Run mowgli! Run for me

Story by forestlover on SoFurry

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#2 of Tiger´s slave

The tiger walked at a steady pace just walking through the night. Mowgli was kicking and throwing punches but due the restrictions it was more flailing. "For a human he acts like a fish" he mused by the movements of the mancub reminded him of a fish out of the water. He kept walking through the plains till they reach a heavy forest area with trees so thick that the canopy seem to block the light of the now dying moon and rising sun. "Let me go you big poppy head or I am going to rip your tail and I am going to" Mowgli screamed while Amar blissfully ignored him " Well if it's going to insult me and annoy me all the way home. Then might as well have some fun" Amar thought and then smiled like the Joker as he sped up to a tree.

The trip was terrifying to say the least. First they walked for some time then they got to another area of the jungle and the tiger grinned before jumping and kicking the log propelling himself to amid height branch and then he jumped to a higher one always holding the man cub with one hand over his shoulder. The trip was fast and bumpy Mowgli thought as they rushed top speed the tiger was taking a shortcut jumping through branch to branch in amazing acrobatic ways. He might had enjoyed the ride if he wasn´t being carried like sack of potatoes. The whole movement at what were 40 mph and being held down they weren´t good for the stomach finally the tiger settle down to rest and put the sick man cub on the ground. Mowgli happily kissed the ground mumbling "Earth! Sweet solid earth!" said kissing it repeatedly before almost throwing up giving the tiger a chuckle. Sitting on his butt Amar stretched and said "We will sleep tonight here" he said putting his hands behind his back like a pillow while he leaned over a tree. "You should sleep some too human. We have a long way tomorrow" ordered a before closing his eyelids and falling sleep as soon as he closed his eyes. Mowgli watched him doze off for some minutes once he make sure the tiger was sleeping soundly. He used his teeth to unravel the knot of his wrists and then he unravel the one of his ankles good thing the tiger leave his wrists tied near his chest if tit had been to his back he would had trouble. Finally he was free too worried about Amar he sprinted to the jungle. Just as he left, Amar opened one eye and chuckled leaving the prey to run was one of the few pleasures he got from this type of jobs he had so many things he wanted to do this mancub and this way he could do them without getting scold! He got up and followed silently behind his game "Yes keep going I love it when they run" he said tasting the air and salivating what he would do. Catching the runaway was the best game! He stayed there till the mancub left his eye line, no problem. Catching him its just part of the game.

Now Mowgli wasn´t the most experienced or brilliant hunter if he had he wouldn´t had left such trail behind him. To Amar this was no fun at all it was so easy to track him and pound him that would be boring so he thought a better and fun idea. Grinning like the devil Amar exceed the child by quite a margin. Keeping him on his sight. A fun part of the game was how to catch some were direct and outright pounded them and raped on the spot others drugged them in to a coma induced state and have fun on their own. But Amar was the type that was sadistic could be said. He prepared some surprises for the small mancub that was heading his way in less than two seconds and hide himself jumping outside his eyesight and in the best position for the show along a great hiding spot. Mowgli ran as fast as he could that didn´t noticed a string that make him fall headfirst on a pool of mud that skated to a noose knot trap that tied his wrists together that lifted him from the ground. To see Amar waving hi before he cut a branch from the tree. Mowgli screamed in pain at the new and painful feeling of getting impaled down there while Amar laughed wholeheartedly at the situation of the mancub.

He couldn't believe that worked perfectly! His nickname of Amar "the fox" wasn´t just for show! A prankster nature and a knowledge for traps with lots of patience was a combination made in heaven! He got closer to Mowgli to his crotch "Well somebody´s been a naughty mancub" as he fodled his balls gently Mowgli tried to kick but he couldn´t do much the massage he was getting got him hard his chldhood just three inches and half standing there "You´re quite fast for being so smalll" he chuckled making Mowgli blush then he moved his paw and squeezed hard and pulled his balls making Mowgli groan in pain. "Let me go please stop that please" Mowgli cried as he was squeezed like a lemon. "Okay I am not that evil" said retiring his paw.Mowgli taking a moment to breathe and relax just when a paw quickly slapped his aching balls he screamed in pain."Now that I got your attention. Its time for your punishmen and feel happy maybe now they´ll be bigger now that they´re swollent" Amar said grinning just then Mowgli noticed the branch on his paw. He got around him and grabbed his buttcheeks white in contrast to his tanned skin "Mhmm such nice butt its gonna be a treat"said gently sniffing he was a small bony kid but he still found him attractive. Once he reached maturity he was gonna be a real looker and tasty treat to sore eyes and relief to sore bodies. He "Now Mancub youre going to be quite handsome" Said rubbing his buttcheeks and caressing with his whole paw the crack before he retired it and....SMACK!!! Mowgli screamed at the new painful feeling. Amar had spanked him and was now licking his paw "Your ass tastes good but now you must know the price of disobedience!" Said swinging the bracnh hard against his red tender flesh Mowlgi screamed as the brach was wung hard ten time on each cheek when it was done his ass was so red as his loincloth and he was reduced to a quivering child crying silently. Amar cut the vine and Mowgli fall his wrsits still tied oculd only groan in pain as he fell on his aching butt he was picekd on and then he carried him Mowgli cried all the way back to the clearing. Meanwhiole Amar was smiling like no tomorrow he adored this part of his job he get to test his traps and have fun with his merchandise. He sniffed the coll night air and exhaled "I love my job"


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