When World's Collide: Chapter 4

Story by Cee-Jayy on SoFurry

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#4 of When World's Collide

Chris is captured by the dragons, and is about to find out why the Red Dragon General is feared. Can Drake find him in time?

Chapter 4

Chris awoke with an unease that lingered in him. With the useless hope of desperation he told himself that when he opened his eyes, he would be staring at the ceiling in his room, ready for another uneventful day. He opened his eyes, and was met by nothing but bitter disappointment. He wasn't ready for this, physically or mentally. Captured by the dragons, hunted by humans. This wasn't his life; he couldn't cope with this. What was he thinking? He knew it would be nothing but bad news when he started talking to Drake, and even though Chris denied it initially, he developed feelings for Drake the day he met him but continued to meet him anyways. What did he think was going to happen? He'd be the face of the new inter-species equality movement? Stupid. Utterly naïve and stupid. Amidst all his self-loathing, he couldn't bring himself to blame Drake. He still worried about him and as much as he hated the situation he got himself into, he knew he wouldn't turn away from Drake. It was too late for that; they were both caught in each others gravity, too close to pull away now. The only remaining question was how long did they have before they spiralled into each other in a glorious eruption of passion and death.

He pulled himself upright, his entire body screamed at him to be at ease. Realising he was completely naked, he looked around for something to wear but found nothing. The surface of the table he lay on consisted of some type of gel, and it reacted to his touch, glowing a dim blue wherever he placed a finger. It looked like he was in what he guessed would be some sort of hospital room. There was a holographic screen behind him with what looked like an MRI of his entire skeletal system; two lower ribs on his left side glowed orange. He placed a hand on them, and felt a numbing pain. From the scan, it looked like a fractured rib but what he felt was more of a phantom pain. He looked around and was met by his tired reflection. The wall in front of him was a giant mirror. He got up and approached it slowly, the entire floor illuminated with a soft white light underneath the panels. It was cold under his bare feet. He looked at his face where the man had cut him. There was a slight reddening of the skin, but nothing more than that. What he could learn from spending just one day in their medical ward, or wherever they kept him. He speculated the gel must have some sort of healing properties, and might even double up as an imaging device. Nano-technology maybe? Bio-tech? He had to remind himself this wasn't a field trip. It began to dawn on Chris that this mirror might be a one-way mirror. He felt, no, he knew there was someone on the other side watching him.

Observing Chris from the other side, Sareth watched him closely. This_is whom her brother chose? He didn't look like much, not very built, a little endowed for a human, and a cute butt she admitted but nothing special. The General ordered her to watch him, but there was to be no contact. She knew the Generals sadistic ways. What he did to those he 'questioned'. But she served him loyally none the less, and quietly. Her father would not approve of her relationship with the General, and they weren't on the best of terms as it is. But he gave something to her that the others couldn't. Purpose. Direction. He made her feel _needed. It was self-destructive, she knew. It didn't bother her regardless; she would do her duty and serve her General, in whatever way he needed her. Her father wanted her to pursue her talent for being a healer, which she enjoyed. She thought it ironic, because she always thought of herself as a masochist. The only other dragon she really cared about was her brother. He had such potential as a soldier, but for some unknown reason thought he would be better off as a Solitary. The Solitary were those dragons that dedicated themselves to knowledge. It was a type of precursor to becoming a Seeker, who were the true holders of knowledge in the Dragon World. They often counselled the Senate on most matters. The Solitary would spend the majority if not all of their time alone, as observers of the world. It was unknown what the requirements were of a Solitary to become a Seeker outside of the group itself. Such a waste of talent, Sareth thought.

Chris had to do something. He wasn't going to physically bust out of the room, but he knew that someone on the other side was listening. It worked on Drake, and it better work on who ever is on the other side. "I know you're there. Watching. There's no need to hide, I'm not getting out of here anytime soon", he tried to keep cool, and refrained himself from folding his arms or positioning his body away from the mirror. He wanted to show them that he did not feel intimidated by his stark nakedness. He walked to the table and lay down, putting his hands behind his head and closing his eyes. God he hoped this worked, it was a stab in the dark and he didn't know what kind of dragon he was dealing with. "You want to know about the hunters, don't you?" he risked. That caught Sareth's attention. This was a heavy gamble, he just admitted to having information on a group of dragon hunters, which he knew they had to be aware of. Involving himself with them opened him up for a lot of hurt. Chris hoped this payed off. "And my relationship with Drake". Drake? Is that what he called him? Fine, Sareth thought, I'll bite.

