it might have just "flown out". I accidentally stomped on someones foot."

"Oh shit."

"Yeah, it was pretty bad, don't recall who it was, wasn't the client, prosecutor or judge. Probably just someone watching in, but basically I heard a loud snap and a louder yowl. I remember thinking that it was the end of my lawyer career, too."

"So, how'd the magic happen?"

"It was a snake I think, yellowish-brown, normal mottled pattern. His right paw, after I'd stomped it had this horrible, jutting bit of skin. Real nasty, but no real blood. So, next thing I know, I recall grabbing it between my forepaws. These ones right here."

He lifted them up to show, stretching his paw-digits.

"And thinking, hey, I really didn't mean for this to happen at all, and that I was real upset that it HAD happened. And boom, next thing I remember I had slumped over onto the seat next to him, still gripping his paw. He yanked it out of my grip and was getting ready to stand up."

"Did it work?"

"Heck yeah it worked, fixed the fractured bones, reset them, even got rid of the pain."

"Judge decide to call a recess after that bit?"

"No, actually, he kept on with the trial. I had to retire to one of the side benches to lay down because I felt intensely sick. Just called everything to order and directed me to sit down for a little while."

"Your client win that case?"

"Yeah, sort of. With no storage, and with the truck having no rear cameras or AI of its' own, all manual, there was no way to prove it. Neither party got a payout, and neither party was technically at fault. Naturally, the prosecution was furious."

"Your client mention the accident afterwards?"

"He did. And that snake actually thanked me and asked for my autograph."

"Autograph huh?"

"Yeah, I remember looking up the statistics immediately after I got home. And, as it turns out, less than one in one hundred thousand ever get any magical ability. And here I am, able to heal fairly well."

"Explains why the snake wanted your autograph, I suppose. Only a few thousand at most can do magic, and to get stomped on and then fixed by one? Once in a lifetime."

"Yeah, I suppose. Rest of that evening went by in a blur, first time took a lot of energy out of me. I ate like a- well, a large dragon that night too. Emptied the whole fridge."

"Wow, that's quite the story for your first time wielding the stuff. Anything else you can do other than heal?"

"Well, I can do a bit of fire, though it's your typical fairy tale magic fire breath deal. Burns my maw more than a little bit, though... And a bit of ice, nice for ice cubes but not much else. Healing is really my specialty. It also takes the most out of me."

"Considered becoming a magic doctor?"

"Naaaah. If you remember me diving out to get something to eat last night. I was almost as hungry as that first time after fixing you up. Can't raid the cafeteria and take naps between every patient."

"You do have a point there. Oh, lest I forget. You know my name, but what is yours?"

The dragon rolled over, belching loudly.

"Oh, who, little 'ol me? My name is Gregory Francis the Fifth. You can call me Greg or Francis, or just dragon would do."

"Gregory the lawyer dragon, heh. That's more than a little amusing."

"It is, it's what I signed on that autograph too."

"But of course."

"That reminds me... since you have courses you need to attend, what day was it when you left?"

"Left to go hiking Friday I want to say? Yeah, Friday. Started climbing on Saturday after sleeping outside that night, so today would be Sunday. No classes today, some tomorrow."

"So, shouldn't you be getting prepared, doing homework or something?"

"I suppose I could be studying, but I think they'd understand if I wanted to delay any testing. Life changing trauma and what not."

"Bah, no excuse for gaining knowledge!"

"Though, I think I should still ca- oh, right." Evan looked crestfallen, almost heartbroken when he remembered what happened to his electronics.

"Yeah, your phone is going to need a replacement."

"My roommate is going to be worried sick."

"I think I may have a solution... be right back."

And with that, the dragon got up from his perch, and padded into the further depths of the cave. Evan heard his footfalls fade away slowly, leaving him quite alone for the moment. He took a moment to look his fur over. It's normal smooth, slicked look was now matted in places. Sticky in others, and drenched. They'd had more than a bit of entertainment between the two of them.

He'd need to clean up a bit before he headed back to the rest of the world. And find some clothes. Though Evan was sure a security officer would look the other way. With public decency laws in his district, he didn't want to chance it. He started to mull over the options, before Gregory was back, clutching a... what even was that, a brick?

"My apologies, I only have this because of the Feral Communications Act of 2021. It's basic, but should still get a signal, and call or text capabilities. A bit large as well, but that aughtn't be an issue."

