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#1 of Tiger´s slave

Mowgli was running from the hungry tiger while the bear was trying to stall him grabbing his tail. The tiger tired from this games did a quick turn the extra strength and momentum was enough to send the bear flying, catching a couple of vultures on the way, toward a tree leaving them unconscious.

Mowgli suddenly tripped and roll falling against a rock wall. He looked up and saw the mighty tiger ready to kill him and close his eyes expecting his end. But to his surprise he felt a movement and looked he was being carried by his loincloth! He looked up and saw the tiger carrying him on his muzzle. He was trying to fight but a growl of the beast was and his killer look was more than enough to quiet him and keep him in check.

The travel lasted a couple hours before the tiger dropped him down and roared so loud that Mowgli had to cover his ears and to the big surprise of the man-cub the roar was responded. Another tiger? Shere Khan Wasn´t the only tiger on the jungle? He thought of escaping and started to run and found himself that his loincloth was clipped on the tiger´s claw, and ended running on the same place.

"Now mancub maybe you should be more respectful I'm expecting some visits" said the tiger pulling him so close that Mowgli could fell the warmth of his breath. Before Mowgli could reply the giant tiger pounced him pressed his body over his legs making the escape futile. Mowgli fruitlessly kicked the air flailing like a fish try to escape a net.

Meanwhile the tiger just yawned and fell asleep, while the mancub tried to escape, his guests weren´t going to be here for a couple hours anyway.

The morning came in and Mowgli groggily found himself into something he never expected a large tiger sleeping peacefully over him he tried to squirm his way out just when the tiger´s ears flicked at a noise, the mighty beast stretched and yawned and heard the rustling and hoped to see Bagheera or Baloo even one of his wolves to save him and saw something completely different, something he never even dreamed of a large tiger walking on two legs the tiger was just like Shere khan with a small cloth covering his privates, a male, judging by the large bulge that for some reason he couldn´t stop staring. The tiger said to the new guest "You´re late look I even got you a present" said motioning with his eyes to what he meant to "present" "Well its quite scrawny I am not so sure" the tiger responded "C´mon chap you know I am groomer not a popper" he said purring "Well that´s true. Like what you see?" chuckled flexing his muscles to the staring mancub he said crouching his scent washing Mowgli´s nose with his musk for some reason he felt attracted and repulsed by it. It was a mixture of sweat blood of different animals and plants but it was also something he couldn´t stop inhaling it was gross but for some reason he couldn´t explain he liked it he stretched his neck and trying to get moreof that intoxicating perfume "Well seems quite cute and he has the right set of mind I may not even have to train this one" the tiger chuckled "Okay I take it I´ll leave your pay on the same place" he said. Then shere khan lifted and Mowgli make a run for it screaming "Help! Help! Somebody help me!" just to be tackled and pinned down "Hmmph so feisty that´s a plus for me breakign you will be so much fun!" he chuckled sadistically the Mowgli seeing an opening kicked him in the chest just to have his legs caught and pinned by the weight of the tiger as he sat on the mancub´s legs holding his wrists well keeping a claw pretty close to his neck killing any scream for help on he boy´s throat "now I don´t want that to happen again. Dont move or talik are we clear?" he said with a cold tone, the mancub could only nod and started to tear up as the tiger reached out and ripped Mowgli´s loincloth and tied his ankles and hands with a blind knot with the shreds "I´ll never understand why he wore that thing it's not like animals have a need or care for clothes" said Shere Khan walking over and staring at Mowgli´s package "Well rather than a mancub, he´s a childcub" chuckled as he stared his tiny member. Mowgli blushed hard at that remark and tried to move a hand to get free but the tiger held both of his arms by the wrists with barely any effort "Now, now "childcub" Why are you so embarrassed? Look." said the feral tiger lifting his tail revealing his mango sized testicles bringing a gasp of Mowgli as he wondered how big his pee stick was then he closed the door to dose thoughts when the tiger walked over him giving him a good look of his genitalia his balls weren´t just for show and if the large plump sheath was something to be guided it was his pee stick was more a pee log.

He felt repulsed by it but he couldn´t stop staring at the humongous member in front of him."Take those things away from me!" Mowlgi ordered angry but only brought a chukle from the tigers. This cub was so entertaining! He turned his head around disgusted by his actions just when the bipedal tiger crouched over "So small even my 3 summer old cub has more meat than you" the bipedal tiger chuckled as he teased his tiny member with his pinky that was at least thrice on length and width."And so slick just like the rumors thats gonna be aplus whoever buys you" he mused as he picked the panicked cub and carried him over his shoulder and started to move away as Mowgli tried to fight fruitlessly flainig lie a fish "Always a pleasure doing business with you" He said before moving away Shere Khan "I say the same Amar" said the tiger before disappearing between the foliage shadows.

Meanwhile Mowgli screamed calling for a help that will never come. As he feared an impedning doom as he was being carried by the tiger now named Amar.

(Author note: So this is going to be an humillation ,Master/Slave story series that´s been running through my head for a while so I am going with the flow and see whrere it takes me)

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