One of the doors to the room hissed open, and he heard footsteps. He didn't open his eyes. Silence. "Say what you came to say. You didn't come here to observe me, you could have done that on the other side of the mirror." Cocky, she thought. "What have these meetings with, Drake, consisted of?" she could have injected him with a truth serum, but this was less messy and she didn't want to let the General know she was talking to him. But she needed to know for herself. "It started out as intrigued conversation. He was interested in humans, and I was interested in him. It was an exchange. He never gave me any real information about dragons, nothing I'm sure humans don't already know. It evolved beyond that. Within a few days it was more for each others company". "Liar" she hissed, "there is more to it than that. You expect me to believe Drake spent time with you, jeopardising himself as a Solitary because you have a great personality? There must be something else. What was going on" Chris chuckled. "It wasn't just my personality, it was my extremely good looks too", she was never quick to anger, but the thought of such disrespect from a _human_drove her to be impulsive. She lunged forward and grabbed his throat threateningly, without applying any real pressure. "Do it" Chris said, finally looking up at the white dragon, "And you'll have to answer to the son of the High-Councillor", "And I wonder what the High-Councillor, my father, will think of Drakes new play-thing". Chris grinned, "There's no need for this, Sareth" she blinked, stunned. Why would her brother tell this annoying creature about her? The door opened behind her.

"Sareth. Leave us, now", commanded Alvanax. She let go of Chris, who stared at her, not in anger, but more curiosity. Like looking at an old friend that you haven't seen in years. She began to apologise "General, I'm so-" he shot her a look that would make the bravest of men quiver, a look of murderous rage. She looked away immediately, cowering from his stare. She walked out without a sound. Chris didn't want to imagine what would have happened if he was not here. Alvanax walked over to Chris, his entire demeanour changing completely "Sorry about that, she can be a bit emotional sometimes. You'll have to forgive her rashness. I'm General Alvanax." Chris didn't fall for it at all; he saw what this dragon could do first hand. "Where is Drake, is he ok?" "My dear Chris, you should be more worried about yourself". He walked up to Chris' holographic skeleton, and traced a claw down the side of his skull and down his neck. Chris looked up at the general, his gigantic bicep flexing above his head as he traced the screen. The general looked down at him and smiled, moving his eyes over his naked frame, peering at Chris' genitals and then back up to his eyes. "I'll tell you what, why don't I get you something to wear, you can freshen yourself up and we'll talk more then. This room isn't ideal for introductions; I'll have someone escort you to my quarters. I have the perfect idea. See you for dinner, Chris" he grinned, and Chris shuddered.

Drake ran as fast as he could and when his wing healed a few hours later, and was able to fly, he headed straight for Dragon City. There was no time to hide the bodies of the hunters, he didn't want to think what was happening to Chris. He didn't even know if he was still alive. He should never have approached him. He wanted to be a Seeker but was as foolish and impulsive as a youngling. All this happened because of him, and there would be no forgiving himself if Chris was harmed. He had an idea of where he would be. If Alvanax lays a finger on him, he will tear his throat out with his teeth. After a short time, he was greeted by a team of four soldiers who flanked him on either side. The General was expecting him. He probably could have taken them, but without knowing the fate of Chris and if he was with Alvanax, Drake had to be careful. He complied and followed their lead as they led him on a different course. He could see lights on the horizon, and as they flew over a hill, Dragon City appeared in all its glory. The gargantuan carrier ship demanded your attention, the massive beast towering into the sky, and stretching long and far in each direction. From above it looked elongated, with a softly rounded hull that gently curved and receded down it's long length, slightly getting thinner as you reached the five cylindrical thrusters, which were positioned at the very back of the spacecraft. Sprinkled across the ship were particle projection cannons, plasma blasters, and a heavier dual plasma cannon situated front and centre on the ship, ready to tear through any unsuspecting enemy ships that got within range. It was a dull grey; the dragons didn't really care much for artistry, as long as it got the job done. The leviathan of a ship spanned almost 13 miles long, two miles wide and a mile high. It was a miracle it crashed in the desert, and the captain was able to land this calamity without the catastrophic destruction of both the dragons and humans. It was surrounded by a long perimeter of fences and security stations that were monitored by humans in conjunction with dragon authorities, as stated in the contract that was put in place a decade ago. He had almost forgotten the shear magnitude of this place. They were headed to the top of the ship; the tier reserved for the military division.