He dropped it like the brick it was. It didn't bounce and landed with a heavy thud. Gregory also tossed his clothes next to the phone.

"Had to remove these off of you earlier, makes the magic work easier, if ever so slightly." There were more than a few darkened bloodstains on the fabric, and a series of rips on the bottom half. A gaping hole, too, in the shirt.

"Thanks, was I really hurt that bad when you caught me?" He poked a paw through the hole in the shirt.

"Yup. You'd be dead or in a hospital right now if I hadn't intervened."

"Thanks... again." The wolf lowered his ears a bit, realizing his brush with death was even closer than he'd thought.

"Don't worry about it, you're here, we had fun, and it's best to not dwell on such things. If the phone doesn't turn on immediately, give it some percussive maintenance and then hold it in the sun. It's solar chargeable." After he'd finished, he nudged the overly-large cell phone towards Evan.

The screen was huge, the first thing the wolf even noticed. Even the dragon would have to be half blind to not be able to see the text. Buttons were big as well, and coated with clawing-resistant material. No doubt also had mechanical switches underneath them. He sighed heavily, letting the dragon stare at him and the phone a while longer.

He held the power button for a few seconds until it turned on. The screen came to life, illuminating the entire cave. The chime coming from the phone startled Evan a bit. Must have been set to max volume or something. It took its' sweet time getting itself initialized and signed onto a local carrier, before it was finally ready to use.

"Oh, before I forget, it's a speaker-only model."

Evan groaned, this time, most certainly not from pleasure. It was going to be quite awkward explaining this to his roommate. Especially when it was also a good friend of his.

"Oh, just to get this out of the way now, since it's getting ready to be relevant. I won't talk unless you ask me to, and I don't mind if you mention the entire story. Just... don't tell them where this cave is." Gregory sounded almost uneasy by the end of his explanation.

"I'm fine with that. I won't reveal your location unless you wanted me to."

The dragon closed his eyes and breathed a heavy sigh of relief. Tension visibly drained out of his shoulders.

"That's... good. I like having you here. Other people... I still don't know."

"I understand, Greg. Being a lawyer, and then suddenly being able to perform magic? That'd get the media and people seeking help all over you fast, swarming you even."

"Yeah... I didn't make many appearances after that. Invested my money, stored my furniture and belongings, and came out here to practice. Wouldn't mind moving back into the city, doing law again even. But I don't want a bunch of people knowing I can do magics."

Evan nodded. He understood his friends concern completely. He'd be a celebrity in no time if he kept pulling stunts like his first time healing someone. He looked at his newfound friend, staring a bit at his eyes. It took him gesturing towards the phone, and nudging it towards Evan to break him out of those deep green eyes.

"You should call."

The phone by now was on its' splash screen, finally ready to go. Evan thought for a moment, trying to remember his roommates number. He came up with nothing. He did, however, remember their landline phone. He punched the digits, almost literally. The buttons were difficult to press, and made a satisfying click and beep when they'd been entered.

Almost a full minute later, and a slightly more tired Evan, the phone dialed in. Evan saw the dragon shaking his head back and forth a bit. Probably bobbing his head to something only he could hear.

The voice on the line startled him as much as the phones chime did. Loud, made only louder by the recipients voice.

"Ayy, this is the combined Evan and Maxwell place, how may I help you on this fiiiiine day?"

Evans voice croaked as he spoke.

"Hey, Max... I'm calling from a friends' place to let you know I'll probably be back this evening. Things got delayed and had a bit of an accident climbing that mountain I told you about."

"Oh shit, you alright Evan? Do I need to call the paramedics?"

"Oh, no, I'm perfectly fine. Lost that crappy backpack and my phone, camera too. I'll explain it all when I get home, it's quite the story."

"Aight, take it easy, if you hurt yourself, physically or mentally, you should get checked out when you get back, alright?"

"It'll be fine, said friend fixed me up good with some... uh, let's call it first aid. Can't really explain more over the phone."

"Still should get yourself checked out, unless he's a doc or something."

Evan saw Gregory shrug a bit.

"I suppose you could say that. Either way, if anyone calls for me, or has called for me, tell 'em when I'll be back, okay?"

"Aight wuff, I'll catch ya when you get down here. Enjoy the rest of your trip!"

"Thanks Max, I owe you one." And with that, he mashed the end call button. Just in time too, to see the phone drop down to a single bar of battery strength.

Evan felt Gregory lay the tip of his tail over his shoulder.

