Machoke used Reversal!

Story by Ceeb on SoFurry

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#11 of Pokemon

An overdue Pokemon quickie for the patient and cool FA: calvinwolf featuring his musclegut human Ferore and a sweaty Machoke dude.

I don't have a whole lot to say about this... It's pretty hot, though. Powerbottoming is <3

I am incredibly sorry for the title except I'm actually not.

Thumbnail background is from Pokemon Black/White, dumped by Clowcardruler for The Spriters Resource.

Writing (C) me

Ferore (C) FA: calvinwolf

Machoke and Pokemon (C) Nintendo

Four times a day, every day, Macallister pushed his ripped body as hard as he could. Every routine was a variation on the last and the result was a stunning body cut like a diamond and nearly as hard as one. Oftentimes he exercised with his trainer and when the time was right, they sparred and wrestled to keep each other in practice. Being a recently-evolved Machoke endowed Macallister with an irresistible urge for exercise and physical confrontation. These traits meshed well with those of his trainer.

Today, Macallister's trainer, Ferore, wasn't up for exercising. He wasn't up for much of anything, mostly because he was drunk. A number of drained cans of cheap sake sat on the table before him. Ferore watched his Machoke's exercise with a rosy-cheeks and an impish smile. Ever since Macallister had evolved into a studly and stout Machoke, Ferore had been suppressing his urges. The sake loosened his inhibitions just enough that Ferore pushed away from the table and stood up from his chair and into a quick head rush

A head taller than his Machoke and a whole body heavier, Ferore was a large but cuddly figure. He was a human just like any other Pokemon trainer. His skin had a subtle bronze hue and his body hair was coarse and macho all around. On these hot days, Ferore sported as little clothing as he could. Today he wore only shorts, which poorly hid the bulge of his erection, and a tight-fitting tank top which put his gut in full view. As could be inferred from his muscular limbs, Ferore had solid musculature under his fat. Though he wasn't a purely chiseled stud like Macallister, he could hold his own with his Pokemon.

It was less Macallister's hard body and more the glaze of sweat and the stink of musk which put the lust in Ferore. Seeing his Machoke stretch, strike at the air and bend his legs with the flexibility of a yogi added to the appeal but the bottom line was Macallister's masculine smell. Ferore risked an elbow to the face when he slipped around in front of his Pokemon and cut off his routine with a slurp up along a quivering pectoral. His coarse, closely-cropped beard tickled Macallister's chest. The sensation and the shock of his trainer's lewd attention planted a disbelieving, wide-eyed smirk on the Pokemon's face.

Since Macallister made no attempt to pull away, Ferore advanced on his Pokemon even further. He knelt to lessen the difference in their heights and from there, he outright worshiped his impeccably-defined Pokemon. Every crevasse of muscle and especially the Machoke's nipples fell under Ferore's slavering tongue. Wherever Ferore could find sweat, he lapped it up. His fat cock filled out his shorts and rendered their groin soggy with precum.

Machokes and their evolutionary relatives were often insatiable glory hounds. Macallister gobbled up his trainer's attention and laid the condescension on thick. He stroked through Ferore's swarthy hair and showed his teeth in a grin befitting only the most smug of creatures.

"Uhn, wish I'd done this before," Ferore sighed between his laps. He grabbed his Pokemon's hips and held them tightly while he tilted back his head and pushed his rugged face into the Machoke's armpit. There, the funk of musk and sweat was at its richest and Ferore snuffled like a bloodhound on the trail. By the time he pulled back from the musky depths, his face glistened with the Machoke's sweat.

After so much worship driven by such evident lust, Macallister was hard. He pulled away from his trainer just enough to direct the human's attention to his swollen penis hidden below his snug, black speedo which all Machokes unfailingly wore.

Blushing brighter from more than just his inebriation, Ferore grappled with the edges of Macallister's speedo. The Machoke headed him off by first slipping off his power belt and then personally removing the speedo. What he bared was a formerly-unseen treat to Ferore's eyes, for though Macallister was a hair below five feet in height, his cock was a dense slab. At a glance, Ferore guess it to be seven or eight inches. It was actually nine. Its blue, veiny, and uncut flesh throbbed and dribbled pre onto the floor.

"Who knew you were this hung?" Ferore blurted. "Now I really wish I'd done this before."

Ferore closed his lips around Macallister's cock and gave it a quick, wet suck. A perfectly lewd expression spread across Macallister's snout and he threaded his fingers through Ferore's thick, soft hair. The human started out suckling and bobbing all along the Machoke's uncircumcised penis and his reward was a regular drool of pre. It covered his tongue and played tricks with the lingering taste of the rice liquor.

A Machoke like Macallister was by all rights an immodest and domineering male. In the heat of a battle, Ferore's command was law - but here, things were different. He eased his trainer back without incident. Ferore sat back and stared up at his Pokemon with his hungry, intoxicated gaze. "What're you gonna do with me?" he asked, grinning and fondling his clothed cock.

Macallister was flying blind but Ferore couldn't tell. The Pokemon snapped his fingers and pointed at his trainer's shorts. Ferore shed them without a word and waited then on his knees with his chubby cock drizzling on the floor. His gaze was expectant. Macallister repeated the gesture with his trainer's top, and the human quickly peeled it off and set it aside.

The perfect idea came to Macallister as he stroked his trainer's head. Smiling wide, he bent and picked up his sweaty speedo only to offer it to his trainer. Ferore smiled like a rascal and licked his lips. Thinking along the same lines as Macallister, Ferore understood what his Pokemon was getting at and he slipped into the garment. The stretchy material fit so tightly around his beary hips and ass that he didn't even try to fit his package under it. Once more, he knelt before his Machoke, this time with the waistband of the speedo tucked below his balls.

