Wolf Daze: Sex, Coffee and Honey Rolls, Part 2

Story by FurryGuy99 on SoFurry

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Only after they separated did the repercussions of their actions become evident. Scott had wanted nothing more than to do what he just did for the longest time but the relationship with Aria had prevented it. There was a brief period of awkward silence. "I am so sorry. I don't know what came over me. I...oh! Mm..."

Without warning she pulled him back into another lip lock, her lust for him overcoming any form of rational thought. It was a case of vice versa, his initial hesitance at continuing to hook up with her equally fading as his paws self-guided their way onto her waist then onto her rump, giving it a firm squeeze.

The dominant portion of his personality took control, a side of him that barely saw the light of day. Scott's paws gripped hers and held them back as he moved from her lips onto the neck, earning a gentle moan of enjoyment from the canine.

A brief moment of clarity made him realize that the front of the store was not a good place to continue as any passerby could clearly see what they were up to. With that he scooped her up by the legs and hurried into the kitchen. Several trays, plates and other assorted items sat on the large wooden island which he carelessly shoved onto the floor in his testosterone fueled, sex driven state of mind.

As they resumed their make out session she began to unbutton Scott's red shirt and unbuckle the belt around his waist while he slipped out of his sneakers and socks in the blink of an eye. The shirt fell off his body and sailed to the ground, landing amongst the debris...another victim of their tumultuous tryst with more to soon follow. He stepped back, removed her shoes one by one and moved onto her jeans, yanking them off in a similar fashion to the tablecloth trick.

Sarah sat back up and in one deft move got out of the shirt she was wearing while Scott nearly leapt out of his pants and tossed them aside, returning his attention to the half-naked woman lying in wait for his next move. It was a game of chess that had no check but would certainly end with a mate.

"You're so beautiful." Gently planting little peck kisses on her inner thighs, moving up to the stomach where he playfully ran his tongue all the way from her belly button up to the navel, carefully putting the front strap of her bra in between his teeth, a soft snarl indicating how excited he was to finally have her all to himself.

The clasp undid itself in his fangs allowing the C cups to spring free, jiggling a little as they fell forward and to the side a bit.

"I'm a little hungry. I think I'll have something to eat." With claws extended he looped his fingers around the velvety straps of her black panties, pulled them up her legs, which rose obediently into the air, and over her feet. The scent of her now exposed sex was easy to sense. She was already wet from the teasing but he wanted more; to taste the sweet nectar leaking out of her folds and took position between her legs without any hesitation.

A shudder of pleasure ran up Sarah's entire body, skin tingling, fur standing on end the moment her new lovers tongue came into contact with the exterior of her pussy, exploring every last inch of it then finding its way inside. "Oh, my God..."

Despite not having had any real form of sexual intercourse since the summer after his high school graduation, Scott remained quite skilled on how to please a woman. It was just like riding a bike but a lot better. Those all too familiar aromas ran up his nostrils like incense in a closed room. His taste buds came to life, running along the innards of her vaginal walls, lapping up as much of her essence as he could. Finding the G-Spot was easier than expected. Keeping her from cumming sooner than desired was another challenge altogether. And he wanted to save that part for later and so ceased his actions. "Why...why did you stop? I was so close..."

"I know." He responded in a sly tone of voice. "But I can't let you have all the fun now..." While kneeling above her and pointing to his erect penis with a minute amount of pre-cum dribbling out of it. "...can I?"

Sarah coyly smiled, staring at the hidden organ, licking her lips. She reached up and pulled the briefs down far enough to free his dick for her to enjoy in its red, meaty, veiny splendor.

The second her paw touched it he felt as if the entire world had melted around them. He thought back to the shower earlier that morning and how the same sensations and motions brought him no pleasure whatsoever. This was different. Her touch was warm, caring. It had purpose. To make him feel just as good as he had done for her. And as he sunk lower, nearly sitting directly on the girl's mid-section, she was able to get closer to it and suddenly enveloped his entire length into her maw right down to the balls.

Scott's eyes widened. A sharp breath escaped from his lungs. Toes stretched in absolute euphoria. He could literally feel her tongue massaging the head, making its way around the shaft all while bobbing her head back and forth. "Fuck, baby...yeah..."

Knowing he would lose it if the service kept going unimpeded, he pulled away and lied down on top of the female beneath him, cock nestling itself spryly against her opening. It was throbbing painfully, aching to be inside her. Sarah trembled as their bodies rested against each other. She wanted this as much as he did. There was no denying their mutual aspirations for one another. The only thought that kept coming to mind: was a full-fledged affair worth the price of another friend?

Aria was indeed one of Scott's closest friends, having known her long before ever meeting Sarah though they had only gotten to know each other so well in later years. It was a valued friendship by both individuals. Each knew that the other would keep their darkest secrets till the end of days. And yet here he was, lying naked atop his, for lack of a better term, best friend's girlfriend on the verge of having sex with her.

"Wait..." Things had gone perilously far already but there was a last chance to stop before passing the point of no return. "...maybe we shouldn't do this. It's not fair to Aria. Besides, I don't even have a condom on me. I don't want to get you preg...whoa!"

She forcefully pulled him closer, nearly ripping his hair out, growling. The heat and passion of their previous actions carrying over and she was not want to be denied more. "Fuck me!"

That one thread of decency, inhibition left vanished with those two words. She told him what she wanted. The tip disappeared faster than the worries, the rest of it quickly following suit. "You're tight...I nearly came. Oh, it feels so...warm...and wet. I've never felt anything like this...unbelieveable."

The few girls that he had slept with back in high school all had some previous form of experience but, to his memory, were much more looser, dryer and not nearly as hot as Sarah who seemed to have the unique combination of all three. It was the best of all worlds to him.