Chris looked at the tux in front of him, staring at it as it taunted him back. That's it. He was going naked. He would not play into the Generals sick little games. Why did he even have this? How many humans has this happened to? The door opened, and a soldier walked in and looked at him up and down. "Why aren't you dressed yet?" he demanded. "I'm not wearing that. Tell the general to stick it up his ass". The soldier smirked, "If you don't put that on, its not the Generals ass you need to be worrying about. You have 10 minutes before I sedate you and dress you. Sareth is on her way, you best be ready when she arrives", and with that he walked out as abruptly as he entered. Chris paced up and down the room, shooting looks of disgust between the tux and his reflection in the mirror. He was a hairline from breaking down into tears, but struggled to keep it together because he did not want them to see him as weak. At this point, a slight tap would have shattered his sanity. He calmed himself down, reminded himself that he was a scientist. Remove your emotions from the equation, and assess the situation at hand. It was a game of time, and he couldn't show all his cards yet. He had to play by the Generals rules. If he acted like he had it together, then he would believe he did. He had to play into the Generals twisted little mind games and bide his time as best he could. Then what? He could try and stall for time as long as he wanted but the General wasn't going to let him leave. He had to get word out, somehow. Even if he did, would the humans do anything? Sareth. That was his way out. If only she could somehow contact Drake. He knew she cared for her brother, he could see it in her eyes. And from the conversations Drake had about her, he knew Drake loved her too. He just had to talk to her.

Begrudgingly, he put the tux on. It fit him perfectly, as if it was tailored-made. If it was different circumstances, he might even like it. Sareth entered the room, looked at him in that ridiculous outfit, "Dashing," she murmured sarcastically, "move, now". He looked at her and began to walk towards the table, and sat down. "Please Sareth, we need to talk". Her eyes narrowed, she had no time for this. The General was not a patient dragon. "I said move, NOW" she hissed at him. "Look, this can go one of two ways. You hear me out for a few minutes, insult me, and then you take me to the general. Or, I will do everything to make this worse for you, I know you've already fucked up once, and I'm willing to bet the General won't be happy when you deliver me battered, bruised and in a torn tux. Because that's what it'll take to get me there". She glared at him, barely containing her urge to rip his throat out. "Make this easier on yourself Sareth, I don't want the general hurting you anymore than you do yourself. Drake would never forgive me if I could have stopped that". She didn't want to admit he was right, after her little mishap the General would expect Chris to be left untouched for him, lest she lose his trust. "You have exactly one minute. Go." Chris jumped off the table "You need to let me know if Drake is ok. We got separated when the hunters attacked, I don't know what happened to him after" he said with urgency. She looked at him for a moment, hesitating to answer. She could see it in his eyes and hear it in his voice; he was genuinely concerned. "He's fine". Chris let out a visible sigh of relief, resting back against the table and bowing his head slightly. "Thank you. Thank you, Sareth. I know the risk you take talking to me, and I'm sorry I had to force you into this. I'll come peacefully." As calculated as his words were, there was truth behind it. "That was it? No pleading? No asking to contact your family?" she was sceptical, and watched him closely. "No, that's all I needed to know". She saw he was being genuine. Pathetic, it only took a week for my brother to make this human completely and utterly his, she thought. "Lets go" she held him by his arm and dragged him out of the room. "I hope you're hungry, the General has prepared quite a feast".

Drake waited impatiently. He clenched his fists, looking for anyone to make a wrong move or say something to give him an excuse to hurt someone. He imagined Chris in all sorts of terrible tortures, and they made him stand in this waiting room as if he was in line for food. A grey dragoness walked out from behind frosted glass, dressed in a plain tight-fitting tunic that had a badge of the Senates seal. "Unfortunately the High-Counsellor has important matters to attend to, and can-" he moved so quick she didn't even see him take a single step. Drake was inches from her face, snarling as soldiers surrounded him and pointed their weapons at him "I don't CARE what meetings he has, his son needs to speak with him NOW or so help me I will tear this place apart and no amount of these fucking younglings who have never had to fire their weapons once will stop me, and you KNOW they cannot stop me!" Luckily for the dragoness, she emptied her bladder prior to this conversation. "I see you still have that temper about you, brother". Drake turned around to see Sareth, arms crossed and smiling at him.

