Chapter 2 Salamence's Determination

Story by xCharizard5556 on SoFurry

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#2 of My True Soulmate

Well, since I got fired from my job, I have a bit of more time on my hands. So I'm gonna try my best to improve in my stories. This series will contain mild romance, gay sex between a male Pokemon and male Human, domination/submission, master/pet and master/trainer type relationships. You don't like it, that sounds like a personal problem. (This story will also contain a small portion of sex between a male Typhlosion and the same male human.)

Marcus wakes up from his sleep in the middle of the night warmly comforted by his new mate Salamence. I can't believe he did all of that for me just to be his mate, Marcus thought. Marcus quietly got up from under his wings, stood up, grabbed a pokeball from his backpack and walked out to the lakefront. When I got to the lakefront, I couldn't help but think about how how Typhlosion was looking at me while Salamence was telling me his true feelings about me. So I thought I can maybe talk to him about how he feels about me. While I was quietly thinking to myself, I heard a voice, "Can't sleep, Marcus?" I turned around from where the sound was coming from and saw Salamence, my mate. I turned, walked towards him, and hugged his neck. I hugged his neck for a moment before I broke away. When I broke away, I looked at him with the cutest smile he couldn't stop looking at and nuzzled my cheek very affectionately. I spoke to him while he was still nuzzling my cheek, "I'm fine. I couldn't help but think how Typhlosion feels about me. Because it looked like he loves me the same way you love me." Salamence looked at me with the silliest look on his face and said, "That's because he does, my mate." When he said that, I had the reddest hue of a blush on my face and said, "He wants to submit the same way you did?" And Salamence surprised me when he said, "He wants you to completely dominate him to the point where he feels like he wants you as his pet that wants nothing but sex from you. He also told me if you accept, he'll do something for you in return." I looked so shocked from this.

Not only did Typhlosion love me the same way Salamence loves me, but he wants to love as a sex toy? I can't love him just for that. I wanna love my Typhlosion the same way I love Salamence, but me and Salamence are soulmates, so why would I betray him like that. When Salamence saw my troubled look, he said, "Something wrong? If I said something wr

" and I gave him the most passionate kiss. I wanted passage into his mouth and he permitted it. When I slipped my tongue in his mouth, I had a spark of pleasure that really had me hardening in a quick. While Salamence was moaing so loud, I could've sworn I felt the tip of his dick rub the lower part of my leg. I moaned in the kiss in return and he felt this. He broke the kiss and said in a seductive low voice, "Take out Typhlosion and let him watch me suck your dick so hard cum will come out my ass." I looked at Salamence with the most lust-filled love face and said, "Your wish is my command." I took my pokeball and called out Typhlosion. When Typhlosion appeared, he had the most confused but amazed look on his face and asked, "So Master, have you thought about my request? Cuz I really want you to claim as yours and only yours. I want you to use my body as you see fit." I only looked at him with a wild lust in my eyes and said, "You'll have to wait your turn, okay? Cuz I think my sexy dragon wants me first. And I wanna try something with him this time. Not to think I'm big or nothing, but you know how big I am, right?" Typhlosion matter-of-factually said, "10 in a half inches. Which I want in my ass very roughly that I screech your name." I looked at him and said, "Ok. Deal." I looked at Salamence and said, "You ready, silly drake?" Salamence answered my question by carefully rubbing his claw over my bulge in my pants. I groaned very loudly from the stimulation. I told him stop for a moment and he backed up so I could take off all my clothes. the only thing that was hanging out was my 10 in a half inch erection. He moved his muzzle close to my dick and he sniffed it and when he got my musk in his senses, he looked at my dick for a moment and before I saw him, Typhlosion had already my dick in his mouth. When I say his mouth was the most perfect place with the right amount of heat, I almost came right away. I grabbed his head with both of my hands of each side. He looked at me and gave a nod. I slid out half way and thrust back into his mouth straight down his throat. I almost came again from the tightness of his throat. I slid all the way out till the head was still in his mouth and thrust back into his throat HARD. He moaned? He was really enjoying this. I really wanted to cum so hard in his mouth right now. I thrust in, out, fully in, fully out, in, out, and continued this movement. I moaned very loudly every time I thrust into his throat. When I thrust into his throat for a 26th time and I can really feel myself about to cum HARD. I should've came around the 15th thrust, but I want him to remember my cum, so when the 28th thrust came in, I had the head of my dick in his mouth, on his tongue and came HARD!

