Mariel of Redwall: Behind the Bushes, Part 3

Story by ShamanSquirrel on SoFurry

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#10 of Redwall: Behind the Bushes

Takes place after the end of Mariel of Redwall by Brian Jacques. All characters are (c) of the author.

Joseph and his daughter Mariel recently got settled in Redwall Abbey after the defeat of Gabool, and freeing the slaves.

"Now that Gabool is gone for good, we can go on with our lives," said Joseph to his daughter.

"I'm still rather disappointed that it wasn't me who killed him," said Mariel.

"If it wasn't for your help, Rawnblade likely would have never done the deed," said Joseph.

"So true," said Mariel. "You helped too." Mariel looked up into her father's eyes intimately. "Daddy, I think I'd like to spend a lot more time with you. While we were separated, I have forgotten many things about you." Mariel got behind Joseph and started rubbing his shoulders. "You seem so tense. Would you like us to go to our room?"

"Sure," said Joseph. The two of them went into the room they were staying in.

"Daddy," said Mariel. "I don't know if this is appropriate, but I have very strong feelings for you."

"What kind of feelings?" asked Joseph.

"I... I think I'm in heat and ready to mate," said Mariel.

"But I'm your father," said Joseph. "What about Dandin?"

"I don't think I'm close enough to him," said Mariel.

"To be honest, dear, I don't think there are any females close to me besides you," Joseph admitted. "I suppose we can do this once."

The father and daughter undressed until they were both naked. Mariel was impressed by the size of her father's equipment. Joseph layed down on his back on the bed, erection in the air. Mariel sat on his fatherly member in the cowgirl position, easing it into her daughterly vagina. Mariel rode and rode on her dad, father and daughter both moaning in intimate ecstacy. Then Joseph exploded his fatherly seed into his daughter, completing the incestuous encounter. They both laid down next to each other, cuddling.

"Mariel," said Joseph. "Since you're my daughter we can't really be doing this. I hope you understand this sex was a one time event."

"I understand, daddy," said Mariel. "Will I get pregnant?"

"I sure hope not," said Joseph.

They both sat up. "Now, I'd like you to spend more time with Dandin," said Joseph. "I'd like you to proudly continue on with the line of Gonff, from who Dandin is descended. Do you want me to set up a date?"

"Yes, daddy," said Mariel. "One question before you do. What ever did happen to my mother?" asked Mariel.

"She left me when you were little," said Joseph. "She found out I had an affair with Rawnblade's mother Rawnblossom. Apparently explaining that it prevented her Bloodwrath didn't help. I must say, she had quite a bloodwrath of her own."

Later that day, Mariel was having a picnic date with Dandin. "I hear you're the great-grandson of Gonff, the renowned friend of Martin the Warrior," said Mariel. "But he lived so long ago, that you should be very old if that were the case."

"When I told the others that, I kind of left out a few generations," said Dandin. "My great-grandmother was Abbess Bryony, and her great-grandfather was Gonff. Which means Gonff was actually my great great great great grandfather."

Later that season, Mariel and Dandin went off on a quest through Mossflower, heading south. During that time, Mariel gave birth to a badly deformed baby that was a result of incest with her father. It lived for only a day, and was buried in Mossflower Woods. After Mariel healed from that birthing, both emotionally and physically, she and Dandin mated.

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