Almost immediately, Ferore went back to work on his Pokemon with submissive fervor. He bobbed and sucked sloppily and fondled the Pokemon's well-defined ass cheeks all the while. He couldn't resist their shape and he revered them with his touch, often groping and tugging them apart. Between them, sweaty and winking, was Macallister's virgin asshole. Ferore played across it with his fingertips but his cocksucking was the main event. Macallister, however, was getting some lewd ideas from his trainer's anal teasing. Without even a second thought, the Machoke clutched his trainer's head and pushed him back. Ferore fell on his behind and then on his back gently enough, and he stared up at his Pokemon with a frisky grin.

Macallister grinned right back with a blush on top. Moving tentatively, he stepped over his trainer's hips and lowered himself down in a crouch. He peered downward and found he couldn't see what he was doing. Playing it by touch was better. With a grip on Ferore's drooling penis, Macallister inched downward until the human's tip ground into his taint. He licked his lips and shifted until it hit the bullseye. When Ferore was right against his backdoor, Macallister pushed down and penetrated himself with a grunt.

Ferore matched the noise and took hold of his Pokemon's hips. Those velvet anal walls put a huge smile on his red-cheeked face. Macallister met his eyes with a look of satisfaction on his smirking face. The muscular Pokemon leaned in close to his trainer and their noses bumped. Ferore chuckled and dared to kiss the Machoke on the snout. For his troubles, Macallister ground his ass down until it pressed flush to Ferore's hips. The Machoke sat arrogantly on his master's cock, yet for all the troubles he had gone to, Macallister was more in charge than his handsome trainer. With his speedo on Ferore and the power shifted in his favor, the Pokemon grabbed his trainer's tank top nearby and he slipped it on. It fit rather loosely on the Machoke and soaked up his sweat like a rag.

Despite a lack of practice with his newly-deflowered ass, Macallister started to ride proudly. He splayed his hands across Ferore's chest where he caressed the human's pectorals and flicked his stiff nipples. In reply to the touch and the sheer pleasure, Ferore shuddered and moaned the virtues of Macallister's body. The praise drove Macallister to thrust his hard ass down faster and rougher still.

In the same manner with which the Machoke stroked his muscles and gut, Ferore worshiped his Pokemon's swollen penis. He tugged and stroked its spit-lubed length, coaxing out thick wads of pre. Both Pokemon and trainer fed off of each other for pleasure. The human couldn't keep himself from grinding up and Macallister was left panting and grunting at his stout trainer's affections.

The human closed his eyes and trembled with climbing pleasure. His toes curled often and his balls, once low-hanging and loose, had become taut up against his loins. Macallister's scrotum had similarly tucked up for a nearing release. His toes were too busy keeping balance to curl. The Machoke conveyed his bliss in other ways by fondling his trainer ever harder and clenching, often involuntarily, on his full penis.

"Uhh, yeah," Ferore drunkenly blurted through the haze. His body went taut and his jerks on Macallister's penis became faster and stronger than ever. The human grimaced and huffed when his orgasm hit him. He blasted his mess so deep and hard into Macallister that the Machoke halted and gasped.

As Ferore sounded off with his moans and huffs, Macallister savored the moment. His own release was mere moments away and he wasn't content to get there passively. Gripping Ferore's shoulders for support, Macallister went to work like nothing Ferore had ever seen. He smashed his taut ass down into his trainer's hips again and again. Nothing could stop him. Ferore's penis was almost painfully tender post-orgasm and the ride left him curling his toes for reasons besides pleasure. He winced and held onto Macallister's forearms with a tight grip. There was no hope of jerking the Machoke off as fast as he was riding.

Braying in pleasure and heaving for all the air he could get, Macallister rode his trainer like a champ. It became clear then that Macallister was the master and Ferore the pet - all in all not a bad arrangement, though Ferore was eager for the Pokemon's release just so his overly-sensitive penis could rest.

That long-awaited moment finally arrived. Macallister slammed his ass down against Ferore's hips one last time and he erupted hands-free across his trainer's gut. A pent-up moan escaped the Machoke, drawn out nearly as long as his orgasm. Ferore had never before seen his Pokemon get off, and he'd never even had him bred. The idea that he'd just popped his Machoke's cherry was worth an immodest smirk.

Macallister draped himself over his trainer and stained the tank top with the cum he'd just spread across Ferore's belly. Ferore was relieved and drunk enough to know he'd be asleep before too much longer. Macallister thought with a dirty smile about the new exercises he'd just picked up as he joined his trainer in rest.

At some point in their evening nap, Macallister and Ferore separated. Ferore awoke alone to see that the sun had gone down. He sat up with a moderate hangover throbbing in his skull and he slipped out of his Pokemon's speedo with an ashamed smile. With a clearer head, Ferore couldn't believe the things he'd done to his Pokemon. The submission he'd given into was so unlike anything he'd ever expected with his own Pokemon - but the memory would be a fond one.

Close by, Ferore found his tank top, shed by Macallister. He sniffed the garment and found it to be rank with Macallister's sweat and musk. With his submission renewed by smell of his dominant Pokemon, Ferore slipped his tank top back on and sighed as the masculine stink of Macallister's body enveloped him. It was then that Ferore heard a chuckle close by. He swiveled on his chubby rear and saw his Machoke sitting at the table, wearing his shorts and sipping a can of cheap sake.

"Picking up my habits, huh?" Ferore asked, chuckling bashfully.

Macallister grinned and set down his nearly-empty can. When he stood up, Ferore could tell from his gait that he was buzzed but very much in control of himself. Perhaps most importantly, his cock tented the borrowed shorts. He descended on his bottomless trainer with a lurid growl, and the human thought with a grin, I just created a monster.

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