"Sareth!" He exclaimed with a smile, he moved to her, pushing passed the soldiers like they weren't even there. "Finally, someone that can help. Do you know where Chris is?" she chuckled, "I haven't seen you in over 3 years and the first thing you ask about is a human? What do you care of your little plaything anyways? I don't know how, but you really have this one hooked. It's caused quite the drama over here." His demeanour changed, becoming more serious "Sareth, I'm not joking around here. He is not my plaything. It's complicated. I NEED to know if he is alright, please, just tell me if he is ok". She looked into his eyes, and she couldn't believe it. Sareth saw the same desperation in Chris' face. He had fallen for Chris as much as Chris fell for him! "What happened to you? Once one of the most feared and rising stars in the military and now look at you, a failed Solitary running after a human that you've known for one week, as if you were a pre-pubescent human yourself". He stood straight up, widened his shoulders and gave her a look that would have made lesser dragons flee in an attempt to show her he was still that warrior, and he was not any less deadly. "Sister or not, you do not want to stand in my way on this one. It's more than what you think. Chris... Sareth, I think Chris is it" she looked confused, "Wait, you can't mean... That's impossi-" "Yes, that's exactly what I mean. I don't know how, but it's happening. The merge has begun". She had to think for a while. This made things very different, and unimaginably more complicated. "Sareth, please. There's no time for this! Where is he?" Sareth has never needed to make a decision with such ramifications before. She was at a crossroads, and needed to make a choice. "Come with me".

Chris stepped into the hallway, and the last thing he could see was Sareth standing on the other side as the doors closed. The only light in this hallway was from the other side of that door which slowly died out, enveloped now by nothing but darkness. He could barely make out the faintest pulse of a dim, blinking light at the end of the dark hallway. Moving closer into the ever growing shadow, there appeared to be the most distant of sounds that became louder with each step he took, forming something more coherent than random noise. He took another step closer. Was that music? He was at the end of the hallway, and stared at the blinking light. Closing his eyes he exhaled, preparing himself for whatever may await him on the other side. Keep him talking. He fixed his bow tie. Use his ego against him. He ran a finger between his neck and shirt collar. A game of time. Play your cards right. With one last deep breath, he pressed the button. Into the hallway flooded a stream of golden light and classical music. Slightly dazed, Chris cautiously walked into the room. The long room looked like a scene from a royal dinner in the Victorian Era. Crystal chandeliers that hung over a long rectangular dinner table illuminated the room. The walls were covered in 17th century European art. The floor was lined in red carpet. Chairs that looked like hand carved mahogany surrounded the table, which could have easily seated 50 people. The plates were trimmed in gold, as were the glasses, but the cutlery were completely made from gold. At the far end of the table, wearing what looked similar to humans black formal military uniform, sat Alvanax. Hands folded in front of him, grin on his face.

Chris began to walk over slowly, and as he came closer the General stood up, and moved a chair out for him. Chris began to sit down, and Alvanax tucked in his chair. "Thank you". Alvanax grinned "I must say you are much more courteous, and properly dressed, than my last guest" Chris feared to know how that ended. "I didn't think you would go to such lengths, especially for a human like me". Alvanax chuckled "Oh but you're not just a regular human, Chris. I hope you like this room, I had it specially designed for our dinner, speaking of which, here's our food!" a disgruntled soldier rolled in a cart, with two dishes of covered food. "I hope you don't mind skipping to the main meal, I had a serving not too long ago" Chris thought there was something off about the way he said that. "What did you mean earlier, about me not being a regular human?" The dragon placed the food in front of Chris, and removed the silver lid. It was a filet mignon, garnished with carrots. It smelled delectable. "Well Chris, you have done something that no other human has done. This little friendship you have going with, Drake, was what you called him? Well, we've never seen such a relationship between humans and dragons. That makes me a little nervous, Chris". The dragon placed the other dish in front of the General, and when he opened it Chris got the smell of freshly cut meat. It was a large portion of what looked like some sort of animals skinned leg.

"I hope you don't mind, I prefer mine extremely rare". "You don't have anything to fear from me, surely... I'm just a boring Uni student. He never really told me anything." Alvanax leaned in close and inhaled his bleeding meat, grinning as he did so. "Chris. I just want you to tell the truth. Let's not ruin a nice dinner with lies. If he didn't tell you anything, how did you know he was the Son of the High Councilor? Yes, I was watching your conversation with Sareth". "Oh, yes he told me that, but it's not harmful information, and we were attacked by" he was cut off by a speck of blood that hit his face, as the general tore into his food. "Oh my, look what I've done". The general leaned over, and wiped the blood off Chris' face with his thumb, but merely smeared it more across his cheek. He rubbed his thumb over Chris' lips, and he could taste the blood. Alvanax pushed a finger into Chris' mouth, and pulled on his lower jaw, bringing him closer to the General. Chris shuddered at his touch, the feeling of the blood being rubbed across his face, the taste of blood on the Generals fingers, he couldn't help but shed silent tears. "Chris. That's unbecoming of you. You were doing so well. Unfortunately... I don't believe you".

