Outcast of Redwall: Behind the Bushes, part 3

Story by ShamanSquirrel on SoFurry

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#7 of Redwall: Behind the Bushes

This is based on Outcast of Redwall by Brian Jacques. All characters are copyright of the author, except for Rawna and Donff.

I am attempting to connect Brian Jacques' books Outcast of Redwall and Mariel of Redwall. I intend on making Donff the father of Dandin (Mariel character). In Mariel, Rawnblade is the badger lord, and he is said to be Sunflash's great-grandson. You can see where this is going by me naming Sunflash's wife Rawna. Badgers seem to have a tradition of naming kin similarly, but it's not always followed. Also in Mariel, a Thomas is said to be a former Abbot of Redwall, but no species is given. I want him to be a squirrel. I also want Thomas to be the father of Oak Tom, another Mariel character.

Sunflash, a badger, had recently settled into Redwall Abbey after seeing his mother Bella for the first time. He had become great friends with Bryony the mouse. After all, they had saved each other's lives during Sunflash's last battle with his archnemesis Swartt Sixclaw. He vowed revenge against this very bad ferret for keeping him in captivity, and successfully slew him. Veil, who was Swartt's son and Bryony's foster son, died saving Bryony.

Sunflash was in Bryony's bedroom. "We can do this once, but keep in mind we're just friends," said Bryony undressing. "I'm engaged to Friar Bunfold, you know." Sunflash also undressed.

"Long ago while I was still in captivity," said Sunflash, "I accidentally killed a weasel with my penis. I was being rough on purpose, but I promise to be gentle with you."

Bryony's bed was too small for Sunflash, so he lay down on the floor to adopt a position that won't harm or crush the much smaller mouse. His erect penis was up in the air. Bryony sat with her feet on Sunflash's huge belly in the cowgirl position, easing Sunflash's huge member into her. They both moaned in pleasure as she rid on him. Up and down she went, her mousey orgasm sending ripples of pleasure throughout her body. Sunflash grunted and snorted, as badgers do when they mate. Then, copious amounts of badger spooge pumped into Bryony's uterus.

"That was amazing," said Sunflash.

"It sure was!" said Bryony, spooge dripping down her legs.

The next day, there was a visitor to the Abbey. A lost female badger who was seeking a place to stay was welcomed with open arms by Abbess Meriam.

"My name's Rawna," the badger said to Abbess Meriam. "I am the granddaughter of Rowanoak, one of the famed Rambling Rosehip Players."

"I've heard of them," said Meriam. "In fact, our legendary hero Martin the Warrior was friends with Rowanoak."

"Are there any other badgers here?" asked Rawna.

"Yes," Meriam said. "In fact, here they come right now."

Bella, the ancient Badger Mother, hobbled over to greet the guest. Sunflash was behind her. "She's perfect for you, Sunflash," Bella said.

Rawna batted her eyelashes at Sunflash. Immediately, a date was set for the two to get to know each other better.

A season had passed, and two couples got married. Bryony had married the Friar Bunfold, who her adopted son Veil tried to poison. Also, Sunflash had married Rawna.

On the lawn of the abbey, Sunflash was speaking to Bryony. "We each got married to someone we love, but there are some friends of mine who I think are left out. I'd like to see them married."

"Tell me," said Bryony, "who are they?"

"When I was questing for Salamandastron, I met a gay otter couple," said Sunflash. "And also a young interspecies couple. A mole and a hedgehog. Do you think your husband Bunfold can marry these couples?"

"He doesn't have to," said Bryony. "I can. I've just been appointed to Abbess after Meriam retired. I'll have the cooks prepare a big wedding feast. Go on and find them. Don't get lost!"

"I won't." Sunflash had let his wife Rawna know that he was on his way to find his four friends, to tell them the news they can get married at Redwall. He returned with the otters Ruddle Banksnout and Folrig Streampaw, as well as Gurmil Lingl the hedgehog and Nilly Dubbo the mole.

"Oh, Folrig, my favorite frog frightener," said Ruddle. "I can't believe we're getting married!" The pair had always made unflattering remarks about one another's appearance in an attempt to hide that they were gay. But they were a little too playful in doing so, and that gave them away.

