Happiness ~I~

Story by ZackSpencer on SoFurry

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This is a new story i've had in my head for a little while now. It's a little different from my normal stories, but i hope you enjoy it nonetheless. Feel free to let me know what you think, thanks!

~Zack <3

I looked to my left to see Ben, a hunk of a shark with a well-toned body and beautiful ocean blue eyes and smiled. His gaze was fixed on the television on the other side of the room as 'How I Met Your Mother' played, one of our favorite shows. He had texted me earlier that day saying; wanna come over to watch Netflix and chill? Parents aren't home ;) And I've been on the internet long enough to know what he really wanted, I mean, he might as well have just said 'wanna bang?' but the humor behind it was a lot more attractive.

We had been going out long enough that he didn't really have to ask, but he had a certain charm about him that made it feel like we were always on a first date. Not just any first date, I mean like a first date that you have when you go out with your best friend, where you two laugh at everything and aren't afraid of being a little crazy. Cheesy, right? I know. Two years I would laugh if you told me I'd be feeling like this, but what can I say? I think I love him.

Ben looked back over to me after a while and lifted a brow. "What's up, babe?" He asked, turning the television down a bit.

I shake my head and look back to the T.V., unable to stop a grin from growing on my muzzle.

"Tell me."

The smile grew wider, and I felt Ben scoot closer to me until he was leaning on my shoulder and hugging my waist. "Pleaaassseee???" he sang. "I'll be your best friend?"

I laughed. "You already are my best friend, ya doofus!" I pushed his at his head, but he just hugged me tighter.

"I'll be a gooder best friend, a bester best friend!" He looked up to me with his big beautiful eyes and gave a corny grin, showing off his gagged sharp teeth.

Normally, I hate it when couples act like this, but when you're one of the people doing, it gives you a different feeling. Ugh, I feel like a twelve year old girl. "I was just thinking about you." I say finally.

He looked at me a little confused. "Naked?"

"No, just you."

"Having sex?"

I laughed. "Nope."

He got up off from me and looked back to the television. "Well that's boring." He crossed his arms and leaned back on his side of the couch.

I shook my head. "If you want to just go straight to sex-"

"Alright already!" he said, cutting me off and pulling his shirt off hastily before he made a grab for mine. "If it will make you stop begging..."

I scoffed. "Whatever! You're the one that invited me over for 'netflix n chill' and didn't even go for the 'chill' part!" I helped him with pulling my shirt off before I started to unfasten his shorts. "...Make you stop begging..' my ass." I mumbled, loud enough for him to hear and chuckle in response.

I had tugged his shorts and boxers down, reveling nothingness in between his legs except for a single slit on a smooth surface. I leaned forward and have the slit and nice, long, slow lick, making Ben shudder and slap his thick tail against the wooden floor beneath him.

My tongue was almost immediately greeted with a salty lump that emerged from the slit. I gave it a few more licks, feeling his erection start to emerge along with its twin, each coming out at their own pace (usually, the right one come out before the left). It's a cute little quirk that I loved about the shark.

I looked up his body to see him smiling at me. I took one of his cocks into my mouth as I pumped the other in my fist. I could fit both of them into my mouth, but it starts to hurt after a while, and besides, he says he likes the feeling of a blowjob and hand job simultaneously. Sometimes I wonder what it'd be like if I had two cocks, but honestly, just keeping my one satisfied was enough of a chore as it was.

I wrapped my tongue around the member in my mouth, feeling the blood pulse through as it grew in length and girth. Every now and then, as I masturbated his other cock, I'd flick one of the fins that was placed on both sides of his genital slit, making him flinch a little. "Ah! Fuck, Keith," he gasped. "D-don't do that!"

He pushed my head back off from his cock and took my pants off so that my erection sprung out when my underwear was roved. Ben crawled on top of me, sitting on my lap, my member sandwiched in between his two as he kissed me and rubbed our hips together. His thicker tongue brushed and poked my thinner, flat tongue, his hands moving down to start masturbating our cocks together.

I placed my hands to his rear, playing with his thick tail and exploring his butt. I began to pant when the kiss ended, my tongue lolling out of the side of my mouth as electrical waves of pleasure emanated from Ben's hand and cocks. I could feel the hot, steamy breaths from the shark above me on the bridge of my muzzle. I tilted my head up a bit until my nose touched his neck and licked him.

When he moaned, the vibrations in his neck made my nose tackle, catching me off guard and making me sneeze. Ben stopped masturbating us and looked down at me. "Wayta ruin the mood..." he groaned.