In that moment, the doors parted and Drake ran through. Alvanax looked towards the interruption, and Chris stood up on his feet. As soon as he saw Drake, he immediately began to cry even more. He almost began to run towards him when the General took hold of Chris' arm and shoved him back down. "Don't you fucking touch him Alvanax!" Drake went to move, but Alvanax held up a finger "Ah ah ah, I don't think so. You're not interrupting our dinner, Drake. Actually, why don't you join us? It'll make for an interesting conversation". Drake had to subdue every urge and instinct that screamed to jump across the table and rip the Generals head off from his shoulders. He was fast, but so was Alvanax. He could easily kill Chris and Drake wouldn't even get close. "Come sit on the other side of me". Chris watched Drake move slowly, his eyes never moved from Alvanax and Chris' eyes never moved off him. Drake sat down, hands clenched, ready to move at the first opportunity. "Tell me, why did you let him name you? Why not tell us your real name?" Drake looked at Chris, who had tears down his cheeks. "Drake. That's my name" the General snickered and shook his head "Really? That's what you're sticking with?" Drake just looked at him with a dead expression "That's what I've chosen; who I've chosen". Alvanax had a slightly disgusted look on his face. "Tell me, after I've had my soldiers incarcerate you for treason, and when I fuck his little brains out till his body is broken, would you still want to have him?" Drake snapped the part of table he was holding, and snarled so viciously that Chris jumped. "Oh, now look what you've done to the table".

"Stand down General," said a voice from the other side of the room. Chris looked, and in a silver robe with a golden emblem on the right pocket, stood a black dragon with green eyes, just like Drake. He was much slimmer, and shorter, but he also looked more aged. It was the first dragon Chris saw that really looked old, in human terms. His scales were not as taught as the others, although his expression was a lot more hardened. "Father" Drake said, watching as other soldiers moved into the room. "High Councilor, how nice of you to grace us with your presence. I'm dealing with official military business so if you don't mind" Alvanax cautioned. They were talking in Dragon tongue now; Chris was not apart of this conversation. He did what he thought best and kept quiet. "Yes, military business. I can see that," said the High Councilor, looking around the room, "you are to release the human, and my son. I will handle this personally myself". Alvanax was starting to get annoyed. Sareth would pay dearly for this. "But surely the High Councilor has more pressing issues to attend to. Like the humans enquiring about twelve shredded bodies found not that long ago?" "I will determine what is more pressing, and let me remind you who put that title to your name and who can remove it just as easily, Alvanax". Growling in a low voice, Alvanax got up, and started to walk off, but before he did he turned to Chris, positioned so the others couldn't see his face "We must do this again sometime" and winked at him as he exited through the other door in the room.

As soon as he left, Chris jumped over the table and crashed into Drake who caught him and held him so tight he thought he might crush him. Chris couldn't help it; he crumbled and began to sob. Everything he tried to keep up just fell apart the moment his skin touched Drakes, and it felt so damn good. Drake buried his maw in Chris' shoulder, inhaled deeply, and leaned his head against Chris'. They stayed like that momentarily, completely forgetting they were not alone. A soldier came and ripped Chris away from Drake, it felt like such a violent act, even though it physically was not. Drake simply grabbed the soldier by the neck, raised him off the ground and growled. "Enough!" The High Councilor roared. "When I said I would deal with this, I meant it. I need to question the human. Too much has happened, and I'm not sure what you have told him. I don't know what's gotten into you. A human? What were you thinking? Do you understand how this makes me look? Everyone is calling you a traitor, they're screaming treason and they're screaming it loud. I'm taking the human to a holding cell". Drake let the soldier go, and turned to the Councillor "No, father, please. There's more to it. I've... I've begun to merge with him". The soldiers and Councilor looked in disbelief. "You know that's not possible" he shot a glance at the human, then back to his son "Has it been completed?" "N.. No, of course not. But you know as well as I that it doesn't matter, it's already begun" the Councillor stepped back, looking absent-mindedly at the floor. "Ok, but until I find out what the hell is going on, you and the human are not to leave this ship under any circumstances. Understood?" Drake nodded. Begrudgingly, the Councilor looked at the human "He may stay with you. If the merge has begun, there is nothing I can do now".