"You will be fine, right?"

"Yeah, of course I will."

"We should get washed up, I can clean the furs later."

Evan grabbed his clothes, noting the large bloodstains and tears. A simple wash wouldn't get the stains out, but it would make them clean enough to wear, hopefully.

"We going to a nearby lake or something?"

Gregory just smiled. Said smile wasn't eerie anymore now than Evan knew the mind behind it, if ever so slightly.

"Didn't just pick this cave for the cave mouth. It's pretty spacious, and if you'll follow me a ways..."

With that he slowly disappeared into the inky darkness.

"Heeey, wait up!"

He stumbled into the dark, before running into something fleshy and pointy.

"That's my tail, Evan."


Evan clutched at his clothes with one hand, and held onto his companions tail with the other. It seemed the drake knew his way around this cave system, so for now, he'd let him be his guide.

"It'll only take a few, and there's light in there too."

Step after stumbling step, they left the cave mouth behind, delving into the depths of the mountain that had almost claimed Evans' life.

True to his word, after the cavemouth had disappeared from view, they turned a corner, and saw another light. As they got closer, Gregorys' light gray underbelly scales began to softly reflect the light. And soon, they were standing at the entrance way to a natural underground spring!

"Whoa, this IS a nice place, for a cave."

Gregory pulled Evan up alongside him so he could illustrate. Waving his paw from side to side.

"And the best part? It's an underground hot spring! And, the water flows from right, to left, and disappears into the earth."

The steam billowed off of the pools of water, illustrating his point. The light filtered in through the top of the cave, reflected by shiny metals and rocks down into the cave below. The water had a slow, meandering current to it. It was perfect.

Gregory didn't wait for Evan to hop in, instead showing a bit of youthful energy and wading right on in. The water was even deep enough to obscure a full dragon on the far side of the pool. Evan giggled a bit when the dragon submerged every bit of himself in the water but his nostrils and green eyes.

"You look like a crocodile, hah!"

The drake just blew out bubbles.

Soon, they were both relaxing and letting the water soothe away their recent troubles. Gregorys' no doubt sore back and wings, and Evans' troubled mind. They'd gotten some large chunks of rock to let the wolfs' clothes soak a bit in the water further downstream. They'd scrub them a bit later.

"So." He said the singular word as he rolled his neck, laying it on a bit of a dirty outcropping.

"Hmm?" The dragon just mumbled his curiosity.

"How'd you find this place, anyway?" The wolf flexed his paws, his knuckles cracking loudly enough they could be heard above water.

"Stumbled into it during a storm. It was cold, wet and rainy that night. I was soaked. So finding this was a super nice bonus."

"What a good stroke of luck." Evan rolled his shoulder.

"Mmmm, yeah."

They soaked there, for a few minutes, before the dragon piped up.

"Mind giving me a massage? Could try to massage you afterward."

"Oh, what kiiiind of massage Greg?" The wolf drawled, drawing it out.

"Whatever kind you make it, wuff." Evan laughed a bit more.

"I am completely fine with either way that could go."

Evan motioned for the big dragon to wade his way over to some shallower water. He gladly complied, laying down onto his belly when he got there. The dragons scales looked even better when they'd been soaked and cleaned. A bit of scale polish and a scale brush would do wonders for his hide, too. Sadly, neither were available, so Evan would just have to use his paws and claws.

He started at his tail, rubbing and pressing at the base of it, where it connected to his main body. Even with all the 'relaxation' they'd done earlier, he was as tense as a fiddle. Evan could only imagine how tense he was before the hot steaming bath. As he pressed, he could feel the muscles returning to their normal flex. Relaxing into their normal shape and feel even. As he moved lower on his tail, he felt the first of the vertebrae pop a bit as he ran his paws over it.

Massaging the whole tail proved to be quite the task, and took quite some time. Several joints resettled after Evans skillful massage. The dragon made known his relaxing pleasure with several almost sensual groans. As he slid his paws down to the last bit of bone in his tail, he gave it an especial kneading. He'd heard that tail tips were quite sensitive in the past, especially for scaled folk.

And sensitive they were, Gregory actually sputtered a bit when he nearly fell asleep in the warm water. He readjusted his heads position, before closing his eyes and enjoying his companions gentle ministrations. Evan wondered how long it had been since he had a good massage. A few months? A year? A few years? He'd have to ask later.