I rolled my eyes and scoffed, pushing the shark off from me onto the couch and crawling on top of him. He laughed and pulled me up closer, sliding my dick back between his. This time, instead of masturbating us, I started to thrust my hips into his, getting an approving moan.

Ben pressed his head back into the couch as I bumped out hips together. He wrapped his legs around my waist and curled his tail up so that my rear would rub across its length every time I thrusted, adding a little extra sensation that almost made me climax.

"Not know how much l-long I'm gonna-ah- last!" he moaned. He reached up and groped my chest.

"Me n-neither if you keep that u-oh-up..." I said through my teeth. I could feel my knot getting larger, making his cocks spread further apart and back together when I pushed it through them.

That was it, I couldn't take it anymore. I reached down and grabbed our three cocks as best I could with one hand and began ejaculating all over him. I pushed my knot in and out of my hand, feeling Ben's dicks start to pulse as they began spewing his seed all over himself too. I watched as his eyes were shut tight, turning his head and clenching his teeth as he orgasmed.

Despite popular beliefs, having two dicks doesn't mean that you cum more, it's just slit between the two, do he wasn't absolutely drenching in cum when we were finished, but enough that he'd definably need a shower.


I looked in the mirror of Ben's bathroom as he took a shower. I guess I never actually introduced myself have I? Kinda weird how I bring that up after my boyfriend and I had just banged each other. It's kinda like, 'Hi, wanna fuck?' then when you're done it's like 'by the way, my name's Keith!'

Anyways, yes, my name is Keith Montresor. I'm a light blue and white furred husky with a left blue eye and a brown right eye. My left ear, also, was bent (and there's three red beads along with two eagle feathers that hung from behind my left ear), whereas my right ear stood up straight like normal husky ears do. I know, I know, I'm kinda weird, but I like to see the positive in that; it's like my eyes and ears represent the me on the outside, as well as on the inside. It's like it's practically telling people that one eye looks at chicks, while the other looks at dudes. Yeah, I'm bisexual too.

Sometimes, I think that if I were split down the middle, one side of me would have blue eyes, floppy ears and be straight while the other would have brown eyes, standing ears and be totally gay. Who knows, maybe I'm the mixture of two people? What if I was supposed to be born twins, but God's like 'nah, there's too many people on the earth anyways.'

Now... what was I saying? Oh right, we were talking about me. My build isn't scrawny or thin like I'm sure you were expecting. Ben and I actually have around the same build, he was about an inch taller than me, but that's about it, not counting the fin on his head.

Ben and I have been going out for about two years now, since I was sixteen. I'll admit, sixteen is a bit too young to start dating, but we technically OFFICIAL back then, we just hung out a lot, and kissed... a loooooooot of kissing. We didn't actually start having sex up until I had just about turned seventeen, which is kind of amazing now that I think about it; two horny adolescents together distantly that kissed constantly but didn't have sex at first. It's a bit strange, I know, but honestly, it made the sex that much better when we actually did it.

I bet you're wondering whose top and bottom, artcha? We take turns. Sometimes he bones me, other times I bone him. I'm fine with either one, though most of the time I feel like topping. I say that because when Ben tops, he sometimes wants to put both of his dicks in me, and that HURTS! I'm not a fox okay? I can't take that much dick, not without a lot of prep. I don't know how those foxes do it...

The water running from the shower stopped and Ben pulled the shower curtains to one side of the tub. His skin now glossy with water shimmered from the light, but then again that could just be me being twitterpated. Looking at him kind of looked like he was permanently censored because he didn't have external genitalia, but when he was aroused, it was double the fun. "Hey Ben," I asked as I squirt some toothpaste onto my finger. "What's it like having two dicks?"

He shrugged and hugged me from behind, my damp fur sticking to his wet skin. "What's it like having balls?"

I chuckled and reached back with the hand that didn't have toothpaste on it to tickle under the stub of his groin with my claws. He flinched and stepped back. "Keep that up and I might have to bone you this time around."

"Is that a promise or a threat?" I stuck the toothpaste on my teeth and did my best to get everywhere that I could with just my finger, trying to get the smell of dick off from my breath.

"It's a warning, my parents should be back any time now, and the last thing I need is another lecture about using condoms..." He sighed and grabbed a towel.

"You do understand that I CAN'T get pregnant, right?" I joked, turning to watch him dry himself, focusing primarily on his exposed, tight ass.

He chuckled. "Not pregnant, STDs."

"Do you have STDs?"

"No." he moved on to drying his crotch, which also caught my attention.

"Do I have STDs?"

"You better not."