Chris looked around the room; it was plain, with one bed in the center, and nothing else around. "It's not much to look at," he said expecting something else, more spectacular. Drake picked him up, held him to his chest and fell to the bed, hugging him deep. He just needed that contact with him, to feel his body against his made him feel at ease. "There's much to talk about... I don't even know where to begin... I feel like I need to have one of your human freak outs" Chris smiled "You and me both" he kissed him on his nose. That was the first time Chris ever kissed him, he realised. So he went in for another, and then another. Until they had both locked lips, pressing up against each other as if it sustained them. He could feel his soft lips against Drakes, the heat radiating off him was immense. Slowly, Drakes tongue found his way into Chris' mouth, and Chris invited it with the soft licking of his own, exploring the texture of his much larger, stronger tongue. Drake pulled away, and Chris was left feeling empty, cold, as if the only heat he could feel was from his mouth. "No.." Chris said going in for more "Wait, there really is things we need to talk about... There's a lot I need to explain. Please, here me out" Chris sat up, still holding his hands though. He didn't know when he'd feel comfortable letting go again. "Ok, we can talk". Drake took a deep breath. "Ok, this is gonna be a long one..."

"Remember how I told you that when Dragons found a partner... They partner for life?" "Yeah, vaguely... Why?" Drake looked at him, and wondered how this was going to end. "We call it 'merging'. It's akin to how you feel love, but much deeper. The strongest bonds humans have is marriage, its like that but.. You can never leave it. Once you merge with someone, you merge for life. It's called a merge because you become one. You are no longer just responsible for yourself, but you're responsible for them, too, and vice versa. If you feel pain, I feel pain. Like, really feel pain. For those who have lost someone they have merged with is said to not only be emotionally and mentally devastating, but one of the most painful physical experiences a dragon can ever endure. Some don't. Some go crazy after. I've... I've felt myself merge with you..." He looked at Chris, never feeling so vulnerable in his entire life. Chris processed everything he just said. Was it bad to suggest the evolutionary no-no's of this merge in their species? How did it even come about? Focus Chris! He's baring his soul, almost literally! Science the shit out of it later! "Chris?" Chris looked up at Drake with the most confused face "Uhh.. I.. Don't know what to say. What do I even say to something like that? What does the merge mean for me? I mean I've never even said I love you to someone before. I can't explain what I feel for you, and even though its only been a week, I love you doesn't seem right, but not in a bad way... It doesn't seem right enough, if that makes sense? I can't tell you how incredible this is to me. How happy it makes me... And of course I would give my everything to you" he squeezed Drakes hand, hoping it was the answer he was looking for. "Thank you... This is a whole new experience. Not just merging for me, but for our species. A merge has always been two ways, but I don't know if you're bound to me like I am to you. You could still walk away if you want. It's incomprehensibly scary... Yet exhilarating at the same time, to give someone so much power, but to trust them with it" Chris smiled "Now you kind of understand how humans love".

"There's one more thing, Chris... For a dragons merge to be truly complete, they need to merge the flesh..." Chris looked at him and cocked his head "Do you mean... Sex?" Drake looked abashed. "What happens if we don't consummate this freaky inter-species marriage thing?" Drake cracked a smile "It's kind of like... It's hard to explain. It's like walking around with only half of you. Like you need crouches for a bad leg only you never get them" Chris stroked his hand "Does it physically pain you?" Drake looked away, Chris loved his shyness "After a while, it can... We can do it whenever you're ready. Or, not at all if you don't want..." Chris laughed, "You're going to be walking around like a suffering Ghost because I won't put out and you're worried about me being not ready?" Chris dove into him, kissing him again. "I'm ready. Of course I am. Just because I may not feel the effects of this merge does not mean it's going to go one way. That I promise you".