When he felt that first spurt of cum hit his tongue, he sucked extra hard for the rest of my cum. I spurted 10 more times before I moaned two more spurts out of me. I think I never came so hard in my life. Even though sex with Salamence was great, Typhlosion seriously wanted me to subject to my every whim.

When Typhlosion sucked out the last of my cum out of my dick, he looked at me with the sluttiest look like he wanted some more. I looked at with with an amused look and said, "You want more?" He pulled off my dick, looked at me with a smile, turned around got on his back and laid down. Typhlosion, then said, "I want you to put your WHOLE LENGTH inside my ass without hesitation. I seriously want you to claim me AS YOUR BITCH! Please Master!" I looked at him with the most amazed, shocked, and crazy look ever. I thought it over and I actually wanted to do it VERY BADLY. So, I looked over to Salamence to see what he thinks. He gave a nod. He wanted to watch me fuck this Typhlosion silly too! So I was actually erect dripping pre non-stop. So I approached Typhlosion, put my tip at his pucker, ready to push in. Before I did, Typhlosion said, "I'm a virgin, but I don't care. Fuck me like a true Typhlosion! Put it all in me!"

I gave him a nod. SO, I lined up my dick perfectly with his virgin pucker, and looked at him as I pushed all of my length into his tight pucker. He moaned and purred affectionately very loudly. I gave him a minute to get used to my length so I could continue. I was so amazed at how warm-hot the inside of him was. (He was a fire-type after all.) When he gave me a look to continue, I slide out halfway and pushed back in all the way to his prostate and he groaned asking for more. I gave him what he wanted. I slide out all the way till the head was left, and pushed all the way in, out halfway, back in, out, in, out, in, all the way out, pushed back in roughly. Then for the next couple of thrusts, I roughly pounded him to the point where I was actually pounding his prostate with reckless abandon. He was moaning "Harder" every three thrusts and he was leaking pre from his 11 inch erection from my mating. Twenty minutes later, I was holding in my orgasm for 15 minutes again cuz I want him to remember this pounding. Salamence, on the other hand, was pawing off so hard, he was moaning my name as he orgasmed. He spurted 8 huge spurts of cum over the grass. He was so happy that Typhlosion was getting what he wanted so he can love Marcus like I love Marcus. But Marcus is my soulmate and will always belong to me. While I was in the middle of my post-orgasm, I withdrew from his extra tight pucker. I think I can get used to fucking his tight ass cuz his tightness is so amazingly......amazing. I never will get tired of that ass. As I got up to put my clothes back on, I got sleepy again, so I wanted to go back to sleep. I told Salamence and Typhlosion I was going back to sleep and they are more than welcome to come sleep with me. So I...we went back to the same tree I was asleep on. As before, Salamence leaned against the tree with enough room for me to get comfortable going to sleep on his side, while Typhlosion got on top of me with his head on my chest and the rest of his body keeping me warm and Salamence wrapped his wings over us as sleep overtook us all.

Chapter One My Team's Desires

My name is Marcus Williamson. I am a 17 year old Pokémon trainer that already conquered the Kanto and Johto regions. I am 5"2, 135 pounds with white hair that goes a little above my neck. I am not a overly built person but I have four abs so I make...

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Finally Done With My First Story

SSorry for the delay. I am finally finished with the rough draft of my story. It takes so long since my work hours are messing with my time to finish it. But I think it turned out pretty good.

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I'm almost done!?

**As of right now, I'm almost done with my rough draft of my first story. I think it's OK. But I really would appreciate it if I could get your thoughts on my story.**

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