"Then I think we should be fine," I spit out the toothpaste and rinsed my mouth out from the faucet. "Besides, it's not like we constantly have sex."

"Hey, you know that and I know that. Try telling my parents." He hung the towel up and pulled his boxers up around his waist. "Just because we're having sex, doesn't mean that they should know about when or where."

"Your parents don't want to know when you're having sex? Lucky you."

He stopped dressing to look at me and say; "Do YOU want to know when YOUR parents are having sex?"


Ben finished dressing, kissed my cheek and left the bathroom. Come to think of it, I don't know if Ben's parents knows that Ben and I are together. Sure, they see me all of the time and they know I hang out with Ben a lot, but Ben and I aren't always that obvious. We don't kiss all of the time, or hold hands or snuggle or call each other weird nick names all of the time either, we kind of just chill comfortably around each other.

I don't get those couples that feel like they always have to hang off from each other or always be sucking on each other's faces. Yes, I love Ben very much, but if he was constantly cuddling me or kissing me, I probably would have kicked his ass and dumped him a long time ago. He might be my boyfriend, but personal space does still exist, and he feels the same way. If I were to be too clingy with him, he probably would have bit me or some shit.

I laughed at that thought. Okay, he would actually BITE me, but he'd get pissed. Believe it or not, it's not that hard to imagine Ben getting angry. We're not perfect okay? He gets mad over some things were I get mad over others. I can't say that he stays mad very long though; one time I accidently ripped one of his favorite shirts and he stayed mad for maybe about an hour or so before he forgave me... Though, I did have to go buy him another identical shirt and ice cream and flowers, but still.

What? You think that just because we're happy with each other, we don't fight? Well, if that's what you're expecting from any relationship, you'll never be happy! The only reason Ben and I make such a good pair is because we've worked for it. The fights we had weren't threatening to our relationships, they were building it up.

I remember this one time, he got mad at me because this hot chick at school was constantly flirting with me and I wasn't saying anything to her about how I was already in a relationship. I understood where he was coming from, but I just enjoyed the attention. I told him that it was just harmless fliting, but I told the chick anyways just to put his mind at ease. Well, about a week later, I caught him checking out some girl's ass while we were out one day and I got a little angry.

I won't bore you with the details, but it was about a week before we finally stopped fighting and got over the whole ordeal. Now, we check out chicks' ass together and compare which ones are better, who we play a game where we guess how big guys cocks are on television.

When I was finished in the bathroom and getting dressed, I walked across the hall and into Ben's bedroom, where I saw the shark sitting in a computer chair with a controller in his hand and eyes fixed on the television. "Bout time you got your ass in here, I was just about to start without you." He said, tossing me a controller.

I walked in and plopped myself down on the edge of his bed and faced the television. The character selection for the game Mortal Kombat was up and Ben had already chosen his favorite character; Scorpion. I thought that it was a bit generic that his favorite was Scorpion, and I let him know of several occasions, but I guess everyone have their preferences.

My favorite, on the other hand, was Ermac. In my opinion, he was fast and could deal damage from a distance, perfect for me. Ben hates it though because I have a tendency to spam the teleport ability. He tried to use scorpion's teleport ability too, but I always teleport right behind him as soon as he does it and locks him into a combo, which pisses him off to the point where we have to change games before he breaks up with me.

Sounds a little extreme right? Well, it's not the fact that I beat him that pisses him off, it's the fact that I don't even play Mortal Kombat. I've only been playing it since he got it, which wasn't that long ago. He had been playing the Mortal Kobat games since Mortal Kombat 4 in order to get as good as he is now, where I just pick up the controller and own his ass as soon as I land on Ermac. Honestly, I'd be pissed too if I were in his shoes.

In all fairness though, I'm not really good with any other character. Kenshi is really the only one that I'm okay with other than Ermac, and that's only because I like to use that little demon thing to attack from a distance. I spam that too.

I know I sound like a noob, but I really do play video games regularly, just not Mortal Kombat. Dead or Alive, Call of Duty, Super Smash Bros., those games I can hold my own without spamming, but not Mortal Kombat. What can I say? I don't own the game, so how am I supposed to get better at a game I don't have?

I wish I could say our day was more exciting than that, but it really wasn't. we played games; pissing each other off in Mortal Kombat before I got bored and decided to watch him play and rage-quite Bloodborne. Ben's parents had come home sometime while we were playing videogames and came in to say hi to me and start making dinner.