Drake grinned, kissing Chris again, this time he didn't hold back, pushing his tongue into Chris' as they both danced with each others, moaning and licking each others lips. They rolled over, Drake now on top, Chris wrapped his legs around Drake. "Hey, wanna see something cool?" Drake said, reaching for a sphere on the side of the bed, he stroked it once, and the whole room went dark. Slowly, stars started to appear in the ceiling, looking around Chris saw trees, and grass. He recognised it immediately. It was the clearing where they first met. He could even hear the soft breeze rolling through the leaves, the night sky glowing with speckled twinkles of millions of stars sprayed across the dimming twilight, colours of pink, purple and blue danced and intertwined with each other, the moon bright and large, softly illuminating their bodies. This is why the room was so blank. "My God... It's beautiful" Chris could swear they just teleported to the clearing, it seemed too real. Drake started to take Chris' clothes off, and Chris did the same, taking off Drakes shorts. He rolled back on top of Drake, and straddled his waist. Chris placed his hands on Drakes chest, feeling the warm muscle underneath his fingers. He kissed his neck tenderly, and slowly moved down. He licked at his nipple, suckling on it and giving it a soft nip. Continuing kissing down his ripped abs, licking each and every one, he came just below Drakes belly button.

Drake's balls were the same colour as his stomach, and did they look plump and juicy. Licking from underneath, he dragged his tongue from his balls all the way to the tip of his slit. Suckling on them, watching Drake's face twist in pleasure he could see the tip of his penis start to poke out. It was a pinkish red, and looked a lot like a human penis, but as it grew, and grew and grew he could see small ridges on the side. Chris hadn't even finished with his succulent orbs before his member was over a foot in length, with the accompanying girth. He took Drakes throbbing hardness in one hand, and the heat radiated through his arm. He began to stroke it up and down, pumping along his massive length while suckling on the tip. He liked the musky taste, slowly taking more into his mouth, lubricating his member. Chris could barely fit it all in his mouth, but tried to go further, feeling the tip reach the back of his throat. Instinctively, Drake pushed his hips slightly into Chris' mouth, forcing his leaking cock head down his throat. Chris struggled but he kept his cool, moving his throat muscles so he could milk more pre out of his hot tool. He could drink cups of this stuff. His hands wandered up Drakes muscular body, bobbing his head up and down on the engorged penis as he felt Drakes warm body writhe under his touch. Drake pulled Chris towards him, shifting so that he could get access to Chris' plump rump. Drake spread his cheeks, and lapped at his awaiting pucker. His long tongue slithered down Chris' balls and stroked his cock. Chris was in a better position to take more of his member, and pushed more down his throat, he forcibly managed a good half of his cock down. The pre cum flowing in copious amounts now as Chris savoured and swallowed every drop. Drake teased Chris' hole, and slowly started to protrude his tongue in, and then more, and more, Chris' anus spread wider as Drakes tongue got thicker. He wriggled inside of Chris, lubricating his insides with his saliva. Chris moaned on his cock, toys felt nothing like this, he grinded his butt back onto Drake's eager tongue. He took his member out of his mouth, and pumped it with his hand, licking down the sides, and to the thick base where a small bulbous knot was forming. "I want to try..." Chris said, looking back at Drake.

He smiled as Chris repositioned himself so he was face-to-face with Drake. "This will help, it's a type of steroid and muscle relaxant... It promotes rapid cell growth when they stretch, it'll help you accommodate me. It'll only help, though, we still have to be careful". He said as he picked out a small bottle of liquid from his pant pocket, now on the floor. "You knew this was going to happen, didn't you?" Chris smiled, locking lips again, exchanging saliva. "I like to be prepared" Drake grinned. He placed some of the liquid onto his fingers and rubbed it on Chris' rim, slowly inserting one finger at a time, coating his insides with the relaxant. Chris could already feel its effects, his muscles losing all tension, and relaxing. Drake took his member in one hand, and placed it between Chris' cheeks. Chris' rocked his hips up and down, grinding on Drake's thick cock, and loving every moment of it. Slowly, he slipped the tip in, pushing a few inches down. "Oh fuck... Its so hot..." Drake pushed up harder, becoming more eager with each sinking inch. His ass was so tight but it fit comfortably, as he started to milk his cock. Chris started to rock in motion with Drakes thrusts, building up a steady rhythm. He was moaning out Drakes name, and Drake was murring in a low voice, almost growling. He could feel each thrust push deeper, stretch him further, but it still wasn't enough. "F..fuck me harder.." he managed in between pants. Drake had a gleam of animalistic passion in his eye, and that scared Chris a little, which turned him on even more.