For now, he just focused on his task. And that was to bring that huge hunk of lizard to the most relaxed point he could manage. After his tail, he moved on up the spine, clambering atop the giant beast to get a better reach. Gregory didn't even notice his bulk atop him. Evan took a bit of care to avoid the small spines and spikes atop his back. But still massaged around each one, working his way up towards his wings.

Evan heard him start up his purring again, a sound he'd not heard for almost a full quarter of a day now. It was a pleasant sound, and it meant he was doing his job well. When he'd reached the wings, he carefully pressed on the joints connecting them to the dragons' back. He thought about it for a moment, but decided against massaging his wing membranes. Some were especially sensitive to that. It might easily change to pain if he pressed too hard, or even accidentally ripped one.

For now, he settled on massaging the wings themselves, gripping each one up from the base, kneading at it, before working his way as far as he could reach. They were quite large, and thus Evan could not reach the tops of them, but his partner didn't mind a bit. When he leaned over to check on him, he found Gregory with his tongue lolling out of his muzzle. As well as a silly grin plastered onto his muzzle.

The happiness was infectious, and soon, Evan was smiling too. He took a moment to stretch his back, standing atop the dragons back, as it were, before continuing on up his spine. He kneaded at the base of the dragons neck, feeling the thick musculature there relaxing from its' taut state. More joints resettled, and more muscles slackened as Evan moved his way towards the drakes' head .Evans' knuckles cracked again. He'd need to take a break soon. He worked through the tiredness.

Continuing to massage the large bundle of scales, skin, and muscle underneath him. Right up until he got to the base of his skull. He dismounted carefully, ensuring to not gouge the dragon. That would've certainly ruined the mood.

Speaking of mood, Evan hazarded a glance back at the drakes hindlegs. Poking out of the water like a periscope, there was his pleasure tool.

"Psst, hey. Gregory."

Evans' soft voice woke the dragon from his relaxation-induced stupor. Evan just pointed at it.

"Oh. Didn't even notice. Do what you'd like, I'm game for whatever you'd like to do."

It was Evans' turn to grin. The hot, relaxing water of the hot springs would make his idea easy to execute.

"You mind me being the top this time?"

The dragon cracked his eyes open, and arched an eyebrow.

"I'm fine with that. You never really struck me as the topping type, though."

"I'm flexible, silly drake." Evan just laughed. And then he stretched, demonstrating his flexibility.

As he put on the miniature show for Gregory, the dragon could only murmur his confirmation.

"Flexible indeeed." He trailed off, eyes tracking that fluffy behind.

Evan gently pushed apart the dragons hindpaws. While his target was obscured by the hotsprings' water, he knew where it should be. He put his massaging skills to use yet again, kneading the flesh just around his rear entrance. Just like everywhere else he'd touched, it was exceedingly tight. Greg was one high-strung dragon, that was for sure.

He just kneeled there for a while, massaging the underside of the dragons tail, just between his legs. He was really getting into it now. His every heartbeat being signaled by his pulsing flagpole, mere inches away from Evan. The wolf felt himself stiffening, the huge rod in front of his turning him on. And to think, all of that had been inside him mere hours ago! And if it'd been inside him...

Gregory gasped a bit when Evan splashed some of the hot water onto him. It wasn't unpleasant, just unexpected when compared to the cool cave air just above the hotspring pool. While his relaxed zen wasn't ruined, it was mildly disturbed. He'd let the wolf have his fun though. He'd likely enjoy this as much as he did, anyways.

After a while of kneading at his tailhole, Evan teased a finger across it, just dipping into it slightly enough to tease. And again, this time dipping deeper. By the third time, he'd sunk his paw digit into his dragons' warm depths. It was even warmer inside him than the pool around them.

He slowly pumped his finger into, and out of the drake, letting him get used to the probing intruder. He snorted, clearing his lungs in a hurry. If he wasn't a virgin to this sort of experience, it must have been quite a while for him to be this tight, and enjoy it this much. He wasn't even dragon-sized, either! The scaly lizard enjoyed it even more when Evan popped two, then three into his soon-to-be-used tailhole.

By the end of it, Gregory had that same stupid grin on his muzzle as he had earlier, tongue flopped out of his mouth, too. Evan felt himself being hard as a rock, his nethers were certainly interested in this kind of action. In one hand, he gripped himself, and with the other, he laid it on the drakes' manhood.