After that, we had dinner, I talked to Ben's parents for a bit while he watched television in the other room and then he drove me home, kissed me goodnight and then left. Nothing super romantic, but honestly, I loved every minute of it. I don't need to go on big fancy dates to be satisfied, all I need is Ben.


It was about over a week later before we hung out again, this time, at the mall. Yeah yeah, I know what you're thinking; typical hang out place. Well, we weren't here to hang out, much less just to buy us some cloths. We weren't shopping like a bunch of girls would when they have the opportunity, we were only here to buy some pants then leave. I didn't even really like the mall, and I don't think Ben does either, but we had a common goal and wanted to get out of the house.

We were walking down the white tiled on our way to Old Navy when we heard some laughing and snickering. We looked over to see Alex Crow and his friends staring and pointing at us as they walked in the opposite direction as us. Alex was a large, muscular black wolf with blood red eyes and feathers on the top of his head, elbows, and underbelly of his tail. He had been a personal enemy of mine for some time now, dating back to elementary school.

He used to always pick on me for whatever he felt in the mood for, whether it be my cloths, my looks or my sexual preferences. Sometimes he still picks fights with me or Ben, but had chilled out lately and left his attitude to a dull roar. His friends on the other hand were less than accommodating. Still, I never let them get the better of me, not anymore anyways.

When we were done shopping for jeans, he stopped to go to the restroom. I was waiting outside when I got a text from him saying; 'GET IN HERE!!!'

I walked in to the restroom, finding that Ben was the only one in a stall with no one else around. "Run out of toilet paper?" I ask, teasingly.

His head popped up from one of the stalls. "Dude, get over here!" he said, pointing to the stall next to him.

I shook my head and walked into the stall he was pointing to. "Okay, now what?"

"Check this out," he said, poking a slab of duct tape off from the wall and sticking his figures through a hole in the wall to get my attention. "Gimme a blowjob!" he said, looking through the hole.

"Uh... What?"

"Oh, c'mon man! I've always wanted to try one of these things!"

"Fine... pay me ten bucks." I demanded.

"You want me to pay for a blowjob?" he asked, his eyes narrowing a bit. "Doesn't that make you a whore?"

I shrugged. "Hey, a whore would charge more than ten bucks, besides, money is money."

He sighed, and a few seconds later, a rolled up ten dollar bill poked through the hole. I snatched it from his fingers and stuffed it in my pocket. "There, now suck me!"

"Alright, alright," I say, kneeling down in front of the whole and watch through it to see Ben fumbling with his shorts to get them off. He pushed one of his cocks through the whole.

"Damn it, the other one won't fit through." He said.

I reached up and gripped his cock, giving it a squeeze that made him jump a little before I leaned in and gave it a lick. I heard him start to moan on the other side. I kissed and sucked on the tip while my fist pumped it's length, getting him worked up before I moved on.

"Ah, you're good," he started. "But could you hurry up? My boyfriend's waiting for me outside." He joked.

Gently, but hard enough to get my point across, I brought my teeth down on his member and I head his knee hit the stall wall. "Okay, okay, I'm sorry!" he said, sighing when I let go and let the whole thing slide into my mouth.

I'll admit, it felt kind of good to suck a dick from the wall, letting me focus on one thing and one thing alone. I kind of missed flicking Ben's mini fins that poked out on both sides of his slit, but this was still a fun experience.

I let his thick cock test on my tongue for a moment, tasting a feeling his pre-cum slide down the back of my throat. I began to bob my head back and forth, letting the smooth surface of his dick slide across my tongue and the tip hit the roof of my mouth. He was shuddering, I could tell, and moaning, but not loud enough to cause a ruckus. He must have been really excited about this glory hole, because if he keeps this up, he'll cum in no time. Then again, this was a public restroom and neither one of us knew how much longer we'd have to ourselves, so I kind of wanted him to finish quickly.

I felt him start to draw his hips back and push his dick into my muzzle. The thought of him humping the wall made me smile a bit, and I wished I could see it, but then again, from my perspective, I was giving the wall a blowjob, so it wasn't that much better. "Aw fuck, I'm gonna cum."

I felt his body start to tense up, so I drew my head back and started to pump his dick with my one hand while the other got a few sheets of toilet paper. I ripped them free and placed it over Ben's cock right before he started to cum into it. I looked down and saw that cum from his other dick was running down the wall and dripping into a puddle in front of me.

When he was done, he laughed and said "That was awesome, babe. Thanks."

I whipped my muzzle and opened the stall door. "Sure, but when we get back home, you owe me; I didn't get to jizz."

"Deal. But, uh, can I have my ten bucks back now?"

I laughed. "Fuck no!"

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