In one swift move, Drake rolled Chris onto his back, without missing a single thrust. He positioned himself better, and with a powerful thrust sunk his massive cock all the way to the top of the knot into Chris' ass, and Chris screamed in pleasure, the pressure he felt inside was intense and if he kept this up he was going to explode. Drake grabbed his waist, taking over his feeble attempts at rocking his hips. He leaned down and kissed him passionately, his tongue slipping down his throat and wriggling everywhere. "It's time to show you how a dragon fucks" Chris put two hands on his chest, squeezing tight "don't hold back". With a grin, he pulled his cock all the way out, leaving nothing but the tip still inside. One strong motion of his muscled legs sent his throbbing dick slamming into Chris' stretched anus, and without time for Chris to catch a breath he pulled out a little and dove straight back in, pounding his leaking member into Chris' abused hole. "Oh fuck, fuck, fuck... yes!" Chris managed to moan as Drake jack hammered into him. Relentlessly Drake tried to shove his entire prick into Chris, his knot hitting his stretched sphincter, and Drakes heavy cum-filled balls slapping his cheeks, making them red. Chris saw his stomach expand as he was pummelled again and again by Drakes fat leaking cock. Sweat dripped onto Chris as Drake picked him up, holding him against the bed head, he fucked him even more viciously. Each thrust lifted Chris a tiny bit off the bed, his cock now easily visible in Chris' stomach as the massive rod pummelled its way through his ass, the knot slowly forcing its way inside. Drake started to growl, and bared his teeth, he dropped Chris back on the bed and placed an elbow on either side of Chris' face. "You ready for this?" "Fill me up, I want all of you in me" he said as he locked lips once again. If Drake was holding back before he sure wasn't now, each thrust getting more violent as the knot started to sink its way in. "Fuck.. here it comes!" Chris, feeling his own orgasm teetering at the edge braced himself as Drake fucked him so fast that he thought the friction of his cock would set him on fire, and in one last great thrust Drake popped his knot inside Chris, and came in him with a roar. Chris' cock throbbed and spurted cum all over himself and Drakes face, while Drake emptied his cum filled orbs inside him. He pumped again and again, still feeling like he was trying to get more of his cock inside Chris as hot loads of jizz filled him up. But he wasn't done yet, with a yank and a 'pop' sound, Drake pulled out of Chris, now shooting his sticky and potent semen all over them. Chris was showered in cum, and he loved it. He lapped at every string of hot jizz that hit his face, torrents and torrents of fertile dragon cum covered both of them. Just as quickly as he took his cock out, he shoved it back in, and finished his ever lasting orgasm inside Chris, tied to him. It subsided slowly, globs of cum oozing out around his cock, the pressure of Chris' already cum-filled insides was at its limit. Drake collapsed onto Chris, who was happy to receive his weight, as they lay together, cum squished between them, panting joyfully. Drake licked Chris' face clean, then kissed him passionately, moaning as he did. "It is done. I am bound to you forever". "Holy shit... That was incredible... Bind to me as much as you want" Chris panted, and they both laughed.

After a while Drakes knot subsided, and he pulled out of Chris only to have more of his cum pour out in large amounts. Chris rolled onto his chest and rested his head under his chin. Drake nuzzled into Chris' hair, kissed him tenderly on his head and held him tight. The moonlight shined brighter than ever, and the soft rustle of the trees couldn't sound any calmer. Chris reached up a hand and placed it on Drakes cheek, stroking lightly as Drake leaned into it, closing his eyes. "What do you even say when merged? What's the equivalent of love for you?" Drake didn't know how to answer that. "I... Really don't know". "It doesn't seem strong enough... But we can start with I Love you".

Drake grinned, looking into Chris' eyes as he rested his cheek in his hands. "I love you, Chris".

"High Councillor, please see reason. We did not want to cause unnecessary alarm, we really believed we had the situation under control. It was incredibly unfortunate that we couldn't have saved all those dragons"

"Mr. President, I do not count four dead dragons and 12 dead men as having the situation 'under control'"

"Fine, but in order to figure out what happened we need to talk to the boy. I know we can't question any dragons, but the contract does not say you can detain a human and hold him from us. We have every right to question him on OUR lands. The parents are asking questions, so is the university. That boy isn't just a nobody, he has friends, family, all of which are going to be wondering where he is, and more importantly, why he's been held by dragons. Let's not let this get out of hand, Councilor, we both want this to go over smoothly. We know what happens if word gets out".

"We do agree on that Mr. President, we don't want this to get out of hand. I don't like threats, and do not take them lightly. Lets not forget why we had the contract written up in the first place. I'll deliver the boy by morning".

To be continued...

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