Even this simple, and gentle action elicited a moan from the dragon. Repeated fun with a certain wolf in the same day hadn't dulled his sensitivity at all! Evan guided himself in, until his pointed tip was resting against the drakes' muscled backside. He eased himself in gently, and moaned out himself.

His insides were hot! Almost unbearably so. All the same, it was a very enjoyable feeling for the wolf as he slid himself deeper into his sweltering depths. Of all the times to remember his biology and health classes, unwanted bits of non-specific info coursed through his mind. Like the fact that dragons' internal temperature can vary, as can their eating habits, and-

"Don't just sit there, c'mon."

His thoughts interrupted by his companion, he obliged. He slowly pumped himself in. For a dragon, Gregory was extremely tight. Evan could only thrust himself in about three quarters of the way. It'd have to do... for now. He slowly drew himself out, feeling the water squelch around his rod, before pushing himself back in. Now that he was well and truly inside, his other paw was free to stroke the dragons rod.

He brought both paws up to stroke at it, gripping it and keeping timing with his own thrusts into his rear. The attention brought a bit of that familiar, pearly essence to pool at the dragons' tip. Taking matters into his own maw, the wolf licked and suckled at the rod. The taste was great, as always, a bit watery, though. Could blame that on the almost double-digit orgasms that day.

He felt him clamping down on his tool, gently undulating, trying to pull it deeper into his body. He was certainly not inexperienced in these matters, and knew how to make a wolf feel wonderful. He spread his legs further apart, allowing his rear to open up a bit. Just what Evan needed to thrust himself in to the hilt. Including his slowly-forming knot.

Evan grit his teeth as he adjusted his pace. Soon, he was pistoning into, and out of the drake quickly, the water splashing around him. A particularly loud moan from the dragon brought his attention back to his muzzle. Still that silly grin, still that lazy tongue. Evan locked eyes with him as he opened up his muzzle to take his rod into his mouth.

He put his new found talent in pleasing a dragon orally to good use, and soon his throat was bulging with the amount of dragon meat in his maw. All the while, staring straight into those beautiful green eyes. Evan could tell that was turning Greg on immensely. He was just watching him gulp down not only his cum, but also his throbbing meat. Almost until it was pumping straight into his stomach, before sliding slowly off the rod.

His maw occupied, and the rod a bit out of reach, Evan gripped his footpaws and spread his legs further apart. His now-rapidly forming knot was popping into, and out of his tight ring with frightening speed now, and he'd need just a bit more leverage to-

His knot popped wetly inside the dragon as he thrust himself into him one last time. The massive force of the thrust was enough to even make the large beast get pushed back a bit, however miniscule. As he thrust his last few thrusts, locked inside his rear end, he upped the suction on the dragons' breeding tool. Soon, he too was on the verge of spilling his seed.

All it took was the first rope of Evans own seed splashing against his insides to set him off. The wolf saw his orgasm before he felt it pulsing up his rod. The dragon pulled Evan in as closely as possible with his large hindpaws, not quite locking them behind his back. But enough to pull him deeper into the drake.

He roared out his own orgasm even as rope after rope of sticky semen splashed into his well-used rump. He pumped more than a bit of his own contribution into the wolfs' gullet. Try as he might, the poor wolf couldn't quite chug it all, and had to come back up for air. It was a good thing they were already in a hot spring, because soon Evans' face, neck, chest, and even his back was coated in sticky dragon goo.

Quite a voluminous load indeed, even if it was a bit less than the last few times. They were locked together now quite tightly by Evans' knot. They both basked in their afterglow, even as they did the same in the now quite dirty bit of water. The flow took care of that, as it all flowed downstream slowly.

"Aaaaah." It wasn't the first time they'd made such a vocalization in the hot springs, and it wouldn't be the last.

It was however, the first one punctuated by a certain dragons' belly growling again.

"Maaaybe you should get something to eat soon."

Gregory didn't even bother replying, he just laughed heartily. Evan soon joined him.

They enjoyed each others' comfort for a while after that, just lazing about in the hotsprings. Though, after he wasn't distracted with a certain dragons' rump, his mind wandered back to just what he was going to tell Maxwell about his accident. He'd be sure to frame it in a happy context, to be sure.

Not all accidents are bad things.

Some are happy accidents.

-Fin, again!

(Authors' note. I enjoyed writing this one quite a bit, I hope that those viewing this do as well. As always, vote, comment, and fav if you liked it, and if you didn't... Do leave a comment on how I can do better. Thanks for reading!)

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