They were now one; merged together by more than body parts. He remained hilted for close to a minute, enjoying the sheer feeling of the velvety warm tunnel pulsating around him, until his hips instinctively moved back and forth. Sarah's legs hung close to his sides, paws clenched tightly onto his biceps, as he thrusted at a consistent pace. "Oh, Scotty...you're so big! It feels amazing!"

A lustful kiss, two tongues intertwining wildly, was a reminder that his focus was on how she felt as well, the feeling of being fucked by a male for the first time in years driving her almost mad.

"You want to...go for...a ride?" Having dictated the lovemaking thus far, he allowed her the opportunity to seize control. Sarah snapped back to what senses she could muster and like a pro wrestler spun him over onto his back without him slipping out. "Whoa! I was not expecting that. Ha, ha..."

"Just lie back and relax..." Paws planted on his chest to gain some balance. "...while I take this for a test drive.

A confident smile formed on the wolf's face. Never before had he been sexually dominated by anyone, always playing the role of the Alpha Male. When posing the question of switching positions he assumed that aspect would remain constant. And suddenly, without warning, what originated as a simple sexual encounter between two close friends now took an interesting turn as she started some subtle movements. Scott locked his hands behind his head like he was lying back on a pillow and, with a front row seat, watched the show unfold.

Both paws now in place on his abdomen she began rocking herself back and forth vigorously on all eight inches buried deep inside, locked between her vaginal walls. Breasts bouncing up and down which Scott's hands grabbed hold of, lightly squeezing and massaging them in a circular motion; occasionally teasing the nipples with his thumbnail. What am I doing? If Aria ever found out that I fucked Scott, she'd never forgive me. But it feels so good...so right. I've never felt a connection to anyone like I have with him. Not even with her. And he's so hot. I...I think I'm...in love with him.

"Hey..." The wolf whispered, placing his fingers on her cheek, having observed the look of deep thought on the female's face while her hips continued their motion. "...you okay? We can stop if you want to."

She sighed, feeling infinitely better at just the touch of his paw which she cradled against her cheek, and knew for sure at that moment that their actions were not wrong. Things going forward would be complicated no matter what but she didn't care. A whole new world had opened up to her in a matter of minutes, one that included Scott Caldon above anything or anyone else. "I love you."

No inquiries needed to be asked about her sincerity. Scott knew what she meant without a second guess because he felt the same way. What he had been missing in his life for so long was right in front of him. He pulled himself up enough into a sitting position so that they could both be at eye level. "I love you, too."

They kissed; a symbol of their newfound love and the forging fire on an eternal bond. "I'm ready. Make me yours."

He needed no reassurance from her. There would be no questions. The time for all of that had passed. The only thing left to do was fully consummate their relationship the way it had been done since the beginning of furred kind. They momentarily separated as Sarah got onto her knees and raised her hindquarters into the air, presenting herself to him, ready to be claimed. Scott placed both paws on her ass cheeks, lining himself up to take what was rightfully his. He was met with no resistance, rejoining with her just as easily their initial pairing. Only now his knot had finally swollen, locking them together for the remainder of their mating.

The pace started out slow but rapidly intensified. Each of them was in pure bliss. Sarah collapsed down from the force of being taken so intensely, moaning loud enough to hear from blocks away. Scott also fell but forward onto her back, head next to hers, still humping with all his might.

"I can't...hold it...much longer..." He lustfully growled into her ear, grunting feverishly, clenching his fangs and trying to prolong his climax for as long as possible.

"Oh! Scotty...baby...do it...cum inside me! I want to feel it! Don't...hold back!"

"I'm...I'm...! UGH!!!" A wolf's howl signaled the end as wave after wave of his fertile seed flooded itself deep into the retriever's accepting body. The sensation when his penis swelled up and the warmth from the liquid running through her insides sent Sarah over the edge, the ensuing orgasm causing her pussy to contract harder, sending a rippling feeling onto his cock, drawing every last drop possible out of it. "I'm still...Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! Ugh...!" Scott mustered the strength for several more thrusts until everything at last gave out. "Oh...God damn..."

Caked in each other's sweat and still tied together for an unknown duration, neither had the strength left to do anything but wait to get free. A bit of careful maneuvering let them to resume the missionary position which allowed him to turn over and let her rest on his chest. "How are you feeling?"

"Like I just had the best sex of my life..." A thank you kiss was his post-coital gift. "...I love you."

"I love you, too. You made me so happy tonight. I feel better than I have in I can't remember how long." The clock on the stove displayed 8:32. A total of just over twenty minutes had elapsed between their first kiss and now. "Amazing what can happen in such a short amount of time, huh? Or what you can forget about while lost in the moment." Every ounce of emotional pain inflicted throughout his childhood was gone thanks to her, replaced by a new vigor. However, there were still difficulties awaiting the two. And the thing he was afraid of most was losing the love of his life and more, all for one night of passion. "So, what do we do now?

"What do you mean?" Sarah asked, curious and concerned by his question.

"I mean...you're still in a relationship and you live with Aria. I know the last thing either of us wanted to do was hurt her but now what?"

"What do you think we should do?"

"I don't know." There was no clear answer to the dilemma. "I just know that...I don't want to lose you. You're the one good thing that's ever happened to me."

She smiled and licked his muzzle. "You won't. I promise. We'll figure this out...together."

With all evidence of the affair cleaned up and both canines fully clothed Scott flicked the multiple light switches on the wall, cascading No Beaner into a totally blackened state. The door shut with a thud, sealing in the scent of sex that still lingered in the air but would certainly fade come opening time.

Through the darkness, just above the kitchen door, a red light flashed intermittently...

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