Folrig giggled cheerfully and said, "I'm so happy we found creatures so kind and accepting." The two gay otters then kissed passionately.

Already, the feast was being prepared by various species at Redwall. There was a huge table with various delights, such as candied chestnuts, deeper'n'ever pie, hotroot soup, skilly'n'duff, shrewbread, molebread, strawberry cordial, october ale, not to mention many others.

"Well, Nilly," said Gurmil, "This is it! Our two families have been living together in the same cave for generations. It's about time we intermarried!"

"Oi'm gurt glad the toime is foin'ly here, bo hurr!" said Nilly in her odd mole accent. The hedgehog and mole then kissed passionately, Nilly being careful of Gurmil's spikes.

Abbess Bryony wed both couples that day, and many creatures attended. She gave a speech about the importance of joining two souls together, regardless of whether or not they can produce dibbuns. Besides, there are many dibbuns who are orphaned and would be adopted with open paws by a gay or interspecies couple.

One creature who attended the festivities was a very old squirrel, who approached Bella. "Hello, Bella," he said. "Do you remember me?" Bella was much older than the squirrel, because badger females live much longer than most creatures.

"You must be Chugger!" said Bella. "It's about time you finally came back to visit, my likkle squiggle. How are the grandchildren?"

"Just fine," he said. "I'm sure some of them will be Redwall denizens someday."

Sunflash chimed in. "I think I remember my mother mentioning you," he said.

"Yes, indeed," said Chugger. "When I was a little dibbun, I lost my virginity to her."

"That's a brave thing to admit to a Badger Lord," said Sunflash. "But I'll let it fly." Sunflash knew that female badgers often initiated sexual contact with their partners because of their raging hormones, and his mother Bella was no exception.

"It's true," said Bella. "I've always adored smaller males. In fact, your father Barkstripe was smaller than me, which is unusual for badgers. I also welcomed Martin the Warrior into my palace, to put it delicately."

The next night, Folrig and Ruddle were given permission to honeymoon in Redwall Abbey. They had a room they were staying in. "So, this is it, my toad terrifyer," said Ruddle to Folrig. "We're going to have sex for the first time as a married couple!" Both of them began to undress.

"It's like losing our virginity all over again," said Folrig.

Ruddle got into the submissive position, raising his tail for Folrig. Then Folrig grabbed Ruddle's waist, thrusting himself deep inside his tight anus. They both moaned passionately. As otters, they are flexible enough to make out while copulating. Folrig thrust and thrust until spooge filled his lover's hot, slippery rectum. They then laid together, cuddling.

Then Folrig got into position, and Ruddle was now the one thrusting. After he finished, they both cuddled again in bed, falling asleep.

Meanwhile, in another room, Gurmil and Nilly were making love in the natural position. Gurmil was careful not to accidentally spike Nilly with his quills, but luckily for Nilly, hedgehogs are furry in the front and spiky in the back.

Another season had passed, and Bella, the Badger Mother of Redwall Abbey, had recently passed away of old age. The two happily married couples, Folrig and Ruddle, and Gurmil and Nilly, returned to their respective homes.

On the abbey lawn, Sunflash and his pregnant wife Rawna were having a picnic. "Sunflash, I know you need to get back to Salamandastron, but I really like it here in the abbey."

"Are you saying you don't want to move?" asked Sunflash.

"If you must move I will go with you," she said. "But I'll miss our friends here."

"We can always come back for a visit," said Sunflash. He and Rawna did not leave Redwall without saying good-bye to the great friends they met there.

At Salamandastron, Rawna had agreed with Sunflash that he shall be called Sunstripe for now on. They began a peaceful life of farming, not needing to go out for battle. They had a daughter, naming her Rawnflower. She had grown up with her parents as a farmer, but still had some warrior spirit in her. Rawnflower knew that one day a descendant of hers would be another Badger Lord.

Meanwhile at Redwall, a squirrel had grown up to become an Abbot. His name was Thomas, grandson of Chugger. Bryony was now a grandmother to a mouse named Donff, named in honor of Gonff, who was Bryony's great-grandfather.

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